Why Did They Break the Rules?: Chris Wallace Slams Trump Family, Chief of Staff for Not Wearing Masks During the Presidential Debate


Brought to you by lucky charms magical mission. Let lucky the Leprechaun take you and your kids on an interactive adventure through the eight magical charm lands to restore magic available on your smart speaker. Just say open lucky charms, magical mission or search for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Why did they break the rules? Chris Wallace slams the trump family and the chief of staff for not wearing masks during the presidential debate by Sonya Mansoor. Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace slammed President Donald Trump's family members and chief of Staff Mark Meadows for breaking safety rules and not wearing masks while in the audience of the presidential debate he moderated on Tuesday. Everybody was told to wear a mask. Why did the first family and chief of staff feel that the rules for everybody else didn't apply to them Wallace asked senior trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes on. Fox News. Sunday. Wallace highlighted that Cleveland Clinic Staff had offered the first family masks but they were waved away. Cortez pushed back stressing that everybody was tested before that event and pointed to the belief and some element of individual choice Wallace doubled down on his question adding that there was no freedom of choice they broke the rules. Wallace said since only he the president and vice president were exempt from the requirement. Earlier in the interview Wallace. Cortez on the lack of masks at the Rose Garden event last weekend, and which trump formerly announced he would be nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme. Court. Packed together, the vast majority not wearing masks. How does that make sense Wallace asked? Pointing out that several people who attended have now tested positive for the corona virus including president trump and the first lady. Cortez went onto accused Wallace of targeting him saying Chris the way you're starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did with the president during that debate on Tuesday night wallace quickly interjected reminding Cortez that it was the president who interrupted both him and Vice President Biden one, hundred, forty, five times I objects to saying `I harangued the President I know what's the talking point Wallace said. Cortes went on. He had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well, you were not a neutral moderator. The trump administration has so far been relatively evasive, providing clear answers about the president's medical condition the white. House. Physicians press briefing on Saturday added to the confusion as they maintained that trump had mild symptoms and was improving while meadows told the Associated Press that trump had undergone very concerning period on Friday and was anticipating critical forty eight hours ahead.

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