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In. Initiating, update. Three. Two. One. What is going on everybody welcome to our weekly show the nerd on update in which we talk about the nerdy news that excites us from the past week and the later part of our show in which we answer questions from you the people I will get started. I have some very exciting news Thank you Tom for sharing this with me and bringing this to my attention Wally. Something very, very, very, very exciting as happened. Dexter is coming back. Intimidating very excited about this Dexter I've said it in some of our guests shows that we've done recently that Dexter is one of my favourite TV shows ever and a ten episode limited series revival has been ordered that has been tentatively scheduled for Fall Twenty, twenty, one which kind of surprises me that I know that it's next year, but it's still kinda close Yeah. But what I find interesting about is. Awesome about it is that Michael C hall is returning as the title character and Clyde Phillips the original show runner. Is Returning he left the original around the fourth season, which I know that some people have discussed. That is when the show kind of went off the rails That's some people's opinion But what I do what I think is interesting is that Phillips set an interview recently after the announcement that they're not going to do any sort of like ret conning or act like the the season finale didn't happen ray like the those eight years they they happened and. I think it's interesting that he he said that it was he didn't WanNa. Do a disservice to the original writers or or even to the audience that experienced in liked it and that kind of thing. So. For for some context, like I'm a huge fan show as well and the without swelling anything the series finale is a little divisive but. Also rising polarizing area and I. enjoyed it. But yeah, I can see I can totally understand where people are coming from the other side. and so those people are the ones asking, why are we getting this kind of thing but I'm excited to see just because I'm a huge fan of Michael C hall. Obviously one of my favorite shows, a six feet under this is another one of my favorite shows so. I'm super excited. Yeah. Mix News. Is a Kaelin it's? Tom. Okay. So what's up everybody you know is. I. Don't know if we do. You know who it is. Sometimes DC boy takes takes a break for marvel. Mannequin. Anyone cabinet see no one saw that happened. No No. So this is this is the craziest stuff. So Hey, what's up everyone if you haven't looked outside the America at least, it's still pretty much shutdown over extenuating circumstances. and. Disney has decided. Of Allah. Bob. Chapman. chapstick. WHO's the new CEO after Bob Hager eager where you want to call them. Tomato Tomato, as we saw Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart talk about that and over east commercial. That, there will be a new division under Disney. That is going to handle distribution and media entertainment So this this new division will pretty much be the. Spearhead of the company where they are looking to prioritize streaming as their Their their company business strategy. All is this the first time to happen. No it is not now what was the first time to happen with Disney home video now? So. Earlier this year around June. We started hearing shakeups. Shakeups happening at Warner Brothers because of the recent acquisition from at and now Warner Warner. Brothers became Time Warner, and now they are Warner media and so with that being said the new CEO. Mr Jason Killer. Is. All also strategize also said, we're going to go and make Hbo Max the New Forefront of our company. So a couple months ago in a similar fashion, a of shakeups. And a lot of heads rolled. A lot of people got fired is a really big thing that happened at DC particularly, that was like made huge amount of news and so similar thing happened. This past week with Disney. Where a couple of new divisions got created, a couple of people got fired. and which happens in business. It's a very normal thing. It's A. I wouldn't call it a necessary evil but as an evil that I think everyone just kind of like. Complicit with because it isn't this forward obsolete that that what started as a hobby for them or an extra service is now becoming a core pillar the business. That's really where to say that. This is really weird I. Want to say it I really don't but some of them being like you know we should just make it so that we can hold up all of our. Licensing. Means Continue. But like the implications of this on multiple levels but I'll let you continue your story I mean so. You know everything that you already love about Disney will stay the same in all honesty. So Alan Horn. And Alan Bergman will still continue doing the studio films. So everything that you like all the remakes and the Star Wars and all the Kevin. Feige well, all be that thing and. And so this is new places just kind of show a little bit more of what they're talking about with original content for Disney plus. And so seeing you know with Milan Disney. Disney plus plus. Premium plus extra-large cut Max or will have their own items going in the future on. But this isn't onto go beyond a little bit of Conversational Spiderman movie that alive people talking about as according to yesterday at the time this recording. Spiderman three I'm telling it's home for the holidays telling you gonNA come out apparently December. So you tell me are you just like I'm telling you this is what it's going to tell you. It's GonNa be called home for the holidays because during a new segment and I'm telling you it's it's this I just. I'm telling you Tom Tarshish. Is Home. For the holidays. But now it's GonNa be December Seventeenth Holidays time twenty twenty one. And we were expected to get a first look. Snap a snippet of what it will be this year and with you know rumors of Andrew Garfield until Maguire. The show during the film bandit calmer batch as well as. Jamie Fox it'll be quite the film to. was pretty particular with their wording because people like, oh, it's confirmed and they're like, no, it's not confirmed that they're in. Talks. Agnes Holiday Story Right send twenty, twenty one then it ex- it's the structure of three ghosts right? The ghost of. We've got three Spiderman. Oh my sister odd holiday special. It's about togetherness and family. The kiss you. That is I all needed Shane. Black direct my. You didn't tell me that he wanted to. Pass Garfield is let's say the future. Hollandse future right, Hamas the future maybe the. From. Andrew Garfield Perspective I'll take back A. Much. But I'll say everyone just to give you a heads up the Batman has continued filming. There's a Lotta pictures on the Internet. Go go look at it. You see Easter eggs of one zero minutes at some CON Costume Party. Who? Who knows I'm? I'm letting go of all sense of expectation for anything in terms of it. Because I like the direction covy to look you know will be whatever. So we'll see what happens there. Cool. Set photos that we're talking about. But I hear that Corey has some news I do because I wasn't here this week and. This last week. Yeah I'm. Taking care of some family stuff. As as Josh said, what are you say dealing with family dealing with family there you have to You don't, and this is Tom was very kind enough to shout out my news that I had written down. Wednesday what I was going to be doing that he he brought up which the McGregor stuff but something happened very magical on on Thursday the eighth. And I don't know maybe he has talked about this, but I wasn't here. So I need to talk about this. I woke up Thursday the eighth a we did we talked about that. We. Talked about working up. There's. A video floating around of Sean Astin. Giving an official release. For the Blu Ray Four K. you see. Lord of the Rings from Sam Weiss. Himself y'all. Details the ninety nine percent power of the fellowship. The lot of details there's going to be five different versions coming out, but the original if you want to get your hands in the earliest version, which is going to be. The six discs which was correct the extended and. A. Regular. December first, Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Theatrical, four K.. U. HD digital and digital blue race are coming out at Amazon right now they're eighty, nine, ninety, nine. That's not bad. That's not bad at all considering that the first race that I bought was ninety dollars. So Oh You're not only includes the extended that I have. This is extended theatrical Blu Ray, four K. and digital. then. The hobbit motion pictures coming out ninety, four, ninety, nine, which I thought was silly. And then there's the things coming out and twenty, twenty one, it's called the gift set. Lord. Of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy. Gift set extended theatrical fourcade BLU ray. Digital with a story book cover looks like a book and if you open it, you have the the ring on a chain sitting in their first when you open. One fifty. And then there's a steel version coming out later as well, and then another stuff steel book for the Hobbit as well Ryan and. Watch the video. Go check it out Sean. Astin. Is a gem on. I'm so happy they got him to announce it and I. preordered so. Of. Course you did of course, you did why would we do? So those you looking to December first coming at ya mass well. For I do actually have a piece of news, I felt I didn't. For Tom to I have a small gym after that everyone listening hey. Hey. Real with you four episode. Every was like Auto God News, and then that's why I took up so much time apologized. Go. Fine. So not too long ago we had bill and chain on for Carson series and this past week an episode dropped that I am in. The episode called the excitement and discerned, right? Yeah. Episode four, they're four episodes out y'all as attack time of this comes out at the five episodes of the. which is even better because then you've got more episodes like and they're they're They're not long enough because once I listened through I was like Oh they're this chainsaw quay though she saw way of making audio series is like give enough to tell you what's happening but not enough to be like I'm over it. You know it's always a anita see more and more what's happening the next got anymore than car serum. Seriously though it's like the the what the top with the tamales how many friends coming four on eight hundred marlins. But yeah that's I mean. That's all the news I really got. Otherwise my head is buried in work right now. All right Ali I had had some It made me excited even though I'm not a huge follow of his but I got a of for you and I got excited for shot up my friend Dennis who? Lucky I was lucky to break the news to him to see his reaction. You boy from supernatural genitals. Boys going to be soldier boy. Oh, back with Dennis did however tell me which was kind of Hilarious was that he apparently he was in the running for Captain America. Genitals. And I was like. Well, wait till you find out what he's cast in for the voices and three. They did America parody. So that should be interesting that you might get a kick out of that but you probably. Yeah. It was not to shit on. It was announced like like. It was like I think probably the season premiere of season two actually when they go to know sees sorta boy. Share and As I. as I mentioned in our discard, would you can come join. On TV, slash just scored where we're talking about the boys in there I became a superfan throughout the course of this season two. Yeah. We still got to. So I went back and all the old news that was it was all new to me 'cause I. Didn't I didn't care about it. Then news to me just nichols also news hugh he was played by Jack Wade Dennis Quaid. Son. Meg Ryan to forget that who you get mirror legat grant plays mom in the show. That'd be. All right now. Now, next part of the show Josh expert of this show is as I said, at the top answering questions from you the audience and you can send in your questions to our email, which is questions at DOT TV. You can also go to a form that we have a nerd on TV backslash questions, and if you are a member of the denomination, you do get what we call a nerd on nudge and get your questions. Answered as a priority and you also have like a secret channel and our discord nerd on dot TV backlash discord that you can submit your questions there. So lots of ways to submit your questions and you can ask questions about anything like Jeremy Asks. If you were a materia and final fantasy seven, what would you be and why same offer summons in any of the F. F. Games Josh? Let you Zodiac me for chain horoscope yeah, Yeah Josh. I'm. Like, when I did the what did I do the? Animals we are ideas why one what? Oh magic magic colors. Yeah. So did the Dune houses I'm not give it to me. Josh you're you're talking to a guy that I've said many a time that I don't have the a memory like corey does but she platinum dead. Yeah. Didn't say favorite one called. That's me right and then you. Okay. So you have different kinds of interior. You have magic materia, which is going to be like fire ice lightning that even has like healing cure cure. The Cure Yeah there's there's all I mean there's the material and found fancy seven was intense and there was a lot. So you could be like comet you could be all sorts of different things you had support materia. Minute you have to also tell us what level How how far? All your little one we know this why ask? Support material with a material that could add affects to things like Like, you could put fire with all materia, and basically what it would do do is that once you cast fire, it would hit all of the enemies instead of just one and as you level bat up, it would be stronger percentage that would hit it people you have command material like it would add certain commands to your like attack menu like steel you could steal from somebody my favorite was slash all basically What would happen is that cloud usually? Airs. He would slash the enemies on the field and if you had ultimate weapon you basically it was a one shot kill and which is hard when you're trying to grind because whoever kills gets the experience and everybody else gets less experience and so if you're trying to level up everybody in cloud takes out everybody you're like, no, that's not the character I'm trying to level up. dammit. Just treat him so he doesn't count. Carrier Josh who who are we in your eyes reminds but whole eyeball well. See this hard I don't have that kind of. Pick. Be. An asshole. To, think of you can have one material. You get to the list. Okay 'cause there's a lot everyone feelings will be hurt so. Yeah totally. Totally. Already there I feel like. Yeah feel Tom would want to be a master magic materia basically has all of the all of the magic He would want all of the power all the millennium items. See here's the thing. Now, I'm GonNa make the simpler because there are five version. There are five different kinds of materia magic support, command, independent, and summit. So child agreeing that Thomas Magic. The. Green. Materia. Support I think. Would be. ME. I would be the backup material. command materia I think would be. That would be corey. 'cause it's put. It adds like I said stuff like deathblow double cut slash aw enemies skill where you learn other people's magic and their their skills into it independence. I could see this as something that I think all Lee. Would have like giving us like HP plus upping our HP or experience plus where we get more experience Clowns guilt plus and then summons give to Kaitlin. Basically you. Basically, there's a summoned for everything. You've got a fire summoned. You've got lightning summon you've got. All, sorts of different summons. Fire to make this like bubble of. The magic boy year the little can create yuck suggestion that makes the fire. With which summoned would you be Har- I mean 'cause. I know Ali wants to be Bahama. He's he's already said that and so I'm GonNa give that to you. You can be that. I think Caitlin you could be Sheva. You're just gold mine icy. Bitch. The. Josh Icy. Bitch. I'm GonNa give Alexander to Corey. It's a holy based damage Andrew a giant night. So. Crowds pretty down sign. Take on side. Would be. either. If. You're it or Haiti's. Fiery. and. I'M GONNA take. Knights of the round for myself. Of course I just I'm bad ass and. Someone. I like I'm a bad s yeah I'm about asked. So I get that one. Place and I'm doing it so. There's that next question. Is I just imagine again it's like Mad Max and the guy who puts a fucking spray. Look at me. Now. Next, question next question comes from Mamba and Mamba asks. another song related question like last. what is your remem- rebel Halloween Song from either a child or adulthood excluding monster mash. Or and thriller. That's what spell on you. Know the. used. most memorable Halloween Song from either a child or adulthood excluding monster mash or thriller. and. I put a spell on you I I. Love. My answer is the song from Hocus pocus the children. Zoom. Background Muhammad. Yes. Zander verse Alexander Epic Fight. Oh. You're talking about Sarah Jessica Parker Song. Okay I see it's very the`Real Berry Komi. Horry I would be trapped by that song. Adam Stanley. Man For me. Theme Song. Don't debt and. Every launch. Thing. Soundtrack to. Marconi yeah that's that's me. No besides monster mash mind was thriller growing up. That's the tough part is I was I went through very large phase from when I was like seven till. I. Was about thirteen fourteen rose heavily into Michael Jackson and I learned them every single dance move I could do I did a talent show raided the entirety of the Billie Jean live performance. So, not being able to say thriller breaks my fucking Heart Is. Job Mamba you killed it. Night and a good way. So I guess I'll have to say a thriller. Because that was my that was it. I was like. Number two for you. Gather around and watch the thriller thing at Halloween Time. A number two. Man that's t I mean that was Jim. Goes. You. Have your number one number, two ghostbusters yeah okay. Thank you. Josh. You're welcome. I gave you addams family you at. The thing is okay. So little side tangent I don't think of Adam's family as as Halloween because my family and I. Snap back in the day I was probably. Seven. had a competition where you submitted a video for their Halloween promotion, and if they liked it, they would make a commercial out of it. My whole family just as the addams family we did said, the snapple family does oh my sister had one hundred and fever and she was dressed as Wednesday. ADDAMS looked like death so it was perfect. So any time I hear the addams family theme song I think of the snapple family and us? Just being fever trying yeah we were in the all in makeup in. It's you know it's August or something like that at the time because they needed it for Halloween says July or August one hundred degrees with lights and makeup in this garage it's being like all right one more time. And I loved it. I loved every second of it. For me. I would have to say and so it is interesting and I grew up in. I went to elementary school that like it was weird. Halloween. was like super celebrated in classrooms would be decorated that way and then Halloween musical be playing during class time and I was like what? I remember having this a dog like that's such a weird thing but also shout to Mrs Cummings Baby She. She fucking try to make it special for us. So for me. Memorable. Halloween. Song Yeah it's it's a tie between. Michael Myers theme, and I'll. Ask. My name is the best. Yeah I'll go with that. I'll go with that. Next question. Next question last question last question. Yes. Comes from Mora. Mora more fucking. Looked at you mean. Moyer. And he asks what's a game series that you wanted a sequel to but never got, you could take this as a I. Wish I got a wind waker to kind of thing or a I wish there was another game in the defunct series and His his was time splitters comes to mine. Is a good one go ahead? Mercenaries three. I was heavy into the game mercenaries to it was basically like just cause but way better. Were these mercenaries and you could do whatever you wanted and you could call down like strikes or you could call vehicles and all that kind of stuff and it was completely the entirety of the game was co op open world. And I played through the entire thing shuts. Tasty money. And we were hoping for for mercenaries three, but then EA bought the company in drove the fucking ground like they always do. Nice. So fuck you ebay. Oh Ali. for me IT IS GONNA be Easily an still to this day on it to happen is another Ken Levine led bioshock game? use the creative director behind bioshock one and bioshock. Infinite. bioshock she was good may by obsidian But The second one definitely felt like infinite felt like an evolution of of like his creative vision with with the series, and I really wanted to have like a a third kind of version of that Agree. I Want I, love the aesthetic. I love the game play I. Love Everything about it. This way storytelling never leaves. You're like I camera perspective. There's no cut scenes or anything like that like you just you're in it. So yeah, you behind that Ellie to. Shock I kick starter that Shit I think I know Tom. Maybe Galen. Think I. Know Um. Years. I'd want I really wanted another spyro. Game. not a remake not a remake will remain I was really excited about the remastered and the. Gorgeous Beautiful, and they were driving fun. It was really fun to go back to things and they adopted that style but another game. Yeah. That 'cause 'cause I remember at first I was like furious when sky landers came out, there were like spyros something or other, and I'm like you just used him as a vessel to make a new game but then I played Scott Anderson I got really into it and then I felt really bad about so much. Anger. By anger over Spiro but it was because I love the game so much and then. I mean I really enjoyed scaling really industry lenders but then yeah, I just wanted another spyro game so that that would be for me more Spiro. Please Sorry they were. Busy helping make destiny content. It's the same studio. They're great. vicarious variance there I wanna hear what cory thought because I don't even know what the, fuck. and. She Wolf among us to. Doesn't need a sequel I don't. Yeah I'd love to explore that world a little more. There's so many stories within the comic books you could explore year. Prequel or the Nice thing about the telltale games that are kind of off of they're not directly in line with whatever the source material is. Right like walking dead is like this is a whole another story while the walking dead shows actually happening. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I would love to have that was planned though like when you want to see I think it's still planned. Yeah. Plan. Because I'm thinking about like a lot of games I like in love like they still have their own legs and they're not there's not a sign that it's dead forever I? Don't think I ever had one of those. Oh. My God I never making another one. Ever. In all honesty I think the only thing that comes close to his another Banjo has gone home. Gone home is supposed to be is was. The creator of I think one of the lead directors over at Microsoft. Very aware that Banjo Kazoo is in demand and they're going to do something about it. Yeah. Yeah and so yeah, that's what I'm saying like there's like Smash Bros Fine Battle Rock City Batman Game d define of inside guy you're boulders gate. All the all the Games. Are Fine. I don't I was gonna live forever smart forever. Come back to me Josh what's yours? This because when this question was posted in discord I, really got to thinking I. It's it's hard because a lot of the games that. I liked the first one arguing sequels like horizon zero done getting a sequel dying light getting sequel. Sequels I wince hate sequels I would take a recent game day's gone I. Really really enjoy it was Zombie Game a lot of fun. But now that I'm like you guys kind of brought up old school games like I would I would take like a sequel especially with modern. Day systems and graphics Super Mario RPG, a sequel. KRONO trigger. I would take a sequel of especially with today's Serger. I wanted the current across like direction. cruncher. Yeah. Yeah, Tom Bloodborne to maybe. There's there's talks that it's GonNa Happen. Really. Yeah. Look it. So as well as of right now there is it isn't. Here with the PS five dark souls or demons souls coming back. They're like, okay. We know bloodborne two's coming to also was born is is finally coming to PC to its NPS collection too. So on PS five, you're gonNA be able to download for free and. Play one. I'm such an idiot. I can't believe I said my answer and I didn't say nights the I was going to I. Know you're. What a dumb ass yeah we. Over here I revoked my first answer. Three I've wanted that for fucking fifteen years. I just I just guys I'm tired. Clear I'm tired I. It doesn't mean I don't want the the other one. Nicer. Public three is the I would wear the white pants for the rest of my life oh for. Seventy years old why do you have white pants on? We'll because they eventually released republic three. I really can't think of a game I'll just pick Banjo Kazoo week because pokemon snap shit. That's. Three. Guess. Well They keep making updates I a why Yeah graphics new graphics new maps, new weapons everything expanded with her new it the soon but new console is it and it's all based in La or new. It'd be should should be in Texas that we aim downsides I was just saying I would love a game that was based in like. Playing a lot of fallout seventy six, I've also been reading A like the ways that there's actually a lot of detail like people were posting pictures of the actual places and what they are in fallout seventy six it'd be really cool to see a game that was takes place somewhere around here and seeing the juxtaposition of of the deal and all that Europe somewhere to a lot of castles and old buildings and Yeah. Accents. Accent's. Gone over this I am because I'm like like the. One one thing I thought about I would like what are you? You've got everything you've ever wanted in the video gaming world no, it's more like I. Just don't want anything like I'll like video games actually. Yeah. Sure. Why not L. Kill some time? It hasn't been like I need this right now i. Think you need it. Even, the question is what game do you need yu-gi-oh game? Do you wish had a sequel? Right? There's a yu-gi-oh game for and I played it and I got it I'm like all right. That's fine. Again, this is not like a a desire to be. Put more cards. They have all the cards right? Like I was thinking like only think about if they do a sequel. Of pokemon gold and silver, and they do it in a sense of like pokemon black and white, and he called black and white to. It was the first time ever did a sequel to a prior game except without calling a color. So they call it gold and silver to, and instead like you can catch her both birds and then maybe they introduced like another pokemon in there and that was kind of the cool thing they introduced a new mechanic and. In Black and white too, and it felt like Oh, my God I'm retreading the story but as a different character and I'm seeing the events of what the last did and that was like a really, really cool thing. That's the only thing. I really want that Benjamin zooey three is always like. Yeah, we want it but you know whenever rare wants to get out there. Now, they're working really hard with Microsoft I get it. It's fine. Men Sixty four to. One, hundred and. One hundred twenty eight. G. TO S Josh. I know. I'm good. That's fine with me I I. Think. Awesome more that has been the on update. Thank you to Jeremy Am Mamba and Mora for sending in your questions we love answering them. So please do send them in If you're new to our show, do check us out. The website is nerd dot. TV. It has all the information of everything that we do shares with your friends. Your family do consider joining the nerd on nation NERD ON TV backslash Patriot on it does allow us to keep growing and being the best that we can be rate review share with your friends and family you know the feels. That has been the show. Thank you so much for listening. You know the drill as always.

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