Australian Open Day 4 - Post 3am Finish After Classics Galore; Halep, Zverev Survive; That Svitolina Question


Hi, I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. It's a bunker sport. With the words that grad Matt just mentioned to us here. We'll time we got at the moment. We've got twelve Forty-six ATM quarter to one in the morning, and you Hannah content and copy mcgrigor had just taken to court for this second round match, which is faintly ridiculous. And it is the latest start ever to a match at the Australian Open here. Catherine Wittig is here just out that here just about and we are sitting here in an almost deserted media cafe to talk about tennis tennis, cats protein association with the Tenneco he twelve weeks. In the woods. Alan partridge. It's actually been a fun day. Has very fun day with the poachers. Highlights. What's been going on today? Where do we start? What do you mean by today? Stop by clarifying that. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm trying to think what matches. I've say. Well, it's not it. Can I emphasize the situation by saying David's going to bid since? I mean, real I mean, anybody who knows me knows. I don't really grow. It's not out of. As a wish not to just an individuality to. However, it has been so long today. Been working on that. How many times have you come? Have you end to today? David have you entered the grounds? Certainly more than months. Yes. I both grants, and I ride to Melbourne Park and promptly turned around and went back because we in his case forgotten his laptop in my case forgotten my pass. And so yeah, got me excise in there. And while still this was going on. Victoria, because my Australian Open came to an end. You'll pick for the quarterfinals didn't quite get enough. She's out. Yeah. Turned up without my laptop legged it back to my hotel got back to labor described as the world's most disgusting whether conditions in my sweaty, it's a human. Too much. Anyway. So I go back and she's doing pefect. Well, when I wasn't there was this thing on the radio got back. Had three break points, not consecutively, but she had three lost the mole. So I saw that. And then so inevitably lost serve. And then the second set was. Contest. Showed promise. There was promise. There's a blog coming lights. You know, I'm going to be any curbing because the divers had a thinks fit Lena quarters, but with absolutely no convictions. She surprised me full, man. Me with plenty of conviction. Okay. Foam is surprises playing better than I thought she was with galman face box. Didn't like being. Was that a question or not? Because that's really tricky. And actually Russell fuller myself interesting discussing this, and we've been really know where we stood on that. Yeah. I I mean, one hundred could say liquid if you're gonna sit in their books, then you know, that your your ino- this public. You know, you'll be picked up on cameras that therefore you you putting you're choosing to put that relationship in the public domain, but equally we see ways that that box pub public domain, but for them that's just where we get all tickets. That's where we put our loved ones. And and what happens in that point on sort of his out of our hands. I think that it's. My my unscientific assessment of it. Which is not as sort of crisp inkling Carter's I would like is that I think it's K too sensitively ask about in a press conference putting her on the spot about it with on on court interview, which which ten reasons to be fluffy. And and you know, I I think that is a bit breath. Breath or fluffy. It's not like he he was asking for personal details. All did actually was draw. Attention to the fact that he was there. They've never they've never actually confirmed before they're a couple they'd never they'd never confirmed. Yes, we're a couple of and where did that something we're happy to talk about some tennis couples. But he didn't ask eating say oh your boyfriend was in the box. He said he was there. He was fishing and fishing it. It was it was Shannon, confirm that you're a couple did did he didn't say that was the implicate. You didn't obscene. She. She felt good about it. What was the question? Then. Something saying you you've got somebody in your book. Sue, we'll who can't we all know before I understand the point. But I mean, well, what do you expect as you? If you're gonna have one of the world's expense. I think it's reasonable to be who's never been to be put on this. Boy, as I said, I think it's clinker thing. I just think being put on the spot about it like that in the situation where you have to sort of go along with things and be Jolie, we've kind of gotten you don't really have the option to get not about stuff and say in that situation in a press conference he can say liquor. That's my personal life. I'd rather common. Econ really do that. Russell asked me in country. Would I have asked that? And I said thing is here that is kind of the way things happen on Australian TV that does happen. I remember Sam Smith telling that she'd had pressure put on her to ask a certain question about a plays boyfriend girlfriend. I can't remember what it was. And that is kind of what's expected here. For me. I don't feel particularly comfortable with it. I must say it's not my line of questioning. But yeah, I thought she was a little naive not to expect any any reference to the guy on faces sitting in fly bunks when a sunny, I knew nothing of their relationship. It's none of my business. But he's very well known. And he was there. I didn't think she necessarily was not expecting it not expecting and not feeling comfortable with T different thing. I know she she might have been blindsided by in which case. Yeah. But you know, should have been in that situation before as well. Anyway, I I don't feel strongly about it. Either way. But anyway, she played very well. Tennessee was. Because. The victim. She's got in place. He's twenty years old have to say I did thing when I watched the first set cool. She got a guy. Yeah. She's definitely got something big serve. Good forehands. Got one of those slingshot for the ball. Just washes off the time. She's very dangerous. Klay, actually. Yes. No. Could you could imagine? Shot. Then we had the classic didn't. We have Stanford Rinker against Miller strategy was basically being transported back three years. They played here. Three years ago. Very similar match. Four cents aches tie sets and identify. But I was thinking. As it was nearing the conclusion of the full set. I was thinking I really don't want us to be decided by v set super bolted breaker. Why because we already had break is it felt like. Now, you know, if you've if if had what would have been, you know, t toy breakers, each now, let's see you can break serve to really get the business done, but that didn't happen. And they conversation turns out to be relevant, so, Geno. I'm I mean, first and foremost, the joy of Gordon, even is of it even as Cam has returned to which is great. Didn't go round is one of the joys of tennis and just. I mean, it's greatly both of them back and really properly. Probably back time passed tool the play the the the guts on him. Really? I didn't think he had that confidence in them. Got that confidence is not. I think just he knows how to deal with these guys. And I think one of the problems when he was coaching Thomas Berbick Burdette was not open to gorens methods. He'd hired him. And he wasn't doing what he asked him to do. Because I think he was so programmed into what he he has done for so long, and I can kind of understand that if you if you think you've got thirty years of programming to play certain way, and to not let the shackles go, whereas with Chile Chile just did what he was told really. And look what happened and now I think row niche, although he's the more analytical character. I think he's more convinced by the similarities of the game in his happy to just. Yeah. And that is credit if he's been sort of malleable in that way because he gave that quote. He's the CEO of ranch tennis, which makes me. Shiver just thinking about that. But actually thinking about sort of the the taking away his comments just thinking about the track record, it kind of he's done himself disservice with that comment has very, Molly. But when you're. And that was more about sort of body language and demeanor attitude on the court he tightly to all of our mode and embraced it and kind of changed his whole being. And now here is drilling backhands down the line. I didn't know and part of his repertoire volleying was a complete revelation volleying with a total revelation, and I mean, nothing more might go and even his priority than than bringing the seven volleyer or at the very least volleyer out to somebody. I think and. Yeah, I mean it was evident. How proudly was today. And I'm sure magnum is pretty proud of Stanford Rinker, STAN. Swiss price believed that he was sad. But it wasn't. This appointed a tool because he'd played. So well. Kind of feels like he's back. Now, I think even though he's to the second round. He was working quarter or semi final semi. Semi screwed over by that drawer. Really? They were playing tennis work if the second week, especially during not first set tiebreak way wrestle control took over. This backhand. David had a few things to say about the how he described it as as he hits back cans in that second set tiebreak made you feel glad to be alive. Yes. And the reason Dave is not describing himself with the ways because there's a trail of dust in our midst way sprinted to the five Coventry books because it is a little after one AM and copy mcgary is serving the first set five four fifteen all against Johanna Konta on the Margaret Court arena. And David has the coin on the second set, which is a pretty extraordinarily the reason that it's one eleven AM, and they are not even completed with the first is, well, I mean, there's there's a combination of factors. Let's put it that way. What are we Korean? Well, I mean the world labor in arisen long finish. Novak Djokovic coming into presciently. I think he was just announced the reason that call was so long delayed is not only because round inch for Franco going for hours. But also because if Simona Halep and severe slash Sony, canon Huma it turns out with the same person the same person. Yes, you sent a message thing. Kissed Safiya and Sonya Kenan the same person. I mean, I hadn't sort of fully formulated thought about there being two cannons with pity names. Yeah. A bit equally apparent official name is severe. That's what she's in the media guide, but she likes to go by Sonya, for reasons unknown. Yes, I think people on Twitter, so find her Sonya. So that right. I mean, good luck to. Yeah. Frankly, she she plays tennis ball enough to go by whatever name. She likes is not one hundred percent unexpected is it she's the the champion from Hobart. She's she's as I said yesterday, she's in sort of Lauren Davis gutsy. Stieg how mold and yet the world mourn phone found herself in an almost inevitable feeling scrap all the leading six four three six three love echoes of French Open. Final twenty seventeen Darren say that she won this one in the end and and Kenan plays a star of tennis. When had not at her best. I feel quite similar games. Hallett was really on issue would have more and how not on is how well by her own admission, she's undercooked and terms of matches though or is she carrying a bit of an injury. I always she said she had a bit of an English picked up an injury. To what body part she seems to be being vague again. So they've after that first round victory. She was delighted, but she was talking about, you know, being tied and she was referring to body in that being a factor more than I would expect an even her pretournament press. She said that she was kind of over the back trouble that shattered in the last year. But you know, she said something something like oh. But you never know it can it can go any moment, which wasn't exactly confidence. But I must say I did I was I was impressed with the way she came through that deciding set from a breakdown it was almost as though all the influence of Darren Kahlil is kind of programmed in her now, she she knows better. What to do and how to deal with it and how to fight and how to not get too negative came into the store nement saying in incredibly, really? Yeah. I mean, I'd still love to be working Termine. I really need. A coach and ideally at like Darren comeback. But if it's not down, I need some relationships. You can't do it at this level without which is really fascinating. But I wonder if maybe she sort of like I'm not saying she's going to win the tournament. She's still she's got. Joe remains I still believe she's gonna lose to to Serena Williams. If not Venus Williams before that. But but surely there is some reasonably still ready to believe that to be convinced that. I think I think the biggest concern what we whether she can do it physically. A murderer stroll. Yes to go into Redskin and say that so that finished that much finished at eight forty. AM? And then of course, there's this sort of takes a half hour periods. Minimum for them to get the day session people out. And then the you can see on the monitors. Oh, bless them. Give these people bonus or payrolls or something because my goodness me never seen people collected letters so quickly. It was I thought I was watching time lapse video, but she it was real human beings working in real time to clean, the litter from the world labor Rena in order to pave the way for Serena Williams against Eugenie Boucher, which is which is a month match. The we've opened being up all day, and they're not she when it came to it. I ended up not saying single struck. So I'm putting on the spot him. And hoping that you saw some of it. I saw some. And what I saw Serena was very impressive. And I was thinking God why didn't I pick? Serena to win the title. Kurban which I'm still I'm still heck. Honesty. Serena was in that kind of mood where she thought. The anorak. The had benefit a chatter about this match potentially being well skin. I tested, Michael Joyce, Iran. He I mean, I keep I keep getting the woo pooled my eyes. Yeah. By chemicals in and. In Michael Joycean today. He just may be filling things are a bit different genie be show now. And and I think he suffers fools. You know, I believe in he says that she's working hard and once and is committed and all the rest of it. I do believe him. But I also just think she's fundamentally just a way less. Good ten. Far back now, isn't she and yes Bush wasn't bad. But we know was was really good. Well, what does that tell you about where Serena Williams is to and t- over not bad opponent? That's been number five in the world while she is looking very strong. She's called interesting neck, she's gone. During strengths skirt. When Serena won her first grand slam. They just keep on coming. Don't. They she beats Stover in the first round today. She was Navarre season's grand slam second week fourth three third one four friends. That's a good way to to more different opponents as far as environments reading Williams, you could not yet. I mean, she's. Close to. About this far ways. You can get. Yeah. Well, it's going to be interesting gonna be I say that was thinking that could be six six one. But I do. But I do hope we get to see that. Well, actually, I mean, how that Venus would be the range Venus number didn't she she came through on the Margaret Cho Tarinah another match which ended up being played way later in the day than the mood have been predicted. I think largely because if the tussle that Cain. She corey. Got himself embroiled in first up on that. A forty year old. Sorry eve almost forty year old eve called vich took canes your Corey to five cents. I mean, you never want to off Michiko or two sets up. So he thinking, okay. This is this is done. But. Any? So you heads. He had two break points, and he took them both either college in two one two one in the third set to win the set and any broke again and won the set in the fourth and both times he career to love and those who had. Ginny games all about serve that. I mean, that's that's as much as can be expected, isn't it? I mean completely. He lost. But made believe it made me believe in final set. Tiebreak the ten I thought it was brilliant because it fell more significant tiebreaker seven, I should I should I. With final sets when you plan five I still would like to see the women. Interestingly didn't win the Super Bowl to Maximo tie-break. Yes. Yeah. I think it's Tiber record is actually less impressive than you think. It would be. I think it's more or less. Fifty fifty. I. I. That might be has this unbelievable fifth set record, which I've always thought it was just because he gets himself in situations. Oh, my eve let me their situations. A player shouldn't be in Sasha's. Vera discuss. Yes. He's going to go telling off tonight the head or a treatment. It was it was great fun being in the radio room. Where I am because I'm on what is pantley code French row where I'm surrounded. Surrounded by French radio journalists giving their update of the French radio is a big thing. They send a lot of traveling journalist for the UK who have overall one of the biggest traveling media contingent of any nationality. You know, it's only BBC BBC radio's send people the French. I'm with as well on with VC and the French. And of course, got the situation where the Frank should you know, they've seen Simone lose. They've seen Cornell with great tennis questionable. So they're ching on shoddy to make this comeback. Say sashes. Verve. His cruising. We're all thinking. Yes. I share. Yes. You are getting back on track. We can see all week. Beds schooling. We can see our eight hours sleep leasing. Thank you very much. You heard our praise and then, but I moved say thinking oh told everybody thought maybe Jeremy show. Mike trouble. His they all say, my is gonna take a bit for breezing. But fundamentally I'm going to get eight hours sleep. Then all of a sudden show, the just starts making everything literally everything, and he's on this is on the comeback show shoddy then. I muscle loss of it was very I was I was keeping one on marching other things doing other things. But whenever I looked up shoddy seem to be you know, making contender for the tournament. Sparrow berry and where the situation the radio room where all the function were just willing shoddy or no the British journalists thinking how come on come on? We won't start coming tasting on that so Anglo-French relations. Today at a time when things aren't brilliant. And then of course, shoddy does that thing of getting into a fifth and then just completely flopping in the fifth set. Exactly exact same. Kourtney nine a vers tweeted few nights ago during Matt more Dominic team match when I think everybody knew that bete-noire Pez struggle would ultimately be in vain or suspected. So she said to I seven AM, you know. You know, much aren't we and it is one twenty three AM, and it is six four gob in America. First set and Warno in the second. There is a I would call that a smattering of human beings in the crowd on the magi Tarinah and get on them, whatever. Rumors would move the court three. Which? I believe these were more than remains. I believe that that the the organization. These people around cold started the chain of events in order to make that happen. And it was unable to happen. GT -sego feces. Yes. Excrement. They were insufficient stall presumably chil- children without left on site to clear the Siegel feces as collects on tennis courts overnight. So. Back to planet, which was a post midnight start on the Margaret Harina. And I have to say from. I mean been watching out David is busy commentating on this. Like, the absolute trooper that he is bid and all I have to say from from what I've seen blooming. Good level of tennis considering the time it day in the the I know it's their job to to maintain focus through extrordinary circus chances. But this is the latest ever start at the Australian Open blooming, good tenants. And this was a match slam when almost three and a half hours. So that was. For the morning. Thank saying ain't saying that snow at Jovic been cool to maintenance v room. What will you have to say on the basis of what you saw his match against song a straight-sets victory straightforward victory. But equally not one that they have had a flavor of if you're rich not winning NAMA say amongst my poor predictions this tournament. I did did say before the match. I reckon Djokovic shot this down and actually not turn it into a match that's going on in the small hours. And he was he broke serve. I think in the third game second or third. I'm very early on gave it back, but it was established that lead. And once the I say he's record from one south is so strong. And there was a there was a moment in the second set where you thought some might be about to. Hey kit. A blow someone was in room six eight today. I didn't know that was that existed. He was it think it might have been. Strings shrimps car. In the basement. Anyway. Yes, djokovic. I think pretty impressive tonight. What's going on here? Somebody's got a dustpan rush at the feet of J counter on. I mean, we are in wherein bunkers times is USA. I mean is there any is there any other sport where the off season is three weeks long? And we're all here pretty much every night for. I mean the off the off time during tournament is about a case placed eleven AM. It's one thirty. Let's say we finish it to which generous. They're going to be math nine hours during which tennis point be played. Be sleeping. What else happened today? Matt what else happened dominate team? As in a bad way to make bad away. What he said, he's really not sure what it is. He's had a had a cold for a few weeks and his whole body her today, and sort of a like glandular fever type hats, he he he says I don't want to put a label on doesn't know what it is you need to go back. We make medical on the basis of absolutely no. Expertise whatsoever. Yes. And it was because he looked it was something he was up with him right from the start. And then he the the swing. Yeah. And I was perhaps a bit overly positive about team. St. I thought he turn a bit of a corn on hard courts. I mean that much the US open evidence enough and even the one before Kevin in so many be you know, that was sexually of. Better intent on her court in that match. But. Maybe it's because he's just not been fading which can cut him a bit of slack. But he seems to have gone back to playing clay-court tennis on our core. And it's just just not working another out today. Chiappa vile of one got to that third round. Pretty handily pretty quietly. Yes. Without roping say have you did you say press conference? Tell me tell me the most almost existential. It was it was going on about how vibrations. It was going on about how good he fails. How proud he fails of himself. He thinks he's he thinks he's a sort of sunny different Playa more mature Playa this year. He he made the point that he didn't play Bruce burnishes played Auckland, his scheduling smart pleasing for and just the recognition the shed jailing. Having tensely been fact is any described his own tennis today's exceptional. Another exceptional match was the pretty much the first line of his press conference. His perfect body valve and his exceptional tennis. Wow. We all need to think more of ourselves. Definitely. Hey, you're on the tennis podcast. We've asked it David. He's in a bunker somewhere. It doesn't it. What's going on? Except that Joe concert is t one second set, which doesn't seem to be moving. Live a third set bolted breaker. But let's that's nothing that far ahead. A name soccer one extremely Handley. She plays who share. I saw them play at the seven challenger fee as ago, twenty fifty tennis van fate. Note is there, and we'll have to see a very very demoralized. Barry Flatman if the Sunday Times pastors. Wow. That is a is a demoralized tired. Walk was one. Sorry back to the Surbiton challenger. Yes. I can't remember huge Malpass it. Now, put it up. Move on. David. What else happened Carolina push Vaughan? She biz bizarrely. She dropped the first set bring Branko who I who. I think the fourth round a few years ago. And I remember that because it was the year that I we we hugged a co all together which resp- animals day tomorrow animals day tomorrow at ten thirty AM, which is in nine hours time in and with if if if sharedealing prevents me from cuddling, a koala tomorrow will be held people. Yeah. Watch this space another another interest- interesting stat on the women's draw is it's the first time since Wimbledon two thousand nine that the top eight seeds of reach third round Wimbledon two thousand nine hundred place to ten years ago that whole social media craze at the moment, which is the ten year challenge. Thousand nine twenty nineteen seats. All I know the tenure Tonj is Mariah Carey tweeted today the ages. I don't recognize age as a as a thing, she she simply, you know, how we were talking about constructed realities carry doesn't consider age to be a feature of eight times. She doesn't considered time to feature for life. Other results today. Young Chung semi-finalist of Los J. He lost you get bad who use. Aw in the living flesh. The Davis Cup final in Leo lost June tipped us off the the singles results might not be foreign his eyes. I'm quite I'm low key. In. Echoing the line invested in. Putting my neck on the line ever again. But yeah, he's he beat we beat team in DOE hobby query hair Chung-hai, and it'd be nice. If I mean, obviously one of the best in the world, but it'd be nice if he could transfer that to the singles go nice game. And I really wanted to know whether he was gonna play that decisive rubber in the Davis Cup final. It didn't matter in the end because we ever night. I don't know. Maybe I should get depressing skin. That's nice challenge for. Yeah. Leases judge, but he's got ranch next this space. The space the moment, by the way in. Todate tennis news is that still t-. One McGrath serving one t advantage. David law is having a wail of a time in the country pokes and another winner today was born a sheriff who I did speak to today. And. I spoke to him mainly about tennis balls and new bowl. Which is it starting to be thing? Because I mean, we'd about it in my blog. But we the blog fakes I'll give you a little overview now in that. Bona church is a big fan and things ready suits his game. The heavier and slower anything. That's that's good for him and instantly never wanna match open before. Now one too. I think he's. Think he's in a better place anyway, but perhaps the conditions helping him and look match before. And he's into third round. A lot of players are really not Kane on the bows. But the interesting thing bona Curic said was he wants he wants consistency. He wants the same bowl us pretty much. A lot of people would just assume miss the Kay. He said he'd rather he said happily use the ball that you didn't like as long as they used it all the time because then you get this. Or is this the ball demands on the women's well the ball that the using I believe so bad for both. Register Evans Dunlop ball. I was worse in there. That's not a story. The lender space fakes because get mud nerdy news and in on tennis balls on a daily basis. I'm getting on three the replay tomorrow unless there's any other business from today like to pick up on I think that is pretty much it so very quick rundown Bharti against curry I up and apparently we rules pronouncing Murray Sakaris name wrong. I don't know. I know that we're doing it wrong. I just don't know how we should be doing it. Right. We'll get to the bottom of it. And let you know. Particularly if you've been tomorrow Taylor for its against federal marisha pover- against Caroline Wozniacki. Third round. The Australian Open incredible night session. Alex manure against Rafael on the dollars spoke to call us Moyo earlier, he confirmed that Rafal Nador how strangers service mission, and it is in order to shoot much is to to try and get the job done more quickly Giambi morgue recive. And then it is Kay Beryl. What is billable? What is Austrian world code barrels? First name beginning with K. Help me out here. I'm going to click. She's taking on g Kerber Kimberly barrel. Never in doubt, Kimberly barrel. Mogok is sit surpass against Bassillac valley. Very exciting. But this appointed that it's on the same time as Sakari both of them on courts Grandpa's holders, just fails. Like, yeah. Another good matches new. Want to give them the stage, but his slightly judged the sort of atmosphere around those matches. They brought they got it so much nicer at least one of them was later or on a on the moment in a way, you get some Graham Grandpa's holders. But anyway, rental disagree to feel the same. About what she him on gonna hold far on that. Where is Greg demonstra of? We'll get to him. We'll get to Griego Anisimov over against Lanka is next up on the mall Rena. Yes, please. That sounds great doesn't it Stevens against March? And then night sessions Daniel Collins Carolyn Garcia, and then Chile against Fidesz, go Mobin Rena, Butch ones the Heison. Serena consta- Cooney at the heisinge arena because mobile notaries arena just fill that could be anywhere. But except in mobile. Can schwartzman? Yes. The thing. I have Schwartzman in the quarter-finals. But with every passing second. Thomas, but it might win the torn regret regret. How did I not see the charge of Thomas Burdett coming sausage against public anchor? Here is Greg immature of against Thomas Fabio on it now, please that is on a grounds potholders cool because what I saw when credential of one on on cool three the other night and the atmosphere and the the Bulgarian fans was quite some things I'm pleased that they'll be able to get into him Kavita, very again bench lost up. Yes. Please plenty else to see a tear phone against Sepe that third ram should be played second on court number three tomorrow. And that I think is where we should wrap. Hope it big hit. Because we we've we've had a few people get in touch with us about organization about front stiffer yesterday in suggests that we didn't give him enough credit for that victory us didn't give him enough credit in general. And and hey that could be true. But. To set the record straight. We're big fans fronts stiff, we just very limited technical knowledge of tennis have had worries about his his technique because it is a really unorthodox technique. Nothing is okay to be concerned about that. I think if you look at the players are at the top of the game, the technique tends to be pretty clean. Yeah. Nothing. That is going to be an issue for him coming out that full head. Absolutely. I, you know, I don't I'm not rowing back on anything. We said last night. I'm just. Yeah. Well. Words goes so many other attribute exactly let's leave you with the words. He was texted us in an Matic visual oughta be clear tax, David law. He remains in the bunker. She said on the subject of fronts, stiffer insurnace. She started this text by saying she can't wait to meet grad, Matt, but on the subject Frances tiff seora, she was just rolling around in the forty degree heat hundred percent humidity, wearing a bomber jacket looking even being I've ever bloody scene. Just thought as long as I live. I'm never going to achieve even. Fraction of not cool. And I felt that once just bursting with happiness and sadness anyway on the subject of Francis. Oh, she said a peek into stroke production, which is what we've been talking about. She said one of his coaches explained to her the kid had no record of his own for years. So he he'd borrow demo Frayn's in in the pro shop just to his his his father was a janitor. The local tennis club is parents were were immigrants to the United States. From Sierra Leone. His dad was the he and his twin brother who could Franklin. They his dad was. Yeah. A janitor. The local club in nice to be able to play. Their results says she says FRANZ would Bora demo friends from the pro shop or pull discarded rackets out of garbage bins accommodating, his strokes and groups to the way each played. If his hand skills ever catch up to his first step and enthusiasm. He could get real good. He's still a better athlete than he is a tennis player, which I think is probably a pithy. What we were saying what we were saying that Mary Greeley said it better. She said it's a pity. He wasn't to better an early age. Retro fitting stroke production is difficult tearing down and starting over is not easy either. He's a good kid with a big engine. And he plays his third round match tomorrow on cool number three, which is off air recall. The Australian Open say that is one of the many places to be as we leave. You. It is two three forty thirty Gubbay mcgary. It is one forty one eight AM. Do you know Matt Roberts where you're much pointers is certainly and I'm sure a despairing David law in in up censure doesn't either we've been the tennis podcast booty in association with the telegraph. We will get Briggs on some stage. Hopefully, very soon we tried to get one today. But he genuinely is working so hard that he's unable to you. But we will get him on. We'll get vis he's written. Plenty of interesting stuff in the telegraph. Check that out we've been tennis podcast put Unisys Asia at the telegraph. Our executive producer is tennis balls dot com, and our mascot is Rio with a Y is a wonderful dog. We'll see today.

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