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Internet's there we go. What'S UP MAN. Bro? Internet is Acting Wild Man. Just yes should be. It should be up running now. But a Gimme. GimMe two seconds. We because we're not on yet. I gotta I gotta use the restroom so two seconds back by this look down on mobile young reporter take on. The fourteenth are sorry. Don't think work I on her own right. Some that's going to Zeus. Some say. Hey you know we're here back. Welcome back here is the you know. And I'M GONNA give it to send it over to you and go and rock out. Just Watch language okay. Yeah okay no curse co I'm an let's rock and roll know what's up man but to go on in three seconds her. Hey welcome back guys. Thank you guys so much for tuning. In of course like I always say if this your first time checking out this show please go click that like button on our facebook page and of course hit that like button underneath his feet. If you're enjoying it and doing your thing and join the time that all of that stuff anyway. Of course if you're watching on Youtube and all that please crust subscribe button and also hit. That like button underneath is well. Let us know that you're here and enjoying our presence. Anyway we are here. We're about to do our live a live performance straight from this wonderful man's home. Please welcome my brother and his musical stylings. Please welcome Zeus rebel waters. He will go Didn't off food. Aw John worked. Aw off talking. Report latest on that pain. Yeah one second one. Second press pause real quick press puzzle. Quick Okay so there's a little bit of an issue with the sound because I think you guys have a lot of sound going on at one time is there maybe a way to. I don't know the sound is coming in and it. We just can't hear you Zeus. We can hear the music but we just can't hear your vocals to saying that out loud. Okay so the loser maybe you could just like. Yeah maybe just a guitar and just vocals. I think for sure. That'd be okay cool. Alright no no. I appreciate the energy brother beautiful energy. Yeah we ready. We read this. How long they were having more my nine opt out along not as nasty auto all more exciting scrapping. I have no where some acting on a yes. That's how it was done son. That's how it's done here. Baby a let everybody knows where they can find you. Please right now you may say I follow me on Instagram. At Sousse rebelled waters that C. U. S. rebel our waters off go streaming music seafood? Komo through music all social media. Check me out yes I love it. I love it. Hey Zeus Zeus. I gotTa tell you I need to get you back on again like if you got some time later on this Friday or something like that and maybe you can do like an acoustic piece where it's just a guitar acoustic because people are loving it right. Now they're like who are you bre like? Who is this and when you sing with soul man when you sing with that so main man? Oh man people are loving that stuff man. People are eating it up. I WanNa get you back on safe Friday Friday Friday morning if you can and I want an acoustic piece I want you to do something straight acoustic because that was beautiful that I don't WanNa be a loser part. That's how son that's house done. Okay we've working outlets in Big Ben let me know. Text me in the stuff. Ma'am beautiful work man. Thank you brother La race. Thank you see. These guys are incredible. Man I got some. I got some really dope friends. Let's say that I got some friends. You know what I'm saying and you guys have got to go check out. Zeus rebel. Waters are right. You can find him on all the major streaming platforms in regards to his music. He has all kinds. He's got rock. He's got hip hop. He's got all kinds of stuff. That guy is versatile like a Mug so go check it out and everybody who's watching right now on I. G. Please all the stuff is on our Youtube Channel YouTube dot com for slash the Pascal. Show go check it out. We have all types of people coming on onto the show performed live. That's everything from jazz hip hop country rock. Whatever you get a chance to see them live from wherever they are from their home. The kitchen there. The gyms wherever there wherever they're at to be able to get their music and perform all right and I'm also looking for performance as well so if you guys have any friends that are interested in performing live on the show. Please have them contact the Pascal Show. You could hit us on all of our. Dm's on social media. Which is the Pascal show or you can also email us at Info at the Pascal. Show DOT com. Anyway we got to go into a quick commercial break man. That was dope. I'm really happy that seuss came on. And hopefully he'll be back on this Friday again in doing something real nice and six alike in acoustic. Anyway we gotta go. We'll be right back. This is the Pascal Shell back. You sub guys. I'M GONNA. I'm probably going to jump out of this commercial break fairly quickly. Mine feed rough. Yeah really I mean come on man I mean can you understand what I'm saying though right? I can understand what you're saying. Sometimes it's just it's a little delayed. I don't know if you're not hearing me right away. Yeah Youtube Jessica. Thank you so much for tuning in on. It appreciate that yet. The the the feed is like eight and now today I don't know why you know and also I've learned something that everything that do. Every performer has got to do a very acoustic version of stuff because when they do all that sound all at once the CO. Their phones can't compute with all that you know what I'm saying. Yeah they just can't pick it all up like I guarantee it was probably don't what he was doing but it was just a lot you know. It seemed like the the stream was running pretty well a few days ago. When you're running through the slain. Yes ESI working a lot better. That's very true. That's very true. I'll try that from the next show for sure. I gotTA jump in here. Hey welcome back guys. Thank you guys so much for tuning. Of course like I always say if this is your first time checking out this show. Please click that like button on our facebook page. Of course click the like button on the feed itself does give it a thumbs up if you're enjoying this. You know what I'm saying. This is what we do bringing in. This is the variety of this. Show we bring in the interviews. We have the celebrity interviews. We have celebrity musical guests. The whole nine. You know we got a lot of very very talented and wonderful. Human beings on the show and this is what encompasses the pass cow show. You know what I'm saying. No To no stone unturned. Okay we embrace country rock. Classical jazz are rap. Whatever you got if you good I want you on the show period. Flat out okay. So anyway we got to go to some news. I got the team back. I got my with me. You know what I'm saying so let's go into some news what's going on in the world man. Well let's see we've got well of course I who could forget last week with Donald Trump said that One of the ways we could fight. The Corona virus was by bringing Disinfectant inside the bodies and hitting the lungs with that so it should come as no surprise that some people have started doing just that fact. Kansas health officials have reported an uptick in cleaning chemical cases. And there was even a guy who has done that to his already done that to himself. He has Ingested it and yeah it's it's becoming a problem there actually people out there that are doing now while to me is that to me is that it doesn't make any sense that were going to be like that. There are people out there that clearly know that it. There's a warning label on the side of the model that says do not do not ingest warning hazardous to health. If two if you drink or ingest it why would they think that if the president says it's okay for them to do it to that doesn't make any sense. There was a guy in Kansas over the weekend. Who drank some sort of the disinfectant cleaning product and then had to seek medical attention after doing so mail? It's already happening out there doing the seat. Now now the thing is is that okay so wood grain. What's up with grain? He just said Green said Thomas Spreading lies. Why are you lying? No you must you must. Don't listen well you must listen to go ahead wrong. I mean there's clear video of Donald Trump saying that they can they might be able to treat the corona virus by taking disinfectant into the body word. And I have it right here from the Wichita Eagle from Kansas Dot com about a man in Kansas health officials reporting that there was a man over the weekend who drank a product because of the advice received. Yep Now the backup your retort and then James Said and you know of course. There's a little bit of a debate going on on on on our chat on Youtube. But he said James said Lysol came out huge. Please don't please do. Not Listen to our chief commander. Now the thing is is the thing is is if well and then Wood grain says go. Watch it again please. Now now the thing is is that we already seen. We've already seen it a million times he does. Now here's the thing he does not. You're right on the if we're going on semantics and we're going on just literally literally what key said he did not go and turn onto the and say everybody injustice infected no. He did not say that he did not say that but he did say hey. We'll we see that the disinfectant is working on on the bodies and are working on on killing the virus killing germs and killing viruses. Doing all great is doing great. So we're going to try to test that on some things and see if we can fix that put do that as far as putting it into the body but he did not say everybody going. Get your breach. Go get your LYSOL and start spraying it into your mouth. He didn't say that he did not but he did. Say it. Out Loud of like maybe we can ingest it. Maybe we can we do. We should do tests on that. That's literally what he said. He did. Not say everybody ingest but people are taking it as. Oh we must ingest. You saying there's a lot of crazy people out there that are saying that are trying to send go ahead. Go ahead Tom. What it doesn't matter what. He said he was being sarcastic. He's being sarcastic so it doesn't matter anyway if he was really being sarcastic. Yeah if you believe everything. Trump says it doesn't matter anyway because he was being sarcastic. Used as having a joke. About it yeah. So you know shouldn't be doing that anyway. You know you should be able to recognize trump's sarcasm. When he says we can inject disinfectant and of the body to treat chronic pirates. Yeah I mean here. It is like the the dude the dude the dude let me. Let me let me okay. He went out there. He said that out loud so of course whenever he suggests whenever he mentions anything that could be a solution to a problem with the Rona. What DOES EVERYBODY DO? They run out of the out of their way to try to do themselves. They turn themselves into the Guinea pig themselves so when he talked about and this is going straight to wood grain or anybody else. That's in there going. Oh Get mad at us for US talking about this. We're not the ones who put the words in his mouth. He said it himself then. He went for example when he said chloroquine. What DO PEOPLE DO? Some people went out of their way. Took some some pills got themselves sick and one of them died. I think one of them died. You know what I'm saying. One of them got very very ill. Now it's because of him talking out of his talking out his mouth and not filtering himself before he speaks before he speaks and he's got to remember. People are desperate out here. People WanNa live. People want to survive so the last thing you want to suggest or say any allude to is something that's going to be harmful to somebody because you know for a fact that if he said maybe we just all just put a gun to our head and just pull the trigger. Maybe we do we try that. Maybe we should try that. Hit somebody out. There is going to do that and go. You know. President Trump told me to put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger. Not said he suggested it so he's not really thinking fully. You know what I mean like fully think this through you see what I'm saying. He's not he's not saying we must. He's saying it out loud go. Maybe we try this. Maybe we try this. Or He's saying maybe chloroquine is the answer and what happens. Somebody out there is going clerk. I got my my table right next right next to my fish tank for for my little pet. My little goldfish got sick. One time this Clark. When they're let me ingest them numb David Him. Did you know what I'm saying? So there's gotta be gotTA understand. He's he didn't go out there saying everyone must jest. He didn't say that he just said. Hey maybe we should try this. That's all he needs to say. We shouldn't be saying that. Go ahead Jack. Those platform should not be about speculation. Yes so you come on. You're talking to the entire nation. You should come on with facts and direct things that are happening. Yep Not with Jessica's and speculation and what's the worst that could happen like those are just because there's too many people out there that take everything at face value. And even if he said one thing in the media took it a different way and then the headlines and people click on Click Bait and they see something that they're going to react to that and there are some percentage of our population. That just can't decipher the difference. Between what is a good choice or a bad choice and yet keeps on saying that. He asked and he did ask. He asked if they should do it but he shouldn't be asking during a live press conference he should ask that behind closed doors. I've been talking with the scientists and these are things that they said potentially could be looked into that they're going to be trying I. It's his platform I mean. And there's there's a difference between doing it on twitter. I guess yeah and then also do. But he's reaching so many people that the words that are being said had to be very specific. Yeah now the thing is is now the thing is is like I. I also Wanna I I WANNA make sure that we make this clear because wood grain is of course saying you know. Oh there you go okay. So He's agreeing with you Jack because the thing is is I don't want it to get twisted like where obviously if we're on the plane of we're GONNA do agree to disagree type of situation. Then that's the situation but at the same time I think that yes there. You definitely have a good point Jack. And that's the thing like it's things that are being suggested. It's things that are being said on the Mike rather than it being thought out before it's being before he says goes on the Mike and says that that was that was a conversation. He coulda had behind closed doors with his people. You know rather than going up there and saying do we do that. Maybe we should try that. You know it's like no just go over to the side and say that because like I said there is somebody out there that is going to take that conversation that he had and take it as a suggestion and they're already are people are ingesting it. People are starting to do that literally. Lysol has to go out of their way to make a thing another like basically a they have to put out a like a Bush at Surrey. Psa A press release or PSA to let people know. Hey guys don't no no no. No don't don't ingest the fact that they have to do that says a lot. It's unfortunate because everybody knows what says even more is the fact that the next day trump came out and said I was being sarcastic. He knows what he did. He knows full well what he's looking car. Which is why he's lying about it. Being Sarcasm yes when we come on. What did you say the on my leg? And his reign rice but say he actually came out and said that he was being sarcastic. No no yes. So He's been going around saying oh he was he was he was making a joke. He was being sarcastic or just to be really honest he said. I I was just being sarcastic you know and it's true. Wood grain wood grain is right. Trump trump has no chill button. He has no chill but at the same time. There's nothing there's there's certain things that he should be saying. There's things that he could be saying. There's things that he could. You know what I'm saying. There's other things that he could be doing in saying while he's at the podium doing all these updates in all that these two to three hour updates and I understand. Don't get me wrong if you're under under the gun and you're trying to figure out the best solution for everyone so everyone can survive and live. I get it you know I'm mad at you about that man. Do what you need to do. Lead the country but at the same time. Don't talk to the side with stuff that you need to be talking about behind closed doors you know because yes we're in a world of course there are no such thing as stupid questions but when you ask them out loud in front of millions of people that stupid. That's where you become stupid. Ask The ask those asinine ridiculous questions behind closed doors with your team. So that they're the only ones that are listening to that because they know for a fact. No we're not no. Don't say that on the podium. Don't say that on the Mike because somebody crazy out. There is going to do that because they're desperate in everyone's in the situation. It's all Darwinism right now. We all want to live. Survival of the fittest. And if you tell us if you even suggest fifteen hundred twinkies a day if we if we just eat fifteen hundred twinkies a day that that'll solve it right now it's not but if you say that some crazy him is going to be like you know what I'm GonNa go buy as many twinkies as I can and I'm gonna eat them all because maybe you could save say my life you never know what I'm saying. The desperation has real out here guys and so he should not be saying anything whether he suggested it or not. He shouldn't be saying those kind of things. It's not going to solve it if there's no back backup data backup proof that it works. He shouldn't be saying anything at all except for the facts. That's what I think. That's I think we got room for one. More tell us tells another thing what what else is going on Tom. I'll write some lighter news year. A Netflix Netflix. As announced that there. There's going to be a new documentary project from rock. Michelle Obama about the first lady's Memoir tour becoming. I'm excited about that man. We'll talk be exciting. I read I read her book. I thought it was very very well done. So I'm interested to see what they how they turn that into a Docu series personally. I'd rather Li like A. I'd rather see it be like a like a movie or like a series like with actors and all that playing the parts and everything. I think that it'll be a very interesting story to see. The book was really really good. I really enjoyed it. You know so. That'd be interesting to see for sure. That's good news. That's absolutely good. Yes I think think. That's I don't know what grain agrees nice to see Nice Cedar former president and his wife again. Yeah it's gotTa be a reminder of when things were thought is the multipurpose yeah window goes around with her or does that take away from her. It's kind of like the girlfriends. Sit on the lap like should should he be there to on tour fallen her behind and like doing signings and stuff like wants to be president or really in focus during all this. Oh Lord I it's it's GonNa it's GonNa focus on her memoir tour so you know. I don't know if they did that tour together or not rock state back. She went and did that but there are a couple sale. It's not like she's some Rando that just I'm minutes ago before the draft. These she's been with him for a long time now owned that when trump was saying he was born in Kenya. Yep He's been she's been there since day one or since he was actually before he went into before he even became like started. His practice started becoming before he became a lawyer. She was the one who has actually recruiting him to her loss to her law firm. And that's how they first met. And then of course it progresses on it's like I said very nice nicely done nicely. Written book is a very interesting autobiography. Memoir whatever you WANNA call it. It's a it's a beautiful thing you know what I mean. It's really really dope and you got you got to check it out. You know what I mean But Anyway let's go to stop for birthdays man. Let's get into some birthday shall we? It's time to wrap it up. Be You know it is time for them birthdays anyway? Welcome to celebrity birthdays and for all those people who have walked out of Beautiful Velvet Curtains and breathing. This wonderful thing called life. It is a celebrity birthdays. Jack is going to list off the describe a certain level celebrities and we me and Tom are going to try to figure out who they are. These people are celebrating their birthday today. So you get to be a part of it. Calmed down below and be a part of the game and see if you're smarter than a fifth grader. Let's go all right so from Mona California turning thirty nine years old today. This movie actress As a child she suffered from collapsed lungs twice and was frequently played with Monja. So she's going to be extremely careful right now but she was in films like Spike Hits for. Fantastic for honey. Good Luck Chuck. And James Cameron's Dark Jessica Alba Jessica Alba. That is correct. You mentioned having collapsed twice terrible. I used to work with a woman whose son had that did not sound fun. Terrible so turning forty six years old today out of alcobendas of Spain. This is Spanish actress. Who won the Academy Award for best supporting actress for her role as Maria? Elena and the two thousand eight film Vicky Cristina Barcelona she was also in Vanilla Sky. Zulehner to Oh what's there you go a good job. Go the go right from Vancouver Canada turning forty two years old today this TV host TV show host. I is home expert and became known for Hosting Property. Brothers and a buying and selling it he was on. Abc's dancing with the stars alongside. Emma slater yet don't know his name is twin brothers named Jonathan. James Drew Scott. Drew Course seventy years old today out of new. Rochelle New York poor and James Douglas Muir and then his last name the stand up comedian hosted the tonight show for ninety two thousand fourteen. Oh Jay Leno Jay Leno oh I don't know how James Becomes Jay but whatever Let's see here from Vancouver Canada. This forty two year old is a TV. Show it his brother and him do property brothers buying and selling James Scott job at sky out. Listen give you chance with. The twins had turning forty four years old to the New York City New York. This TV actor is a hidden camera. Joke show actor With the link effect he's been Chapelle show law and order in all my children. Oh Man Yup good job Michael Carbonaro s I write from the Bronx. This twenty nine year old has a birthday today and she is a former teen. Actress appear at school. Rock are we there yet. Are we done yet and also played a small role in young adults? Repeat the the top of it again. Woman time from the Bronx is twenty nine year. Old is a former teen actress. Who appeared in School of Rock? Are we there yet? And Are we done yet? And she also played a small role in young adult. I definitely recognize your face. I would not have been able to pull her name out. That's not the Harley. I carly girl right. Yeah I don't know if she was in a curler Aleisha Allen no okay no and let's see from Italy this This gentleman entreprenuer died at the age of seventy six and nineteen ninety-three. There's recently been a movie made about his car and going against forward Ferrari. Oh sorry different. Did I got that wrong? When they're C- he did oil heaters and air conditioning. The became then went on to become the creator of luxury sports car brand that he has opposite of Ferrari Porsche Enzo into yes is not the guy but it's actually. It's for Rucci Lamborghini. So he worked with Enzo and because he discovered a problem in the clutch of the Ferrari. I need to e complained to ends about the design which actually spurred Labor getting his own car company so while they were involved was leading towards wrong car. I bad there all right so we got four more left. We got out of MONROEVILLE. Alabama died at the age of eighty nine and two thousand sixteen. This novelist wrote the classic novel to kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Harper Properly Harper Lee Harper. I fifty four years old today at a Los Angeles California this influential West Coast. Rapper released fifteen albums between eighty seven and two thousand twelve. He's one of the pioneers of West Coast Hip hop and first rappers to use explicit lyrics about pimping into songs. Oh nope releases first song. Don't stop rapping at age seventeen. Oh my God of Little Kim on his song call me. He's coach. He's coast west coast west coast album. Life is dot dot dot and his name to pocket Nope my God might be too short. Oh that was stupid. That was a dumb brain fart for me. Okay here we have this. Us President was a fifth president. United States in the final founding father he died on July fourth the aged seventy three and eighteen thirty one and making a third president to die on that date is nope founding fathers appointed. He was appointed minister to France. Seventeen ninety four Adams. No use the second. We is last president of the Virginia Dynasty and the Republican Generation. You got me James Monroe doctrine okay. Here's the last one part from vows job. In Sweden turning seventy nine years old this fireball actress who appeared with Elvis Presley Viva. Las Vegas gained fame for her role in bye bye Birdie and also appeared in the Cincinnati Kid and Tommy. What's Oh beverly devere divorced. What was the name do Shoot I she was in baked. Beans baked beans bell. No Not Brigitte Bardot. Oh she was in grumpy. Old Man yes. He wasn't grumpy old men. She was a car accident. I don't remember her name. It's an Margaret and Margaret's down around the birthdays. Happy Birthday to all them. Famous people out there alone. I've were passed away. They still celebrated everybody else. That's out there. You know celebrating with cars drive down the street honking at 'em yes exactly happy birthday. Everybody doesn't have to your birthday. Doesn't have to be today so happy birthday regardless anyway birthday. Anyway it's time to get going much. Love you for tuning in big shoutout to willow parks for being on the show be sure to check out his. Cw show that streaming right now on Netflix called all American two seasons up there right now. Apparently they're about to go and they've been green lit for the third season which I'm very excited about. So go check them out. And then big huge shot out the Zeus rebel waters for being on the show definitely go check him out. I'm probably going to have him back on again on Friday so we can try it again. Maybe you can perform two songs but this time just straight acoustic keep it very simple because I think the speakers on the phones and whatever he's using is blocking out the sound you can't hear his vocals so anyway but regardless that other song that he did just with the guitar and Ham was fantastic. So definitely if you haven't seen that yet go back and check it out again and enjoy his musical performance. Of course big. Thank you to Jack Tom. For being on the show. Thank you guys so much so much so much. Love you guys. Anyways time to get going you know. I'll be on today at five. Pm So be sure to be on the lookout for that five PM Central Standard Time. I'll be on Right much loved you guys. Beat good yourselves. Be Good to one another and I'll see you guys at five. Pm Central Standard Time. This is the Pascal show back. You buy gas. I did not realize and Margaret was Swedish interesting.

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