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WKPWP - Tuesday Mailbag & Flagship Flashback - Keller talks Black-Murphy future, whether Wyatt is Face of WWE already, more (12-17-19)


Searching for more rape pro wrestling talk then join me. Jason Powell hosted the free weekly pro wrestling boom podcast. Each week. You'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable names in the wrestling using industry subscribing to stitcher downcast and all your favorite secondary apps or visit us directly at POW boom dot com once again that's pw and dot com now. Pw Torch and spreaker bring you the Wade Keller pro wrestling podcast. It's time for Wade. And his co Oh host to dive into the listener mailbag forgot the good male. Big questions which I'll be getting to you in a solo edition of the Keller Podcast mailbag today. And then we're gonNA jump to a flashback of our flagship show where Jason Powell joined. Find me five years ago on December ninth two thousand fourteen and we're GONNA talk about Roman reigns winning the superstar of the Year award. That was five five years ago. Also see -em punk signing with USC. And how just seven days. After sitting. Down Steve Austin in a special. WWE Network Live interview. Vince McMahon was already contradicting himself in terms of raw this week. Plus we've talked about. TLC and a bunch of email topics in the VIP after show which has never before offer free so for those of you who do not listen to the flashbacks. We run on the weekends. Also be cool. I think for you to hear Jason. Follow join me and analyze the wrestling scene from five years ago this week similar format as our Thursday flagship lie phone calls analysis of the latest. TV shows and news. So let's go to the mail bag like I A real mix of emails here. We'll begin with Bruce Lee from Seattle. Who says so you? -tations wait after that. Fantastic stick match on Sunday between Alastair Black Buddy Murphy. My main question regarding Alastair Black Muddy Murphy is are we hitting down US and shameless road leading to the teaming together the bar started by having stiff physical matches with each other similar to the start for black and Murphy hoping for some follow up on Raleigh last night but there was nary a mention of the match. I'd rather keep them as singles wrestlers but what are your thoughts. Those wanting to three themselves or the wrestling fans in their circles should give the gift of a VIP membership to pro wrestling torch. It pays for itself over and over. Thank you I appreciate the endorsement Bruce. Everybody you're listening. You're not to be you get these shows with the ads and plugs removed and our top shelf. podcast like the Bruce Machado. Show the fix with Todd Martin. 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Yeah I mean it's interesting when they do have a way of doing that to sort of fight. Fight to a stalemate or battle back and forth and earn respect for each other. Okay first of all. I'm against it because I have high hopes for Alastair Black as a AH possibly breakout center single star. I'm not super confident. That's going to happen and I'm not even willing to say it's occurring t that he would catch on at a bill. The brand built a show around him level. But he's on the radar for it and I don't say that about a lot of guys at his level level right now of push in presentation I think he's someone to really look seriously at protecting and moving into that spot. So that's why I'm against it now. That said it would not be a bad consolation prize. I think Buddy Murphy would benefit from that. Maybe more than Alastair Black. I think once you're in a tag team like that. It can be kind of hard hard to break out and end up becoming a single star. Now if Ellis Rebecca was twenty two twenty three instead of deep into his thirties then you can say okay. Hey you know hey take the Bret Hart Route Teaming Jim Knight Heart Heart Foundation or even Jeff Hardy Jeff especially ended up breaking out becoming a top star probably would have been the bigger star. Had he not derailed with some personal choices it derailed the the momentum. They had at one point during his prime. But I don't think they have time to waste with allaster black. WWe wrestlers right now. Who I think already made of it or who are going to be quote future matters do not they don't have time to waste? They don't have time to invest a six seven eight years in building them up slowly to that spot. Like a brat heart or Shawn Michaels from the rockers or a Jeff Hardy and with other examples edge and Christian come to mind with edge certainly are are reaching that level in Christian certainly having a significant singles quarter but not at the level of edge. So I'm a little worried about it for that reason. But if it turns out that Buddy Murphy and Alastair black end up teaming up and have a great day T- matches and they ended up being credible foes for say the AARP with death rollins of their corner. I could see Alastair Black using that as a launchpad branch off as a baby face. And take on seth. So if they teamed teamed buddy in black together with the idea being that their face team that has earned the fans respect and TLC was part of a building block whether intentional or not it was a building block forgetting heading there and then there are the one team that maybe can take down the Eos the AARP and that upsets thrown so much. Say there's a big wrestlemainia moment or pick your spot but a high profile moment where plaque and murphy beat he throws a fit and goes after Lsu black and then you end. There's many ways you can do. That'd be one way to setup black going after seth and if seth were at that time the US champion and that's all black ended sets rain that would involve a singles title that could elevate black and then black could have a memorable. US title run. You could be the guy who has great matches defending ending that singles title while somebody who's not around much has the higher stature title. I guess universal in this case are able to be in this case not universal on raw and and that being Brooklyn and then eventually if he has a strong years titled Run. You could put black with solid kicks and that believable bad as Demeanor that he has and ring style and build him up as someone who could take lesser and become W W champion at as soon as maybe summer slam. I'm twenty twenty but you could even do a longer story arc and you gotta play by ear and see if it works out but do a longer story. Arc Were Wrestlemainia in twenty twenty one. You have Black go overbrook. So I think there's a lot a lot in play here but I think you could do both in other words. Is I if I have to choose one or the other. I want black to stay singles but if I can have both. You've both black and buddy tell a story match released to blacking Seth. And then you give black a meaningful memorable high profile victory over seth and then he can have a long rain and eventually. You're eventually going for Bronx so I think I think that could work and I liked the idea. So we'll see I mean there's so much much coming out of the match. I got to see it in person on Sunday at target center and it was one of those matches where I mentioned this on Sunday night on the VIP exclusive. Wait Keller hotline that I was telling the people around me you know this is going to be the best match of the night and the crowds going to be really quiet for it at the beginning at least because they had and clearly established face but he murphy's not really built up to be at blacks level and black just been sitting in a back room talking about knocking on a door and it was a slow build in about five minutes in four minutes in. I was like what I tell you. This is really good but the crowds are not really into it and then the crowd got more into it. As as the match went on in the match. Just got so good in that that finishing sequence black stuck in the kicks and then hitting the black masses. Just it's IT'S A it's a type of performance a type of offense that I think stands out as something other than the dies and he carries himself in a way in that ring right I think he can. He can be at that moment level. So we'll see all right. Let's go next to Ryan from overpay. Hey wait I'm a first time emailer. I did not hear this disgust on last night's raw. I post podcast. It seems like some. Oh Joe was really fired up on commentary at the end of the show attempting to rally the Locker Room to stop Seth Rollins LP. Do you see a potential for this Toledo with three on three match. Rejoice steps up a Badass baby face way to team with Kevin Stereo because everybody else in the locker room is too scared. So Yeah I've been thinking a a lot about Joe and what to do with him and pardon me he's like he's really good on color commentary. He's getting better by the week. I like his personality like the tone of his voice. Just like the way heat heat articulates. His thoughts is done in a way. That doesn't feel like it's aimed at cheap heat but it is done to communicate a level level of experience and then interpretation conveyance with that experience for the audience in a way that makes them at what's happening in the match seem that that enhances what you're watching happening in the ring and also makes it seem like the outcome of the match has relevance I just think he hits a lot of the key point so pardon me is like keep them there and this has happened before four by accident with color commentators wrestlers who get injured and then they're really good on color commentary but joe still got some time left so this is not a career ending injury. He's he's sitting Out from right now so if you can use color commentary to kind of reframe Joe as a baby face who kind of you know like they did with deal mad and a little bit where it's like okay. Look what he did to brock. I wonder if deal will step up against brock. From what Brockton deal. Well that's not gonNA go. Anywhere deals not credible opponent brock. But you can do angles angles like with the two angles with color commentators and wrestler. So joke could either have seth and LP could get Joe's face on commentary but even better like you lay out Ryan. Have Joe step up and say I can't sit here and watch this anymore. And he in Kevin Ohlson ray ministerial ECLECTIC. Mix of three wrestlers fans all like going after Rawlinson. Aarp I think is is an attractive direction for Joe going and then you can have joe as a baby face against seth and perhaps US title matches or just a regular feud or whatever all kinds of things you can do. And if Joe looks good there you could get joe back in position to be an opponent for listener and I took man always has designed. Who can I build up will be believable opponent for lessner? Whether they're you're thinking along those lines yet or not. I think it's it's something that might crossed their minds or ought to as they continue to keep an eye on on what Joe Joe was saying. And how believably comes across as a locker room leader and say you know like you said on Monday. I've done some things. You didn't say that I'm not proud of. He's not on an apology tour. But he said I've done some things but it was a means to an end and that was victories and titles and that's not what's going on here with AO P. They're doing it because their sadistic and they're just out to to to cause pain so yeah they they WANNA mine opponents for for listener and Joe. I think it'd be credible in that way every Sunday night catch wrestling night in America on. Pw Torch Daily Cast Dot com hosted by me. Pw Torch columnist Greg Parks each week. I'll welcome a CO host from the torch family to discuss the big shows and pro wrestling to your calls and emails. You can listen. Live most weeks beginning beginning at eight. PM Eastern on Sunday nights with a wwe or impacts pay per view. We go on the air at the conclusion of that pay per view. You can listen live but of course. The full show is available for download on-demand on-demand anytime shortly after it airs visit. Pw Torch Daily Task Dot Com and click the livestream linked to find the next scheduled live. Show link search. Pw Torch an apple podcasts. Or your podcast. Oh cast APP to subscribe wrestling night in America every Sunday. Pw Torch daily CAST DOT COM. Okay up next. BP Vp from the Philippines said. So this guy is so good that he made a feud with a guy that just win loss to the NFC champion the most interesting feud and wwe. And do you think it. It is not a coincidence. That the three main guys seth rollins valor and Daniel Bryan all went back to their past after facing him and finally with how interesting he is and it it seems like he's already the best merchandiser of the company. It's pretty obvious now. Very wide is the face of the company. Am I right okay so I don't think that we should look at data. Brian losing down coal as like now Dany Brian's reclamation project and it's amazing what braves it been able to do with them losing to the world champion of annex not a wrestler in his prime featured on Wednesday nights in prime time as a centerpiece act of that of that show. You can't look any Brian losing to him as some sort of defining down down I mean it was a better man one you know and Brian help his own but it was a good match. I think did more to help Bryan than hurt him. In the is almost fans is as long as the follow up was a compelling story with him and not a mess where it looked like management wasn't paying attention. They followed up. Brian Losing Nicole. Under some special circumstances they they follow that up with booking that said de Lebron's a priority don't look at that loss to call as defined him down or we see them as as yesterday's news R- actually really leaning heavily on him in the smackdown on Fox era. So I don't buy that as for valor and Brian. You have you say Rawlinson. He'll ballantyne St. and went and Brian went back to his yes movement yes they all all went back to their to prior roles. But I says he'll no matter what whether he thought Bray or not or the field or not. I mean that was something the fans dictated and wwe went with it film valor. He's better on annex T he's a smaller guy. And if you fin valor was not A top priority. For Vince McMahon when he lost Bray and then moving him to annex t but having him turned heel and then face wrestlers more his size makes it more palatable. So for him to be he'll it's tough on w main roster raw or smackdown where the rest of bigger than exte- typically on average for sure it's hard for ballot or go he'll be cheered or make the baby faces look bad for being bigger than him as he's the he'll ideally. The baby is going to be smaller than the than the top heel. And so I again. I think that that just was in the cards whether he lost debris or not. I think it's it's more the other way around sixty is he'll will sacrifice him to bray not outlets accuracy some debris and then that will be part of a storyline where bracelets people to their past and then data data. Brian in the movement also seemed like that was sort of going to be something the fans wanted they would have delivered whether it was with Bray wide or not so now as Paul Bertolli in interviews. We didn't know this week was a streak until people started telling us there's a streak all these he's wrestlemanias undertaker's been on. He always wins. He always wins his wrestlemania matches and it became a thing after the happenstance or accident of just having him win all the time. So if you've wrestlers when they're fed debris and babies some then end up kind of changing their gimmick because it kind of need a refresh and one of the reasons. They were fed to braves because they needed a refresh there for they. We're expendable for the fiend. It could end up happening again and again. Maybe it happens with MS so it could turn into something. I don't think these three three were booked the way that they are because they wanted it to be something people noticed. But now that you're noticing maybe others well and maybe it will become a thing and as far as him being atop merchandiser the company. I mean he's fifty dollar fiend masks and fifteen dollar tip plastic match masks and I mean it's like yes I mean he's obviously selling merchandise choice as for the face of the company all believe it when he's in the ads on Fox during NFL Games. But until then I don't see him as a face of the company you not. The face of the company is somebody WHO WB was out there in those ads. And right now it's still Roman reigns Kofi Kingston Bailey and Sasha banks. I changed that even in the solo shots when they do solo shots at sometimes kneeling on the stage so until they start putting bray their front and center as often or more often than Roman. Romans are faced with the company. You know no matter what you see on TV. And it's not like rains isn't being featured prominently. He is so yeah. He's not there yet and I I think he's enough of A. He's an unusual character. But you know so. Was Steve Austin compared to Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart and put Yokozuna was sort of the face of the company for. WWe In terms of the wrestling show was world champion. But he wasn't the face of the company in terms of marketing getting a main event. He'll embrace very different than than Yokozuna but when there's an unconventional character doesn't fit a more typical mould and it's far out there as as the fiend act is. It feels like something that they feature for people who watched the show but they don't feature it as the billboard billboard for people who don't watch the show but they wanna get to watch the show I would switch it up though you have fans who are there's laughs fans out there watching the NFL. And if they see Bailey Lisa Kofi and Roman and even watch for three years they go up saint people but you put the fiend up there a lot of people wait. What what's that what's going on? What am I missing is it? I need to check that out. And it sends a message to fans. Take this universal champion. Seriously because we've put him on the billboards with Fox. All all right up next Pernille said I just read the Chris. Jericho had a meeting about tasty matches needing to clean up their ring work. Apparently he keeps up with criticism online and wants wants to take teams to actually take into matches. I hope this helps. I'd also like to shine a light on what Jim Ross brings to eight. W when he calls out silly stuff he sees on the shows. I think it's great. Does because it shows city cares ineffective could make. AU correct those things because he is calling out in he is calling it out in plain sight and he's also in a way teaching people. How things work? So here's the thing on that. I prefer tag matches more structured than most of the young bucks matches. I can do and have done it. More structured match. And I think they're mega talented and one of the best teams in the world when they do that. I know not all styles or for everybody and not every style that people love is going to be for me. I enjoy when the on bugs have unstructured matches. I much prefer structure. And you know what Sodas Jim Ross. I mean dozens of times dating dating back to like one thousand nine hundred eighty nine or ninety and penile philosophically as far as what we look for in wrestling are very very similar both in in ring action and booking wise and presentation and philosophy in that that sports like Ivan realism. He craves it. I crave it in and he has a way through his announcing into accentuate that in rewarded. And I think having speak out on commentary is a net positive for aws. As long as Tony Tony Kahn in can you make and cody. And the bucks are receptive not defensive. And that they're actually listening and aware and understand the point point he's making now you could say don't understand the point. He's making because if they did with the folks really be having these unstructured matches with loose loose rules and and and all that I don't know maybe they look at Ross doing and go. That's not a positive. But we don't want upset. Ross and whatever we wanna see like we have a thin skin. We'll we'll do what we do he'll do what he does. And and we'll just move on and they might have that attitude so I don't know that good will come of it but I don't think the answer is to tell Jim Ross to stop honestly calling what he sees when they're sloppiness that the viewers at home are also noticing because one of the things that makes Rossa valuable to you. W is that the fans think. He's on their side. Meaning the fans not oster for the company not appear hack spewing forth corporate corporate catchphrases in language and ignoring things that the fans are noticing at home or making excuses for the company so if raw seems like he's on the side of the fans that can actually do much more for eighty w than the negative of him pointing out some sloppiness. So I I hope it's true and I hope I hope that if they don't understand why he saying this last go what do you mean. He'll go well. Can't you do the spot. But you know the word I've been using his curated the style style more you museum. There's a lot of art stored in the basement but the curator is out there all right. Let's put this up here in this up here and that up there there's a lot autograph art that we're not going to have on display because if we put it all out there it'd be this mess. Who would be over? It'd be just this overload stimulation in art. We want people to walk through the museum and take each art piece in even if it means excluding two thirds of the art that we have access to put on display and I feel like the bucks are like just what everything out there layer up. Put them in a put a lien against posts hanging from the ceiling. Tape them to the wall. If there's not room here put some above the urinals just as we want high spots everywhere and art everywhere. Excuse me. I'm mixing my metaphors. Her and I think Jim Ross. Like some more curated match and I do too and I I think you can still put great art out there almost all the same spots but do them in a way where it's within a structure. I will not as many but doing structure of chance. It's a long term cell. That's part of the story line and you have the the rules. The referee not looking fool in the fans being distracted by what causes pointing out which is whose legal met. Why is there was? There was a spot on Sunday. We're like the REF was not counting in the fans. Were counting finally got around accounting and the FANGIO's laughed when we started it finally counting restaurants. I mean because they'd already counted twelve and it was like they were laughing at. WWe's instructions to the referee. It was a moment that everybody everybody out of the match because it was so obvious. The referee was not doing his job the way that he would do it. If it wasn't in the script for him to have this large delay before he started his count and I enjoy the fact that Jim rows points at stuff out. I enjoy it a lot. Actually so yeah keep doing it and I'm I'm bullied by by Jericho Reportedly doing that. You Know I. I think that's a good thing our VIP member Robert Emails and says CENA's S.. Eight W was not running house shows. There are many talent that is only working one match a month or none at all. How can we expect younger wrestlers to improve in the ring if they barely Russell? Do you think Awa needs a developmental system and if so do you see them creating their own promotion or buying another one such as m. l.. Thank you for being remember Robert Very much. Appreciate that Yeah I mean. I cody talked about this in in the Dallas newspaper last week they allow town tour candy shows and others they. Why don't for variety of reasons and they're still working that out? I mean this is still a company less than three months old in terms of the weekly. TV series I I think they should actively be encouraging if not subsidizing their wrestlers to get out there and work in safe reputable wrestling rings for or India companies that draw good crowds and I think they should be subsidizing air travel or or or drive and pay days to get their wrestlers wherever their homebase is find especially if they have a home base. Where there's good any promotions debt them out there and working more often and it can just be working against other AWA wrestlers just to refine their match before they put it on dynamite and they can kind of go through the motions? The Way Jay Leno would you know we tested his material for the tonight show at nightclubs. And whatever you can pick out what comedians before they take before they take the stage on the tonight. Show do a Netflix special. They're testing that material at clubs. Refining doing it in front of live audiences and and a w I mean again it comes down to the budget and how much they're willing to spend. And how but I think it would behoove them to work hard knowing that. WWE has a developmental system and deep pockets to give their wrestles a chance to to refine their their matches in their style and get chemistry with each other out there in front of live crowds before they end up on dynamite having matches that Don't always come through especially the women's division. I think that they would benefit greatly doing that. All right so we'll end the mail bag segment there and now switch to a flagship edition of of the POW torch live cast as it was called five years ago. Jason Authorizing Dot net join me every Tuesday and we would talk Tuesday afternoon with live. Calls with the phone lines are open. We'd also email questions we talk about the previous night's raw and the big news of the week so if you haven't heard these over on the red feed the wait till approaching approacing post show. We usually put these up on Saturdays. Where a couple of weeks behind matching the date so? This is a good chance to deliver of. Flagship flashback on the BLU brand. which is the home of the Thursday flakes edition now and give you a chance to hear our flashbacks? I encourage you if you are not subscribe to the Poche. Oh just search Wade Keller in whatever podcast APP you're using you'll see the blue logo pop up that's for the show the podcast but you'll also see a red logo pop up. That looks almost exactly the same. I face my name on it but says potions that podcast subscribe to that and you'll not only get. Our poll shows Monday Wednesday and Friday nights but also our weekend flashbacks. So this week. We're bringing you the show from December nine th two thousand fourteen talking about punk signing with USC Roman Roman reigns winning superstar. The week man still podcast and more live calls in emails. I think you'll enjoy this a lot. especially flashbacks. Before so here we go. Thanks for downloading. I showed it to wrestling fans. Are you that person that works works in a pro wrestling reference to every aspect of your life. Well we're those kind of people to but we do so with mixed martial arts. I'm Robert via host hosts of MMA may talk for pro wrestling fan every Monday on W. Torches daily cast lineup. Not only do we cover every U. OF C. Inventory event we provide context. That only wrestling fan would really understand. I mean we're the type of people that if you ask us about. How much of a mess? The middleweight title situation is we're likely to reference. WCW In the early nineties. Think of us as a podcast for casual. MMA fans done by hardcore wrestling nerves. And you could find us by searching impeach w torch and apple podcast any popular podcast APP and were always available on demand at P W torch. David Cast Dot com where you can check out the entire lineup of the PD matured daily casts This is ep w torch live cast. I am Wade Keller editor and publisher of the Pro Wrestling Torch weekly newsletter since Nineteen eighty-seven and also pw torch Dot Com since nineteen ninety nine. Nine P W torch APP android and IOS devices apple devices since two thousand nine and host of the P W torch live cast since Gosh we're going on five years now so late two thousand nine welcome to the program. It is Tuesday December. Ninth two thousand fourteen and What a I was GONNA say? What a week but really what Almost two weeks stretch of time we've had professional wrestling the Punk just makes news and then took man makes news talking about the Pumpkins and others and then pumped makes news again with this. Follow up and then Saturday Saturday night. See 'em punk shows up on the. US Pay per view and announces. He has signed a multi fight contract contract with ultimate fighting Amazing stretch of time and in the midst of that we had an paper you on Sunday night which rich Pat McNeill James called. I did a VIP audio show roughly about seventy five minutes breaking that down in analyzing it still shake my head and twenty fourteen at a wrestling. The company doing Unprotected chair shots to the head but if they think that's their niche market or are they think it's a a line not worth drawing in the sand as far as moves that are inappropriate given all we know about concussions So be it but it it to me it's Kinda Dampened my enthusiasm for the good aspects of the show and there was some amazing athleticism. A lot of things I talked about pets James on Sunday that I like about the tone of the product and try to figure out. Why is it that what they do works? And what doesn't what doesn't work when it comes to the tone and Kinda cool factor the presentation of the product and we talked a lot about at that's where the FBI of ESPN exclusive audio show. That was up on Sunday night after the paper. I am awaiting by the way. If you're wondering Jason Jason Either yet. Yep So. I'm expecting Jason. Not sure why. I don't think he has this week off a plane and I'm oblivious I e mailing with him earlier so hopefully he will be joining us in a few minutes. But in the meantime you're absolutely invited to call the life cast. The number is six four six seven two one nine eight to wait six four six seven two one nine nine eight two eight Co punk showing up in USC fascinating topic In in so many ways and it is a mainstream. The Media Story Bruce Mitchell and I actually talked pages Patriot. Hey I don't know what happened. I was just I must have called into my number accidentally originally there only. Oh but it took the code. That's the weirdest thing. Oh really intriguing. It just put me on. Hold Yeah Okay. Glad I emailed you. Yeah for sure well welcome welcome. Welcome to the show that you coast every weekdays. It's good to be you gotTA demerit you move down you move down on the chart For being late. But there's an honest mistake. It's all good. I survived worse. Yes all right well yeah just talking about CNN pop story and just what a fascinating story it is. It's something that the mainstream extra media is talking about. Have you heard what you had to say about it. No I got an email from twitter notes saying that he talked about it. I did not have a chance to hear but Yeah it's it's such a fascinating topic to to have another pro wrestler go into Emma May But somebody with just extremely limited MMA experience. I mean there's tens of thousands of people who play around with Ma as a hobby. Just like there's cry schools on every corner in suburbs and cities To go from that to USC is is is amazing. And so either he's a prodigy and you know and he's just impressed the hell out of his trainers enough or and they've sincerely told him you're ready or this is USC taking I would say another step not unprecedented. But the most most extreme step in the direction of in of just unabashedly presenting celebrity fights as opposed to being a kinda straight up sports competition and as a lot of people said Jason. You know judo competition is real. Because they're not trying to make money off drawn on crowds but once you start trying to make money off of drawn crowds. There's a purity that's lost especially in a one on one situation where I'm like the NBA and other major sports ports NHL NFL's a little different but only slightly they rotate but every team plays every team. And there's a set number of games and the rules are all the same and the frequency is it's the same with UFC. There is inherently manipulation of who fights whom and when and why a lot of it has to do with we'll have an exciting fight and the fans WanNa see fight and that's where punk Get you know gets dropped into USC. not paying dues in the more typical way because he's earned celebrity the status through Years and years marketing his brand and a lot of hard work pretending fight in. WWe What was your first response. Jason when this You know I don't. It's a bombshell. Because we knew he was into Jujitsu and Dana White talked about seeing pump before. But I I think we're all a little surprised that it happened That that that he was there and made that specific announcement Saturday night. I definitely surprise. It was certainly part of it both For from both sides I knew punk was into a May as a fan and practice Jujitsu but I mean it. It just been two days earlier. When his His jitsu coach Henner Gracie. I need to get back in my Brazilian pronunciation. They called him the other day But he he was talking a couple of days before the announcement about punk and a and prospects of him fighting and he didn't you know it was one glowed but he didn't seem all that fired up about it. I don't know if he was Kinda caving or if it was you know he. He was left in the dark but he made it sound like he was. You know he's okay. He's okay at At you Jitsu. As far as the rest of it was kind of the great unknown to him. And so I I do look at this as assistant fight for UFC. It's not celebrity. Boxing where you go get screech Dustin Diamond To to fight Bobby Brady or something like that. Yeah the guy obviously had awesome interest in some fashion in this and he's been doing some training but at his age I I I mean realistically he he's a guy that if he were to okay. Let's just take the puck name away. Take all the celebrity way he goes. He somehow gets a meeting with Dana White and he makes his pitch to them. He's not even getting on the UNDERCARD Card Blade. Oh Oh oh I agree. I mean he would have to earn his way into it in a different way And yes I. It's the enemy. Wants to get people. If I'm sorry you'll see wants to get people talking the succeeds yes bought and if they WANNA make money this this will make the money They have not been pure for a longer time than I think. A lot of 'em purist at least a certain part of the USC Fan Fan base realize they're they're not This this pure sport. This isn't the first time that hasn't happened but I argue. This is the most blatant Of all moves that Dana White has done. It's the least it's the most transparent cashing in on a on manipulating a fight and putting somebody in a fight to draw by rate that is not part of finding out who the best fighters in the world because putting Sam Popcorn. And you'll see pay-per-view is not part of finding out into the best fighters are. It's drawing attention into your product and you know a lot of people interacting with people on twitter on this people like. Hey who can blame him. And I'm like you know how. How isn't this win win? See I'm punk is to fulfill his dream and earn money and and more eyeballs go to USC. And maybe they'll fans and I mean yes you can look at it that way and it's very legitimate point of view and then I would kind of color and say if you had a better a year if if their buy rates have been better if they didn't have so many injuries to top fighters and you know big names retiring and they didn't have It weren't over exposed and struggling the dry decent ratings. I don't know that they would have made this move Jason. I think this is a compromise. Dana White when he was mocking other competitors for Herschel Walker and Kimball in both slice being in a paper your main events and that kind of thing when he was mocking that I I I this is a different. This is a different Dana white than the one and who was mocking those moves. And I think it's because he needs he feels he needs a booth to USC. It for sure. Yeah I mean th th you mentioned Herschel Walker and this is something that feels like it like if this had been announced by Balladur it would have been shocking while punks gonNA fight for Bella tour but it would've felt more appropriate than UFC in some ways and it's it's kind of a i. It's different different for gain on a couple of levels at least when I was falling. UFC closely the. I you know when you talk about kind of manipulating who fights and win one thing. He was always pretty good at that was going with or not even good. I just his philosophy on things was he didn't sit back and wait. He didn't Melk it right out. A guy who was climbing the ladder way too long as you see in boxing sometime when he thought there was money fight he went with it. And you know it's not exactly the perfect analogy for this situation because okay the real money in Ponca punk is if he laughs. You know the whatever the first draws draws and. I think it's GonNa do very well. But if he just gets knocked out cold and like under thirty seconds or some think think well you know. I don't know how much interest is going to be the next time around. Certainly decreased interest in that But you know he's so he'll be putting them in there with someone of comparable skill set i. Would I hope that punks ego takes over a little bit. If it's like. Oh this guy can he. He's been balancing at a bar for twenty five years and he really wants to go and UFC. I I would. I hope it's like it it. It doesn't I don't expect it to be world class player by any means. I hope it's not just some complete data can yes I I agree to Somebody who's got some connections and you'll see told me they won't feed 'em tomato can but then the whites on record saying we're GONNA feed 'em somebody who has UFC fight experience but they're gonNa be you know one and one or two and one or one in two or something like that And that's fair I. I don't think people want to see on punk. Be Put in there with somebody who's just his equal with zero name value in that it's just somebody who otherwise would not be on a USO show Sam Pump needs to fight somebody in his first fight. Who was I would argue signed? US before punk was in other words he had merits USC by Dana. White standards non celebrity standards and and then we'll get to see 'em tested the Harley. Remember the days. When women's wrestling matches were relegated to the mid card dumping ground and treated like glorified intermission? You mean the era when it was only men in the talks spots in the main feds getting the biggest matches every night. Yeah vaguely seriously. While we might have a long way to go free really have come a long way daily. And that's why we started and glitter of cars cast covering the best best in the world of women's wrestling from the horse women to the goddesses of startup and everyone in between each Tuesday. Emily myself myself and our team of guests. Correspondence talk the best matches and the biggest news in women's wrestling plus interviews deep dies and discussions about everything from invidia representation gear to women behind the scenes roles justice P W torch the PODCAST APP of your choice to subscribe or listener demand and see the entire. Pw Torch David Cass. Schedule at W. Torch Dave Katz Dot COM heloc Gracie R. A. L. K.. And he I said he doesn't think punk lasts more than a couple of minutes That was posted up on espy. Nations Buddy Elbow That's just so hard to say the way you know because we we don't know who he's fighting I if I think it's easy to make that comment now that he's probably gonNA lose. Hey if I had to venture to guess. Yeah but I can't tell without knowing who he's fighting doing anything about about this guy would have strengths and weaknesses. Are I mean okay. If it's a legit fighter so somebody who's been maybe he's done some profiling there's just now getting UFC. See well then okay. But if it's just some guy in kind of a similar position to see him punk that I mean how can anyone say well. But but my argument or Miami into that would be that that this in the absence of evidence doesn't mean absence of qualifications but there's zero evidence that's the punk belongs in an octagon. USC About Sea level. There's zero evidence evidence that his opponent will eater. That's GonNa make you know that's that's fair of course if he's putting A Guy who who was not signed. USC previously right right and they put him in there against somebody who literally handpicked get so. It's basically sparring session from a corner Jujitsu of corner under according to Jitsu Studio Or Jim well okay. I mean that proves nothing. It's just watching. CNN punk roll around on the Mat with somebody and throw some punches that that doesn't prove anything anything punk is punk is put in there against somebody who has your experience and has USC win. Then would under with that qualification nation. I'm saying he has. There's zero evidence that's the punk is USC worthy anymore than literally thousands of other people who are rolling around in Jujitsu through gyms around the country training. I mean just because we know who he is just because he succeeded in pro wrestling just because a lot of people like him a lot lot and like what he says and what he stands for in his personality doesn't make him. That's that's where the the the the Plainfield gets even in USC. USC is that once. He's in that octagon unless they fixed the fight he's GonNa be facing somebody who wants to knock his head off or submit them and punk is going to have the same attitude attitude. But there's this I just WanNa make this clear because a lot of people go well because I love seeing Pumpkin. He's famous and he's a good talker and all that he has a better chance than a equal athlete with no name value. Especially one who's ten or twelve years younger but has similar or more to experience outside of USC. It's just I just want people to be sober about that. I think most people are. Yeah some people who go See on punk has no chance. What is he doing in there? And I'm like well you don't know that either. We just have to be honest. There's zero oh evidence that he's good. There's zero evidence that he's bad. Just use first grade adjectives. We don't know anything about them really other than he's like one of tens of thousands thousands of people training in Jujitsu for relatively limited amount of time part time until obviously the royal rumble at the day after the rubble and his body recovered and then he got more serious about it but less than a year. I so we just don't I just don't think people should think because Sam punk was wwe champion. Or I know who he goes where I like them. That gives them a better chance in his first fight. Then some guy. You're watching on fight night on Fox sports. One Who you've never heard of punk has less of a chance to net now sean. Wellman was on twitter. xbox and Ken Shamrock was on commenting commenting about this too. And Sean had a good point I made in fairness to me because I mean I'm not being critical. I think I've just being sober and realistic. I made this point even before Sean did on on twitter twitter. But it's Sean saying it is important. Shot says it's incredibly tough to be a pro wrestler and so see 'em punk because he was able to take the bumps and endure the schedule of being a full time. Wrestler is a notch in his favor that that is a plus on his resume as is is being able to be a professional wrestler. You have to be a great athlete. A top level elite athletes to do. The pump did the last couple of decades in professional wrestling since he started as a teenager being wrestler. Of course so this is not a man on the street punk much better chance than a guy off the street but in a real fight I don't know against the Guy Ten twelve years younger than him who we've ever heard of WHO's a serious jujitsu student for longer than punk. I just don't there's no reason because folks fame he should have an advantage one. Quick thing JAS thirty The comment that he was from Gracie I read the focal He says see. I'm a huge fan base. But I'm not aware of any top level grappling credits that he has. I'd be opening to open. I'd be open to talking about it. But he'd have to show us that he would be able to hang with our guys to be honest. I don't see them lasting more than a couple of minutes against against any of our guys so I wanted to clarify. Because that's kind of what you're saying. Jason is it depends on who is fighting well gracie saying Argh is not the last more than a couple of minutes based on what he knows knows. That's fair I think that's a very you know it's his guys. There's going to be a little bit of a biased there but even if it was another camp and it's experienced fighters might think that's very fair. Yup I do too well. We got a lot of a lot of phone calls. If you want to drop us an email on any topic and pro wrestling you can. And you're listening to live here on Tuesday night at five thirty eight. PM Eastern the email is sp w torch live cast at G. Dot Com. You can also call us right now. Six four six seven two one nine eight two eight. 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It also custom formats for for your tablet or phone if you go to 'em torch dot com on your phone's browser or tablet browser. There's also podcasts available here at blog talk radio DOT com slash enemy torch weekly show With the enemy torch team so check that out to jason our first email Comes comes from Jerry from Illinois and he says I two questions for you with Sam having signed with. ESPN with Brock. Maybe wanted to go back to USC. Do you think by rates for pay per view that would have both a punk and broken fights would make USC paper. Do you buy rates rise. Jason that is the easiest question you have ever been asked yes or no. Yes but I wouldn't do it that way I I I just have them on separate and watch both Yeah I mean unless there's some sort of super show you know mentality that Dana has where he just wants to set a box office record or maybe deviously. He doesn't want either lesson or pump to have tunnel leverage so put them both on the same show so we can go well. You know it was both of you guys. You can't you can't take all the all the all the credit or pump can take all the credit Because it was both of them together. I mean then you're not isolating the drawing power. I'm with you Jason. I think you should separate them and I want to know what kind of difference punk makes whether it's on a pay per view or a Fox broadcaster Fox sports broadcast I'm rich. Fan hosted the deep dive with rich Man. A weekly part of the torch daily cast lineup of shirts search. Pov Torch an apple podcast or your podcast subscribe every Saturday at six PM Eastern. I dive in with a guest for an hour. Anything in the world of wrestling or wrestling related want to hear about the influence of historic figures. Big Kettering we got. You WanNa hear about how crazy marine movies got we are on. No topic is too big too small. So if you want to dive in with this Colin live or listen on demand and see the entire. Pw Torch daily cast schedule at POW TORCH DAILY CAST DOT COM Doucet where do you think Paul debut in opening match on fight night or is it an opening match on a pay per view or a pre limp fight on a pay per view. I think it's on a pay per view He pretty much you know I I. I don't know if he everything's squared away. And he was speaking to with great knowledge on it. But in one of the interviews he did with area who wanna he did say it would be pay per view Dana or pumped it punked it Yup. Yup so get plans can change. He obviously liked to fight in Chicago. I I just WanNa jump back to something you were talking about. What Sean Waldman and Ken Shamrock were saying about you have to be you know to be a great athlete because of the pro wrestling games points for that but does he lose some to do just just due to be abuse that that the body is taken in all that time all the concussions? He referenced during the Colt Cabana podcast. Yes I mean the not say had eleven or twelve concussions He believes and I mean. You know we've seen when you get hit in the head whether it's Chair shots the head flight back bumps whatever it is that gives you a concussion The that adds up to the point where you get knocked out easier You know Chocolate l looks. It's really good. A lot of ways rich Franklin look good on a lot of ways late in their careers but they couldn't take a punch anymore because they had taken too many. There's other example. I mean many many examples so fighters fighters who still had money. They had big name value. But I'm like pro wrestling. They can't fight to the age of triple h undertaker insisting because they're really getting punched by people who WanNa knock them out and so at the peak of their drawing power You you have guys like Vanderlei Silva having to have having no chance to be elite fighters. Even though they are elite name that people would pay to see based on their history. And you know where where does punk what happens with pump at that point. You know when when he gets in the ring and gets hit does all the abuse that aspect I think is by you. Know he's somebody who wants to and knows how to take care of his body. You talked about you know having connections to do that and I just think punk is so used to working so oh hard and pro wrestling sometime to To Kinda step away and and you know just have like you said the first summer vacation of his life before he actually got to just not have the demands of a schedule but I think he's itching to just dive into something else one hundred percent and I do think we're going to get when when punk if you step into the octagon and I talked to somebody who just they don't think they don't think you'll make it out of training camp. That reality will set in and he'll realize it will be an embarrassment and that they'll be an injury occurs in training camp legit or or mine or whatever that ends up cost kept having him. Just say you know what I two injured and I can't you know we're GonNa have have to delay things and it'll get delayed until he just says no because it's just gonNa be embarrassing. I think they'll find a way I think he'll find a way and they'll find a way to get him in the octagon even if they have to find you know the most week opponent possible. Just I just to live up to the hype. But you don't WanNa put them out there. It's literally and training camp. It just turns out to be that he's just going to be an embarrassment you know and just lose so quickly. I mean you don't want to put somebody out there to get hurt but I think that the abuses body has taken and wwe schedule us. A major is a significant factor is a bill is a bill proven ability to endure. It and recover is good but I think his training schedule is going to be light. Compared to what he's done in pro wrestling and I I think that's what people in the world don't fully grasp there's the work aspect of the actual matches doesn't offset the incredible physical demands and the and the need to train your body to recover And I think that that is an advantage to punk that may be somewhat upsets disadvantage of the years of abuse. I I think the wants to wants to bell rings start that fight assuming it does happen. The thing I'm going to be watching for is punk getting hit in the face for the first time rock leser didn't like it and Brock Glasner is in an elite wrestler. Obviously and we we just. Don't I mean punks Don Jujitsu training. Has he been punched in the face. Outside of you know maybe in highschool or something like that that some guys that there's some world class guys like brock listener that it's just it's different do they. Don't like being hidden face and so even if you take away the concussions at punk suffered suffered big question going into his fighting career and if he's been punched in the face there's a difference between being punched in the face in a bar. Fight rare in Aaron Punch by a wrestler Or somebody at the gym or what between that in a trained fighter who has stand up skills even if it's not their specialty I mean it's just it's a world of difference between that thing I'm looking for in this opponent. I'M GONNA go out and waiting guests that he's not a known for his striking ability. I'll be surprised. Yeah well if punks base is gypsum. And that's where his strength lies it is I mean this is where the manipulation comes in. I mean they're going to look for I. Ah I if I had to guess I would say that that they will put punk against somebody who will test him who objective observers will say is fair. Even I fight for punk think on paper Where if punk is worthy of being seok gone he at least has a chance to hold his own style wise and that might mean somebody somebody with bad takedown defense? WHO's Fan of guy and it's up to punk to avoid getting punched and take a guy down or like you said a fellow Ju Jitsu guy who doesn't have a lot of punching skill so that it's just a battle of two Ju Jitsu guys but at least it won't be an embarrassment? Somebody gets killed because they have no punch defense and pump just gets his face. Smashed in literally Let's hit what other stuff she'll go to phone calls here This is Nick New York emails. He says I have a quick question. Do you find it ironic. That pump complained about working for a spot paying dues etc etc when he's now skyrocketed to USC pay for you. I find it to be a bit hypocritical. Absolutely yes yeah and I don't blame him. I want to make that very clear good for him as far as like using his celebrity to go to. UFC fantasy camp in front of the world. I mean there's and get paid to do it I it. It's fine but yes there. There are some you can definitely make some comparisons to the complaints. He hadn't wwe and the fact that he is taking a spot away from another fighter a deserving fighter who would do you anything to get on that UFC main card. I hope he addresses that at some point. I hope he's honest about it. And just okay a little bit of hypocrisy here but it is what it is. Sorry Yeah and and when you say you don't blame them you don't blame him but you're going to hold them accountable for being a hypocrite. Exactly yeah because you. And that's the thing about punk is is is he likes to be unfiltered any like all the benefits and he has a lot of benefits of a lot of fans who love him. Because he's unfiltered tells it like he sees it he could be abrasive he can be uncompromising and all of that but when you do that you gotta be you gotta be able to take it in return and if if somebody else if punk is he's GonNa complain about somebody else doing something and then he does something else. Maybe he has some nuanced. Excuse for why it's different but bottom line is he. Because of his celebrity status status is getting a major headstart in leg up on hundreds if not thousands of other fighters who want the spot that he's getting and it is it is I think trance Trent no transparency in other words inexcusably HYPOCR inexcusable. He's not the radio undeniably hypocritical no matter what nuanced wants to make that he is now benefiting in a way that completely contradicts is criticism of the rock or rock listener or undertaker or for that matter triple h guys who were part. Time and took top spots on wrestlemainia cards now is nuanced arguments. Going to be widened for all of them coming back. It's just I. The current guy should be going over on them Or if I'M GONNA put them over there should be something planned for me afterwards and yeah I mean there's wiggle room in there but Jason. I don't think in honest assessment of punk stance on on special attractions coming into wrestling and taking made event spots is. Oh it's it's about the nuances of the booking. It's no punk. Wanted to be the last match in the centerpiece and he felt that paydays were being taken from them and handed out to people who weren't on the road every day like he was right and and you know ward where he loses a little more. If you more points in this is that those guys had paid their dues in wrestling. You know they'd actually whether they'd moved onto other things like the rock or whether they worked a part time schedule like undertaker triple H. They'd obviously paid their dues over the years. which is something he can't say about fighting in? 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Way With no interruptions to Oliver podcasts. Again that's torture. VIP INFO DOT COM. I won't go see to Kevin Greene in. WCW somebody asks me. What's the what's the the biggest key? The closest comparison you can come up with an through some names of people who got into wrestling from outside of it. And how does it compare to pump going to see from outside of it Kevin Green. You know a moderately moderately well known mainstream name if you WANNA football fan. You probably haven't heard of them. Maybe you did maybe not With punk I think Pumpkin the world and and his university university thanks. Everybody knows them. 'cause G. Q. and Slim Jim want him But I I just don't think punts a household name More so since Saturday is but you was less. Oh going in and it then I think he thinks he was but I mean he's lives in this universe where he's the center of it and he might not have objective perspective on it but he was a big name in wrestling not the very very top guy. Norway's Norway's Kevin Green but a- noth- of a name enough of a celebrity that the novelty factor of Kevin Greene being W W was worth ww doing and and he had all themselves pretty well but was always seen as an outsider. He wasn't the guy who you know legitimately shifted to become a pro wrestler. That's closest that I can come. It's far from a perfect analogy analogy. But I don't know that there's another outside athlete coming into wrestling or outside celebrity. That whites fits as much as I think. PUNK does in terms of the celebrity level will benefit the only intriguing thing that the poke move has businesswise. It means more is punk is a guy who is going at a real competition and from orchestrator competition. Kevin Greene was going from real competition to orchestrated. You know stage combat and so. There's more intrigued with punk. How will he do then with Kevin Green but even with Kevin Green? It's like can be a good worker. Can he hold his own in here. Kenny not being embarrassment So you know it's like that or Dennis Rodman something like that it's he. He has become a a a stunt show celebrity fighter and that is what he will be seen as until he proves differently and if he does prove differently he needs to be humble full enough to admit graciously that he would not have been given that chance. If you weren't a celebrity and then he'll just make the case that you Jason. I paid my dues in a different way and I deserved uh-huh and I paid my dues. Not just in terms of becoming a draw for USC. But I pay my dues physically in a different way because to to get get into USC. Because I did something. That is physically grueling for a very long time and tested my body in a way that not everybody will respect but that punk can with a straight face argue should give him a leg up over somebody. Somebody just playing around in a Ju Jitsu Jim for years I. It doesn't work that argument again. I'm fine with him fighting there it just if he hadn't been so outspoken about about the stars coming home for Wrestlemainia. I it just be good for him. Obviously it's just don't fight and at the same time. I still applaud Dana. White for doing this. I am not an enemy purist. And he's a promoter at heart and I know he said things in the past but Herschel Walker. He also said things about never have in women's fighting. He's very brash. And he's one of those kind of just say whatever comes to mind and worry about it later but when I think I think when it's time for when push comes to shove it seems like he ultimately makes the right decision for business and I think in this case and certainly in the women's division case Asia it both moves we're good for USC business. Yeah the question is when times are when times are tough and you're looking for a boost in business is compromising ising in a more transparent way than they have before because it's a it's a terribly compromise sport If you understand what. Dana white dozen terms of manipulating fights and matchmaking and putting people because of their personality and drawing power in fights and and and and giving heck giving up fight bonuses for exciting fights you know I mean imagine if the NFL started doing giving bonuses two teams that had exciting games. People would be upset or baseball thing. You're corrupting the game encouraging. People to take bad chances. That won't help. Help them win. But make games more exciting to watch. I mean it would just be a fiasco. US's be that a fiasco in a lot of ways already. This is the most transparent. I wonder if being more transparent and having less less veil of the of the kind of fiasco aspects of some of the of the th that that compromise it being a pure sport I wonder if there they will pay a price on the line that's greater than the benefits they get from punk especially since I think they were headed to a pretty good a year. Assuming there aren't a bunch of injuries now. I think you know late the end of this year and the beginning of next year. We're going to be a pretty good run for them. And so that that's and I think you're I think I think what you said. Jason was probably right. It's GONNA overall best for business and not hurt them. But I think there's some people out there who looked at USC and said Yeah they get bonuses for exciting fights but and yeah sometimes maybe you know a chill sonnen gets a leg up on Jon Fitch because of the fighting style in the Promo ability but just it feels like overall justices. The people who belong there are there and people who get title shots deserve title shots. Yeah as if all things are equal and it's it's there's some ambiguity. It's a tough call. There's a group of five guys guys. We're not sure which one is. There's a fight. They'll give the fight to the guy who's more exciting or can cut promos or as a draw. I'm willing to live with that but maybe there's GonNa be some fans who just kind of hold it against. USC Oh so you look at it differently. Now that they're just becoming a celebrity flight unapologetically unabashedly. A celebrity stunt fights slot is now how available on their pay per view of they. May I just think the fans most likely to be that way or the super fans the purest type you have this you know I and I think they're going to stick with them anyway. It's not like they have Bella Tours and alternative because they've already done worse right now but and that's the thing but then you could say well if you know the NFL number one. Why don't they do do things to compromise their sport to make it more exciting or NBA or baseball? Or whatever I mean I guess you could argue baseball. Did with a looking the other way at steroids homerun derby some stuff But anyway I don't know because I want to get the calls but Jason I want to give you a chance to plug your website and your membership site here we're about Thirty five minutes into today's PW torch flypasts at BWI torchlight dot com. I'm joined by Jason Powell Jason. Tell people about your site absolutely an embarrassing moment last night and dot net members audio when I couldn't stop laughing over the fact that. WWe named Roman reigns the superstar of the year. You can hear that audio on the compromise competition. Oh come on now I it's it's People are saying thing that like the the voting was legitimate. Yeah let's have a federal investigation. I'm all for it But that that audio is available to members along with Mike in any questions hit me up on twitter at pro wrestling net. Excellent let's Let's go ahead and go to phone calls here and see what Our listeners have to say let's go to Be getting a Brian in Minnesota Bryant VIP member on the BBC Express Lane. Welcome welcome to the program. Thanks so much guys I just wanted to add into the conversation about the Hunkin. USD if you guys had heard about Jason David Frank the Green Power Ranger showing some stuff. I think semi pro. He is the issuing statements even before this announcement right yeah pumps for like a year. said he wants to fight him. Would you guys object. What do you think the UFC hardcore fans you guys talk about him would take something like that? If it was a straight up celebrity you know midshow in show or opening bout strictly based on celebrity name value. Just Kinda for the It's like a midget matching wrestling. But in this case in who you're talking about by the way Ah the Green Power Ranger his name is James Jason David Frank or JD. At Georgia semi-professional. Guy Come through and an actor as well whoa. What are his credentials compared to poke pre in fact he's about the same he's done keys actually done some sites. I don't think he's onto us to your ballot or anything. But he's been inside a cage and may style but he's been doing training and come through and she was a kid in fact the Kungfu background. That's what got him. The role on. Yeah Ray degree well. It sounds to me like worker. Doesn't talk then Brian. I mean he's been in a pro fight. Yeah but at least there's at celebrity. Yeah I mean you're talking about. They both taking beatings somewhere. Like on past he'd been level in some way because I don't think he's had a true professional fight. I think it's more the level look like days of pizza I strongly object to it Go ahead Jason. The reasoning simple looking looking at it from punks perspective active. I think he would no matter how he got in. He wants to go in and now that he's they're trying to do it. The right way you go with another known celebrity and then it just becomes. There's a complete circus you know then it just it so that works. I think that actually works against the power rangers the fact that he has some. TV background some notoriety. Outside the May world. I'd be I if I'm Dana White. I stay away from for that reason. At least you can say hey. This guy. Starting at the bottom and but at the moment becomes to celebrity types than it is celebrity boxing just on the UFC stage aloha torch. Fateful this is Kelly wells host of ut talks and x t every Thursday. You can hear me and my gang of idiots Tom. Style who shares thoughts from the live tapings and torch recap member as well as a rotating cast of guests cover the matches and events live on USA network search. VW torching and Apple podcasts. Or your podcast APP to subscribe or listen on demand and see the entire. Pw Torch Daily cast schedule at PW Torch Daily Pass Dot com jeers. I have to keep a straight face about punk and look for every excuse. He can justify his placement on the car and I maybe Dana. You know we'll just you know kind of openly admit. Hey this is a guy who got a leg up because he's famous but he from what I hear he's serious you know and we're gonNA find out I I just. I don't know yeah that this should just it should Bryant shouldn't even be it's it's too bad it's a discussion for the sake of USC that you know now other celebrities are GonNa look at this and go. Hey what about me You know and Indiana's answer is going to be well. Well Yeah. Maybe you're a little bit more qualified but you're not as big of a name. SEM pump won't businesses much. So the answer is no I mean. That's a tough spot to be in a way. This has opened up the floodgates gates for that kind of thing. And so yeah against the two grand I that I thought about that. Actually the floodgates being open bilateral people like A. I don't know anybody do some guy who's got a fruit you'd be alpha. Male thesis is that venue to redeem themselves nitrous pants for the a USB MMA has battle already that it's always going to be fighting that it's this it's this Not Not just not a blood sport but a a freak show. You know it's like Oh if people don't know understand mixed martial arts the roots of it and you know the rules and why decay just is there. It's not so people are gonNA rub their faces against it. You're not supposed to use it. It's just keep people from falling out of it. You know the cage isn't. There is a marketing tool in that respect. It's there as a safety tool but you know cage fighting. It sounds like they're trapped in the cage and they can't get out until somebody's dead so that is always something battling so if you're trying to appeal outside of hardcore fans trying to feel them the mainstream and grow and have your acceptance become larger. I think it's dangerous if you've got a reputation of just bringing people in with minimal fight credentials onto the big stage. I I think there's a chance that that could hurt their ability to get sponsors There's going to be other people who go nope it's it's show Biz. It's pro wrestling. It just fights happen to be real but it's just like pro wrestling and it's the key to growth is is doing this and if they might be right. I'm just sounding a warning bell that there might be ramifications. There might be consequences that are not fully realized. We're being fully considered as dollar signs in their eyeballs You know light up over. WHOA imagine what we'll do? We'll bring suppressing fans of back to back into USC and maybe we can win them over with a punk fight. And for that matter is going to be a purist Jason who tune in just to see pump get beat up in a way. That didn't happen with brock listener until he got diverticulitis. Oh absolutely absolutely yeah. They're going to be all over that Brian. I believe it is. Do you remember what how this all started. Because I remember reading a story about this. Why why did the power rangers set his sights out for punk even before he was with? UFC I to be honest with you. I'm a friend. I like him on facebook. A lot of people do at my age her childhood. And I think it Kinda started with him at like one of those wizards conventions which is a punk. Does I don't know if she got up with him. But somehow those name got put together and you start started pushing it right. Okay Jason Corinthian punks. Oh I think it was for him to Kinda climb the ladder a couple of could to get them attention for himself. And I think we're going to be seeing a lot of that now. I mean at least this guy can say he was doing it before others were before punk was even a fighter. But I think we're going to be. I mean Michael already started and I think you're going to start hearing a lot of fighters trying to get their name out there by taking taking jabs at punk challenging punk I it's only natural it is and and you know it's punk knows it's deserves. A people did not see by the way the press conference after the Patriot. Saturday night watch it because punk was sitting there in a suit look just wide eyed. His his eyes were like wide open like he was watching endless plane crash. It was just like you could tell he was nervous and and very intense and and and Berry you know choosing his words carefully but trying to fend off which was a room full of enemy media many of whom who are purists. Many see it as a business that it is and you know understand. It's already been compromised sport and this is just the latest but others are looking at it going. This is too far this guy. It doesn't belong. He's not one of us and you're an outsider and we hate that you're here and that we have to write about you because you're a joke. I mean I. I'm sure there are people in that crowd who looked at that. I'm that way at the the same way that I that. It bugs me when who was it Jason who went to TNA was it? It wasn't oh no it was It was King Mo- when King Most said Oh Yeah I've I've dabbled in training pro wrestling. I've taken a few chair shots. You know some quote like that you know I I if you time ready like Oh gee you know it's like seriously you you that just is insulting. You know what I mean. It's just like and you know when a celebrity celebrity comes in from outside and says the wrong thing about pro wrestling I defended you know. Roll my eyes and I know fan proceed fans do and that that audience with that and even at one point punk made a joke you know. Hey look pretty good you know when you looked at a suit and then he looks at everybody who tough crowd 'cause nobody laughed at him because to him. You know it's it's SORTA like triple H is used to everybody laughing at jokes And you you you end up losing sight of whether you're actually funny or not or people in their own mind thinking you know what a jerk for saying that but I better laugh. 'cause he's the boss Pump Scott his group around you know he's Kinda you know little clicks Jason. You talked about that last week on the show. He's got his people who like him like personality He. He doesn't use his Skillset abrasive skill set against them but they like to watch him use it against others so he gets used as jokes being laughed at and getting his way and he was a senior your member of of the wrestling fraternity in animate. It's it's a guy with an ego and a guy who's abrasive and a guy who's not used to having a filter and a guy who's used to people nodding along and smiling and worshiping and All of a sudden facing a hostile crowd I thought it was. Ill advised and I've talked about this on my VIP Keller hotline for pump to sit there in front of the media and go. I have a lot of kids who look up to me. And then you know. And he's like and what I told. Those kids is if you have a dream pursue it as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else and it was like I thought it was reading. Jeff Jarrett's twitter feed you know it was like what what. Why are you saying that right? Now M media that that you are that kids look up to you and you say pursue your dreams. I mean my response on twitter was was well. I have a dream and it's become an NBA point guard. And I hope you know the seventy sixers old Siamese. Because that's my dream and I WANNA try for it. Well they're not GONNA do it 'cause I'm not a big enough celebrity and the NBA doesn't awesome higher celebrities to play point guard Got punked got a chance to live his dream because he's a celebrity and it's just I think everybody looking at him saying that just especially she. Ma audience that's hostile towards towards pro wrestling. Like why do why do kids look up to your fake. You know I mean that's that's not fair of pulse but that's what they were thinking and that's why I think it was not the best thing for pump so there's going to be an adjustment period for him to figure out how to present himself in a way that that doesn't Embarrass himself now. The other option is Bruce talked about yesterday. Jason is he could just go out there and be he'll he can just be an abrasive. That's the whole time that can be as marketing. Gimmick make is yeah. I'm a pro wrestler progressing tougher than anime. And I'M GONNA prove it and I don't need to have a Lotta Ju Jitsu experience to beat some of these entry level guys in USC. In fact when I easily beat these entry guys and UFC. I'm going to move on to the mid mid mid level and you guys are GonNa be blowing away because I'm that good and I know you guys doubted because you think I was GonNa fake sport but there's nothing fake about me and yeah I can't wait to show up all of you all of you. All of you. Cynics out there and all you skeptical is looking at me some fake fake Russell like you can just turn it on and just go. He'll but he was kind of uncomfortable. Please he's accepted me mode and then looking kind of throwing. It was thrown back when they weren't accepting him and it it just seemed like he had unrealistic expectations of how that crowd agreed them. Jumping back could a quote I. It sounds like something of a wacky sports radio game. You know who said it see him punk or Jimmy mcilroy from blades of glory. Yeah But he I by and large I thought he did a really good job in the press conference. The thing that shined through to me and this may change when it comes time to promote the site he may flipping to heal note. It's possible but it really seemed like respect. Meant a lot to him it was. It wasn't just the line at the end. You're going to respect me or whatever what I'm paraphrasing but he I it it just seemed like he was delighted whenever somebody like the. UFC fighters walk by when he was being interviewed by Hawaii. On and and How Lonnie freaked out about it too? I don't really know why it's like. What are they gonNA do? Come up and call him names or something but But I mean he he. I think he's going. They're really wanting to respect in this world and he's not letting the arrogance that that came out at times and his pro wrestling career shine through here. Sure I think this is new to him he I think I don't want to say I think he certainly looks up to a lot of these fighters and he wants acceptance. Oh he does and I just in a in a Lotta ways. He's saying the right things I'm here to kick ass or get my ass kicked and it's now or never and and you know there's some humility and what he says but the point is is no matter how how much he tows a line of of showing respect and deference he doesn't he is everybody's GonNa look at him almost survey almost not everybody but almost everybody in the world especially. USC AREN'T GONNA look at him as a guy who leapfrogged unfairly by cashing in his celebrity status. And there's no amount of deference for instance and wanting to earn respect and saying the right thing that's going to eliminate that entirely. He can certainly deflect some of it the first of it dampen some of it but he has asked to understand that he is in a world that he did not fern and that is that is how or at least. That's how it's going to be looked at it and I think there's a real compelling case before that if you'd like to hear this show without ads plugs interrupting. There's one thing you can do right now to make that happen and that has become a torch. VIP member you got about a dozen other podcast throughout the week that I post that our VIP exclusive and you get the weight Keller Potions and podcast during the week with the ADS and plucks removed all separate feed exclusively for VIP members plus tons of other podcasts. That are V. exclusive access to our full archives of podcast. Ask dating back to two thousand. Four which includes post pay per view roundtables dating back to late. Two thousand four also access to our full archives thousands of podcasts over fifteen hundred back gives you the pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter. That started it all at the store. Website and more checkups tells at GW Torch VIP INFO DOT COM. That's P. W. Torch VIP HE I p Info Dot Com to get full details and then jump to our sign up form. It's mobile friendly. Desktop friendly in two minutes you can be VIP member. She'll support for us and we'll give a lot of return including a streamlined. Listening experience on your iphone android device with the ADS and plus removed. Go check it out. POW TORTURED VIP INFO DOT COM. All right let's Let's keep roll through calls. Brian appreciate the call. Any closing work from you. I just wanted to say two quick comments. I at the four hours of Bruce special audio this weekend literally fist pump and second the most outrageous slamming award last night with the L. L. O. L. Moment of the year because it was Dana and ms Dow. which didn't really have a moment? It was moment so I feel. It's unfair that clump all those things together and compete against the single events. Thanks guys have thanks for bringing us back to the other world we cover you know there's this slamming is in the NWEA's we're talking all through about punk for so long. I welcome welcome more PUNK calls if you want but Jason I think you and I have talked a lot about it on the members died and I I've gone into I did I don't know how long an hour give or take Saturday night on talking about seeing puck in this situation from every angle Bruce Mitchell and I talked about it even before he announced that he was in. I was actually right before he announced he was actually editing audio show where he bruce and I talked about the prospects of pump going to USC and so the timing was great Saturday night basically as punk was making the announcement I was uploading being Bruce Mitchell audio show talking about it in less concrete terms As you know had officially been announced yet but certainly Bruce's analysis was up Saturday night also decided. It's forty one minutes Saturday night at six cents thing because I put up a poll asking who would be more likely to seabrook listener or see 'em pump. You know before any I hadn't heard anything I it's just weird timing I guess yeah well you know you make news like pump. Did last couple of weeks. I guess it's more likely we're just going to stumble upon talking about him enough. That's something is next. Move might have might have coincided with stuff like that all right. Let's go back to the phone lines. you know. We're almost at all ready to this. And we've taken a whole phone call with a lot of people on hold so I sort of jobs for that. But same time Jason Good discussion with you on punk and I and I'm glad we had it. Let's would have been better if I had been on time but I apologised I just you know it gave me a chance to actually talk about our waits for two minutes so it worked out fine. We actually haven't just talked about punk actually talked about a little bit. Let's maybe we will in the after your show to VIP member after show all right. Let's go to Speaking of Dot Net member VIP dot net member. MVP Mikhail calling from Long Island. New Orca Kyle welcome to the show. Thanks for holding a lot about how you guys doing today. doing doing about. What have you got today I was wondering what your expectations pretty. NFC live show. This Thursday is usually one of the best shows of the year. I think they're worth surprising. No I was just wondering your expectations of the show. Absolutely you know chase it. I haven't had a chance to give a lot of thought to it. I hate to say it I mean Sammy's alienated are going to put on the match of the month. Probably I mean with all due respect uh-huh and what they did on Sunday and there's competition there there was some incredible athleticism in those tag matches especially I but it'd probably be it'll probably be the the match of the month I can't see anything on. TLC On Sunday beating it either. It should be a really good show I didn't like Charlotte losing. It's an Italian last night Court order I you know I mean that was like I always use example and it's a good one. It's when dusty Rhodes Jim Crocker when Jim Crockett promotions with Booker Dusty Rhodes brought up and watches. US They They just took what we're dream matches in both territories this inter promotional feud with all the mid south. You'll be up guys going over to Jim Crockett and they just demeaned. Everybody job all out. Terry Taylor jumped out and openers. Steve Williams was w champion. He was defending the title. I'm like the second match on the show. I think he gets Barry Windham NWEA title with six smashed later in the main event and it just destroy anything no extent isn't wwe's equal but it just doesn't make sense to quote advertise exte- by having their champion loose like that And I with all due respect to tell you. She's not the top level diva perception. Why she wasn't even up for diva the year? So I thought that Oh you grow and so I think you're with me Jason. Your thoughts absolutely. That was ridiculous and let's take it just it's bad enough of it is just as someone from next Thi. This is Rick flairs daughter when they have extremely high hopes for their in the Carolinas. She actually beat Natalia and a great match a good long match a- and and so it. It's not unheard of for her to beat Natalia. You WanNa do a Schmaltz or something. Okay that's regrettable but make an impact with her. Don't it's it was bad enough that it was just surprise here Charlotte with no build up but then you just have her lose in two and a half minute come back wade. Horrible about the broader question of an next Thursday I'm looking forward to the main event obviously had Jackson who follows an ex closely as anybody on He's one of my dad and staffers. She was undoubtedly weekly last week and he believes you know he by and large. It seems like it's a mostly a one-match show it doesn't it may not be as hot as some of the other ones but I think think that main event may make up for it. It's I I'm very just because of the last three shows and I thought the last one was the weakest but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. So I'm going into this really optimistic. I think this will this might even cop. TLC for the fun of show of the week. yeah I mean obviously I'll tune in and I suspect I like the atmosphere. I like the tone of the show I I liked their. I like their life is better than their. TV shows sometimes too because it just it feel and it feels more sports like and all that Nothing against the TV show. I'm just saying sometimes the live events. Just a trumpet in terms of the like triple h sets. You know this is a big moment. These you guys aren't live except for on these special so you can kind of sense that everybody's really excited about that. I mean I am absolutely recommended to our listeners if you have. WWe network tune in Thursday night and watch it live. And obviously Jason you'll live coverage at pershing dot net as we at BMW TORCH DOT COM by the way real quick. How did they not tell people? Hey Hey not only do you get. TLC get annexed. It's like double the bang for your buck and just a short period of time for nine ninety nine. You're you're getting five hours of incredible if if they want college sports entertainment. That's what you're getting. I don't get their starting stop marketing. I mean I I don't get it. You know I mean I just I don't I they. They are every once in a while. You'll go wow. They're finding their way on the network. And then you can just curl up and go. Who Cares you know? Why bother or they don't realize they're not doing it. I mean it's just yeah like I mean withdrawal last night. I talked about this on the headline last night. I did sixty minutes. On Ron ranted. Had A lengthy rants about a few things and and one of them was you know Harper Against Roy. Just thrown out there ziglar against Against South rollins just thrown one out there and you know what did it say less money to Steve. Awesome and Steve said. Why do you have such talking segments vincit or you can't put wrestlers in the ring and expect people to care? What did you do you last night? He just threw people in the ring and expected people to care the contradiction. The hypocrisy is so I mean if I didn't say that then you could go. Well wait you just look at wrestling differently than Vincent. Who What are you know? You've never promoted. Show all the stuff that I I've heard for decades. Okay Fair enough. Vince McMahon said it. You can't just throw. Authored expected to draw but he doesn't follow that policy. He he just said Oh Adrian. Evelyn's everything expects it to draw but didn't give us anything any reason. Had they like taking a couple of minutes out of three hour and ten minutes show instead. Now let's go to Our INEX- T. and L. Steam. And that's something prerecorded for a preview review of a very exciting live special on. WWE network this Thursday if you're not a wwe network this is the time to sign up. Give it a pitch. Like I. Just did the Bruce Mitchell audio show with bits for four hours. Tell people why it's going going to be valuable for ten dollars if nothing else than to order it to see the NFC special because this this is where tomorrow. Tomorrow's stars are can be seen fighting to earn a spot on the main roster. They don't position that way they ever drive. You're sort of might is but I don't know if they necessarily do you know it's just it's awesome old same old territory that some minor league group like they don't remind us the bad reality. Show that Vince called the next evolution and television. You're right I mean it is so left open for guesswork. Because they don't drive that home and I'm so so sick of Kevin Dunn's philosophy of wrestling fans can't remember more than two and a half things per show and so we're only going to talk about. TLC because that'll hurt the TLC by rate if we talk about and we can't talk about about Ronan Versus Harper. Because that'll hurt the hyper big show against John Cena. I'm sorry. Yeah Big Joe Against John Cena and we don't have time for a video package talking. About How freaking important and significant Ziegler against Seth rollins is because well we just showed ten seconds to them in a video package before that so that should be enough like. I don't believe that I believe you. You should not just be a presenter. You should be a promoter but anyway I don't want to rant after it had Keller hotline for too long But that that that did both me. And yes Jason Annex. T should have been better promoted and it. It wouldn't hurt the ratings. That's the weird. It would make helps their network and I know I. I don't get it the people on hold so let's just go ahead and try to Roll through some calls here and I. I'm curious what's on everybody's mind today and Obviously it's the big news. There was wrong. The flags last night in the Roman reigns thing my God God. We'll talk more about that suspect a Colorado bring it up so we'll we'll let the callers lead the way here. Let's let's go next to two one two five one when you download and listen to wait teller. Pro Wrestling Post shows. We get right into the analysis of what happened if you WANNA get a foundation of what happened if you didn't watch the show or sneak peek at what I thought of the show checkout. PW TORCH DOT COM. where I cover raw eighty W or annexed and smackdown on Monday Wednesday and Friday nights? I'm updating my reports every every few minutes during the program so whether you're watching or not checkout pw torch dot com and hit refresh during the shows or catch up after the shows are completed. Same thing by the way for. WWE W we pay per views. That's P W TORCH DOT com. Read the results full details of what happened and my analysis of the segments and the show. That's P W TORCH DOT com. I Eric Oh two one oh please take your name in the city or pollen from Donald Carty descended Tonia. Hey Donald thanks for calling forth all right I'll do it real quick I go back to the team. PUNK thing I'm interested to see what way class he actually five. Because I know I don't know what his walk around weight is but if you go find a middle a lot of guys cut down and most the Middle East even a welterweight look a lot bigger than he got some really really interesting CNN. And the second thing I was going to mention was Our wait I mean. He's picking discussing VIP after another. Listen on that. But I'm just really hoping that they could get to give them a major. TV deal because that pay per view. Sunday three one. The best paper of the year I think Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe Red Dragon are some some of the brightest Talent around and I think if they don't get a major deal they should really be N.. WWE So I just wanted to get get your guy's opinion pretty much just those for individuals and that's all I had and also last week. How would I call into the expresses? Don't like Well Donald Data. I don't think that is a secret that secret that I can tell you privately and I do on all of the Keller Keller Hotlines Pretty regularly but if you email me I can give you the secret path to become a V.. Express caller complicated for me too. I cannot get the Donald I cannot get the secret away on the air. That's fun then I'll just go ahead and email you're okay. Good thanks Yeah our way on Sunday I you know when I watch BRISCO and the coal in the main event. I mean it it it was. It was If you've watched just that match It is those you guys are really good. The crowd was super into it. It had I liked the atmosphere that is presented and it. Just there's something about our which I really like when they're when they're when they're in a good setting and I thought this was a good setting I know you're critical blue lighting and I get that I really like more than that. Yeah I I liked. I liked production value a lot on the show and so I might be up opposed to you even more than I realized. I really like the production values on the show and I like the feel that are always gives off but But this I think this was a A show where if Briscoe were to be signed by wwe and went into he would have been the royal rumble. He's done a lot to undo that possible And it's his own doing And there's things prohibiting him from Being who he is If you were to side with wwe. I mean if you wwe. There's things about him that would change I'll just leave it at that style. Wise more but the J. did get side. I I think you could walk in as an unknown. And because of his look his demeanor his persona what he projects the believability of it. It's it's old school cool. It's Alpha male. It's not a guy who's going to be standing there on the stage play Chelsea understand on a spot and listened to him lecture. He's the guy's not gonNA put up with that you know his character. Looks like somebody you wouldn't put up with that and compromise it. He's somebody who would say if I if I kiss Stephanie's asks you might as well fire me. No go fight somewhere else. That's the persona he has and if he entered the royal rumble and one and was hyped for three months with brock listeners. Opponent and beat Brock. I think that you could tell that story effectively. It's the the the chance of it happening literally zero. But I'm just saying like I really like Jay. As a centerpiece bad s unpredictable Alpha male world champion in that role I do not like twenty fourteen management being cavalier about the blood and the fifth year shot to the head and the kate shots to the head in that level of violence. I think our which has enough going for it. They don't need to do that. Jason and I thought that took away from the show and it's either negligence egg login on their part or Cavalier arrogance that well who cares. These wrestlers are willing to do it. So let's let him do it and it bugs me and to show didn't need it. You can isolate a few of these matches and watch them in their amazing. You have the other shoe with James Cultural brought up in the in the VIP roundtable record right afterwards. which is it was too much of the same thing that was Kinda mind numbing? I think for a lot of fans for the effect of a lot of the great things on the show was undone due to the pacing of the show in too much of the same thing but Your thoughts Jason. Well the the main event I was this doesn't change my opinion. I was told it was a plastic chair rather than a steel chair that they use but still anything thing where there's a chair shot to the head to me is. Just it's uncalled for and even if it is like hey we got away with the people that was a steel chair okay. There's some indie group out there. There's a couple couple of India wrestlers going. Hey Look H. Why can't we? And I. I just think Sinclair Broadcast Group needs to step up and police. This I've been there. They just don't need it. That's the thing it's everything else can tell that story so effectively. Why even go there? The blood part. I'll I'll defend them to do to a point. I totally understand the criticism and concerns of using blood knowing all we know it's not something they go to in a regular basis anymore. This was this was the the the fight without honor. Basically the street fight and they don't do that often either so at least they were selective in terms of win. They used it so that they're not as far as I can. Go Sir Sir. I mean that that's that's a fair to add to the mix of analysis obvious. Jay Lethal and Matt sidell was disappointing. Site eldest hasn't quite had the spark Hasn't had the impact. I think people thought he would have style wise. I'm not sure where that's going Originally I don't think I don't think he's healthy. I really don't think that doing well that that could be. I mean yeah I mean that might be all it is. It's it's it's something there's he has enough else going for good. The expectations are so high when he gets in the ring whether they styles or even Jay lethal you know. Expect more within this Red Dragon Time splitters The young bucks. I mean it's just like there's a Dan Daniels and Caz there's some great tag team action on the show show and I mean it gets a thumbs up for me. I have certain issues with some of the stuff That they did but it was a It's a show that I really liked and I mean there's something about Are Away and the way that it presents wrestling. That is closer to how I think pro wrestling can make the most money when it has a big budget big clearances and all that with a few exceptions they. They go a little further than they need to which was easy WSB problem too. You Know He. Cw had so much going for him but they just wanted to push the envelope. Just out of defiance or those who say you're not allowed to or you shouldn't and and it it did them it happens W. and it can happen but I really do think in terms of the tone of the announcing The way that the wrestlers act out data like Dole's last night on raw. Go and you know a job. I mean literally. I rant like ten minutes ago headline about this. Ziegler goes out there and says I when he's accepting accepting the slimy and he says yes jobs were on the line and with jobs on the line. I did what I needed to do to not win the match entertain new fans. God and I'm like No. You did not just see that you can't mix those two worlds. That's like watching walking dead and in the middle of it. Having somebody with in a Zombie sue tear off their makeup going. I should be star of. The show is speaking lines. I am more entertaining than half of these actors where the main characters like. No do that on some other podcasts. When you you've played your role as a Dombi and you think you've got passed over for a talking part? Don't do it in the middle of my show when my suspension of disbelief is is is is in effect and Dole saying that. He's like jobs the line so the next line should be so. I did everything I could win the match and I did he goes. Jobs are on the line so I did what anybody would do. I worked hard to entertain you. It's just like just like one of the dumbest things in the history of professional wrestling. So the viewer at home. It's supposed to go. They won the match because they were most entertaining. It must have just been up in the air and the referee called them instead shedding back. You guys are more entertaining. You get to win yes it I mean. Honestly it's there's Gijon seen. I thought that the dumbest thing of the year when Seth rollins cost him his match against lesser. When he was actually he looked like he would win and John goes but really it's on me? You know ultimately I failed to I. It's it's on me. I failed to do what needed to be done to win. No that's like somebody who's who two seconds left on the clock catches a A touchdown pass on the fifteen yard line and his running it in and some player on the sidelines tackles awesome. WHO's not even on in play and then the wide receiver quarterback from the team? So yeah you know that was an illegal play in the you know the rest body was legal and you know there's no no replay in that kind of play cording. They unstoppable. We're really it's our fault we needed to we needed to just have you know a bigger score so that you know even if somebody cheated egregiously we still had a little padding it. It was our fault we need to. It's just that was really dumb. What Dole said is actually the dumbest thing I've heard on a wrestling show all year and it? It really does help me that. That kind of mentality exists and that they don't understand the need for a consistent narrative within the structure of the show and it's funny when Mike Tomlin had his leg out and Jacoby Jones was sprinting. Running back for the touchdown tripped him. I don't remember that being the that thought coming out of the Ravens camp right so what I like about our wages. All the wrestlers are out there and and and I mean I'm not saying you know there's not a farewell speech Where you know Kevin Steen goes you know I I had a great time? You guys were great and thanks for your support and I mean maybe he said if I don't even know maybe some some points that I hope I entertained you or something like that but in the context of that sentence of Ziegler but the ro h crew gives you a sense that they're not going to remind you it's not real as you're watching it and I don't WanNa be reminded it's not really got into it on twitter somebody last night. Who thought it was great? That Goldberg on Nitro Roussel's Roussel's booker said. I don't want to do any job. I don't want to do the job you know. I'M NOT GONNA do a job and it's like no that's just that's just stupid. bankrate makes no sense. You don't mix backstage stuff with the narrative of were fighting matches. You can't mix the two without ruining it's one of my criticisms. Are The pump pipe. Bomb Promo is if that promo is real everybody else's fake by comparison and that hurts every pump got himself over at the expense of everybody else on that. Show cutting more traditional promos and it's unfair and it's why there were people who presented him in that locker room forgetting over using that promo because they're like. Hey I want to be able to break the fourth wall and shoot and then watch me get over you know and I think punk was better at the most would be by far but still it was. It was an unfair advantage. And I get that somebody who breaks gay fame and breaks. The fourth wall has an advantage and undercut everybody else. WHO's trying to keep the suspension of disbelief going with the narrative R. O. H. I.? Like back to that because there is this consistent narrative that this is kick ass wrestling. And there's guys here who maybe could go to wwe and kick ass but they don't want to go be part a circus show and that was a big thing that you see w pushed you know that got their brand over is Our guys are too tough and too hard working and are fighting for or a cause greater than just going and selling out to a payday you know and that's where the chance we'll get going when guys with BBC w four. W W what I I think you're framing this better than they do well fair enough. Well I mean it's just a we. We can get into some of this on the Africa. I'll I'll just I'll say I WANNA do WanNa make complain about the main event. Though it reminded me that hardcore wrestling can be really good when it's done right and it's not just thrown out there in the middle of an edition of impact because Bram wants to be the king of meaning. Well you know the meaningless nonexistent hardcore division fourteen. These guys had a real feud that built up to this point and so when they had this hardcore style match Wjr it felt like it belonged. There was real emotion there and the fans got into it. I mean I'm not a big fan of film tax and a lot of that is because this is ruined that for me but I mean it really did after seeing some of those impact recently. I'm just like Oh God I never want to see another hardcore match again but these guys managed to get me into that match. It was it was a worthy of that. Yeah I definitely enjoyed that. Yeah I'm with you all right Donald appreciate your call. Let's go next as I said two to five one and then on deck is to if you're a wrestling fan you are a fan of a good story and if you're looking for a good story look no further than stories of your and yours. I'm Sean Ennis on every episode of stories of your and yours. I nary a classic or listener submitted. short-story adding music and sound effects to bring the story new flavor featured authors. such as Edgar Allan Poe Kurt Vonnegut Rave Bradberry Mark Twain and many more so. Don't wait any longer download stories of your. That's why O.. R. E. AND YOURS THAT'S WHY O. U. R. S.. I today and if you want to hear clips and get more information. You can find the show on facebook twitter and Instagram at S. Y.. Y podcast that stories of your and yours available. Wherever you get your podcasts? Do you buy one. Thank you so much rolling song. Please state your name and where you're calling from. Thank you This is buying from and after the first PUNK PODCAST I signed up to be a VIP member and it was wonderful. Thank you for enduring and compiling all that information so that I don't I have to do it all myself. I appreciate this like I. You know the. WWE never takes a day off. And I guess Y'all either lately You're welcome absolutely Recently I was watching ask the Doctor Knight rises and I remember that scene of Bruce Wayne going the doctor and getting his physical and it just reminded me exactly what punks UFC physical must've sounded like you. Although in fairness to police he wanted time off to get his body better. You know what I mean like. I do mentally better. You mentally physically. Get his mind rested and physically physically better. And I think it's fair that punk be given a chance to take ten months off and and be given the the the for us us to think that it's possible that that's what he needed in order to get better and now he is better enough for 'em and I think if he had a physical last February he would have been in big trouble. But I'm not so sure Brian. Hi that I'm ready to say. In December. You know ten eleven months later that it's necessarily the same thing and also it looks like he's lost ten years I mean he just he looks physically Lee bow just his appearance. You just look at it and this guy looks younger. He just looks like he's in just a much better place. He doesn't look worn down like he did throughout much of the later end of his. WWe Me Career. It's the bags under his eyes. And I mean I commented on them and you know some people are like you know that's me you know. Why are you picking on him? But I'm like he's like thirty three thirty three years old and had bags under his. This is like somebody who had who had been a hostage in a foreign land for nine months right. It's sixty years old like I was pointing it out because like there's something not healthy going on with him right now and I don't know what it is but you know there are warning signs when guys are in trouble physically and mentally and and and sometimes it leads to tragedy and and he did have that that Loki does look a lot better. We talk battle Thursday on partout of the pump. PODCAST that you know. He got a massage and then he And then he went to get spray tans. You know he has time four himself now to unwind relax and just and just be healthy and eat right and sleep rights and give his body that recovery time. That bodies are supposed to have. Which is why I for decades? I've been writing and speaking as an advocate for WWe instituting mandatory roster wide systematic. Time off at least six six weeks twice a year or four weeks three times a year. Something along those lines for all talent. I think they would last longer. I think it's the decent human thing to do. And I think that in the end it would allow more guys on the roster to step up when a few guys at anytime on rotation are on their hiatus for four to six weeks. It happens anyway. Hey it's not like W W can say well we survive. If we did that well you do it for movies. You Know Randy Orton Dean. Ambrose two recent examples ms before that of course you could afford to do it guys get hurt are you. You're here today. But you've dealt with injuries from triple H and John Cena top guys before it's absolutely bs that wwe can't survive in fact end up better off because they'll have wrestlers with their health more longevity. They'll be fresher. They will Their cruise lasts longer. They'll they'll stay a healthier and even if none of that were true and it hurt business. It's still the right thing to do. It's the decent thing to do and at some point and I and I don't want them to not do it. Despite despite the people who said they should have done at ten fifteen years ago at some point they should just do it because it's the right thing to do and and not just because the pump needed it but yeah but go ahead Ryan your four zero three spot and some of that Well actually I wanted to just bring up three questions as related After the first podcast I Pulled up my free. WW network membership for the month. And I watched the punk scene a- and I yeah mark like crazy than punk Use them and he said that you know trying to maneuver out of it. Thirteen ankle and punks me. It looked to severe when I watched it but maybe think so did they not communicate before the matter and punches said Oh I got this awesome moves that I so you want to bust out. You know I'm sure that John John Cena's a veteran enough that you'll be able to just come the words and he'll sing along You know how you how you worked at ahead of time and then to just quick questions. We'll straight face Could you tell me what the status Jarrett's Jarrett's global force wrestling is if Jim Ross is GonNa be more than one shot deal and finally after you know again we listen. Not The McMahon Awesome podcast and some folks. You know we've got a big sigh of funny. Somebody said this to Vincent Man I think anything of what Austin set in terms of what he thinks W W W should be like getting it all too and I'm done but I'm GonNa take you almost great Absolutely thanks I E. Yeah Jason Authority I punk scene a mood. Lock Hurting the ankle and the knee I I don't know enough to speak about whether punk communicated properly to CNN work through it ahead of time. No I don't either. And you know I mean. Hey keep in mind that. Aj Styles is communicating medicating to these guys. He works with. Don't Talk Your Chin on the styles clash instinct instinctually. They do so these things can happen and watched. Aj Do that was. It's like I was at an Indie show and I was in the locker room and I watched Aj and it was like I had never worked with before but a good local guy and I it was fascinating. I was just flying the wall and I watched him in the locker awesome. Show this guy exactly how to do it And and very meticulously explain it to him and I I just thought you know. Aj is very. Is it as much as some guys. Just just their instincts take over and you know what maybe that means. He shouldn't do the move up. Enough guys instinct takes over because Tuck your head is one of the top things you learn as a wrestler. Tuck your talk your talk your head In Roll Roll. You know and and it's it's if instinct is gonNA take over in the midst of a match. Maybe it shouldn't do the move but I I will say I've seen Aj very very meticulously. Explain it with care and diligence. So I don't think it's negligence on his part but I think everybody's kind of learning from this that you know as much as the move is over. Maybe he should do something else. But that's another another topic threat Jason. Yeah I know what was the there was something of a global force wrestling me. Jump into that one quick. Yeah I think we have any idea what this is going to be. I mean there. There's nothing for more though right. No Rossi's onto one show deal doesn't mean there can't be more but he's on one show deal But global we'll see. There's always rumblings that they're we're gonna be doing a some kind of a show. vagus is always rumored by. I mean nothing definitive yet Jeff Jarrett we'll be doing the The JR podcast coming up. I think Next next week. So we'll see if we learn more there and and I think you know what needed to happen his TNA needed And elsewhere they're going to be. That's another story. That got lost last week. Is Dixie Carter speaking you know in a couple of interviews About the new. TV deal and different things that they're going to be doing and wanting other shows and all that and I mean it's just it's just been a crazy not you know Twelve days since Thanksgiving But Yeah TNA announcing their future and having a landing place gives Jarrett now the a clear. We're playing field to know what opportunities are out there if he wants to move towards producing a weekly TV show and and TNA staying in Business Jason Listen Do you think of that hurts. Global force wrestling becoming something of a fulltime circuit. Oh kinda waiting for a void to fill and now there's no void because TNA's it's you know number two number to be or three. I don't unless he was like noting that destination America time slot. No I don't don't think so. I know it's not I mean. Keep in mind where he is I. I'm curious to find out. Just how many numbers. How many people that Internet databases up to my God? He's got an upper twenty-five promotions Yup. Yep and did anything with Vince. You know CICERO APP them from last night right. I'm not forgetting I think you're right. Yeah so you know did Vince Vince. Maybe walk away from that going okay. I've heard people say I missing something. This is our oh I made. Maybe even checked his twitter feed and a bunch of saying says this is our. Oh I am I'm good enough business to recognize when maybe I'm wrong and then see something clearly. Let me Let me pull them back. And we'll do a strategic reintroduction adoption and. I will in good faith way. Give this Guy Kinda push that everybody else thinks. It deserves not I'M GONNA push him improve your wrong way but a genuine. I'm GONNA push you and you'll succeed way. Let's see what happens next week. You know what I mean. It was the slamming awards. It's awfully crowded wasn't like she was up for a bunch of lambs or anything. I'd love to think that's the case I I as far as him checking the twitter feed maybe his assistant gave them a report. Well that's true yes I I'm sure that's the case I know that Yeah that definitely absolutely is I doubt he is checking his own. Twitter I still love his grown In Idaho and when that brought out that was hilarious. I didn't I don't blame him. He's like Oh God I know I gotTa you know not learn how to listen to my assistant. Tell me about all these people giving their suggestions. Exactly what are these people know I hope I hope some of that sunken again but you know I mean. I already ranted about it. Vince put you know presented matches and just through guys out there in the context that he said every match should have or that. You know significant match you. You should have so. I don't know all right. Well let's get a couple more calls in here Three or four seven up next and then after that nine one four. Thank you for listening to the way Keller pro wrestling podcast cast be sure to subscribe. Also if you haven't yet subscribed to the Wade Keller pro wrestling. Po shows this show. 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State your name and where you're calling from How long does this York and have two questions yes the first question about Aj Lee? Is it possible that CMS Pug Club. Even though he has his own beef is done of the is really. Aj leave pursue her dream as a professional wrestler. Because he knows the top company Anna the diva usually have a short shelf. Life Anyway Yes but I don't think it's the amongst role Chris to tell. Aj Lee whether she gets to pursue a dream or not 'cause AJ AJ. Lee is a an adult who should be able to make that call herself. It's not up to punk to stop it from happening. Because he has a grievance but I get what you're saying and I think Chris I'll get back to your request number two but Jason. I think it seems like. WWe Is is going to be careful and use AJ as they did and And not used the situation against her and kind of maybe in this small way. Try to prove that. They're bigger than that. I I would hope so. It has to be awkward though when she crosses paths with like triple h for the first time since the PUNK podcasts. And things like that Yeah I would hope that they can just separate business from you. Know who she's married to the it's the elephant in the room. She's in the division. She's not you know it's not like it's stable or China you know. Somebody's a real big deal in. You know from a diva standpoint. Yeah point there's a certain level they reach and they kinda stopped their age as their she already made it there and I mean yeah. It's kind of the room but my hunch is. She showed up for work on time time in does her thing. She knows that the leash might be a little bit shorter with her but they've invested. TV Time in her. And I assume and I think probably pretty accurately that it's very much business as usual. I guess in fairness to Chris I could imagine the pump going with the things that I've said. I don't think it's a safe safe working environment or professional environment for you To stay there you know I. I think it's it's you know. Yes I said what I said. And it's sort of unfair in a way for his wife that he unleashed the way that he did with his wife. Working there in some ways you could say as little somebody that selfish like. We'll just bite your tongue until your wife's cruise over because it could perfect career. But I assume they talked about it and she was cool with it and she just assume. WWe It'd be professional about it. Yeah I don't know what to read into her Promo last night. I mean I'm surprised that hasn't been a topic of conversation from college. She had that line about in the next year. She hopes the long list of exte- performers. Ah those women wins it but she's not done yet. She cleans not ready to vacate or thrown You know what I don't want to spend a ton of time but it's just kind of made me wonder okay this. It's just GonNa be gone by the time the Salamis around next year. She just playing out her contract. It did seem that made my first thought is it was code for that. I don't think it was explicitly stated dated in a way where that's the only interpretation of sixteen but it's the main one that I had Chris Question from you. I want to see him but he's still dollars knowing he was going to do this. You think it was kind of orchestrating like he walked out of the company and maybe I did fight him on his. What a day? But don't you think he was actually fired in their minds when he actually left and this is just this whole podcasting just to get his supporters. Follow him over to USC like you want to play. And he was the victim I think everything you said is rather self apparent except for quitting reading on purpose because he thought ten months later Dana White would find them. Because I don't think there was enough of a guarantee Chris that USC would would seriously sign him for him to give up on what he wanted. which was to be a guy who can move out? wrestlemainia ideally beating a big special attraction star. That's something he pushed for practically insisted is it on but I think. WWE could have kept him around. Had they granted him. Time off communicated with them Ben Professional and assured him that he wasn't going to be treated as an afterthought and and I think he would have stuck around so I I don't think dating back to January. But of course he did the podcast in part to rally the troops in it and part two cleanse his his The pressure that he felt this cleanse his soul of all the grievances he had and talked to his supporters. I think it's important to note. He did the PODCAST As soon as he could explain this to on the co Oh pocket he did it it was I. I think October twenty six as birthday and he he got the paperwork that the settlement. WWe was finalized bed and then he wanted to podcast right away Colt. He's been itching to do it. He didn't wait until signing with you. See to do it Because it's the first chance he had that Colt was in the country that they sit down and do a podcast together and so it took a couple of weeks to lineup. Time to record it but since once he got the release and then it's just it's not because he did the podcast he signed with USC and didn't sign with you see because he did. podcast both happened within a few weeks of his getting a legal settlement with wwe. So of course both happened quickly because he wa he was a free man for the first time. Keep in mind too that he did say that he thought there was a chance. He was surprised. Dana White was GONNA put out but the deal wasn't done so I mean I it doesn't change anything you're saying wait. I agree with view but I just wanted to like when he wanted to get that podcast right away. I don't I don't know that. He anticipated the negotiations taking as long as they did. Based on some of the things he's indicated where was just lawyers drag this out a little bit longer than they had hoped Yup. Okay Chris Question number two from you the questions about The future of Punk do you think the way he left the company you think from their standpoint. They have no use for him like in their mind. He's a cog in the wheel and once he's gone it was a malcontent and they can just put another guy interest position. Yeah on the roster. Yeah I think they look at them that way I mean I they. He wasn't content. Yeah I mean I think by the very definition I think justified in many cases Perhaps not in a few Reasonable people can disagree. I suppose on those particulars but yeah he was. He was not content with the way that he was being used and wwe Made a stand in it is. Vince McMahon released. I think man's company to make that call they didn't see him. Ms Someone worth giving into They felt he wasn't of a proven draw or enough stature or young enough or healthy enough or durable enough or easy enough to work with behind the scenes to be the guy they want it to be beating returning legacy stars in the final match at Wrestlemanias and that was their stand. And it was it was the punk thing I want this and been saying we're not going to give it to you and that led to the dissolving of the relationship and you know what some relationships dissolve when two sides want completely different things and neither side willing to give. And that's what happened here. It doesn't make W W beat the bad guy it just just because they didn't give pump everything they want it he wanted and it doesn't make pump the bad guy because he wanted more than some people think he deserves. It's just he's a contractor who had demands. WWe Is a company that that hires contractors and ultimately the wwe decide who they hire and who who they give certain matches too. So it's just it was what it was. I mean there's a lot of if things to learn from it But Yeah I think. WWE is absolutely ready to move on and already has and I don't think Jason. I don't think that there's a great chance at C. M. Pump comes back to. WWe Me you know three years from now after arresting USC But I you know. I wouldn't rule it out. Kolkata told punk. I don't want you to say you're never gonNA go back because I don't want you to turn enough to be a liar because everybody goes back exactly you know and that's it's the whole never say never thing I mean. Can you rule out some day. He ends up in the hall of fame. You know I minute just as they say. Time heals all wounds with him. He can really hold a grudge. I mean I. It wouldn't surprise me if he never did anything. W. We again in but at the same time later I mean I. It sounds like a cop out but it's totally true. It wouldn't surprise me if three years from now. Okay he did give any at a change of heart in this. If I had to wager ager I'd say no and wait for the hall of fame and you know if your Punk Bay wants him back and wwe wait for that some day. That seems like the most more realistic that you options right now. Anyway like I would say there's less of a chance to see him coming back then just about any wrestler who left. WWe On bad terms but that nails me. What that nails? Well Okay Kevin Walkout but you know I mean an in terms of even reasonably comparable guys who if they were brought back they'd make money for them yeah I just think Paul has the least chance of anybody but I have thought there's nowhere else memorial comeback. There's no way brock listeners. It's GONNA come back. There's no way sables coming coming back. I mean there's Bruno Bret Hart there have been people you thought would never come back. I think punk because of his personality the things that he said that interests have to do with him but had to do with the practices of WWe accompany things. I could get them in big trouble in a Lotta ways I think wwe I think this man was paying paying lip service of by being cordial And saying you know maybe some day we'll work together again and I think he will come to regret some of the things he said. I think there has to be. I think. W W have you have to be in a position that USC felt that they're in which they need them and he'll be worth the price that he would demand And and and that's where you can't rule it out PUNKS NOT GONNA run out of money. That's not the type the guy he is so he's going to be. He's going to have financial independence and he's GonNa be able to do what he wants when he wants. So the question is does. WWe ever get desperate enough to to bring a guy back who tore into their business practices the way that he did in a way that nobody's ever heard before it's not Bruno. Complaining about in my day wrestling was different. This this was a a a on a different level of pulling the curtain back on. WWE's presidents practices and wwe. We'll have been really rough shape to entertain the idea of bringing him back. I don't disagree on that I if you look through history. He approached Brad. He Approach Bruno. WHO said a lot of things about their steroid issues and everything else and some of that planning days return in because they wanted him to endorse their steroid policy but look at war was approaching him and superstar? Grandma did some horrible things about that company. And I don't don't know who approached you in that situation. I think as long as Vince is still in charge. And there's not something some transition to triple h which is kinda great unknowns. He type it's going to hold a grudge I I don't worry about. WWe On this one. As long as Vince is in charge. I think the door is open at some future date for punk return. I look at punk. And whether he whoa. I think that's really the big question. Focus on and Sung can say if they could see Pumpkin five years ago and you know I never thought I'd go back but I never thought they would throw stupid but money at me like this. I mean you would be an idiot to turn this money down. Even if I give up ninety percent of it to some charity it would be it would be selfish. I mean not to accept the steel because if I give ninety percent of it to charity I can change the lives of a lot of people with the money that they're willing to pay me Johnny to put my stubborn ego aside and take their money and then give it to some charity rather than going into. Vincent's pockets. I mean. I could see him making that speech. And you know what he's articulate enough to make the case and and make sure his fans who thought you'd never go back forgive him for doing so if they're against it or oren bracing him if they were for it. Yeah absolutely yeah punking pull that off. Some of pro wrestling's best podcasts are. 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Endorse your coverage of the situation You know interview one in March you cover nominal gap so glad like what kind of I heard you bruce here In the past stuffing winning versus the expired and I know that Kinda wondering I would say even know did walked out thinking that maybe point it they had given one one and I don't even like made a big some sort of like more time off or better imprimis a better understanding that circumstance may come back to the company. So I'm kinda wondering she walk away way different than Boston. Walking away coming back off when say stomach content that maybe watch fired on that level versus calling in like one hundred percent quit. Yeah I I don't think it would be. I think there's enough kind of ambiguity to be able to come down real hard On saying yeah. He absolutely quit or where he absolutely got fired Jason where do you come down on that. He was technically fired. Legally he was fired. I I mean okay. He walked off. He told them he was going home as an independent contractor. He should have that right if they want to. Use their technical terminology for it Did he walk off and with the intention attention of not going back for quite some time maybe ever sure but when push comes to shove technically they fired him I it's to me. What difference does it make other other than this rabid? WWe Fan you know the these Ram WWe fans that call click who cares. I don't even know what he brought that up way. Who cares what I said that about Jim? Ross to every single You know either idiot or troll or just person obnoxiously disagreeing with him. He feels like he needs to respond bonded them and and and you know pulgar saying wait. Wait is blocked so many people on twitter. It's so annoying. It's it's like maybe mute. Yeah you know it's just it doesn't you don't need to give them the satisfaction of always talking about them and acting like they're representative of the vast majority of people That's it you so yeah I think in a way it was kind of be fun to do but at the same time I mean that's the world he's been living in and and you know he pays enough attention to social media to talk about it you know and the people. He called his kitchen window and he goes. If you're if I'm trying to enjoy myself and you're yelling at my kitchen window. I'm going to close the window. I E block you. That's my right to do on my twitter page and I'm one hundred percent with on that one I'll just I'll pull this quote out. This isn't the first five minutes of the first interview was cold punk. Said I had this thing that made me miserable all the time the black and white of it I was miserable. I was unhappy asset. I made myself happy I left. That's what it boils down to. It was an easy decision to make but it was also a long time coming so we parse what does it mean when he he says I left doesn't mean I was miserable. I was unhappy and I made myself happy by quitting. And that's what it boils down to and it was a decision to make a long time coming or was he saying saying I left asterisk. I had a lot of demands that I hope W W we could satisfy and if they did I would've come back but I needed time off to get healthy physically and mentally. You can read it either way to me. I read that as I walked out and I And I essentially quit a less satisfied some terms that I had and and by wwe not satisfying those terms. They eventually suspended him and then terminated his deal But you know if I don Sabbatical Sabbatical would right. Yeah on Sabbatical. So I think if you stop showing up for work You sort of are quitting you. You know I mean. He's stopped showing up for work stone. Cold did the same thing. What did he do I? Well I mean he he. He walked away. Hey for an indeterminate. Amount of time and I just WanNa say I completely agree with you guys that like I'm not looking for a yes or no. He's absolutely right. Yeah I there's only the shades shaved great. We'll see I don't think Like I didn't quit I was fired. I think Steve Austin said I walked out. I didn't like what they had for me and I walked out. I quit it it just you know if punk head and said Oh all these people call me a twitter. I was fired. It just came across like wanting it both ways because in the first colt he said I was miserable and I left. That doesn't sound like somebody who was fired. It sounds like somebody who quit. But we're parsing the word I left and I don't think it matters unless we're trying to catch the pump in hypocrisy or contradiction prediction Or because it really doesn't matter. It was irreconcilable differences between two sides. And I think eighty five percent of punks grievances says I agree with them and I think fifteen percent of it you know he was being a little unreasonable or brought things on himself or whatever Just rough percentages but but wwe had a role in it. And it. You're Kinda right Larry it in the end I mean you know He. He quit fired. You know he was quick fired. Okay real real quick way. Does I wanted to get one more one more Question about Vince McMahon and that interview And thank you guys for that analysis. I'll just I'll just say Yeah I think maybe the one aspect like the punks interview that I would have liked to avert and maybe we'll hear one day is if you fell. There was some way that would have come back. That didn't involve him getting everything. Exactly exactly the way you wanted it like the Wrestlemainia main event but you know like I said more of an understanding maybe a better way of communication doing doing business In any taste of heard you guys talking about the man interview in the past couple weeks and it just seems like Everytime Steve Austin gave an opening Vince McCain kind of sidestepped about ah various there Very obvious problem with the way he's handled like the raw or book like the you know the kind of within a week AAC and there's no long term planning and you know like this You know there's not a lot of long-term behind it. They don't listen to the crowd and stuff like that when you hear. Vince McMahon kind of believe his own rhetoric. And hyping. Kind of things. You would just talk about the some the marks about Well what do you think about the long term future of of wwe. Because it just seems like I mean they they may go on for a long long time but creative eight of we just don't know how satisfying the product you know could be in the long run. Jason I mean I talked for four hours with Mitchell about it. That Keller Hotline on it you've talked about it on dot net weekly member side so but I do want to throw to you I mean. Do you think Vince McMahon made give people a reason to be scared for for. WWe theater as long as he's in charge my take on it was. That's Kinda Vince who's almost always been there somewhat He's he's he's a genius in certain ways but flawed and he manages to overcome those flaws when his back against the wall and he has to listen to outside ideas. Whether it's been through so or whomever But I didn't. I didn't come from that interview going. Oh I'm more scared than I ever have been for. WWe It's been being Vince. Yeah that's just it. I didn't if I'm a shareholder I'm not sitting there thinking. Wow the next boom periods right around the corner. This guy really does have his finger on the pulse. Everything's great lookout. But I didn't come away feeling like wow. Oh He's just completely lost it and and and some of the things like like says ro for instance or just any of the the the things where he was where he explained his point of view if he if he did believed interview and started to think twice about. Some things at Austin brought up. Wouldn't surprise me. I wouldn't expect him with his personality. I don't think most people would be like this where you if you were challenged on it. You could sit there during the interview setting and go. You know what you're right so I mean I I. He had his answers on things. But maybe it will changes in some cases. Maybe there will be some things that often gave him the eventual walk away and go Interesting and maybe seek out some other perspective on it even Internally Hewitt hope of anyone Steve Austin would be a guy that's been sick man with listen to and gold. Is Steve Things this way. Then maybe I need to give it some thought. Out of respect for Steve Leave his respect. You Know Vincent. Respect for Steve Steve's respect for Vince and what they've been through and what Steve is accomplished. Yeah and I think that should be back. UH-HUH I just going to make a quick. I was just going to be part of this. I think with ventures jabs at at the millennials and by the way millennials. We heard the same thing about generation. X. Don't worry about it It the he doesn't I don't think he has a total respect for the guys that worked for him now because he just hasn't been to war with them like he did with the the guys in the the Monday night war era where the company's really the benches company was on the line. I think he just respects them more. and An and these guys are walking in those those footsteps in his mind with the exception of John. CENA go ahead Laurie. So yeah no I was just he's GonNa say You know kind of it just seems unfortunate because often would bring up stuff like oh you know you guys script too heavily and I mean Vince McMahon's is not. Ah Maybe willfully you know. But he's not even on the same wavelength as far as you know like if I heard that I would go. Oh you know while you're thinking that they're written into you know they're they're written to work for word and yeah let me address that question well. XYZ That's why we do it. It just seems to me like he didn't think that was the the nature of the problem that was being implied. By what often bringing up so it just seemed like there are lots of instances like that where he. You didn't answer the question that you would think that. Don't call asking. I would hope that with time to reflect and time for someone to maybe explain. Explain to him when the cameras not on and his ego doesn't want to concede anything. I would hope that when the cameras off somebody can you know like maybe triple h could go to and go. You know Vince I think You know stone cold. Maybe said something there that you know it clicked with me in a way. 'CAUSE I hadn't heard it put that way before and You know I was watching you and I sort of thought so I clicked with you. I think I could see it in your body. Language that Maybe you were thinking what I was thinking. which is? Maybe we've been missing the boat a little bit on. This is our guy like triple wait can like make. It seem like Vince had the idea and he's not live on the spot on TV. I mean maybe there's some things eventual budge or we'll shift then again. Maybe just gets more stubborn and and hold scores. I don't I'm picturing bench going well. Maybe I shouldn't have Steve Austin in your position. Yes I I know I know. Have you subscribed to the torch. Daily Caspian is a free daily podcast outcast with shows throughout the week dedicated to ring of honor all elite wrestling impact wrestling major league wrestling annex. T and M may talk for pro wrestling fans. That's Monday through Friday. I think and on Saturdays check out the deep dive with Rich Fan where he examines a single topic in-depth and then Sunday nights wrestling night in America with Greg Parks. You can listen some live or download the show later at W. Torch daily cast dot com. Just click on the live stream link. He takes your calls talking about wrestling's biggest events either ones that just took place or preview in shows that are right around the corner and on Sundays when W W B runs pay per views. He's live right after the pay per view at W. Torch daily cast dot com reviewing the show. And taking your calls. That's the people you tortured daily cast light up just search. Pw Torch in Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your wrestling podcasts or visit our homepage age to download or stream the shows or find out more information. Pw Torch daily CAST DOT COM. The Larry any any any. Yeah sure I'm lasting totally be on topic now go on So yes so Charlotte's appear on raw Had a good short match right there. Kind of anything back Bruce. Talking about as far as sexy star on Lucia uh underground which is sort of You know different dynamic but it's like okay we're bringing in a women dressed right there a new face. Why have her lose like that When you're going to bring her in it just doesn't make it didn't make any sense to me like why not put her against another team? women's wrestler and have or get a quick win a high her appearance on their Their not pay per view. Whatever their live events we did rant a little bit earlier about that very thing? I'm not sure. Ah I have much more to add. Jason you know. Yeah putting her in a showcase magic and somebody. Currently on Annex T in the women's division makes more sense or having her beat Alicia. Lisa Fox makes more sense. I don't get it isn't that isn't that potentially humble Or not I mean. They're like political like cutthroat type of thing. But I mean wh what did y'all think was appointed that and I will go back and listen to the show. Yep Yeah I Jason Is there. Do you think there was a point to it. Was it just not thinking hardest. She's a rookie. Should lose so a veteran like the Talia was that they were in the Carolinas and they always make people lose when they come in. You know Paul Heyman Outta policy no matter who are you do job your first night in. It's not always televised but everybody does the job you know in their first night in I is that what was happening here. I don't think so. It's hard to say but then I just watching the way this played. I just had this bad feeling and you alluded to earlier. That Vince wants to make sure everyone knows that. WWe Is bigger than xt. And and that's one of the. It's it's so hard to it's it's easy for me to say this because I don't know the minefield that triple h has to navigate minutes McMahon every day but Vince lex to ask people. I just want to die on and that's one hundred four H.. I say yes my God. Are you crazy what's wrong with you. What is what the phrase the hill you WanNa die in? I've heard it's still much in the last month all over the place. Yeah that's A. That's a vince staple when it comes to somebody challenging him in creative I mean and and Stephanie uses it to I if somebody really feels strongly about something that's usually the way they get the back down. Yeah Interesting Yup tomorrow. Pat McNeill Jason he says yes it's It Sean Radic and and the name escapes me. It's someone who's helping involved with the King of the indies tournament. That is taking place during I believe wrestlemainia weekend in the bay area. Oh Great Yep so tune into S With Pat McNeil and Sean Redican and we're talking about king of the indies and Thursday James Caldwell and Greg Parks and I'll be back on Friday with another live live interview. Just incredible was my guess last Friday and we talked about Seeing punk Believe it or not on the On the life cast Vincent man interview and more Check out that. POW torture live. CAST DOT COM. Thank you everybody for your support. We've got some emails to get to and we'll get to those in the VIP I pee after show Thank you remember for your sport of what we do. Thanks to live listeners. We really do appreciate your support making us the most popular reporter Porter hosted pros and podcast in the universe and the only live five day a week a pro wrestling podcast will also be by Sunday night after TLC so following TLC You can join us at Shortly after the paper demands for life. Show with live callers and James Colman. Greg parks breaking down the show until next time. I'd be half of Jason Powell of pro wrestling dot net at this is Wade. Keller of P W TORCH DOT com signing off All right this is the VIP exclusive after show portion of today's pw torch. Live cast. Wade Keller here still joined by. Jason Powell Jason I e mail. No question comes from dot net members shark. Mary says And Jason Saudi review for on. Everyone else seems to think. The poll of superstar of the year was rigged and part of the reasoning. was that he lost breakout star to ambrose switched until he said my question is how many of the polls last night do you think we're rigged rigged. And how do you think it compares to years past. Ask thanks for all you do. I read and listen to your more than actually watch the product Shark Mary brings up an interesting topic. Jason was it rigged. I mean I certainly believe so in in this case yeah I can't prove it I don't know that they can prove that it wasn't just I weighed. I was not prepared for that. I just bust out laughing as soon soon as they announced Roman reigns and they not had him there then. Maybe I'd have been like I. Okay I still would think like okay. That's a big huge reach. But the fact that he was there and ready to come out and make the acceptance speech and just like whatever it'd be s as far as like how many in the past have been rig I've always suspected respected. There's been some level of tinkering with us things last night. Though I wouldn't surprise me if that was the only one I just I don't know I guess the only thing I can think of is if warrior wasn't going to win for some reason he needed to you know but I suspect that he was going to win his award. Anyway Yeah I think. Roman reigns reigning superstar. Well let's let's do this. What is Roman reigns is qualification and the eyes of W wwe mainstream fan? WHO's enough of a fan of vote enough of a fan to care to vote who's followed the product closely? What is the case to vote for? Roman reigns that that matches. She's up somehow with the crowd. Responses rains gets you know like I mean he's not the crowd's not blowing the roof off for him so what is it that would cause a. WWe Santa rationally devote for rains more than everybody else on that list. Any Bryan Johnson. Brock listener well. We know teenage girls like Social Media Wade and based on the squeals and the audience which was about the only thing you heard when he his name was announced. Okay maybe there's way more but there's not there's qualification application was okay. He was in some good matches with the shield as soon as he went singles. I can't think of like a standout Roman reigns match. I can't think of a huge huge program that he was involved in. He didn't headline Wrestlemainia he just wanted to check on to check who was in the Top fifty NBA players. There's of all time when the NBA came out that list and had been in the league like three years. And I might have some facts wrong but I just remember like sorta thinking it's like you know when somebody gets in the hall of fame whether it's the wrestling hall of fame aim or any hall of fame and they either aren't retired yet or they haven't been retired very long. I'm like it was some distance. Let us let's. Let's make sure the career is over or deep into it before we put them in. An elite category Roman reigns should win. He should win superstar of the year. Even though all the Siamese are at work and they're just kind of a joke and all that the top top awards are kind of they. I think they represent something Something a little more serious than just you know a silly angler a hardcore title change back in the day it should mean something and it should have some sort of story line reason for happening the way that it does and I just I. I think it's kind of cheating. Roman reigns out of actually accomplishing. That realistically like you need to headline a pay per view as a singles wrestler. You need to win a title or you need to have just a a a an incredible feud or incredible stretcher matches There's has just has to be something and I don't think there's one box that I check out of you. Whatever the top six seven eight things are that makes somebody superstar of the year even in a storyline worked way? I don't check even one box compared to Daniel Bryan John Cena I understand people not voting for brock listener owner You know because it's fan base voting. They might vote for baby faces but not vote for Johnson or Daniel Bryan overgrown rates. I mean if you were out injured so it's not like the injury is the excuse for Brian. No and if you WANNA look at this from a storyline standpoint how was Randy Orton not amongst contenders when the guy held the title for as long as much as he he did and was the centerpiece of so many things but to me. It's not even whether the voting was rigged or not it. It's what this did him. In fact I'll even say that. Okay okay in some bizarro scenario. Where somehow brock listener and John seen everyone else cancelled themselves out somehow and rain just happened to appeal to just the right number of people that he was able to pass them I would have rigged the voting. So he didn't win because now it looks like you're shoving him down the throats of your viewers. You were. There's already that feel amongst the people who've listened to to this show. We get that we were getting that quite a bit. When Dean Ambrose and Roman reigns were both like I mean how many it calls we take on? I think Ambrose should be the headline manny overwhelming ranch. That sort of thing you. You're already losing those people and I think it goes beyond that. I think when when something like this happens. I think there's a lot of just kind of casual viewers at home and wait a minute. That's not right and you don't want them. You should not want another John. CENA GINA scenario. You should want you WanNa Steve Austin where. Everyone's cheering the guy. It can work with John Cena. He's from the Ken where you get. That split crowd reaction but as much as anything way when that when that occurred once I stop laughing. I'm like are they turning this guy. He'll I know that that's what I thought too. I thought this could be like like. I don't know how you would say the voting was rigged. You know without hurting your own credibility as a company but it. I think it's going to turn him. He'll in the. He is a lot of fans because it for those who are savvy enough to to even suspect that the voting is fixed. I think there's going to be Even more sediment that he is the chosen one who didn't earn it and there's GonNa be heat on import and I did think I talked to our hotline last night. I thought this set up Maybe Roman reigns going into two thousand fifteen as a heel. And maybe it'll work. It'll all make sense. In retrospect but I'm with you if it wasn't meant to turn them he'll I don't know how you make a case that that was a good move I don't know it's it's just one of the. It was the strangest moment on these entirely. Strange always awkward edition slamming awards and I it it so backwards to to take this approach him. I I mean but you would think they would have had at least one of the announcers kind of question if this was some sort of an angle like just some some sort of Hampton there that someone skeptical of this and that wasn't the way they played that put the weekend perspective and take take your eyes off the screen with a paper copy subscription to the pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter the newsletter that I launched over thirty years ago and it continues and you can be part of with exclusive cover stories that I write on wrestling's top stories each week plus exclusive Collins from Bruce Mitchell Greg Parks John Rattigan Alan Kernaghan and and more are post pay per view roundtables with the staff giving their analysis of the show and scores with different perspectives in different points of view after all. WWE and eight you W W. pay per views plus the torch. Newswire will keep you up to date on pro wrestling's top stories and exclusive insider tidbits torch talking transcripts and much more look forward to visiting the mailbox again. Go to W. Torch Dot com slash paper copy for details that's PW torch dot com slash paper copy for details and sign up information all right. Let's go to Question from will Do you think the straight edge lifestyle could hurt Pumpkin anime no pain meds et CETERA. Could hurt recovery every time or training intensity oh Yeah I I mean I guess. Yeah I if you're trying to defend what the injury is and and could take him. Well I mean it you could also spend that around and say well. It could help him because he's not masking injuries. And and running the risk of doing more damage to an injury that he should have just rested. Yeah yeah I I I think the the WWe schedule is more likely to cause a stress on the straight edge than anything else in MMA. Oh Yeah Yeah I'll definitely agree with that if every MA fighter every UC fighter. WHO's ever gone into a big fight is loaded up on pain pills in order to take the type of abuse they take? And it's just you know dirty little secret that everybody just takes a ton chinatown thought of them and they don't test for him then pumped might be in trouble if he doesn't do. Yeah so I mean that could hurt but I'm not willing to say that straight edge is going to UNDO UNDO him But it's all the more reason he'll he's GONNA WANNA hope released concerns. Yeah I'm with you on that one Okay Dean in Austin within It's not listening to us. Live but he did say he was on hold for a while and had to hang up and email. You said that they are in fact turning rains. He'll all does he still go over at mania and become their top star and if not who fills that role if they are turning him heel yeah if they indeed are turning earning him he'll based on I think the m listening to you and I You know after raw does he still is I. If he turns he'll is he still do. They still haven't pegged to be the top start they obviously haven't picked to be a top star I would think that then he becomes a dance partner for Johnson or Daniel Bryan. Maybe Randy Orton. I mean none of those matchups really do it for me though. Yeah Yeah not at Wrestlemania. I mean I'm not saying you can't do something with those you you can't make money with those after the fact but I mean I guess I would need to see how long range clicks as a heel on top of it you know and I I don't I really don't think that's it's where they're going with this. I think that they believe in their minds that this was the right way to do. Business with Roman reigns the baby face and shove them down. Everyone's throat look how popular he is even though. Oh you know based on the sample size of that live crowd last night. He's not nearly as popular as that. They wanted you to believe right. Yep Yep I'm with you all right. Here's another another email Trying to go through the little quick here. Pat is e mailing a VIP member about Roman reigns And not actually going with voting results. He says I think he should into the possibility. See that rain was legitimate winner. The pulse eight choices or it's pretty small window time to vote with that may choices and a relatively small window time to vote. I think most any result would be possible. I think it's possible that a lot of the hardcore fans could a split their vote between Brian. Ambrose rollins as well making it. Easier for reigns to win. Also with so many choices that means could've won with a relatively small percentage of the vote at Lis compared to the winters and other categories perhaps would not have won. If the ball had left out ambrose rains and Wyatt as choices still at what makes you wonder what would they have done with him at the building building if yeah if that were yeah because it's not like all. This voting was done throughout the night. So they knew okay. He's far enough ahead that we don't want to send him out early. I mean you could swell would have not appeared but I'm not buying it. I'm just not yeah. I'm with you all right so let me look at the The next question here James V says in a three hour show. They can't even have lame lame Titus O'Neil like appearance for sorrow. You always always left off. Because of Steve's request sorrow and his direction during the interview with minutes I guess we cover that somewhat earlier but it does seem a little weird a three hour show. That'll I don't know I mean I guess if we if he wasn't there's probably other people that didn't learn on the show last night I mean it's on every episode of raw and I guessed the bigger concern with that with the plenty of makes it look at what Titus O'Neal was doing and it that's why this guy will never get over over as long as they continue down this path state. He's he's he's amy he feels. Vince is warped sense of humor. And it's not going to get him anywhere other than he's going to hold a job and contain a mix INS chuckle. Michael Yeah Yeah all right. Well let's go to Johnny from Hollywood He says Well I never really cared about the awards credibility before the superstar. The thing caught my attention attention. Even though I'm a huge supporter of Roman reigns superstar. The year win was obviously. WWe making him the Chosen One. It's almost like a real life. Drew McIntyre chosen storyline happening in front of our eyes. Do you think. WBZ have taken more of a steady approach opposed to the force-feed approach to building up rains. Credible baby face with mark with them organic following like Zara or even Rybeck w w just steadily had him and be people weekly and safety me more. WWe Had RYBECK facing main eventers within a year and to do you think wwe's purposely making it look like rain cocky chosen one for a possible. He'll turn just like the Iraqi die. We'll see die rains. Die All right. Listen to either one of our audio show last night clearly. Yeah Yep try try let's see if ww should have taken a more steady approach. Well Yeah I mean what they're doing with rains does does feel forced they saw top star in 'em and they decided to make him him. That's and it is sort of like the lex express. I would compare to even more so it. You can't decide it for the fans have been sat there last week and said we listened to the fans. Well you know you're not because you're pushing ahead of the crowd cheers and you resist Daniel Bryan despite the crowd cheers and you're resisting and sabotaging so sorrow be despite the fans here. So yeah I just you know the pins interview. I'm glad he's on record with that stuff. Because it makes us more credible Jason in calling about for it. Yeah Yeah and with rain state they botched this. I mean I was just going back to that time. Were calling in about Ambrosia I was very open minded. Let's see what they do with rains. It's way too soon to jump on the Ambrose bandwagon but they watch this. I mean the injury was because of their booking. Because they didn't have any he'll stay set up to really be stepping. Stones for rains on this road wrestlemainia. The the best thing that could have happened to him was the injury and they managed to botch an injury by having a show up in these awkward via satellite thing to the point that they didn't have no one misses misses him now and they just couldn't resist even then shoving him down the throats of viewers. Now they do this and it's going to take one hell of a wrestlemainia season for him to in in order to get his wish where this guy's the most popular person in wwe. I Yep Yep. I'm with you all right Jason Anything else you WANNA talk about. We went so so long. I'm staring at a deadline so I don't have much time left but any topic you want to sneak in here You know we're good. I mean I we could easily talk about early age but I I I mean you've done an audio show on it. I've done an audio show on it so we'll just I think we can safely leave it alone and I I'm struggling to think there's anything else but That we're leaving. I mean club gathers a million things. There's a million things but yeah I mean we got our own the FBI shows remember coverage. So I think we hit what we need to hit the day after the day after raw and We appreciate the callers and all the emails from the members and thank you to to the viewers who tuned out during raw last night. I'm hoping they get the message. That the the Wacky and fun slamming awards sock Doc. Yup Yup. I'm with you because I think people are trained to know when it slammed awards. You'RE NOT GONNA get big angles and make storyline developments. NEW STARS AREN'T GONNA be created. It's just GONNA be filler matches watches without that height to make you care about them and Seth Green and and Corny little introductions. Just like everybody loves that award shows and Michael Cole joking right off the Bat addicts a seventy seven th annual which is Kinda cute but it just sets the tone that okay. They know. This doesn't matter. And then when Michael Cole varies himself he's setting himself up for the joke When Seth Green what categories did you win your Salamis and and he had no idea that told me everything I ever needed to know about how they view the slams? I mention naughty last night. We'd actually on. I lost respect for him as far as being a broadcaster because he should know that but as a human being I gained some respect for him simply because he doesn't this around for himself and nobody slamming where categories are Yup art. Jason Thank you so much Next call them every dot net tour comet Jason Wade Keller Buddy the searching for more great pro wrestling talk join me. Jason Powell host the Weekly pro wrestling boom podcast. Each each week you'll hear the latest news and analysis from me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable notable names in the pro wrestling industry subscribing to stitcher downcast and all your favorite secondary APPs or visit us directly at P._W.. Boom Dot com once again. That's P W boom dot com.

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