Lois Duncan's Debutante Hill (w/ Patrick Ehlers)


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And Hey we'd love for you to listen and subscribe to our own spooky show scary stories to tell on the pod where we take you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of American folklore. Go Stories huntings and urban legends via the Classic Children's series scary stories to tell them the dark. Thank you so much supporting our network. Now please please enjoy this episode. Won't you won't you? Why is len left out of everything this week? On the Lois Duncan's daddy taught pill. Welcome to increase. The podcast discussed white pulp fiction. I was thrown by that tagline. It was very weird. One of your host wins a case. I. I'm to one of your hosts Kelly nugent and today we're joined by a very special guest. You may know him as a writer for transformers and teenage mutant Ninja Turtles as host of Nintendo Cartridge Society podcast. But most importantly as our number one foremost expert on all things load up. Patrick Allergies is here. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. Chocolate Dunk figure out why Lynn is being left out of everything. Why why is she down? And we know within seconds origins back to the time we know and she isn't even fully being left out. She's leaving herself out. Yeah she's withdrawing I think she's clinically depressed. Oh Yeah Oh yeah you should come. Stanchly key circumstantial. She's fine before she wants. Nothing in this. The whole book wants to how she wanted to hall into us to be a hill girl again but she also wants to not want Paul. She wants Paul to warrant her more. There we go. Yes so that interesting confident which I feel like many people can relate to myself. Okay here's the thing. Did I love this book? Yes I fucking this book I love. His Books Are White. It was like it was such old. Fashioned fluffy nonsense. Yeah but it was so it was like a like I said. We're Kelly and I were texting about this a little bit. It's like it's like I'm sitting on a cloud. I seriously feel so quite late. Risk Super Coleman and also like a benefit so much from I assumed that the version that we all read is the only version that exists is a non updated version right. This would be insane to not dirk without a cell phone but no other languages is usually. He's still saying darn and they're also saying he and like what was. Oh He's a grand fellow people saying like fine but not in like a sarcastic way. I love sincere fine fine like ooh isn't that fine. What a fine notion you know. Okay so let me judge it. We we don't have a okay here. We go ready so ready. Oh man okay. I'm only at the because the only place I could find the description of this book it is available on Condal Which is to buy a hard cover for two hundred dollars? You can no thank you. Oh there's a really good tagline on the Condo version actually really what is it? Lynn Chambers has always been a member of the in crowd but But can she give that up to do? What's right? tagline long along. It's a little long but it's very accurate and grabs your attention. It's better than Wise Lynn. Being left out of everything Jiang okay. Ready Lynch Chambers is popular wealthy and going home most study with a handsome college boy but when she decides not to be a debutante. Lynn finds herself on the outside which leads her to a side of town. She barely knew existed there. She meets Anna. Oh you have to talk about Anna. Oh my God. An artist accurate overlooked by the debutante crowd and bad boy. Dirk masters was a fast car a quick temper and a dark secret involving Lynn. He likes Sir. I think that's the dark secret. He likes her. It's not very I think they're trying to market it like her other books which it's not. It's dark for the time it's true. It's like it was. I mean the classes daring secret dude yet. His secret he's pure. Oh man he's pouring he. He's in love with a non poor of with a riche. Here's the thing. He was capital P. problematic. It's true but he was also extremely hot. Hughes to figure this out is he the low dunk boy or as Paul Volodin Halls Loda also loan dunk boy. Now 'cause he will actually yeah. He has this dark secret of being a boy. There's like yes tends to be a bad way. Well there's always a bad boy. Low Duncan a good boy low dunk but obviously Paul is the like true low dunk. Sure is more the down a dark hall low dunk born. Yes yes I think honestly if you look at the two characters. You'll see. That looks really experimenting with duality. And kind of like two different sides. The same I. It was a very nineteen fifty-eight thing to happen. Though when he forces like a hard kiss on her yeah and I think at the time I I was just very relieved when he was immediately upset with himself. That Xiang do that. There wasn't any like I found myself giving into the kiss. It was she was like get off of me. I did not consent to this kiss. She gets out and then the next day he like wants to kill himself. Yeah no he's like a very dark place to die he like Anna. Who's his sister is like. I'm worried about him because he seems very upset about something. I thought Anna got home. He was like fuck fucked everything. He's like he's down and he plays Yup puddle of Mudd Song. It's me she she fucking hates me. Oh a bird. The inner sounds familiar. Yes yeah he just blast that Song So I will I will give it a pass because it was not approved of by anyone not the author Nanna though it was Anna was like she was being like very she legally excusing his behavior. In IN ONE. Thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight annas like the angel nowadays. Anna's internalized misogyny she totally will because she also is like and I make all of our meals. I'm basically the MOM. Yes I mean. That was the time. That's what this book is. And that's what I've certainly. Yeah now this is the patriarchy I full. Swing was the most perfect girl that ever existed in all of life. Yes she could paint self taught she could cook self cooked. Also letting colors watercolors are hard dude very hard very hard colors and she's also self taught to toys sick. She took an online class. Maybe not so as Anna. No also making the the covers for the curtains or something like the slip. Covers slip covers for the gardens which he has to truck back and forth on the bus. Yeah bus is it. Takes like an hour and a half to get to and from school. Sometimes I mean. Anna is a saint as a saint. The whole thing of like so I do understand that like lands. Land really is discovering how the other half lives but I mean it's just it it does seem very. I thought it was interesting that she was like checking her own privileged by the end shoes. I thought she was checking her own privilege. Pretty quickly though. I mean like newness. Her Dad like her dad tells her she can't do it. She gets really upset and then her mom as it lays it all out for and she's like Noble Daddy is such a good man. It okay daddy may have like a sort of the Daddy. Daddy may have a sort of right idea here but he keeps. So he's raging against the whole like debutante thing they keep bringing it up in the context of the other dads that are in rotary with him are also anti debutante. So it's just like he's got his own debutante thing in the Rotary Club. I know wow could Patrick Avenue this whole thing wide open. Also like this is okay. I was just also really confused by like. Where exactly does Daddy Stan? Because when so they're like Brenda Peterson who is a drip? By the way such address such a I really really a her ending dear Brenda. I was really afraid was going to happen with her. Why that she was going to end up with Dirk with Dirk House lied. I'm GONNA fucking Vaughn. I thought about that definitely we can use lane was going to call like you should. Brenda and Dirk was going to be like yes. I'm reformed I seriously pictured. This is what I thought was going to happen and I was like ready to fucking vomit. So what I thought was going to happen. But he that Paul since he's such a good guy and he is now but the guy the perfect guy he decides he wants to. He's like you know what I have to take to the dance. And then so then she goes with Dirk to the final dance and she's a just as friends and he's like I guess I understand. And then he like sees. Brenda be presented to the crowd and is like who is that and I was like. Dirk flight over Brenda. Oh my God. When they became the fucking wonder twins. I was like I. Can't you have to build up to talking about that because it's insane that the physical climax of this book was placed in a flashback? That positive because the girl isn't allowed to go carriage of the book. Shut her out. She's like I guess. I understand being a girl. Danger your call home. Godspeed wonder twins so like okay. Wait delivery beginning. She's like she's like Paul wherein like they're also going deep in light quit that we're kind of going steady but I would never ask him you to stay loyal to me. What was college being away? And you understand that. I'm here surrounded by strapping. Young men of all socioeconomic strata like. He's like yeah. You're right but keep my ring where we will not specify the meaning of will just both sort of dance around it but we look at all you my girl yes but I will not kiss you. Well God forbid that. Kiss you outside because of kids things for inside lips outside our for talking us are inside lips outside but I will hold your hand so tight. Look adorable chased. Yes so adorable. Chased until dirt comes on because Dirk Oozes sexuality I gotTa say is when he I just when his hair was curling down the front of his face. I was like Kelly cat now. He's sexy and also what? He's like berating her in the hallway. I was like a the fucking queen of the hill. And she's like how dare he? I was like hello. Hello and call her. Princess derogatorily like other friends Wayne. She's like how dare you say I was? Okay here's why I loved. The book fluff Yes Pretty Pretty. Pretty Fluff yes. It did have a good message to and I would say like was a little like coming from a place of privilege was a little still a little blind to it like but at the same time. Lynn was always going. I guess it's pretty fucked up to how I like and being like sort of patronizing about my mixing with the other classes. That awareness was there which I respected and the reason I liked. This is it goes to the part of me that like just wants to see everybody get along with each other. Yeah and so I loved that it was like the most idealized version of what could have taken place. Truly time. Such a good person from the world she gets pregnant from Derby by Dirk. Yeah and then. Parents disown her. And then it's Gilmore girls will. That's what happened with dirt's mom yeah. Yeah because she had those pearls which Oh my God. Y'All all Pearl. When he gave her those pearls. I was like no. It was a bad movie. We show too much hand too early. He did just taken off that rain around her neck. He went no that your Paul's girl and she was like actually. I'm not so sure about that anymore. Take off the reviews. Here's some Pearl earrings necklaces. They wear my mother. She's dead somewhere else. J. Mothers World I need to have this confirmed they went onto dates. Yeah okay right onto dates. Dating really was smitten. He was smitten. I also that was the other thing that like. I felt that she captured really well. Is that thing like when you're just not feeling it with a guy and he goes and makes this big huge gesture and you're like fuck like I don't want to hurt us guys with this. What do I do and okay guys? I did get misty. I can't believe I got misery in this book I got missy. When she starts opening up to her sister to Dhoti. I thought that was really sweet. And they was a mix of like really fucking awesome and then like a monster at the end but I related to. Because like that's me and my sense of justice one hundred percent where I'm like you've been wronged and so I am going to go fucking crazy on you and try to destroy you. Psychologically and after where you fuck with my sister and then afterwards when someone's like bows like a pit much like It was it was undeniable. Now Dodi was awesome and also like reflect the whole idea of like everyone is like the coolest or most reasonable version of themselves at the at the end of the book. I pulled this this little bit. Where like Dodie says like? Oh I'm not going to be a debutante next year and But DHOTI I thought you said. You die if you didn't if you couldn't be a debutante and Otago's maybe I did but a person can change your mind Kanshi. I'm reasonable about this. I don't really care action. It's like yeah I also like fifteen and say a lot of Shit. Yeah I I go ahead go the the thing I really liked about doty too. Was that like okay. We kind of touched on on like exactly what she did. But like we didn't really get into it and I think the listeners need to know like exactly how fucking Defcon One. She got she. She was like she went to the Yes. I was GONNA say. She pulls out a box of matches. She slides out the match. Bad she removes the match. She calmly slides in the match. Bad back in. She lights the match and she goes. You're fuck and mom told Paul to take you and like for rose at down in a pool of gasoline like literally throws it down and then get and then when everyone's like Dodie gets out a flame thrower. Yes wider down fucking fire. She's like your fucking Fetig. Who realize really honestly think that Paul Paul was interested in you. GimMe while he had a might sister the princess of the hill and and she's your addresed. Whatever the fuck are so boring. I can't remember of courtship. He called to ask you. Your mom had to beg him and of course. Because he's so fucking nice he had to say yes to take the sad sack drip of sad motherfucker to these dances. And now he's stuck with you and I know that you were raised with an overbearing mother. Oh my God oh my God ruled every aspect of your life. The best part is that it's it's not like she's in her sights outweigh. Everyone's going down though. Yes yes like when she was like she's like you didn't have to let your mom push you around and then Brenda's like not everybody would let that happen and you're right and she's like exactly like that you just got pushed over. You're doing it again. Meanwhile is like wow I really fucking respect that. She just like totally gave up on herself and then like silent in the house and they can hear her get into the car with her mom and her mom's like is everything straightened out and she's like yes it's straight and then they just drive away. It was fucking tragic. I was truly like we need to keep watch on Brenda right now. Because like Sh- yes. I have shearing showed up to take into the dance just like fully accepting that Brenda Brenda sick. It's fine I'm GonNa take you wait. What'd you say? Can you hear me? Yeah I can hear you okay. Who I was like. Oh God I've been dropped When Paul shows up at Lynne's house and he's like Brenda's sake. It's fine I'm GonNa take you. I was like Brenda at home. Eating BOTTLE OF PILLS. You need to run. Yeah not walk. Yeah to make sure she is. Okay you guys meet you first of all not go to the dance right now. Oh yeah I need to go check on on Brenda. Yes well good for men for being like go to Brenda She needs you have more than I for now. Insecure and are like yet. She's she views the like calling in sick for the dance as some like noble sacrifice when it's obviously that like she can't the Brenda can't face ever anyone. Yeah because you've just been so thoroughly destroyed by Doty it just further like show. She knows how much of a farce shoe is living. She's such a this win drip. Yeah she's such underneath drip and the fact that Lynn twists what it is into like. Wow she stayed home on purpose so that way you could take me to the dance. That'S HEROIC. It's like no girl. She's depressed she's the most ambitious ever been in your whole fucking life. Shay why we'll maybe a little bit of a was fat but mostly it's I'm a fucking joke. God has been laughing at me. Everyone fucking knows I those. This was like my constant fear throughout junior high and high school. If anybody showed interest in me I suspected foul play. I suspect yes. He was either pity or a joke or something because in fourth grade boy asked me out and then I found out after the fact that my best friend. Lacey had been joking and convinced him to ask me. That's the original a style. Remake it ruins by. Yeah but you know what it's because I was too much of Fuck Andretti notebook my asking for it to be that way others. Don't react to it that way so like you shouldn't have either did okay. So I felt like a lot of. Here's a question that I had You guys growing up end up dating all of your very similarly aged friends siblings. Because it seems like. That's what's happening left. And right yeah. It's a definite theme in these books I would say it's a small town This book gets it something that my mom explained to me when I was younger that I could never wrap my brain around and I still can't fully wrap my brain around. It is that you didn't have male or female friends. If he were of the opposite sex you dated dated. If you hung out you were dating and there could be the person you were going steady with but you could still also go out on dates with other boys unless you like specifically disgusted. They're like The that's what I think is so unique about this book is that she's like. I WANNA be friends with you dirk. And he's like why I he's like hell no and then average he's like do still just fair like he's heard he doesn't have to swallow his feelings. You know you guys feel like the mom had some pretty good advice about trying to change boy. Oh so good better. Yeah and she's like you shouldn't she's like if he's just trying to be better for you like that's not gonNa work and she's like but what he does and she's like well that it's not gonNa work like he needs to be doing this for himself. Yeah this book was so different from like all other media because it wasn't like it was man parents just always understand Salim about loading parents. Always understand and it's so like you don't see that and it's like not only do they understand but they are in fact wiser than you and. I don't want that always to be the message because it's not true but it's really refreshing that sometimes that's the case yet. Move because my mom is very understanding a nice and that they come through like that Dirks Dad shows up to the school. Thank God defense. His son never doubts his son. Like it's such a throwaway thing but like it means so much. I loved that Dennis doubt was like dirk needed to turn it around. Yes he added has what it had not. Lynn thought the beautiful. You guys I know I did. I also got John Showed Easy. But what no but we need it like when the dad showed up and was like like. I believe my son even if if it seems like he stole that money he says he doesn't. I know he's not a thief and prior to that he had never really seen with his dad and like that was the first time that they had like connected on something and it was in a public way where he was defending him and that was the thing that turned him around. And not necessarily like yeah. I loved that it was so much deeper and I also I loved. It wasn't like defend him publicly and then get home and berate him for like Yes lady. Avin them a bad name. I was so relieved when they got back and it was like no. I know you didn't do that. And then Dirk immediately turns around and I was like yet dirk. You do need to be helping your dad out with money breezy. Data's working to fucking jobs and then dirk is like the best. Revenge is just living well and getting a good job and his attitude about. He's like I don't need school. Yeah and I also have the I have the fucking satisfaction of hard work. I liked the What's her name that like? Lynn finds out that he has this job from the dad. Like the DAD's like Oh. Yeah you know. He's a he's working He's helping out over at the garage. He's doing great work over there and like you know. I think he's really found something for himself and I was like great love it yes love. He's he took a thing that he was good at which he was being taken advantage of for Which is being good at fixing cars And then Change that into a thriving thriving career driving. I also love that. All of this is wrapped around like a quintessentially low dunk mystery where like gear thirty pages ahead of the narrative. And you're like yes. Obviously Brad is a scumbag and obviously the second like he's at the school and you're like okay. He's stealing something. Yes Oh my God and the second. He's like well found the money. I'm just GonNa Mosey on down the road of not even a student here so I can't possibly be involved. That doesn't make me even more suspicious at all when he was like when he says to the so basically What's her name The girl from a Brenda Peterson they do this. Big Big big Fundraiser and the way that Brenda Peterson's mom who put together the debutante stuff wants to stick it to Linz Dad who's been protesting about. It is like well. Just donate all the money to the hospital where you work. See how we're five hundred dollars. Five thousand five hundred five hundred five hundred hundred. It IS A. It's like forty four hundred dollars in its money. It's it's not nothing. It's it's not in your face money it's not like fuck you Lynn's dad money. But it's IT'S NOT JONKER CA CHANGE. Yeah. They said that they need it. So yeah so she has it in her fucking wallet and she just leaves it on the front seat of her car with and so it gets stolen and she comes out. She goes out on her car to get it. It's stolen and there is. What's that guy's name Brad? Brad and Dirk are standing there. And she's like vase dollar as Dole it then. Lynn runs up and his like he did it. And she's like you bet. Your involved Dow are crazy. I was like what Brenda you fucking kind. Seriously he's this bullshit one. Also where's it coming from? Why have it out for Lynn Jealousy? But she's winning. Like Brenda have. This is what it is. I'm GONNA miss on onshore psychologists this so she used to be on the outs and now she's on the end and she's pushed. Lynn too the outs. Or so she perceives. She sees Lena's the person she used to be. She hates that so she's trying to punish herself she lynn. I think she associates all her current going with the absence of Lynn and so she acts continued to would like Dr Lynn. Further away that Cements her standing even more even though Linda's would have been a part of it and Brenda would have to. I think I totally agree with you. That it's like because they both happened at the same time. It feels connected. Yeah especially because Paul has been taking her to. The ball's not absolutely would not have happened. Yeah Yeah and so it kind of knows that even if she thinks that Paul asked her to the balls she still knows that. That wouldn't have been happening if Lynn was debutante so anyway I agree polls to the balls. A Ball Paul. The ball pay listeners. It's Iowa delivery and Olivia craighead hosts of the forever. Dog Show iconography and we are so excited to tell you that on. Wednesday may sixth ICONOGRAPHY is back for a brand new season on iconography. We bring you your favorite Celebrity Connoisseurs. And they take us on a deep dive through the lives and careers of celebs. They stand talking about love. Alex English talking about John Legend Mr Jones talking about know apple. And so it's a true celebration of your favorite celebs all things entertainment and we just know your guys are GonNa love it so be ready for the first of the brand new season of iconography to drop on Wednesday maces and remember review? Subscribe see there then so then. She so Lynn kind of steps in the moment. That Brad is like so authorize. Come and they're like ask. They're interviewing everybody authorities. It's the gym teacher. The Gym Teacher Teacher comes all fair for teacher. Comes is like trying to investigate investigation? Like he's like Then Brad's like since I'm not involved in this skeedaddle rate and everyone's like and he's already gone down. The road gone. I was like he stole. It was happening the booking easiest thing in the world to figure out. Oh my God you guys when land like weeks later is like the pieces together you know. She's like I knew that Dirk never stole it but I never thought to think lose stole it. I was like what the dumbest. Why are you just now questioning made in knows so it's also amazing that like then okay? So she has. She's like Okay Brad stolen so that means obviously Brad did it so that prove that. Dirk didn't steal like no like it was still in his bag. Like you've proved nothing. Yeah yeah she's just trying to be a little. Detective detected eventually come to the conclusion that nobody else did and should have so. That is certainly to her credit. Yes but it is very silly. That like that was so fucking obvious and like throughout this book. Paul's like coming back leaving coming back. I do like that. Lois Duncan did not waste any time with spending any time doing boring things. His she'd be like I couldn't wait until Paul came back. Paul's back yeah. Let's just skip over those couple of months. Yeah and like Oh member. She had flu. Oh but only not in a shitty way was like Oh these months dragged on because of this and this this and this happened we just didn't have to suffer through all those moments. Yeah and like then there like that whole chunk of like a month and a half. Share the flu yeah. She had the flu over crisis right after. She Paul Broke up for no reason so funny and then it just like sort of persisted but like if I mean it persisted so Paul's like back and forth back and forth. He's there drama he's gone. She misses him. How Far Away is school idea? They they drive all night but it's snowy mind Boston. Yeah I just immediately like I figure there in New England. Yeah sure yeah. I could see that. But he's spending way too much time going to high school functions in his hometown during his freshman year of college needs to be spending. Yes school he has been coming back much every weekend question. Yeah the end yeah. He's gone for a big chunk and then he comes back. No I think mostly skipping yeah. We're just skipping. They said that there was a thing every weekend but I think maybe he only came back for the for the Christmas dolls like he was going to the weekend. Parties wasn't going to hurting installs. The balls were like in one like and then we're going to have so many balls around Christmas and he was anyway. Yeah so yeah. He's going with Brenda every fucking day. Here's the thing I know. He's a nice guy and he loves Lynn but like I feel like he was getting all something Johnson from Brenda. Oh I don't know I know he's a nice guy. Just don't try to really do I do have a point though. No one in this universe ever has. That's correct no one in the storks. Yeah bring babies that's right and so no one's having sex they're not. I'm also worth noting. Is that Lynn? Is the most beautiful woman to have ever existed. Everyone else pales in comparison. She's so beautiful. That strangers look her and give like an approving nod. She is Grace Kelly. Yeah Yeah it's not even that strangers. Give her the approving nod the strangers. Look at her and go. Who is that and then someone else's like exactly who had she's the hottest is how it's put right because do you think that we've actually gotten out enough of the plot not to need to go through. Yeah I think so. I feel like at this point. Why she can't shut him and then now is just figuring. Yeah Yeah I think we've covered it and now she's just like all dunks. Not that much really happens while of emotion And Tom and the tone and this is like a thick like Strawberry Moose. It's just like a like Z. Curtain that kind of diffuses light And like makes the room kind of like yellowy COLOR SHIRT CASTS SHADOWS. Bakley like your friends. Yeah and it is beautiful and the as that. Look there's a there's a gramophone that plays like. Why do you suddenly? Up nope that's too late always late. It's a WHO that's like in the seventies so this Like Mister Sandman. A mobile lolly. Lolly we're like we watched with so we watched urban legends bloody Mary my gun for a Minnesota for the Patriots and they have a fake sixties sounding song that made me think of a real song. I was like this is a pretty good sound alike except that the singer is bad but now I can't remember what it was. Oh Yeah it's like I'll think of it anyway. It kind of reminded me of that Song Birds. It's not. Why do I say things? You don't have to say you love me. You just be close at hand. That's what that's like and so it was like hide that all of that's probably two later song as well anyway. It's it's Pleasantville. It's Pleasantville got it. It's it's funny. How nineteen fifty eight. Nineteen fifty-nine this book is like Yes. Because so much. Low Dunk is like the seventies revised for the late nineties. Yes and this is just like nope. I'm pre one thousand nine hundred sixty. No one believes in free love and having sex like these are kids. You don't relate to you at all few read this and had no idea what year was in. You would still know yes. Oh my God we. I wanted to talk really quickly about how terribly both dates that she went under. Don't want with Dirk on. Were like they were so bad they were. She was literally like so miserable. All she was thinking like i WanNa be home. I don't WanNA fucking be here. This sucks. He is hot but like that's not that's only takes you so far now. I love that the first date is actively bad bad actively bad and then the second date is just I want to get back to talking about the first date but that the second date is not actively bad. It's just like regular date bed where you're like. Oh I don't this is exciting. Yeah it's like. Oh there's no chemistry yeah also like there are the reasons why it's better kind of outside of. Dirks control to in that lake. He you know she's like really fucking torn up. Because I just saw like very special treasure hunt Debbie and. She's only on the date with him because she was trying to basically got back. Yeah and she also is like like so. She's sticking it to Paul. She's very sad. She's literally cried on the day. She Always been going nonstop and like it's another movie and she's my God. I've been so many fucking movies these past couple of days and they show up to this movie halfway through it. I could not believe what is I. Don't know too close to the screen nightmare. Nightmare hate sitting close nightmare. No no now. They're just going to these movies so they don't have to talk to each other like no one seems to have any interest in actually seeing the movie. Yeah just like veal. It's the same thing with it and it's like Your houses various small. So I don't know what we could possibly do here. Let's go to a movie. I Yeah Oh my God. She's like so it doesn't look like you have anything rich like TV or even music. I couldn't have any of my riche down. Yeah everything in here is pretty were we could do for like I could watch you paint but honestly that sounds like absolute fucking hell. So why don't we just? I don't know go to a fucking movie so they do offers and offers a pretty good solution to. She's like I play cards with the other. Kids could've played cards. They could've played car. Also an is so it's so very hot apart from dirk being snotty to Lynn everybody else's so deferential and so she's like I'm so very sorry for my poor surroundings yes. Let's see a movie because I couldn't possibly ask you to stay in my closet of a room also or she's like or you can talk to my dad while. I I shouldn't I make us all an eight course. How all sound moment of? She opens this rich. She's like oh I wonder if I can find it because it was so like like sort of a modern reaction and yet full of fifties food. Yeah no she was like she was like I opened her fridge. And oh she didn't have anything in it besides lettuce wrapped in cloth and the lettuce has wrapped in cloth under a towel or thunder fucking. Gar like rag when she describes the fling open the refrigerator door and took out the damp towel held the salad ingredients. Trying not to look surprised. At how empty the refrigerator was the chambers. Refrigerator was always overloaded with food for snacking. And here's where I went. Oh my God I can't believe these are your snacks Because it's not like I mean. We had like doritos chips. Ahoy it's food for snacking. Apples and plums an ice cream and cokes and all manner of other things Rosa lease audit that the masters refrigerator contained the basic necessities milk eggs margarine some bacon and cheese and a few covered jars. I was like what's in those jars. What's going on in those jars? Also them that they were no They were having like when the mom gets all aflutter because she's like by. Some of the House is coming back. It's a she has to like make a humongous dinner which sounded really delicious. Even though fifty days kinda gross but she was a keg noodles like some kind of fucking pot roast and some green beans or something and mint ice cream and she was making the apple upside Al Cake. And did you realize what they were having for lunch? Did you clock what they were eating for lunch? Yes Ham Salad Ham Salad Hamstrung comes. She's like I need something. Eat Real quick. Oh you're making sandwiches always see some ham salad. I was like what the fuck is on. Look it up. Maybe it's good well. It's like potato but with Ham Ham. Mayo probably look on okay old up finding it. Ham Salad Ham In everything. Okay ready yes. It is how to make him salad. You can do it. Kelly. You can do it. I believe in you getting like pickles on the back of my head. Okay so you dice up. A bunch of ham normal You then put it in a food processor and you just go to town. Oh wait what but then yeah you until paste Oh suicide and then brand yet like a spread which actually I do enjoy terrains and stuff so I bet you actually probably tastes pretty good. 'cause I had like those. It's like it reminds me of pate or something also register in Niagara Adventurous eater but I also understand pat or just. Don't WanNa be centric like you know. Be like that's gross. Just because I lived a life childhood full of that's gross to the food I ate but um he's no I do totally say I feel very entitled to to do this at these food items though because it is so like white ass American food and like I feel a right to judge. I do not enjoy your fucking post World War. Two Food I do always makes a just always makes me think of like the Cube Pam that would go in like beans or something. Yeah me thing. Yeah and my parents were trying to make me eat it at a picnic and I would be like no. I don't WANNA eat it. And then they'd be like eat a bean and I'd be like no and they'd be like half a beating. That'd be like no you have to eat half of being or you can't play tag with the other kids and then I would eat half of being enthralled being. Are you allergic to beans. Perhaps no in fact. I'd like them now but as a child I thought they were the grossest thing in the world. Yeah I get that I. I do think that there is something gross about fifties food in general mostly. Because like I think I was reading something about how people just didn't know they would so I think we've talked about this on boys actually about did we did a whole episode on voice about Gross Old. About how like the increase in like The production of food and the availability like increased availability of food. So people would get like all these new interesting foods that they didn't know how to cook and then they there wasn't the Internet and there wasn't you weren't spreading information in a really fast way so people would just be like We'll just put these things together and that's why you literally get bananas wrapped in Ham covered in holidays baked in a thing. Yeah it everything was like Ham Spam Bananas and Mayo and something with gelatin like an Ab- royal also like these coming out and these people are coming out of a depression and a war. Yeah and so they're eating like I have fallen in love with this youtube channel of a woman it's filmed from like when she was ninety one to ninety four and she's she's passed now because these videos were like ten years old but it's hurt just cooking food that she that she would make during the depression and it is so delightful and also the saddest food ever. But it's so endearing and also really makes you understand how hard it was. It's not just like Oh people in the dust bowl and it's like Sepia photo like she's like now. I'm GONNA show you our recipe for Dandelions Salad. Now I'm GonNa show you what we'd had for like a special breakfast on Sundays because during the week our breakfast was coffee and bread and you dip the bread and coffee. Yeah. It's so it's so interesting to compare that to like now and what. The food production line is because like we're starting to see like some points of failure along the food supply line in like the chicken packing plants and I know like Hog. Farmers are dumping a bunch of their inventory because they can't get it to plants that process the meat in the right ways. So like I don't i. I don't think we're going to enter a time of like total food scarcity but like it's not impossible that we're going to get back to something like that where we're forced to eating like weird or grosser things than we're used to. Yeah I I saw that. Costco is like we're now limiting meat sales to like three items a week and I was like we probably already should be doing that. Yeah all those like really like me east to be such a like so. We're I'm looking for like the isn't what I'm trying but like a splurge it'd be your weekly. You like who having meet tonight Instead of at every meal yeah instead I absolutely like I by as much as I want all the time. Yeah I mean it's interesting that like I don. Not that I'm doing completely like what's it called Like depression era cooking. But I am being a lot more conscious of food. Waste like totally Assu. I've been you know putting my chopped off. Romaine in water so that way it grows more and you can get ahead and a half of lettuce out of a head of lettuce. You can do that with. We've done the same thing Kelly that and then you can do it with scallions to My my efforts to To not waste a lot of foods to never buy vegetables or fruit and Jesse several eggs. Oh my God all the fucking time I am so not eating well and this is not a new thing. I always eat like this and it's bad I just I and I've been If I do get fruit I will cut it up myself. And then freeze it. As opposed to buying pre frozen fruit. And I don't know why I do that. I just do just because I it allows better. Yeah and I think it'll last longer and I can save a little bit of the fresh fruit for like when I want to eat it now. Well we've also been doing like when we get like a bunch of Kale or spinach or something. We eat it like well we can and then when it starts to go a little bit we chop it up and like freeze it in ice cubes for use in smoothies later. So it's like the kind of thing that we would have before been like. Well whatever throw it away and we'll buy a new batch 'cause like you know a a bunch of Kale cost like a dollar that now we're like no we keep everything our houses now full of empty jars like jars and jars. I Love Jars. Just like Durkin. Yeah Jars of unspecified Jar Jar. The okay so now we need to talk about them when they become the wonder twins because it is yes in. Saint. I was like. Oh fucking funny I think I either. This is what happens for me. I'm like I either ship it or I hate them and I can't decide on I I freeze world. Any context of this book But like I literally was like I ship it and if they're not in a relationship I don't like them being like little best friends because just for some reason. That was too cute for me. Because I've got you kick Lynn out of the car yet. That's what makes it. Should he just gets two boys club near like now? Now we're we're boys and we're friends and so like you step aside. We've both voted votes carry more weight because we're men and also We have the superior physical strength. Yeah there's a very like let the men deal with this. Yeah you stay safe. You're the person in town. She is the person you can't lose. The prettiest person is that all you have left. Is Brenda Peterson? The Drip Meru a hill. If it's gone. Yeah so for and also she does all the fucking like like brain legwork. Yeah she does all the the footwork. So she's like like workers the crunch she's I'll stay out of it she does. She has all the fancy step. Guess what she does none of the dancing in this book. She was once That is true but she's like okay. I figured it out. It's Brad you guys need to get some evidence because I guess me just thinking. It's him isn't enough in this world knowing who was earlier. Luckily there is a preponderance of evidence at Brad's that he is a chronic repetitive jewel. Thief flying to keep. He's a fucking cat. Burglars got like all these fucking trophies of his crimes in his house on display and Dirk and and and we learn all of this because they returned from their adventure and both of them separately to win or like. You know. I didn't like the guy but I see why you do. He wanted me over. It is funny though. Were there like we are not friends. But we respect your judgment. Yeah we're not friends but we get it. Yeah but we get it and also were boys and you're a girl so sorry so it's so so then or is it even narrow for it not even close action fame and the climactic action scene is like orders of magnitude more and more thrilling than the rest of the book at all has brand. Gun Gun. There's an attack Paul's hand gets a fucked up the fact that like they. So they get into his house and they're like Can't find anything all right. Let's get. Let's leave through the window. Paul is now halfway out of the House of the window and then Dirk is like guess what he's got a gun and like what unease. Sorry I just. I just remembered we should grab it and like trying to attack him and Paul's like no and then he's he's already there and he's like I guess and then he's like and then jerks like Holy Shit. You're not gonNA believe this. You need to come see this fear self. So Paul wiggles back in the house. He's almost out and it's like fucking scrooge mcduck like you dive in a pile of money jewels do the backstroke pile of gold coins. And then we're you guys picturing the window from. I know what you did last summer way. I'm trying to remember the window. There is a bathroom window that the way was that. I know you did last summer in another one of these. Where like the girl who was like going to be the DJ for the radio station or whatever that she like was Squirming remember this right and it was like kind of two small and light it like pulled up right like it was like that kind of window. That's what I was picturing. Yeah I was picturing that kind of window. Yeah Yeah I liked his apartment. They were like school is like trash apartment. And I'm like oh Mrs quite like it's a walk up. That's not a nice young well for him and then classic scary moment. Oh cliquey clicky. Someone's coming in and he's like how are you doing here? Dirk who the fuck is this? And they're like Russia and then Paul who has played football and is like a beefy low dunk. Boy Cannot hold brad down now a wild man Brad is a little badger. Yeah he's a cube of a man. Doesn't Paul Call Them Rhinoceros at one point? I'm sure he does. I think but like it's like having a rhinoceros under him but like him and dirk crawling over him like a fucking rabid ferrets like. They're just like eventually like overpower him. But can you imagine you're like this criminal? You come in your house and these to like Hardie boys looking motherfuckers or like like ooh like both jump on you and you're like this. I didn't order this. Gee whiz dirt again guys the good how. We're going to have a grand old time of this. Well just fine. I wanted to read. I highlighted a couple of moments. Just like a good Examples of the crazy language but like nobody talks like those anymore. He's their doctorate. Wen said you took care of Mister Turner. While he was alive and now he takes care of the children. He's got the oldest boy a job in a drugstore. He says he's grand boy. I have one win talking to her dad. He's grand so her dad is like saying good night to her. Do you guys remember the smart? Okay so so he. He's no hard feelings. No hard feelings. He looks so tired. Standing there in the doorway has slowed forward. His head bent a little. Lynn relaxed on her pillow and sesame. She had not set for a long time. I love you daddy. Dr Chambers did not answer at once when he did he said only and I you daughter and then he closed the door but he calls. Her daughter always calls her daughter so weird. Yeah it's gross. Also the the girls refer to their parents as mother and daddy did she call him Daddy. I actually couldn't. She calls him daddy properly armor noticing a discrepancy between that. It's not monarchy mother and Daddy Daddy which is pretty. Yeah here's another. Here's Lynne's reaction to an house you make you made the sofa cover yourself lennox exclaimed. Why in your positive genius. I never knew anybody who could make slip. Covers those watercolors charming? Where did you ever find them? I painted them and told her simply. You painted them yourself. Crossing the room windstar gazing at the pictures with critical I. They're wonderful so gay and full of life. I've always loved to draw but I could never do anything like they use. Where Earth aren't you wouldn't the art club. Yeah so fucking delightful just so satisfying because it really is. It's like never read anything like this. No and like if you did it would be someone trying to sound. Like exactly like he's not trying to just like the vocabulary style. People spoke Paul's first letter back to my God Lynne starts. Hi honey here I am. It's a great place but gee I miss you on honey I I was like I was very confused by that because I was like. What are they are they? They they just saying to us like this people here. I so I really liked that. Lynn calls dirt's bluff. That I was just GonNa say that I fuck in London so low. She's hanging out with an and dirk over. Needs like Ooh slumming it with my sister She's twenty girls or whatever it is he's saying he's like you wouldn't be caught dead with someone like me. That would you like if I asked you up for Saturday night. What would you say? And she goes. Oh I'd love to like right away. I was like how awesome land truly the most fantastic trophy way to start a relationship to like so. I was kind of gambling with glee because literally. He's like a Oh he's like. Oh so I guess you're not going to debutante thing. I don't think you're better than us. Why don't you and me paint the town red this weekend? And she's like I left to and he's like off okay and then just lean wonder actually in love with her to my God. Love the part where she is like getting ready for the for the date so says when Saturday evening finally arrived lean found herself dressing with as much care she had ever shown on her most exciting date with Paul. She selected her. Tan will dress with the three quarter length sleeves and gold belt the dark brown suede pumps with medium high heels. It was a good simple and striking and she hoped that Dirk who had never seen her except in a school dress or skirt. Sweater would be overwhelmed. He's always making remarks about my being a snooty princess. Lynn thought brushing her blonde hair. Back into a shining pony tail will all right. Let's see what it feels like to date. Princess all be just as gracious and charming can be the whale. Real princess always is with her subjects. But I'm going to dress in good taste and look like the kind of person I am not like the flashy girls. He's probably used to dating and then he brings were to a bar. Well I I of the movie. The movie sisters movies which by the way a reading the description of the balcony at the made me like we're just made me like nostalgic for going out. Yeah Yeah it was like Oh man there are people next to you making too much noise. Probably because they're making out like people are smoking or smelly or terrible. I was just like Oh man. That sounds great. I loved that she like. Here's a sound behind her and she's like what is that and then turns and she's like they're kissing. Don't look at it. Lindo lookout and she and then she's like we'll go to the next place and she's like where could this be as she walks in and it's like Brown. I like far Terminator Two. Yes when she gets to the balcony and all the kids are there and they're like wind chambers up the hill. What are you doing here? And there's a girl says the plump girl gave Lynn a shy smile. I'm Greta burly. You probably don't know me but I'm in your English class and Lynch like I know you you sit in the back and Greta Burley is like and then for the rest of the fucking her name. Is Greta Berlin or the rest of the fucking night? She's like Land Armored Me Lynn. No mate and everyone's saying now. I mean that night did sound completely hellish. I did feel bad for Linden because she like goes from one place to another and it's terrible and the other part is that he realizes that it's going terribly too and there's like he doesn't really know what to do about it and that feeling of like realizing that your date realizes that it's not going. Well Yeah and freaking out his rable so miserable especially because he actually likes her and he has been treating her well the whole time and like doesn't want her to be uncomfortable. He's date like to bother her. He just didn't know what to do. I really sympathized with linen this moment and it wasn't like mean it was just exactly how it feels to be in one of these situations. It's one of the girls was telling a story and a high shrill voice. The voice kept interrupting her to add comments of their own. Lynn fought. The story might have been amusing. If it had been about people she knew but as she did not recognize any of the names or places mentioned and she could not become interested. Yep Yep I love that. She checked out. That is what it's like. Also then she is. She's like I can tell that this is a funny story but like I don't even know what reaction to put on my face. That's one of those low dunk passages where you're like. Oh this elevates this thing so much because it's so clearly articulates that like you're hanging out with people that you don't know they've got their own vocabulary and like it means nothing to you. It's so relatable you're trying you try. I loved the moment where she's like in the car. So she drive Drive with another couple with Greta and this guy to another location to a second location. Never go to a second and she like weights in the car for him to open the door for and he doesn't do it and she's like what. Yeah she gets out and slams the fuck is this and then she. She notices that like the other girl gets out and doesn't have the door open for her age. The oh I suppose that's just how these poor boys act like just must be the customer to not open the door. Yeah it wasn't intended slight so I'm okay again and then it happens again at dinner and she's back to the culture when she's when she's with Anna and the dad is about to leave for work and he eats and he gets up and like he's running late. You doesn't say he doesn't. He doesn't excuse himself from the table. He says goodbye but he doesn't excuse himself you. Just get or wait until all the women are finished eating to get up. And she's like I just cannot imagine my father. Dr Chambers. Getting up with when mother isn't done eating and then he like pats are on the shoulder and is like. Hey thanks for coming over like it's really nice to see Anna hanging out with someone she doesn't really have anybody to hang out with and then he kisses. Anna Goodbye and he's like thanks for dinner. It was really good and leaves and she said Oh I suppose that he just simply doesn't know any better and that perhaps is why the door was not open for me way back on our first date. I liked the highlighted. A one two punch of Linz intention and her mom's advice and when she's sleeping over lying there in the cramped bed listening to answer quiet breathing beside her. It was just lost it. It was exciting to US SON OF A BITCH. I clicked on it and it disappeared lying there in the cramped bed listening to Ann's quiet breathing beside her. It was exciting to think of leading a wandering boy back onto the right path exciting and inspiring a tremendous challenge my God and then her mom. She's talking to her mom about it. he is. Nice Win said flatly. I didn't think so at first but now I do. He's just sort of well mixed up. You need somebody to help him. Mrs Chambers raised her eyes and gave her daughter a long book. And that somebody is you. Lynn flush well. Why not he seems to like and respect me. Why not try to help him? That's a good question. Her mother answered quietly. I don't know if there is as good an answer. I can only tell you what I have observed myself through a few more years of living than you have had she paused. It's good to be friends with people into like them and want to help them but no boy is going to be helped by a girl unless he is willing to help himself. I and no girl is going to help a boy by leaning down to him. She can help him only by standing up tall and inspiring him to rise up to her. It's good advice. It's all like there was just a touch of like you can't help a man by emasculating. But mostly it was very good advice after. Lynn's like spinning around an and house like I'm going to fix everything. Oh my God when she was like. That's go ahead go ahead with the thing. It's so weird about the about her like having that moment in bed where she's like. Yeah I could fix dirk. Is that it also like then she starts to have this episode where she's like remembering. Paul and like crying into the pillow. And you're my girl. Paul had said we've got something between US worth hanging on. Paul whispered into the pillow. I miss you I miss you. I miss you so much. And the of loneliness insider was something that nobody else no matter how much he needed her could take away it so bizarre and it's also this is the same night right that like she can hear everything going on in the in the house and she was flake. The walls are really thin. Like I could hear I could hear. Dirk like brushing teeth and like turning on his light in his room and like crying and rubbing went out to me. This is another moment of Lynn being like noblesse oblige about dating Dirk and even through her misery about Paul. She felt a slight stirring of excitement at the idea of having the power to reform dirk. I hope that's all capital power to desert. I am she did really. I call on our by the power of grace. Here's the moment winter sir. She's just taken off Paul's Necklace and Dirk says I love you. Dirk whispered please please try to me too. There was something terrifying in having a boy like this a hard tough boy suddenly week before her clinging to her in a kind of desperation she thought. I don't want please please. I don't want this. It's so fucking sad but she sat very still behind beside him and when he kissed her she wanted to cry for him and for her to and she thought of Paul. Paul I under I. Here's a weird is creating all of this drama for herself though. She and Paul are fine at this point. Nobody is making her like like. She's all that dirt. Nobody has asked await That's not true. An half her to do is like if you do anything in life please. She's all that Dirk. Please get out your little. Koos ball hockey soccer. I mean I I did get the whole thing in her head though of like when she's like I wanted to cry for him and for me while she's kissing him that I was like. Oh because like that moment when you're like fuck this guy like loves me and like I don't feel that way for him and he's just give me this fucking gift and like I'm GonNa break his heart like that's I can't I'm not I can't make myself be with him. And then Oh my God. That advice from her sister who was like so good. It's like well you gotta just like give it back now. What are you GonNa do like wait until it gets worse? Like keep dating him and then make him feel worse and worse when you break up with him. When you know you're not gonNA feel differently in you know that you still love. Paul was like Jodi Paul Moller so deeply unlike unlike with each other. Yeah Dodi's smart cookie. I liked doty. The her description when she is introduced is characteristically. Low Dunk. Where I'm like. Do you not like this girl home. You see if I can. I mean this is characteristically. The Genre of book we read to our might be of any book. People love going. There are not colossally beautiful Other personality gave them uncertain. Something doty was small and supple an animated. On first glance. She did not seem as pretty as Lynn for there was a sharpness to her that her sister did not have but when she was with people she liked and wanted to and wanted to have like her she had a charm that was all her own. My Dad I'm sure I'm sure this before on the podcast but when I was sixteen or so and my sister's thirteen or maybe I was like even my sister. Sixteen one of us was sixteen as the point My Dad at lunch said to our Seemingly out of nowhere tailor your classically beautiful and Wednesday your unique looking and I think that's better. It's like so low. Both are offended. So No one's happy dad. My Dad up and down God well intentioned loved us very much and was very bad at showing. Did you like this book Patrick I did. I liked it a lot. I read it all straight through in a single sitting And I felt it felt very I kept find found Flashing back to like high school over and over again and recognizing these beats of relationships of like just not understanding what you are to another person or just not understanding what they think you are to that Like it all felt very felt very real. Even though like Lin so inactive in like she just kinda floats through this thing but like I don't know I guess maybe that's also how I was in high school to where I'm just like well I don't know I got looks like I'm losing a bunch of friends over here and you'll get some friends over here that like it. All felt very real traversing between social groups. Yeah Yeah Yeah. We're made some more like conscious decisions. I pr- I probably would have been better off instead of like these people I fell in with but I mean that's so in junior high school like all of my identity was built around playing magic right like I played it so much. All my friends did. It's all we talked about. I would fall asleep thinking about magic and I would wake up magic filter all of my day through the prism of magic the gathering and then my family goes on vacation to Washington. Dc We drive out to Washington DC. Kelly doesn't know this story. Well WE'RE GONNA go to Gen con in Indianapolis and they sell all of their magic cards. And I get back and they're like hey we're all spend the night over at Ryan's heads up. Don't bring your deck. We sold all of our cards and I was like. Oh yeah cool guys real funny like what? What are we going to do? If we don't play magic right so I I bring. I bring my deck over Ryan's mom using your buying and yeah. I bring a binder. I bring my my main deck. Bring my my all random check which was like a new one. I was working on and sure enough. No one had magic anymore and we it was just gone gone but then it was also just like well okay. We have nothing in common anymore. My friends my entire social group vanished and so like in ninth grade and this was a middle school thing so it was a seven eight nine instead of being like freshman year in high school but so mine was but we called it junior high. Yeah I'm we may have called that you I don't I was I was Six Yeah it's switched from my between my freshman and sophomore year from one to the other. So why did you go to Roosevelt junior high and then San Diego High School? No school date for all the DEB. Your talk and my mom called you and made you. Do you think that Patrick would want to go to the dance with you? Such a nice guy. I did think that I can see now where I was mistaken. You I I know I lose the ability to speak when I am giant. I will show myself out. I appreciate you being so frank with me. Doty I going to blow the point. Is I related to then finding new friends? Yeah like kind of findings like people that you're like. Oh I just jive with these people better and like I just never thought to not be with this group of friends. I agree I had the opposite situation. Which is why I said what I did like. I would just follow into people. Even though I didn't really have much in common but I I did really like them and they'd make me laugh and we had fun together but like there was always a bit of a disconnect. Because I'd bring I'd like get interested in thing and I share it with them and it was just like like a deadlock as I tried to be. No but Tom Lehrer. So what you have to know about. The at the time is that there was an arms race on but Germany was our friend. Okay so if you've read oedipus rex then you understand that. This is a take on that but like movies at the time would have their and sunk. I think she was like there. Were like a couple. I remember like finding stuff in common with people and then like but because I wanted so desperately to be popular. I like not that I was. I was not popular but I wasn't like the loser loser in High School. I think in high school I was probably just somewhere in the middle pretty anonymous. You know so I wanted desperately to to to be part of the cool crowd and I remember actually finding some stuff in common with like kind of the Weirdo kids. But then I was like Ooh. I cannot be a Weirdo kid. So I like Tampa down. I was like no. I did the same thing. That's that's also kind of what I me and I was like in seventh grade. I got really into comic books but Comic Book Trading Cards Cool sure and I had a bunch of them. I had a binder of them and then I looked around at the other people I had gotten this from and who were also into these things that I went no. Yeah and they're just turned by back on people. I had something in common with and may have been happier with if I could have turned off that part of my brain. Yeah me too and like I think that's why I have no friends from high school because the people that I was really friends with in high school. I don't know that I don't know I don't know that I connected with them as well as I could have connected with like maybe some more of the fringe people who were probably like doing cool stuff now I like are like I probably had more in common with them. Yeah I think about him I I'm I'm still very good friends with people. I was friends with in college. Yeah I think it's hard to just like to still be friends with someone that you were friends with high school. Just because like everyone so horrible to each other than that like you end up saying and doing really mean things to each other and like you know then you move away and come back or don't come back and you're all like different people like I feel like it would be reviewed had to like re meet those people or less you keep in touch with them. You know throughout like there are people and you kind of change together because like I remember one of my exes had like so many friends like had you know a a group of high school friends. A group of college friends a group of friends after college like he had like all these like you know many different separate groups of friends and I think what happened with that group of friends that they all kind of grew separately together because they would see each other frequently but they also kind of all had their own lives and also had their own college friends in their own. Whatever friends so that's how Mike. Yeah so it's kind of high school and it yeah. They stayed so in contact. I didn't matter meaning. I only have a sense from now like I only have now. Yeah I did. I did stay in contact with them for a while. I was really good at staying in contact with people and then moved to San Diego and then when I moved back I hope Staying in contact with absolutely everybody. I knew and I don't know why I think part of it may have been and this is not saying. It's Mike was Fault because my very much encourages me to have friends but I think it was like I started seeing Mike and then I just for no good reason like just stopped making an effort to have friends outside of that and now I have no friends Except for Kelly because we have a podcast. I think I mean. Honestly it's it's the only thing that makes an in. This sounds really. I think we've talked about this This sounds bad but like I am such a workaholic. I really I really really am like to an unhealthy point where like it is ninety percent easier for me to keep up a friendship if I am working with someone on something because I will prioritize project. Yeah I will prioritize literally everything below work Yeah which is really bad. I mean it's like I just get this like Serotonin let's also like when when you're still at the level where all at where you're like. I I have to do this until I breakthrough. I can't don't have time for anything else. Because this is a very pressing yes the litter and especially when this is so close to the three of us could just get together and about a book. Shaar like just a normal social thing that we do but you know because it can also be this other thing that may lead to something bigger that we you know and also like yea like turning these these social thing into a project into work Like kind of blurs those lines. Where like so? I've been watching all the James Bond movies every day during quarantine with with my buddy drew and right at the beginning I was like. Do you want to turn this into content or do you want to do and drew? Who is a? He's an editor at valiant comics and doesn't do like podcasts and like performance stuff but he is you know he's he's a creative guy was like no. Let's just watch him? And I was like if I had suggested if if I was doing this with any other it'd be like Oh interesting it's a it's a show. Yeah something like no one can get kind of like I. I still like I. I now make an effort to like do things that are not projects. Because like it's good to do that job at the same time like for me. Working truly is an addiction. It really like it is like I if I can't do it like there's this like in me that's like you're not you working hard. You're yes you're not. It's like it's like truly this like like. I can't stop thinking it's like this little needle in my fucking brain that's just like turning And it can be really bad to wear like I get like angry. If I'm like not allowed to work I start getting like irritable and like It's not good. Why have the opposite disease? See what was I going to say this slide? Oh Yeah my friend wilder and Iowa like let's write a script together. We really fallen in where like trading ideas and it was and then I went. You're like a friend. I one of the few friends I have that. I don't have a project going with and I don't want to turn us into that like then whenever we get together. This is all we're GonNa do especially with something like that because with this it is so conversation all and we can really just be friends on a podcast while we talk about the thing whereas if you're like writing a script with somebody. I would she do this. We need to yeah. Yeah Yeah it's it's tough because then I'm going to be like I don't feel like working on that and I'm GonNa try to cancel plans all the time. Yeah so I didn't want it to be that. I wanted to purely look forward to seeing her without being like stressed warning to procrastinate. Y-you DIDN'T WANNA have homework to hang out exactly. Yeah Yeah and be like feel really guilty. If I didn't work on my stuff. Yeah Yeah it's frustrating. I mean assigns. Also just yeah. It's it's tough I would say if you can get a hold of this book which you can. It's just a little pricey. It's pricier than other kindle stuff. It's like twelve dollars on. So why do you think that is because it hasn't been reissued hour? I think probably near impossible to find in print so if you really WANNA get your hands on it. Then you're going to be willing to spend the money on probably like how they can't really make money off of it if it's like five people by exactly so they got that money because the demand is so low you know it's also like you can tell that they put no effort into putting this thing on when the first errors. Worry what's Worse Patrick? Like honestly like there's some of the books that we've read have like literally like the word foot in the sentence for no reason yelling really bad really really bad. There is a really bad. I can't think it was maybe Diane Hoh. Yeah we're like I feel like a character's name was spelled wrong pretty frequently. Oh No I don't remember for sure I mean. I did clock one time here. The Lynn is referred to as live. They're like and then I was like that's pretty cool now. There was one. There was one book that we read that I remember. Lindsay had the print book and I had the kindle version and it was so bad that I was like I had to highlight certain sentences because I did not know what happened. So I had to like Lindsey like what happened here and then she would tell me because I was like. What are they saying? I think it one of the cheerleader us. It was folks were and in addition to that like main character's names were being spelled wrong. Yeah Oh yeah. It was like Corky. Oh boy it wasn't like borking instead of corky. Something like crazy burkey something like that something crazy and then barking and bobby But so that's the book away WTOP. It was very enjoyable. Yup Thank you too. Yeah it was good to talk to you guys you do. You have anything you are first. Quarantine guest I am. I'm honored yeah anyway. Do you have anything you would like to plug? Yeah so I I spent most of last year interviewing the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Writers and artists for the comic series. And the I have a whole sixty page oral history of ID. Ws Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That is available now collected and expanded imprint in these special edition issue. One hundred up teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. So if you like the turtles at all a super like in-depth deep dive into like everything that the creators were going through when they made it. So you can get that now and then also the transformers. Valentine's Day issue. I wrote it about two. Robots Fall in love on an uncharted planet. And I love it to pieces and would love for you to check it out. You check us out there very very cool and very very good and worked really hard on them. And I'm really really really proud of. You likes there so bad. So check those out Do we know what we're doing next week? Yes we fucking do because This is I mean technically okay. Lose wasn't Crom but we really wanted to have all of our correspondents with us for prom month. And Patrick being our load on correspondent we chose debutante Hill because it is the closest load on got to a prom so a next week. We have mess Ryan Mogi on believe mis and doing sweet valley high a night to Remember Aka jungle a moments that led up to evil twin. Y'All we're going back into time is going to be amazing. I'm very excited very excited. Unlike evil twin I get the impression that a lot happens because it's all the stuff that they have to. They keeping like an evil twin. So thank you so much Patrick. Working People find you online you can find me on twitter at Patrick Underscore Ehlers and actually if you like both future future and previous Ryan Mogi and myself we are doing a Roswell podcast. It's Ryan's Roswell guests. But I've been co hosting it with her where we watch an episode of the original series and the Roswell New Mexico series. Come back to back as the air. That's called welcome to Roswell. And that's available on all podcasts. Yeah Yeah so thank you so much to Patrick. Thank you so much to everyone. Listens if you want to support our show You can do so by telling people about it or want to do it in a money way. PATRIOT DOT com slash teen creeps. We'd have a lot of very cool content up there. Were doing some extra extra prom stuff up there. So that'll be tight and special shoutout to all of our patriotic producers. Thank you to Adrian. Fritz Claire Morning mcphail Daniel Emily Gabrial Santiago grace armed call Wick Karen Lewis Miller Kelly arena. Landry Hooper barten- Mandalay Marianna tears Melody Megan laws like a Yunus. Miguel Camacho marks nick trigger. Iago's Pamela Randy Klatt row color Harare. Sarah Jarvis Shell Sasha gives again Sydney volunteers in Buckner Victoria. Bell Does Twenty Arte Inc. You thank you thank you. We really really appreciate it. Yeah Thanks for joining. Us catching next week. Keep it creepy.

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