Ep. 321: Doesnt Adobe Have Enough Money Already?!!! - and more


This is maternity photographer. Diana role is and you're listening to the pet a pixel for Takefuji podcast with Sharkey James. Enjoy this episode is brought to you by our good friends at Fuji film. Fresh books in ten by further. Details and discount codes later in the show. Welcome to the paddock pixel photography podcast episode. Three twenty one doesn't it Dobie have enough money already? This episode adobe looks at doubling up cannons removing something important luminary recognizes this and that Tam Ron has the news zoom disease. Six z seven get better and aperture gets cut off again for good all that. And more in episode three twenty one of the paddock pixel photography podcast. Thank you so much Diana for opening the show, I greatly. Appreciate it sister. Hawthorne, New Jersey base fine. Art maternity and newborn photographer. Diana row. Blaze is definitely one to watch her lighting is absolutely gorgeous. And you can tell she really connects with their subjects which is really difficult, by the way. And what results are some pretty darn beautiful photographs image after image after image and her feet is. So on point that it's crazy. I tell you you're going to be hearing a lot more about Diana in the future. No doubt about it. You can just tell and it check out her gorgeous, photography and awesomeness, head on over to her Instagram account, which is love print photography where are you going to see a whole lot of pregnant, women and babies photographed incredibly well, her lighting is just gorgeous. And I'd like to thank you all for joining us here in Rhode three twenty one of the pedal, pixel, photography podcast. Fast. We appreciate you all so much. And thank you offer subscribing reading or viewing us, and I tunes or wherever else you listened to us and that now includes Pandora and radio dot com. And as always we appreciate you hitting that subscribe button do it now, please don't miss a single up Assode as well as telling all your friends on social media and elsewhere and helping to get the word out about this show. Hey, if you I'll tell one person we would double our audience, that's even better. Okay. With that. I'm your host Sharkey James. Let's hit it. If there's one thing that we know about adobe aside from light room having been slow for so long and still kind of being is that they make a whole lot of money. We're talking billions upon billions of dollars and its well earned, and that's not just from having some classic products for creatives like Photoshop and light room and after facts at cetera. But in recent years, it's from their subscription plan ever since they instituted that. They're making money hand over fist. But they never seem to have enough myself. I pay nearly fifty three dollars each and every month for the creative cloud plan with all those darn apps even ones I don't use. But, hey, if I need them they're there. So there's that I don't mind though, because I use light room and audition at this show, for instance, Photoshop here in their use adobe after facts, it's okay. It makes sense to pay fifty three bucks a month. But if all you need is Photoshop light room. Mm-hmm. Hands down, and I've said this for years now. One of the best deals in all photography has been there photography plan nine dollars and ninety nine cents a month. And you get light room CC light room classic CC, which most of us use Photoshop CC. And you get twenty gigabytes of cloud storage. Well, you did or you can kinda sorta for now at least we don't know. And I'll get to the nuances that in a second here, but a second after that you might want to lock in the photography plan at a very reasonable price of nine ninety nine a month because now's the time to act and this is not an ad, by the way. No one knows exactly when or if adobe is going to change that. So now, it'd be the time to act as this episodes released in early may of twenty nineteen if you go to adobe dot com, and you're used to seeing that plan list that has nine ninety nine a month. You might actually now see it at twice that at nine hundred ninety nine a month. Myself. I still see the old price. But not everyone is. So it's clear that adobe is doing some AB testing here that is they're serving up that page equally or maybe not equally with each price. And they're saying how that affects their sales most companies do this or a lot of companies do and no one really notices. But when you're a massive company like adobe in your high profile it gets noticed word gets out quickly. And everyone's hair is suddenly on fire. And if you just paid twenty dollars a month for the photography plan, and you hear this and realize that people paid half of that earlier today, even that might make you kinda sore. I think it would definitely be worth it to talk to somebody at adobe and see if you can get the old price. I would now you may recall that the nine dollars ninety nine cents plan. I emerged way back in twenty thirteen as a special limited time deal. But it was such a massive hit with photographers in digital artists that the company made the deal. Permanent. Well, semi-permanent might be a better term as a in the future that's going to increase like everything else does and be it looks like that might be happening soon. Maybe we'll see and rather than a modest increase of say twenty five percent, which really isn't that modest? That's quite the increase. It looks like it's going to be a hundred percent if they go with this new pricing. In other words, a doubling of the price. So rather than the roughly one hundred twenty dollars a year, you may soon be paying two hundred and forty bucks a year. If you're a business owner, okay? That's still sucks, but whatever it's a write off. But if you're an enthusiast, and you're not making money with your photography. You may no longer be able to justify paying adobe each and every month for their photography plan now that price. So what we're seeing in screen shots is the new pricing offers the same programs as the old pricing. Rather than getting twenty gigabytes of space, you'd have a whopping one terabyte available, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that when push comes to shove most people would rather pay less each and every month rather than twice as much no matter how much space you're given. Now, the pedal picks the mothership reached out to adobe sales who confirmed that people are indeed seeing different pricing. And if you were saying nine ninety nine before, and you no longer are they say that for now, at least you can click the online chat bubble in the bottom right corner that page and ask for that nine dollars ninety nine cent price again, that's US pricing. So my advice would be to snag that while you can if and only if you're thinking about getting that plan. And if you wanna future proof yourself to the extent that you can from this possible price hike, you can do that by going through an authorized reseller like Amazon ad Aram a- etcetera where you can buy a twelve month. Tigra fee plan subscription for a maximum of three years. So you'd be dropping three hundred and sixty dollars US, but you'd also be saving three hundred sixty dollars across those three years. Now, we don't know how long this is gonna last. But if you go to Penn pixel dot com slash podcast, and he hit the show notes reps owed three twenty one. You're going to find a link to a hidden page on a Dobies website where you can still get that nine dollar a ninety nine cent a month pricing. But again for multiple years, you can only do that through a reseller. You can't do that on Dobie site. So what do people think about the potential doubling of the price of the photography plan? Like, we even had asked right? The mothership asked readers would they continue if the price doubled and of the more than five thousand people who've taken the poll thus far. A whopping eighty five percent said no ten percent said. Yes. Maybe and five percent said. Yes. Definitely. And while most everybody wouldn't wanna pay more. More. They may anyhow it's that or look at the number of free and fairly inexpensive options out there. They're out there and more than ever before to. We're talking to Finnity photo. You got luminaires they're so cheap compared to the adobe options. And they're getting better all the time. Now, why would adobe wanna double the price of the photography plan after all these years while money, of course, that or they think they've made a mistake all these years now by charging too little or maybe they just don't feel like they have enough money or something else. I know way to nail it down either way. It is not a good sign when the company that makes the software that you love and know inside and out is thinking about doubling it. No one enjoys that next. For now, still my go-to for a handful of editing photos is that's right because he listened to show skyline. Luminary, you know, the drill. If I have a large number of photos to deal with Colin photo mechanic as light room sucks at that. If we're being honest, and we are and I bring them into light room for some pain. I suspect though, that some point that's going to change I can see calling in photo mechanic for speed sake. Because nothing else beats it right now, then editing and luminaires that subject to change. But that's at least the way it's looking right meow. And if you're a current luminary user, you've got some fun tools at your disposal. Inversion three dot one dot zero Yuri. No that version one dot O accent and luminary was pretty darn impressive. But accent a I two dot CO markedly better side by side. You can see the difference. You know, the training wheels are off now and like most if not all a I artificial intelligence, it's gonna get. Better imagine that. Well, it's not going to get worse. That'd be a really bad sign and also would protect us from sky net. Just saying some people are going to get that reference for everyone else, Google it. You know, here's a crazy thought I wonder if we're ever going to get to the point where AI learns how we prefer to at it. And it just does it for us. I don't think I've ever considered that until right now is that even possible for a I I mean, hopefully, right. Can you imagine shooting like a thousand photos and not having to edit them? It would pick the best for you. And also edit them perfectly. That'd be great who wants to spend more time in front of the computer than they have to unless you really enjoy that the knock yourself out. I mean, even if that is possible you'd have to review the edits and make minor adjustments perhaps. But imagine if you're a wedding shooter, you could knock out your editing time from what is many hours to maybe under an hour per wedding. That's more time with your family or doing anything, actually, right. You can make some progress. You could also book some more gigs getting to the point where hey, I could pick the winners and losers from shoot that's probably not far off easily. Right. That would save us hours. But we're not there yet we're heading that way, though. With the latest version of accent AI though luminaires seeks to help photographers take tasks that took minutes and make those b seconds instead and that heads up and of this skyline Hmm says quote this bite. This current version of accent AI might not be perfect for every photograph with the luminaries three dot one dot zero update. Accent two dot zero changes that becoming completely human aware accent. I two dot zero feature is facial and object recognition technology, helping photographers create more realistic image and quote. So the AI recognizes that a person is in the photo, which is important, and then applies adjustments accordingly and. It works surprisingly. Well, okay. Maybe not surprisingly. I mean skyline is putting a massive amount of effort and dollars into their AI. And we're seeing the fruits of that right here. You know in samples that you can see online or after running three dot one dot zero update accent, a I two dot zero clearly favors opening up the shadows. And not just everywhere in the age. I mean, that's too easy to do. Right. You can do that with the shadow slider. Instead, it finds faces and it opens up the shadows. There. Now, if more prominent shadows is what you're looking for. You can of course, make that happen. You always have manual control over your images. No matter. What program you've using AI or not, and what's cool about what it does is as it's opening up the shadows faces it's knocking down the overexposed sky, for example, and to use a football analogy if the hail Mary pass slider. It's all in you may like it, and you may not, but it's doing a lot at once. And spookily well and its version two oh now the company is calling. It the smartest slider in the world. That's their words, and it might very well be accent AI two zero with this update also allows for more skillful color correction and boosting details. And of that skyler says, quote, if it can't make an object in a photograph looked better it won't be touched with these smart technology improvements photographers can rely on accent more than ever before. And quote. I mean, I don't know it's going to depend on how you shoot. And what you shoot you might like it you might not. But it's definitely worth trying out. I think now other improvements aluminum, three dot one dot zero include a way to easily organize your rob. Plus j peg payers as well synchronizing image just moments across multiple photos. Both of those are in the MAC and windows versions, by the way. And now for windows users, you can copy photos to a folder from within luminary off. Memory card or another drive, and you can now more easily select and de-select select photos in your gallery, if that also great to you. This update is free to luminaires three users. And if you're not yet using luminary the programs this seventy dollars US. However, if you hear this before may fourteenth of twenty nineteen the company is offering it for just sixty bucks also known as the cost of three months of adobe photography plan. If they switch to the double pricing that next. I'm running behind as usual and need to catch up with us. Share your legacy photo assignments. Sponsored by the awesome peeps. Over at Fuji film. But having look at Simon to share your streaks of creativity. There's a lot of beautiful images that are shot by those you out there in the audience it's gonna be hard to compete with. I tell you now before I get to those again, catching up assignment three is share your path, and that's just not leading lines and actual physical paths. But it might also be your path in life, get creative. Whatever your career is whatever drives you religion anything. Remember, very few of these assignments just like anything that we might assign ourselves in our personal work as photographers really needs to be literal. And a great thing that tried one that helps me out is writing down that literal idea and then thinking about what else comes to you not tangentially. But rather constrained to that idea that you wrote down, you know, it's too easy. Easy, of course to go off in tangents. And then suddenly, you're no longer on the theme. Those tangents though are very useful. You know, those are future ideas for shoots right there. So write those down. But maybe circle the ones that go with your theme. Whatever works best for you. Now before I forget I'd love for you to join our share your legacy group overrun flicker. So you can share your photos and also don't forget the new hashtag from assignment to forward, which is my food. You film legacy? All this Infos linked up top at my lend shark dot com site, by the way. So you don't have to write it down right now. Just remember to go there now in looking at the photos from assignment to again share your streaks of creativity over on Instagram. There are so many that it's difficult to choose from. But I love this great shot from our good friend. Timothy owls Brooks shot in Dallas, a vehicle streaking by during a long exposure. It's a really beautiful shot. You gotta see it and norm Hanson photo really came with the goods. There's quite a few great. Stories from him and by injuries. I'm not saying it's contests because it's not. But hint hint, you're gonna want to contribute just saying now in our flick or group the one that I really enjoyed is a gorgeous shot of sunrise breaking through the clouds at Montauk point by Mark Rosen garden, he shot it with his food film XT three which I still haven't received because I did not order it yet. But remember anyone can contribute? No matter. What gear you use? And don't forget Fujifilm's watching very closely and they're going to be sharing their favorites. From our share your legacy photo assignments on their social media channels, which are Jain enormous. So I love for you guys all the contribute. And now I just need to get out there and catch up. What's new next? Just last episode. I told you about canons new reasonably priced rather feature it smaller Diaz lar- assault. Three. What's known as a two hundred D I or a kiss x ten in other parts of this big blue marble that we all share? But that body I thought that would be perfect for a lot of people not most people, but the people that it's right for let's go with that body is even more limited than we thought. And there's a caveat to that which I'll get to here in a second as our friend. Michael Andrew also knows Michael the maven says in the first video that I've seen the call this out the S L three has no center pen, and it's hot shoe. So why is this purposely omitted item from cannon such big deal? You ask well it effectively makes it so only cannon made flashes and triggers are able to be used and there's a caveat to that as well again. We'll get to that in a second. Now. Said another way if you saved your money for a cannon SO three thinking that you can buy an inexpensive set of go, docs, photographs or any other brand triggers and flashes that aren't cannon your SOL as in the sun or soul in Spanish is the only thing that you might be able to afford that again a caveat. And we're getting to that. Now the cannon flashes that you actually wanna use not the tiny town short stack ones gopher two hundred dollars on up usually a lot more than that twice. What you're going to be able to pay for a good third party flash. So now, you're paying two hundred dollars. Let's say for a cannon four seventy E X, which is a really nice flash. And if you thought you dabble an off camera flash also OC f that's going to get pretty expensive quickly because multiple two hundred dollars canon flashes and triggers are going to really add up. So you thought you were saving money and cannon threw a wrench in that plan or tried to at least. And this isn't something that most people would even notice until it's too late. It might even be months later. So Michael myself and hopefully, others out. There are going to get the word out. But that doesn't cover everybody. Most people won't know about this until it's too late. Now, they won't do it. But cannon should almost have a warning on the box or let retailers know to inform consumers on their product pages that the asset three will not work with third party flashes. The center pin that's there on virtually every camera made for decades upon decades now is gone on the S L three. And that's a useful thing to know when you're dropping six hundred dollars on a cheaper camera, and you don't have a lot to spend on cannon flashes. Another useful thing, you know, is that the center pin pretty much just tells the flash to fire, and as a result, you can use almost any flash made by anyone with a standard hot shoe, but in manual mode now. Before you do that, though do some research because there's a certain old vivid tar flash, and possibly some others out there that could do real damage to your camera personally. I would never put a flash that wasn't meant to work with that camera system into the hot shoe. It's just not worth it fired via trigger wirelessly. Yes. In the hot shoe O'Hara CNO now to clarify. I'm not talking about folks, go docs, or any third party flash. Is that are made specifically to work with a cannon body. Let's say a mostly referring to flashes that you might find it a garage sale on EBay, or what have you maybe don't slide that into your hot shoe, bad things could happen? Knock yourself out though with a cheap set of manual triggers from cactus, if they're even still around or whoever else, I also wouldn't chance it with a cable, whether it's in the hot shoe or a PC sync terminal if your camera even has one maybe bad things happen. Maybe they don't you don't wanna find out. So a. Bit of the shine in my opinion, has worn off of the canon S three. If you don't need a set of flashes or you wanna pay double and get one that says cannon on it since they presumably did this to force your hand. Then go for it. That's perfectly. Okay. It's your money. Right. I'm not gonna tell you what to do either way. The Astle three is going to be a great camera. But check out episode three twenty for the details about that. If you're considering it it'd be a great second body so long as you don't need to use a flash unless you get cannons or jump through bunch of hoops. And we're getting to that still. In fact, we're doing that right now because the caveat is that rather quickly, and we're talking five days later, go docs, found a way to subvert the unnecessary nonsense. It was caused by cannon with a simple for more update that easy, and that's great. If you know that a your docs flash is able to be updated not a lot of people know that and be you pay attention to these things. But thankfully, you listen to the show. Most consumers though, they're not gonna have any idea though by a cannon S three. They'll get a third party flash. And they'll be disappointed that it doesn't work. One of my aims. When I started developing this show five years ago this coming July was to help inform photographers. But again, that's only helpful. If you listen to this show or you find out about it somewhere else. Most people they're just not gonna know. And I don't know why we didn't notice the sooner but cannons E O's rebel T seven, which is known as the fifteen hundred de and the two thousand as well as that kiss ninety and their canon Eos T one hundred which is the three thousand d and four thousand de elsewhere among other things those also don't have a center pin. I say shame on you, can and you know, this is a bad trend, and it needs to be reversed. It's anti consumer in my opinion, and it can be boarded anyhow cannon joss put the darn center pin back in fact offered to at it. If people bring it into be serviced. That'd be a great thing to do. You know, it's just not worth the backlash. It really isn't. So put back next. If you're in the Nikon's e system, which is currently the Nikon's e six and doors e seven you don't have long to wait until I detection, af more commonly referred to as is comes to your cameras via the firm update that the company announced this past January of twenty nineteen Nikon Europe just released a fifteen second long video showing this highly sought after feature which is slated to be released on may sixteenth. And hopefully, it works as well as they demonstrated it, I mean, it could be a lot like the burger you see in commercials versus the one you get in the bag. They toss you at your local fast food joint. What yours doesn't toss you your bag? They actually handed to anyhow, I digress. The point is that not all Implementation's are created equal to say, the least, and what does that have to do with a bag and tossed you nothing not a darn thing. But that's neither here nor there. Let's pretend that did not happen now. As we all know, we're being honest Sony is the undisputed champion of because they've been doing it forever. Now, it just works well forever in merely years, which are like dog years only, they're not. And who knows who's in second place. It seems like a distant second from what people tell me, I know that the IMF in my food you fill next to works. Pretty well. And according to friends who owned the x t three it is much improved. So I'm looking forward to that Nikon's though will see I mean, they're new to the serious Murless game. Right. So we'll cut him a little bit of slack. If it's at least as good as my x t to that would definitely be a wonderful start. They'll eventually catch up. They have no choice. It's go time right now for many years now here on the show, I've talked about how someday the big two would field serious Mierlo systems. We're talking full frame ones. Not the jokes. They had before. And we now live in that world. That's crazy canon and Nikon got tired of Sony kicking their butts. And now they're having to play catch up. That's not fun. They're going to catch up. Like today is not that day. It's coming though. And I suspect that may sixteenth isn't going to be either. We're talking their next generation cameras or maybe the one after that. I mean, it really strains credulity to believe that there is going to be on par with Sony's straight out of the gate. No way. If it is though then watch out the sleeping giant has learned. I suspect it will not though nail. And you've achieved something rather difficult at this point, even Sony would be sitting up straight, and they'll might come as a shock to a lot of people who've guzzled the Kool aid for Sony, but remember Sony as a player in cameras has only been a thing for a few years now and don't get me wrong. I've been singing their praises since the very beginning of the show when I jumped into Sony back when getting into Sony. We'll get you laughed at now not so much. Not at all. Actually. I mean, heck I still own Sony Murless gear, and I'll likely by more in the future. I bounce around like crazy, as you know, it's a thing. But as much as I love what Sony is doing. Don't forget that just because they're the hot full frame Murless system right now that two biggest full frame Diaz lar- players. The two biggest camera companies for decades. Now, we're talking canon and Nikon have serious full frame merely bodies in the game, and they're not just eyeing each other anymore. They're focused on Sony unintended, Sony as wells Fujifilm crop and Panasonic and Olympics and micro fourth thirds, and maybe Pentax way back there. And whoever else have all shown the big to what works, and what doesn't so. Now, what canon and Nikon need to do is implement much of what they've seen works improve on what they can and come up with things. That the others haven't, you know, it's not just Sony that innovates of eventually and occasionally Nykanen cannon will and do they really need up their games big time. So if you're thinking about going canon or Nikon full frame airless now you've got a lot to look forward to now personally, I would wait until the Mark two versions come out before making the jump. Those bodies are going to be that much better. In the meantime, though, and in just a week from now, boom, you've got I f now also in a future update, you're going to have raw video support. But if and only a few pipe it out via HDMI to something like an atom owes ninja five monitor slash recorder, which uses the pro res- rock Kodak, otherwise not you're also gonna have support for CF express memory cards that are going to be rolling out from Sony program digital and whoever else comes out with him this summer, and it's not clear which of those additional features are going to be in. That may sixteenth update. Maybe all of them. We don't know. So stay tuned next recently. I told you about my ten bucks solstice twenty four L that have in that. Really awesome. Blue. That's the one where others can't get your gear from behind. I love that. Well, I did it again. And I got myself yet another ten bag. I know I know it's a second. But I gotta do it. You can't have just one. And before I go further. Remember, you can go to ten but dot com and use the offer code Pedic pixel twenty and you'll save twenty percents off your entire order right now. Anyhow, I got myself a ten by Rhody air case roller Twenty-one, and for good reason to a couple actually I got the Twenty-one specifically because it'll be just fine in the overhead compartment of most airlines around the world. And what makes this particular bag different? Is that air case designation if on the off chance on flying, and it must be checked last minute. It can be and safely. That's the important part right there. That's because ten buzz patented layer wall construction, not only allows them to be safely checked, his luggage. You can also ship them as well. That's out protected. Your gear gears, you can even put four hundred pounds of weight atop it, and it's virtually uncrossable. Now, it'll hold to Diaz LARs with grips or three merciless bodies eight to ten lenses, and that also includes a four hundred to eight all in a gorgeous case says nice luggage. Not steal me cameras and lenses are inside. There's also a laptop in document pocket. Small pockets for excess Sary's TSA approve lock for the main compartment as well. As a braided steel, cable and padlock should you need to secure your bags somewhere? And the wheels are like butter. I tell you there may with high carbon steel bearings inside. So they roll smoothly. And as heat builds up. It's not going to cause them to seize up like with other bags. There's also full grain leather handles on the top inside for comfort a pop outside pouch for attaching a tripod or light stand or what have you? And if it gets wet out, no problem. There isn't included ring cover as well. And of course, this is a roller. There's a telescoping handle. And if you need to attach another bag to this bag, there's a tuck away strap so you can. Catch it now years ago, a friend of mine was forced at check their normal roller. And sadly gear God damage now, thankfully, they had insurance. But if they had the ten by Rhody air case roller Twenty-one, they could have saved the headache and hassle of filing a claim not to mention being without all their gear. So to see what the big deal is all about and watch the video rolling through each and every feature this bag head on over to ten but dot com, that's t- and BA dot com. Use the offer code pedal, pixel twenty and save twenty percents off your entire order right now. Next time is valuable right? I mean at something we never seem to have enough of. I know I don't whether you're shooting part time or it's your full time gig. What if you could reclaim up to one hundred ninety two hours a year of your valuable time a hundred and ninety two hours. Well, our friends at fresh books who make ridiculously easy to use cloud. Accounting software for freelancers are the architects behind this question. And for good reason by simplifying tasks like invoicing tracking. 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In all you need to do is head on over to fresh books dot com forward slash pet- pixel and enter paddocks on the how did you hear about a section? I use fresh books to invoice fresh books, and I want you guys to see why next. I've said it before and I'll say it again. And they love it when I say it because we have such a large audience. But if you're not having a look at the lens offerings of third party lens makers like Tam, Ron and sigma token, maybe not token, oh so much. You're doing yourself and your photography a disservice because I've long since lost count. Like, I was actually counting, of course. But I d sin percentage of photographers absolutely refused to consider glass that isn't all matchy matchy and made by the same company that makes their camera, you know, decades ago, you could definitely make the case for that today. Yeah. Not so much. I mean, sigma art glass is incredible tamarin keeps knocking out of the park. And oh, yeah. The ladder also known as Tam Ron AOM glass for some of your favorite camera makers. So you might already be shooting tamra. You don't even know it now. Oh kina as I indicated still not a big fan. I'm starting to turn. But still I got some really horrible dreams of crappy ugly token glass for my earlier days in photography. They were horrific now in all fairness to them, though, our friends, Sony art is in drew, drew racy who shot the awesome time, lapse intro and house of cards. You guys have seen that before. Right. Great show. He loves his token glass and popular rooftop, or I know are reminded about gravity all the time yet, he still wants the shoot from the tops of buildings. It's says life, anyhow popular rooftop or Timothy all's Brooks is ridiculously happy with his token glass. So I might have to dry some some time. Now, this is all say that third party lens makers are the real deal look at Tam on seventy two hundred to eight G to for instance. That thing is legit. I had a brief time with it. But let me tell you that thing is crazy sharp and at twelve hundred dollars. It's a thousand dollars cheaper than Nikon's is Nikon's a grand better than Tam. Ron. No, no. It's not most people, especially the one that owns it. They're not going to know the difference. So save thousands bucks and put that towards another lens. That'd be great. Now. The latest lens out of the third party lens maker Tam Ron is their new thirty five to one hundred fifty millimeter f two point eight two f four D I C O the model eight zero four three alphabet soup of lands a fairly fast and rather compact zoom for canon and Nikon full frame dias Laura shooters, who don't want to break the Bank. It's just four point nine inches long. Also known as twelve point four centimeters way, seven hundred ninety five grams also as one point seven six pounds has fast, quiet, more precise. Autofocus thanks to its optimize silent drive OS the DC motor. There's a digital MP microprocessing unit behind that af performance and a full five stops of vibration. In compensation five stops. That's amazing. There's a special lens element in there to help deal. With optical aberrations a minimum focusing distance of seventeen point seven inches. Also known as forty five centimeters, a seventy seven millimeter filtered red size and remember by screw on filters in eighty two and get a step up bring or you will be sorry. You will thank me right now for that. There's also a nine bladed circular aperture aim moisture resistant construction, a BB a R broadband anti reflection coating to reduce ghosting and flair to the extent that it can Anna flooring, coding, resist water and oil and of this. The company says quote Tam Ron has applied magnificent craftsmanship to a beautiful intuitive designed to produce zoom with superior look and feel from the outer contours of the lens to the deftly work luminous gold brand ring, the quality. This lens is second to. None even details like the shape of the. A switch box and the precision and stability of the metallic mount reveal commitment to functionality as well as design and quote now, I read that marketing speak nonsense because come on the quality. This lens is second to none. I don't think. So I'm sure this lens isn't their best lens. I'm sure it's really nice. But whoever wrote that marketing mumbo jumbo got a little bit too excited. Perhaps is it a great lens. Maybe their best lens though. Let's hope not and deftly. Who knows what that means? No one uses death. Leany more come on. Now that all aside if this new tamra and thirty five to one hundred fifty millimeter f two point eight to four D, I V C the alphabet soup of land. Sounds good to you. It'll be available in Nikon f mount may twenty third twenty nineteen and about a month later on June twentieth in canon EF mount both of which by the way can be preordered right meow for seven hundred and ninety nine dollars US. Next. Again, I swear this is not a story from two thousand fourteen swear to you. Apple aperture has been off my radar for a number of years. Now, in fact, until recently, it's literally been years since I've mentioned it here on the show why because apple officially killed it way back in two thousand fourteen you know, half a decade ago that after all why would you talk about a program that hasn't received an update in five years. You just wouldn't do that. That's not news. What is news though, is that after MAC OS, ten dot fourteen also known as Mojave aperture will just completely stop working forever. So users who manually upgrade or have their MAC set to update automatically are gonna have quite the surprise. Because if they've been squeezing every last drop out of picture for all these years, they're going to have a decision to make in an article on its support page. Aperture apple has made this announcement. And as a solution. They've provided details on how you can migrate your photo libraries into apple photos, which not a lot of people use or adobe light room. And of the stuck company says quote in June twenty fourteen apple announced the discontinuation of development of aperture since that time apples released five major MAC. OS updates for technical reasons. Aperture will not run in the future version of MAC OS after MAC OS Mojave to continue working with your aperture photo, libraries. You must migrate them to the photos app included with MAC OS or migrate them to adobe light room. Classic and quote, our friends over at macrumors note that this is due to the transition from a thirty two bit to us sixty four bit architecture, and as a result, some files which are in legacy formats or Kodak's and such well, not be compatible with MAC. OS ten fifteen whatever they end up calling that. Now, if you're running light room classic version, five dot seven or later, you've already got a built in tool to migrate aperture libraries in the light room. Catalogs and with some exceptions your library structures. Your meta data, an image adjustments should be retained so with as large as our audiences. There's gotta be a sizable number of people who are still using aperture. And if you are reach out, I want to hear from you all three of you know, it's probably more than that for. Let's go with four. So you're either gonna keep using MAC OS ten dot fourteen Mojave for as long as you can as long as your computer can run it or previous installations of MAC OS. If you're still doing those personally, I'm not on Mojave. I don't even know what it's called that. I'm on it just works. I don't care anymore or what you can do is you can bite the bullet get light room or even a competing program like luminary and just. The jump right now. Either way, I think it'd be wise to start putting some thought into this. And maybe don't have a look at the rumored upgrades that are coming to the new MAC OS because if you like those you're going to have to cut aperture loose forever. I mean after five years come on. Now's the time pull the band aid already. Now before we go don't forget this week's photo assignment. The list of all them is on over at length. Shark dot com at the top of the page. And also I'd like that. Thank you all for listening Nep Assode three twenty one of the pedal, pixel, photography podcast. Don't forget that check us out at petty pixel dot com slash podcast, but the show notes and see what else we have for you. If you had on over there. You can leave us a voicemail question that we can answer here on the show or if you don't feel comfortable leaving a voicemail feel free to Email me at length shark at gmaiLcom. And if you like to connect me personally, and I hope you do hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook where I'm lent shark. That's L E N S S H A R K. Don't forget that to us in the middle there. I don't know who lend shark is. I'm not responsible for what that guy says also don't forget to head on over to my deals page lend shark dot com slash deals for all the Kern offer codes from our great sponsors that is the single best way to help support this podcast and insurance law. Engevity aright with that. I'll see you all episode three twenty two. Well, it's F eight and two fifty the second outside. It's time to shoot. Please. Subscribe to the pedal pixel for free podcasts. My daddy is a hoax. Would the latest accent AI, though, luminaires seeps luminaires seeps. I mean, put some gaffer tape on it and that probably stops.

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