Quack, quack, quack Mr. Cristobal


Espn college football. Podcast hosted by paul finebaum. Matt berry. I yes it is sunday tradition. Unlike any other it is the espn college football podcast. Five days a week. We get started here on sunday. Mornings with paul finebaum berry. Hopefully you're having a cup of coffee ice spicy. Bloody mary whatever. You're doing to wash down at your saturday of college football. Good morning. how are you. I am doing great man. I was just Participating myself since someone else's talking to me today that When was the last time. Jim harbaugh was smiling and ohio. State fans were frowning. It's been a while yet. you know. That's a great place to kick this thing off because it was the game of the week to slate than otherwise let a lot to be desired and it was oregon traveling into the shoe to take on ohio state. Oh and nine against ohio state was oregon ryan. Dad never lost a regular season game. Twenty three marino and paul. We sit here sunday morning. And here's a sentence is probably even more bizarre than what you just said. What a day. And what a win for the pac twelve. They've had some you know they. They've had some very impressive. Wednesday almost had an even more amazing day with a colorado and in position but But they give back a couple of other places but none of that matters when you when you think about. This is the biggest game of a weekend that that really because it's so early. I mean i'm still struggling to used these marquee noon. Kickoff matt that it sets the tone for the day as opposed to aware that game normally would have been should have been frankly in prime time where we waited all day for it and it. If you're an ohio state fan you don't remember anything else the rest of a day and if you're a fan of mario cristobal which i am you start thinking in your mind. Is he a nice job in in in taking over for willie taggart. is that right right. Well the dagger. What a name from the past. Yeah you know in our producer of the stars here travis. Rock oldies ohio state grants you know when when when you go to ohio state. You had that game you were put out of your misery by four o'clock you gotta just move onto other things but it is studying to me in a season where and big picture of this look without gabon. Thibault strive got four. Am brain without came montijo in this game. You thought okay. There's no way they're going to be able to stop ohio. State's offense ohio states defenseless can be able to shut down anthony brown. Jaber down the rest of this offense but when you look at the big picture with what comes out of this we've already seen clemson lose a game and we've already seen ohio state lose a game. And what did we say at. The beginning of the season is the same four teams every year. Alabama clemson ohio state oklahoma in now two of those teams. Paul already suffered a loss in week. Two met i. It just goes to show you that even though We get paid the same. The the pundits are having a bad early two weeks because Yeah i can't tell you how many conversations i had may june already figuring out the playoffs and already having those two in and i think it's great Since it's pretty obvious to playoff expansion is not happening anytime soon. And i say that twenty four hours removed from lacey conversation with gregg sankey of the sec and on that committee. We are going to see a different look. And i think that's that's good for the game. And i'm not saying ohio state can't find a way back although they're going to need many horses and seeing eye dogs to help them because we're because right now they are struggling team and a couple of people Criticize them after that thursday night. Game against minnesota and people people push Don't worry about it. Were there was plenty to see in that game that you're portended this. And you mentioned tibidow. The idea of them winning the game without him as is mind. Boggling fees the first overall. Pick and jesse joey and i were talking yesterday. About geena came on wisely playing. Could he played and my thoughts on this. Paul is number one overall pick. Based on a small body of work we saw against fresno state. You could probably argue a heisman trophy candidate. If you're mario cristobal. You're thinking you know what this is a big national stage for us. Then everything would be right in front of us in the pac twelve to go in the conference and back in this conversation so for cristobal too. I don't wanna say gambling. Because i really don't know the status of his overall health for grits to sit him and they were out without one of their other best defenders and then go in there and get the win. You have to start wondering now is this a case of as you said. Ohio state didn't look great against minnesota. They needed the second half by the way minnesota guy everything they could yesterday but is this a case of oregon being better than we thought or ohio state. Not being as good as we thought. I am going to attend a little bit toward oregon here. That's only because all of your ohio state fans have told me how great they are and you have to believe fans don't you so another thing to point out and that that's a play selection of joe moorhead who i- maligned often as the mississippi state head coach where we forgot what a good job he had done at penn state and and how they stay they were hurting after he left and he's a brilliant offensive play caller and all all all the scenarios in this is one of the thing. I like about this Is this really exercise. Some of the demons of two years ago. Remember that opening weekend when oregon flat out blue a game win against against auburn And it cost him dearly Probably cost him a tie. A playoff spot that you're so i it's still. It's still a little hard to to to put your teeth into what's wrong at ohio state other than some of the obvious fundamental situations that we've seen for two weeks they can still find a way back but i will say that. There's a team from iowa this lurking. Here's what we know about the big ten on sunday morning is is we kind of. Don't know we think we do. We still believe that. Ohio state is the best team in the conference. Michigan gets the win against washington. We knew that was common because washington just one of those teams that had a ranking to them that didn't belong in and the athletes are different. I say this over and over and over again just watching yesterday watching sixteen hours of football the athletes at ohio state. that's it can light debt. Sprite tack on stay awake watch. Hawaii play But the athletes. That ohio state trots out. There are still different than the ones that michigan puts out. There are still different than the ones. I will puts out there in iowa. Got the win and cy hawk. There's still different. And they're still the best team in the big ten. How far that goes towards the end of the season. The thing that remains to be seeing yeah again. I don't think we can. We can solve anything else from ohio state right now until the season plays out and i know that that's disappointing to the hot. Take twitter verse. But i am not going to I mean last week. Many were burying clemson. But it wasn't because of clemes and it was because of the acc. It's not as easy to bury house eight. Although the home loss is is pretty bad You compare that to a neutral site game. But i don't think though. I don't think the game this game per se is going to cost ohio state down the road. I think if they run the table and win the big ten That will correct itself but it still a lot to digest. And it's it's a it's just one of those inexplicable moments that it wasn't so much that we didn't think it could happen. It was just we. We're just conditioned under ryan day to think that he'll find ways to things that urban meyer didn't urban meyer loss games on the road. Losing a well. Let me correct myself. He calls himself a national championship. In two thousand fifteen. Losing the michigan state at home. But i just didn't see that happening first time in ohio state history that they've given up at least thirty points in the first two games of the season and as i look at their schedule paul they've got tulsa got akron and they hop into big ten play again at rutgers maryland at indiana which is no longer a good game based on what i you did early seasonal as they find their way back the only ranked game as of this morning that sits on their schedule is penn state at home. And so i'm gonna apply the same logic to the ohio state argument on sunday as we did last week to clemson may were in a slug fight with georgia. We looked at clemson schedule. Like where are they going to get the quality win so parliament asking the base. Mosquitoes legis reggie there at michigan. The annual rivalry game michigan state. Looks good mel tucker your to they want a couple of games will wears this quality. Wind gonna come now from ohio. State based on what's left best shot would be the big ten championship game. And that's a long way off. But i think that's really it and that that would probably trump an acc championship game. But i i. I i think if we learned anything man we frankly didn't learn because we're talking about right now that we probably should quit doing college football playoff calculus in september i. It doesn't work very well and it's not stop us but i that would be my only answer to you that if it all plays out like the predictor seo will then they'll they'll have one decent game two to mark during the season and quite frankly At the what iowa will what will what do you think they could be ranked by the end of the year. Yeah in that they just keep winning. Spencer patriots looked good yesterday. In that cy hawk. They've now beaten iowa state six consecutive times and with the cycle every year i buy into the mat campbell. Mystique repulse common back. Brock parties coming back. Xavier huts higher tight. End room the lime. Everybody's coming back. And i just don't know what it is about him. I want that feel good story. But it doesn't appear that we're gonna get it again because of an early season mishap. No and i don't know how many times Somebody tried to convince me or probably you that i will stay with a playoff team and i i was showing some college football elitism by about laughing at it and i'm going to continue to laugh at it. We were trying to figure it out like what is it like. Why is it and look. I don't want to take anything away. From what matt campbell's built in ames because the vada told you five years ago that i iowa state would be a featured game on saturday with kyle is game day parking. The bus there we to at each other so it's still to a point where it is a good story but in time of program gets an opportunity on a national stage to make you believe and then they do just the opposite you almost go back to the mindset. You were because you you're again you're told hey they're here and then you watch the game for three and a half hours you know like well. That's that was an adorable storyline. But they're not. You don't get a moment like that. Very often i can. I don't i don't choose the sites of game day but the is going back to iowa state anytime in my lifetime is not good. I mean that is that is your moment You have to. Ucf game day. A couple of years memphis had gained. You win those games. Because you don't get those eyeballs. And quite frankly i don't really care about iowa state the rest of the way you can prop them up and say oh well that's going to be a great game. you gotta oklahoma and all these spare me the conversation. I'm officially done with iowa state. I've i've been over hyped too much on that program. We've invested a lot of emotion in them so as chris leak that bear from college. Game day he's been trying to tell anyone who listened to the dark horse darkhorse but now iowa kirk ferrets they continue to be the dominant program and the state of iowa and i love peaking at the schedule in the early part of the season. Is i peek at iowa schedule. I'm always looking like who's going to be that team. They've got kent state next week. Colorado state then they hop back into big ten play against maryland on the road but much like ohio state their first real test again is against penn state and then right now on their schedule the only other ranked game they have at the moment. Who knows what this means by them is out wisconsin. So as i peruse some of these big ten schedules. I'm paula up. I'm looking at it. And i'm trying to figure out. What kind of resume is this. Conference gonna have by november. What what Who is this league. What is this league. The dominant program in this league just got thumped by a pack. Twelve team scored nine indicative of what we saw. What is the big ten here as we sit here on september twelve well a new to help iowa certainly as a standard bearer. I mean i'm not ready to To call penn state. I mean they'll have a big weekend coming up on in the national spotlight. And that's good and you know going out saturday. Night and beating auburn Is not going to advance your cause very much matt. They'll have to win a columbus. So i think it comes down to those three and i know some in ann arbor saying. Are you not forgetting the most obvious. Yes we are good for for. Jim harbaugh to win on a national stage. It's been a long time since i remember that happening. But you know that game. That game was devalued before it began because of what happened to washington the week before. Yeah and you wanted it. I was excited coming into the week. Because you know to rose bowl. Matchups pac twelve big ten washington michigan. Ohio state oregon. You'd love to see these on new year's day in pasadena may split. Pac twelve got one big ten. Got one as we move along to week. Three with both of those teams l. Four those teams those conferences sonos is the official sponsor of espn college football. Get in the game with the premium sound of sonos ark. This sound bar brings all your entertainment to life with breathtaking realistic sound and the immersed experience of dolby at most. So you feel like you're in the stadium and when the tv's off sri music and more from all your favorite services mix and match sonos speakers all around your home to create your perfect sound system. Everything connects quickly and easily over wifi. Visit sonos dot com to learn more. It's our favorite time of year as we're back traveling. The road of college football and goodyear knows the passion and excitement. It's eggs that drive forward whether your team is home or away. The games traditions are still the same. Through every i down touchdown or fourth quarter comeback by moving. Anything is possible years here to drive you forward on the road that moves us all goodyear more driven. Sec nation was in fayetteville. Arkansas texas steve sarkisian feel-good story week one getting the wedding louisiana. Sam pittman continues to change things there at arkansas. This is going to be an sec. Game coming up texas one a bit of. Espn they wanted the taste of the sec. And paul. After saturday night taxes got taste the sec and they didn't even get it from one of the better teams in the league with all due respect to arkansas. They're still on their way up and top to bottom texas. Got be no. I spent the weekend in. Fayetteville matt and while the enthusiasm was high and the hatred towards texas Never dies This this isn't even a middle of the road going into the season. A middle of the road. sec team. I mean we're talking about in over the sec Two years ago. With chad morris and and last year three wins. Which really should have been more but i have to give sam pittman the credit. I mean he. He's an an unorthodox head football coach at a major school. You had likable guy who probably had one shot ahead in any any. He hit the lottery and he's made the most of it and i'm not saying he. His season is done But beating texas. Matt it's hard to explain how important that is. This is a an intense rivalry and they look good. Doing it. just wasn't just a a bad field goal that hit the upright and dropped over. I mean they. They just pounded texas. They eviscerated the longhorns and as far as what is next for texas. I think we we read way way way too much into louisiana that that was a good team last year the clearly a totally different species this year and in arkansas. It's going to win a few games but what was most important is. They're they're building program and they had eight thousand recruits in for that game and they'll they'll benefit from it as well. Yeah what was it like their fan. I've been there a couple of times and you could for people who've never been to bill or on the campus of arkansas. I will tell you that area. That northwest corridor of arkansas. Those facilities in that area. You think arkansas crew get kid that campus in those facilities in that stadium in you forget that this was once a very proud football program with good lineage. It they can just get that thing resuscitated. You've got another problem in the sec. West i think arkansas has always been one of the really good jobs with perhaps too high of expectations pot. What were people saying throughout the week while you were there. There were optimistic but they knew. And even sam pittman told me this yesterday that you know that they have. They have a long way to go from a recruiting standpoint. but but here's where they had the advantage. They have an advantage moving forward when when you're on that campus. That there are no distractions. It's arkansas basketball great too. I mean it really is They've won championships in basketball. But it looks wonderful. It's a one it's a one sport state. there's nothing else other than the university of arkansas. And secondly it's one of the most misunderstood areas areas of the country. I mean you think about fayetteville like man that's gotta be. You know like a one horse town wrong when you fly into fayetteville you you land in a place called rogers arkansas which is thirty miles out and you ask yourself why in the world with the university of arkansas. Have an airport thirty miles out. Well let me tell you why you go on this country road from the airport about four miles and you land in bentonville arkansas. Which is the headquarters of walmart. And that's what makes that town tick. You just have no earthly idea. The engine that that fuels north west arkansas. Because i don't want to go. I can do a whole like i'm trying to sell you on our on walmart. But walmart's the biggest retail company in the world and if you are a vendor for walmart and you live in hartford connecticut you move to north west arkansas. Because they're not coming to see you in hartford you're setting up shop right there because it's so big and so expansive there's also a couple of other fortune five hundred companies tyson chicken yet and it just so happens that those two are big benefactors of the university of arkansas. You can't go anywhere in the stadium and not see their signs. And i'm just wondering With nfl having landed. How many how. Many young are arkansas. Football players will be doing something this week for walmart. Yeah i love you guys. Were there in we kind of branston to this discussion. Because you're right People rightfully who haven't been there wouldn't know they wouldn't know that there's a ton of money in north west arkansas. It is one of the most affluent well to do areas in anywhere. Forget arkansas. it's just too good looking area and with tyson and walmart you. You're talking about two major major major major billion dollar corporations that are sitting there next to what could be a power school in every sport imaginable. And you got one more billionaire to mention who was there. Who was there. And you know elia jerry jones. He was part of the sixty four national championship. Team with jimmy johnson. And it's you're talking a lot of money. So i know we went off five minutes. It sounded like you know we're doing wall street week here but you have to understand in this current culture of college football moneymatters money does matter and sometimes we'll get into this and there's always arguments because i'm gonna i'm gonna hit. This is paul with the lack of sleep. I got you just amazed by the segue. I'm gonna give you. But sometimes in coaching we fall victim to sizzle over substance. No one in their right mind unless you are connected with the program understood who. Why and what. Sam pittman was doing getting this job. No-one we were like oh okay that you know if you knew arkansas football you knew as you new coach there okay. Good story simpson's back but you're thinking well wait a second. You're going to hire this guy. That's a virtual unknown to run an sec program with a lot of money attached to it. That's the steps the substance. You know what this is. All higher was a couple of years ago when willie taggart buried florida state. It was mike norval in all of some. You have a team. I never seen. I can't remember the last time a program or a school gave away goodwill from week. One and a loss like florida state. Mike nobel did against jacksonville state last night in one of the most inexplicable endings to a game that i've ever seen. Yeah and i think we can quickly remove man. It was like a disney movie. Sunday night with milton. Mackenzie milton and you felt bobby bowden in the stadium. Okay we heard it. Don't bring it up again because there's no excuse and that everyone by now has seen the video. I'm just trying to figure out those two defenders who all they had to do with sneeze and tackle this guy. What were they thinking or are they doing in town them. I mean you give up a big pass. Understandable your plane premium but come on. The effort was disgraceful. That's coaching i effort in leading. We were onset getting ready. Doing halftime of the byu utah game. Get ready to do that. We're we're get ready for college. Football final in our producer in our ear. And he's like you guys are never going to be what happened. We had the tv on joey. Jesse and the tv's in the monitors and he says to us this executive says to us or watch the replay. He says jacksonville state. Just beat florida state on a hail. Mary and so. We're already entertained by her. Watch the replay. I've never seen gallo at this time of night. Be so animated in my life when he said that wasn't the last player like what are you talking about it. Because that wasn't a hail. Mary was well no no. It wasn't a hail mary. He could not believe that in fact it wasn't it was a normal play with florida state man to man coverage in the final. Play the game getting beat and not being able to tackle a receiver from jacksonville state to end a game. No you're right and by the way couple years ago jack state almost beat. Fsu and they. I think they lost it on last split-second kick or something and you know jacksonville. State has got a good football reputation. But i'm not building up. I'm just saying that you cannot take any and it's one thing not to take a school like that seriously at the beginning of the game. But you're down to the final play. Maybe show some intensity as it looked like flag football. Yeah let me just reach out and you get within three inches guy. But they deserve to lose. And i. It's just one more black mark against The acc and we. I just monday afternoon on our show. At all i heard from. Fsu fans man. The spirit of bobby. Don't watch out for us clemson better. Yeah no no. None of us need to watch out for you anymore. Yeah and if you peel that back a little deeper. I thought just pure effort wise. What florida state deal with. Notre dame was great k. Look good for them but if you started peeling back some of the layers of decisions that were made in that game and you really really really paid attention new questioned mike norville going for fourth down so early in that game which ended up being the difference. You questioned him doing that Review that ended up icing his own kicker who ended up missing the field goal that ended up being the difference so while there is a positive body of work to go off of you saw decisions in gaming. It's notre dame moore bell made you take pause and then all of the season sudden you see what happened. Last night i was. I was trying to the last time we team. That was such a feel good story waking up on sunday morning. And you're like you know what this is worse than we actually thought there are. There are a lot of major upsets in college football history. Where the next week. The team blows it but they usually don't blow it to jacksonville state so that another black guy for the acc. When you had an opportunity to to to make that palate taste a little better. After week one pin goes into your alma mater. Tennessean gets a win a four hour game. It was fun to watch it with no tainting to watch. I don't think there's any argument that ended. Hooker needs to be the quarterback at tennessee. Moving forward and i saw joe milton. Look joe milk to create a player. If i was going to create an athlete on a video game. I'd make him look like joe milton. He just can't connect with a wide receiver. He overthrows just about everybody. Yeah that was as you look not to spend much more time this season on tennessee but it but as you look at their schedule This was the most important game On the schedule because it was really the only way they get to being bowl eligible Because they're not going to be. Florida georgia alabama. Just go right down. The list of of of kentucky probably So so this was their mom and they let it get away in a game. They should want and honored. Johnny majors and johnny majors won national championship at pitt and he got fired at tennessee. Figure that one out for yourself. Yeah it was one of those big. It was a. It was a weeks later games. And we had to find one or two that would entertain us and that was one of them in one of those teams in the in the. Acc that keep an eye on because they've got a really good nfl quarterback and pick it. Seems like he's been there for a decade. But we're we're trying to get the point of the season. Paul through two weeks Trying to find a team here in a team there who can make things difficult for one of these ranks teams. I dunno kit it. Maybe i thought. Nc state was going to be it and then they go to starkville and just get their teeth kicked in that has to be one of the most disappointing losses on the board. Because that's a team that the acc acolytes were trying to make all of us believe was was legit and then you know they. They got run by team that that needed a field goal the previous week to be what it was that louisiana. One of louisiana's louisiana tech. I'm sorry there's so many down there So i really gave him. Mississippi state life which You know they have lsu coming in two weeks or they're they're they're they're playing but then you know nc state. You can't take them too seriously anymore. And again i genuinely feel badly for jim phillips a new commissioner of the acc to be wondering what he got himself into. When you look at. And i'm not going to get into miami. They were celebrating beating appalachian state like they had just done. Something is that grim as one of the most frustrating teams in america. I just cannot figure. Out how the state of florida if you really want to dive down this rabbit hole and i guess we will since we've already started looking at the premier programs in the state of florida miami with what they've got going on florida's state team look at the state of the state of those programs and poets. It sat with where florida state. Miami miami once again we bought into false streams with them and they just. I don't think it's a disastrous program. I think they're certainly ahead of wherever she was right now but it is a sad state and florida. Now is another story that is about to become center stage. Because the gators. Are you telling me Hosting the biggest game of the weekend such a good segue because we do get to that with florida. They got out of their game yesterday. They go. and now. It's florida alabama week. Alabama took care of mercer forty eight to fourteen barring health issues. Dan mullen has a very interesting decision to make a quarterback because based on what we saw from anthony richardson. Yesterday he came up. He was limited a little bit. After that touchdown run for the kid was three of three hundred fifty yards two touchdowns throwing four carries hundred fifteen yards and a touchdown rushing paul. It's no secret kids from gainesville. It's a good story. The offense just moves better with anthony. Richardson and now. I think dan mullen has to make a decision. Not only for this week against alabama but going forward for the rest of the series with the sec east. Yeah and everything. I'm telling you now is courtesy of tim. Tebow because of hurt him now two straight weeks in meetings talk about anthony. Richardson just think of tim. Tebow and in two thousand and six as the understudy. Chris league who helped win a national championship coming in situationally and tibo has been raving about him. But at this point you're right Does dan mullen. Make the call. And put him in this cauldron against against alabama. The one thing. I will say about alabama and i don't know the injury situation. They lost a key player last week anderson. They're all world player. Got banged up and he is questionable. That's a big deal. I mean he is. He's the best player on their defense. Which is saying something. And i i know the story in alabama has been saving going off and everyone is was complimenting. Saying yeah you know. It's a good thing he went off. What did the teen listened to him. Matt i'm wondering sometimes. Are these ranchers going on deaf ears. It's fat right now. I mean look forty eight fourteen against mercer and that it's not you don't look at sale alabama dated to beat miami forty four thirteen beat mercer. Forty eight fourteen would get out of it. Yeah and both games they were they. Were you know. They gave up cheap touchdowns at the end. And that's understandable. I think that irritates sabin but the only way to overcome that is the lead your starters in which you don't wanna do. I think you expected that last week. And this is a very big game. And it's i. I know that sounds every game with alabama's a big game but a lot of florida people began the you're thinking they had a real shot at tied. And and you know. Most of the focus was on the game on october ninth. There's not may not be as much on that. But i think the confusion of quarterback In is is a serious problem for the gators It's at the swamp i mean. Do you think you think they've got a shot at this juncture. I think is going to be difficult. I just i just firmly believe in the only way. I thought they could win. This game early on was if bryce young shaky in the miami game and just simply was not developing. But i don't think that's really the issue right now. Yeah it'll be really that. I now that first will taste of sec football that we get this the three thirty kick on cbs. That's the prime. Do they get the the best. Pick so alabama at florida you learn a lot about some of these teams in the early part of the season. But it's funny. Because you and i both worked for florida quarterbacks. I've got a handsome jesse palmer That i deal with every weekend. He was a quarterback. Obviously under steve spurrier and he's been saying the same thing. So if you've got heisman trophy. College football legend who walks on gainesville water and tibo. And then i've got palmer saying the same thing. I mean you would think at this point eight mullen but again barring held hamstrings. Okay this morning. Pull the trigger. Let's roll and maybe you have some because how many times we've seen at paul. You go into a season with best laid plans with your starting quarterback all of the season all of a sudden you find this gem that just gives your team that little extra boost. Yeah i i think was this. If this game had been in tuscaloosa i might think otherwise. But but i think you can gamble making the call at home. It's not that difficult. And i knowing dan mullen i'll i'll be surprised. Dan mullen is for for all of his genius. He he's pretty conservative. Sometimes and i. I'm not sure i'm going to see him. Make that change. I think he he hell. The the injuries situation is probably the key for richardson. If he's not one hundred percent. I don't i don't think you'll see him start and i think he's i think it. I don't want to waste a possession against alabama but i'd almost rather see jones at least start the game and see what he can do as opposed to letting urging the other guy going there and just bomb not that he would but he could play alabama's defense home home away or in the walmart. Parking lot is not a good recipe. You know in in in coaches love doing this all the time. They love keeping the other coaching staff off balance rights. Now nick sabin is going to have to. Gas is going to be mraz. It going to be anthony. So i can't wait to watch thanks. We got our first full taste of sec football. The weekend you'd mentioned taxonomy. I wanna touch on them briefly before Get mad here with one final thought. I don't think that hanes king injuries gonna work out well. I think it's a little bit more severe than we know. At least on this sunday. I do want to point out tape in the sunday morning until there's probably going to be more news that comes out about this injury after we're done taping zach. Cal zodda looks too big for the moment. The mobile look too big for his causa. This hanes king injury makes texas am average at best for the rest of the season if he's out for the year. Yeah i was in you know. Give credit i mean he. He did come up with the play that one the game but the play the one the game on the road against colorado is is not the same as you know coming up with plays In baton rouge your At home against alabama. So you know all the credit in the world but let's get to reality here Is a team that that is going to be devalued right now while we watch and see how they handle it. they have arkansas before alabama. I know i know they're fans have only looked at the alabama game but You know they'll they'll they're not gonna see a lot of competition but they will see arkansas and i agree with you You know he was. He was hard to watch at times. And and hopefully king will come back all by the way. Even a healthy king had not been very good this year so he was not an anyone ties with race but they keep paying jimbo they keep paying jimbo and the quarterback luke haines might end up being good as young as a highly rated recruit. But this guy's the quarterback guy needs quarterback well unfortunately in college football. You just can't go to the waiver. Wire this is his guy. And i had people tell me that he wanted to get him in a year ago against kellyn monde instead of. Keller mom you just couldn't pull kellerman. Kellerman was the first college football. I eight year starter. I think matt and finally jimbo is telling people we finally got our guy. He's going to be great and and he has not been so. Yeah i i worry. A little bit about am Time could help them. Though with the schedule being more middle middle middle of the season versus right now. I don't remember why i read. This could be on one of those. You know southern football blogs that. I go down every week just to just get a finger the poles but there are something that iran and you would know more than i would that the am keeps extending our extended. Jimbo have to to make his salary even higher because they see lsu struggling and they're all paranoid that let's just say coach l. Just doesn't make it that they're they're paranoid of lsu coach jimbo fisher's is at an actual thing. It's funny you would ask me of all people to speculate on on speculation May i'll explain it very succinctly if i can Five years ago. Lsu thought it had hired jimbo fisher Remember the story got out. And jimbo's agent jimmy sexton to represents. Almost everyone felt like they needed money. Lsu balked jimbo backed away and they got stuck with less miles. All of a sudden less could do they. Texas amazon story was bouncing off the walls. So they less comes back losers wisconsin. He's fired four games later. And by that point jimbo was was not interested What happened what happened next. There is a conclusion of the story. All you were ready to go out and do something. Scott woodward higher jimbo fisher for seven million dollars a year at texas. Am let me ask the classic question. Where does scott woodward. Currently reside the answer is baton. Rouge at lsu. There there there there you have the puzzle solved about why the next athletic director. Ross bjork gave jimbo the contract extension and it's fascinating because in the coaching world. And you're right. Jimmy sexton controls the coaching world. You always this extent. Fans far away like widely extending the sky the famous Remember from a couple years ago as we'll must champ getting extended it south carolina after having a an average season at best. And he's no longer the head coach dan so these one more one more on the on the extension meter. Yeah i'll i'll i'll raise you will muschamp which made no sense and give you a jeremy pruitt at tennessee getting a contract extension after two miserable years. I don't know why they don't get held more accountable. They being the administration. That does these because it is just you strap yourself. Then you get yourself into a bigger by out and then you're financially strapped because you give a coach who hasn't done much more money all right and finally you got to say you got the same agent jimmy sexton in the final thing on that before you go. These athletic directors on unfortunately make too many decisions by reading twitter. Wow social media continues to be the downfall of society. I think we knew that coming in paul. You know how. I am on a bold statement. I made the bold statement about ucla. I'm still riding high on that. When i'm gonna hold on on that but here's my bold statement. Is we send everyone off on their first. Nfl sunday the season. I'm telling you. I am telling you. Watch out for auburn. They've got penn state this week college game day parking the boss sean. Penn state and auburn. They look bone knicks. They looked so different in this bryant. Hartson offense first time in program history. They've scored sixty points and free two games of the season. I'm telling you watch out for auburn. Well there i am not going to laugh at it because you can't argue with success you can argue with the competition but they will be severely tested this weekend and and i think for golly knicks. He's he's never had confidence. He won his first game against oregon. And after that it was a it was a it was a roller coaster. Ride because gus malzahn was not very expressive when it comes to creativity. I'm not. I'm not dismissing it. I'm also not agreeing with it. Because look i know is alabama state. And i know they were going to win. But here's what. I posed digestion. Joey when i said this yesterday just watch out for auburn. 'cause they look really good. What would a gus. Malzahn team had done against alabama state. What would a gus malzahn. Coach team have done in this game. Yesterday there would have been a sloppy game Probably like the alabama mercer game right. And what do they do. They go in there step up in their throat. Sixty two nothing make it zero doubt going into by the way. The penn state game mouth zona malzahn coach team could've made this game. Sloppy gone into a big gang. Team was ahead. I don't know there's something about all brand. Well it's a different mindset. He's got very good coordinators. And mike bobo and enduring mason. Who came over from vanderbilt and hartson is a motive in the most serious minded coaches. I've ever met the guy he was he was doing a good job at boise. This is not somebody who just got hired off the waiver. Wire i mean this is. This is a coach so is going places. So that's the big game coming up in week. Three as always look sunday morning when you download this we appreciate you. Listen to it that we both have long saturdays. Paul's traveling all of the south to get back home. Ahmed bristowe from eleven thirty am till about two forty am so a little slow with our thoughts on sunday mornings with coffee kick and end the bloody marys get made. We're gonna get through this together. Paul we've got fourteen weeks left of this. Yeah no. I'm good. I i sometimes i. I've had people who listen back and go man that. What were you thinking. And and the answer is we weren't. Here's what you're going to get on sunday. You're going to get complete exhaustion honesty. Which a lot of times. It's hard to get at of most people so we appreciate down. We appreciate list will be here each in every sunday morning. And gimme one bold prediction before next sunday to give me a good one. Yeah i think. We're going to find out about alabama in gainesville for the first two weeks. We've gotten false reads. I'm not predicting anything yet. But but i think i think alabama the curtain will be Brought either up or down on them in terms of their greatness you know could they get exposed or do they go down there and just pound florida and make a statement and leave. No doubt i love it. i love it. Do this again with you next sunday. Remember it's a five day a week. Podcast is the espn college football podcast. Paul finebaum i'm matt berry. Everyone had a great week. And we'll talk to you again next sunday. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately gyco makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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