November 1, 2018


Good Thursday morning. I'm Jake Sherman. And welcome to your political playbook audio briefing sponsored by charter communications. And I'm Anna Palmer, most Republicans and Democrats we talked to think the house will flip. There is very very little hedging among GOP insiders these days. So with that in mind, we bring you the playbook democratic house staffer cheat. Here are the thirteen staffers you need to know this is compiled by political Capitol Hill bureau chief John Bresnahan myself and Jake in Nancy Pelosi's office, ju- hamil-, George Cadenas and Diane doers deputy chief of staff. This trio of Pelosi aids has decades of experience and leadership. They helped the California Democrat with our internal caucus politics as well as shaping her policy and communication strategy for teams anywhere, Alexis Koby brand chief of staff and Brian Ramnik deputy chief of staff these are Heuer's top two staffers, and they are intensely loyal to the Maryland democrat, they help orchestrate where's caucus wide. Operation Yemi Watkins, Jim Clyburn, chief-of-staff longtime clobbered staffer knows the Congressional Black caucus better than about anybody and is always keeping an eye out for his bosses best interests g me fleet beast after of the house administration committee. This key panel inside congress is charged with overseeing the management and operation of the house itself. The chairman of this panel is often called the mayor of Capitol Hill because they allowed everything for parking spaces to coveted office space, Brandon Casey, the staff director of the ways, and means committee taxes are going to be huge issue for Democrats next congress. They have already said they will try to seek Donald Trump's tax returns on the hus- appropriations committee Chalan too young staff director government spending is going to be a major battle between Trump and the Democrats on all issues, but most notably the border wall on oversight and government reform. Dave Apollo he's staff director armed with subpoena. Power OG are as its referred to. We'll be the hotbed of investigations into the Trump administration or Pol a veteran of the Henry. Waxman oversight committee will be at the center of this and energy and commerce committee. Jeff Carroll staff director Democrats promised to push forward on an agenda that includes new initiatives to lower the cost of drug prices, which ENC will take lead on Amy Rutkiewicz. The chief of staff to Jerry, Nadler, if peach mint is on the table, it will come from the House Judiciary committee rut gin is a pivotal player in Nadler's orbit Angela Ramirez. The chief of staff to Ben Ray Luhan, one of the top democratic strategists winning back. The house Ramirez will play a key role in Luhansk quest to move up leadership. Sneak peek of CBN's interview with President Trump on Air Force One the president told CB and the Blue Wave is dead. It looks like Republicans are gonna win the Senate Trump says and he thinks they'll do well on the house. If Democrats do take the house and Trump tries to change the constitution through executive order. There's guaranteed to be a legislative clash on a must pass spending Bill to stop this. Keep your eyes open for the December seventy h funding deadline. It wouldn't surprise us at all Democrats in some Republicans try to use that deadline to ensure. Trump can't change the birthright citizenship principal, especially if you wants money for his border wall. Trump doubled down on his citizenship claims in Florida that you're times is reporting that he referred to the citizenship clause in the constitution as crazy policy. Trump also spoke to ABC news where he said the US will send ten to fifteen thousand troops to the border. The president also said the caravan is bigger than is being reported, and he knows this because of his own estimates. Trump also told ABC news that he tries to be truthful. He said when I can I tell the truth, and sometimes it turns out to be where something happens that's different or there's a change. But I always liked to be truthful five days into the election behind the scenes look at how house majority whip Steve Scalise is traveling. He's going to North Carolina Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Kentucky today and tomorrow. Liz Cheney the Wyoming Republican running for House Republican conference chair is traveling with him majority in action pack supported by Kevin McCarthy. Lease and chief deputy whip. Patrick Henry will deploy one hundred fifteen hill staffers to twenty three key district to knock on doors from today until election day. Patrick McHenry will announce he raised five point eight million dollars between his campaign committee and two packs. He's given an additional two point six million dollars to the NRC see and raised another seven point seven million dollars for members holding nearly two hundred events. He's raised sixteen million dollars the cycle. Our colleagues are reporting the interior secretary Ryan Zinke is deputy is ready to step in. Should he leave? David Bernhardt, a longtime lobbyist for oil and gas and water industries and zinc. He's deputy secretary is the heir-apparent ABC news is reporting the conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is back in Washington for meetings with Bob Muller's investigators. Here's what's on tap. For Trump's Thursday. The president will receive an election integrity breathing at one thirty pm in the Oval Office. You will leave the White House at four forty in route to Columbia, Missouri where hold a political rally at six thirty PM central time. He'll return to Washington tonight subscribed to playbook, politico dot com. Slash playbook.

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