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yeah that sound is that is a procrastination alert if you haven't purchased your tickets for the dental success summit what are you in for the seventh annual dental success summit is just around the corner from now until february a you can still pick up your tickets for forty percent off regular ticket price come join us march twenty eighth and twenty ninth in scottsdale arizona for some of the most respected and sought after speakers and profession tactical information that you can immediately implement on monday morning perfect weather and beautiful then mon- doc what else could you be looking down success summit dot com get your forty percent off ticket but only until february two thousand nineteen dental success summit dot com the dental preneurs podcast okay doctor it's time to put down that hand piece you're listening to the show dedicated to helping dentists get their lives back it's time to decrease your stress increase your ability and regain your passion now introducing your host dr mark costas welcome to another episode dental our podcast i'm your actually kostas i'm here with my c._e._o. the c._o._o. the dental success institute ms ashley haven't done it's a very special day for ashley and i it's a very special day for diaz i because today ashley is what is today today is our five hundred podcast five hundred episode which is crazy here every step of the way you are the person that totally did not support guests at all the person that made fun of me as squirrel chasing shiny object that was april six two thousand fifteen when we came out with our very first dental preneurs podcast and when when easy percents been nothing but smooth sailing since then oh my gosh yeah it's it's absolutely not reno when we started this in in two thousand fifteen ashley podcasts were relatively relatively new phenomenon right and caught on like they have now for sure right and and it's crazy even go back just for years i have a truck that's older than two thousand fifteen and it still feels relatively new right right but you know think back about the start of it and the reason that we got involved with jesse in the first place because my business coach and a lot of those a lot of people at the time one of entrepeneurship time or experimenting with this new medium called podcasting so i started listening to entrepreneurial guy asks and they're like hey there's not that many for dentistry there's only four at the time you should maybe think about doing a dental business jousts and i was the very first dental business only podcast not clinical and here we are today hundred fifty countries now listen to my voice daily and about one hundred thousand downloads per month so it's it's grown quite a bit from an original just weird idea oh it definitely has even just looking at the way it has evolved to an even you as a host of a podcast you know what i mean like you i can specifically remember you were so nervous you're like i can talk on stage all day but this podcast big is so much different and i have to get into a different flow it was about you learning to be the host of podcast to that's that's been fun to watch yeah you know it's funny guys that if he has ever have been on a podcast or ever spoken in into a microphone staring at a wall is a very odd and weird thing yeah i mean i remember being on skype audio only skype with the very first with the very first guest and i was so nervous like dude you're having a conversation with and they were all our friends your conversation with one of your friends just like you're on the phone for some reason i was super awkward super nervous and and they were bad in it not often were an awesome and then also it was it was a matter of because cusi were so nervous end it was like well now we want to edit out every single and every single and did and that we did yeah that only cal took forever but then a you got better and then be we realize some of them are just on conversational like that's what podcasting is conversations than it's okay the you know work human here doesn't have to be flawless the funny thing is about the whole podcast john ra i think is that people are attracted to because it's a little peek into the host's life right so you don't want me like brian williams on n._b._c. news i think that people just wanted to be real they wanna hear real conversations with friends they wanna hear real experts in you know with their guard down and and just just talking about what they know in dentistry sharing their own personal experiences and could you have ever guessed ashley that it would have turned into this oh it's kind of a juggernaut now not that not the pat ourselves on the back but i mean let's call it what it is it's a frigging big podcast like crazy it definitely has it's incredible from where it's coming like you said i didn't believe in this from the start and i was like all crap at another thing i have to manage and i have i have no idea on equipment i have no marks like order all these things and i'm like i don't even know what they do in you're like i don't know what podcast told me we needed a you and i took like a podcasters for dummies course like you need to sound ball on you need all this somewhere women and here's how you end it and i was like dude i can't even attach an email i can name like email attachment to somebody or you know i can't navigate like an excel spreadsheet you want me to edit this out like this away and i was like okay punt jesse might not be for me until we realize that oh you could outsource this pretty affordably and we have a whole team that does that and it started one episode per week so four episodes per month and i was this is the ironic thing right so super nervous like stuttering and like super produced because we we felt like we had to edit out every uncomfortable pause and it was going out to like eighty people right downloads a hundred and eighty people you knew it wasn't like they were strangers they were people we had asked to listen and give room it was it was so funny in the beginning like trying to explain like what a podcast is it's like okay so like there's there's a couple of different hosting sites and you can go there and you can click on you know you can search for the dental nor then you could click on it they can find the upside that you want then you can clip that you can put your headphones in let's do it on your phone or your computer like okay yeah that sounds easy like i'm gonna do that instead of listening to christina aguilera when i work out so it's just awesome it's awesome that podcasting has evolved it's awesome that our our show has evolved for whatever reason and the super so what do you think who've who've been your favorite guests or what have been defamed yes ashley you've listened to every single what have been your favorites will my favorite i loved i loved the most recent one with i'm not to sound narcissistic but i always love when these as and we get like circle back that's just fun for me not that they're my favorite episodes and even like the ones and just conversations in random podcasts that we hack in on those are always fun for me and i've been -joyed that okay so i was listening this morning as i was working out to be you guys called a minions hijack the podcast it was thirty five minutes of absolute ramblings nine dr brian stimulator dr addison choline and every single person that were judea side and they were talking about recreational drug use and and brides were override stories and i was like you got you really think that this is a procreate for the dental podcast listening to you i don't know maybe also i always imagined right so whenever i record enough to sit on my i always imagine that somebody tuning in for the very first time like checking us out for great things about the jets and then they pump on there and they're like hey the means of hijacked the podcast and amendment hooper was getting stoned as your is that like the first impression that i wanna give anybody on maybe not just to to hijack your recorder and you don't know on it until you're listening through it and you're like what is this like it's like surprise for you it's just a little trait such you guys have done that before we did that in milwaukee and you guys stole the recorder i don't even know what i was doing but you guys stole the recording and there was two hours of just rambling red wine may have been involved this is my i am not the host of the podcast it's my i just make sure that it gets executed it's like like last night to kinda circle back around a little bit last night i had a really long day yesterday and i left phoenix at phoenix international airport at four o'clock got to las vegas at five oh five to over to the u._n._l._v. chapas spoke to the dental students for two and a half hours got back on a plane i was in our our scottsdale home at one o'clock in the morning last night who but you know every time that i go to school now i try to chew a with students and and they just reckon love it it's very very cool to get their take and interview them on the podcast and it it does it did bring up kind of a reminder that this podcast skews kind of young right so total students and young dentists that are really really take savvy that podcasts are natural for them because this is just a generational thing they've always had podcasts for detainment end for you know informational for an informational outlet so so yeah it's it's just fun to be able to take the mic on the road every time i'm on vacation every time like for your wedding we busted up the podcast of the the the the microphones but it's just become like it's ingrained part of our life when you have a five day week podcast you really do just kinda live your life and record it probably you almost you almost have your own little reality show through the pike cats like people kind know where you are and what you do and what to and now now facebook live i now faced with lives it's like now the people can actually this is our faces speaking of which it is you know seven o'clock in the morning and marks like hey let's do a video podcast i'm like oh there's get you're gonna need give me a minute real quick yeah sorry about that very little fans notice my you know how it is i i don't wanna just sit in a car ars while driving around i'd rather multipurpose get some get some stuff done of course that's it has been some of the some of the some of the more popular download episodes and so you know when when you leave episodes in the archive we usually we get about three thousand downloads for day three thousand to forty five hundred downloads for day depending on the day and but when you leave episodes up in the archives people talk right in they're like okay you know you have your regular three thousand to thirty five hundred downloads a man you know people talking like all that was a good one and then you can see when when episode gets traction when it gets traction because for whatever reason will be a spike in one particular speaker and you're like oh i got like an thousand downloads or something so who have been some of the ones that have have put out a monk the five minored actual so you're cutting out just a little bit there mark but as far as you know are are kind of most popular episodes than what people are loving like you said just kind of gain traction one of the podcast title i feel like has something to do with it and that was legally legally pays zero taxes on with with sorry thom wheel right that was one of our most downloaded episodes and the bulletproof dentist as well dr peter bolden the one constant is change that's been one of the the biggest downloaded episodes and you guys have all heard has been on the podcast was actually on the episode yesterday but dr tim mcnamara and his crazy story of how he built his startup practice are some of the the most downloaded in definitely favorite episodes that we have ever done what's really cool is that these episodes that are the the favorites all happened within the last year where we they're not like like the first episode that launched four years ago all these downloads have accumulated that's not what is like these are people found genuine content within these episodes in it's clearly it's clearly shared it in another people listen to and it's pretty awesome yeah so let's go through the list here of course driving some bitterness by members so tom wheelwright i was turned onto time wheelwright because my son bryce les soccer with his aunt with his aunts second my son bryce plays soccer with with a guy named frank frankie and frankie's aunt is tom wheel writes personal assistant on a slaughter that story and and tom wheelwright was telling her that jeez i love working with dentists i wish i could get kind of a foothold into dentistry and irene who is his personal assistant was like i happen to know a gentle influence or that has a podcast so he just randomly asked him on the show she has robert kiyosaki the rich dad poor dad's business partner and c._p._a. and they travel around the world together giving lectures so it's just one of those you know one person removed and of kind of contacts and tom wheelwright came and spoke at summit and he brought the house down and the also recorded a really really popular episode about his book tax free well so yeah that was a good one heater bolden dr peter bolden and i have become very very close friends over the years are pads are very similar although he is a lot fancier than i am and better looking like shia he's the he's the always wearing a really tailored sports coat guy right he definitely always looked sharp by half to admit and peter does not fly commercial was to say that and peter has five very successful practices atlanta dental spa the atlanta area and his his odd cast the bulletproof dental podcast is super fun to listen to because his co host is another good friend of ours craig spo- dak who owns a dental hospital a gigantic dental office that that grosses about ten million dollars a year with all the dental specialties in there he's tony robbins is personal dentists so peter and craig get on and talk about the differences of multi practice model versus this mega practice mine off yeah yeah and it's very very interesting it's very interesting to listen to those guys and every time we get peter on you know every time i see peter anywhere at a conference or speaking on stage together we always find a spot under a stairwell or something we bust out the mike last time we talked together personally we were on the on the forty seven four of of hotel we are whatever hotel in vegas overlooking the the fake eiffel tower oh nice so so yeah peter's are really really great friend and then the other one was t t mak to mcnamara yup jim mcnamara great friend co founder or actually alcohol the founder of the dental success network just brought me along for the ride incredible incredible speaker incredible leader he's got a super hilarious story will hilarious looking back on it for him but when it was happening it was probably quite stressful holy about yeah just like yeah previous partners wife swapping guns at the practice he had to get the heck out of there oklahoma sound in ada oklahoma sound like like a very stressful stop for his career for haven't listened to that episode fill fill i'll get the episode number for you here in a second but holy cow just incredible what he went through it was actually episode episode number two fifty four yeah the amount of stuff that he went through the first year after graduating dental school like real casual welcome to dentistry and of course claim to fame is that he has a startup that is now fourteen months in the making that at ten months they clips the two million dollar mark at ten months into a startup so he's got lots of really really innovative ideas on how to build a startup practice his very very well-spoken person because he was his career prior to dentistry was consulting he consulted for one of the big three consulting agencies and they would send those guys around and work on billion dollar mergers and acquisitions and so he's very very is a very very sophisticated businessperson that happened into dentistry is kinda randomly which buddy it's a great story for her so she is i don't know i wanna keep you too long those facebook live at the same time but boy i just you know reflecting back i knew i knew that i had to have you on this episode because looking back i get a little a little choked up because it's been the reason why demo success institute really has taken off it's shaved all of our lives you know you now live in denver colorado not we don't share a wall at the office of prescott anymore but we still still talked more than any other human on the planet and it's just fun to watch you know how all the pieces came together for dental successes to the dental podcast being probably the biggest piece that that catalyzed wrote absolutely i have to give you a hundred percent full credit for your the idea man and and this idea man really took off so yeah congratulations to you and you know yeah and what we've done here in the last almost four years yes so guys here's to another five hundred episodes had it's crazy to even think that right act i was just i was just save here so the next five hundred what is what does that look like we're going to do that in a year to have is going to be another four years like we're gonna do that in a year what crazy thing is more cost that's gonna come up with next we're gonna we're gonna blast past two million downloads this year were already very close to that and who knows what happens you know what happens all tell you that we started their five i was the fifth donald podcast now they're sixty five sixty seven donald podcasts and we're here to stay we're here to stay so thank you guys so much all you listeners podcast if you're watching me on facebook and you haven't tuned into the dental podcast yet what is the matter with you make sure you go over to high twos it'd be become a subscriber we'd love to see over there and hey how about some comments today about whether or not the dental podcast is as changed your life and what your favorite sodas that's all i got for yash thank you so much this absurd is being brought to you by boom cloud apps dot com one of the most effective strategies that i've personally used to grow my multiple dental practices is the integration of an house membership plan in house membership plans helped to attract fee for service cash paying patients he crease patient attrition rate less than your dependence on traditional dental insurance and can potentially liver significant passive income to the practice owner but for a lot of busy practice owners the management and administration of the planet self can be a big time consuming challenge that's where boom cloud apps dot com comes in they take the administrative hassle off of your team shoulders and handle it for you so if you're interested in growing effectively managing in house membership program in your office schedule alive demo with boom cloud today that's boom cloud apps dot com ford slash rush demo the o. m. c. l. o. u. d. a. p. p. s. dot com forward slash demo and that wraps it up for another episode of the dental podcast i thank you so much for joining us this week and we'll talk to you next week take care bye-bye thank you so much for joining us today on the dental for noor podcast checkout true dental success dot com for full recaps of every show a schedule of our live events free video tutorials and a whole host of practice building resources

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