10 Trivia Questions on American Girl Dolls


It's ten trivia questions on American girl dolls for my friend. Katie Smith. This is trivia with buds. And in what it'd be and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out my show that comes out every single day. Make sure to hit subscribes. You never miss an episode road of this pop culture fiasco. We have a ten question multiple choice quiz for my friend. Katie Smith who asked me to do this I think nine months ago and and finally getting around to it Katie. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I always like to American girl talk. I even just looking. It up was hard for me to do but we have a multiple choice quiz for you and I hope you get something out of it and hey maybe if you're listening maybe if you are a youngster listening with your parents and you collect and love American girls you'll get something out of today's episode episode and that's what the show is all about a little something for everybody at all times and if not for you you just skip to the next episode or go back and listen to one of the other seven hundred episodes of the show that might be just for you. Something like die hard would be the drastic opposite that we've done at least twice on the show so if you hate American girl dolls go find the die hard episode. It's going to be a good time before we get into the ten questions. I want to showcase some cool stuff. We have here at High Point Brewing Company in Sandy. Miss California. Not only do I host Bingo. Oh here and a bunch of other fun events they have really cool games. You can come in and play while you're sipping on your favorite beers. They have the organ trail card game. If you're watching on youtube. You could see that box Fox and I picked this up at target before and I almost bought it. Several Times actually says only at target on the back. So That's interesting. I assume that if I was to buy hi this game I would immediately die of dysentery. Which is why I have not bought it yet? They have that you could play here. They have giant dice bag. This is just one of the dice. One die but they have like a bag of fiber five dice and you can shake them up and play giant Yahtzee. That's awesome if you have a lot of tall people in your family. Finally something for them and then they have this us they just got it and I said can I use that on the podcast for the new video version. They said sure so. If you're listening you're not gonNA be able to see this but it's monopoly money gun and it shoots monopoly money but you can put real money in it too and it just shoots up in the air so you'll be able to hear what that sounds like in just a second and if you're watching on Youtube you'll oh the sea but that sounds like but I'm hold up the gun and then now we're gonNA point it and we're GonNa hold this button down there. It is that was pretty fun Oliveri. Very cool WHOA. My God one more. Can we do it now. Hey well my gosh third is the monopoly money gun. A is useless. I don't know what you would. I don't know if this is a game and each thing has something else now. I think it's just monopoly money so I'm living it up here in San Demus but stop into high point brewing have a beer and shoot the money. Gun is awesome. Look at that now I got it down. That was fun for me okay. It was fun for me. Sometimes I have to have fun on this on this thing. WE'RE GONNA jump into ten questions on American girl girl dolls for Katie Smith Right now here we go all right here. We go American Girl Doll Trivia for Katie Smith. Let's see how many of these you can get right on a multiple choice. Basis question number one which three dolls were first created. Was It atty molly and Kaya Kaya Felicity. And Molly Kirsten Molly and Samantha or Kit. Kirsten and Addie question number one multiple choice which one of those sets of dolls were created. First question number two. Where did the first American girl place open up was that Chicago Illinois Los Angeles California New York New York or Dallas Texas? Where did the first American girl place open up? What city question number three win was Josephina introduced into the American girl collection? Was it between kit and Kaya between Kaya and Julie Between Felicity and addy or between Ashby and kit question number three question number four which American girl was made an online exclusive in two thousand and two before making a catalog comeback in two thousand five. was that molly. KYRA felicity or Samantha. Question number four question five. How old the American girl characters in the beginning of their books are they nine? Seven ten or eight nine seven ten or eight question number six. who was the first dial to have freckles? was that molly. Kirsten Kit or Julie was the first. I'll have freckles. Molly Kirsten Kit or Julie Number Seven. Which one of these authors wrote all six of felicity books was it Ana Sandra Valerie tripp Janet Shaw or none of the above love on a Sandy Valerie tripp Janet Shaw or none of the above question number eight Eh? Just like you dolls. Were originally called. What were they called my twin dolls? American girls of today customizable dolls just for you or have they always been called just like udalls question number nine two questions left. What is the name of the third American girl of the a year? Is it. mirasol Lindsey Jess or Kaley Mirasol Linzie Jess or Kaley for the American girl of the year. The third one and number ten who directed molly on American girl on the Home Front. was that Joyce chopper up pleasant. Rowland Nadia Tass or Julia Roberts who directed that movie number ten. Those are your ten multiple choice questions for American girl Doll Trivia Katie. Hope you got something crazy out of this episode. We'll be right back with the answers in just a minute. We are back with the answers to American girl Doll Trivia Quiz Action for Katie Smith. Here are the answers number one which three dollars I created the answer. There was the third choice. Kirsten Molly Allie and Samantha K. M. S. number one question number two. Where do the first American girl place open up that would be sweet home Chicago for me Chicago Although Illinois number two I've never been there and probably will not visit anytime? Soon number. Three win was Josephina introduced the American girl collection. That was the last choice between addy and kit between addy kit number four which American girl was made an online exclusive in two thousand and two before making a catalog comeback in two thousand five. That was the third choice. Felicity eliciting also a show with Keri Russell. Keri Russell is in the new star wars movie she wears a helmet most of the time and only a few lines but look that up number five live. How old are the American girl characters? In the beginning of their books they are nine years old. Nine is the magic number. They're number six. Is the first album HEFF freckles. That was kit K.. It not like nightrider number seven which of these authors wrote all six of felicity books. That was Valerie tripp Valerie. Trip and number eight. The just like udalls were originally called American Erkin girls of today American girls of today number nine. What is the name of the third American girl of the year winner Mira Sol Mirasol and number ten who directed Molly Molly and American girl on the Home Front Joyce Shopper? Joyce Shopper Up. That is it for today's quiz and American girl dolls. I hope he had fun playing along with these doll questions. It's time for the question of the day brought to you by funky monkey designs of Sandy Miss California check him out. FM DESIGNS INC DOT COM for all all your printing and t shirt and customized needs. who was sued for plagiarism? Over his song. Do you think I'm sexy. who was sued for plagiarism? Over his song. Do you think I'm sexy. Xy Send Me Your answer at Ryan buds or email Ryan buds gmail.com to be eligible for a prize yesterday's question the answer was lower. Inhale the person who had a album with education the title and your Trivia team. Name of today is kiss from an axle rose kiss from an axle rose combining seal and guns and roses. Thank you so much for listening to Michelle. Thanks for telling a friend. And we'll see you tomorrow for Trivia with Buds Jeers uh-huh

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