067: Dr. Anthony Gustin (Q&A #5) - Camping on Keto, Low-Carb Snacks That Wont Raise Blood Sugar, Exercise and Blood Sugar, and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar


hello hello hello and thank you for tuning into the kito answers podcast i'm your host doctor anthony guston in turn this week is bigger vicky tall just forever q and amazon so in this one it's basically a huge rundown of blood glucose an how you should look for it in food all the foods that we have tested and how they affect this exercise impacts us all of a sudden stuff we knew it was a bunch of other random questions like how you should pack for kito when you are camping 'em yeah it's a it's action packed one so if you're interested in how to keep your blood sugar low while being on kito i think there's gonna be some surprising here from kito friendly products that violates this kota spiking you're not so tune in if you are looking to know the answer before we get to be episode owner the jaguars sponsor perfect kito perfect kito is all about making akita genyk diet healthy accessible but you're renting oliver online geyser articles are enjoying perfect exceptions key you don't or any other kito friendly products everything you need to make it work for you that particular dot com i know what you're thinking hey aren't you the founder of makita yep that's right and all my insanely high standards have been put in the making each and every product my background is a functional medicine clinician helps me crap the cleanest healthiest possible products the best information but it gives you insight head on over the particular dot com to learn anything you need to know about the kito genyk diet and if you've never tried any price before you'll see the user go kito podcast between percent off your first order that means that it's gonna the show all right man bigger here we are we are viki tells you ready for another round of questions this wouldn't be a random ones but mostly centered around blood sugar as i've been wearing like he's like because monitor again a result of that summer products in exercise so let's get into it in the first question we have is from crystal joko la and the question is if you went tent camping what would you packing eat for three free days which kito bias i thought that will not be that simple process obviously nothing packets a packet macadamia nuts and be jerky and i know i've ever gone to kevin before yeah and i'm really great inch flat where were you figure f m i would probably do a lot of every time i've gone camping it's been a lot of activity where i've been more focused on not trying to eat when i'm doing it so i would probably bring exciting his key tones and just kinda extend and the fast a little bit maybe sometimes it's your powder but then yeah kito bars you know you're gonna have access and intent camp situation only don't want her to nights at a time when i brawley little still means if you're gonna do that i would bring cooler with me nags whenever like a normal eat so don't be restricted but yes neck you'd have a food so yeah maybe some coconut chips maybe some macadamia nuts beef jerky kito bars nags simple stuff that's the beauty of tito's that you don't have to be eating every two hours so you know just bring yourself some meat have some big meals and then some kito barges snacks in between you should go for i would on sadness fear of what foods fishery infor gave me a big game the game that again spry little bit here non lines where we are right all right here we go so next question we have is from not a stall in its duty artificial official sweeteners imperfect kito products caused insulin spikes well they answered that would be no because we don't use artificial sweeteners 'em in any of our products steadier in monk fruit or to normal things on plants if you like we how the hashes through over and over and over again but their normal things that grow monk fruit is the fruit of the plant much like mint and then we process down in used those things that they are not artificial guy so spike insulin now yes or no no do they know they're not so this is another thing where people think that they could be harmful or they healthier they're not there has been no deleterious effect to to be shown i mean we've tested every single reposted if they lose their not an answer to that is no so we do rigorous testing all by products from what we've seen in reply strike bug because it's sort of an important point for us when we talked already so absolutely not in all research shit so shows that it matic's have a favorable benefit to expose exposing nice closing disposal of lucas an potentially positive person the gut health so that's yeah natural sweeteners yeah i think the only thing they consider is like compared to a product that's gonna be containing like whole sugar it's actually contain a significant amount of that are products containing a significant amount of these sweeteners that were using its ingredient lists yeah so also yes w among treat her like two hundred times three times sweeter than sugar sony's extra way way way less is well like a tiny tiny amount i think like and of average serving for instance like flavored empty tee off my dad's fifty milligrams like a like a one tiny pinch of step yeah no not enough to cause any incident response nope all right so that actually kind of leads into the next question which is good and it's from z k k twelve which is i know stevie on monk fruit are supposed to affect blood sugar but do they cause inflammation nope sort of sort of another follow up yeah yeah just like i said that they don't have any marketed things where it says you know these things are patrick swayze either by she shouldn't benefit to gut health and you're micro bio is of all potentially positive effects in blood sugar so absolutely i mean i consume a lot of this stuff and i have extremely low level the information i know the people you the same thing i have no concern there's no reason why there would ever be mechanism that i would assume that it would leak information seattle said absolutely not yet been official yeah and i think the i would go with beneficial sean that too because you're not spiking insulin and you're not developing any sort of insulin resistance you're probably gonna be combating inflammation anyway so i think it's actually gonna have a more positive effect on inflammation went up pretty straightforward all right carl corvette or kobe corvette about eighty eight any snacks brands besides you're delicious kito bars that you've tested and don't spike blood glucose the not many unfortunately which is why were doing the price were doing and i mean i mean like we didn't like these questions to to darren horner anything like that it just you know we found some grouping of stop this fires is up in this will be one chat about that there are few in this space i tested a lot of stuff i've been using and continue to monitor for going on and off in the middle of last year an yeah unfortunately just very very very few products that actually see the thing you were like they ashley tests bars so no kito bars no bars in general that i've tested and tested every single one run on 'em so primal kitchen bar bulletproof bar just had one in today buff they did a new kito bar a time where there were some other ones she did the dang bar you every single one of these spikes my logic now i wanna put this other this is an equals one of my experiments i know what i react to things for me specifically everything the bar now is absolute trash the reason why is because people generally is fibers really cheap in easy the whole thing together are extremely expensive to make because their ingredients were so expensive so we had to basically develop a new type of fiber the doesn't speak your blood sugar the whole depar together with high fat content usually bars like rx bar lara bar at cetera have dates and things like that that are how natural binding to there's a sticky 'cause there's nothing carbohydrates in it very very bad for someone who wants to kito obviously and i just don't think that something like that he should be snacking on me that's like a bunch of guys don't believe that to be a wise decision so yeah i mean the thing is that it's hard to make it took eighteen months way to create a basically an entirely new ingredients fiber to make sure are inspired like we go so other companies do the same thing with other products i don't think go through the same rigor of trying to find any new ingredients working on ton of products having funny that do this so more brands and i don't mean the throw him under the bus or anything i think that a lot of these brands that they're they're great people they intend like you know great things but there's no testing their product or less he doesn't work for me personally believe that is they you know kito friendly quote unquote brand but full of corn fiber soluble emailing tiger written this 'em jack's me up really really bad all the shockers europe products were chocolate destroy me and just make me feel really off all enough told us they were season excitable corn fibers in the diocese so 'em so no bars no chocolate but i found it in like a hundred percent which a lot of people don't like and i think that in less you wanna get like a really really good honored percent bart and that's gonna cost you know twelve dollars and i haven't found alternative they're working on chocolate and we have some approved apple shout about that next question a new week of he's actually are the one cookie that i've tested that is great so no effect on my blood sugar i just do a little heavy and they respond to all the sugar alcohol through me so after usually wander sell like i don't get my got likes that there's a template grams of earth paul a new with a cookie brennan i've tested is doesn't speak my blood sugar so i mean cookies besides new new we probably only only things like and thinking obviously gumy's people know my reaction that's how much i absolutely despise smart sweets and i hope the day crumble of the company 'em and so were working on as walking into that again but yeah i mean they they advertise is you know one two three grams of sugar and wrote literally broke my glucose meter when i was wearing it a quote of course and other ones we've we've tried all gonna say what about something that's not sweet though so if they're looking for some snacks that are you know any beef jerky is not something like that i mean beef jerky that is out there right now is tito carney and that's obviously good but because they don't they probably beef jerky and we toyed around with especially laundry but it's just not sort of the the front of are you left is people use beef sugar and beef jerky to make it hold water content and so when you process be jerky with sugar the water content and then you news because we dry meat and you go from say like five ounces to two ounces that yield is really really important to sell the product and so if you're using high quality meat the grass send me an you want fattier cuts anes and you want to have no sugar in it you're gonna go from the five ounce it's like point five ounces neil and so basically companies used sugar as a way to retain moisture content so it it looks like it's more packaging nick and say like this is three on the beef jerky unless charge this much so that's like a trick in the jerky industry and meat industry that sugar is used as a way to keep moisture fridays like mouth feel reasons as well chewing on ultra dry meat is just not that great that's why i don't really like built song actually the the the vinegar taste he's the the really dry day says it's not my i'm not a big fan of it yeah 'em anes yeah i mean so jerky the kito cryan stuff is sugar frejus little dry for my taste i mean bad she like she liked that stuff and go for it but yeah man out i don't i don't really like i will get a magic spoon which is a serial and questions there's another one but yeah i mean in terms of like oh a killer killer creamery that that stuff's get i've i've tested that incell that's good for ice cream we did at a joint partnership with the national in ended are not butter are bar there ntt oil all mixed up in their criminal a pretty incredible i think they might still have some thoughts on the website but yeah that so that ice cream what look what other snacks and i'm sure i've tested and you think of any other snacks like basically new brands are gonna be acute on this year yeah i'm trying to think recently i there is a there is a newer snack they just came to market probably in the last like six to eight months called rebel snacks like hey i got yeah those ones i had a really good responses like hardly any blood glucose yet another literally get to sit there like these multiples emory give me the those yeah a so those checked out mhm out is transformative and i think what else yeah i haven't of ice creams just kind of go back on max i know there's quite a few out in the markets i've tested a lot of other ones and the rebels you only i've seen that's had good results what about the killer i'm sorry killer yeah everyone rebel did not check out a i tried rattles yeah i'd i'd just tested rebel last week in a head a little bit of an issue looking at their net carbs 'em a lot of things and check out when i was trying to run the numbers on that and when testing it did not have a very favorable response but i think you know the the biggest one that i've experienced and you brought up earlier izzy 'em each smart sweets gumy's that's by far the worst one that i tested so far that one almost a double and a half is two point five times on my blood glucose jimmy page it's incredible again i don't really mean from many brands under the bus that everyone's trying to do their own thing but this company is literally like being deceitful in my opinion how it impacts people's blood sugars criminal i think that they should be banned or before the change it's absurd mhm if you don't agree with what i'm saying go get up like because meter in eat like fifteen fifteen w where it's like one these tiny pockets and see what happens you budget it's fucking insane yeah and i think one thing to point out to is that i've noticed at least four people who are doing kito for a longer period of time like you and i have were typically a little bit more resilient things spiker blood glucose so at least i am 'em and so that's why when a product spikes in my blood sugar i kind of assume that it really does rank pretty low because if i've been i've been funky over three and a half years being holding more resilient i'm i feel like if it's spiking my blood sugar it's gonna be spiking everybody else's a lot worse off the eating of all butter a cook coconut butter cups in those are great those good i'm not a huge fan of a sort of a chocolate freaking i think to make products that are affordable like you can't like high quality chocolate another honored percent and so we knew a little too much w for me 'em but yeah i mean other those it makes you feel like those things in in really enjoying the care at whole foods easy to get so those checkout if you know for blood sugar staff tranquil and see if there's any other snacks that i i've missed and yeah we've talked about chuck zeros again just don't do it without getting a lot of people love those snacks oh i'm forty five oh five pork rinds love the saul right now knows they're phenomenal really get a so you're good at whole foods when i'm on the road like that a ethic is sometimes they have a lot of products and i've chatted with him about gate getting more information the front of facts like thirty skis and i got a grocery store in summer really really great when you flip it over and look at the car content and share content and some are not so great and so some of the ones i have a couple of grand sugar i totally totally fine and then some somebody is not and so i mean they're they're trying to appeal to a wider audience so that makes sense the single want little bit sweeter of us now here we go don't most be sticks are good so that's the way to kind of create a little bit of a work around here is tricky jerky respect you don't have the same the sugar content in a beef stick these more fat it's kinda like a sausage instead of actual jerky any be sixty recommend they're better than others i mean now as far as like a how it impacts of blood glucose not i haven't seen anything different i really liked the new primal ones for taste nice i dunno if you're the chumps trump jalen i mean yeah i'll be sticks grip i think pretty but you're saying you're saying but yeah i haven't had any i there's a yoga studio or you you'll be i like that that is it's like the bill tong of sticks the golden joe verse r o e e w o r and it's another south african thing is really get out of this like tough john but you got some must be pretty phenomenal 'em of of built on do you have a favorite i haven't we call hari a low low low low carb while yet yellow k that's been that's the one that i think has the most unique flavor for me and and they're all i've tests i mean not not a huge reason the test bill tong 'cause there's really not anything and they're worried about most both cases i guess yeah yeah they're they're still pretty good i like the garlic kalahari i know if i had that one msn is one right kalahari oh yeah yeah there's a that garlic one is pretty damn good actually yeah but again like you choose through so many bags like any brand tongues might be ended a i have a weird bias the jerky because when i was younger i'll go through like two pound bags and jack link's just crush on stuff i know that some of the golden is a member member of the of the broke in undergrad like nineteen now got sam's club and explosion ten dollar bag of two of two pounds of jacqueline's jerky yeah they just came up with the sugar free true free jerky really asking office about some other replacing it with something a no there's zero zero sugar in la i mean it's a taste of that that great i would say but i think that's sort of benchmarking against they're they're sugary stuff right and i think there's like a scale like they mean with any business is really really tough to keep quality as you scale i mean their distribution is insane inside like i i think that they then putting on a sugar free jerky is amazing i mean i don't care quality beef it is like if if that's available for people a gas station convenience store that's that's awesome i got upright like turn that into a pinch felt why don't you yes 'em in eight from the perimeter very clearly in front of the package and so hats off to them actually nice it'd be like a big granted they're gonna kinda sort of trend right now but regardless tougher a big brand is they're offering that the the distribution they have i think that's actually awesome 'em certain things as any other kito snacks i mean i'm chef just i we like if anything new comes out and keep the land we buy and in southie office within like a three days yeah so it was sort of like un are indeed focus for us is rob trying stuff a bit yeah i said a duck which i think you're 'em news time and jenny's caramels i don't know if you've seen those around 'em said may support kito diet on their hands on the same page 'em those kind of destroying a little bit dated awesome back in the day like true crime also they're amazing really thinking like man this is the safety could be true and like from a budget greatest i wanna emphasize where people at these means they'll find meanwhile in everyone's putting out interesting stuff but your metabolism mayberry the mileage may vary so just test yourself you and use that as most important thing i think you could take away from this so this is just a result from me i i want optimize my goals producing blood sugar in the area in the care of my blood sugar spikes that's just my approach nutrition that's what i want optimize for instead of are you know that's why we don't have project i just thought process that we launch on myself some sort of selfishly making all of arbox for for myself but that's just sort of what i'm doing for you know if you if i'm going to you know problem i'm not saying that these brands are good or bad or or anything in between you have to figure you're goal is and sort of that and so this is my goal when i'm up demanding for his just my experience as individual yeah i think it's important to point out to the you know we understand not everybody's gonna wanna do is rigorous testing that we do on her selves regularly but if you are having any of these snacks we mentioned here frequently then it's probably worth testing to know if these things are spiking airbus you're kicking you out of ketosis it's a big difference between having something occasionally vs eating it every single day and if you're some of these snacks respecting your blood sugar everyday and that it can be really hang up from reaching any of your health goals so i said don't have necessarily test everything that you put in your body but the stuff they're eating frequently it's definitely worth finding out it's in back yeah looks like we sell packaged foods all of these things have packaged foods i lots of stuff right of you should eat whole real foods and you should eat enough where you don't need a snack all the time i mean i think there's gas where demeans nice traveling on the go and on time busy or whatever but ultimately you should be playing meals around real food right meat vegetables whatever you wanna do like decent fat amount lot of micro nutrients things like that and eat enough where you office neck in between meals like that's what i'd recommend first right a lot of people i think go a little crazy stuff and try to make these really weird fake food combinations in piling on his process ingredients greedy aunts and i mean again are are products are are technically processed foods to some degree obviously i made a very high standard but i want people eating real food trust that's my recommendation after that then look at okay if i'm not eating real food hot like high quality stuff couple times a day and i find myself needs predicaments where i want the comedian stuff or whatever then fitted into your goal specifically so that could be different for me but yeah that's sort of what i would recommend when you testaments at all all right so i'm the same note first snacks hannah men tog says chocolate it's not really question but something will talk about a chocolate covered almonds i hope they are passing testing can't wait for those yeah so are vip customer that particular got a preorder for chocolate covered macadamia nuts chocolate covered almonds in a trail mix with chocolate covered hunting season which stuff in there and yeah everything's past that scene where in production so those should be launching in august and super super pumped like there's one of those things where now we had a bag of the chuck macadamia nuts eight pound bag and all that didn't last long yeah we went through a pretty damn question man like this is one of the things i want it so so ballet 'cause there's nothing that i grew up on is you know i think the first time a house in hawaii my sister got married and i was like eighteen nineteen and the holy shit this exists yeah and then like i obviously i wasn't a strict about meditation then you eleven twelve years ago but the combination of dark chocolate and macadamia nut is just die for i might be a snack or an so what we did is we made our own like making chocolate was brutal in it is one of these things kinda got bars where we went back and forth where every year whichever manufacturers trying to figure out how to sweden how did how did make it not discussing but also with chocolate he sort of had the ride this line of going like small batch and having a form that could produce the same amount of nibs so you could scale like for instance if we had we were using these really crazy high end names from peru ecuador something that but they could only you'll like it wouldn't be like four thousand a year i mean we we were not like okay you're like how do we get enough scale this stuff in have it be so that it's tastes really good in super high quality organic and all that stuff the farms awesome checkout okay the working conditions right like the whole supply chain of chicago's she really really hard email down but also sweetening awakes like another weird thing about this is kind of background into a product idea at this point but we that to get sweetness curious chocolate like sugar sugar molecules ashley pretty large inc and distribute evenly throughout chocolate what amounts down but having steadying among treated you can't do that and so what happens is when you get concentration of actual sweetness in the chocolate is what a lot of other brands do like willie in which ones i like that they put a lot of arrest recall or innuendo cornstarch corn fiber and these things because that way that steadying monk fruit in dispersed throughout the entire chocolate but we don't like those ingredients and we think that they need to have four prog experience is not only tastes the texture an spiking pleasure so i'll do that like we want it house and being super high quality and how these fillers in it but also try to figure out how to spread sweetness evenly throughout so actually we found we did when we don't use w initiative lee but we have a base chocolate now that you have to wait until launches for you figure out how we did this but we we know what the national agreed ended up toyed around what's actually like when we first aired in the numbers and that yeah the job in august i'm super pumped about it but now he's been sort of users chocolate base their legitimate ways oregon and produce bars where did you are not butter cups hopefully soon 'em in a bunch of different basically anything you imagine a chocolate nother we kinda cracked the code on chocolate tastes good on we could use a lot of products anes that it's has highquality kito friendly agree incidents like blood sugar like is do it took forever trying to figure out like okay is this bar like it's a seesaw of of this farce suck some degree in standpoint and they taste good but then it doesn't perform on the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with finding out that a proxy heart man it's amazing how you go from you get one any like a taste good but we don't like the makeup of it and then we switched at and it comes back tastes like shit and then this is back and forth writer takes a long time but for everybody for all those questions about the snacks you guys could add those ones cheerless in did you say it's august so they're gonna be dropping yup august awesome so is the dumbest time possible the launch fucking chocolate products turn the ship around the country it's august the brewers hunters degrees i wanna put those in fredericksburg it yeah i so next question is one that i i was pretty bummed about because for years i've been telling people that you could find replacements for a lot of non kito friendly foods the cereal has been one of the hardest ones so in this product in the market i was super stoked about it but were talking about magic spoon here so taylor jay twenty twelve said what did magic spoon peak you're blood sugar at yeah so it's it's i mean it's instagram's last week and my stories so again magic spoons a serial say marketed isky the kito friendly they you lie different things in there i think it's mainly like a way protein or or milk protein of some sort of a lousy i'll be honest a some sort of i think it's degree retirement plans the fibers in a positive thing chris'll bring this up a bit anyways attested that so i had roughly two cuts across all flavors and yeah so it's a way protein isolate hieaux lakes sunflower oil 'em tapioca fiber monk fruit peppery extract in beet juice so at first look at when you look at it up any spin that's m a serial school oh this is cereal school you're right wow good marketing they stole magic soon i tried the google it saying yeah i mean it's also not great but let's see magic spoon so it's an extra protein blend between milk protein islip way protein islip then it's coconut oil tapioca flower then it's it's a blend of allio los monk fruit extractors stevie extract and then they use chicory root fiber cinnamon and then natural flavors yeah so let's start with rating the product and taste phenomenal so they could get it tastes i think that i can't remember the profit when the gravel the free one to like just like a like fruit loops yeah you tried i haven't tried it myself results i didn't try you try there i mean we have office there i mean they they crush it tastes consistency it cetera 'em and again this is just a brand new great i think they they really really good job they're doing really well 'em again my personal experience my blood sugar when from eighty three to one twenty eight in it lasted for hours and this is another important point that people need to realize like when when i eat fruit something like that explosions and stuff like it may spike forty points itself but it comes down and like forty five minutes if you look at the area in the grip of political spikes up the longer it's a limited the worst of this for you on this is sending a have these bars and i think it's a lot of these fibers that that brands using a rally 'cause like people think oh fibers fibers low digesting great but that's not necessarily the best thing like sort of the the actress spicy bludgeoning at as a true fiber we have something just hanging around the digestive system the blood sugar for hours which terrible yup and again for me test this on yourself you wanna know how it impacts you 'em didn't didn't share very well so yeah bumped it up the i think like one twentyfive years on like that for roughly four hours while which is the that's crazy it's almost the same response i had all the boss yeah that's pretty much the same ingredients a i think the point you're saying to like if you're somebody who's gonna have like fruit or something like that like we don't really fear being kicked out ketosis temporarily but if you're gonna have elevated blood sugar for hours after consuming something that's obviously not gonna be what you're if you're trying to follow the kito that's not gonna matcher goals right but drive yourself m one weird side effect is well i didn't eat it with 'cause i didn't want it the test results ubani sort of milk not know her whole melker her whatever and so it it alone just dry and i'm sure they're not intended sista happened and i don't know if they've gotten this complaint to like it's an eight cure anything 'em so i mean if you're gonna make spin team please reach out and will walk through this stuff and put in the show notes and give the the listeners any sort of resources they want but it's like wore out the top of my mouth my the top of my mouth was raw flex three four days i couldn't eat or drink anything normally ended i don't know if that was just so this is saying captain and crunchy fact yeah yeah you see given as a kid yeah i remember that eating kevin crunch had the same results i don't know if it's just how it's processed yeah i mean i i'm not a huge a dry cereal eaters i don't know is it just a common secrecy real friends and by of certain fibers in general right 'em but yeah i mean i think that overall tastes great looks great and doesn't make you didn't didn't perform well in my book because and 'em i try i got a little bit after the next day like half cup in a sort of you know fifteen twenty points mhm race refocus is wasn't as crazy as the first by mhm but i would've usually eat way more none of the time i see like you know was it some some other extraneous things like you even something like that like i want it to be i wanna pass because that's right god damn bags actually west with malcolm it's it's fucking delicious it's really great box like now he's known on this doesn't work for me right knock it off my list of guilty pleasures unfortunately do you have any thoughts on alley los 'cause that's kind of a booming ingredient right now and that's one of the things they're using yeah i think first off me i i know you're a big fan of ice honest having done the research you're running a company that no so if you wanna give us a little dance update yeah i mean i from testing different products contain ellios i've seen very mixed results so it's hard to say i think just from a purely signed a question is is an alley or something else yeah that's that's a hard thing to the tournament i know from you know from a purely scientific standpoint and like looking at a molecular structure valueless i think it's intriguing 'em i think it's you know it's interesting and it's i would have to think is a good alternative to sugar so if it's another option for people to use news in product development i think that could be a good thing but i've seen such mixed results it's hard to know and when you look at a product like this to it's hard to tell if you know that comey is a response coming from how you loso the coming from the chicory root fibers and coming from the tapioca flower that it's really hard determined science having the flower usually when that stuff goes into the flower states sprayed on all these other things and that's what causes that spike a that i mean i've tried the these ingredients unsolved not sort of the trigger in fiber together especially just like destroy my blood sugars i i would assume that's what it is that would be interesting is if we just crazy eyeless challenge so we should do is expected to monitor the league ray us twins will bray freestyle oh is using the decks com g six before which i think is sort of like the gold standard of conflict basically three thousand dollars a month roughly which is absurd on my two three k if you're going out of pocket don't have diabetes managing a movie brave freestyle isn't like a hundred bucks okay or tuner bucks a month roughly seven hundred dollars for each two weeks 'em the league ray link app is so annoying because you can't zoom in and see the minute by minute you have saved up used the app scan the device and you're arm gives you the last eight hours but you can zoom in you can't see exact once you get scanned everytime you wanna see anything off a and then fell off off and i went on justin's well a a team member in his fell off in three days as well so like in fourteen days immediately before but then falls off at three days yeah yeah 'em but anyways with the tyler oh we should we put these things like on a they both the g six in the league referee south and you'll be really accurate every time it calibrated them there were three four points of the actual book because we're an so i'll look just like down down forty grams alley us see what happens yeah see what happens in my gut feel the need that much like my logo at new extreme end and see what happened yeah well if you're down even if one meter let's do it next week a couple of weeks now down was when my stay close to a bathroom or if you're be taking down forty grams that stuff so yeah i mean i'm a fan of this stuff is usually comes corn in yeah i just i hate the industry in fashion i think that is government subsidies and it could go on and on and on about how bad it is for environments and monocropping all jet but like i am not a big fan of sourcing it warren and we've looked into sourcing from other places and you can get a firm like hair but it's six eighteen times arguments some ridiculous yeah and it's like one of those things like no one's gonna know or care about that you wanna make that sacrifice and make a project tina's or expensive the people that care about pricing complain about everything yeah a says where having high standard sucks yeah that'll but yeah all right that was a that was a recap of magic spent stuff so you guys listening you want some help with already to make one that doesn't spike we're happy to help i just wanna awesome product out there yeah rian cereal all right next question we have is from jared bellamy and that's when you're blood glucose jumps do you notice any changes in how you feel a little less jumped when it starts peaking in goes over maybe like one thirty one forty i start to feel not like anxious or anxiety but like not stable with energy to a little bit of a jury yeah and then after that when i feel worse when says crashing down so when it goes from one twentyone thirty one forty and says you know falling quickly or not back down in our after that that's what i feel awful just clueless rj brain fog terrible and then i think that depending on when i'm eating alongside that as you know some ancillary fucking me like greens anything like that and also i feel bloated is even worse mentally but but it's just the energy from me and the mental performance of the big ones you so like physical and mental energy which just plummeted i feel terrible in that could last anywhere from one to four hours typically but antigun highest the snacks where are the hottest bikes were but like yes i mean like those ridiculous smart sweets feel terrible i feel wiped out you need to nap and like you brain fog and you can't speak clearly it's awful yeah yeah i think a big one that i experienced is like flurry heart rate when it gets up really high that's really the only thing that i'll notice wallets actually peaking but a when it's when it's on its way down when you start crashing pretty horrible all right last question i have is from a risk a phillies and it is how do different exercises impact your blood sugar i running yoga boxing functional movement etc so this is sort of a interesting question i think you should be thinking about this as far as it being bad by any means so i don't know what you mean as far as like which ones are best for regulating blood sugar at the time later in the day it cetera so this is a tough question to answer that they'll try to be as broad as possible my answer but generally speaking you're gonna see a rise in blood sugar when you're working out so you'll have i mean you you buy though he's not just only using key tones only using glucose you user blended it sort of whenever incell more intense exercise a lot of times you could have more demand on lucas and you're muscles so the way it gets there three bloodstream so this would not be concerned but if you eating something in a floating on your bloodstream so the difference between like if you eat something you have to put the glucose somewhere and if you're not working out then you're muscles and you know what i'm saying like okay this is where i want this thing you're taking outside of the body and you foresee by to do something with that lucas right so they could float around inflammatory especially with like for four hours not knowing what the hell you constantly being released new bloodstream anybody we put the fat soldier deals with that they're like if you have any glycogen up in in muscle muscles delivered and even there as well but typically flips around i mean when you get into the weeds on the a actual physiology of this but yeah i mean not not ideal scenario you have nothing like there's no reason for you to be having that feeling you bloodstream you by didn't need it you just took it in from outside without needing it usually when you exercise your blood sugar goes up is not a cause for concern because it is demand driven by your tissues and so you buy you okay i use x amounts of glucose please release some of that so that way i can you know have this refusal to continue my workout and then it continues going so isn't example i know it's like the more intense my weight training sessions are it'll go up maybe ten twenty thirty forty points 'em but then my baseline for the rest of the day will then decrease in go down you know ten twenty points and hold their for the rest of the day and see you make it to she's more sensitive to uptick of glucose the rest of the day you so there's blood glucose transporters on the cell membranes if you're muscles and other issues if you're working out if you open up these channels and say okay i need some because that's and then you by malloy and some of it and it puts those issues in severance if i wake up and like eighty eighty five ninety differ my average glucose in that you really hard transition it'll go up trendy gently and then afterwards will go down below that based on other before you mid seventy there's a he'll be at that point the rest of the day i don't know if you've played around this or have had any feedback as well but yeah same thing 'em pretty much any type of exercise i do i specially have noticed like in doing like a basketball when playing that when i test afterwards my key tones will also be extremely elevated but my glucose will be through the roof during that time but i think it's a combination of a couple of things a it's in the morning which is also a time when you get a little bit of a blood sugar response and also it's a it's a pretty stressful in strenuous activity and any time you're giving us a stress response out of your body you're gonna see an increase in your blood sugar but like he said what matters more importantly is how you're body is getting back to baseline and for me i typically see like within an hour and a half after exercise and i'm returning back to a baseline number or getting lower and that's pretty pretty much standard for any exercise and i do yeah i would i would not figure this thing like this is where people and they go oh don't you need carbs around a workout know why everybody does it have you body will making deliver whatever copy typically need we we could argue all day long about performance etc indifferent sports but generally speaking if you don't eat carbs when you work out and you see a blood sugar spiky bodies handling it right so don't freak out about that like there's i mean there's another reason why i think that blood glucose monitors continues with especially should be available every single person's i know what's going on there by right understand some of the the hang ups on why it's not allowed currently because if you do that either yet people could manage diabetes dinner or whatever like man like this is just me like we don't have access freely to know what's going on her body when the technologies there it's it's madness right pisses me off and the the benefit that population would gain is a whole versus like maybe one or two people who manage diabetes or whatever more without their doctors help whatever like if you have a condition of irresponsibility manageable doctor withhold that information about iran body because some people condition may mismanaged 'cause they're being irresponsible in some people's irresponsibility shouldn't outweigh the positive benefit for everybody else yes if people could figure out you know we talked on this episode what foods reacts with them with exercise react best for them like stress how stress affects people on had some friends wearing some stuff really like why is my pleasure so high in the morning wise and so high all day today and they just basically come down at you stress response is and then i figured out to like more stressed i was the higher i based on it'd be like in a market like up two hundred hundred ten points in a mill grunts definitely there and that's that's like a sugary meal all day long just kind of stress right and so then using that as a way to figure okay let's reduce stress in these ways whatever i mean the fact that we can do this on around without a prescription like the gig saint louis monitor prescription which is dennis yeah you can go to walgreens and bio and then you could put her finger west no doubt then prescription you can't have it be a better experience where it reads it all time it makes it easy like no one's gonna be working out in stopping every ten minutes strict the fucking blood sugar right in a meter like why are we holding his information back mhm yeah i think people being see this stuff it'd be really i opening especially for people who maybe are making dietary changes yet or lifestyle change changes to manage things like stress i think being able to actually see what happens to your body under these different conditions whether it's eating the certain food or putting yourself in a stressful environment i think that could be pretty life changing in change the way the somebody you know change their habits and fish oil by the feedback loop you know what i mean like when you eat a food generally speaking you have a very soft feedback loop if not for a long period of time so so it's often what this is when i we have like three or four days before acne acne pretty consistently and so if i were just kind of have no idea that that was going on but if you know if it was cropping up bribery eating it now having said all of my face i those eating assan i wouldn't eat anymore yeah i think that the scene of a blood sugar took a lot of times even when we talked about earlier like i might feel this crash four hours later but it's like okay what was from the clinton sleep last night as the border the whatever like you don't have this type correlation right who is food and see you're out on your phone buzz it's like hey you bless you know this pattern that that you would know you could proximate you had this feedback loop tightly regulated for you the best foods the best exercise the cetera and anything that is long sleeved shirt negative feedback loops and health people will be healthier faster right now who used on the tools that yeah agreed so eventually i will no one else takes his problem on i will divert envy insolvent so you could trust in them they tuned for that all right guys well hopefully it income across the river you add on those intention but yeah i mean this is how we look at product development well how we were bigger the stuff and analyzed brands are too big if you cut yourself you you want eat real food and until next time will all right everyone thanks for listening to another episode of the podcast have you enjoyed it but even if you didn't a lover of you go i tunes wherever you listen to podcasts about interview so we could get more people you'd better get have information that you need

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