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Charles Rayner grew up in becket Massachusetts nestled in the rolling small hills of the berkshires fiery fall leaves Pristine Winter Snowfall lush spring flowers and sparkling summer lakes belied the average life of young Charles. He went to school past his classes. He spent time with friends seeing popular movies and playing Popular Games. His family ate food together and generally got along when he wanted to be alone. He went to a small pond hidden in the woods to fish. He studied sociology at Amherst College and graduated in the top fifty percent of his class. Nothing about his unremarkable upbringing indicated. He would one day be standing in the middle of a desert behind a road block holding a rifle and a flashlight and searching for fugitives from his own asylum. Last month a dozen inmates of the Night Vale asylum escaped during a production of play as an attendee of that play. I would say that while the escape was clearly not part of the original draft of the script it made for an exciting resolution. I mean about thirty minutes in Carlos and I were like. Is there going to be a car chase or a shootout or something? I mean that play was Boho hoarding and then suddenly there was both but the warden Charles Rayner from becket Massachusetts did not like the last minute edits to the plot as he and the sheriff's secret police have yet to round up any of the inmates now on the run somewhere. In our vast desert they feel citizens have expressed deep concerns about their safety. A ski thing op Ed. In yesterday's Daily Journal by Leonhard Red Ward. Rainer should never have been in charge of such an important institution. He's unchecked irresponsibility will lead us all to be killed by psychopaths who surely hide now inside. It's our ethics our laundry hampers. Perhaps inside our own pants pockets. The editorial continued they wield knives ropes wrenches candlesticks or pipes. And when we least expect it these crazed killers will leap out at US screaming about eating faces or feeding us to rodents or whatever other evil actions. Those two very funny women are always describing on my favorite marriage. Air Charles Rayner. Cold hearts claims neuro typical. Able ISM saying that we become too biased from movies and TV shows that play up harmful tropes about mental illnesses. He added that none of the people inside. Were of immediate danger. To any individual in Knight fail the Night Vale. Chapter of the ACLU than responded calling for an investigation into a public facility that would imprison people who had committed. No criminal acts and were of no harm to society. Charles Rayner replied. I said they wouldn't hurt any individual. I didn't say they were of no harm to society. But who were the people in the asylum Carlos and I attended the production of the play one eight. Seven one three backslash. Ntsb partially to have a nice date night. Just the two of us but also because I was curious if I would see Amelia and a Faro there. The air traffic controller has not been seen since two thousand twelve after hearing voices from the missing Flight Delta. One eight seven one three. There were rumors. She was checked into the asylum other rumors that she had gone off to find the missing plane and other other rumors that she was disappeared by a vague yet. Menacing government agency. Amelia was not inside the asylum. The night of the breakout but Doug Biondi was there. He played the pilot of the missing plane. In the play we saw doug was the impetus for this entire story really because he was doug who according to Sheriff Sam had real information about the missing plane members of the National Transportation and Safety Board had also come tonight failed to talk to doug about what he knew. And Sheriff Sam obliged by sending those agents from Washington DC on an undercover investigation into the asylum yet like Doug and the dozens of other inmates in that fearful place they did not return according to Doug Beyond these journal which Carlos and I found inside the asylum after the play warden Charles Rayner developed a paradoxical logic for dealing with his inmates he encouraged to talk openly about their feelings under the guise of healing them. But the more. They expressed their thoughts and emotions the more the warden used this information as proof of their insanity and by extension in eligibility for release but as Doug collaborates. If inmates refused to talk they were deemed uncooperative and of course in eligible for release reading further into Doug's journal. I realized it's just like that novel catch twenty two in that. There's a bunch of talk about airplanes. What stood out most to me. Though was the fact that every other inmate Doug mentions also talked about the missing Delta flight every single person in there either heard voices of the passengers or had theories about what happened or were in the case the ESPN agents. Just hoping to find survivors of missing plane. Doug availed against the collusion between the warden and the sheriff to imprison people simply because they knew something anything about flight one. Eight seven one. Three this is the last thing Doug wrote the day he escaped this nefarious conspiracy runs deep deeper than we can imagine. There are innocent people on a missing plane and our government wants to destroy us for seeking the truth. Oh well in other news they fixed the TV in the REC room. So I'm hoping to finally watch cheer on Net flicks. Everyone says it's super good. Doug makes a compelling claim here but he is wrong about the conspiracy thing not about cheer. That show is super good so back in two thousand fifteen. My devoted husband and devoted scientists Carlos was heading a research project into a desert other world. A place very similar to our own. We spent almost a year apart while cornelisz was in this alternate dimension performing experiments and drawing charts and pouring bubbling liquids. Back and forth between flasks. It was hard. We had only been dating a year when he left. But we kept in touch talking almost every day sending each other text messages at night. Like a a kissy-faced Emoji with a big Red Heart Emoji or sometimes we sent racier messages like these safety goggles. Emoji with the Police Siren Emoji and the first place Ribbon Emoji. Oh sorry if that's a little too graphic anyway. Cordless made friends during his many months out of town and so when he finally decided to return to Night Vale some of those he met followed him. They came through a portal Carlos discovered in the desert other world. He one sided door. It was difficult to find in a never ending sand scape but it is still there and as Carlos said once you know the way you'd never forget it one of the people who came with Carlos through the portal in two thousand fifteen was Charles Rayner of becket Massachusetts. It was not easy for most of these new arrivals to find comfort or employment in Knightdale but in just a few months. Charles had become friends with our new sheriff and secured himself a job at the Night Vale asylum. Few people looked deeply at the asylum nor at Charles. Raynor's quick appointment as warden. Few people in fact looked closely at anything to do with mental disorders. It is almost as if we prefer not to see mental illness at all. It is almost exactly like that. Well below the radar of public attention Charles settled into his new position and because there were no accounts of what went on in the asylum and thus no stories of failure. It was inferred that he did a good job but Carla's discovered something this week in reading. Doug Beyond these journal Doug makes passing mention of Warden. Rainer cautioning his inmates against listening to the Voice of the pilot. The warden warns them that the pilot can control other beings with his mind. It is odd that the head of a mental health institution would patronize patients with their own. Inner Demons Carlos at I thought the war was manipulating the mental stability of his charges to stir up there. Fear and confusion in order to keep them there. We don't know if the board in profited from retaining inmates or if he just felt an evil thrill from playing these games but in Doug's notes the warden apparently said it is possible to escape the allure of the pilot the power of his voice. Some have but it is rare and it is dangerous that you can hear him at all. Carlos remembered when he first met Charles Rayner. Five years ago in the desert of world. Charles was so enthralled with Carlos is stories of Knight Fail. Charles Rayner could not wait to see this fantastic town and more importantly to leave the terrible place in which he lived. He told Carlos that he escaped some frightening people there. Turtles Rayner said he'd lived in a commune for a couple of years. It began okay. They forged hunted their food. They helped each other and shared shelter inside the fuselage of an old plane. Everything was fine. They were alive but soon the group became cult like and aggressive fashioning weapons and manufacturing enemies the constant threat of violence toward others towards themselves shackled. Charles's every move. But he could not leave. Every time he tried. He heard a voice that called him back so he trained himself to block out the voices. It took him weeks of determined practice but finally he broke free. Carlos said to me. See sel sweetie. My hypothesis is Charles. Rayner was flying home from Detroit to Albany on June Fifteenth Twenty twelve. And I said what are you saying? Honey pop and Carlin said Bape. His plane blipped out of the sky and into the desert other world. And I said are you saying Kitty cake that Charles was passenger on Delta one eight seven one three but then Carlo said you know Little Piggy Pie Hole? This work talk is exhausting. Let's have a glass of wine. Sit Out on the deck and enjoy the nice weather. Even take your time All too much today. You Scott Donate H Jones Brie. Brie take some days you WANNA RECOVERS TODAY TO BE SPRAYED. Take breathing take do Brie Brie cute listeners. I called Charles Raider and I told him what core listen I talked about and he confirmed what we discovered. He was indeed a passenger on one. Eight seven one three. They landed roughly but safely in the desert of the world in June. Twenty twelve the few food items and drink their water stores in two days and soon they began spreading out to find civilization but the desert was vast and seemingly uninhabited. They were too afraid to venture far from the plane. The only symbol of recognizable society. The pilot led expeditions to find plant. Life and sources of water. Heater exuded calmness and clarity and the passengers followed his example occasionally finding peace in this unpleasant frightening desert within a few months they had developed a rhythm. They were finding food to eat water to drink. The pilots seemed to know exactly where to hunt exactly what to say exactly how to behave. Every passenger fell in line. They all had jobs to do roles to fill in this little commune. The fuselage kept them sheltered from the searing white days and the ICY black nights. Sometimes they sing together. Walked together taught each other how to so how to cook how to make tools. The passengers fear became rotary which became unity which became family which eventually became religiosity. One day they were making salves from CACTI and the next they were crafting. Weapons Charles had realized the debt I but every person on that plane could communicate telepathically. They could speak without talking without learning. They were becoming a single organism separated into dozens of bodies the loudest voice in their heads. The pilot they had grown too complacent and the pilot began. Fill them once again with fear. Fear of outsiders the rest of the world it began to make barbaric expeditions. Hooping defined people or things to destroy. I tried to escape Charles said to me I tried to escape over and over but the voice was too strong it was only when I thought about a little fishing hole down near Stockbridge that I would go to in summers by myself to get away to be alone. Charles said he began to pantomine fishing. Casting is imaginary lure on imaginary line into an imaginary pawned on hot desert sand when he did this the voices quite his mind. He could free himself from the pilot's voice from the pilots controlled. I asked Charles why he sheriff sambor locking away people just for knowing about the plane he said see so. I locked up. Doug biondi before anyone else. He's from that other world and he goes to get back and defeating knows how to get back. He'll join the one eight seven one three and lead them into knight fail. Charles said he was protecting our little town from the threat of the passengers of Delta flight. One eight seven one three the pilot enlists Doug and gets into Night Vale. He'll recruit who he can and destroy the rest indicate only through Doug I mean why not. Carlos Ordina Cardinal Law. Sheriff Sam Themself. Why not recruit everyone? Who knows the way in tonight fail? I don't know seasonal Charles. Snap back. We'll it into existence by capping about it either so drop it listeners. Doug biondi is about six foot tall within unsettling long. Smile and dark nightmarish is few Siham. Contact the sheriff's Office immediately. If you do not see Doug Biondi than close your windows. Hold your family close and repeat a mantra that will clear your head of all outside thoughts. Stay tuned next for a meditative own a single oh for one full hour uninterrupted by breath and commercial free could Knight Knight Fail. Good night this. Podcast is brought to you by another podcast. Dust the premium sci-fi brand. That brought you the hit. Podcast horizons is back with their second season flight. Zero zero eight flight. Zero Zero Eight is written by eleven of the biggest writers in science fiction and is brought to life by an all-star cast including Danny trae. Oh Dan Stevens. Callisto flockhart Keith. David Reed Scott and Alfred Molina the first season of the dust. 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