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And this guy like handle when life gets and it's you hot handle all you need is love and boom marks. The world wrong pin up to the rooftops we want. Soon you The Best Donald read out of drooping. Yes Aw every walk best. God is still happy here. I'm just put together. People Are Holding Coffee Cup. What does like I knew? It's five really relieved to know that it's Alcoho- feel so good. I was like this audiences. This is tired tired but I'm really happy with what I've learned of. Boo cheers meals. Black coffee guys. We're so happy to be here dressed if you've seen our show before we love to wear a house wise outfits yes swirl always in like a Morgan et Sonja Morgan. New York too high crashed jumps a blue and two local jumps. What we said? We're fucking sick of that shitty fabric in our own close tonight and how little dignity now what. It doesn't feel right now. It doesn't have to say I'm very uncomfortable wearing something that actually fits. My Body doesn't feel good but I will say this. We have tried to. We tried to order what we wanted to wear was liens fifty multiple ways. John MM soon we guys. We started that search six months ago. We have paid for so many house items. That never come. We're just GONNA show you a few emails that have going back open forth between US Cynthia Bailey do you next one next one from NPR Bailey. Look at the dress. December four two thousand nineteen nothing. Not a thing that's we unlocking at. AOL Dot Com. Just in case. You WanNa know who's shipping and that she's one hundred because she still has an AOL. Uh Okay let's try. The next one address not found. We paid for those sunglasses. Are they all stored somewhere. Some are in her wine bar. She keeps opening more businesses. When my Cynthia please make good on the purchase orders you cargo bag? Where's my modeling contract? The only person that's Ns something literally overnight delivery was. Oh God bless uh-huh limb curtain cuff. I think I saw her in my ring just being like they get a lot of Lynn. Kurt Kurt Angle. You know who else send us something. Pretty much on time was Gretchen Rossi. Well we talked about that. Slade was hand delivering for a while in the late Greater Orange County area which I appreciate to me two guys. We're going to get into our show but first we have some business to attend two. We sure do like to take it down a little. We've lost someone who has passed. It's not someone we liked. And it's not even someone we know God. No we didn't rest bagged and it's honestly someone I'm terrified of but you know Oh June Diane was saying to me. We were talking about complicated issues with this world as there are many and sometimes we have to hold as she says multiple truths. We're holding multiple truths for this woman. She's horribly homophobic. God bless her she started the franchise and she's why we're here so we'd like to do a little tribute to Miss Vicki Gumbleton. In the only way we felt we could. We could mark the passage of time with her and that is through the changes of her face. I don't know what year were in California. We don't know what year what time would month it is because they're so seasons but we can tell by a a facelift where we are in time and someone else fell another fallen soldier. Yes she went out in kind of a whimper. Tamra Barney any judge gone but forgotten peace. Can I ask you guys sent me about Eddie and I WANNA ask us. Does his jaw open. I've never seen him move has like top about tm. Jay and worried. I'm worried. Did you guys watch that weird live. INSTAGRAM exchange between Cameron. Andy my bet that many people in this audience have jobs and on children and yet we all watch the live feed. Yeah we all saw together we all come off quite coherent and with a little more indignity than I recall of her really. I felt it was like a plead. I felt it was sad and sort of lake. Nick you know how when someone breaks up with you and Andy. I love Andy you know I do but he was like it was almost like he was like. It's out of my hands mistreating it. He was like this. This is happening. It's crazy it's like when Lorne michaels fired me from SNL. He was like this is so crazy really is the maybe that message was like a Rohrschack. Like however you interpret it says something about you but I found it sad and then she started crying at some endpoint but there was no tears. Tara has never shed an actual tier as anyone ever seen that anyway. I don't think I one time I'm calling up something but you know the thing about Tamra is just like she's she's no longer seeing her daughter because of the show and she's like my daughter wants one thing which is for me to get off the show but they won't be getting off the show and it's just too hard conundrum turned out to be like anybody the dinner. Yeah I'm in Spencer's sister Ni. Sydney your daughter's name. It's a great name. I was like some fucked up name name. What's her name? It's a great name. It's the name of a strong warrior who will hurt you. Oh my gosh. Well stumbled upon a little clip. These are just some hot topics for our guests but we stumbled upon a little disturbing clip of Luan Della. LS UPS with making a pretty big gaffe. It's on a cameo. I believe too so here we go. Let's get this teach special. Ed That's fabulous. I Love Love Special Ed because I'm a Jock at heart. I Love Sports. It's hard. It's hard one I heard everyone's understanding ripple pull up. It was like like it. Hit you guys a little later. That's okay ooh I once had delusion was so crazy when I first moved to break. I'm almost I have never said this out loud. I don't know how this is going to go but I was like it's embarrassed but I'm going to do this. I was like I wonder if people are GonNA think I'm Kate Moss. The like you were worried what would you do. I just moved to New York sitting on lots of things and I was like we looked so much like me. This do with scoliosis and her super miles. thiede anybody have that trouble. Didn't that happen once not once but you know what they might not want to approach. Because they knew that I would. It would be off putting to a supermarket minds that after I'd been on one time a woman comes like kind of tentatively up to me in Times Square and Mike here we go. This is just annoying and I see why people don't like it was like I heat this but fine. And she's like Ma'am you have a huge tag on your dress like we have a special guests. I'd like to point out in the audience. Before four. We bring out our very special guy please. A man who's available for photos during or after the show my father. Paul Wilson is and my. I'd like to ask my stab. MARCI KLEIN has generously offered to hold person. I take photo. I'd like to ask the people around you. Did you know you were near Paul Wilson. When you all of them you know? I think my dad has gotten more fame than than you or I. I sure people stop him. One time. One woman stopped me and I was like she was like I love your purse. Okay sure shall we bring our guests please. So we have two guests tonight but I were. I is going to discuss the cities with us. He is incomparable. He's also on Broadway Rodway right now. I'm like we are Broadway adjacent where we belong Lord. Lift us up where we belong. Yes gentlemen running our show today the tact attacked and you guys sing and I took that as a compliment. We force people to watch. Gotcha please welcome he. I don't think there is a greater housewives fan then Mr Gorgeous sweet and lovable Enthusiastic Jerry Oh Wow allow ro. Wow Wow wow just explain to the people listening at home. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a women's t-shirt it is a women's large. We also have of course them in blue. Why we're here? We have a red sweatshirt of Carroll's last summer that I think is very they also have boots on the ground. Mike's on either side someone could. Oh sorry and a blue. Giovanni I got say guys. This women's t-shirt fits me really. I'm not kidding. Yeah it's tight or it's supposed to be tight. It's a a little loose where it's supposed to be loose. It feels good by the way. It's not a cheapo bitch. Says Shirt you guys. The high quality t-shirt how taking our stuff everything is Unisex. And how low. Oh Gordon and we have to Mike's just so you know ads Ed always before we start with Yuki quick and keep it funny and if you don't know if it's either don't come up high and ask yourself how how drunk you are and ask yourself if it's just enough or too much hi. This is very fast. Barack Obama follows Jennifer from in New Jersey on twitter last night. He's not picked up right off the bat. I gotta get did you. You discover that a friend discovered it and I checked like a minute ago and it's still true but I have so many questions and my brain is broken. Can we all band Dan together to try to get to the bottom of this. Thank you thank you looks. Looks like the ass of a monkey correct. I I mean maybe we'll just get into Jersey. Yes let's get into Jersey. It's actually crazy. I do have to tell you another little on that on that same track over Santa's Paul we get done Madeleine. Albright follows slade. You're kidding Jerry. That one I made up it was like I didn't know which end is up anymore but for a second I was like issue with us. She is I think about cancelled everybody is she jerry. What are your thoughts on New Jersey? Right now Tom This is going to upset you. Jersey has been a little slow for me as of late. What do you guys think so? Now I'm serving and I'm loving it. The most excitement we got was a little hair pulling sess- that happened a few episodes ago the trip to the hamptons eight Hampton. We're in a place where people so now what has what is not a Hampton West. We don't have to pretend well You know I'M A. I'm a big fan of guys. You know that you that really bothers you. That Westhampton thing. I just don't say that I live in Beverly Hills when I live in the valley. I never even been to the Hamptons but I just want everyone to be honest. I don't really care. It's been a little slow. They kept you know there was a little bit of an argument. They kept cutting to like a Little Cup of salsa that spill. It wasn't that big of a deal like he wasn't even with a bowl of salsa. I do appreciate though because the after the fight like it would have rocked me. Marge is like well. I'm going to finish my meal. It's just like I'm a hungry. They are never not cutting the margin. This would be me just being like just like I'm not going to not eat it. I I have to say though. Jerry felt like Jennifer thing was like. Yeah I wanted to get your attention. I threw salsa you like it was no big deal. It's not great though J. I just find it to be a little bit slow. I don't listen I watch a Lotta Bravo Fan. What shows I vacillate between in what I think is the most exciting show of the moment and currently on Bravo? I believe Bandra pump is really what gets canceled soon. It's firing on all cylinders right now. We I think if lost a couple cylinders how are these. He's GonNa get together opposites attract. I WANNA say something back at Jersey. 'cause back to what you were saying about Jennifer is like I think her whole vibe is anytime. She's yelling at someone she's like. I'm trying to help you so she was trying to tell you your cheap because I've tried to help you. Maybe you didn't know which is a strange days absolutely insane to tell someone. They should spend more money on their kids kids birthdays. You don't agree I do. I pointed to be a little insipid these days just to touch. Oh what what is the post to before so sorry I just went to the source. Dot Com came here. Yeah I was like what are you Camille with your pernicious than what's it the SAT. It's just a little slow for me. I talk to poorly Orley about shows because I'm sure it'll turn around and also I know I'm watch what happens. Live two weeks ago and a caller called in and abuse producers in the audience right now a random caller called in super random. And sometimes I think it's maybe some of the producers just to mess with you a little bit and so one of the callers was like do you. Hi this is Jenny from Long Island. D You and your wife ever role play in the bedroom is housewives which is a crazy question. Because if you're GONNA do it's probably not GonNa be characters from Bravo it's going to be a bingers or my wife was an X.. Men Why wouldn't it be the blue and I have relations with the Blue Lady and I get blue all over me or something. You know a real good scenario going in your head so I was like. It's a live show. I had to be quick. GEICO my feet and one of my Improv. Teachers is on the stage from years ago. Everybody and right over there highly suggest the jury in the Times are changing. I keep up with all the improvise that we're getting all my roles. I was a thirty five year old man. And you're in class. I heard he turned around. He defected standby there. Are you in this class but anyway one of callers called in and said to you and your wife role play in the bedroom and if so which Bravo characters are you and I had to think yes and just like Danielle taught me and I said yes and I. I don't want to name names but I like to play someone. Who's maybe just recently been deported and back in the country just a couple of minutes before ice comes uh-huh contrary got the poison all right? Listen not really. That bad. Didn't didn't really make fun of anyone. Okay there wasn't ice reference. I want to apologize through that. But you're doubling down by mentioning it Kinda funny right the talking about social media. I opened up my instagram as I do when I wake up with a cup of coffee and I had been in in an instant story. INSTAGRAM'd at whatever you call it mentioned by Joe Giudice himself. That's right right and I think he called me a fuck twit twit and I'm not kidding. It was one of those stickers. I'm not really that bursting instagram on instagram immigrant. Kids that's cool and he wrote next to it like it was like a sticker that said create don't imitate and I think he thought I was imitating taking him and it was offensive. But I want to say I do hold him in high regard. Why why because he is an interesting character in his the story line has been extremely entertaining for everyone in this room? We have to admit that everyone. I guess smattering of applause to applaud awed for a man whose children had him put away for years. But but I hear you're saying he has provided in that storyline has been the engine of New Jersey for the last five years. Absolutely and by the way. That's I mean to quote gladiator. Are you not entertained. Like wow. That's that's what it's about your right. Thank you professor. Are you not entertained. Are you not entertained. I am entertained but you know who I mostly entertained by is marge's mother large March. I felt for her line. You're marge and this was my favorite part of the episode. WOULD MARCH GOES A win. March herself goes. Who Cares about me? Besides my husband her mom just goes lexi. And it's like you're supposed to say me you're her mother crying. Though in March started crying March senior she was a single mom. I did my best. I was like she. He did do our best but she's still not giving everyone can disagree. I know we're we've all been in therapy. We've all this and my father's even here but I'm not looking into reexcavate and take my parents to task when I'm like. I hope I'm not doing that. It might have just like. Let's let's let's move on the opposite deathbeds being like I remember this slide shows be it it does seem to be a common trope and a lot of these shows. I mean I think some of the best mother daughter story lines have come out of real housewives of Dallas where we met some amazing characters us we we show show I always sound like foghorn Leghorn an ideal her and I apologized everyone. We're not imitators where actors so you're loving okay. What else are you loving right now? You guys don't really touch on it on your show and I have a little bit of a boat to pick with you. But there's there's a little show called below deck watching something. Let me tell you something a a few years ago. A Little Award winning show called Downton Abbey be ended and my wife and I were very upset because that show so at the fuck out of the two of us and then we happened upon this little show called below deck and let me tell you that is Downton Abbey two point. Oh you're right I mean it's the same plot but not only downstairs these days. We're dealing with some real workplace issues that you guys should really be commenting on because as two female powerhouses in Hollywood. It would be great to hear Joe. Billions say this as an anytime. I'm on a plane. I watch some below deck caught up. I'll talk about what you want. Is that we all right. Captain Sandy is going to be a fucking guess. Next month sees booked. Captain tiddly needs to boost the energy. I want more from him. I do believe so and Kate. I love her love. Her love sees a bad ass of bad ass. Who's done something not great with her lips but I love her? So you guys are below deck people. I have to say my favorite right now is vander pump trump. My wife's favorite right now is below deck a household divided. And we go to therapy what we have issues issues with. Okay we're GONNA GET INTO ANDHRA PUMP BUT WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA pause for a second and deal with another show rich. No it's a show. Oh and that we have a performance can only be described as strange. That's about to happen. We touch on a little show called ninety now as you guys might remember. We were going to interview Colty and his mother. DEB Coltan DEB. Let's get Colty DEB's photo up here just so we can just take a look at them roff there. They are city city together as all all mother and son do. So I'm GonNa Bring our guests to is GonNa do an original song about Larissa's someone's got their hand over their up about Loretta and Colty that she wrote leading up to the time we thought we were going to interview deb and Colty and we got a phone call from coltie manager who said and I quote Colty. We haven't been able to find either one of them for a week. They were on the run. Welcome Deanna Chang the Jonah I welcome welcome well Danna tell us the inspiration for again original song. You wrote about Devon Coltie. I'm Loretta suddenly. Take Pen to paper. Okay so you it. Because they were colty was coming on because he actually had a song to promote. Yes anyone know that okay and it was a a some young girl probably from. Vegas is an aspiring singer. And she was like I'm going to use colty and do a video. He was in a music video right and so I was like. Oh Oh hey so they had asked me to be on the show and I was like alright a song to right and songs and now let let me just prep the audience. There's no music rate as mccown. Said people generally put a beat to us. There is not not one for this. So we're going to go straight ACAPELLA. We we are we are Broadway. So no one's judging you jerry. Did you watch ninety day I do. I've been falling behind a little bit as of late. I left off when the young lady moved to Syria with turn new bride guys. It's a buyer's market over there. Have you been zillow in Syria. Am I in trouble for saying that will oh added accordingly. Bring you right up front. Let's get a little spotlight. Perhaps rate here. I Dan this a little close. Say This in a voice memo d if you think you need to be just like let me know or if you just want to go straight streets Adele then you just hope I can remember it if you feel. I need one all right here. We go I did play it for my husband. WHO's ear tonight and listen to it and said you absolutely cannot send that to them like I forget about all voice memo? I really thought and I love you. I true I'm not happening. I was like something's not. That's right. I said this is a morning d. and this is like this is she's drunk she's having a break. Please welcome DNA Chink in her song for music but there is not does not you say okay here. We go Dan and met and nice girl. You must be. It's it's just like when Debbie restarted the song at the grammys just like that area and then a nice girl say it said it was a match sheets do in from Brazil. Brazil looking fly looking snatched from the moment I saw her. My hands was empty is now I thought my Love was enough but she wants lower. Is that smell say Orissa versus. It's not here to make it nice. I said the Orissa sound good. It said it twice missing. Get your home. Mr Hood said it's hotter than in Haiti's no likey. No good is say another being. Thank you say if you were mom. You beam away. Oh shoot so. Debbie's my mom. We've been rolling for years. When Times time for holiday we wipe each other? He is now the risen the spot and she wants it more biggies. She doesn't like the look and think we live like piggy. I said the ricin Colty here to make a nice recipe happy and it creates a be my way. She threw her ring in the tyler. Through down the Bulls dropped a dime on a half cup team in with one call down in Yemen. Ninety dollars debut Eh. You bring in strength and Dan is not a happy ending but here is my handle. Ladies Adam sending hit me up on COLTY DOT com. I got one thing. That's biggie. agee hazardous bomb ladies. Ladies Bay I including me eat mandaeans. Wow Wow wow wow stranger stranger than I remember thank you got walk. Why thank you automate? All our slide shows for tonight did you you know if everyone in the US bought just one used item instead of knew it would save nearly six billion pounds of carbon emissions. That's like taking half a million cars off the road for a whole year. The waste in the fashion industry is insane. But you can shop more sustainably by it's better for the planet and your wallet and it couldn't be easier then with thread up. Thread up is the world's largest online thrift store with up to ninety percent off estimated retail. 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P. dot com slash housewives for thirty percent of your first order threat up dot com slash housewives for an extra thirty percent off today terms apply. What's getting to Bandra Palm van? Yeah let's go. I think it's I'm good. You guys are my comedy heroes but heroines Jerry. But I WANNA say bender pump this last week. I've never laughed harder. I mean look. I Love Mary me and thank you for for all your whole IMDB list. I dare you guys waiting. We you got this show Palley. Somebody helped me out. I'm happy remembered this show. No one saw thank India but I say that part where jets wakes up next to his bride to be and say I don't like I I don't like strip clubs clubs anymore. I can't do it and then it cuts to flashback raining. Footage of him going. ooh seen a motorboat actually happen. You read about them as like porn fantasies as I read porn fantasies fantasies. Quite a bit. But I've never seen it happen in a serious way. That scene was so funny it was the funniest. Yeah and short onto funnier. Show on television. Right you're right you're right. They always were in like the height of comedy. The Golden Age comedy. What do you think about like Dana? And Max and brand that crew. I don't need the young you I like my I want an old and weathered and rode hard and the I have a theory. Hold on everybody hold on a second. I have a theory. It's Bandra pump rules. Everyone can't be married and living in in like cookie cutter homes some single people and you have to have some workplace. That's Walk Bandra pump. And I I totally totally agree. But I don't like who they've given us. Yes I do not like this Max. We deserve better. Someone's yelling in the front row. We deserve better header. We have seen China Sheena okay. I heard a rumor. That scene was demoted in terms of her pay. And and she's fucking doing. The Lord's work is the bridge between the new world in the old world. I was GonNa Make Godfather reference but I won't Pacino's like bringing us into new ushering us in. She's doing taking a lot of the show. The only one actually working there tips. I do like she. No and I think you're right. She is the bridge to tear. beat the that show Tom. I gotTa tell you I root for all those kids I root for us is seventy. He looked better. I will say I was attracted to Jack for a long time and then I wasn't and now I am again and so that is in. His favor was pointed when they brought out that sign for Britney was that pointed or no Adin no listen I'm sure they do that for every Bachelorette party that comes into that place. Don't do it but let me tell you again why. It's the most dramatic show on television. You have Jackson one scene and then you have Britney in another one night. Yeah and then you have Peter in another scene cut on the floor on the cutting room floor. I didn't know Peter was with them on the poor she. Now that's how low their training. She says she had to room with him. Doesn't deserve that. I'm sorry that it doesn't deserve the and also can we talk about the fact that Jack's is pissed that they didn't have a yacht the lab when he called it a barge. He is so funny man. I love him so much. Like I got a genuine Ryan. My car ended it broke down. Car stopped running. So we'll have to get a new car and I'm thinking of getting that Jackson mobile that he has that dodge just so I can be like Ajax. I got that same car pro. Maybe go to. I think we could arrange engine night out with you. And if you really want to kind of strike friendship I I was going to slide into his DMZ. But I didn't want it to be a a little weird I think tax would be. He would be so happy. You know what I do have to say because I've met a few of these celebrities why was in from the valley called black market. It's a great shout out and I was there and I was walking out. Aw and Kristen came up and said hello to me and I had to tell you it was as if Meghan markle herself Buckingham Palace and it was with a buddy of mine. He was like look she left. And he's like dude. Why are you shaking? She's vanderbilt idea about anything. But I do want to say rod wage year. I also want to say Tom I've met them all. I went to Bravo con as as Eighty Cohen himself. I went there by myself. Someone had to watch the kids. I got across the country for Bravo Bravo. Con- yeah methanol photos and everything Jerry. Greatest Yeah but I have to say I mean I know Jackson Super Hot and looking really good and whatever. He's doing that scale I ordered that scale that he was selling online. We are you kidding. I want to look like say the hottest food and he wasn't in last week's episode the Hottest Dune on Bravo right now. Dj James Kennedy is guys. I glad you called him by his Christian name. Dj James Kennedy. It's like when I saw him. It's Zip I saw Paul Newman. I'm not kidding you guys you can make fun of me all you want. That's how dreamy that man is. I dare you any of you to come within a viewpoint of him and not think to yourselves. This is the best looking man Oliver. See for the rest of my life. I don't care I don't care what you say this as we have lost control of everything I mean. I think he's very dreamy and I'm wondering why are are we holding him back from the show. Well listen I think and I'm just throwing this out there. I think maybe right now in this point in his life going to Miami Ame with Jack's is probably not the healthiest place for him to be going to get something between a woman's tits. It's no I think maybe it's not the healthiest place for him in his journey. There is this show. But we're here. It's hard because the worst thing that happened to us on Vander pump his law laws covering and the hard the place to be as a viewer. You know because I want that for her of course but then I'm going to have to ask her to leave. You can't sit with US anymore. ORLA and I know people I love and I love her but it's just Arianna okay when Arianna took that lukewarm shot. Babies people are drinking and I know they were in Miami Ame but it is really crazy Belvedere at that age shrinking. Lukewarm Vodka. Arianna right now. If she's listening I I don't think she is. By the way we reached out to Thomson of all to ask if we could borrow the SIDECAR response pending another one which we ran into our assistance car with. Yeah we have to pay to fix it because they crash that after another. Ll moment was when he was having that argument outside of the Dan Exotic Dancers Club. Hope I said that correctly with that Mustache Sean. I mean that was L. A.. Well I'm sorry but we had more scenes like that Mary Me Casey. Oh a writer for that. Show up for that fucking dead. I'm not offended ater for that show. Thank you Danielle Danielle. Maybe James Great feedback. Thank you the next time. I want to say we all suffer from. I guess I'll call it. Depression linked to isolation. You know. I'm here working in New York. I'm alone a lot of time. This is the most exciting thing that's happened to me on. This is trip New York. When you're everyone in this room has been alone? You guys travel. I'm sure and I think she suffering from a little. I think she's is being isolated and I want to just let her know that we all feel that way. And she's not alone Arjana. Yeah she lives with a man that's it's also on the show. She's never alone you don't think she's maybe going through a little something. Yes I just want to thank Luke Cherry on after listening for you guys. I'm really sorry to interrupt but I told you I was going to bring you a little gift to the show. Oh God I was going to have it delivered and I think it's just good to just bring it out and we're GONNA get to Adam polly who's got show dead on it. We see. We can't wait to see ladies and gentlemen introduced Saint Louis Missouri weighing very spilled hundred and sixty pounds to watch what happens uh-huh the the they do They're not Jerry. Doing Bitch Saas on Saturday night. I go you know what I'm going to the theater with my family I go I wanNA crash so bad. I really don't want them to know. Oh anyway so fucking funny you say suit that. I can't give you any shooting in Miami. According to Kim back we I WANNA bother you. He's GonNa be left. I myself the well. I was taking the subway here and these women came up to me and they go. What can we have a photo? I said. Yeah they go. We're going to go. I think you're a little late. I'd like to give India real bitch session and thank him. I serve Tom. I'm standing. Wow got a real nice crowd here. Pack to the Route I. I'm just someone someone else has been able to monetize the house. We thank you for that. We don't give you any money. Can I ask you about those should you. Can I ask you about Friday Black Friday. Yes we feed Tamra a Fascinating Exhibit Review Camera Rob and it made me think that we should put in everyone's contract if this contract ever doesn't get picked up Andy we'll be doing an exit interview with really nothing. That was really wild and I have to give it up to Tamra thought was the most likeable well. And it's like this is why we love cameras yellow comprehensive. I'd like so much more real than I've seen her in a while. There's no so it was. It was a busy week in the. OC lost upset that her goodbye was kind of like John After Vicki's will that her goodbye. Well we're hoping that her goodbye is yet to come. We would like to wrap her out with the goodbye that she deserved. Show friend not a friend of just bring her back and send her off well for a few surveys packing up cut fitness. Now is she gonNA go full into the body building. Is that where. We're looking good question. I don't love kind of like amazing and heartbreaking. She's like I'm studying for my real estate license like it was all happening Pity literally like press sand on an email like to get real estate. Shock was and then. Let's Osco I always love someone planning for the future as we have to. This isn't GonNa last year. You're good you you ladies look so beautiful land. Normally we wear their products. And we're like we're fucking sick of this. We tried to get the Dan stress or the INFINITI infiniti drafts. I tell you we have sent twenty emails. Wow allow shadow working you. Think of that Reunion Dallas. That was something. We're coming off off some serious reunion. It's a tumultuous time. I've never seen you like that. Yes I order acidic I I I was pushed to the wall and I couldn't take it anymore and I just wanted to let it go because you would be like well I didn't know and I said you know honey you said it a lot and you already knew it had been passed and you basically like kept digging which I appreciate it. Right right on the sea-lanes well lately but will she be joining us or that's TVD VDB. Would you say well she'd be joining again next year. CBD Seaweed coming out leading Salt Lake right now now but you're going to be real real happy with Salt Lake. I saw coming. You're you're GONNA be happy. I'm I'm reading. Those field reports like feel how to some Field Report Association of Beverly Hills on the plane back from Miami. We gotTA season based everyday excited about Gar sell. I got very exciting now. What's going on between Brandy? Denise walks this show. It's all on the screen. It's even on the screen at all on the screen. I yes all the work you're doing now puts home ic but so mic is going to go in directions nations. There's personal story happening with each of the women that that is going to surprise you there. Yes Karen Huber just like there. Are things happening. All of the lash took dom fragrance and wafted it into the audience and people passed out and I it was taken from my carry on on the way here rushing by she just shipped forty five hundred forty five hundred bottles of dom all oppressed these women who we can't get that infinity dress I wear is no longer on. I also wanted to sorry now now. Were these just got hurt. I heard that there was a boots on the ground. Wants of someone who had slept with me and all I wanNA know is it was eerie. Good you listen to the episode and you guys good our. Do you like feedback. The question she said you know. Listen you you don't have to worry about. I've heard of it so you can also trash me as much as you want and I will be fine with a thank you know we do. You WanNa take a put on the guys I backup danced for Lou. Ann Do you the known. How can I make with the guy with the Mohawk moves through literally come Japan by money camp by class? My friends why she everything you would think we were or in the Limo to splash. If anyone knows what she was with her friend and the friend was like in the one was later later later later list later later later later You're here you're here. Thank you. Allah Judge Kelly Don's future stepdaughter. The the accept them up. Paul is my father and that is the worst thing. Come close to the MIC. My Dad is rick. Leventhal is the most embarrassing thing to say that in this room because he does work for Fox News which is terrifying and Kelly and my dad are getting married and talking so sure and Ramona came to my dad's house. Fruit is like Annual Pool Party and my dad had no idea who they were and obviously I did hear and allied was freaking speaking out and I said dad you should talk to Cowley like she's cool like I say hi mom you after. She like comment on this posting. He was like what should I d m her so I gave him advice on how to get at her to like getting married. Well the details details the wedding I am not privy to anyone. Are you upset or you know who so let me just say Kelly has been nothing but amazing and what. My friends are really cool. One of them is here tonight and I love him and he's great and Mike Ramon is a bitch. The why does everyone and I would be happy to tell you all about it. Are you going to go to that soup. Kitchen with Kelly's workers list. Okay all all does your phone off. Her Breasts asked my dad. Get back. I'm going to your show in Atlanta. I bought tickets for my boyfriend's parents. His mom sadly passed away. So I'm GonNa go with his dad so I'm seeing you again. We hear big fan. Can't believe we've been here right now. I literally binge watched or Ben Jalousie the bitch. SESS- podcast for like three days to prepare my boots on the ground. I was a bomber Harmar for New Year's Eve A.. Ramona singer citing literally led her. Cut Me in line as I watched her. Mom uh-huh the implant. Wow I just WANNA say. Don't anybody ever fucking asked me. If this shit is real no cameras out doing i. That's what I love about these women. They give us this in the office then held in the Wild Ramona came by my house to meet Ben. Recently I know she was a planned visit. She was there for forty five minutes on the way out. She looked around and she was like. Oh so this is a really nice apartment taking a moment and then we have to do the tour surprise. You could put that together. Andy how much time do you have. Two minutes I got five more minutes. Okay okay should we show in the theme between you and Palley. Oh Oh you WANNA be shopping. We're going to show you took a week Jersey. No time okay. Can you run out here. The down very he needs to move. WHOA ow? Let's get the chairs out. Andy we were going to do this at the end and this is a the two of them are going to perform for you if very quick. Okay good what is your commentary on. This is Camille grammer and Kelsey grammer grammer. The night of the tonys therein limousine together. I hope you win tonight right. I've run already because if because of it's just the night that everything looks like winning all over again. Oh I thought you were going to say because of me you one already ready because of me in your life well yes yes. These are all true things. I'm just wow. Aw That's seen tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Thank you the great so the hot. I'm hot did we just see. I'm sorry I e gigging now Jerry left Jerry might have to his son the you know he's right there he's now an audience member this is getting stranger and stranger. Aw was right to show the scene but it was so important and you. You guys are so so amazing at it. We need it. No one does it. Better Dr Frazier cranes sorry. Tess noticed Adams shoes. Dare you wear a crop. Danielle those are lime Birkenstock What is happening crazy as sometimes you? We underestimate ourselves. You know it's like we should have asked Andy not these guy This garbage honestly. If I knew that Andy was going to be here I would not have said yes. We knew Andy was going to be. We would not have friendship. We've always yeah. We have one more theme from New Jersey. No we still. You still need to Andy Leave. His microphone is on his back pocket and pulls it out. Let me get my. I'm chuck talking but I'm hovering above my body right now. I'm still not here. Are you guys. Okay are you okay now. This is another scene trained from Jersey two weeks ago. A Theresa will be playing Melissa. You will be playing thank Margaret and we can stand for this and I get to play Danielle the characters cop without a badge. Yeah listen is is. This is so fox. Wait wait wait. What is happening right now? I thought we were having a Nice shopping day to shut it down Melissa. Just because you're not not Margaret. She wants to just clear the air. I mean like left's not ignore the elephant in the womb the cheek clad elephants. What's your problem trout mouth nor have any problem with you? I have nothing to do with you but if you want to do why you tell them who do everything power to make. Sure they don't ever get back together. Note that's not what I said. No he said he's stuck up you Danielle in front of you. He said that you kind of broke them. Fuck it up okay. I you know what that's bullshit. She didn't break them up. She was invested in their state. You put put nothing any fucking head Theresa just told you what I think he cried. He was upset about about his children not talking to him he was publicly disparaged using Daniel children they actually abuse you abuse it. He didn't abuse children off. Why did she put it in her divorce papers? She filed a restraining order on him. Oh okay maybe he did I just it why would you get up to my walk and business. She's pathetic aw you're sick you're pathological. I'm not sick. I'm not sick. Reliable talk to the person. You just missed out on a good person he disparaging ex husband. Would you lie about and you fucked around your bit. You married the fucking contract that came in the house. The House you prostitute fucking in my fucking face get out of my fucking face. You're in my fucking face Theresa McHugh all I have to say continues. You should get pours or bottle of water. And Danielle's headed walks way. Earth did a fucking nerve and fucking hit a fucking you. Is this your right by guys. It's yours is your business. Not This is the store guy talks guy. This is a storm. Talk guys the handful of Margaret stuff stuff into a large lit candle and also turns over smaller Lick Candle next to it. Are you fucking kidding me. Oh my God you all right well now before can even what's your back bitch fucking finishing. Don't you ever fucking company again. You fucking okay. I am excel embarrassed or my friends right now. Sorry Steven Sorry. I'll pay for the how nice it was your your embarrassed. Really you're a Baris- Melissa really really. Yeah yeah yeah this is fucking nuts are you done. You see what she did to me. Yes that's your fucking friend fucking spelled unacceptable. Thank you take you drown rats. Go back in your whole go. Oh okay all right guys. I think this fucking shopping day is over to say the least. Let's go let's go bitch go with your white fucking ponytail. You can't even bleach it anymore. You hit so fucking broken. I just can't help myself anymore. I really can't see ponytail and a If you're looking to change your diet instead of restricting what tweet what if you nourish your body with the healthiest and most Tristesse food with Sakari. You're putting the best in your body so you can feel your best. Sakaria is a nutrition company that focuses casses on overall wellness starting with eat their organic ready to eat. Meals are made with powerful plant based ingredients designed to boost your energy improve your digestion ingestion and get your skin gluing. The menu of creative chef crafted breakfasts lunches and dinners change weekly. So you'll never get bored and it's delivered fresh rush anywhere in the United States. SA- car also has daily wellness essentials like supplements and herbal teas to support your nutrition to boost results tried the best selling metabolism super powder and all natural remedy for bleeding waking and fatigue and right now so car is offering our listeners. Twenty percent off their first order when they go to car dot com home slash housewives or enter the code housewives at checkout. That's the car S. A. K. A. R. A. dot com slash housewives to get twenty percent off your first order. Kara dot com slash wife's. So I think we should maybe bring out our dear friend Fan fan favourite on the podcast be lovable gorgeous. Funny Matt Makanji Not Kate Moss. Thank you for this game and I know she's like two taller than me. I don't guess right. It's obviously Matt. Welcome thank you. I'm not Andy Cohen. And I'm as disappointed as you and I'm very sorry but this is what you got a whole coming and what I do say so. Many bit sess- people reached out to me to congratulate me and semi warm wishes and immense. I'm talking about the SAG awards. Obviously we won best actress and you were talking about the risks grab heard around the world. The way you speak rewriting remembers where they were when Gen when Brad grab a quick reenactment of just Matt. I'm Brad obviously you're remember to hold on Tate East recording hold on tight coming in. What would that's that's not how it goes rubbed me as if I was going to hit you? Okay we're GONNA hug. We didn't awfully Brad. I'll be Brad Hug me. You walk away. That's all you gotTa do hug me. walkaway because they don't care anymore that's right okay available for me Brown. Wow Oh my God. Wow I'll tell you what I the moment that. He reached out for our wrist. It was a moment that we let him go. I felt so deeply a moment that we let him yes. We've all been there. A lot of people did reach out to you because Matt is such an obsessive Jennifer Aniston Fan. I thought that my sister-in-law for your birthday gave you a clock with her face on. I have basically the agenda here and she gave me a Gen a sticker. That's going on my laptop checkbook. Checks have Jan on checks gen off my calendar Jan this year of Jan.. It's actually here. It's like I make Jensen's it is the genus John's and we're all just living in it now. We have some big shows to talk about this week. We don't have Atlanta Sadly Bravo. Get on with your scheduling. Because I don't know when you're coming commoner going tough for Jennifer. I don't eighty love her so much. Oh aw theresa she's a piece of Sh- gasped back there. When I heard that I said I don't know I just felt for her in that one one scene in the restaurant where she was saying that Joe said like you'll never find anyone or used goods? You know how you feel for them for one second. And that's your whole feeling about them and then next week I'll area for her to be the the nexus of this where all the stories rely around their relationship to her is so sad. You know her. Her kindness draws them to her intellect. She's just you know that like like here's what it is about Teresa you know that she is wound and she's ready to spring any moment but she can't because she'll go to jail so that dichotomy dichotomy of a person who's just like but then like can't like she's just always like and I think that's what makes her interesting. ooh So we're watching the tension between her and the law at all. That's right that's right right at is Banjo. Blessed them have given us so many many storylines. She's been gone for two years and she was still driving the store not show talent shower and I gotta say do as much as I hate to reese I love how much she she loves theresa and needs her so bad she was crying and said I don't want to give up on her. I was like that's friendship. I think Margaret is maybe one of the nicer housewives wives we've ever had. She's sweet but I felt really bad for her in that moment when she was like literally talking talking to her mother and she's like I mean who cares about me so my husband and then her mother mark senior just goes Lexi. I think she wanted her to say okay. Her mother she goes. I can't think of a one is Lexi. Make I I was like isn't Alexi. What's her name's daughter? The hairless cats Dean Dean Dean won a name a Wow I hadn't thought about her question to at one point Theresa's Dad is like mixing a hot pot of something. He lifts his laundry the giant. Yes it was a full octopus is that is his his jeff as he's dropping this giant squid in it's time it's time stamped six thirty. Am this is his more. These up at I like him. What's happening guys? Think of Jackie. I love they're all so so. I find her to be the Heather Bro of Jersey and I don't know I did feel bad for her when she who's crying okay. Everyone's like yeah. We Love Jackie because I believe she's a fan that got on on. This show agree. I was trying to put together what she reminds me of. And it's like if Sarah Paulson played. Kim Can you shoot them. Vote their faces. The merging happened happen now. Please God could Sarah Pulsa play Kim Zal Horror Story New Jersey. It is. Yeah Wow wow now it's just it is shocking for someone to yell at someone who makes someone to feel badly that they didn't spend more on their kids birthday parties. Like Jenn is so so fucking warped it is crazy. I will say the part where and I throw very low key birthday parties again Korea. Marianne but I will say Ed to just throw out an Amazon box lug. It was horrible. We all know that. I think that's question her love for children for sure I will say. Just do would've don't do it. You know what I mean so that would be the white but still felt was crazy of course in New Jersey. I'm feeling about Frankie Junior. I'll tell you who I'm I'm not shipping or invested in Frankie Junior and I'm not invested in that. What invested in is Frankie Junior and Dolores like see them together they have chemistry? Let them be together based on the shirtless. Like they WANNA fuck you other last time. I want to thank our guys. Ah Please Jerry. O'CONNELL's play play on Broadway. Tell US soldiers play a BRA right down. The street and Palley starring in a new Sitcom with France. rusher her Steven Weber of wings. It's called indebted it's on NBC. And when does it air next week on Thursday nine thirty after will and grace thank you thank you I thank you so much. Ah for making our videos and performing when you're townhall Danielle Long. Wow we've really been through something tonight together Uh.

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