November 2 Hour 2 Zac Stevens of DNVR Broncos Calls In | Clark Johnson, Preps Roundup


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Air solutions in greeley by phone at nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy two one o'clock hour second and final hour of the show today. Don't forget we have a unc. Men's basketball preseason special that we're going to be airing every single monday leading up to the basketball season. Three to four o'clock i'll be. I'll be sitting in studio along with the voice of the bears. Jason alvian so should be a lot of fun as we break down the season coming up for for. Unc hoops But we're we're still very much in that football mode. And the broncos are still very much in that playoff discussion half there somehow. Some beating the chargers thirty one to thirty joining me on in on studio in studio. We're on the phone. Perseverance hotlines zak stevens. Dnv bronco oh goodness. They're happy after broncos win and zach. I know. I know we're all pretty happy. It's more fun to report on on. A w rather than tough loss like like last week against the chiefs. Oh there's no doubt about it. Brady and yeah you can tell. That was victory monday. Crowd right there with How happy they were. And you're absolutely right. I mean at halftime brady. Also were staring at a two and five record. They were staring at being in the cellar of the afc west and they were all staring being sellers at the trade deadline tomorrow. Now they're in the playoff on. It's crazy is that is there a game and a half out with plenty of games to go and now they don't have to sell any players at the trade deadline. This team has momentum going into next week against the team that has a losing record. Yeah i mean that. That's the key right is they. Don't have to make any big moves now. They're very much in that path of okay. We can make the plus. I think this is interesting. zach. I've been looking at the past two years for the broncos and it seems like there's always this point whether they're one in four or three and six they go up against the chargers they win that game to keep them afloat and obviously we know how those seasons ended but the chargers have always been the. You're not done yet The key i suppose now will be. How do you follow it up against a team. Like the falcons exactly. It's huge for drew. Lock as well. How does he follow it up. Because the first half was terrible for for the broncos entire team but specifically drew lock. It was awful the second half specifically the last quarter and a half that fourth quarter. He was amazing. How does drew follow it up and that will be the difference. If this broncos team is different than years past is if they have a quarterback and if drew lock says no i'm closer to the second half drew lock yesterday than i was the first half and so it'll be huge to see him how he responds next week. Because if we see a guy that comes out and looks like he. He looked in the first quarter the first half then yikes but if he comes out and doesn't obviously have to have three touchdowns and no interceptions like he had in the fourth quarter but if he comes in looks more like that and he pat shurmur on the same page. Then yeah you could very realistically be talking about a different broncos team than years past zach. Let's let's spend some time talking about drew here first off. Are we any closer did. Did he get any further and his evaluation because first half was terrible but he has a fourth quarter comeback. He has a couple of crazy drives and then a comeback. Are we closer. Are we still kind of a wash at this point. Yeah what was it yesterday. Just a great Picture of who druids and the people that like him point to the fourth quarter where he went fourteen of eighteen hundred and fifty five yards three touchdowns and of course throwing the game winning touchdown with no time left people. Who like to say yeah. That's the talent. He had that asks the ice that he hasn't it fame that he can do that. The confidence and swagger that he has in any has the tangible intangibles and i completely agree with that and people that don't like him say but look how bad that first half offense was sixty total yards and a half. It looked so bad. The interception that he had at the beginning of the second half was bad as well And he looked lost out there. So i don't think this game really moves the needle for anyone right now other than saying okay. Let's see what he can do next week because again if he comes out and looks bad people are going to say okay now with is many many weeks in a row where he hasn't looked good outside of one half of play but if he comes out and let's good then. It's very realistic That that things can be clicking now and that was drew message last night. Was we've been getting a lot of criticism toward us but look. This is a young offense we have. We played with three different quarterbacks. This year this is. This is now the time that we're starting to click okay drew. We'll go out go out and prove that. This is the time that you're starting to click. When i liked about him again this he has some swagger there. And i'll admit act last week it kind of rub me the wrong way a bit about the whole. You know people that criticize me. Don't they can't do what we do out here. My response is kind of like criticism is what makes the world go round. It's what makes sports go. People like us ac people like me. I mean we're talking about it all the time and it grows the sport so i of had an issue not that big of an issue but then you see them kind of danson before the before they get into the huddle for that final drive in a in a different way. It remind me of elway joking around with his teams back in the day before critical drives. Yeah and isn't that what you need. And i believe it was caja. Was it that drew state stayed cool and calm the whole time. And that's what we eat it and i absolutely. That's what the broncos need it and in fact at halftime drew stood up in front of the offense and said we need to man up. The defense was frustrated with the offense and instead of fighting back in the locker room through stayed cool and calm and said we need to do our job right now. We need to man up. We can still turn this thing around. And that was big that the offense could see from a twenty three year old young quarterback that he was still confident in them despite being down by eleven at halftime and then of course entering the fourth quarter being down twenty one point. Yeah and that's what's crazy. So i mean when you when you hear him when you hear talking to the halftime thinking all right this is the guy this is the swagger that you want. Maybe he's not going to say everything that you like all the time but neither does aaron rodgers. some of these other quarterbacks. Don't always do that so and again. I'm not there. i'm not comparing him just yet. But i like that attitude. But i tend to agree with zach. We don't know enough about this guy we keep seeing great and then we keep scratching our heads But in the second half it seemed like he settled down a bit more than state in the pocket to complete a big throws. Yeah really didn't especially on third down. That was key. That was something that the broncos not just in the first half of the broncos have not been good on third down for the past many weeks even when they were moving the ball against the patriots they had their drive stall on third down and yesterday in the third half drew was hitting those guys And vic today we just talk to him get gave the credit to the game in terms of turning it around was the third and eight. The drew completed today. John hamilton right. Before phillip lindsay fifty five yard touchdown run. Which of course is the play that everyone point but he said no no. No the play before that completion. Today sean That that really kept the game. Going in brought the broncos back and you had a playmakers in this one i and i agree with you sean. Hamilton that was a huge play. Then the long touchdown k. J. hamler with the huge touch. You know noticed something zack. Is this a record. For most touchdown catches landing on their backside. It's gotta be a record has to be in bidding for For team has jake butt on their team. Who is the best thing ever. I mean we need to be yes but overall yes huge moments huge plays. But you're right. A lot of people are talking about that. Phillip lindsay fifty five yard touchdown run bryce callahan's interception which one of those was the play in your mind of those twos. Zack you know. I i in the those are the two that jumped out of course and i would actually go with bryce callahan interception. Because here's the thing if price doesn't get the chargers are at least getting three points and if they get three points well the broncos weren't going to be able to come back that would have been just too much that would have been the needle that that just put it over For for the broncos not to be able to overcome. So i i would point to that one. Of course phillip. Lindsay run was absolutely huge. That's what really got the sideline juiced up And got the defense believing that they could come back but today vic fangio called that bryce callahan interception the best play of his career and vic seem every single play of his career could. These coached him Every single year of his career. So i mean that was huge. In just the fact that we're talking about a small nickel cornerback. Going up against the six four mike williams in the corner of an end zone and bryce callahan. Come down with that ball again. An incompletion there would have been better than allowing a touchdown. But it's still wouldn't have done the job because the chargers this would've kicked a field goal and the broncos wouldn't have been able to overcome all those points you're right and drew lock you know. After the phillip lindsay touchdown locked turns around throws or they get the stop. They need that I think this defense was pumped up then locked turns around throws interception. You're thinking well. There goes that vibe and then they get the interception so this defense even though there's thirty points on the score for the chargers defensively. I still was very impressed with this group. I mean they looked exhausted especially coming out in the second half. But i felt like they outplayed the chargers for the most part there were just stints in this game where they looked exhausted. Yeah it was really interesting. How the defence really played a great game and the per for most of the first half and then in the last quarter and a half they played another great game a defense despite giving up two hundred ten yards on the ground which which bic today pointed to just fundamental errors. So that's a little encouraging that that that is something that can change but out at the end of the first half of the beginning of the second half they gave up three. Seventy five yard touchdown drives. That's terrible but outside of that. They were really good and they came up with the place when they needed to be had. Because there's a chance that the broncos don't even have a shot at the end of the game of the broncos defense doesn't hold the chargers to a field goal there at the end and chargers were really driving but then chargers hurt themselves with the penalty and then denver's defense came up when they need a to hold him to that field goal. Now we look at albert okwuegbunam on and of course this tight end set suddenly looks pretty dangerous. With noah fant. I mean he put together a nice game. he had seven receptions. Forty seven yards. Didn't get the touchdown like albert. Oh did but man suddenly. You're you're starting to see these weapons work as you talked about daesean hamilton jerry. Jeudy was coming up with some big grabs caja handler with the big touchdown You're starting to see this offense and the weapons that they were accruing over the off season. Maybe start to work a little bit here as we approach the second half of the season. Yeah mrs why. There was so much optimism and excitement around this team and the dolphins. Everyone knew they were going to be young. If you had realistic expectations you knew. They were going to be highs and lows really until the second happy. Yesterday we hadn't seen the the highs and the potential consistently hit so yesterday. What was a great example for everyone to see okay. This is what this team can be now do. They continue to build off that they have a full game in the next couple of weeks where they have this or does it take four more weeks until you see another half of this. Well that inconsistency is probably not enough to believe that this offense is going in the right direction but can they can they quick. You know they're still going to have that game the rest of the season on offense but can they put up another thirty point game. This is the first time since peyton manning where the broncos have had multiple thirty plus point games in a season and now of course jurors only had one of those because brett rippin or bret ripping against the jets What was the other one this season. But you're right. These weapons coming coming out and outside drew lock. It's not like one of these guys was so fantastic so these guys haven't even reached their ceiling and show. Their potential noah. Fant was really good. Jerry jeudy was good obviously phillip lindsay was really good but he only had six receptions attempts which is criminal by the way he he he needs to have more. What happens when these guys are actually having huge games altogether. And maybe you'll see that. All click against the against the falcons coming up this weekend on the defensive side of the ball. kareem jackson. Are we expecting any kind of fines or anything there. And i don't wanna take anything away for his misplayed because this guy is terrifying. He has a nastiness to him. That i think the broncos defense sorely needs but there's still a couple of hits there including one on his own guy that you that you just wish man. I wish that head was up just a little bit. So he doesn't go head to head so much. Yeah exactly. And that's why. I wouldn't be surprised if we do see a fine there and man. That's that hit on. The chargers defender was so With such a huge hit and he was playing with its hair on fire. And you're absolutely right. That is something that the broncos defense needs on the field he was. He was going crazy during that last drive. Where the broncos at a big stop and that's something that they need that's something that keeps league talked about. He said all the dogs on this defense or gone kareem is a dog and he's proven it This past year and a half. Yeah no question about it. Well i see josie jewel making some plays. I mean he comes up with the big hit against herbert. They're trying to go for a first down. That was a big hit totally legal head my mind. You're seeing guys fly around a little bit more and you know even corners that are getting picked on you say so. Aj boy picked on. Michael ojemudia i still like the ability for a young player. A rookie player like oj media. Turn around instill battle through it. Because he's going to continue to get picked on. yeah. I loved it potential as well. Now he he'll hear this week about his tackling with the you know not wrapping up. But that's something that he's proven. He's a willing tackler something where where he needs to play better. So i'm i'm very encouraged with ojemudia is well and you know what boy did get picked on i. I was surprised and impressed with justin. Herbert to not be afraid of going. After the broncos best cornerback But boy i was there pretty much every single time. It was just a better throw than the coverage boy. The afc west though he looked at quarterbacks and if drew lock as we've talked about all season if he can pass the test this division is going to be just absolutely stacked. It's going to be hopefully a lot of fun to watch the future. Oh yeah it's going to be much fun if drew can pass that and obviously people pretty set that justin. Herbert's that guy and you know he looks really good yesterday anytime you put up thirty points. You should win even if you throw two interceptions like he did Now is drew lock. That guy is the second half was a really good start to that. Yeah we'll continue evaluating zach one more for get your game ball in this. When this was hard. I mean i. It's it's obvious with phillip lindsay. Then you start looking at the defensive plays and then obviously some of the offensive guys were on who get your game ball. yeah i. it's a really good question. The game ball to the entire team got kinda cheap out there so on defense on. I'll go with the guy that that i told you earlier. Had the play of the game. And that's bryce callahan again without him. You don't win and it. Also encapsulates i it. It takes into account everything. He's done this. He's been a tremendous for the broncos. Made the big play and on often. I'm gonna go day sean hamilton. Because this is a guy that has just been killed and broncos country the past few weeks and understandably so he he's that's that but he was out there more than any receiver yesterday. He was blocking really well. He did have a penalty He certainly made up for it at the end of the game. This is a guy that drew lock and k. Jay hammer went out of their way yesterday after the game and their press conferences to say you guys need to be talking about dejean more. He was so big in this game. Certainly seems like this group is gelling. Even though they had the fallout after the guard during that game against the chiefs last week man listening to them kind of step up for each other and blow each other up as far as compliments. I mean you love to see that. Now they know they can do it. Let's see if they put it all together against atlanta next week. You're exactly right zac. What are you working on for us. that we can check out in the next couple of days. Oh man i. I'm so curious to see how the team responded this weekend. What their attitude is like coming into this atlanta game because like you said last week Is the attitude. What would certainly interesting and yesterday. They got buddha many times throughout the game. The broncos offense it and after the game they were pretty fired up about that. So i'm curious. What their attitude going into. This falcons game. Yeah no question about it. Always appreciate you. My friend way too laid out for us and We'll catch up with you next week. Absolutely thanks for having me on brady really enjoy it. All right man that zak stevens of dnv are broncos. Excellent source there. You gotta fall this guy. He's a. He's a sensational writer. He's personable you'll love to follow guys like this zak stevens at z. A. c. stevens d. n. vr. Check him out on twitter. Twenty two minutes after the hour. We're going to take a quick break. I'm going to switch gears here. Another busy weekend in the preps world and we'll talk to clark johnson of preps radio coming up twenty two minutes after the hour. This is the whole show powered by energy. No code now. Weekdays at four. Another in colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi. Hey this is mark. Johnson voice of the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the hall show with my buddy brady hall. I'm thirteen ten. Kfi twenty seven minutes after the hour. That was mark. Johnson and in studios clark johnson as related. You're both tall. And you both have last johnson and your first names rhyme. He is the nicest guy. He's a great deal doesn't he has the biggest head of anyone. Cocky no no no to a large. He's got to be like six six. Yeah and he's just got a. Is that a compliment head. I don't know. I think i don't know if that's a compliment. Factual cents looking huge today. He's a massive man though. He has played college basketball. He looks like an athlete. He still looks like an athlete before before we say anymore. Bad things about your twin mark. Johnson clark johnson brings us the preps radio around presented by weld community credit union and only a couple of regular season. Weeks left already and you got two weeks left. Yeah this is crazy. it's it's such a sprint. I mean we just be getting to the middle of will not even the middle of the season yet. We'd be around the corner to be looking at the middle and two weeks we're already looking at. Rpi who's gonna make in this crazy four tier rpi. They've got going. There's really no way to figure out who's going to be in the playoffs. You can kind of guests. But more my. It's kind of a crazy thing. So we played in two weeks a lotta scoreboard watching yes. How about how about christian. I mean one hundred and eighty nine point two zero. Maybe get a test from university this weekend to and they just massacre. How so how many so. I don't know if you have. The rest are schedule in front of you. But they're gonna they're going to probably keep this pace lose. I mean they've got they've got berthod now. The questions are they going to allow point. Maybe not they've outscored their opponents. One hundred eighty nine zero insane to me and university of close to scoring on on saturday night so it was halloween and it was fun. Just their their quarterback to is junior. Ben roethlisberger will schroeder bar. Fourteen of twenty one. Seventy three is a big kid and you can hate him and he doesn't go down. It can still throw three touchdown passes. Eddie lima's five catches that dude. He catches the ball. He's got a chance to go to the house every time. And then the the big news is tanner appleby to more sacks for the senior he is two sacks away from the all time and colorado high school sack record so moving up on them but we'll see razz right now number one coaches poll number. One max perhaps number three in the packer number. Three rb is so They look like they will absolutely have a home. Game in the playoffs about the reds. They keep their playoffs playoff. Hope alive they take care of brush without brush might give them a run for their money and eating wins twenty eight. Nothing ethan. Flora's how about the junior big game for him to rushing touchdowns and led the club with nineteen tackles in the ball game. Scott agreeable throws a couple of touchdown passes the reds role against brush twenty-eight nothing reds kind of in the mix met five six seven eight nine ten area remember. They take the top eight so the reds battling playoff spot team team that we know pretty well that roosevelt rough rider team. They stay number one in the coaches poll. They're doing what they're supposed to do. Getting another big win over battle mountain gates a team that they don't have to rely on the rushing game the The ref riders. Don't elaine wachner. Steam with brick hearts can absolutely throw the football but they rushed for three. Oh three against battle mountain of their number one of the coaches poll number two imacs perhaps so Keenan sterkel again. That's their go to guy. Eight carries hundred fifteen yards and a touchdown brig hartson. In another two two more touchdown passes and brock cya. Two picks and a touchdown catch big effort for roosevelt. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy to washington cool dude. Now you've had you had a couple of lots over the weekend is has scary for one to talk about the next one. The second friday night windsor. Forty three to five. We come back the next night. Forty seven nothing so yeah yeah about a close one may yes or no. We'll get to the windsor windsor. Just run the ball all over the place. I mean it's what we know that team to do they They just they. Flat out can run the ball. Dax polka their junior. But twenty four carries a buck ninety. Five four more touchdowns. He has eight touchdowns in two weeks but look at the defense. They held silver creek to fifty total yards. Sal i mean windsor rushed alone. They didn't pass much but they rushed for three sixty six. You hold the other team to fifty and you get to a forty three to five. Blow out on a friday night in windsor. And it's funny we talked about last week to With windsor teams. Do they. They have their system. They don't care. If you're if you're john elway out there. They're they're going to run the ball they don't really care and since the day they'd get a throwing quarterback do they finally change. I always felt like they thought they had won about seven or eight years ago. Joseph sanger through it. He was great but only through price. Nobody ever knew it was coming. That's right. that's the still the thing about windsor. Quarterbacks is they'll throw four times but twice two touchdowns because he never does. Everybody sucks in to stop the run run boom. You can run the ball. It's the easiest thing to do it. It's the easiest way to win a game. If you can actually do it. How about okay. State softball news. That's kind of cool. You know i love to end it on this and real quickly Three coach of the year. Dale us from the reg. They win the title of more. What a deserved job. They've been knocking on the door for a while. And how about sadie ross. The freshman gets three a player of the year so Chasing after her sister. Pretty good stuff for sadie and then. Five congrats to fossil ridge. What a year for them. Another team that had been knocking on the door and they finally break down that door. Dave philip coach coach of the nikki. Mcgavin the junior is player of the year at the five eight level so congrats to both of those great coaches clubs and players for the rest of the schedule. Of course folks can go to thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. You've got four games left on. I was gonna look rundown rocky. Mountain of fossil ridge have a good one should be should be progression. Lavallee brush at platinum saturday. That could be interesting. Also brush coming off at twenty eight. Nothing lost to eaten. They'll be hunting for bear. Platte valley looks good to me this year. Just don't know how good can they match up with res-q and they match up with sterling. Already went into to kersey and beat the broncos. So that's the question but a couple of good ball games this week now and so around out that weekend and then after that it's roosevelt at northridge platte valley and eaten to finish it up and then the playoff right on. Can't wait for the playoffs to. It's going to be a huge year. And you're getting there clark it's It's gonna be fun. It should be exciting again. Folks keep it here on check out our website. We don't know what the basket ball. Schedules look like just yet. But we sure if there's high school basketball northern colorado we're going to broadcast it we haven't heard anything other than that just yet. But we know that the increase in covert and all. That is certainly cause for concern. So we haven't built those schedules. Just no doubt as soon as we know. We'll we'll get that down and hopefully gives us time to door thirteen days. Thirteen teams are training camp coverage for basketball coming up. But that's all you know. It's all at the hands of mr covance. Mrs kobe or whatever it is right. preps radio around presented by weld community credit union. Yeah we think we'll community credit union for all they do from gen-x degen's ian wright up to baby boomers. Everyone learn about personal finance. That's why weld community credit union is sponsoring zaubeko. An app where you can earn money while you learn about money down load and use the zogar at no cost with a code. Well w e l d. all of that coming to you from our great friends at weld community credit union. I love at clark. It's fun season. Man we'll look so hopefully some good games this weekend. Let's let's pray for that. Yeah we go to thirteen ten k dot com for the full schedule. All right clark thanksgiving thank you thirty five minutes after the hour. We'll take a short break. We'll come back. We'll wrap up. And i know clark aides to hear it but we'll wrap up. Broncos chargers chargers just can't is anthony lynn. I mean he's in trouble. I thought for sure. I'd hear something in the news today. They can't four streams like you have the talent closed. That's coaching dan. Quinn gets fired. He made a super bowl three years ago. So you gotta think the chargers be thinking about. I think so thirty five minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash apart northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Don't forget we got a special every single monday leading up to leading up to that first week. Which again we're we're still waiting on that non conference schedule for the unc bears. I'm not quite sure you. Hopefully we'll be able to break that news for you when we get there of course but we're gonna have this program. The unc bears men's basketball schedule coming up every monday. Three to four o'clock in the ideas. It's every monday leading up to late november. So we're we're really excited about that. And then maybe by then we'll have some information on that non well throughout the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we have that information to so we'll get interviews for you. The voice of the bears. Jason alvin is out about collecting interviews. They're practicing three to five typically throughout the days so we wanted to get this program on. And then we'll collect those interviews and talk to the players and the coaches and also outside of the program. We're going to talk to radio voices and reporters outside in the big sky conference and get their thoughts on the teams. What they're thinking about the bears as well so should be a lot of fun as we put this program together for you once a week every single monday for the bears fans for the bears. Hoops fans thirteen ten. Kfi northern colorado's voice were live here from the audit collision specialist studios kind of putting a bow on this colfax and had to put the poll question up Power to play. Sports poll question whose play was bigger philip. Lindsay's fifty five yard touchdown run or bryce callahan's interception. Let's leave it to the whole against to decide on this. One goes to the whole show dot com sixty. Six percent of the whole organs are saying callahan's interception now i. It's hard to argue with either one. I'm leaning toward phillip lindsay. Fifty five yard touchdown run. I felt like that sparked everybody. It shows that the broncos could actually compete in this game. But you're right. If i mean zak stevens told us if you know of course if callahan doesn't get that interception charged going to get a field goal out of that thing unless they miss it but both are huge. Both now it's fifty fifty fifty fifty just like that so it was a big time for price callahan. Go vote at the whole show dot com. I wanna see where that one ends. We've done three different poll questions. The first one blew it up. You guys said phillip lindsay was your game ball yet. You're going with callahan's play so okay and then it was just in herbert that one the for the most part one who was the quarterback on the field yesterday and you guys are still saying that. It's just an herbert. Even though drew lock had the late game heroics herbert just looks better right now. I think herbert looks better Drew lock had some moments. I mean when he was when he was completing passes and he was doing staying in the pocket. He looked pretty good. You know he had some low passes there that were still cobb receivers and then go down to the ground and catch just a curate. Those were all pretty good deals Justin herbert looks to be the better of the two right now. That's not to say that's how it's gonna end But there's going to be some great showdowns right. I mean hopefully drew lock can get to that point where he's having showdowns with with. Patrick mahomes hopefully for chargers fans. Hopefully justin herber gets there. And you can have some great quarterback play derek carr. He's not he's not their homes and of course he's been a little bit longer so i don't know he he might be about as good as he's going get but you know at his best. He's still pretty good quarterback he's not a hall of fame type guy but at at his best. He's he solid. He win some football games for you. Are they going to be super bowl. Champs under a guy like car not so sure not so sure about that. Forty four minutes after the hour. I events text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. If you're new to the show texts k f k a three one nine nine six putting the finishing touches on this one Drew lock we. Haven't we have not answered much. We we keep going week after week. We're like well maybe has he. He has an answer. That question of is he the quarterback of the future. Because for most of that game i would imagine broncos country was saying the same thing i mean. I'm just being realistic. Yes colefax all right. Let's say the trend of his first half meltdown just continued throughout the entire game. The broncos lost thirty two three. What would we be saying. Then we'd be saying no. He's absolutely not. The corporate rippin is ripping time next week. Absolutely saying i thank you for the fact that he saved came out with a win even if they ll even if he came back in maybe like thirty to twenty years. If he wouldn't have completed that last touchdown pass and they just lose. Would we be moving on or would we be like you wouldn't be moving on. You'd still go drew lock. But you'd be you'd be holding his feet to the fire. The win a win is so it heals things. If you lose even though you're driving down there and you do and better things you look better the the would be. Where was that all game but because you got the win it's it's a w. it's w. and brands it over that game and you you know you shouldn't ignore what happened. The first half. But the w takes a lot of it away takes a lot of the pain waco facts. Yeah if you lose that game if you keep going down the path you were going in the second half then. Yeah we're we're talking about not only drew lock likely not the guy but do you just test brett rippin and see what you got in the guy for a for a length of the season i mean. That's maybe that doesn't come to it. But you're at least having that discussion today. But he passed in the second half and so here. You are And so. I asked the question. Was it last week. We said it's drew. Lock the franchise quarterback for this team and we still haven't really answered it. And i said we probably won't have the answer until we're out of this four-game stretch. We'll the chargers was test. One you got out of it but it was weird you know if the season were done and the broncos and make the playoffs and that's what we ended the last game on the season was what it was you. You wouldn't know you wouldn't know you'd say all right i guess. Do we got him under contract that we just give it another year and see rather than look for another guy. So it's gonna be very interesting to see how this unfolds falcons games huge the another big one coming up for denver chargers. I think the chargers are a decent team. And they they were battling a lot of injuries in that one This was weird to you'll garrett bowles another guy that were trying to pass a test right now for the broncos that was his worst game of the season he had a bad holding call he had a terrible clipping. Call blocking the back. Didn't it was unnecessary. And that's where garrett bowles is bad. It's like wait deluxe. About to go out of balance. Joey bosa is five yards away from him and shoves him in the back knocks him down. That's penalty and it was the drive killer so those are things that are bad. You gotta have everybody on the same page. It felt like something clicked in the second half. We got to see it. Now with falcons you know. That's the follow up. It's the test. And like i said the chargers. We've been here before two years last year. You beat them. You're one four. You saved your season two and four still not not out of the woods but you. You kept yourself alive for another day. We know how the season ended two years ago. You were three and six and then you beat the chargers you went four and sixty one. You're next to you put yourself on a five hundred record and gave yourself a shot and you know how that ended it. Ultimately ended up leading to vance. Joseph being fired. The broncos beat the chargers yesterday and now they have the falcons in front of them. They can get back to five hundred of suddenly. You're four and four football team. You're very much talking about the playoffs. This was where. I had the broncos recovering and it started yesterday. I did have them beating the charges that have been meeting with the chargers both times this year. I have the meeting the falcons. I have the meeting the dolphins which they won yesterday and then i haven't been the raiders. So dolphins seems a little bit more difficult. Raiders seems a little bit easier again every week in the nfl changes forty eight minutes after the hour on the rocks liquor game beer of the week. Brick from brekenridge brewing. It's palisade peach wheat pickup selection from breckenridge or any of your favorite adult beverages. Use the drive through open until midnight every night. Their store lobby is open as well. Nine to nine. Pm check out the game of the week for a severe discount. Or any of your your needs over it on the rocks liquor. We'll right back at the whole show powered by energy here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. It's times like this. I'm really glad sports are rolling. We have football because colfax. The election is tomorrow. We're going to have gayle fallon. And i believe tanner schwinn doing a kind of a special for local politics as well kind of the election on the for the local side but also certainly talking about the national side. Apparently some guy named biden and president trump are running for president for the next four years. Something like that colfax. It's absolutely insane Everybody's like at each other's throats all the time. It's it's nuts to me. That's why you need the broncos talk about. I tweeted this yesterday. So the broncos need this win for more than just a win for win sake you know. It's great for the for the organization for these young guys for the fans But i'm telling you. Sports can be healing. This is why. I've always been a big fan of for the most part keeping it to sports doesn't mean i don't want athletes to go out and be themselves and speak about it and stuff. I've talked about this a lot before but for the most part it's fun marie consent our brains off for three to four hours and enjoy football game and maybe we can unite there in some way. We can talk about it so there you go election just beat me good each other. I don't know if it's gonna get as bad as everybody is saying after the election just to try to be okay with each other for crying out loud. That's that's all i ask. Broncos found a way to do it colfax. They beat the chargers and they are now three and four on the season looking to get back to five hundred. Cannon happen ken. They pull themselves back into this thing. We'll recap the rest of the nfl weekend. That was tomorrow and a top text. Tuesday that'll do it for us. Good night northern colorado avenue. Never buddy it's time for your mid day market reporter. Tim russell nimitz and thanks for being with us. Here on the western edge network. Well this afternoon. It's pretty quiet out there and feed lod country as we get this new eg marketing weakened or way but just to recap last week's cash cattle market activity out there and feed lot country steady at best. Most of the cattle sold look to be a little bit softer versus the previous week on a live basis the range. What oh three up to one. Oh six and in the beef. One fifty eight up to one sixty three as for live and feeder cattle futures on this monday afternoon. We are catching some pressure. In both cattle complexes december live cattle off a half dollar at one oh seven eighty and those january feeder cattle off sixty cents at one thirty three fifty to look at across dr region on friday at the public auction. Yards out of billings montana. Up nearly twenty seven hundred have and those unweaned steers sold mostly two to five cents higher on all weights on friday that puts those four to five weights. Deer calves one fifty five up to one eighty seven five to six weights. One forty one up to one sixty one six to seven weights. One thirty one forty eight and seven to eight wait steers one twenty seven to one forty-three slaughter cows sold forty one and a half up to sixty cents and slaughter bowl. Sixty three up to eighty two cattleman torrington. Livestock markets in torrington wyoming. We'll have a feeder and calf special this wednesday november fourth and they're expecting upwards of four thousand head early consigners include hill land and livestock. The medicine bow river ranch peterson livestock robbo livestock and the sensors ranch for complete listings this at torrington livestock dot com. And don't forget you can always view sale and bid online via cattle. Usa dot com. History of success means proven performance. Let's call performance what it is profitability in boosting yours. No matter what the season brings is the goal of dekalb brand corn backed by exclusive genetics co form solutions in unmatched dealer support. Let nothing shake your perseverance. Ask your dealer. Dekalb rant corn can help you realize if future of performance always read and follow applicable gray marketing and all of the your practices and pesticide label. Directions well this afternoon. The cash hawk markets in the western corn belt or up a nickel at sixty one eighty five with the.

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