KSI v Logan Paul 2 LA preview show


Shannon Cannon Briggs and you're listening to the to-to-to podcast leftover champ. Hello and welcome to this week's ring soy tights Typo cost and we are in Los Angeles Venice beach with open workouts. All about what's happening a couple of hours time muscle beach a couple of hundred years down the line of of sleeping. They're working out this morning on natural habitat and I'm delighted to say data on joined by Jiwa Nine. I JUST WANNA make sure I get it on Johnny Nelson always great to have you here Joe. I'll start with you in this. There's no beating around the bush. The reason we are here is because we're GonNa talk about what the Staples Center to youtubers turned professional boxes. This is they've already had a just. Give us your initial thoughts about flight week and what we can expect. So we'll see. I mean. We saw yesterday both guys full of energy full of charisma any Java spices. And you know you believe both of them. Both of them are talking a big game. You know they're gonNA end the career and you believe him. You know listen to one even like step books and cruise it. That's there so yeah. I mean not boxing. What I'm talking like their whole Internet? You know that sort of career they wanNA THEY WANNA sears takeover. They wanted the number one and I think this week you augustine can we can sort of see the real sort of demeanor of whether these guys really believe what they're saying this week and I think already. They're showing they're showing that they've they've trained really hard these. These boys have both be learning the box in trade for well over a year now year and a half I think. Jj Two years. I I don't think we're GONNA see that you know it's not just two guys off the street that don't know what they're doing Obviously they're not going to be up to the level of Billy Joe Saunders wounded and Devin Haney. But I think we're GONNA see a good show. It's going to be very exciting and yeah it's GonNa be it's GonNa be worth it. I believe Johnny hallyday because I then then what about your in before before before before. This happens oh I have to say I put my hands up. I hadn't heard of Logan pull apart from the instance had happened opened in Japan and the bad press foot him around. I haven't heard of either until they may in what we could call a white call about in Manchester which was a massive huge event. Where you with all did you know about these nuts like a member last year when they had the fine Manchester interview them both? Yeah Yeah Yeah and whatnot so youtube building in London and there's a massive crowd outside. I thought so these four was coming. Yeah I wa- nobody. We're what fair enough on the inside and these two volts in Canine local Poland. And he would just you boys and the funds went mad for for them I touch of like a approaching youtuber. These guys are massive and because a fund that you walk in shrieked six people saying you don't care say you know Logan poll can you. Can you get these guys styles. I thought everybody was into boxing but then you realize realize boxes that be in comparison to a lot of things are happening and these guys have They've they've they've got onto something and we'll champions on the UNDERCARD Saturday and people must make if you were boxing. Would you be upset by not really I think he's a chance for the the bill does and your heading east on the car to say you know. Yeah look at me. This box is all about but it's interesting intriguing. We'll we'll get to that in split into two parts who do like a youtube element of will get on the on the call the professionals Joe if you could as quickly as you know everyone will know who these guys. Aw nobody will know about the youtube world. Can you just summarize cookbooks and he's stepping into the youtube world. Tell us a little bit so these two guys. I'd say ah the kings of their field. You Know Logan in the US JJ in the UK Obviously you know they've done everything they possibly can the youtube world you know and this naturally is something that they're not going away from so you know gaming and stay from game in that they they've done Jason Football. He's done acting music youtube so I think I think it's just where they've paved the way they've pointed a lot of things you know. Jj Sort of like the first one to do it in the UK. He has helped a lot of the big create is in the UK. You know. Get where they are today. He's inspired. Oh people and he pushed boundaries the other people have and likewise with Logan. Obviously you know the youtube books but you know what I came from where you've taken us into the next part heavily. Involve it just well. You might as well explain the situation. The feds say we wouldn't be sitting here. Oh enjoying this lovely salmon a very speech. If it wasn't for you it may have happened but it might not just explain your in with all of that. Yes pretty much like I had the idea you know. I want to do Ah Boxing video with my friend. Phil Youtuber Theo Baker pretty much. We went to some industrial industrial state. Jim with the boxing ring filmed and and one that bout then. KFI commented saying. Let me for a winner so I was like all right. Let's let's do you know let. Let's take this to a proper arena. China boxing fun. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah so that's why you know is pushing for all you know. I'm a fan of box in talking about. Well I mean you know taking it seriously you know we going for it trying to win. It wasn't deadly de we're going to try to end each on screen but yeah then. Jj decided it to do and we did it at a couple of blocks so that was an half thousand and Ended up being the biggest most watch. What boxing event in the world in history And then obviously you know our lost Then JJ proceeded to cool out. Logan pull or Jake. Paul Logan took the achievers can get it. Yeah Yeah yeah any of them and then they had there and then you know here we all tonight and it's massive. It's huge battle between new. Ginger yes so that you know I it was like you know. Let's do this. You know we fancy it but I think it turned sour when Press Conference the first press conference You know he's all. I'm very open about my mental to help. And he used it as a way to try and attack me I I you know radio. I didn't like that. So you know all stood up to that and then he was sabotaging his career by in a row image but So that that went very sour and yeah I think that's what it was very intense but that's what really grip the audience. That was real bad blood between us you know so yeah and then see for Logan in them. I think there's as much genuine hatred but they both. It's more of an ego thing. It's more about being number one in the world for them in the world so yeah could can ask you. Can you feel free to go into as much depth depth as you feel comfortable with so one of the things doing more research on. This was when you lost. It's not just a a a loss in a box in ring when you live your life the way you do in social circles where your whole life is played out in Utah on Youtube and social media fed. Say That when you lost it it was a big loss. Something Took took a toll on you and careers always. That Roy is one hundred percent. I mean. Obviously he you know the standard thing of you put in seven months of work believe in hard work pays off and then not only does it not pay off. uh-huh just froze on the night didn't perform. I didn't throw any punches. That obviously really destroy me and then you just have the fans the people that you know haters. Don't ever let you forget about it. So whenever you post anything that telling you you go out you go no doubt you can't talk about books and you know even though I'm passionate about it you can't talk you now so it's sort of like it changes you in a way you know you really have to become an you know the way these guys are now toll king the one that loses and if a brutal knockout this you know they all setup to seriously be mean D- thing isn't it so we only see thirty three or four two and I am not qualified to cloudy Spa. We took it means now. On on tweet reply the the one click on now is going to be the loser of this Logan pocus that it'd be the one main that people will touch the thing with. It's more of just like to say Jake come out and interviews and said on one hundred percent knock him out. I'M GONNA show him how good I am. And then they'll clip that and not going twitter and be replayed over and over again followed by him getting sparked hypothetically or you know Logan vice versa. It's if you had a chat with Jonny Wilkinson the bulk says so you might as well I if you join US professional record especially around I mean took about coming back from Lewis spoke about about the direction action January. That's what a lot of professional fighters had to get through. That's part of the game. You can go through experience wisdom. So that's going to happen. How did how did you feel when you've got the backlash so did you personally feel annoyed? Probably how did you personally feel that I was like you know Swat signed up to but I think it's. It's where you know. I tried to then come back and reinvent myself in that and I think they don't let go and even two years on its new going on about it. It does great on you. You know when you're when you're maybe not feeling the best and they're still saying it's a think you'd you'd be lying said it's doesn't have some effect and that's what do you think the most I think I think it will hurt. Jj Jackass The most because he was yeah if he was to lose purely. Because I feel at Youtube is all all he has. I mean he's he's tried music acting. KC I think youtube is rudy. His Logan he wants to move on from Youtube. He wants to become do acting fulltime and try new things. So I think you'll be able to so tight the loss and move on whereas Jason. He's in this for the long run. It's a big gamble for Jerry. Yes one hundred percent cold cold out. he's brother Call Real Ferdinand Nicolai. Any did you not think what are you doing. Do you realize what you've got to lose. Jj Yeah I mean that's that's why you know overseeing seeing that he doesn't have the the best athletes athletic like technique and seeing the you know in terms of boxing he doesn't display that he's got it down onto a T. He talks a game. You know of someone that is going to be a world champion. And that's what I'm saying. If he doesn't deliver that not only that but gets beat him badly it that's swell setting himself up but talking about doing as a career Camonte condos play boxing especially with the life. You hop as you choose and you're busy doing do whatever you do. If you're not gonNA commit one hundred percent about you know just just in the ring emotions going to every aspect. Does that worry you or with. We do through stray a little bit into the boxing chat. Does it worry you all that. Perhaps these two guys they haven't been in school in the fundamentals from eight nine ten eleven years old. They didn't have that much background. Yeah it's a level playing field but the hiccups have gone and it's little gloves Eddie. Hung was very clear like he expects. Someone's getting knocked out to. I don't think they took touch wood. I don't think they're good enough to really inflict some heavy damage on the show and I think they're going to be. There's going to be smart referee in the watch. These two relative these Novi says says On the big stage now they raise the kind of back to front. So they've got the fame and glory but the happened to learn to learn a Tuft of job I don't think anybody will get physically That bad but I think emotionally is how they do it because this is on a massive scale. It's got even beginning your so. That's what I'm saying. That's the hardest part about this game makes. This is when the lights down. You're not in the ring and people are sending texts emails or all rights to buy. That's holidays thing to handle. What what do you think about you? Know the ten ounce gloves no head. God's these boys sport like that you know the first time they can experience it is on the noise so these young Washington but can think what difference does it make grand gloves Mosul. Weight's going to be around there around the wrist so therefore Wendy's guys get hit with a ten ounce it's GonNa her now with twelve but with a ten it's going to know had gone on. It's going to really her so so therefore they're going to be a little gun shy when he get hit and get really hurt Or they're gonNA really go. Fra I agree. I don't think he'll go the distance I think one of them's are the athletic in regards to Locum Paul. And he's at the hunter that combat background. Obviously we do in a wrestler. I don't think that was the first time But both of them are trained. Very very hard yeah and Judges talks about having. This is a career afterwards. Let's just say after Sutton if spider listen to some of the costs are out there. The moment logan on the he said he having done it. One Johnson step back into it. He didn't take any time off. He's been training the whole time so he feels that he's had. That's part twelve months to improve. Do you think that that is a big factor K so I went on toward in the. I don't know well that means we'll just going on tall main effectively so he went on music With his Abbas yes the music starts. Yeah he went on the music tool on claims to have been training consistently but come on like fuel going from place to place. You sleep in raw food. You don't have time to get in soulard consistent session so you know I feel like Logan's got to have that advantage in terms of set for say if you're at because we're in the boxing world we we know you call Pratt properly for fi- living down so you can get away without some people don't really know how Sushi GonNa Commit. But if that's being the lifestyle therefore for he's under prepared for a big five and and the stakes are really high. Some people say about training camp. You should use it. Hone your skills rather than use a training camp. Take way off off from what Eddie saying the guys that saw. Jj on the media tour. This camp has been about taking the way off focusing on the other aspects. I wonder how that could be John. Really what pick your brains on do you think. Now you've stepped into the boxing world. Having been in the Youtube social circles can we learn. I'm from how you guys do it. Professional boxing take things from that world and improve itself. I mean the way they promote at this point it has to be elements that we can learn how you guys do understand. I mean that that is the biggest thing the way you know. You've got two big personalities really going at it and I think that's what is selling this. I feel like you know you could be the best boxer in the world but if you're not giving people a reason to care story is probably the best technical box. And the time. And nobody people with him. Because he couldn't articulate himself COMMUNICA you know. That's that's a huge thing. People are so invested in the storyline. These two guys. They've had the first match. We saw. Well how that paid out. They're still talking a good game. We want to know the answer you know I feel that is the thing that maybe yeah professionals could maybe look at it and maybe use it. I think boxing wise. There's much to do. I think people are expected to find an game. MM story cells. Aj against Y eats personnel excels with McGregor. Having been around that for the weekend the difficulties rate different groups the US's biggest at the time but some of that had done simple amateur boxing in the background and it was like the best versus even though we know new floyd had faded. Even though we uh new McGregor wouldn't perhaps have any real genuine Marxist goes but actually the when the we came along there was so much genuine intrigue. The I think we've got sucked into it. The game we're going to be. I know what's going to happen going to spend on make no secret of when it was announced those I all please please but now I'm here you kinda get invested in. It wasn't documentaries. Commend now I think he has that crossover tail light light. Mayweather McGregor at that cue. That crossover appeal this place before. Then I don't know I don't know what. The percentage of Youtube is and boxing funds But I'll tell you one thing. We'll we'll get a trickle but get a trip to support poor. People think that it's a couple of young is on the bill you know. I got their attention. And that's the whole point par the whole point of getting involved in this just to to to draw that that that that do you think this is the stall of youtube books in potentially but the the thing is obviously for this event you haven't haven't seen Q.. Of Youtube is come forward and say look I really really want to be on this card You've got joint planning because I think they see how intense how how brutal is you know. It's not game you play boxing like you say in a think yeah. There's you know Youtube is realizing that. And the fact that almost is going to to know how God's and tennis clubs swimmers almost what you call it not take a step back and go. Oh go ahead. It's almost like we effectively settling could make break. Couldn't if he goes well. You probably see a few more. It's the start of something big. If it goes badly it could be that they go back and do their own youtube. That's so I thought it would exist as its own championship. Mean someone said to me. Do you think to Youtube could hit the stadium. Five Yeah I believe Logan Bouquets I in the UK could sell out Wembley genuinely genuinely a hundred percent hundred percent naked. Do gene numbers of picture numbers. I think I think the subscriptions of the to behead is twenty million go twenty million twenty million yet. I think the thing is is with the Youtube audience. If it's priced right the tickets for this event all quite expensive I five hundred seven hundred and fifty dollars. I think that's a key could be a little bit too unaccessible but if they were to do Wimbley you know reasonably price you would sell the out out in a couple of days honestly. I genuinely believed that might come up to industry and say Oh my God you've met Yankees this guy shocks me and I'm sat here let your Granddad carriage music place for it in the Gary. It's no secret could I didn't know a lot about it. It's IT blows my mind. They'll have to say so. I want to ask you guys a question of having seen the guys you know what you have of them. And who do you think's GonNa win. Logan Pool wins really was that I watched the maverick documentary over on the plane. This sales pitch for either well done but I just think he seems to be the more naturally athletic leads to everything that we just said. He went away and trains. James didn't and it's my feelings on my cat. Local police one that that's that's probably now paid some serious attention to it. You look at the background the bill to do these guys are pret- I go pull because he looked physically looks apart physically looks like it's at Ti usually does rise to the topic comes on top and and Jay is a lot of that but is it going to be enough to break the heart to break the soul of Logan Pope. I don't know I don't think so off would you do again again Knowing what you know now well I mean this is the thing with modify. I made a loss on my the loss on not fight these guys. I'll make an astro astronomical amounts so I mean you go away not made a loss that is where we would go through to go through. It didn't make any videos. I didn't do any work because I was like. Yeah this is going to be at least at least you know coming in on the video. It still wasn't uploading and then oversee apparently much but like basically pretty much produces hate anytime. We're going there anyway. Apparently apparently cachet stopped Many sponsors getting involved Because he didn't want to make money from the event because you know that's how Petri was about so he we're both from the same management and he is the top so let's just say that. Yeah that obviously you know that that sucked in in a way I think to do again. Yeah that would be reasonable in order for me to take off work but in terms of you know the passion I think the passion to want to do it and want to win has to be there. You know it's not you know you can't go into this whole Foshan just care about the money so yeah I think we'll see we'll see you excited for it now. We cannot say so excited Like I say I'm a fan of it you know. I'm fine of books in Bama Refund finding these guys you know. Their rivalry is amazing to watch their so captivating there so you know look I say how much you believe in you. Just want to get the on site you know. I'll call white to to see how it unfolds money on. I'M GONNA have to say naturally. It's called the Sculpture Logan Pool. You know he's fourteen months to work on you. We already had you know you only trained for three months lost time and he almost got the win against the guy had been doing it already for a year and I think if he's at forty more months while the other guys being one of music tool aw And having to she sheds white I feel like he is going to have the edge with turnout. Gloves no head God's It seems like Logan can should have the ability to finish it Reasons why they're doing it financially because my understanding of the Youtube world is that they could sit and make one video that they can make their fight purse in a couple of videos now the money on often fights supersedes. Yeah I think maybe for those guys six years of youtube videos maybe is what they really believe maybe ten yes ma'am now genuinely because the money for the figure heard I believe. Yeah I'm not GonNa say what is Yeah okay well. I think that we're GONNA say good. Boise you being replaced. Bought from war-torn bad. Thank you very much. Thank you and I'm sorry. Hopefully we ought not knowing anything about Matt Matt Matt Clean Welcomes Finish. Speech has left treating. He could be a lot. Were brought down and makes noises. There's a little bit of that in there get to the point where they'd be. WD Four he will listen to some of the things that I think we should try and do it back around sound a little bit that there will be a backlash from some of the things that case. Why saying? Maybe I'll come to you. I only because you heard there will be backlash from some things Jerry saying there about talking about watching legitimate pros That is not going to happen. But that's very unlikely. Listen again. People don't realize when you train to five I'll give you an example real numbers training for quite a while to and and the the rewards when you're starting out doing a six rounder. Six six two minute rounds. It's just not worth the commitment he takes. You've got to be prepared to commit your life insults with neglect your friends and family for so when Jay Jay talking about taking the To box if he wants to succeed into any thin- eh. Yes get these red lights. Go to give life to and I just don't think he's Gonna I just. Don't think my Avocado Debbie again. He's at one to two years the one year so you can't do and looking into boxing not having fun learning the fundamental takes. So you just can't do it and so I think these boys are going to learn the harsh lesson tonight. Especially when you see the likes of Billy Joel Haney on the UNDERCARD On the UNDERCARD. Because you'll see the vast difference in how far they actually are and have go to get to that level well about We'll come onto the minute. What do you think about The the original announcement how you felt about it at the time L.. Spike you off camera and got some good opinions on. How do you feel now? I think you just have to move with the Times. I think we were not as long as we. Don't pretend something reason we would ease these two guys who have got my suit following on social media. I've had I've walked color. Then I WANNA do for real. We'd headgear off and small. The proper professional lives on and Away I've got to respect their their egos in reputation so much to lose. I had no idea. There's much Sali's this. NOBODY LIKES TO LOSE ANYTHING IN LAW. We're not even allowed to lose a game of chance so lose anything so you know these are these are obviously competitive. The people who have done as well as they've done their driven and you know the bill it's been a lot of talk has an ego is on the line you know. They'll both have big egos bruising which one of them's GonNa get severely smashed not bruised so that takes on the line for that respect. I respect them both kids. What it is it's I think from our point of view. Cover Nick On scar in thinking of the logs Billy Joe Saunders Devon Heine falling on undercard. They had the real that we're interested. I'm intrigued yes the Youtube was. How do I am intrigued to see how they will fare to see you walk kind of audiences what book what? Age Demographic Graphic. That's what's intriguing. Because when Manchester you would not believe it was a load screaming. Kids want being a crash But I want to see what what what this one says. Yeah surprised that sharing via different demographic here. Let's get on the UNDERCARD. Joe This have you joining. Because Billie Jo's Dominic Ingo Bevin sidetrack how's he looking. How's he doing what? What do you expect him from him? On Saturday night was telling you dominate king left to be with. Ben Davis Davis spend a lot time in America with With Tyson Fury. Sure so you just need some more one on one. They've come to an agreement say we can work together I saw bill in the gym and set new. He'd be Pike and he started laughing. And that's why I said because you're pack animal and shame. You've got a lot of shapes and sizes of kids you know the the they'll compete with kids caught fire but the great jim fighters and I and you need that competition to drive you on to get fitted to get yourself in shape So so I think especially with having dominic is corny. He's got so many. Just GonNa take an unlikely but very good. And that's what it is and it can be a real hard taskmaster muster. Billy Joel Neva a Nissan. That not to pull the I I of him and and again I think he's getting himself back to winning ways way way can convince him when he looks. Par was last time last time. I didn't look as is usual. Slick south that's now getting back to normal here. Do you want to see him. Fight if he comes through this father weekends I mean he's in opposition opposition Billie Joe where he's got so many real solid options on the table. I mean as the Fault we calendar Smith that could happen. super middleweight unification. Asian for you Obviously can a love still there. Those boys could still happen. So many options on to meet your sun-dried you know. Maybe Danny Jacobs the so many many options for for Billy Joel and key that he wins and wins and looks good. Johnny sit there and I think that was a really good match for village. I think when he bucks David W it was probably probably deep performance of showed up. You know winning their and he looked an absolute million dollars. Boxed the head of debut former champion big punt shiny on just in the country away from high school. He took the nickname. Christmas Mu hasn't capitalized on. That killed him waiting around blowing. Open the performing woman to fault. That's two years ago. Is that since. I'm one of them. Is picked up a well title in the village. Always a natural Baumbach. So you know. He's gifted no one needs to teach joe how to box just natural team. I think he does need someone. Like Dominic Ingles taskmaster who whip him into shape and as Johnny said. I think he's the type that likes the boys in the gym with the lights. You know to to get the Best Adam South so I think you know as long as he wins and each should win. It's it's a contend voluntary defense then the mixture is going to be a massive here for religious orders stage. Would you just WanNa see me one of the names. That Matt's mentioned a Megan nine sage on the stage and needs to try and make sure every five means something should have been a walkover on paper purpose. It was it was a bit of thought. This one is as well and Again he needs to. If you're going to take risks especially at this stage. What did he say years old now? you. You need to make sure it means something. Every he's over the knees I'll just shake their. He's only two but he's been around a long time. Yeah I think I think catching headed use Olympia in eighteen years of age. So that's a long time ago now two thousand night so you know he's he's been inactive really get so. I wouldn't say this but I think he's one of those jobs saunas that he's just off taking the biggest and the best and the hardest one against the mute the threat of that point children immunity. Boxing's writing then. He boxes. Someone I didn't know he should be performed. Maybe five or six ten. He needs that. Fear as belly to Mike You you perform to his best is callum Smith Billy Joe Saunders the fight for unfilled if you if that is the one that can be made And this is no no reason. Why shouldn't and that could be? Imagine that being a great seller as well and both FIS funds count states very very cool and calm and same much but billy Joel's funds this fine. There's no reason why shouldn't and again you're GONNA make sure every five means something Especially this study career. Mabel Stephen Hiney Matt Fan Without Todd Not too young lockable guy superb talent and I think he's only it hasn't even scratched the surface is Katie. Still improving lie. It'll be approved for another five or six years. I think he's a gifted massive massive future eight of your money's my key already. He's a world. Champion elevates world champion of the moment the WBZ. I think frustration the any governing body. Don't WanNA throw them straight under the bus. By making a franchise champion. What does that do because Loma is? WBZ champion the next. Ah Prefer to again. I prefer to win a title in the ring over the phone. It ropes in at the moment. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So so. It's not until after Saturday'll thing well you know I'm world chomping on account of the ring not feeling not even now on this winning himself. No believe they're the best but he wanted to prove inaction and if he's only within with himself he will not feel until after he wins and winning on Saturday He's never gave his career well. He's fathers being instrumental in in his movements and development inside and outside literary and so I think he's done everything correct. And he's down to the governing bodies to to to to Tim to right wrongs and I when I heard he got by a phone call on on a Gabe down. I'm not agree with Johnny to buy that Morbid whether it's a points decision at the knockout just hearing the AMC's under new. You know we never going to get over all over. You know difference to celebrate you because he wins at the weekend. You'll still get buffered by Marco. Buffet pay still. It's not quite the same as it. I was one something worth mentioning with every ninety boxing. You need dance partner. You need royals stroke house. I suffered for years that he didn't you know he came to be after Benue by Collins in them and took him a while to to get that recognition. But he already Evan Haney already has already my dance partner Roy Garcia who has a huge profile as well. Aw but I just actually produced a great performance at the weekend so Switzer today the Ryan Gosling who gala. Nora's while Aiming Hoya Heuer you sure well precocious talents on there ahead of the US beyond themselves really speed the place that fearlessness. That self belief that you. That's how I have but I think down the Line Garcia and you'll be huge hanes. No He's not the finished article. Yeah either I still learning so so if you're going to get it you need to get him. Now before is a Finnish article. What would you think about Heine against Loma again? One of those spots. Ah He's not the finished article so if you're going to find them I false Loma taunting down now doing nanny okay But if I was hanging out saying I'd let's just take over the world. Would you make Campbell Haney Campbell. One to say the experience I mean Luke. Campbell showed that he can box with anyone in the in the Llama chunk of. Yeah he lost the fall in Las. Probably Most Ryan's book he Chanko thing can adjust them work hard in every single around. It was real high-tech stuff you now and ask you almost think you look at landscaping. You think headed the moves that can be made right. And you'd you'd hate to think that Luke Campbell could render retiring having not WanNa while tile when you see the light coming through that you could see how that could happened. I'd be such a shame because he is welcome that sugar in the world's oil Highness speed speed is hard to Bateman this reflects afflicts only a couple of the points the weekend we might as well start with the things that we did. Katie Taylor the reception that she ofter that felt like. And I heard this on the bumps and Castilla Five Lloyd podcasts. It's very telling that actually we haven't done a fight here. Kt Folkston stadiums and when she won the world. There's about fifty thousand in the stadium at the time but because because the stadium so fast. It's like watching ants so far away connection. This fell like a breakthrough moment for women's boxing in the UK. The reception she got at the end. The Oh my overselling. This and we'll get into Carter w-we headline and she's a great crowd. It wasn't it was too. Yeah she she she spearheaded defined that you look at And again you'll just forget. Walked you just you think she's at. She have very good smart boxer and is a massive difference in levels and quality women's boxing she-she's head and shoulders above themselves. So competition is nabbed. Then what. She didn't say she performed on Saturday or against I I took it was brilliant box or a high a tight when it was it was Britain. Boxing Berlin bugs bunny to see some of the stuff off the woods from Christina Leonardo not she was very upset. Yeah I think schools H. E.. Should we talk now. Though she played a part in a really good. I think she might cut you work every second of every Ryan might have reduced and she won't Ryan's book. I thought one six four of the classics four winner Associate she she who is Boxed brilliantly didn't get involved used the ring change that they swept under pressure all the time. And you've got to think eight bucks a movie and funding Nangle Change Your tactics as she was spot on a wonderful in order to watch this person flight. That's the way to be Katie Taylor by walking down fighting with pressure. Yeah I think I think. She had more finesse than pursued but probably not as relentless physical as concern but also K.. was better in the fact that she was against the ring. She changed dangle. Brilliant offense was really good and you talked about bringing different crowds to boxing. You know there was. There was a lot lot of children a lot of women in the arena. And you talked about crawler being he was in Manchester and it was hard. It was the main attraction but the the reality is when okay tyler fights no matter who you're there to what you watch for you ever watch is people recognize greatness. We you know we talked about with lung. Chen Co is doing the Press the media. Walk out your call. And he got a standing ovation. Everyone was cheering him. And we said well. If you're if you're remind you find the plane Barcelona you still want to see that automated and it's like you won't be a fan of someone else on the cod. But when he comes on you know she's got these seora and everyone recognizes this one. Just look everybody's face at ringside conversation. Stop they just meant they walk. She breaking down barriers. She's she's appointed pointed to catch away. She just wants to find she's not she's not fame hungry. She just wants to find and and you can send some about a thought. You know what you've not changed at all from that's a really easy subject to Kuala is less so because at the time I think we felt the Franco Kyaw good been hard on me and he deserved to win. The I think. Actually we saying it didn't really matter Matt Burke Yoga but I if CRA hadn't got the decision the reaction would have been the same he simply said I don't have anymore. Yeah that's the most honest think he could've done to kill. The argument said this on that. I've met someone. Sweet something All I said well yeah I thought crawler one block. It doesn't matter you know he's a he's retired now anyway. This is a good forum fee to explain yourself so yeah exactly but it was. It was kind of what I said. The are was badly worded. The tweet didn't convey what a meant. What I meant was it didn't matter for crawler decline win-lose withdraw? He was retiring anyway causing Matzos for Kiogora and ever the seasons about decision so of course it matters for him because he could've gone on board. I think he's reputation has gone up any. I always that he gave a great for a make. Sure you use me again. I think he would use him again. Absolutely shame you didn't get that moment of getting. His hand raised I. If if you believe that he won the for some people thought criminal on the for some people in rings on the hands down it was a close eye. Dirk Yoga boy around stop. That was one of our close so you could easily see how it could be around the other way for so I think it was just pay okay because it was badly was obviously. I'M NOT GONNA say it doesn't matter that got the of course it does. It didn't for crawl because it was close. It happened did you. He probably did you ever have that way. You realize the body won't do what the mind putting conflicts before started in waiting for Adam Smith to finish commentating cross it. I just haven't got it. You know go to Anderson. You know me that off camera so he said Yeah. I just haven't got any you know they'll pick on it before pickup bill on it before anybody else. Most fattest make excuses for it until somebody is brave to say you've got anymore so so I knew it to public to funds before unfinished. I was getting caught by shots when I should have been getting. Caught by. Kids shouldn't be in cash him. I think I get it. It's very on this. I tell you one thing i. I'm impressed by how motivated he was knowing he was going into ring. Honey don't because as usual in the fight is said. I'm quitting this. My last Fi- is already quit. And the flight's GonNa have him on and so when you up against it and yeah having a hard finance think and and I don't really need is I'm not bothered. And he still managed to drum up the energy that desire to still fi. Give all these goals you acquitting commentary about Hula you knew in fights. You'RE GONNA tell Shane Mr pull you out. He said. Didn't you in the corner that you knew such a through a little bit. I feel feel better each. We're not going to see him back because he doesn't think that he's GonNa Anymore. Yeah it was probably a good thing that it didn't perform well howdy performed. Well he's got a big following opportunities. Would've come frame people would've would've temptations there would have been offers they find it always rain. Phone would ring ringing Eddie. Would say look you know this has been offered would be. He's job to convey that combined the alphabet to him and performed really well and felt good. He's going yeah. Well you know what I mean. He's not where I think I think that performances the fight it gave him closure you know and I know myself carried carried on a bit longer. I actually on the back of four wins. H performance. Like no really. I didn't feel good at any of them and it was hoping that there was there was excuses. Who Sees for every reason why did before while and there was some plausible you know some of them are quite plausible but nonetheless the bomb line? That's a look back and think you know what about fights lights in the last. Three years have performed well so for whatever the reason is it narrowly more and you know that that's an authority. I thought I I'd close those four points because carried on that little bit extra because it did give me closure and I think boy onside. We'll have given it any crawler closure do you think Kovalyov closure probably not because he's got a few more facts that's designed to. Can we clear something up is not fixing getting Chinda fixed. That's all I think about. The flat canal ending was fixed. Shoo me surely you look at how the fight went about and Cannella was basically exit clay. He's presence was terrorizing them bullying making call at five when he didn't want to. When you've got so many that still shop front TV still trying to pop those shots in body shots Hans shots over and they were fast your shots and you watch when Coppola goes down and watch this spring in the step in canal when he just switches round? He's got a lot more energy. Let you thought it was a matter of time and And had the confidence. You don't know what happens behind closed doors with a low of five so so someone told canal say I can break. You know what kind of fight you are no way weaknesses. I've just got to keep you on the mental pressure and great right tactics. He walked down. You know he took guitar and walking down even if we get to him and he was slow. Any boxing quote while early on cavalry. At the same time time Cannella was happy to lose those rounds knowing that he would catch he was going to catch up with him. He was losing the battles but he was winning the war and he was just he was stepney applaud. Johnny said when he turned in just before he could see the energy you can see the dime dynamism and him. He was stepping up. The PACE and cover was didn't have a lot left. You could see. He'd been burning up song which nervous energy as going on he was he was he was he was ready to go on a stepped it up and what a piece of leftover me sitting away underneath me. There was no. I think he's future is not at light heavyweight for the moment that I assume unless you do critically Sousa the fight finished I said do not be surprised of Andre Ward being thrown into the mix of say through this five from your show on. I'm telling you do not be surprised at the the march thrown out there. Because you don't yeah don't is

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