Hour 1: Heating Up In New England


Gee sanjay podcast operative word. I think think that's going to happen but perhaps keyshawn jalen zubin. Happy monday morning to wake up. Sign talk a little bit of football. Wake up wake out. My name is shay corn. Don't be sleepy. i'm sorry i'm sleepy. Dudes jay williams and keyshawn johnson. Keyshawn isn't l. a. j. wills next to me Happy to be back with the two that had the names on the show. Hi guys how. How's it a three out there. What's the west coast like right now. Man it was easy getting in. It took me about thirty minutes to get from the creative smooth. What no cars on the road. I was it was good. Because it's the minute you put it this way once. This show wakes up in the format changes. You'll love to be out here and doing the show from los angeles actually supposed to be on vacation. But i knew you were coming back and shay was going to be a part of the show this week so i said what the heck i'm here i might as well. Just try and wake up our show hold on key. Don't be too don't be too rigid. Don't be to format here. Okay we want to make sure there's fluidity with the show. Okay we gotta keep it loose out here. Listed donde on the way in off the grid but i still go back to the old school conway graduation. That's this mentioned girl so like all right. Let's get into a little football. Shall we preseason officially over onto the regular season in the. Nfl got a little week hiatus and then we will be back in full force. But we're going to start with what we saw last night especially from the patriots. So here are the numbers for you. In terms of what mack jones did and cam newton did and then we will make our assessment from their mack jones. Finished of fourteen. One hundred and fifty six yards one touchdown no interceptions while cam newton to five or ten yards with one interception on sunday last night obviously by the cage as presented by progressive. Insurance guests will join. Us on. The goodyear hotline. And so i gave you the numbers. What do you think the head coach bill belichick felt about it. Let's hear from him moving ahead. Two regular season games. Have you made a decision on. Who will start at quarterback in the regular season. You know we still have a lot of decisions and okay saying it. Only the way bill belichick. Can we still got a lot of citizens to make guys in sochi. We'll start with you since you are up in the middle of the night for us in l. a. Lot of decisions to make. What did you see from the two quarterbacks. Let's make the decision for him. Who should start for the patriots this year there there. There's a lot of decision and these may. There's no question about it but we talked about the quarterback spot. You know mac. Jones played well last night. Cam newton d. Whatever he needed to do they. They didn't need to see any more of cam. Newton and one interception. I thought that the defensive back made a hell of a play to go. Get it from jacoby myers but then at the end when you look at everything comes down new veteran leadership and i think that is where bill belichick is leaning towards with cam. Newton he's never gonna give you anything he's going to colleges say we say it. There's a lot of decisions to be made. He's not gonna let you know. The quarterback is a decision has already been made in his mind. He's just gotta tell you. There's a lot of decisions to be made. And i know a lot of people out. There are rooting for mac jones to be the starter will mack. Jones is probably not going to start a week. One he cam. Newton stubs his toe along the way mack jones will be the starter and i think cam knows that the rest of the team knows that bill belichick josh. They all know that they're going to start cam. Newton cam somehow starts to look less than what they expect then back jones will have the opportunity to take over and lead the charge so i agree with key. Think cam newton is going to be the star by the way the video out there of cam chasing down mack. So that for the hand slop i. It's kind of. It's interesting right because it almost feels away even know cam. We'll be to starter shea that it feels like cam is chasing after mack jones. A little bit because it feels like the lease for cam is going to be short. Here's the one thing i do know key is that bill bell is going to try to win the division and try to win every single game so this starts to get a little bit wonky about. Hey we're chasing the bills and we're not there. We should be the way mack. Jones has performed in the preseason. His composure how he played last night. I agree with that. Was not the fault of cam but that lease does feel like. It could get shorter and shorter shorter. Pretty fast no question. It will get shorter. But here's what you have to look at when you're talking about the quarterback position this team is poised like you said to make a run at the division. Once they make a run division they get into playoffs. All bets are off. We all know once you get into tournament anything can happen. They didn't go out there and free agency and bring in a lot of the guys that they sign spend type of money that they signed to all of a sudden. Look up and say well. We're going to build this team and then we're going to get a rookie quarterback and he's going to be the starter. No they signed cam newton at the same time when bright before free agency started because they wanted to put some good around him and see what he was. You talk about mick jones. Having a good preseason fall tissa purposes the other guy had a pretty damn good preseason to and that would be cam noon so i understand that people want the new england patriots and we saw that very well. It's some of the media last week of some of the things that were said by some other people on other stations that hey cam. Newton should take a back seat to mc jones. But it's not going happen right now. Music music suffer okay. It's time for say talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. The first of all i mean. Let's look at the history here last year in terms of a short leash. I'm gonna go along with that with what you said. Jay will last year. We saw bill ballot check in the third fourth quarter of cam. Newton wasn't playing. Well he pulled him. Jared cinnamon put them in. Well the difference is now if you do that. And you put in mack jones. Like you can't go back you can't just rotate. How he did last year right. And so it cam newton now in your to like. He's got some equity built up there in new england. this is not the same for example chicago. Were andy. dalton's coming into this thing. At the same time as jackson fields. Is it similar to. What's going on with the forty. Niners jimmy garoppolo there's equity built-in obviously more with the forty niners than with cam newton but nonetheless you understand where i'm going with this like it would make more sense to start cam newton and then if it doesn't work out you have a viable backup imac jones like this just seems like the logical way to handle this if you're bill ballot check and we also know bill belichick. He's not high on rookies. that's not his thing. He doesn't go out and draft skill position players super high. The somebody does. And he is practical and be impractical as how you have to look at this scenario here so cam last year. Even though he had cova issues and he struggled on the back end was a leader of a team. And i think a lot of there are so many reports out new england. About what kind of leader was. And i don't care what anybody says key when you losing you feel like things are going against you. It's easy to solve camden and do that last year. So look at their first four games if they go against the dolphins the jets the bucks and the saints depending upon. How cam does in those four games. You played a texans with the fifth game that could be a scenario where matt could be inserted depending upon. How cam applies and place. Well look if they are all of a sudden you're one in three already to and they should be four and one somewhere like that. Yes in shay mitch. And that bill. Belichick went to jared stenham last year a couple of times a game out of reach. There was nothing they can do. So why not take a look and say okay go ahead. And that's you know. Let's see jason has. It wasn't yeah the key they got out of range because cam was turning the ball over. And i'm a cam. Newton fan like i. I think he should start as many games possible. I'm just saying those games got outta reach because cameras throwing interceptions. We'll see i'll go back again. He didn't throw seventy interceptions in people. And i'm not saying i'm not going finger you it's early. Make it seem as though he was just serving them up. And that's if you watch the film it was not like that. They changed their entire offense because they had a lack of skill position players to even help him out so they went more to a run boring into the offense second half of the season and they were playing okay with this weird style of the quarterback dive. The quarterback pitched the quarterback option. They just all the different things that they were doing in the run game is what got them to the point where you felt like okay. They may be able to somehow the buffalo game that they lost they were kind squeaking tort making a little bit of a playoff run things kind of fell apart from there. But i think when you look at it as a whole based on what i saw in the preseason and based on hearing out a new england in training camp. He's the guy in his his job. Basically lose throughout the course of the season and like. Let's keep this in mind. You really quick. Like there's a bigger sample size with cam. Newton in the regular season last year and this preseason so far it's easy to say mack jones had better preaching these more like we've barely seem cam. Newton be under center for the patriots during this preseason. That's straight talk. Wireless no contract. No compromise be apart of keyshawn jalen zubin nation on the dr pepper twitter. Feed and call in line. We're asking key jay's enzi on twitter describe your team's preseason in just two words don't go like five or one in two words. Espn nation presented by dr pepper college. Football's back and so are the fans turned up. Glory with fans ville by dr pepper. The ones fans deserve so mack. Jones might not be the only former alabama quarterback they see. Some competition will tell you about that after. Jay has this from draftkings. Football is almost here. 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Only at draftkings the official daily fantasy partner the nfl minimum dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions. Apply see draftkings dot com for details gardner inch you being on the trade bloc was one of the worst kept secrets this whole off season. Knick serianni are not named jalen hurts to starter tens and unmistakable message not done in their quarterback. This is john jay williams zubin keyshawn. Jane willing zubin coming through your airwaves or on. Espn two presented by progressive insurance guests. Join us on the goodyear hotline and we are dancing this morning. Hope you're waking up with us. My name is shay cornet here. With keyshawn johnson and jay williams happened to be back with both two of you here Talking a lot about what we saw in the preseason but also what we saw over the weekend in terms of trades so gartner men. She was acquired by the eagles for conditional sixth round pick. We could talk about what the trade value wasn't a little bit here but this now opens up the question for both teams. What does this mean for the jags. And what does this mean for the eagles and we're going to start with. The eagles side of things here is because obviously we know that they have got joe. Flacco as veteran backup as of right now and starting quarterback is jalen hurts which we have a small sample size from last. Season's now you throw gardner minzhu into the mix and what does this mean before. It gets your reaction to that. Let's hear from tim. Mcmanus or espn eagles reporter on why the eagles decided to trade for garments. You in the first place the way the eagles see it what they spent to acquire gardner minhsiu a conditional sixth round pick spent what they would spend on developmental quarterback in the draft instead they get a proven commodity. Somebody who has thrown thirty seven touchdowns as twenty starts in the nfl and if things go sideways this year with cove. Nineteen is not that unlikely that a quarterback were to would be unavailable in a given week they now have somebody with a proven track record. Who can step in. The eagles love the poor resources into the quarterback position regardless of who the qb one is. We saw work very well for them with nick. Foles stepping in and helping deliver the super bowl title in two thousand seventeen as a backup. Jalen hurts is the projected number one. But they're buying insurance just in case something goes wrong. The only thing. I'll say is what tim. Mcmasters pointed out. Is like like putting insurance into your quarterback room. I did that but like nick foles. Wasn't nick foles when he was the backup there in philadelphia and ultimately helped them win the super bowl just pointing that out and then also now. So does this mean men's shoes gonna compete with jalen hurts and put some pressure on there or does this mean like we've heard joe flacco. Perhaps say he doesn't really want to be the mentor. Type like garments. You're going to be more of a mentor to jalen hurts. How do you see this shaking out and philadelphia key. What think when you look at it. First of all. Tim is right there. It's an insurance policy right. You evaluate these guys when you trae form about what you can get on the streets. What's available to you. Does it make more sense to go. Get a guy who essentially is a veteran. Who started a number of games in the national football league and knows how to play the position as a pro versus a guy who's never took a snap underneath the center. He's not challenging. Jalen hurts whatsoever. This is jalen hurts job to lose. They wanna see what jalen hurts his long term because they've invested into him now they moved on for carson winston. They said themselves okay. We now have this guy that we drafted out of oklahoma. Who's gonna be our starting quarterback over the next several years. Joe flacco was there but we saw joe flacco in preseason right. It was kind of like mixed bag one week. He looked like he was carving people up and he was going to be okay the next week. He looked like he couldn't even get out of his own way. So you still want to have the depth at the position in garnham issue. Still young enough to where he can just become some developmental type quarterback over long term for a backup in and be good at backing somebody up for the rest of his career. Because that's essentially what he is. He's a backup. He is not a starting quarterback. Kurt warner that we're looking at. And so i think when you look at it. This is the way that the philadelphia eagles of assess the situation say. Did you ask the question. Will he pushed jalen hurts. Starting position now was just like question not push him like where he would become the starter. Put a little far like someone breathing my little fire like there's a little competition here. Hey urban meyer. Competing with trevor lawrence. What's going on and joe ernest. Urban meyer or bill. When it comes to how they're making decisions they're keeping things close to the best they should and look i. I don't think anybody needs to be brought in to push jalen hurts from what i've seen with jalen hurts from the time i've known him. He's very competitive. He will push himself. Look nick mullins was let go because of the injury to his elbow. Joe flacco didn't seem like it was working. He wasn't playing well. I think this is a great pickup. And i know it's going to be a random thought but i'm sitting here watching garner you go there and i'm like what's going on dallas. What's going on cowboys like. Couldn't this be if you have a guy like dak prescott whose injury prone. Who's went out this year. Isn't a guy gardner mentioned somebody that you guys should be going after instead of the eagles getting a guy like that doesn't apple is but if you don't know he's available you don't know according to mid shoes available because the philadelphia eagles may have only been talking to the jacksonville. Jaguars why would why would they like. Tip their hand when they hearing what's going on and before you look up bam it's done and quite frankly the cowboys. Probably you know a waiting to see what happens with a guy like a nick. Foles or some of these other veteran quarterbacks us out the pittsburgh have a sukey of quarterbacks that could become available in dallas could essentially find themselves picking up key. I'm only going on what the experts say and dan. Graziano said there was no. It's no surprise that garner mentioned was available. There was no surprise like it was something that a lot of people in the league. New was available. So i'm just telling you what dan said and it feels like when i wash it happen and look. I'm pulling for doc. I want active. Remain healthy the whole season. I think they have a chance to be top. Five offense if they better be a offencive team in the league. But that's that's one of those get up so those pickups that you feel like it was a missed opportunity by the cowboys cowboys. What the colts got injuries. I mean the vikings have a viable back to. There's a lot of teams that need that. And y'all laughing at me about gardening know about gartner. Men's perhaps breathing down the knack of jalen hurts. Do you remember who beat out nick. Foles when he was at jacksonville gardner you philadelphia's over there you know praising nick foles just hey now. They're beat out. Nick foles and jacksonville. Predicting min-su to bid out joan hurts your back. Someone extol nick foles got hurt. Garnered is a good little story. I like the glasses in the mustache. Little story but miss issue. I come on now. He's not he's not even getting close to jalen hurts now. This is just a insurance policy. Makes all the sense of the world he was never never ever gonna start over. Trevor lawrence and less urban. Meyer made a decision that he wanted to make sure to. Trevor lawrence mentally wasn't going to be beat up in fragile. It so in the future. They can still have a quarterback that they drafted number one overall only way he was going to play in front him. There you go again key always called little people go little story little glasses. I mean it doe little but he's not rob demeaning story and when they take that story they run with it. I didn't say j. we'll store. I'd say jay we'll little story from don't do it. Don't go there. don't do it. I think this is why. I'm here right to bring these things up. Now that we're all back in back in the saddle together in the same show. Okay we're gonna move on a quarterback battle by the bay and kyle shanahan has added a little twist. It seems like kyle. I can't keep up with kyle. Shanahan fee like lately. that's after jay. Is this big of america. It's i'm waking up. This show was to formatted. It's baseball season. And you're ready to go all out. So you ordered the essentials to make game day a success like jersey a power recliner and a bigger screen. We all need that. And as you use your bank of america customized cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback online shopping rewards that you put towards an essential piece of the celebration an air horn. That was an air horn. Sounded like one apply for years at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright. Two thousand twenty one bank of america corporation as a fan. This is amazing time of the year. This is what we talked about this real mentally. Read some this. Freddie coleman and you know already this is greedy northwestern is ready. Made but simmons here. I'm ready so we're oklahoma and texas. Sorta the sec football as back and it kicks off every morning with you sanjay and continues all day right here on. Espn radio this ball driven. Playable is this globe taylor. North little leaguers rule series champ pins wasn't easy for gavin you and company but it never is in the journey as harley easy but they finish it here at laminant with a world series championship feeding ohio. Five to that's right. Michigan wins the little league world. Series jackson madryn runs and ethan van bells struck out. Eight michigan beat ohio five to two in the championship. The team from taylor. North little league delivered the first little league world series title for the state of michigan since nineteen fifty nine to kids. Where's nfl when you need it. Oh boy The mets heavier bias says the thumbs down gesture was to let fans know how it feels. Bias francisco lindor and kevin lar- made the gesture after getting hits during. New york's nine two four win over the nationals bias. as the move wasn't response to fans who jeered the club during a rough august team president sandy alderson said in a statement that quote. The mets will not tolerate any player gesture that is unprofessional and its meaning or directed in a negative way toward our fans. I will be meeting with our players and staff to convey this message directly and quote. Patrick can't lay defeats bryson de shambo in a playoff at bmw championship in the longest playoff fedex. Cup playoff history can't lay delivered one clutch plus after another to survive the final three holes of regulation and six ten tolls of a sudden death. Playoff finally winning. Twenty foot birdie. Putt on the eighteenth hole was can't lays third win of the season and he enters the tour championship at the top of the fedex. Cup standings sportscenter is brought to you by straight talk. Wireless straight talk. Wireless wrote up five g. coverage nationwide. You can get samsung galaxy. Eight thirty to five g. for only two hundred ninety nine dollars. No contract on america's best networks. Straight talk wireless five capable device required actual availability coverage and speed may vary keyshawn. Jalen juvin coming to you from the seaport district shake cornet here with jay williams. Keyshawn johnson in la is up of brighton early on the west coast. We are presented by progressive insurance guests. Join us on the hotline and so now that we have had a full preseason slate three full games not for this year. It's now three games and we are moving. Onto the regular season keyshawn. Johnson here is going to reflect and give us his key observations key when you got number one. Let's start with number one. Let's go out to green bay enjoyed. Love a lot of people talk about. George lewis future at the quarterback spot for the green bay packers. It's not about his future solidifying that it's about him. Solidifying number two spot. You would automatically think based on what he was drafted. He falls into line with that but limited play didn't suit up all last year. Limited play in the preseason this year do the green bay packers really even know what they have at the number two spot but he solidified that so far there is no blake bortles noted. He's been gone for several weeks now. Number two at the number. Two spot jameis winston new orleans saints. He's solidified the starting spot because he deserves it. He stuck around after free agency he said. Hey i'm gonna signed back with a new england. Signed back with the new orleans saints. I have an opportunity to beat a guy. Replacing legend in the future hall of famer drew brees. A lot of people have been down jameis winston based on his his plate in tampa bay with the interceptions. The fumbles the turnover. So now he has an opportunity with sean payton to erase all of those doubters and get back to the ways. He played at florida state number. Three number three. Joe berle now when i look at the observation and joe borough in the cincinnati bengals. They went out and drafted your more chase revenue. Solidifying an offense align. It really hasn't lived up to the billing. And i know it's early and a lot of young y receivers struggle early early in their careers at trying to understand how different the nfl game is from the college game. The football's a little bit different. There's no stripes on the ball. So i'm hoping wishing and praying that he gets it together so we don't have to two years three years from now talk about what a wasted pick. That was number. Four and number four is jk dobbins what this does to the baltimore. Ravens it hurts. their running. Game hurts everything that we know about. Lamar jackson in the running game doesn't mean the season is lost over with the march. Could still do some wonderful things. I'm just saying when you don't have the depth that the running back position in your offense is basically a run oriented system you gotta watch out for that and make sure that they do the right things for the more number five it number. Five jimmy g. trae lands now. This split situation at the quarterback. It's not college football you. You won't see in the regular season one guy take a few steps. Another guy take a few snaps. They won't do that. It's going to be jimmy entire way into such time that he struggles when you look around the national football you can look at cam. Newton amac jones. You can look at jimmy g. You can look at andy. Dog all of these quarterbacks that have this short leash people are going to be paying attention to the young guys behind them. So jimmy g. wants to lead the forty niners back to the super bowl. He's got start week. One interesting stuff. that's keys observations. Brought by geico whether you run her own gyco makes it easy to bundle home and car insurance. Go to geico dot com today. So let's go off of that last key observation shall we spent four and a little bit so last night. as keita's alluded to the niners played the vegas raiders in their final. Preseason game twenty four plays garoppolo took fourteen snaps trae. Lance took ten on the opening drive. It was an even split on the ten play drive. Garoppolo handled nine plays lance five on second. Both drives resulted in rushing touchdowns. Obviously another thing. The quarterback split with one for each of them and san francisco. Took the w thirty four to ten. W doesn't really matter. But the whole point here as that. I i mean kyle. Shanahan is putting defenses on notice like everyone. Pay attention to my two quarterbacks that i got here and maybe i'll use them both. Maybe i'll start one. Or maybe i'll bring in another but nonetheless. He still has not made a decision as to who is going to start week one. And so here's the head coach of the niners suave to see. I mean i. I don't like playing this game but everyone keeps asking me a question. I'm not just giving the answer just to satisfy the question. I think we've got a pretty good idea. Like i said all along. I think our team does and We're pretty good with as they can. Keep surviving press conferences. I'm all right. Let's just try and be respectful. Okay we'll we'll guess what coach shane hand like. You're gonna get asked every single time you're in front of a microphone because this is the only thing everyone wants to know who was going to start for the forty niners. We heard key say that. They're not gonna use a two quarterback system in the nfl. If you've got to you've got non right like this is the way. We've all approach the situation but jay. How do you think they're gonna utilize jimmy garoppolo entry land. Well couldn't you see them utilize him the same way you know. They did it in. Down in new orleans tastes hill. I mean could it be that for the right situations key. 'cause dynamics that he brings it at table are different than jimmy g. But still having the optionality. I'm more practical. When it comes to these kind of things trae lance has been playing okay. He isn't blow me away like he's going to be to certify starter so i go back to jimmy. G. will be the guy traits would be there could be used specialized situations and you let him continue to grow in mold into that player. Trae lance can't be makes sense. Doesn't it key no makes all the sense of the world. The difference is is that trae. Lance is not like a swiss army knife. Like when you go back and you look at flacco and you look the more. They kind of us kind of inserted the more slowly into the lineup. They kind of gave him some little place trick. Plays things of that nature sort of the same thing. We'll take some here. But that's not trae lance trae. Lance is a quarter back. So i don't see where they're to all of a sudden make a decision to start to play a little trick games with trae last maybe a few snaps. They get them both on the field. There's a reverse pass or something like that but for the most part. He's the quarterback and he'll be quarterback in the future. I think that's interesting. You brought up the ravens. Because that's kind of what. I would assume that maybe they'll utilize trae lance like in schematic situation because joe flacco vastly different obviously than lamar jackson. And it seems like. That's the case in san francisco now with jimmy garoppolo and trae lance and. I think the fact that we haven't seen from trae lance many designed runs at all during the preseason is probably telling us like kyle shanahan is keeping some things close to the vest. I will say this this notion that like jimmy. Garoppolo can't assure fire starter for the entire season for the forty. Niners is insane to me. Like if he's healthy. And i know that's the big if obviously and i assume that's why they went up and drafted trae lance so they have some insurance on if he does get hurt. Because that's been the problem. But when he's healthy they win football games in san francisco. They went to the super bowl. I mean you could argue. They were one. Throw away from winning the super bowl. Why can't he just be the starter. Lance is the backup. An insurance plan going forward. I mean if you look at the last few seasons jimmy. Garoppolo ranks fourth in yards per pass attempt. That's ahead of patrick. Mahomes in the national football league. This guy had the best. Qbr against aaron. Donald russell wilson aaron donald twice a year and still jimmy garoppolo at the best qbr. I have no idea why people think he can't be capable quarterback in the national football league for the forty niners talent on both sides of the ball humanitarian. What happens though. Shay's not that he can't be. It's that when a coach since somewhat of a message in makes you think that it's here. Here's where it all started at minnesota in green bay in the playoffs. They took the ball out of jimmy. Johns hands in this is when it all started that they must not trust him. Think it he almost do a pick and each one of those games and they were like no. We're going to run the ball. We're not allowing you to trick this off. And then he takes them to the super bowl much like you mentioned. He misses on the throw. If he hits that throat emmanuel sanders. We're not even talking about the kansas city chiefs of patrick mahomes winning super bowl. What happens is when a coach is flirting with tom brady. And he's thinking about matt ryan any makes a call about aaron rodgers. It makes it seem as though that particular quarterback of that player for instance can't play. It's the same thing with car in oakland when john grooten is sending messages and people start to say well. He's not happy with car in cars having amazing season. And you look at that and you go. Why are they doing this. This is what happened coaches start to sydney signals. It's not the jimmy. G. is in good jimmy. J. really good. If he stays healthy like you said they may wind up back in a situation where to find four super bowl in. It's not the guy that they moved up to get in trae. Lance will be the quarterback but see. It's that simple. I see this as sheer business. I mean if you can get if if you can get tom brady or jimmy g. Who'd would you take shay. Tom take tom brady. Of course okay. You can get that legend over in green bay. Who would you call it. But but of course geno. That's not like there. There certain players that can elevate your franchise. Elevate the way you play. You may have a quarterback that is serviceable considering the context that key was able to provide. But that's not a sure bona fide next level talent could he get there potentially but if you know what you can get that's just business and that but here's what we know about win with jimmy g. and i agree with you say here. Here's what i would say about all those quarterbacks. Oj davis day. All or there's no question they're all going to the hall of fame but when you look at the postseason season and you look at the super bowl and you look at the same quarterbacks that that flourished in regular season the postseason numbers doesn't suggest that that's the same quarterback that you saw on the regular season that's for tom brady and super bowl threw for two hundred one yards in two touchdowns three touchdowns and didn't turn the ball over the defence play lights out patch. Mahomes you look at him a year before against us cisco forty nine. He had two interceptions. He threw for two sixty two touchdowns it was just a guy who basically made the right throws when he needed to to win the super bowl. Jimmy g. can do those things but he has to prove itself in the off season. I mean in the regular season. And then you say you say well. Would you take those other quarterbacks of course so it goes back to shay's original question is why do people feel this way about jimmy. G. is because when a coats marched to flirt with other people it makes. It seem like you're no good. Go back to your days at duke right you number one player to whole deal. They went out. Sign another point guard so eventually people would think well they don't like j. Will what the furthest thing from the truth. They just exploring other options just in case but we'll see at the question. I have is win. Is he actually gonna name the starter. The forty niners have the detroit lions week one and they are in detroit so maybe sooner rather than later we will find out keyshawn. Jalen zubin is brought to you by indeed. Odds are you're hiring to free up time not lose more with indeed you the platform that delivers four time. More hires than all other sites combine according to talent ness post a job and say your hired visit indeed dot com slash credit. Yep conway little hot news or not news here. On jay williams zubin shake cornet. Jay williams keyshawn johnson. All here with you now. Dan graziano are espn nfl. Insider is gonna join us for this very fun game. We like to play on monday morning. So here's how goes down. You know the rules. We lay out a statement. And you tell us if it is indeed hot news or just not really anything to be concerned with. I will start things off kyle. Shanahan uses both jimmy garoppolo and trae lance in the preseason finale hot news because i don't think anybody really had a sense of how this might look until yesterday and i do think there's a chance that kyle shanahan uses this kind of formula in at least one regular season game this year if not multiple look trae lance had the opportunity to win the job outright and camp my understanding is he didn't whether that's because he has more to work on because garoppolo played well or both. But this is something to give defensive coordinators something to think about obviously and practice for and it gives kyle shanahan the opportunity to use both guys maximize their strengths and be creative. So i don't think it's the last time we're going to see this. I think it's a really fascinating idea that the forty niners come up with. Yeah i think it's not news when you think about it dan. I understand what you're saying about. Maybe one game this year. The seventeen game so i think they did it in one game. Okay but i don't see where this is a long term solution at quarterback spot especially in the national football. This is not nebraska. This is not ohio state. You cannot play around with the mindsets of professional quarterbacks pulling me and taking them out of rhythm it just doesn't work we saw tastes. He'll do a little bit one trick. Pony type stuff drew brees. That's a handful of plays. I don't see where trae lance is gonna go underneath the center for a couple of series at a time and then all of a sudden insert jimmy g. back into the lineup. You cannot win in the national football league playing mind games with a quarterback and i agree with this is hot news and and key not compare the forty niners to nebraska. Just talking about. I know i know you arguments nebraska. I do want to say this though dan. There is something about not being predictable. And i understand. This is a national. Football league key played in for very long time but we have seen a lot more of these college schemes have been brought up to the nfl. And one thing i do know is off any of jay i well. It's a work in process. That's fair so we're spare but i'm just going to say. Look if you're not predictable. And you do have the dual with both quarterbacks. Why not flirt with it. It seems like shan and flirts with every other things so why not. This is definitely not intended as a long term solution to your point. It's something that they do in the meantime until they're convinced trae. Lance is ready to be the full time starter. I think that's just a way to get them from here to there. Okay we will see. Let's move on eagles. Acquire gardner men's shoe from the jags. Is it hot news or not. News mr graziano. It's not news. It really doesn't have any effect on jalen hurts and status as the starter in philadelphia. They still have joe. Flacco is a backup eagles. As much as any other team are obsessed with never being caught short at the quarterback position you know in in a time where covert rules can knock somebody out for a couple days without any notice being three deep with guys that you feel like indefinitely going play an. Nfl game is where the eagles wanna be. Also he signed through next year which flacco is not so it gives them an option Next year in terms of the depth of their quarterback room one hundred agree with dan. It this is not news at all more not news. Everybody knows right keeping moving here. Dan graziano espn nfl. Insider keyshawn jalen zubin. T y hilton will miss a couple of games for the indianapolis colts. Hot news or not newsstand. Well i'm going to say obviously todd news if you're ty hilton and obviously he was hoping to have a strong sort of bounceback season but the colts are very deep at this position. A wide receiver. Michael pittman draft pick from last year came on strong at the end of the year looked like he was in line to become emerged as their number one wide receiver this year even if hilton was out there and healthy. I just don't think hilton projected for the kind of role in this offense that he used to have an and they believe they have enough coverage at the position so big picture. I'm going to say not news. Even though i feel bad for. Ty hilton again. Dan not news. You mentioned michael. Pittman junior merging receiver out at usc. They took it a second round. He certainly is headed toward stardom international. Football league therefore is not news. I feel sorry for. Ty hilton's will t y hilton. Excuse me thirty one years old not really news kinda you spec things win the news be more the injuries that plagued the colts lately. We can get into that later on all right. How about mike. Mccarthy and jerry jones say dak prescott will be ready for the season opener and really there are no restrictions on him as of now grazziano. Hot news or not news. Well it's hot news anything with prescott and the cowboys always gonna be hot news right so if he's ready to go. That's the best news that the cowboys could possibly hope for. It's worth noting though that the cowboys to practice again until thursday this this week after the final preseason games according to the new. Cba has to be treated as a bye week and players have to get three straight days off so the amount of time dak prescott has to get ready for the thursday night opener which is in ten days is whatever he's done so far plus a practice week. That doesn't get started until this thursday news to me at all i i expected that prescott to be ready for opening day on thursday against the tampa. Buchan ears he'll have some time off to continue to heal but at the same time he will be throwing practicing to a degree now. Let's say practicing beginning in work with a few receivers during his off time without instructions. Run the coaches staff. So it's not news to me. I expected him to play anything. That comes out of the cowboys. Camp is hot news. Dan anything that comes out of their camp. we're talking about hard knocks. We're talking about an argument. That argument a conversation key. And i had last year when he was ready. Let mike mccarthy go last year. we're talking about. This team. has a chance to have a top five oftens. We're talking about a team that had won the worst defenses in the history of the nfl. Will they be mill marginal marginal any news. That comes out of that camp is hot. i agree with you. Okay last one. We gotta do this quickly to talk about. Flirting with other quarterbacks brian flora's is quote very confident in to a tunnel. Vilo hot news or not news. Dan grazziano minnesota not news. Because i won't believe that. The dolphins are ready to give to a tongue by lower this year to show what he can do unless a significantly better option presents itself and we know the dolphins have been connected with the shawn watson. This is not made up. He's definitely somebody on whom they've had their i for a while. The issue of course with watson is you can't trade for him right now because you don't know what's going to happen with his legal situation whether the league is going to allow him to play so as long as that's on hold and there's not a major obvious upgrade for the dolphins. I think to a tongue of loa gets this year. But i don't think long term. The dolphins are one hundred percent sold yet that he is the guy. It's not news to me to shine. Wants to be in miami. Miami wants to shine like. Dan said there's a lot of things that's going on in the situation so they can't just pull the trigger but it's not new. It's been going on for quite some time. We'll see what to has not news. I mean all those videos are sean in miami and offseason hanging out. I mean you know what that was going to be all right dan. Thank you so much for the insight. This morning i appreciate. You can get more from dan. Get up at eight o'clock eastern. Espn right all right. We've mentioned dak prescott. Well he is back up ready to go. We're going to discuss it next on. What is going on with the cowboys. Index prescott apparently no restrictions and. Everyone says it's coming out of cowboys. Camp that's coming up. Next right here on keyshawn jay williams juvenile espn radio and espn two icy hot ready.

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