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The one is how that in fact. This relationship is autocratic pants as far as the established doc envy of the seventy to their welfare. Thank should have to be done about the the CIA FBI and have nothing to assist lifeforce instead they have done everything. Possible to delay Case stocked that he leaves so documents which would show a correlation between the United States incursion services services on the British secret service. Welcome to episode ten. The fatal voyage Dina case solved with me homicide detective column McLaren in Paris investigating the tragic death of the Princess of Wales when the Mercedes in which he was travelling fatally spun out of control at the place to elma tunnel killing her companion. Dodi Fayed and the driver on Repeal Diana Princess of Wales has died after a car crash in Paris. She was taken to hospital in the early hours of the morning. So jains tried for two hours to save a life but she died four o'clock Paris time until now open employing goodall fashioned detective work to try to piece together the circumstances of that crash the how with established the Y.. Remains more mysterious though. There are plenty of theories out the. It's time to examine some of the conspiracies. I can probably go. Well has doubts about the death of Diana because it was so convenient for the royal family I mean at the end of the day for the royal family was just so much better Diana to be dead. I mean in that. What is the awful shirt? Donna was a loose cannon to them the minute this accident happened. You know the The conspiracy would jumping out of the box. Because because people couldn't believe Donna could die in something as mundane as a road traffic accident. ONE OF THEM I. When I was told mm-hmm morning I said to my boss? I believe this happened on just talking. I guess that's really why the public had to at times. I think it's just all too convenient for the family that she died in a car crash. Chief among the conspiracy theorists was Dow designed nine father. Mohammed Al Fayed. He's belief that Diana and his son had been murdered by the secret services on the orders of none. Other than Diana's former father-in-law Prince Phillip himself. The conspiracy theories then cannot very very quickly notably from the Knicks of Hamadan. Sign the Prince. Philip organized. Nice because you know. He didn't remember into a Muslim family. Is Difficult the father son. But it's it's not easy all your tri beam slaughter on show Gangsta. Ndi called himself the British Royal Family and the head of the British Land Family Himself Philip. He's an as yet the cool and he's Flynn on racist for Al Fayed. The mighty food was simple. The idea that the mother of the future King Might Mary. A Muslim filled the house of Windsor with horror and trying to prove that became an obsession for him. He is imminent Barrister Michael Mansfield QC who represented Zinta no feed at the inquiry. Into Diana's death the Asian yet was one which was not acceptable whether it be the refunding all. We'll come back to that time establishment but Notre Patrick set that Diana might and up in a relationship with a family that was and particularly with father in law who they found walls distaste. There was a rumor that she he might be getting engaged. was that that said that. Is You may become pregnant by baffle. The by walls they act to end the relationship that has it doing the soul the end of the brain where they were together before she returned to the United Kingdom the only window I think they could sign whilst parents and I think the idea while that she should be subjected to crash rash which call subsidy not roll back separately. That form of traffic accident. Don't let nothing accident would bring an end to the relationship disastrous banging obviously the Hamad himself bouncing back far beyond that with the intention attach walls just have thumbs. Well Jimmy tell because the fail to take incites however the royal family was not the only powerful institution that Diana might enemies with. She divided the final years of a life to the high profile came pine to ban the sale end use of land mines. She also had a political established. A while. This there's no doubt because she was compiling a list all evil and the laying of mines the landmine campaign that way and it was an expose if you like the way which British fans on British politicians auditions. Why Belgian this trae? She did the same Saha. You don't know what you're not. Lint stop putting has not wanted says the tried to smuggle Bain also among the main areas of interest within bridge industry. It's right on top of the leading experts. At that time I think was against San that she as she was saying to these by Sperry terrains. I just wanted to adding then a another area of interest was security services. This is my game by Giovanni not just by the robot ended by but British Industry has anonymous. Say at lie was US out to either Diana's friend Simone Simons remembers trying to warn the prince is that powerful interests in the international arms. Trade might seek disowns. who had this horrible horrible fake failing my stomach from office he came back from Angola I sound I got really wait. Failure says something is going to have them be the death of you said. Just be careful please. I said we don't know won't won't with the League with these things a bit of an all of us. I said these organizations if they don't like third like opposition and that tend to get rid of opposition. The morning Diana died. There was a meeting of Middle Eastern arms demons. All the Arab swimming team in Threats Hotel will the British embassies block all the incoming and outgoing phone calls around the time of the crash. That was never looked OKHTA. I mean that would have been very very interesting to see you near the. She was in town of what they were saying. We're talking multi billion while they're multi trillion L. dollars business try Placebo Denison any multi twenty dollar businesses. Have Hell to pay mm-hmm when I need to take a break from my crazy diet. I like to play Bist. Fiends is a match three puzzle. Game Perfect for my puzzle solving obsessions and while Puzzles can be challenging. It is the casual game that anybody comply personally. I think it's coming up past liberals thirty and I can't stop playing. It's the ideal game. I'm to enjoy while I'm on a plane or when I'm in need to clean my head. During my investigative reporting fiends up nights. They game each month with noodles levels and events the game has one hundred million downloads globally. And you don't need Internet supply so it's great if you're stuck in a spot with that WIFI engage your Brian with funk puzzles and collect tons of characters to bist fiends five-star rated mobile puzzle game on the apple APP store and Google play download download free on the epilepsy tool all google play. That's friends without the AH scenes for those who believed on ahead be murdered. The circumstances around I'm the crash held plenty of suspicious behavior and unexplained events it begin with a death certificate. I I looked. He's busy the tests and my talk to Bruno sheets on the documentation colby status suspicious fast. That was on the desk and call us at that was right and I was crying. Correct banks singing came in himself. Essential theologists us all the mass of this week. They were suspicious only or questioned. The simple reason that you take out of if it was something suspicious then. There was the so-called flesh before the crash a man named Francois History came forward and claimed he he had been in the tunnel at the same time as the crash and he said that he saw a sudden bright. Flash of light pointed at the Mercedes. Could this have been a deliberate attempt to blind. Signed the driver on report and caused him to lose control. We don't know about the May want to be in a bright light. The light from an oncoming vehicle rushing light light. I caused the identity of a light light flashing light light. Drive was blinded they fall the baton so mad Cobra cloud otherwise Pantelis. Yeah but no one took Colt Landau investigation. Because it doesn't mean you and not the tunnel but on the he made other story about the flash crash no evidence of any sort to confirm any of it was in and around the went around there was also the time it took for the ambulance. Take me to the hospital. Precious minutes that many believed could have proved the difference between her dying and being saved. When I spoke to Pierre the French French Paparazzi who was in the title and he followed the ambulance containing Dina all the way to the hospital? He confirmed that it wasn't exactly racing through the streets. Old sirens blazing driving so slowly. And I remember I was telling Y'all and we set set to one another. Whoever is inside that he's really in the critical state because DMZ and should be speeding? I never ever except. Why did it take one hour and forty three minutes to get Diana to hospital? Even though it was medically evidence she had had internal injuries that required hospital treatment. One forty minutes one hundred untrained mass horse as long as a football match watch including cough time. Not The hospital was only four miles away. They drove past to the hospitals including the vow the Grass Hospital Hospital which was the hospital specifically full. VIP's but yet she was taken to ospital where they're required cardiothoracic specialist was and how many was asleep moment adventure to very quickly to the hospital because it was additional weight from the Al Mukalla how they had to go extremely slowly because Dina back while they were trying to get out oprah cop to that medics insisted the delay saved her life from and secondly they to extremely slowly back solvable otherwise you might have been dead before she arrived. Arrive the actions of those at the hospital gave rise to another conspiracy theory. Why often the death of Diana? We'll tell body embalmed effectively mummified because this is illegal in France you could only embalm a body with the specific mission of the family of the deceased or if they are not available to local man but on this occasion a fairly middle ranking diplomat for the British embassy gave permission for the princess to be embalmed the the significance of this to apparently disguise the fact that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child the effect of embalming any any further tests on for whatever purpose pregnancy included. A club says Blah rendered null and void. They meant nothing. Nothing mom and I'll find is in no doubt that the princess was pregnant because he had a conversation with her Tony on the telephone bench night. Confirm the fact to it. Finally Michael Call who worked for Mohammed Al Fayed as director of Public Relations for Herod Points at another Uh from the Notch of the crash. Jenny to another big mystery they went trails places on route traffic cameras on this early morning. Nineteen question none of close twelve. Traffic cameras was working wall. If I were walking the film they would have been taking has never been produced has never been brought into evidence cannot be saying so so five. Things which lamb told us exactly the circumstances of that terrible collision which led to the deaths of free people as a citizen of another another evidence. Of course this very very regrettable as a season homicide detective active of heard my fish shave conspiracy theories of learned that much of the time they're a case of making two plus two equal five. There's one the story. However that I can't explain has part of my investigations interviewed American Jack and Robin Feinstein who witnessed the immediate aftermath of the crash? As we've already heard. They told me they had seen other vehicles packed up by the wrecked Mercedes. I noticed these dark former cars and they weren't moving. They were parked. One was on an angle one was more straight and may definitely would have had to have preceded the car that was holding on my Paul Trevor Trevor Rees Jones Princess Diana and they'll have it all fades son. Jody Faez so they would have been entering in the direction as that but they would have proceeded then in the tunnel and I didn't see anybody in them to my recollection. The windows were dark windows black that window so I just thought it was a bizarre sight to see the only person he found this information. Interesting all the sharks out that have been tried there. On unknown drivers don't mind drugs unmanned drivers at British police in the French maced tangles. trice was black card from witnesses. It is not at all. They said they so but the Feinstein's also told me that when they approached the French police to give them a statement there were told in no uncertain tunes not to bother. We'd send each other. We have to let the police now that we were witnesses. Assist to this crash that we saw the immediate aftermath of this car accident. We saw a policeman presumably walking his beat and we walked up to him. We said excuse me officer wanted to tell the police that last night Earlier today we were in this tunnel and I and we were witnesses to the car crash and he says Oh that is okay we we have enough witnesses and we looked at each other. Roberts has happened you have enough witnesses. SOC- System Madden Monsieur. We we have enough witnesses. Excuse me I I I I must go. And the placed Jack and and Robin tried again to tell the authorities what they had seen this time for the fringe media. I was facing this building several blocks away and it had these red letters on top AF paid now. This was a Sunday and everything around us was basically closed. As far as businesses were concerned they were lights on in this building and I asked the waiter. What is that building? I'm looking at and he says Oh. That is the French press the newsagent. I said maybe somebody in that building can help us get our story to the police and a reporter came down. The stairs introduced himself self and he said if you would follow me and you're GonNa take statements from you and get the story to the police for you so we really relieved that we were about to do that. This was coming on to midnight on that Sunday. Eight and twelve thirty. Am Monday September first. The report a guide in the number for the French detectives in charge of the Diana case the following morning jet cold and thirty thirty. Am I picked up the phone. And dial that number that was given to me by the reporter the night before and I asked for the policeman I was told to ask for and they said that they're in in France. They said there was no one there by that name. There is no such officer. Food third perplexed. They booked a flight home from Paris. The very next day. Chicken Ruben approached. CNN with his story this time they got results. It's CNN told police that there would go public with the story on how the French authorities were refusing to take the statement of the American witnesses unless they interviewed them immediately without CNN's strong armed approach to the French police. We would never have been able to give a deposition session where statement in regard to what happened on August thirty first finally at the police station though and now kept waiting foot hours his British show up and at one point. The police captain came to us and he said he is sorry but they're still waiting for the interpreter. He he says you're free to go if you like and I said free to go we have a statement to give you about the car crash. Why would you let us go? Why would you even offer that? And not want to hear what we have to say. He says well. It's up to you. The interpreter finally arrived. We were ushered into a conference room and they put me up serse and their attitudes was all look Mr Firestone. It's getting late Gay. Your son is tired. You've been here for a long time. So we're just going to combine two depositions comes into one however when rub and told the police what she'd seen in the tunnel the attitude changed dramatically Robin and said that you saw these two black cars. This is what really got the attention of the French. Detectives were than anything else. The two detectives uh-huh looked at each other. And they said. Would you come with us. Please into the anteroom. We would like to talk to you alone. Then I walked through door with them and and we went into a back. They shut the door and then we went into the Small Back Office to detectives charted to talk to each other in French than and one of them was asking me more detailed questions. I thought it was odd. That waited for an interpreter. Win One of them clearly smoking. Oh King was. They wanted to know about the dark cars that I saw. They were showing me. What was to me evidential pictures? They were asking me very very specific questions about individual `Paparazzi that I had described and then they had me look at pictures in in hopes of being able to identify those specific popper. Lots of clearly. That was very very important to them. That was extremely fresh in my mind I was able to give them information. That base seems to g extremely important. We seem to been the only witnesses. Were able to place in. DESCRIBE CERTAIN PAPA Lachey. Ajay Act at our. That ended up being in the tunnel. After Ruben given her statement in a separate Hypica- room from Jack he was handed what they described as a combined statement to signed something completely irregular. mm-hmm deposition was completed. It's about nine fifteen pm and it's presented to me two pages in French and the interpreter says okay Mister firestone if would sign over here at the bottom of the second page. I'm looking at two pages ages of single-spaced paragraphs one hundred percent of which is in French. And I turned him in Tahrir looked at the policeman. I said I can't sign. I miss. He says why not. I said because I don't know what it says. I can't read French. He says all the interpretive says that is no problem he says I will read it to you and then you will know what it says and then you can sign it. Guess I said now I said the only way I can sign I said. Can I get a copy of this for my lawyer. They said No. No no no unless you sign it now we cannot use it. I said well the only way I can sign this is if above my signature I write. I don't read French. I don't write French. I don't speak French and they said well if you if you write it that way I do not think that we can use it. I said well that's the only way that I can sign and I signed it that way. Maybe just really hoped that we would just go away by putting these roadblocks up waiting for a couple of hours for the interpreter. To come telling telling us that in fact we could leave. Wanted to lean telling us if they didn't speak English well and giving us a deposition giving a deposition all in French to sign and the FIS left Paris confused and traumatized but at least satisfied that they had done judy as good citizens and shaming the testimony. Chris money they had given would be used to help solve the riddles behind on his death. I expected that the testimony money that we gave the statement deposition that we gave in the conference room at the beginning criminal was going to mean something so as we boarded the plane nine from Paris and route to New York on Tuesday September second and got settled in our city. We said wow that was something well we did our civic duty three and I guess that's going to be the end of it but it wasn't. It was just starting we would he. Just what became of Robin injects eyewitness witness testimony in the next episode because things went only happening in Paris however across the channel in London Darryn Lyons who's federal agency big pitches had handled many of the exclusive shots of the Princess Diana for the final few weeks of their lives. Remember one terrifying incident a few nights after the crash. Rush these team for drink at the local pub you went along with Yoga are looking. It was a big one on that we down pitching was completely out now tailgating and have a great gig and you didn't have a home. Property got damn ear very stringent on. They traded gold couple of stuff dawn and all the sudden tick tick ticking authority ahead. Eto He still away some want it and just get out of felt that is they're bombing. He was guilty in adult emergency services and because it was just a very start. And then I'll giving incoming Milan. It was a huge amount of police of the full monty Iraq winning and check the bill. Yeah and and tie. The job was still and non transplant water. WAS THAT TOM and I. We will get the discourses of will be Darren has never been given a satisfactory explanation of what happened but given the amount of photos he head of the crash Saad he has his own. Ideas can download whereabouts accessible well of bench successful. Who did not win? There was a bonus. Plus new. York's very reasonable. You know we we will o'malley Cantaloupe Adept Eh. W Bob Dab. Apparently the paranoia was not just limited to those reporting on the immediate aftermath of of Diana's death in two thousand and two five years after her death the princesses former bodyguard. Ken Wolf wrote of his experiences in the book. Diana a closely guarded secret attracted some unwelcome attention. As a result I was followed on a number of occasions. I knew that with that was in. AH THE POLICE I. I'm aware of surveillance. Tactics and I witnessed on a couple of occasions within six months writing the most of the circumstances surrounding Donna's death as well as the behavior of many people afterwards is peculiar at best and deeply suspicious wishes at worst. But is there really any evidence for the idea that she was mooted -nology but it was a result of a conspiracy on the Chevy unexplainable issues. woj things around that happens for Ken. Wolf and direly mile journalist Richard kyw no matter how seductive the thought of a conspiracy to kill Dynamo Bi Muhammad L.. Oh Fades theories simply died. Hold up now you know what this fired one out of this. You know he he. He wanted believe leave that Diana would become his daughter in a desperate desperate people do things I accept that he lost his son undenied. That must have been very difficult. I can get back to reality. pre-quake hit and all the conspiracy theorists. Here's paying their officer stood. It is suggested this was an assassination attempt authorized by the Duke of Edinburgh that he would want to see his favorite grandsons. Loose on is just beyond ridiculous. I am I six to care. Why would they want to kill him? There was no earthly reason. He's alive they wanted her dead. If you pursue that the idea that the future King of England mother comedy Nari Toilet. Abby is just ridiculous wine as Gucci March I think disperses on non existent. So if the conspiracies are non existent with the results of the the official government sanctioned inquiries into her death have anything more definitive to say about the death of Princess Diana Knicks time on fight will voyage Diana Caso most investigative car question historic. Tell to jury of eleven on LNG able to even consider come British. Police say they are looking looking at new information in the death of Princess Diana they have not given details but they just announced they are scoping new information that has recently van received end quote. The British military may have been involved in the death of Diana and Dodi Al fired after their car crashed in Paris. Sixteen years ago. Final Voyage Diana in a case solved is hosted by me column Clarin executive produced by Dylan Howard and his production of broad and mortar studios and endeavor audio executive produces. This is also include Tom freestone James Robertson and Andy Tillett. This series is produced by billy spear and written by Dominic Gotten

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