Hit Parade: The Invisible Miracle Sledgehammer Edition


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A podcast of pop chart history from slate magazine about the hits from coast to coast. I'm Chris Milan fee, chart analysts pop critic and writer of slates wise, the song number one series on today's show in the high stakes world of popular music bands break up all the time. You might call it an occupational hazard. And what's more solo careers and spin off projects are far from guaranteed prospect, front people as famous as Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, and Debbie Harry found it difficult to gain traction as standalone recording artists. But most unusual is when one group not only spawns soloists offs and super groups all of which score hits. But the original group stays intact rarer still is when that original group is actually strengthened by this side activity and scores. Bigger hits of its own rarest of all is when former members and current members of the group are competing head to head on the billboard charts. Friends, meet Genesis. While they are now largely remembered as a quintessential cynth- rock band of the nineteen eighties. The recording career of Genesis spans at least four decades, even that wouldn't be remarkable in a world where the Rolling Stones and the temptations are still recording and Torey but for chart followers. What makes Genesis unique practically singular is the sheer volume of hit making careers the band generated, and that came after nearly a full decade of recording that was largely devoid of hit singles. Maybe that was because Genesis started out with songs that were hard to confine on one side of a forty five. Fronted by art rocker Peter Gabriel. The first version of Genesis sprawling. Quirky highly conceptual was a leading group in the progressive or prog rock movement and major early. Seventies concert draw. And then after they had gone further than virtually any prog rock band had to that time. Their frontman in his own words walked right out of the machine. This should have killed Genesis. But a self effacing, drummer, named Phil Collins, improbably moved from behind the kit to the front of the stage and in a series of near accidents, not only made them more popular than they'd ever been. He stumbled into a solo career that would change the sound of pop in the eighties and beyond. Again, this would be on remarkable. If not for the fact that fills, solo career made Genesis stronger. And so did competition from former member Peter Gabriel? And seemingly almost everyone who ever touched an instrument in Genesis. Today on hit parade. We trace the roots of the Nadi family tree of Genesis, and they're improbable chart feats, including the moment when they're most cerebral. Former member decided he was a soul man. And that's where your hit parade marches today, the week, ending July twenty six nineteen Eighty-six when Billboard's hot one hundred was topped by Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer just one week after his former bandmates found themselves on top with invisible touch. This episode of hip parade is brought to you by away maker of premium suitcases for twenty dollars off a suitcase. Visit away travel dot com slash hit parade and use promo code hit parade during checkout away uses high quality materials while offering a much lower price compared to other brands choose from nine colors and four sizes aways, carry on sizes are compliant with all major US airlines, while maximizing the amount you can pack, and they are able to charge all cell phones, tablets e-readers, and anything else powered by a USB cord. 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Let's walk through some billboard chart, trivia throughout pop history. It's generally understood that solo and side projects peak on the charts after the original group has had its day picture the solo Beatles scoring their chart topping hits only after the Fab Four had broken up. Or the solo Lionel Richie, breaking with the Commodores, and topping the charts on his own. Or Justin Timberlake, moving on after the dissolution of boy band, and sink. The fact is it's exceedingly rare for a successful side project to not only coexist with the original group, but to bring that stalwart act to new pop chart heights. In fact, in billboard chart history. If we limit our discussion to the top of the hot one hundred it's only happened three times. Let's take them in reverse chronological order going back a decade from now to two thousand nine the black eyed peas. I'll bet you didn't expect to hear about them in this episode top the charts with their electro. Hip hop jam. Boom boom, pow. Get get. What made that success for the Ps unusual was it was their first ever hot, one hundred number one, and it came a couple of years after one of their members singer and rapper. Fergie scored three solo number one. Oh. Oh, you moving back about another decade in the summer of two thousand the alt- pop group matchbox twenty scored. Their only hot one hundred number one hit with beds. Do we me? The band had never topped the charts before, but about a year earlier frontman, rob. Thomas co wrote and sang lead on Santana's number one mega smash smooth. But the granddaddy of this quirky chart feet. The man who coda fide how big a solo career could get without destroying his home base was Phil Collins in the mid nineteen eighties by the time Genesis scored their aforementioned chart-topper invisible touch Collins had already been to number one multiple times. And these were not small hits. How did this genial dude become one of the defining pop stars of his era to trace that story? We need to go back. One more decade really a decade and a half to a time when rock was more ambitious or at least more long winded. That's the return of the giant hog, we let me repeat that return of the giant hog wheat from the nineteen seventy-one album nursery crime. It wasn't the first Genesis album, the band had been together since the mid nineteen sixties when teenage schoolmates, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Peter Gabriel formed a band with two other attendees of England's Charterhouse school called garden. Wall renamed Genesis in nineteen sixty seven by their manager Jonathan king, the band recorded two albums of quirky, late sixties, art rock, then in nineteen seventy before recording their third album, the band hired to accomplished young players and up and coming Gataric named Steve Hackett. And an already busy, former child actor turned drummer from Greater London named Philip Collins, Hackett and Collins, made the band of fivesome and began to build Genesis following, as an ornate, uncompromising live. While Steve Hackett was a gifted guitarist Tony Banks, a virtuosic keyboardist Mike Rutherford a strong basis who doubled on rhythm guitar and Phil Collins, an adept drummer who sang harmonies and even took an occasional lead vocal without question the star of Genesis in its early. Seventies incarnation was lead singer and flamboyant. Frontman Peter Gabriel. Two. Two. Even fans of Peter Gabriel's whimsical, eighties, or nineties, music videos, might still be shocked to see how he performed as a member of Genesis in the seventies, Gabriel's, most conservative onstage outfit was a mask of white makeup. His hippy length hair severely party like a mad scientist. That was a blank slate upon which Gabriel while on stage would put on ever more outrageous outfits a Jesus, like crown of thorns, a Roosters cocks code a bus costume that made him look like a grotesque amoeba like alien and on the twenty three minute Genesis magnum, opus, suppers, ready, the head of a giant flower. Everything Genesis were not the only progressive rock band performing songs with elaborate titles, and absurdly verbose lyrics in an era of such prog bands as king crimson. Yes. Gentle giant and Emerson lake and Palmer, but thanks largely to Peter Gabriel's onstage antics, Genesis developed an even more devoted phantom of their live performances. Attendees knew they were in first show. I is pretend you. Tanya. This is my song. It's called downsizing with the moonlit night. None of this live fame, meant much on the radio. But Genesis scored their first unlikely hit on the British charts in nineteen seventy four the psychedelic. I know what I like in. You'll would. That year. Genesis issued their most ambitious work, the double L P concept album, the lamb lies down on Broadway. A song cycle about a Latin American New York City character named rile, its narrative lyrics and concept were largely driven by Peter Gabriel. The lamb lies down on Broadway was Genesis, I album to approach the top forty in America, and it became their most acclaimed with critics, it had all the makings of a cultural breakthrough. And that was when, in a move that stunned the rock press. Peter Gabriel announced he was leaving Genesis. Again. As far as the media of nineteen seventy five was concerned, this, spelled the end of Genesis just as they were hitting their stride to this point Gabriel was the focal point. And it was believed. The driving force of the group, the rest of the band seemed to believe this as well. Although drummer, Phil Collins had sung lead on the odd track here and there, such as the nineteen Seventy-three, deep cut more fool me. No one seriously believed, Phil Collins was capable of fronting Genesis, least of all Collins, himself, self effacing and devoted drummer Collins, enjoyed his side man status and by nineteen seventy five. He had already played behind such luminaries as Brian Eno, and John kale. At one point Collins, even tried to convince Genesis to continue as an instrumental combo and idea, they rejected, so the band started recording their next album, a trick of the tail with no permanent singer, the group placed an open add in the British music, weekly melody maker, reportedly some four hundred singers responded, and while they auditioned vocalists Collins, sang on the new album's tracks assuming his vocals, would eventually be replaced. But these temporary Phil Collins vocals became permanent unsatisfied with any of the singers auditioning for the group. Genesis wound up, giving Collins, the frontman position essentially by default Collins, all looked down upon the gig. In interviews, years later, he would call the singers role in the band as he perceived it quote, cheap about looking good and wiggling your bum unquote, but not only did Collins have a similar vocal range to Peter Gabriel making him good fit for the band's older material on stage. Collins also soon found as a singer and songwriter that he could shape the Genesis sound in subtle, more melodic direct new ways. Your own special way, the lead single of late, nineteen seventy six album wind, and weathering. Bridged the ornate, prog sound of the Peter Gabriel era with the pop friendlier hooks of Phil Collins. It also helped break the band on the radio in the US. It was the band's first hot one hundred hit peaking at number sixty two in April of nineteen seventy seven that same month wind, and weathering reached the top thirty on the billboard album chart, the first Genesis album to reach such lofty heights. But it was also the last Genesis album to feature ace guitarist Steve Hackett, having already issued solo albums as early as nineteen seventy five and frustrated at the limitations of getting his material on. Genesis albums Hackett left the band in the spring of seventy seven and embarked on a fulltime. Solo career by nineteen seventy eight issuing singles fronted by such famed vocalists as Richie havens. Ladies and. The message. In short before the seventies were even over Genesis had already spun off to solo careers. Steve Hackett s- and Peter Gabriel's obviously, the one that the press and rock fans were keeping the closest I upon was Gabriel's. But it took until nineteen seventy seven two years after he left Genesis, before Peter issued material under his own name quite literally under his own. Even Gabriel's debut album was called simply Peter Gabriel eponymous debuts are common in rock, but Gabriel ever, the iconic last wound up naming his first four LP's Peter Gabriel. And by the first track on the album, a seventies, prog rock fan could be forgiven for thinking Gabriel hadn't changed a bit since his Genesis days after all, that I track had the portentous title moribund, the Bergamo Stor, but by track to it was clear Gabriel had every intention of leaving Genesis far behind. See city light. Salisbury hill was like a press release turned into poetry. It could easily have been titled why I left Genesis with lyrics like my friends would think I was and I was feeling part of the scenery. I walked right out of the machinery the song at times, even sounded a little vindictive wrappers of a later generation might call it a beef record given shady lyrics life. I will show another me today. I don't mean a replacement, but the gentle song, ultimately sounded more wistful and self actualising than spiteful. It was also the purest pop song Gabriel had ever written. Because this catchy song was a bit of a head fake, in Gabriel's career, it did modest business on the charts on both sides of the Atlantic in England, Salisbury hill. Peaked just shy of the top ten at number thirteen in America where Gabriel had no singles chart history. It peaked far outside the top forty reaching number. Sixty eight in may nineteen seventy seven ironically, just weeks after Genesis your own special way, had peaked at number sixty two but more than four decades later, it is Salisbury hill, that has emerged as a radio staple. On US terrestrial radio Salisbury hill is the second most played song appear Gabriel's career spun more than four hundred thousand times since the nineteen nineties. Over the ports of his first two albums, again, both titled Peter Gabriel. The former Genesis front man, tried on a range of new musical. Modes gabriel. The solo artist was more accessible than Gabriel Genesis. But he was no less. Restless weather attempting, strutting rock on modern love. Hauer balladry on here comes the flood. Or nodding his head to the sound of punk and post punk on nineteen seventy eight's DIY aka do it yourself. Gabriel's Omar to the famous punk rock credo. At a time when terms like new wave only starting to come into being Gabriel was alternative before that musical movement had a name, but his former bandmates in Genesis now reduced to a trio of Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Phil Collins were following their version. Two point. Oh front man in ever-popular direction. Follow you follow me was the lead single from Genesis. I Alba as a trio nineteen seventy eight's appropriately titled, and then there were three it was even more romantic than your own special way, and even catchier so catchy that it was the band's first top ten hit in their homeland, and their first top forty hit in America. Casey Kasem counted down. Forty this week on eighteen forty there are fifteen foreign acts on the countdown ten of meringue Lee, and here's one of those English acts at number thirty five second week on the chart Genesis their first forty hit his follow. You follow me, the deeply romantically and melody of follow. You follow me would come to seem bitterly ironic to Phil Collins by the end of nineteen seventy eight it would be a pivotal year, but not just because his voice could finally be heard on the charts his personal upheaval, that year would unwittingly change the course of both his career, and that of his band after Genesis returned from its nineteen seventy eight tour Collins was informed by his wife. Andrea Bertarelli that she was going to file for divorce collinses workaholic and long months on the road had left her bereft caring alone for their chips. Children and she even admitted to an affair after she and the children moved out Collins, found himself by nineteen seventy nine living alone and brooding around the same time by coincidence, Collins was given a prototype of the Rowland C R, seventy eight one of the earliest programmable drum machines, and he began, experimenting with it in his mostly empty house. Collins was not even trying to write formal music mostly. He was playing with the Roland to see what it could do as it was. He was a bit skeptical of this device that purported to replace traditional drummers like him. But he quickly grew to like it's spooky digital rhythms. And the fact that the machine allowed him to try out musical ideas on his own gradually. What started out as sonic experiments began to sound like songs, and hang on. We're not ready to play that song, yet it would not be heard by the public for more than two years. But it was one of several dark, brooding songs Collins wrote on his own while Genesis was on a break. And he was home alone during this period, Collins would wind up writing a string of heartbreak songs, and they would lay bare his feelings. Very publicly. Few? For example, please don't ask was the first of these songs to see release on the following years Genesis album, and it was heartrending with lyrics, like I cry obit. I don't sleep too good. But I'm fine. And I miss my boy similarly, wounded was the track if leaving me is easy, a future Collins album, cut. But in nineteen seventy nine Collins filed away, most of these home experiments, thinking they were destined to be nothing more than cathartic musical journal entries as the nineteen eighties began, he poured himself into other projects, both anew Genesis album, and an album for an old friend, that would prove sonically even more pivotal, the Genesis album came first. The album dupe continued to ratchet up the chart profile and radio success of Genesis. The LP was the band's first number one in the UK and in the US it peaked just outside the billboard top ten in July of nineteen eighty the album split the difference between the longer prog rock tracks for which Genesis was first known and more. Concise pop songs like the lead off single, turn it on, again in the UK. Turn it on again was a top ten hit, but the bans US label Atlantic records chosen even radio friendlier track for the American market. Misunderstanding was Phil Collins, composition written during his nineteen Seventy-nine songwriting bursts, that presented his still fresh heartbreak with beach, boys. Style harmonies and ado up inspired arrangement on the hot one hundred in a year when Rockstars like Queen John Lennon and Billy Joel were reaching back to old rock and roll styles and scoring hits misunderstanding became Genesis. Biggest US hit to date peaking at number fourteen in August of nineteen eighty but Duke was not the only nineteen eighty album on which Phil Collins played a key role. Without. In the spring of nineteen eighty Peter Gabriel issued his third straight, Peter Gabriel album and his most acclaimed today. The cover featured a black and white polaroid of Gabriel's face with its chemical smeared fans came to call the self titled album knelt on the radio Gabriel led off the album, release with the cutting edge single games without frontiers. A top-five UK hit that featured backing vocals by Gabriel's friend Kate Bush singing the songs, French refrained ju song frontier, but among the album's other guests was Gabriel's. Former bandmate, Phil Collins, who during his dark nineteen Seventy-nine period, had volunteered to help with Gabriel's album, mostly to get out of the house Collins wound up playing drums on two pivotal tracks on the third. Peter gabriel. L P, one track was Biko Gabriel's eulogy for South African anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko. Phil Collins played the heavy Brazilian drum known as the pseudo on Biko. It was the closing track on the album, and remains a standard in both Gabriel's live shows and in protest music worldwide, but the album's opening track was for Collins as a drummer, arguably even more important. Some. Intruder the sinister song that opens nineteen eighties. Peter Gabriel album changed the sound of rock and pop drumming, the heavy sound Collins and his producer, Hugh pageant, achieved on the track was a total serendipitous accident pageant had placed a talkback microphone in the room with Collins's drum kit. The mic was meant only to allow Collins to communicate with Pam back in the booth. But when Collins and pageant heard what the drums sounded like feeding back on that heavily compressed microphone, they realized they had stumbled onto something new. It came to be called the gated drum or gated reverb. It was allowed reverberate drum sound that was then clipped making it sound both sharply contained and yet massive in his memoir, not dead yet Collins wrote, quote, with hindsight. I now know that that day or two I'd spent working on Peter's third album was life changing unquote already an accomplished and indimedia drummer by the nineteen eighties Collins, with the creation of gated reverb had found his alternate signature drum sound. He also found the finishing touch for that spooky track. He'd been working on in his empty house back in nineteen seventy nine. A word or two about in the air tonight and the myths that have sprung up around this. Soul. No in real life. Phil Collins never saw someone drowning the lyrics are not a true story about him witnessing a murder, and no, he did not call out the supposed perpetrator later at a concert, contrary to urban legend in his memoir Collins claims that the spiteful lyrics reflected and then only indirectly his wounded feelings in the wake of his divorce. Again, Collins had no intention to ever release in the air tonight or any of the tracks. He had been tinkering with in his house. It was only after he played the demos for legendary record. Impresario Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Collins's, US label Atlantic records that Ertegun implored Collins virtually. Insisted that the music must come out as a solo album Ertegun, even agreed to supply Collins with resources to finish the album with backing musicians and guests taking full advantage Collins asked his label boss, if he could invite one of the top Aren V brass combos of their day. Supergroup earth wind and fire had a horn section so renowned. It had its own name the Phoenix horns, they played some of the best hooks on E W F classics, like September Collins, brought them into the studio and had them at irresistible brass to half the songs on the album. He was now calling face value. They powered the Aren be flavored song that would wind up as the album's first single. I'm missed again. It would not be the last time, Phil Collins teamed on a hit song with a member of earth, wind and fire released in the winter of nineteen Eighty-one. I missed again, which despite its Jonty beat was again, about Collins's rueful feelings about the dissolution of his marriage reached the top twenty in both the US and the UK. And what about that strange sinister song about watching a man drown? In the air tonight, was a transatlantic smash it reached number two in the UK. And in America, it hit number nineteen on the hot, one hundred and number two on Billboard's top rock tracks chart, as for the album Collins, never realized he was making face value, topped the UK album chart in February of nineteen Eighty-one and by may broke into the top ten in America peaking at number seven. It was the first US top ten album by any current, or former member of Genesis, what would Phil Collins do in the wake of this monstrous, and fully unexpected success. Recall that back in nineteen seventy five right after Peter Gabriel lead. Genesis two its most acclaimed album, the lamb lies down on Broadway. He promptly left the band to explore his own muse. Arguably, Phil Collins was now an even bigger solo star than Peter Gabriel and on his way to clips in Genesis, it would have surprised virtually no one if Collins followed in Gabriel's footsteps. But that's not what the worker, Hollick Collins chose to do before. Nineteen Eighty-one was over. He and Genesis were already back with a new album Abba, cap rather than taking away from Genesis Collins's, solo success seemed to provide rocket fuel Abba cab became the band's second straight UK number one album, and their first to break into the top ten in America matching face values peak of number seven in November, nineteen Eighty-one in other words, both on his own and with his old mates Collins scored two top ten albums in a single year. The album's title track Abba, cab was named for the common verse chorus and bridge lettering technique of pop. Songwriting. A. B. A C, A B, by the way, hold that thought because this would also not be the last time Collins would score a hit with an on Amata peak musical nonsense, word Abba cab found Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford turning their scintillating prog rock sound ever more poppy, the sonic line between Genesis and Phil Collins was starting to blur. And it would only get blurrier on the album's other big single. Collins invited back the Phoenix horns from earth, wind and fire to join Genesis on no reply at all, which gave Genesis number two hit on Billboard's rock tracks, chart and number twenty nine hit on the hot one hundred by may eighty to the ABA cab LP became Genesis first US platinum album, and it was still lodged in the US top forty their longest running LP hit today. Again, the question must be asked, what would fill Collins do now with back toback platinum solo and Genesis albums take a break. Enjoy the perks of stardom think again. Abba cab had barely slipped down the charts when Collins began recording alot I must be going his second solo album deepening, his connection to classic Aren be the album's lead. Single was a cover of the nineteen sixty six Motown. Classic by the Supremes. You can't hurry love. Reinforcing that everyone loves Motown, even when it's classics are played by thirty something white British man. You can't hurry loaf became Phil Collins's biggest hit to date in the UK. It reached number one in January nineteen eighty three one month later on the hot, one hundred it reached number ten giving Collins, the first ever US, top ten hit by any member of Genesis to be sure, Collins was still capable of brooding. The second single from Hello. I must be going. I don't care anymore reinvented. The spooky sound of the prior albums in the air tonight. But the sound of gated reverb added punch, and tempo to virtually all of Collins's material and began to infect other Popstars material as well. Collins was suddenly in demand, as not only aside man, but producer for other songs from current Popstars to longtime rock legends in the legends category. Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert plant called in Collins to play on his nineteen eighty two solo debut album pictures at eleven. In a completely different vein. Flamboyant, new romantic pop star Adam ant brought in Collins to produce and drum onto of his nineteen Eighty-three hits strip and push in. And perhaps most memorably former opera singer on a free links that aka Freda hired Collins to produce the entirety of her nineteen eighty two album, something's going on the best selling solo album ever by any former member of the Swedish megagroup, the free album's lead single, I know there's something going on, was a top ten or top twenty hit in countries around the world, and the thundering gated drums on the single were unmistakably, the work of Phil Collins, his most potent drumming on a pop hit since in the air tonight. Phil Collins had developed a magic touch, and become a reliable hitmaker, his former bandmate Peter Gabriel with his more challenging material was always less of a commercial prospect, but even without Collins, drumming on his tracks Gabriel's material was getting more commercial, too. In nineteen eighty two Peter Gabriel attempted to release his fourth solo album with the same eponymous magazine like title as his last three Peter Gabriel but his US label Geffen records finally pushed back and insisted the album have its own title. They called it security, the American labels insistence on this more promote -able title may have had something to do with the fact that Gabriel was emerging as a music. Video star with an actual top forty. Shock the monkey was one of the earliest hits on the then new music video channel MTV, the visually striking music video was played around the clock and memorably featured two versions of Peter Gabriel one a businessman in a suit gradually, turning man, the other a ghost, like figure dressed in white with white face paint, a throwback to the Genesis Peter Gabriel of old shock the monkey also sported, the most danceable beat of any Peter Gabriel single to date and by early nineteen eighty three it wound up crossing over on a range of billboard charts from rock tracks, where it hit number one to the hot, one hundred where it made the top thirty and even billboards dance. Disco chart, where it also broke into the top thirty. Shock the monkey peaked on the hot one hundred the same week in early nineteen Eighty-three that Phil Collins broke into the top ten with his remake of you can't hurry love, but Collins still had no intention of slowing down. Phil Collins's second solo album. Hello. I must be going had barely slipped out of the top forty when he regrouped with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks to record the next Genesis album as if reflecting the band's evermore uncluttered pop friendly direction gone with the days when they're Alba had titles like selling England by the pound or a trick of the tail the new album would simply be called Genesis released in the fall of nineteen Eighty-three, the self titled LP was in the US top ten within a month. Genesis fastest breaking album to date in the UK the album's lead single shot into the top five mama, a sinister blend of synthesized rock. And as retold you in hit parades, def Jam's addition a spooky laugh. Which was inspired by hip hop. Grandmaster flash. And Millie mill in the US mama was a top five rock hit the first of seven tracks to make Billboard's rock. Tracks chart, but mama was a bit strange for American top forty radio today. Genesis had yet to score a US top ten single on the pop charts the album's next track, however, would change. That's all was built for radio ubiquity a wistful, mid tempo love song with multiple layers of Beatles cooks. It was Genesis. Most straightforward love song since misunderstanding in nineteen eighty both Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford made key contributions, the former a classic keyboard solo on the bridge, the latter closing ATar solo, the put a button on the song. But with its open hearted therapeutic lyrics, that's all was a showcase for Phil combs when it peaked at number six in February nineteen Eighty-four, it became not only Genesis I ever top ten American hit get was also the first such hit written by Collins, his prior solo top ten hit, you can't hurry love having been a Motown cover again, this was a fairly unusual hit making strategy a so. Solo career that was not only thriving alongside aband- career, but making the original band, stronger collinses, bandmates had mixed feelings. Tony Banks would later joke in interviews, quote, he was our friend, and we wanted him to be successful, just not that successful, but banks also admitted quote fill became so big. But I think the two careers helped each other, that's all was just slipping out of the top ten in late February nineteen Eighty-four when a new solo Phil collen single debuted on the hot one hundred and this one would redefine, just how big Tony Banks bandmate could get. Just you. Trees, more than a year earlier when Phil Collins was on his first solo tour, he was approached by filmmaker Taylor hack for'de director of the nineteen eighty to hit an officer and a gentleman hack furred asked Collins, if he would be interested in writing a song for his next movie, a thriller called against all odds Collins was loath to try to write a new song while on the road, but he did tell Halford. He had another demo from his prolific nineteen seventy nine homes, according period, yet another heartbreaks, inspired by his divorce that had the working title. How can you sit? This. Hack. Furred loved rueful, impassioned demo. And he only asked Collins, if he could somehow work, the phrase against all odds into the lyric Collins, who already had the main chorus of take a look at now through one allusion to the film title into the refrains the phrase you coming back to me is against the and as per Taylor Halfords request the final single was given the title against all odds parentheses take a look at me, now it would be one of three songs on the against all odds soundtrack by current or former members of Genesis alongside tracks by Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford. Released as a single just a couple of weeks before the film hit movie screens. Phil Collins's against all odds was a monster hit. In fact, it went higher on the charts than the film did at the box office all the way to number one. The number one song is by an Englishman, who I started hitting on the album, chart, not as a singer, but as a drummer with the group Genesis, but now as drummer, who sings he has a solo hit that's gone to number one for a second week in a row, the most popular song. The land is the title song from the movie against all is, here's Phil Collins. This was a whole new level of fame for Phil cones against all odds not only top the hot, one hundred and was certified gold. The following winter, it would be nominated for an Oscar for best original song from a motion picture as Genesis continued to release singles from its nineteen. Eighty-three album, Collins kept working reflecting his longtime interest with ARIN be and his admiration for the band earth. Wind and fire Collins, produced the nineteen Eighty-four solo album by e w WF singer, Philip Bailey, Chinese wall and fill even duetted and played his signature thundering drums on the album's lead. Single easy, lover a number two hit on the hot one hundred. That fall Collins was also given a showcase lot on the UK famine relief charity, mega single, do they know it's Christmas. The song credited to bandaid already had too many singers, from sting, George, Michael to Boy, George to Bano, but band-aid organizer Bob Geldof left, open a spot on the record for Collins to record and capture on film, a big drum. Inference. In early nineteen eighty five as both easy lover and do they know it's Christmas were peaking on the charts. Collins learned, he would not be invited to perform his Oscar nominated hit against all odds on the Academy Awards, telecast, perhaps reflecting fills still murky public profile in America, the producers of the awards in a move now infamous in Oscar lore instead asked actress choreographer and Ryan came to record and lip sing Collins, a song while she danced on the telecast. The performance was widely panned by critics and Oscar watchers Collins himself was in the audience as an Oscar nominee. And he felt mortified for both himself and Ryan king, he was almost relieved when against all odds lost the Oscar to Stevie wonder's song from the woman in red. I just called to say, I love you the greatest irony of all the very weak in late March. Nineteen eighty-five when Phil Collins, sat squirming in the audience at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in Los Angeles, watching his song get butchered on live TV by Oscar producers, who didn't think he was famous enough to appear on their show. He had the number one single and album in America. One more night was the first single from no jacket required. Phil Collins's third solo album and one of the biggest LP's of nineteen eighty five the lead off single took less than two months to reach number one, it, even prevented Madonna, then at the apex of her first wave of stardom from reaching number one with material girl, although Collins, led off the album with lovelorn ballad and mind a similar theme on a few of the albums deep cuts. Taken as a whole no jacket required became famous. Not so much as another chapter in Collins's tales of heartbreak as for its shiny. Yup. Fide mega-pop sound, the ultimate album of what came to be called the big eighties. A decade later author. Bret Easton Ellis would satirize both the decade and Collins in his book, American psycho. It's preening shallow yuppie killer, Patrick Bateman, before, torturing, people would wax poetic about his love for both Genesis and the solo, Phil Collins, holding up his C D copy of no jacket required. Joy, phil. A big Genesis fan ever since the release of their nineteen eighty album. For that really didn't understand any of their work to Archie to electoral and the song, he liked. Best was Collins's summer nineteen eighty five number one hits. Souto was in essence a sequel to advocate by Genesis a nonsense word used by Phil Collins to describe the rhythm of the song that became the title of the song and in this case, the name of the girl, Collins was lusting after the track was also the furthest Collins had gone in the direction of state of the art eighties are be indeed. Many at the time accused of borrowing. Synthesizer hook from prince's nineteen eighty two top twenty hit nineteen ninety nine. In interviews, Collins owned up to the Omar and he wound up with an even bigger hit than prince. Souto went to number one on the hot one hundred in July of nineteen eighty five and in the wake of his recent smash duet with Philip Bailey. It even made the top ten of Billboard's Aren beach art, one week after Sudi reached its chart peak. Phil Collins affirmed. His status at Live Aid. The blockbuster transatlantic famine relief concert organized by Bob Geldof as a follow up to the band aid single from the prior Christmas took place on July thirteenth nineteen eighty five into venues, simultaneously Wembley stadium in London, and John F. Kennedy stadium in Philadelphia. Overextending himself even more than usual Collins, not only agreed to perform his own material. He also pledged to back up several of his rockstar acquaintances in their performances and those gigs were scheduled in both the UK and the US rather than bow out of any of these performances Collins chose to play both shows performing I at Wembley in London. Then getting on the Concorde supersonic jet flying to Philadelphia and performing JFK stadium by nightfall. It was a crazy stunt that was covered by the media that day almost as much as the concert itself in London, early in the Wimbley Live Aid show, Collins backed up his friend sting. Every. We stem music of it watch. And performed a pair of songs of his own. Later that day in Philadelphia Collins played drums behind his friend, Eric Clapton performed the same two songs he had played in London. And closed. The day drumming on a heavily hyped ultimately lackluster reunion by the surviving. Members of Led Zeppelin Collins had promised his friend Robert plant. He would play even though the band had been rehearsing for Live Aid with drummer, Tony Thompson, formerly of Sheikh so that night in Philly Collins and Thomson, both drums, simultaneously behind Led Zeppelin Collins later called it one of the most harrowing performances of his own. While the separate reunion was ultimately panned by both critics and the bandit, self and some pundits grumbled. That Collins's dual city performances made a day about famine relief. More about his career all of the exposure, didn't seem to slow his momentum, no jacket required spent the rest of nineteen eighty five lodged in the top twenty and spinning off hits in the middle of the run Collins, even found time to record a standalone single. Another ballot from another Taylor hack. Furred film white nights. The Maryland Martin duet separate lives. It went to number one in November collinses third chart topper of that year alone in February nineteen Eighty-six as take me home was issued as the last single from his nearly quintupled platinum album, no jacket required. Phil Collins attended the Grammy awards in Los Angeles, where jacket was up for album of the year. Collins was gobsmacked when his album actually won the night's top prize over blockbuster. LP's by dire. Straits Whitney Houston sting, and even USA for Africa, no jacket required would eventually be certified twelve times, platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America fills, upset, Grammy win for album of the year in early eighty six kicked off the most action packed year in Genesis history. While Phil had been rampaging around the world and dominating the charts with his solo work his current and former bandmates were finding ways to keep busy. Genesis had never gone. So long between albums before it had been more than two years since their self titled nineteen Eighty-three LP, but guitarist Mike Rutherford had his own surprise success. Rutherford had issued two solo albums in the early eighties. He even sangam but he found the process, unsatisfying missing the camaraderie of a band. So in nine hundred eighty five during the long Genesis hiatus Mike, Rutherford formed, Mike and the mechanics as a kind of loose collective with instrumentalists and even vocalists shifting from song to song for its first single Rutherford, recruited journeyman singer. Paul Carrick who had sung lead on hits by ace and squeeze to Rutherford's. Happy surprise that first single silent running reached the top ten in America in the fall of nineteen eighty five. And the next Mike mechanic, single sounded completely different sung by different vocalist. Former sad cafe singer Paul young. And it did even better on the charts. All I need a miracle reached the hot one hundred's top five in June of nineteen eighty six. Meanwhile, former bandmate, Peter Gabriel was also in the process of ending his own long hiatus from recording from nineteen Eighty-three through eighty five Gabriel toward promoted his world music festival. Whoa. Mad and did soundtrack work while collecting material for his fifth LP the album would be influenced by his increasing interest in non western music. But he also built on the commercial success of nineteen eighty two's security, L, P and shock the monkey more than on any prior album. Gabriel reached out to a who's who of current musicians. From singers like Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and Yusuf indoor to instrumentalists like Nile Rodgers Bill last well and the polices Stewart Copeland. The resulting album would be called simply so the first Peter Gabriel album, he chose to title with something other than his own name, and it would be a happy paradox more globally minded than any prior Gabriel album. And yet, more commercially potent with a slew of catchy songs, perhaps, the catchy song of all not only benefited from Gabriel's love of American arm be similar to his former bandmate, Phil Collins hit would be an even bigger hit on MTV. We talked about, Peter Gabriel's now legendary video for sledgehammer in our prior episode of hit parade about the rise of the music video. Suffice it to say the Steven Johnson directed clip the most acclaimed of MTV's first decade, featuring everything from claymation to pulsating sperm to a dancing, chicken rebooted, Gabriel's career. And it would go onto win a record number of MTV video music awards, but even before the clip debuted on MTV. The song was already catching on with US radio programmers, given its irresistible Ammash to the sound of sixties arm be, and Gabriel's cheeky, frisky thinly metaphorical lyrics about the joys of sex. So sledgehammer to began climbing the charts in the spring of eighty six alongside current singles by Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford's band, Mike and the mechanics. And that wasn't all even the quietest. Former member of Genesis was now scoring a hit. The short lived superbeet GT are came off as a fantasy league for readers of guitar world magazine. He teamed up guitarist Steve Howe formerly of the bands. Yes. And Asia, and guitarist, Steve Hackett remember him the one time Genesis guitarist who'd gone solo back in nineteen seventy seven for a band that generated only one studio album, GT are didn't do badly on the charts. Their self titled album went gold and it spawned a sizeable hit single the prog gun pop guitar nudity when the heart rules, the mind it, too debuted on the hot, one hundred in the late spring of nineteen Eighty-six within weeks of the hits by Collins, Gabriel and Mike Rutherford's band and finally that same month. There was a new single from what you might call the mothership. Somehow amid all of this recording activity, Phil Collins and might Rutherford had rejoined keyboardist, Tony Banks to write and record a new Genesis album invisible touch as its first single, the band issued the album's title track, the most shamelessly poppy pop song of its career as the summer of eighty six kicked off current. And former members of Genesis were on a billboard chart collision course by June the week that invisible touch entered the top forty at number thirty seven it was two positions behind GT ours, when the heart rules, the mind and five positions behind Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer all were on the rise. Phil Collins's own take me home. The last hit from no jacket required was still in the top thirty on it's way down from a peak of number seven, and Mike. And the mechanics all I need is a miracle was at its peak of. Number five as if all this wasn't enough, a sixth, single rising in the middle of the chart was also, a Phil Collins showcase even though his name wasn't on it Collins, had produced sang backup and played drums on Howard Jones ballad. No one is to blame. By early July. No one is to blame would peak at number four, GTRI's, only hit would reach a respectable number fourteen and the singles by the solo Collins and Mike. And the mechanics had fallen off. Mike Rutherford's group was already moving on to a new single the ultimate race for the top of the charts was between the two flagship acts Genesis and their former singer Peter Gabriel invisible touch, and sledgehammer will racing each other up the hot one hundred. Through mid June Gabriel was higher on the charts than his former bandmates when sledgehammer entered the top twenty it already became Gabriel's, I ever hit to reach that height on the American charts. But Gabriel was clearly the underdog given Phil Collins's higher profile over the last five years. As the two songs entered the top ten invisible touch. Overtook sledgehammer, the Genesis song, rising to number eight the same week Gabriel rose to number ten a fortnight later as invisible touch leapt number two sledgehammer was just outside the top five at number six one week after that invisible touch made history for Genesis becoming their first and only number one on the hot, one hundred while Gabriel hurdled four places to number two. This gave current and former Genesis members of the top two songs in America had Peter Gabriel peaked in the runner up slot, he would already have come further than he ever had on the pop charts before. And then one week later. The unprecedented actually happened. Now we're up to the new number one song in the USA. And this song is part of to chart. I is see last week, the popular English band. Nisus moved into the number one position right on -til at number two was a song by that English bands. Former lead singer and that particular situation at the top of the chart has never happened before ever. Well this week those two acts are involved in yet another chart, I because Genesis and their song invisible touch is not out of the top spot, and their former lead singer moves in the number one spot. And that's never happened before in the history of the billboard charts. The new number one song in America is sledgehammer by former lead singer of Genesis now. Solo singer. Peter gabriel. In truth Voth acts wound up winners, from their nineteen Eighty-six chart dual Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer wound up the longer-lasting hit spending about a month longer on the hot one hundred than invisible touch Gabriel's album. So would also peak higher reaching number two on the billboard album chart, while invisible touch peaked at number three Gabriel's album would go on to spawn. Two more top forty singles. His most hit packed album including the ballot. That is now his most played radio staple in your eyes. And another uptempo cut powered by an intricate. Steven Johnson video big. Meanwhile, the invisible touch album would make Genesis inescapable prior to eighty six they had only ever scored one top ten hit with nineteen Eighty-four. That's all but invisible, touch at last may Genesis aradio fixture spawning four more top five hits including the ballad throwing it all away. The turning rock track land of confusion, which, like Gabriel's hits benefited from an ornate, MTV friendly video. A poppy prog rock track that wound up in a Michelob beer commercial tonight tonight tonight. And one more Collins led lovelorn ballad in two. The Genesis chart Matic universe of nineteen Eighty-six wasn't essentially unrepeatable phenomenon while future decades, would see groups from the world of pop rock and rap spin off multiple soloists, with chart hits from the Spice Girls to the Wu Tang clan, never again with the hot, one hundred see one group spawned, so many simultaneous parallel hits this serendipitous. Genesis experiment had downsides, not least over exposure after so Gabriel receded from the spotlight for several years focusing again on soundtrack work for Martin Scorsese's film, the last temptation of Christ. And waiting until well into the nineties to even issue, a follow up album too. So the more brooding and introspective. Mike Rutherford to waited several years after his first hit packed, Mike and the mechanics album to issue, a follow up, and he scored one last smash in nineteen eighty nine with the hot one hundred topping the living years. But the man who found it most difficult to say no, who loved working and hated being idle was Phil Collins in the late eighties. He started a movie BUSTER. Recorded with more of his heroes, including legendary Motown writer Lamont dosier. And kept on topping the charts with his multi-platinum nineteen Eighty-nine follow up album, but seriously, perhaps appropriately Collin scored the last number one hit of the nineteen eighties with his lament about homelessness another day and Howard is. By the nineties. However, all of this relentless activity made Collins something of a punchline. In addition to Bret Easton Ellis's, American psycho TV shows from Saturday night. Live to south park began taking potshots at the nineteen eighties. Most ubiquitous chart dominator. Genesis would wind up recording. Only one more album with Phil Collins nineteen ninety one's we can't dance, and while the album, sold well, the hits were somewhat smaller in the era of run the rock. Collins would finally depart Genesis after the we can't dance tour banks and Rutherford recorded one last album with a different vocalist before dissolving the group in nineteen ninety eight the year after that Collins scored his last pop top forty hit and his first Oscar with the song, you'll be in my heart from the Disney animated film Harza. The twenty first century has been a much quieter and at times darker time for the members of Genesis Peter Gabriel has issued only one album of new material since two thousand. But he has toured extensively. The original five-man lineup of Genesis talked into thousand four about reforming for a tour to celebrate the anniversary of Gabriel's. Seventies swan song with the band the lamb lies down on Broadway, but they amicably chose not to pursue it instead Collins, banks and Rutherford mounted a brief but blockbuster tour in two thousand seven. When Genesis was inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame in twenty ten including early members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett Gabriel declined to attend and the band did not perform P con behave. But thank you, try. I mean that was really convincing argument. As for Phil Collins, his activity this century, and his reputation have gone through numerous cycles, younger generations of musicians, particularly in the world of ARIN b and hip hop, have covered his songs, extensively. They. Stay Papa Doc in enough on rock. Drummers from Taylor. Hawkins to Jason Bonham have cited his influence Collins himself has issued albums of big band music, Motown covers and new pop material all of which have sold modestly, but respectable. For a time in the early twenty tens Collins retired for music in part to battle alcoholism and entering his sixties. He was compelled to stop playing the drums, citing a spinal operation nerve damage and years of bone degradation. But it seems the man who managed one of the most furious bouts of recording activity in pop history. The first person in chart history to bring his solo success back to his group couldn't stay Eitel for long in twenty sixteen Collins announced the not dead yet tour named after his memoir since twenty seventeen the tour has visited Europe South and North America with dates scheduled in the United States into late twenty nineteen Collins performs the show seated on a stool, leaving the drumming to others including on recent dates. His son Nick Collins, the tour, mostly focuses on Collins's solo material though songs he recorded alone that he didn't even think were songs. But he always finds time to include hits he wrote and sang for Genesis, including their breakthrough hit follow. You follow me, which more than four decades later, sounds less like a love song now and more like a prayer. 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