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The 75O: The Amari Cooper Extravaganza


Welcome back to the seven five. Working in partnership is always log in the boys dot com D nation in box media. I am the oh RJ cho-. He is the seven five two times Super Bowl champion. Tony casillas. Tony happy hump day. There's a lot to talk about for a buy week. There's a lot more to talk about and usually Cirque other circumstances. But yeah, a lot has happened in the last twenty four hours or less than twenty four hours. So let's let's of set the stage for a second we're recording. We're going to put this out on a Wednesday. And update everybody on our schedule. We will have a Thursday episode as well. So you get back to back episodes of the seven five, oh things are so crazy that they kinda -ffected our personal lives and schedules and whatnot. This is always a really busy time of year your birthday Friday. So lots going on and the Cowboys, you know, you would think Tony that they would elect Argentinian they got a lot on their plate. You know? We'll just keep it chill know. No big deal. We'll let them have the bio. No, no, man. No, no, no on Monday around lunchtime. They traded you called this to a degree. You tweet it out last week. You said should the Cowboys give a first round draft pick for Amari Cooper? And I'll be honest a lot of people on the replies did not think that that would be a good payment for him. But that's what they gave. And we have a new wide receiver. I'm surprised I you know, I kind of look at this thing and. In the first part of it is a Cowboys could add probably will they could Calvin Ridley number nineteen in the last year's draft and the nineteen th pick, and then they kind of reverse course. And if they are going ahead and giving up a first round draft pick for next year. Then they bring Amari Cooper. And it's so ironic, I guess every wide receiver the place in National Football League, Alabama because we're talking about two guys former Alabama players, but yeah, I, you know, I've really just like everyone else. I, you know, I think it all comes down to what's the value? Put into a player. I mean is the guy come in and help you. I have no problem with decision RJ. I mean, it's all about we're gonna put them as they move forward. And clearly they thought this cat. Army Cooper could be the guy that with hopefully, and we will see can interject some offense of excitement. Yeah. I mean. So let's let's defy. Fine. This how the Cowboys are looking at it. Jason Garrett has said many times the trade has happened that they view Amari as their draft pick so to speak if you him as their first round selection from next year now my favorite movies back to this. So I told the time travel, and and you look at this. You have to you're dealing with the Cal. It's a good point good point in. So Amari Cooper is only twenty four years old. So is Calvin Ridley Mars only six months older than him. So I mean, you can understand how they've you him as a young player that you would essentially draft with the first draft pick. You mentioned the nineteenth overall pick which the Cowboys used to select late in Vandross. So let's look at it this way where Amari is obviously the twenty nine thousand first round pick for the Cowboys. I would rather have Layton and Amari than Calvin Ridley and whoever else just because we have the ability of of looking at hindsight right now. Now and Laden has looked like a superstar. We know that Amari Cooper can be a superstar. I would rather have that duo than I mean, everything can can obviously change, but I really am very satisfied with those players will. Yeah, I think you gotta look at that way. But I mean, if you look at the economics part of it is reading this on believe as pro football dot com is that the Cowboys at the nineteen th pick in this last year's draft when they late and Vander could have got Calvin really for four years for eleven million dollars. Now, you look at Amari Cooper, and you know, everything's relative Mike Hooper March. Twenty nineteen is guaranteed almost fourteen million dollars. So you got to look at that. You look at that part of it in you'll Cavin really could have been, you know, in look, we can all again, hindsight is is what we look at all the time. But I think the biggest thing I will tell if this is a great trade for the Cowboys. And you know, I don't know what the hell's going on Oakland. But I think everyone is. And I just can't figure out the whole John groom. But that's another story. That'd be another show. Be like a Khalil Mack situation. You know Markelle for me you look at the first two years of his early career and twenty four years old. This is fourth year in the National Football League. If he can put up those numbers, but. You know, there's a lot of factors that winning this. And ultimately just comes down what type of production? You're going to get out of this guy. You mentioned the almost forty million dollars at him is guaranteed. The raiders had previously picked up a March fifth year option. So obviously the Cowboys are now on the hook for that. And I know many people have framed at this way, you look at it. I mean, I'm always making I don't wanna say pennies, but he's making seven hundred thousand dollars this season. That's nothing on your salary cap. So he's affectively effectively got Amari Cooper on a two year fourteen million dollar deal. That's a point a lot of people look at it kind of two year rental may. Yeah. And so one year rental so two years for forty million dollars. I think we're talking about a guy that's averaging seven million dollars a season. I think you take that all day long, especially when you look at how the Cowboys courted Sammy Watkins, you would take a Monica one hundred times out of a hundred times over Sammy Watkins additionally, there's a lot of levels to this. Amari Cooper on the outside with Michael Gallup who starting to find himself and coldeze Lee. The Cowboys will obviously have to give a new contract to. I mean that is a solid wide. Receiver trio is the best in the NFL. No, I don't think you can touch somebody like Minnesota, for example. But that is a really nice really young trio vied receivers. And now, you kind of have your set pieces because we have been so confused we've been so lost who's going to play where who's going to be their guide who's going to be their number one, etc. You have defined roles. They're all young players. Michael gobs, obviously rookie, I think you can feel really optimistic about that. There's no speculation. Now. Right, right. Mark Cooper is our number one wide receiver. There's no question, Mark. And obviously sends a message to Alan Hearns. And a lot of these other guys, you know, it didn't it wasn't. It didn't come for information. As far as you being a number one. And in just mentioned if you put together those three guys, you would think that you have. You have a guy that can go down the sideline in which they need and you cop, cold Beasley, and Michael Gallup. As you mentioned seems to me he's kind of getting some connection with that Prescott. I think it really gives them an opportunity in the passing game to really really find some guys that can run some decent. Rouse think. Amari Cooper is really good running routes. What I've seen and separation talk about some drop balls, but who doesn't drop the ball and mass football. I mean, there's guys, but it does to me on paper. If you look at what they have these three guys could really really complement each other. I also think there's such a tendency there's people that are always quick to try to find the flop, you know. I mean, I know that people have made this case as well. That had any other t made this trade Cowboys fans would be saying all man, why can't why can't we make those deals, and it's just when you find. Have to be the one we've talked about this before when you finally have to buy the car you get scared. It's like I forget what the analogy is. But how your car loses. Fires remorse. Your car loses much value. And you drive it off the lot whatever logs on the depreciation. Used by a pre owned cars. And so I mean people people get scared to get cold feet. They get apprehensive. And so I think there's a lot of logic to this again ideal. You would not have given up first Ron Jaffe, but the Cowboys are in a position where they feel like that's necessary. And so I think that this makes sense in a lot of ways in. Here's where the move is necessary for them this move, this Amari Cooper, trade to me tells us if you things that are undeniable about the Cowboys number one they obviously failed at the whole wide receiver by committee approach that's very in glaringly obvious, number two. They are all in. I mean, they are chips in when you take off the glasses at the table all in on deck Prescott from now until the end of the two thousand nine hundred and season. You mentioned money we've talked contracts they have to determine whether or not act Prescott is worth quarterback money. And that's. That's depreciation value that you cannot take back. Yeah. You can you can wash your hands clean Amari Cooper, doesn't work out in two years. And it's it's, but it's not the biggest deal, but if you error on giving a quarterback quarterback money, and he sucks you cannot undo that for a while. So if Amari Cooper if spending a first round draft pick helps them determine beyond a shadow of a doubt, which is a phrase. I think I've said this before that I don't totally understand. But whatever if he helps them determine whether or not Dak Prescott is the guy than it is absolutely worth it. You have to find that out. What you're you're really running out of reasons why you offense can't get going. Now, we can all we talk about the offense Alon that's another. That's another issue. Right. But as far as you know, being able to establish of report with a really really good core receivers and the number one. Yes, there's really no excuse now because you. This guy's really showed that he can be a really a tremendous receiver and again as I just mentioned earlier for years in the National Football League. And so that's going to be I would say I almost it's almost like a slippery slope. Because if you give that Prescott all the ingredients. Okay. And all those ingredients to really be prolific offense of passing team. I don't know if he's on lighted up. Then it's like now you're really under Macher scope, unless this really let's really just look in really dissect how good of a passer Dak Prescott is new you're gonna find out. And you know, I don't hate the start the whole doubt in that. But now what we've seen? I've really haven't been sold on him really being the franchise quarterback of the future just times. It's just a Radic. And and just. A little too inefficient for me. Sure. And if he cannot get it done now because you can make excuses having you wanna make them, and I don't mean to call them excuses. But you can look at last season. For example. You can call Dez what he was you can call him a distraction. I mean, I don't necessarily subscribe entirely too that feary Amari Cooper, very different receiver. Very he's better right off the bat. He's better receiver today than than has been in some time. And from disposition standpoint Mars, quiet guy isn't going to be that guy. That's. You know, causing any kind of ruckus, he's a quiet diligent disciplined guy. And I think that's beneficial for that. I think that's beneficial for the offense. That's Jason Garrett. Classic right kinda guy. And so yeah, I mean if that can't get this done. I mean, you've given the guy one of the best running backs in the NFL, maybe their offense of Linus implying the best overall unit in the league right now. But they're still at the very worst the fifteenth best offense of line into game. You've now given to him unquestioned number one wide receiver. Tamari Cooper you. Give him a defense that is Bala now and linebackers and pass rushers that are really just playing at exceptional levels. If you can't get it done then. Yeah. That really sucks you'll have to bite that bullet. But at least that bullet isn't that small at least you're biting the bullet on what was a fourth round rookie contract. And you know before you go all in. It's like, you know, this to me feels like when you move in with somebody before you marry them, you know, what I mean? And you that's what people say I'll move in with them. And. See if you like them, whatever the Cowboys are making sure that that's deck is before they locked that up. I don't know whenever this whole the whole thing went down with Romo, and I know that was more of an injury. You gotta move on. Tony romo's body was done. And then Dak and I think it's a good point draft him. Now that Preska pick him. The the there's not really a big risk there. And it's always it's upside if you still a guy mean we look at Tom Brady look for those even Tony romo's a free agent. But without a doubt. And that's one thing. I like a lot of people who won this this whole scenario of it was Oakland. Or was it the Cowboys? It doesn't what matters is for run. I liked it throughout their trying to make their team better. That's a great. And that they really if they really think that this guy because I don't think the Cowboys have done that in the past. They have been reluctant to pull the trigger on even last year whenever you know, Zeke was going through his deal. They didn't really do anything to bring anybody in here. They just kinda right, right? The storm. Right. So I have I think for me. It's least they're trying to make things happen to really really give them an opportunity to get this offense going because as we know in the NFC east. It's right now, the NFC least it's not real pretty now. I absolutely agree. And I think it's commendable to your point that the Cowboys are trying. I mean, I've said before I know we've talked about in kind of debated the. The different meanings of this but their philosophy. So far has been either arrogant or ignorant arrogant in the sense of they've just thought what we can do what we've got is enough or ignorant in the sense of there just incapable of realizing that it's not enough. And I think that this proves that they are neither era that nor ignorant in this particular case, they were able to humble themselves enough to say, okay. Look we clearly aired here. We clearly built the wrong sort of idea we have to go get help. And did you have to pay to do it? Yes. And I agree with you though. I mean, take a shot, you know. And I know this. I don't mean this the way it sounds. But I'm a big believer that if you're going to go down go down in flames, but a little bit more. I guess relatable here is if you're going to go down go down swinging, you know, there's nothing worse than a due to just stares at the third strike that goes right across the plate. I mean, take a swing at this thing. And this is what I thought if Jason Garrett senses that he is on the. Hotseat which he has to think we all agree that he's a smart enough person that he realizes what's going on around him. If I was Jason Garrett. I would be saying you don't what dude it's hail Mary time. Let's let's do something that we have not been doing because what we're doing isn't working. And I I don't wanna use the word applaud. But I commend them for having that idea and for having the guts to go do it. I think you gotta give a lot of credit to Stephen Jones because think he's a little bit more approach when it comes to personnel and really kinda can identify in. Maybe he's not all caught up in their draft picks again, a number one. You know to me it's not that big a deal considering that. This year's draft coming up probably going to be a target position where they tried to draft a receiver. But I have no problem with that. And I don't know. I don't know if the Jason Garrett thanks teach really kind of hard to read. I think he's really sensitive the mania. I thought it was funding when they opened up his press cons concert concert main president of press conference and thinking about concert. That he said he said, how's it going fellas? And that was right before he has right after they did this this tray with Amari Cooper, and this whole monotone and everything and which direction was going to go go on with this with this pick. And I did like one thing he did say, and you mentioned earlier is the Mark Cooper's locker room guy. He's not a guy that's going to create a lot of drama. He's not gonna be a guy that's going to want the ball. I think sometimes you have a player that's coming into new environment in your little bit more humble to take a little. I like is confident. The saints me has quite confidence. And I think that he'll bold well with the rest of the players now against this. This is a great week because now gonna play catchup create some chemistry. I don't know what their work schedule is this week. But at least they can kind of get a grasp on the calls verbs and everything else. So it's really good time. And if you're gonna if you're gonna pull the trigger which what the the last day the for the trade deadline. Yeah. So so it's good timing. Totally. Agreed. So before we kind of continue on a Mari in details about him. I'm curious as somebody who's been there in situations. Like that first question is what's it like to get somebody like that? And I think probably the closest example, although certainly not the quiet guy that Amari is Charles Haley, and now you've talked about that before. But when somebody who is generally regarded as as a bad s at his position when somebody like that joins your team. What's that? Like, I mean, do you does everybody in the locker room? Is it man we got him? You know? I mean what what's that? Like what what what are the Cowboys feeling right now with Mari joining their squad will think you feel inferior if you're wide receiver and what Brice Butler. And they you know, they cut him. They released him but wide receiver core. Maybe the guys that are there haven't place. Now. I don't know for what. Whatever reason there wasn't this chemistry. It opens there is a little bit. But I think the most part is sends a message to the team that looked is we're in this to try to make things happen. This year. We're going to get the best players. We're gonna try to make things happen on the offense aside the ball because you've got to remember the last what seven eight weeks offense is getting beaten up about how inefficient how they can't produce any points. And now all of a sudden they bring in someone Amari Cooper. And no, by the way, they trade a first round draft pick form. So you know as a player like good. I'm let's get him in here. And again, you know, he seems like a quiet leader type of guy that I think is going to be probably bode well with this locker this locker room, and as a player like, wow, we maybe have a guy that can really really. Get us over the hop. And we'll see guys know a lot about each other than the national football. You watch film on them with the social media with everything out there. I mean, there's so much exposure found you watch film of all these different teams during the course of the season you see crossover seeing them playing. So it's not it's not really like, they don't know the guy knowing miss a locker room, but they know of his his body of work. That's interesting. I agree with you the wide receivers have taken a lot of flack. I mean over the whole offseason. Everybody calm them the worst wide receiver group in the NFL. And then obviously struggling the way they have so far over the first half of the season. I agree. I mean, I I've never been there. But I just common sense would tell you that if I was Alan Hearns, and you were Deontay Thomson that we'd be thinking like, dude. What do they think of us? You know? I mean that that would that would have to be there. It really does. And I know Alan Hearns was critical early on this year about you know, the play calling maybe not being able to get the ball. And now he's really not going to get the ball because he. Maybe he will. Maybe maybe they'll take away some of the. Put guys and better situations on that ships. That's a whole loss. If you here, not it's not necessarily you have number one receiver guy. That's really very good at what he does. And he's got a lot of speed and he can run routes. It does the whole part of it is that it opens up a lot of things for maybe other guys running routes and some things they can do. So I think it's a win win for everyone. I think for that reason that Zeke is probably thrilled Zegers pilot light, dude. Thank god. Thank god. To take some pressure off main where I don't have to forty catches a game forty touches. So my other question about having been there. People. I think it's it's a Sumed in you said it, but oh it's the by week. You know, this is the best time to do it because you have twice the time that you would normally have etc. Whatever in your opinion, if somebody who's been there could you jump into a new team at the bye week could you jump in? And and is that is that truly enough time to understand whatever Amar is going to need to understand for the remaining half of this season. I think it's easier now because he's been playing what you know. This is the eighth week of the season. And so he's he's been playing. It's not like he's been holed now. And he's coming back and hasn't really had and he's not in game game, shape or football shape. Think for him is this all you learn the offense and the verb ridge and different the kind of language that goes along with a new office other than that. He seems like a pretty good, I q football IQ guy. I don't think you'll have that hard time grasping the offense. And. I think these they do diligence. I'm sure that no Stephen Jones will McClay all these guys. Whoever made the decision that a lot of their homework. Talked a lot of people from probably Alabama did a lot of due diligence and information about this guy. And I think that that was probably the biggest thing that led him to to pull the trigger on this deal. What kind of duty is I agree. And I'm always previous offense of coordinators have worked with Scotland at hand before. So he's obviously got some familiarity in. Cousins of the scheme that could Scotland hand currently employs, obviously. And I think the most underrated detail of all this and a lot of people have touched on this. But the Cowboys tight ends coach doesn't us. Maya was Amari offense coordinator at Alabama. That's got to be very valuable in to your point. I mean who better to ask and Jason GARRETT'S, obviously, very famously friends in close with Nick Sabin. If there's a guy if there's a school to go get a guy from Alabama is the one just a rule of thumb, but I do find it interesting. Do you know the Cowboys really have not dabbled that much in Alabama players? For for how close Jason Garrett as with Nick Sabin. Relondo McLean was one coincidentally another former raiders first round draft pick. Obviously, they drafted Bo Scarbrough this year and that didn't work out. But so, you know, I do think that if there's a guy that the Cowboys have to sort of vet you wanted to be somebody that has the familiarity with all the people that they know and employ and have relationship excuse me relationships with. So I mean, I it's easy to feel peace about it in that regard now surprises, not from Boise state. That's coming. Boise state. Draft a Boise state receivers Centric Wilson, but he's on. On. Xactly got close. They got a lot of those guys and their team. A good point about the offense the connection with Alabama coach it's on a coaching staff. Now the Cowboys I mean, that's a great. That's a great example there because I think their their paths cross more than people think in the small fraternity world of the NFL in again, I think if you have if you feel that comfortable with a guy in especially if he's a great football player. I think that that really he's more prone to be able to move along a lot faster because of what the familiarity whatever he has with the systematically, and I think for wide receiver the way in one thing about him. He's he can run the route tree. It's not just learning three. He knows it all these not. So I think that works out really well for them. Yeah. I agree and to the point about Dez. And I didn't mean that as a dig at him. But we don't Cup on home. That's true doesn't come on. I'm Tony romo's. Not coming home. Nobody's coming home. It's ridiculous. But Assad had good, but you know, my point was just that we all know that Dez was was very infamously limited route runner incredible red zone weapon, certainly a monster of an athlete in many capacities. But route running was not his specialty Amari Cooper is an assassin in terms of his route running ability. So I think that's great. I wanna talk in touch on. Where are is coming from? And you can tell me if you disagree with this take, and I know it's weird. And I know it's not substantiate on on any sort of science. But. If you tell me, hey, you can have Cooper is coming from the raiders, etc. You mentioned this and you touched on it. I look at what that organization is right now. I look at what John gruden's doing. And I am inclined to believe that Amari will be great simply because John gruden's pushing him out, and now that's stupid, and it isn't supported by any data by any means. But this isn't dude who is tearing down an organization in a very very very risky way. We saw what happened with Khalil Mack. And I'm not saying that that's what Amari Cooper will be. But part of me is are you can have a pass. And that was a weird thing that you were dealing with. So I'm inclined to believe that that limited him, and limited any Reiter. My point is if you've got your hands on any raider right now, you have to give him a pass for what has been happening because it's been so toxic. You said it early going down in flames. France. I hope OJ Jon Gruden knows what he's doing. I know he's going to have a lot of lot of first round draft picks, but he's going to sign a ten year contract. Look, it's kind of unusual, and I the whole philosophy that he's putting in place. Now, he's got a blow on everything. And even said that the only player that's not a Bill this, Derek Carr, and he may be available. So it's kind of interesting dynamic. It's like he wants to get rid of everyone that's ever been associated with that franchise to get. And I understand that. But the players that he's dealing we're talking. I know it's a money thing. They're trying to manipulate theirself at the salary cap and everything else, I get that. But man. You know in understand them wanting a number one form. And they get that. But Amari Cooper. It's it's hard to wrap your brain around it, especially with the kill MAC, and then, you know, this situation, and you're basically saying you look we're on a at least two or three your plan as far as getting being competitive it maybe sooner than that. But I just think players like him don't come around a lot. And we're talking about a really in. Here's the thing about look at me six on what the to ten, but he plays a lot bigger than that. He's a physical guy. And when you look at dislike, oh, you know, you expect them to be like Julio Jones type of player that's long, but the guy plays a lot faster. And it's amazing the separation, and I'm sure you've watched some of the tape and seem since all this has gone down that creates a lot of space. He's. He certainly has a lot of talent and eighty runs a four four and he's got I mean, these young guy. That's the thing about exciting about that's the sexiest number of ladies twenty four years old. And I mean that's incredibly twenty four years old with three and a half years of NFL experience. I mean, those are rare I one of the greatest things about Tyron Smith and the Cowboys drafted it was he was twenty twenty one December that year on every road trip. He couldn't couldn't drink all the rest of the team. And so when you can when you can invest in lock into a perennial player at a young age like that, it is really really valuable thing as we've seen with time and Smith, and hopefully becomes that guy. So I find it really interesting. There were some over unders that came out on Wednesday four Amari in terms of the rest of the season. So from week nine to week seventeen because the Cowboys job is a by this week so over under for Amari in yards. This is nine games five hundred seventeen and a half take the over the end of their. That's some yards. I wanna be I wanna be overly optimistic, but you put those numbers in that. In nine games. I cautiously I guess a little guarded against taking over. Because again, and I don't want to I want to be this negative until this negativity out there. But I don't know. I don't know about that. That's a good point. And I don't I really wanna thank look I wanna put the greatest wide receiver Jerry Rice out there. And I'll put the best the running back Ezekiel Elliott if you can't get in the ball offer. Not right go with the under on that. That would be fifty seven and a half yards a game. He would average. So so years, you magin that if if if we're talking if he doesn't average let's round doesn't average sixty yards of game. I think people will panic. I think people will riot. If he doesn't average sixty it spent a first round draft pick on him. Yeah. I guess so that's an expectation. And so that would put that would put back on what average he'll look at his stats. Now, you have to have two to sixty two. Yeah. I mean, I agree with you. It's it's it's kind of hard to imagine. But it's it's just a drink the Kool-Aid on now one I'm gonna go with the Onder on maybe four ninety nine or fifty that would be. I mean that would be just a huge impact. So you're gone with the under on yards the yourself. What do you think, you know, I'm gonna take the over? I'm gonna take the over because they spent a first round draft pick on him. I mean, they spent a, and I think it's worth noting. They have nine games left only two of them happen outdoors. They have no choice, but not to get him the ball. Release get him involved. I understand that. And I think I think he'll I think he'll have a few thirty odd. Catch thirty two yard catch here. Thirty seven yard catch their forty one. Or here mean, I think he's going to have some some interesting big time catches that really make some noise for the campus. I'll take over on the yards the over under on receptions. And again, we're talking over. The course of nine games is forty point five he'd have to average four five catches a game. That that one to me seems less likely. Yeah. Go with more receptions because his first two years Aberdeen like seventy and I can't thank the numbers. But I the first years he had some pretty good numbers and receptions, so yeah, I I'd be more prone to pick that the five or six receptions per game than to this go off, and you know, five hundred. Okay. So you're taking the receptions. Okay. Because I think the receptions with help a just as much as the chunk yard. Some chain move in whatever xactly. Yeah. Look more the chunk yards on the big yardage total yards. Okay. So the last over under we've got on Amari Cooper. This is the nine games of the season. They play with the Cowboys touchdowns. I want you to guess what? The over unders nine games for the receiver that they spent a first round draft pick on nine games. I'm going to say five touchdowns if it had been five it's not. But would you have taken the over the end? Now, it's almost that's that's not average touchdown game. I would I would take the under the over under for touchdowns for Mark over his nine games as a cowboy this season is three. Okay. Well, it took the over on that one. I think he's I think catches four or five touchdowns think thinking maybe four or five. But yeah, I look at it all matters how you can stretch film and get them in the red zone and score and everything like that. But yeah, that's when you think about that is five touchdowns this is high for especially this offense. Yeah. I mean, I do think and I wrote about this. And maybe not Kansas City. I would take over the ten on the Kansas. We've got to keep everything perspective. I wrote about this. And I find it interesting. They played two games outdoors the rest of the season other than that their home or their road games in Atlanta, Indianapolis, which are indoor stadiums we haven't seen this team went on the road yet their own four three of those four losses were outdoors. The the one that wasn't wasn't Houston. I don't know that outdoors is necessarily affecting them. I don't I don't know about that. I'm believe me. I like to look at things through a different lens. And even I'm not willing to go there. But I do think. It's worth pointing out. You know, I think it's worth saying out loud. And it is worth pointing out that their next opportunity to win a road game, which they have not done. This season will be November eleventh in Philadelphia. And I've said this all season long all offseason. This is the first game in Philly that Dakyns Zeke and now Amari will play that will hold significance because their first two seasons. The Cowboys eagles game in Philly was week seventeen. And in two thousand sixteen to Cowboys had wrapped everything up and nothing to play for and the same for the eagles last year in two thousand seventeen. So this is the first time, and you know, better than anybody. How hard it is to play in Philadelphia. This is the first time we're going to see Dak and Zeke play a game that matters there where the Phillies crowd is riled up on Sunday night football. Now, they have Amari Cooper, and that's their first or I shouldn't say I that's their next opportunity to win a road game. If they don't win that they will go into the middle of November without. Any road winds that would be the road Faulk because if they can't figure out a way to win on the road. Look you have to build a manufacturer some wins on the road, and they have not been able to do it. Now, they used to be able to be pretty good at that used to twenty fourteen through twenty six seventeen they were twenty three and nine on the road some stupid stat like that. So it's just polar opposite. And you know in talking about a more Cooper, I'm gonna go ahead. And because member we talked about the Earl Thomas trae and everything else what he can mean to this team Amari Cooper. I think he can represent at least seven points on that offense. She throw that in on calculate it. Yeah. You know, you think about the yard the points per game. And you throw him in factor in that. And you add seven points. I guess I'm just saying a touchdown is what I'm adding to it at least because. No for them. You look at the games of the win or loss margin. I mean that could have been a difference and then being a football game. Sure. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that I kind of liked that when I look at the him and what he means playmaking ability, and there's a whole this offense. That's I think that's how you the measurable. That's where you measure what his value is going to be to this office. On the road, Tennessee. And then you got Philly on the road. That's huge. So let's look at it this way, then I like this sort of he represents maybe I don't know if I jumped to seven maybe I think his value is four to seven points -fensive. You can you want on the Cowboys lost by eight in week one against the pain? And I don't think that having Cooper there helps you win. The Cowboys still does Cooper two weeks later. They lost by eleven in Seattle. I don't think they win that game either. I think that they would just going to lose that game. That was weird game in Seattle. I do think that the Cowboys beat the Texans. If they have a Mario Cooper, they had nobody to help them move the ball. Absolutely. And I do think the Cowboys beat the Redskins days ago, if they have a Marku, I think to your point he's the difference in those closer games. And I think that that's why they went and gun. That's a first-round pick worth it. Yeah. That's when you draft someone if you number one pick first round draft pick that's the measurable what what longevity wise. What are you going to mean to the franchise? I mean, what type of player you're going to be being impactful player? He's impactful type of player mentioned that what he's going to be the franchise and you touched on this earlier Jason. And Garrett has gone as far as calling him a cornerstone player, and we know how much Jason likes his leaders and his right kinda guys. I think that that's valuable people talked so much about when this trade went down. Oh, wow. The Cowboys I run traffic for marker and the patriots fifth round draft pick for Josh corn. Well, first of all the patriots as a franchise or in a position where they can take risks that nobody else can. Because of who they are. That's just you know, they have that much house money so to speak the Cowboys leadership is important to them. And I don't think that they could risk. A character issue with Josh Gordon. And so while. Yeah, I mean in a vacuum. I'd rather pay a fifth round draft pick for Josh Gordon. It's not the same thing. It's not apples to apples in terms of how he would fit in with the Cowboys and the risk posed now. I think the good point about the pages. They already have something in place that has been just bulletproof for so many years because just to they have Bella check and greatest of all time quarterback Tom Brady. And just Gordon just Gordon came as such a amount of baggage. And you you know, you hope that maybe you can interject anyone a receiver because really doesn't matter. The patriots who they have out there for some reason they just end up being there during December January Amari Cooper, he's the full package. So we can create a lot of different things. They're often something that hopefully that they needed to add what we know they need to add something, but hopefully, the hopefully it's Amari Cooper is going to be here for finish his crew out here. I mean, that'd be the best case scenario for the Cowboys totally. And so this was a weird week of weird beginning to the week for us. On the seven five. Oh, that's why this episodes coming out on Wednesday. We normally get out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. We will have our normal second episode of the week on Thursday. So be on the lookout for that. Makes you subscribe to the blog on the voice podcast feed on apple and Android devices. The last thing Tony before we end this episode. I'm curious Amari Cooper is now that he's onto Cowboys. He's the what best player on their offense. If you rank them because and I'll I'll let you think all I answer. I think that if you ranked their individual talents as far as how good they are at their respective jobs. I think Zack Martin's number one. And I don't think tyrants myth is playing like number two right now, I've been Tyron Smith is struggling Saucedo Zeke is number two. And in fact, say that time Smith is struggling so much that Amari has the potential to be number three is right there with Tyron Smith. I think I think, you know, you're top for our Zack Martin Zeke, and then Amari Tyron Smith in some water have you wanna shuffle them? But I. He he's that important automatically. And I don't know that Dez a year ago was was the third or fourth best player on the overall oftens. Well, I'm gonna I agree somewhat. But I'm gonna have to agree to disagree on my four. I got Zeke, obviously number one five one five on that. Collectively? I look at the offense online. I don't think they're that. Good. I mean Zack Martin. Yes, he's Marin but still collectively it's a collective dill. I just don't think that to build a renting my top four. I don't think I don't have that number two. I gotta go with Kobe easily. That's often at number two. And then, you know, Mark Cooper right now. The I if that's what we're measuring. His I guess his ability and what he may bring to this franchise. I'm gonna go number three and from there. I can go down the down the ladder in kind of look. Where these players rang. But right now, it's all about the the expectation in the play making big play making ability, and I hope that that's the case the hope that this is a home run for the Cowboys. Oh in Tennessee in two weeks, and they go and like blow up the scoreboard thirty five points and more Cooper has over one hundred yards receiving yards and ten catches. That'd be a lot of fun. We'd have be a lot of fun for this franchise. It'd be a lot of fun for the fans and everyone else, and you know, talking about the lack of offense of explosion. And then the other thing about Cowboys the flags like look, hey, we're trying to do. Thanks. Don't don't. We don't want. You guys on our ass about us as set Brown and not trying to make this team better not getting playmakers because we are we're trying to send a message to our team. And we're trying to send a message that we're trying to get a reputable you mentioned the reputation of different players sometimes reputation having someone out there. No, no one that can have your big playability is just as good as someone that. That's kind of obscure, you know, it's good to be able to have someone out there. That's that has some history. That's well said so you know, Maris about third fourth. I think everyone's books. We'll tweet that out. I think that's an interesting thing to discuss we'll discuss some more Tony will be back on Thursday fr- another edition of the seven five felt good to get back. Good luck in the rain and get ready for that birth. What's that? Well, what what hurricane is that coming out Mexico? That's what we're getting now. Yesterday was a great day. But today, hopefully, the the rest of it we better. Hey, by the way, happy belated birthday. Birthday over the weekend. I saw the stuff that you posted on social media got to spend time with your dad that was that was cool stuff. Appreciate him. And so you and I are connected by less than a week. I mean, that's that's why the seven five is great. You know what I mean? That's how we roll saying. Yeah. A week. And then a couple of decades in between. Right. That's I'm sticking it at a week. That's all. We'll be back. It's all good back tomorrow on Thursday, October twenty fifth for another episode. Everybody have great Wednesday, and we will see you my neon a-. This has been the seven five. My name is Spencer. My name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan Manny. But we combined we've form the shot full trying keep telling you this focast, technically college football podcast. But it's also show about lawn care disaster regional grocery stores. Tennessee Batman homeowners association bears in video games. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion like about coaches, having huge contracts coaches making terrible decisions coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying really stupid things. Yeah. There's lots of stupid things in this big dumb, beautiful sport. Sometimes we talk about football games allegedly. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like, this this full cats. It's not voltron.

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