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Full Show (Watson vs. Mahomes, Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Fury, MJ x Isiah Thomas, Cowboys, Bucs)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good Morning Welcome to undisputed. I'm Jenny TAP. We'll skip bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Are you guys doing? I'm doing great Jenny. How are you this morning? Good morning scale. Lawyering Shannon Odd Ginny undoing twelve times better than Shannon Sharpe today in honor of the goat number twelve now plays in Tampa. Thank you very much. Actually he's not go actually. He's not going anymore. Full stop calling him back. He's an old go. There are new goals in town. Now we're about to talk about it on this show that is not a relitigate would like to see undisputed with some quarter back at talk. According to pro football focus to Shawn Watson was the most clutch quarterback in the fourth quarter and overtime during one sport. Games does Shawn at eight touchdowns to just a single interception when it mattered. Most so shannon with the Sean being the qb on the all clutch team. I think the Shawn Watson has been unbelievable and skip we because we've had such a big pitcher watching this Shawn Watson declawed. We watched him against Alabama twice once once in a loss where he played unbelievable and wasn't a victory where he threw a game winning touchdown how will one second left on the clock. Any picked up right where he left off early in. His career is rookie year. He did that he ended up. Getting hurt sat out the remaining of the season in every since. Then we've watched this Shawn Watson B. Clutch and big moments but I'm not taking the shot wasn't I do not believe this. Shawn Watson is more Clutch Been Patrick. My homeboy and exhibit eight with. I Got Exhibit A. Exhibit B. An exhibit seat the playoffs last year. Twenty four down to decide Watson teens seven sprayed touchdowns SKIP. Betas what you thought. He was down again. What ten points to the Houston Texans? A new we kill. You saw the end the Super Bowl. He was downtown in the fourth. Quarter Street three straight touchdown. He's been unbelievable. Any showing you different size. Because before he really never scramble but we saw that Roy scale what they had a great run. I had feed run like that. Oh my goodness are the last time you saw quarterback scramble like that Shug. It depended defended Raleigh for breaking tackled. They couldn't get him. He would not be denied. He didn't do it all with his arm. He did some of with his legs. Get and so when you look at his twenty eighteen. Remember that final drive. Skip Ravens a touchdown got it all down gap both at a. Tarik over the middle. Forty eight yard in the touchdown or down got it. See the thing. That hurts pat. My homeboys give us give was killed. He very rarely finds themselves individual. What you where. He needs to be closed because he's normally clutch throughout the entirety of the game. And he doesn't find himself in those predicaments but when he does he's been money. He's the best quarterback in football. He's the best player in football. There's no question about that and I disagree with this. I think the Shawn Watson. It's unbelievable but I do not believe the Shawn Watson is more than Patrick. Mahomes the best quarterback in football will reemerge in Tampa Florida very quickly pretty quickly. Sooner than later you're going to see a super bowl team in Tampa Bay and you're going to see a forty three year. Old quarterback proved you once again. He's still the current and the lasting goat in this league. But now back to judy question about what happened. Just in twenty nine thousand nine hundred clearly. This Shawn Watson was the clutches quarterback in two thousand nineteen and as you point out Shannon. He just keeps doing what he did. Twice at Clemson against Saint Nick's defense when he was even more saintly than Saint Nick's defense. He threw parties on Saint Nick's defense twice in a row and championship. Games narrowly lost one pulled one out with clutch. Last-second walk off throw to Mike Renfro. I saw it coming. You saw it coming. And we saw it reach. Its peak lashed year when all he did was to me. Save Bill O'Brien credibility and ultimately as job. Bill O'Brien just keeps making boneheaded. Gm decisions any keeps making boneheaded in game decisions and does Shawn Watson just keeps pulling him out of the fire pulling him out of the fire if you look at these numbers. The pro football focus came up with and I was in awe of these. It's game over. It's not even close. I can't even put the goat in this conversation if we're just talking about twenty nineteen because in clutch time in these one score games does Shawn Watson had two hundred and fourteen snaps which was by far. The most any quarterback got thrust into a year ago and in those clutch time moments. All does Shawn did was go. Sixty six of eight. What sixty six of eighty eight for nine nine and eight touchdowns and only one interception and they went on a late season run to once again basically steal the AFC south and it was all just sean all the time. These are close games. One score games at indy. On that Thursday night they went twenty two seventeen then he outdueled. Tom Brady who had no weapons? Obviously BUT ACCUSED STAGE GAME. Well just did is a Qbr of eighty. Die FOR SEAN. Only twenty six. Tom Brady remember it through one. That Nikiel Harry disorder loss. Didn't even try for it. Got KICKED OFF. Pick six so we had that game and then he goes to Tennessee. Did you Sean and beat them. Twenty four to twenty one and then he goes to what is now top obey. It was then Jameson Bay and he beat the buccaneers with a late. Long drive ended in a field goal. They won that game. Twenty four to twenty one and then there. I even bring up the first playoff game. That Sean played last year dare dare I even raise the issue of the play and overtime. They're down sixteen in Buffalo. He scratches him clause back into the game and then remember to pass. Rushers get free looping from each side. They both need it. The quarterback huge collisions desha sandwiched in the middle. He's L. Stays upright the to pass rushers themselves off each other the Sean escapes flips it to his back. Who then escapes in winds up going? What was it thirty four yards for the first and ten that they just ran down the clock and then kicked the field goal. It was the playoff play the year to me and it saved the flare steele start. You know the play. What more homeboy talking to his yard scramble? Td Scramble. He ran a twelve flat forty. I could've outrun Patrick. Mahomes on that play lumbering offense. Lineman what my God. There were seven Tennessee. Titans who had shots at him. They either took bad angles or they just quit. They thought it was suddenly flag football and they were all groping for a flag. That wasn't there on the belt to Patrick. Got Clear down. Got Clear down to three yard line and to. Db's just spin. They dislike do Wurley gigs. And and their like groping at air. I've never seen poor angles of poor tackling on any single run in the streets of football. And you're going to say. That was the play of the year. I guess it was the shockingly awful tackling play the year. I'll give you that line but your guy who must wait like Tuesday fifty nail. He's huffing important in lumbering. Down the sideline Cook Jack Tackling may go to key type flavor until I get to the stopping the play of the year. Be that as it. May he might be to fifty. He might be to sixty five all. I couldn't catch. And he put the head fake on the one guy shop pass. He'll and then kept his momentum imbalance. Because there's no minimum could easily taken him out of bounds. But he's like no shift gravity. Drop that killed. Trucking split to they had sandwich day is killed in the movies and they come in like. Oh they're go get any shoot right through the gap. One got tried to tell you about a ball. He's like I will not be denied. K. Nothing hold me back. Hey nothing slow me down. If that's the case dot won't stop. I remind everyone that play came before halftime. It was an avalanche of points on the titans and it was over before half-time basically the Houston. Texans game was over before halftime because once again bill. O'brien struck again. It's fourth and one all the way down at. They got all the way down to the thirteen fourth and one at the thirteen yard line. The Sean has them up. Twenty one to nothing. He's badly outplaying homeboy. And all of a sudden bill. O'brien says I think I'M GONNA keep the field. You're going to kick the field goal once you just kicked in the teeth. Kick him in the stomach. Kick right where it hurts the most Kikkoman in the game to be over. You got a chance to go at twenty eight to nothing. They're not coming back from twenty. And then bill. O'brien happened and Bill O'Brien as I said the next day. I'm not twenty twenty hindsight bill. O'brien cost them. The game in the season as usual. I have no idea how bill O'Brien still has a job. It used to Texas but it's all because of his quarterback that team was dish sean or bust last year. It's going to be more dishonor bus this year now. That D Andre Hopkins belongs to Cuyler. Murray Collar Murray is going to be the wildcard team. I wouldn't be shocked. Collar Murray steals that division. They're going to be the surprise team of the year in part because he now as the clutch receiver. That was soulmates. With Shawn Watson so I'm sorry the body of work adds up to Shawn Watson because we haven't talked about these super bowl yet. Have WE MR Shannon Shar? Can you tell our faithful what happened late in the third quarter the Super Bowl please? Could you please tell them Patrick Mahomes let's see it was third and twelve. He threw a ghastly interception. What are you doing your mom boy? You're an MVP you throw an interception late in the third quarter of the Super Bowl while you're trailing been just a few minutes later actually. It was the next possession early in the fourth quarter. It gets to be third and six. What does homeboy do? Well he looks like a homeboy lives in a trailer park because he throws a third and six interception that's two pits in a row. Inner Super Bowl late third early fourth quarter. And you're telling me he's clutch and then the game comes down to third and fifteen at the Kansas City. Thirty five was seven thirteen left in the game. Can you tell the viewers what MC clutch boy boy drops back is a pass rusher right in his face? He commits the Cardinal Sin. A basically throwing a blind pass right up into the blaze rusher. That's looming yeah it was. He did even look where he was throwing it. He basically slung a punt a blind punt into the left flat. It's up for grabs. It's basically a fifty fifty ball and Tyreek sees it and go look at the tape. Tyree Casta stop his route and wait a second he retreats. He's starts running back toward the quarterback. I think I saw him wave his hand to fair. Catch the ball. But I'm not sure about that. And he taught the punt and turns around and nobody's there and winds up with a forty four yard gain that basically puts them in position to win the Super Bowl. Are you giving me clutch on those three throws three third of throws that that were horrendously bad? They were dangerously bad. All three two picks one could have been picked. And you're telling me. He's the clutches quarterback in football wome Dipoto. You're talking about still okay. How about this here and Tom. Brady's last three super bowls he's thrown at least one p. He threw one against the adult through a pig fakes against Atlanta and through another P. Correct am I to REX. Killed an excuse me three of his last four. Because I don't think he threw one. I don't think through WANNA give billy. But he threw one against the Rams Hebrew will pick six years Atlanta Hebrew. A pick again for they come back and win the game. You've said but what you won't tell the people at home to provide context. Because this you like Michael Jordan told Steve Kerr. He was coming to him. What about Pat? Mahomes going to the sideline. Nfl field headed might. Let's run that play the tyree? He called his shot. He said we're going to run. That and I'm standing this project GEIGO come pre still but I got so much arm strength. I won't be able to complete ball third and fifteen bulls. I got it. We in business now they go on and win the game scale. Betas data's clutch and the guy that you're talking about this more than home. What you had the chance. What do you think would have happened in? Behold would've got a bone to sean twenty four. Nothing do you believe they will come back on? Bill is seven straight idea. Got Yep Maha Boys score seven straight drive selling boom boom Bobo Bobo. Allow me to turn your bullseye into a bunch of bull jive. How dare you put Patrick Mahomes in the same sentence with Thomas Edward Brady Junior? How dare you take a shot at Tom? Brady's postseason resume he has six super bowl. Wins with six game. Winning fourth quarter drives he also had a seven game winning fourth quarter drive the got cancelled because Bill Bella checks defense. Couldn't stop Eli Manning in the first allied super bowl from pulling off the play of the Super Bowl? The luckiest playing the history Super Bowl to win that game as you call seventeen to fourteen so brady should've been seven for seven with game. Winning fourth quarter drives and in the other loss he threw five hundred and five yards as you mentioned about Philadelphia and Bella checks defense gave up forty one points to Brady's thirty three. This man Tom Brady has been the clutches performer. Over time. We've ever seen in any sport including Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Because Jordan just didn't get as many opportunities to be clutch as Brady has had all brady. His done is be clutch against the Legion of boob. One hundred and twenty four yards passing in the fourth quarter on thirteen fifteen and they come back from twenty four to fourteen. Dale GETS DOWN. Twenty eight to three and he throws for two forty six in the fourth quarter and overtime. Are you kidding me? Another game winning drive against the Rams in a three all game in which you can bleeds. Four straight passes goes four for four including the big twenty nine yard or Gronk that sets it up first and goal and they win that game. Why how can you? How can you even start Tom? Brady makes Patrick. Mahomes look like he lives in a two bedroom. One bath homes homes new crate babe. Here's the thing I want you to understand that the NFL only has room for one. Patrick Patrick Mahomes so that other patrons go to happen go. There's a new sheriff in town. It is name if Patrick. Maher homeboy more home. That's it now. There's a new sheriff in town but I know it's hard. I mean the whole Russell. Those guys they want to leave in Tom Brady going go kick in his freshman. But you saw what my homeboy did to him and it is home he went to Foxborough. Is they're the new sheriff in town. He didn't come. Scratch it clawing yellen let everybody know zere his high gravy had as much time. Tom Brady had the worst supporting cast in pro football last year. He had the worst receiving core in pro. Football dead last in separation from defensive backs or linebackers Patrick Mahomes by all accounts last year had the number one receiving core in pro football. But now it's flipped by top obey. We're GONNA talk about this a little later in the show but now Tom Brady by adding Rob Gronkowski to that unit in Tampa Bay. That led the league in passing yards last year with two. Pro Bowl wide outs now. That's the number one receiving core so Tom Brady is back in business. And I'm going to remind everybody we're talking about pro football focus stats on Clutch nece just from twenty nineteen if you look at the twenty eighteen stats not that long ago. A quarterback who my may enchanted sharp. The hall of Famer said was washed up over the hill done in two thousand eighteen. Tom Brady led all quarterbacks in clutch stats in regular and postseason. That would just twenty eighteen. The Guy who was done lead all pro football in Clutch nece and I'm going to remind everybody. Tom Didn't have that many opportunities to be clutch last year. Except for that last game against the suddenly hot dolphins in Foxborough with the two seat on the line. All Tom Brady did in that final game was lead a sixty yard a play drive including a finishing twenty three yard touchdown pass to James why that put the home team the Patriots Ahead. Twenty four twenty three minutes to go. He did it again. He did what he's been doing for twenty years another fourth quarter game winning drive except this one was canceled by Ryan Fitzpatrick who then went. Seventy five yards in thirteen plays against bill. Bella checks sorry. I league whole story killing by the chance that he had an opportunity to have a game. Winning drive against the Tennessee Titans. He had an opportunity to do a game winning drive. He'd had several opportunities against the Baltimore. Ravens see what you do that you like to pick when Tom Brady's successful P- and then when these other successful use mention about what he didn't have but you never mentioned what he didn't have winning successful when he had those performances. He has some of those same guys and you talk about how clutch he was now. When he doesn't succeed you talk about. He didn't have anybody so we're tizzy either Georgia Dome and airs or he isn't what you said he was which is Super Bowl. Mvp anyhow potential paper is either he is or he isn't that is as simple as that either. James White is good or he isn't Julian Edelman through the twenty. Eighteen season was on a hall of Fame Pace. Julian Eshelman last year became a broken down. Shell OF HIMSELF AT AGE THIRTY THREE. He needed shoulder surgery. Right after the season finished I thought he was going to need knee surgery. He had cracked ribs. He did have a banged up shoulder. Got That one fixed. He led the League in drops last year. I don't else you need to go to receiver lot that you know why he got all those injuries. Because Tom Brady those crash test dummy bowl. That's what he turned into a crash dummy throwing the ball report by guys rather ramshackle. That's what happens if you tell the story. I wish you would tell the entirety of the story and provide context because you make it sing. Julian element just off a clip. He's the only one but Tom Brady didn't regrets. See The problem that I have with people at. I don't have a problem with Tom. Brady I have a problem with people that always point out what Tom Brady. Desert have when he wins but they never. They never mentioned that. Would he lose? Bet Tommy got looking at what he's worked with when he win. That omitted Abbas Tom. He was magnificent. Chris Hogan Hallway does nothing. What would it be? He would he anything but he's perfect. What they do in New England Julian Element. He might not be anything outside of that but he's perfect in that system. How `Bout give the GUY's credit. But you won't you want to give all the credit when it goes well and none of the blame. It goes wrong. That is the problem that I have now. Tom Is that the people disappointed. Tom Want to highlight how great he is going. Wail and how bad is supporting cast? When it doesn't that's the same supporting cast down those guys. All I know is. I'm waiting for somebody to show me how Patrick Mahomes was clutch in the super bowl in which Jimmy Garoppolo in the fourth quarter the next. Tom Brady with three for eleven for a grand total of thirty six yards plus an interception plus missing a wide open receiver as you recall. Remember that at the end of the game wide open okay. We're totally question expert to be how Tom Brady with when Matt Ryan does what he does in the late third in the fourth quarter. So he'll miss that you talk about. Just how great Tom Brady was okay. Yep Tom Brady one interception in the late late third quarter and early fourth quarter like Patrick mahomes thing even more than what they were staff. I give you that doing knowledge. He did that in the first half then. He threw for two hundred and forty six yards just in the fourth quarter and overtime try to top. That that's unheard. Look that's impossible acquainted. That's Tom Brady after Mahal. After my whole through those two interceptions in the late third early fourth quarter. Can you tell the people at home what he did after that? How many consecutive down did he lied? Driving tyree came back and fair caught. I give you that. You didn't say anything about the. Tom Brady completed the element. That caromed off before defenders guys omen caught it. You didn't mention that up. No I need. We talked about it the next day after the game. We talk about evaluations three years ago three years ago. Okay I G- knowledge that. Yeah exactly up guys. Several athletes including demarcus Lawrence in the Bron. James have now weighed in on the death of another aren't armed. African American man in police custody of George Fluids arrest showed a Minneapolis police officer with his knee pressed against Floyd's while you could hear him that he could not read he later passed out and eventually did die before officers on the scene have been fired in an FBI. Best is underway and Shannon. We have now seen many different athletes reacting to this incredibly tragic story and I would like to hear your reaction your journey. We've seen this far too often and what? I'm feeling now is sadness. Disappointment our break for his family his community and I the question that I ask is that when they hear cries when were they realize that they're hurting us. You know you try to have these conversations in every time and it was funny skill. I woke up this morning and I had a general idea and I didn't sleep well last night because I was going through my mind what I wanted to say in how wanted to say it and I was thinking to myself. What a one of the reasons. What are some of the reasons that we try to have these conversations? We end up going nowhere. A right on. Cue Skip a young lady white lady that I've been friends with with twenty years twenty years. She sends me a stat. In which more wiser are killed by police officers then blacks in their domino me. That's one of the reasons because we're we say you're hurting us. You're having these conversations with the end to end up with us. Being dead you say Shannon there are more whites than blacks that are being killed by police officers without providing cotton takes bear turn the white population of the black population blacks. Four five times more likely to die at hands by police officers. Then they're white part and the most trusted tried and true one that they will always use. Get where you try to have this conversation about police. Brutality against black. What about the black on black crime is the same thing that why blacks have greater underlying health conditions than whites because four hundred years our eating habits. We were forced to eat less than so. We develop bad habits. The same thing is the hundred years of a president that's been placed upon of the institution. Is this racism. That is the reason why scale they nowhere in the police report that the author had is me on the man's neck for ten minutes that was not in the in the police report. Scott what made my blood boil. The police cat is hundred. Seventy hundred eighty pound body me on the guy's neck with his hands in his pocket. Skip you know if you build it. There's a there's no way you putting your hands in your pocket. The man is hey of whack and then in the report. They said he had underlying condition. I don't care what the conditions are if somebody puts the on your neck for ten minutes. Five seven minutes. You're going to die. And then you to use that. He had diabetes. He had a heart condition as the religious. And not the fact that you had a knee in the man's Neck. Skip this in how we got this on camera in. It doesn't seem to matter because we've heard the I can't breathe the Eric Garner situations the same situation. What even more grievous killed the opposite. One of the officers is standing around looking at the sky like this is standard operating procedure. He's like uncaring. At what what are you say man? I think I think he's got. He's there's I can't breathe. You're GONNA kill me. We just watched a man die alive TV. And what do you? What do you say because more whites are killed by the hand police? But we're disproportionate. We are a minority but if you want to extrapolate that just think about this if we had a hundred eighty million black men and women in America with the way. The police interact with us. Can you imagine? Can you just imagine the death toll we see? We saw this in Brunswick Georgia. It used to be still. We thought it would just isolate. It would never happen here now. He's did happen in Brunswick Georgia we see what happened in Minnesota. We saw the lady called the Cobb phone a guy in central part as he used the cold. Skip if you want the police to come in a hurry. Advocate American threatening and they're on their horses comb people. There are a lot of great white men and women in America. Especially when I'm I'm talking to the Atlantic community and they have a lot of worthy calls and they've raised money for a lot of worthy called when it was the flood that hit Houston. Jj Watt spill to the forefront raised forty fifty million dollars. They have guys that raised for autism in homeless skit. We need their voices on Ben. Franklin said it best he said. Justice will be served until those unaffected are as equally outraged as those who are skill. Dr King was marching for years. But you remember what happened? It took not to Catholic priests that came down South and got murdered for the world to start opening their eyes. And what happened on Bloody Sunday when the Edmund Pettus bridge and that was broadcast live on? Cbs that changed the dynamic. We need some of these powerful white men and women to lend their voices to say. This is enough. I've seen enough get. We are who we are part of the Human Race. Also and for so long we've been looked down upon. We've been treated less Dan. We can't look in fifth well. Shannon Sharpe and Lebron James and a few are doing well because that is the minority of the minority of the minority. It's not right now they be. The mayor acted quickly. He fired these guys but just cannot be served until somebody is incarcerated. Somebody needs to pay a penalty. We're taking this man's life Shannon Sharpe. I hear every word. You just said every word you just said is very painful for me to try to process as as a white person in America. I'm ashamed I'm lost. I appreciate what Lebron James Posted on instagram. With the picture of Colin Kaepernick and yet today Shannon I feel like Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his. Nfl career for this cause. For no reason it didn't matter it didn't it didn't have much impact all that kneeling all that protesting all of which I applauded. Got US nowhere. It went for not the GNASHING OF TEETH. The controversy went for naught. It leaves me empty because I don't know where to turn off the Ahmad arbitrary incident that you talked about the killing of that unarmed black man in Brunswick Georgia which by the way. What about an hour's drive from where you grew up in? Glenville of small. It's so seventy minutes. You know that happened and Tom Brady stood up. Spoke out and I said wait to go. Tom and some other white players spoke up. Spoke out way to go all right that some progress and here we go again so Shannon I. It's like the old expression it's too good to be true. This is too bad to be true. It just keeps happening. It's it's evil to be true. It's too awful. It's too unthinkable to even be true. It just keeps happening after all the billions of words spoken about this issue of unarmed black. Men and women killed or brutalized by white cops. It just keeps happening after the billions of words that I feel like I've spoken a billion right here on undisputed in all my years on television after all those words hoping to to penetrate the psyches of white cops to make them a little bit more enlightened a little bit more sensitive a little bit more aware that their actions can look like racist overreactions. Bit actions come across as nothing but just heartless ruthless. Police brutality aimed at black people after all that. It just keeps happening in to your point after Eric Garner New York City now we have George Floyd in Minneapolis. I can't breathe. We have another. I can breathing again another one and now that list gets longer and longer Shannon all these black men have become household names for the worst possible reason. I just mentioned now we got George. Floyd. I'm are Berry. And then do I dare have to bring up trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Slash George Zimmerman. And then we got Michael Brown or Missouri. Yeah we know Eric Garner and we Tamir Rice and we know Eric. Larisa tells you all know we know Walter Scott and Charlotte? We can just go on you. Could we could go on for the rest this show. Oh there was that one and that one and that one and that one and you can give me extenuating circumstances and all Blah Blah Blah and and I get it that white police officers have a difficult job and it's a split second reaction many times that can lose your life. I get that but I don't get I grieve. I don't get it. I don't get neely on a man's neck when he's handcuffed face down on the pavement and and your credit into where he literally can't breed I don't need to about underlying conditions. He's just choking to death on the pavement. Somebody's videotaping it and posting it into the camera. I'm sorry yeah. He's looking into the care now with his hands in his pocket. Yeah the problem. He'll skip. What happened with Colin Kaepernick meal for the very first time? The narrative guys shifted even though. He told you why he was doing it. In order for you to frame it so you can turn the masses against cap you said. He was disrespecting the military. You said he was disrespected. Our veterans respecting the flag. Give up so we could hear you. He stood up. And you still want to hear because you didn't like what he was talking about. And then what happens give you remember? I told you it you like the message you. If you like the Messenger you're more apt to receive the message. Well we just like the Messenger from job. So they disregarded his message and see now there are no consequences killed a police officer. They killed a young unarmed black man. The police unions are so strong in America gift. What he gets his job back. He doesn't do any time in jail. He'll ray ray twenty five light all because the John Killed Killed Kooky he going to get his job back. See your needs to be consequences instead of the city. Having to pay they need to take this when the pair when families sue baby take it out of the police pinching so now all of a sudden what you thought you were going to get. Retirement is a little less than what you thought because they got to be consequences killed their people in the world that can change the behavior or a pattern of behavior bad behavior unless they're consequences. What are the consequences when they killed? The young on black may remember what I kept. I said arm skill. He's faced down. I get it. Police work is hard. I have a lot of my college teammate. That our law enforcement there are police officers. They work at. They do all their and they are talk to them on numerous occasions but scale the amount of force that we use to subdue a young black man that's selling CDs or loosely cigarettes or for what they believe what they are check. Now what's going to happen? This is what happened and they always happen. They're gonNA dot back to night. Two thousand go back to nineteen manage fees if he skilled clare's or he had a shoplifting chart because now we gotta make the victim we gotta victimize the victim all over again. We got to make. It seem like he had a reason like this. Always new at some point live. He had done something wrong and he needs to be held accountable for it now. That is not the police job. You're not the judge. You're not the jury scared. The man is face down in the street. A hundred and seventy pounds with his knee on his neck. He's telling you I can't breathe my stomach hurt. You GonNa kill me. He's pleading for his life and the looking in the camera as I am now with hand in his pocket. Unconcern unconcerned as heartbreaking skilled at. I'm glad Tom Brady got long with the players. Coalition that started with Colin Kaepernick. And then Malcolm Jenkins on Bowdoin. They don't but Tom I don't need your name. I need you boys now. Jj I need you boys air. Rogers need you boys. I need I need guys. I need guys voices. I'd need to lend their voices to this topic because enough would just make me get on board. Chris Long has gotten on board. Chris were boys. Christmas was up to the forefront. And that's what we need. We need big voices. We Make Corporate America. Voices two says okay enough is enough. You gotta see equals kept reading. The wire hurts. You is because you do meet you ever Lincou. You don't look at us. Dan If you look at someone less bay is easy for you to treat him as less than and this look at. I don't want to go. We're going to say this liberal and Conservative that all I'm saying is what I'm GonNa say now is this is a manifestation of society. That's what this feels. Okay do fly Dr King Gabe. Hope US something to look forward to. There's someone else. They gave them someone to look down a poet. That's what this and he didn't start this. He met a festive. It gave uprising to this. That's what this is nothing more than less. So let's not blame him. He just gave him boys. He gave them light. This is so sad. This is so so tragic if breaks my heart that we have to talk about this. This is America in twenty twenty and they keep saying with. Shelly is going to change the Dave Bob West. Says how much time do you need? You had four Hundred Years. You has sixteen thousand nine hundred. Jamestown and you had the civil war reconstruction had Jim Crow. Yep How much more do you need in order to fix what has been done? How do you want to do but you wanna tell us what should we do? You put me here. Why should I come up with allusion to calls? You Call it. You figured out extremely well said and allow me to add that. What hurt me? The most was the previous incident that I talked about Ahmad are Berry happened in central Georgia but rural Jordan. Small Town Georgia Shannon. This just happened in a city. I Love Ginny City of Minneapolis. Which I've always considered in lightened when it came to its treatment of African Americans and minorities. It's always been one of the more healthy environments in America. That happened in Minneapolis. Not In in the southern states Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi in many apple. Is- that's how far we haven't come get what are we. We're two years removed from Belinda. Casteel in Minneapolis. Polio blacks are more twelve to thirteen times. More likely to die at the hands of police in Minnesota then their white counterparts skill. You should. You should be concerned with captured on camera. Think about over the last hundred years two hundred years. What hasn't been captured Ma and they still do it because there are no consequences there has to be consequences that come with actions in order for it to stop. Enchaine Ashamed This happened in Minneapolis. And skip mentioned it. And I just wanted to point out. George Floyd lived about five minutes from where I grew up Stephen Jackson. A colleague of ours close friend was close with George. And I just want to say Stephen. We are sorry for your loss. We're thinking about you. We know that doesn't help the situation. But we're praying for you. We're praying for Georgia's family rest in peace. George boy foreign disputed after the break. Welcome back to undisputed heavyweight champ. Tyson fury says he received a phone call asking if he would be interested in fighting an exhibition match against Tyson. Gary said he accepted the offer. But nothing materialized from it Shannon. Would you give Tyson any shot against the reigning champ? You go back and forth with this. How do you exhibition box scale? We could exhibition. Play basketball you could play football play black. You can do a baseball you play. How do you exhibition? Bite Exhibition a collision sport like boxing or imitate. How now if you say okay? There's GONNA fight. I can't say Mike Tyson if they were to really fight that Mike. Tyson wouldn't have a chance because he had perjured. And anytime you have a punch your you have a chance but skip with. We go to the tale of the tape. Fury is thirty one type of fifty three furious. 6-foot-9 Mike Tyson is five ten. There have an eighty five h reach Mike. Tyson had seventy-one him we've never seen. It invaded lopsided in the history of the sport. Now would I say that? My doesn't have a chance. He has a chance to get inside. Land One yes. He could end the fight. But I just don't see it and I don't see how you I don't see you exhibition box and somebody needs to tell me. So what in an exhibition bucks skill are? We GonNa have those. You have those celebrity box. Imagine where the guy have like. Twenty pounds boxing gloves. They're so big. You're like what what's going on here. But if you put a regulation size globe and talking about okay what is it? Is it three rounds to route around? I just don't know how you do it but like I said that they were to actually fight. This was sanctioned bout. I give my a chance but I would take theory to win the fight. Okay so for all your issues with this all of them. Correct your conclusion was I think you just told me you would watch it if it happened. Am I right? Oh absolutely I'd be on the edge of my see I I would overpay for this big two hundred bucks for pay per view. I'd probably pay two hundred bucks to watch. I know I would Mike. Tyson is the most controversial lightning rod in the history of boxing on in in and out of the ring. And to your point Shannon even at fifty three we see the video he looks shockingly quick and powerful at age fifty three to the point that even you Shannon Sharpe said no way. Am I getting in the ring with that guy like exhibition box? That guy and your point to me as we ended the show yesterday was well. Who's GONNA dare to get in the ring with him? Guess who would I know one guy? Tyson fury will because your point is only thirty one and we just saw him absolutely annihilate deal wilder. Just destroy 'em out boxing out punch him. Out William out everything him and we saw head bobbing 6-foot-9 man that I didn't think was possible. We saw freakish athleticism at six feet. Nine two hundred and fifty four pounds. That's the only guy on the planet earth who I think would dare step in there and say I got this Tyson. Fury is like yeah. Where do I sign? How do it tomorrow when do it? Thursday one Friday. I'll do right now. Yeah because he's that good and yet you said it and I agree with you even at five ten maybe to forty to fifty Mike Tyson. Still seem to have enough lightning in that body that. I don't know maybe he could lay and one crazy punch and it'd be game on but to your point. I don't even know what the rules would be. I I don't even know what format would be. Would it be three rails? Would it be to? I don't know but whenever was I would watch it because it's Mike Tyson and yet let me make this point. Shannon and I'm going to hand it back to you. I was there when Mike Tyson fought his last real big fight against Lennox Lewis another tall Brit six five inches tong. Two hundred fifty pounds. It was in Memphis and I was right there at ringside and now he's back on June of two thousand and two. That was eighteen years ago and Mike Tyson. Look like a shot fighter that night it was a mismatch as you will recall and then my tried to fight three more times than got sad sadder. Saddest and then he was finished fifteen years ago and the Tyson fight against Lennox reminded me in some ways of another fight that I covered in the Bahamas. They is nine thousand nine hundred eighty one. It was Ali's last fight against trevor. Berbick I was there at ringside of that one. They had cowbells between rounds to start in the round in the Bahamas really sad and Mohammed was a shot fighter. He had nothing left. Eighty managed to stay on his feet ten rounds. It was only ten round and he lost a unanimous decision to Trevor Berbick and it was a terribly sad end and I saw another shot fighter. Well the difference now is Mike Tyson. Eighteen years after Lennox Lewis. I think he's had a rebirth. I I know he's had addiction issues and I think he got his act together. I think he cleaned himself up. I think he got his hand together a little bit. I've seen him a couple of times in the last year any. He seemed different to me. Seemed happier fresher more aware more with us now instead of somewhere else and Shannon. I don't know maybe maybe there's been such a turnaround in his life that that he's having sort of a second act if you will at age fifty three but but the Tyson fury it probably mismatch but hey who else is going to get in the ring with them with are still believe even with Mike Tyson. Tyson theory is there a million two million is even with those two guys might Tasim as you said hadn't bought in fifteen years? The reason why I would take some theories. Skill is because he's a boxer. He's technically style and he has a bandage. So He's got to Jab Jab at over here right and the thing is Tyson has to somehow by the way to get inside. Well when you're six foot nine and you have an eighty five reaches foot Bennett and a over a foot reach advantage skill. You should be able to keep him off of you because the only chance you have a moving. This fight is him getting inside him. Come because the thing with Tyson scale. He was so quick he would hit you to the body with that left and then the same time body uppercut and is he could do that as well as you talked about a guy with that side that. Kinda power now. Ali had that kind of quickness. But I'll lead a power George foreman power. But he didn't have that quickpoint. You're talking about light light heavyweight. They had that kind of speech patterns Bob Ali. But as you wound up giving you guys with power. They didn't have quickness. Mike Tyson heck quickness is the put that you don't see skill they get you out of the ring and Mike Tyson could body shot you come with uppercut and get guys out of the re. So he could he could if he could lay a don't appear food and I don't believe he'll get up like he got from Dante water. I believe Tyson caught him with that live. I don't believe he'd get up like he got a wider but the question is could he absorb enough punishment to get inside and to land a couple of those shot to truck to chop that giant redwood down. I don't believe he could get but I damn show pay to watch it well. The point is Shannon. You're taking it seriously. You're actually analyzing what you think would happen. So you're not laughing at all what you're not scoffing. No Yeah you're saying you'd watch I'm saying I I absolutely we had the story yesterday that the bare knuckle. Whatever they're called organization they're offering twenty million dollars for Mike Tyson fight bare knuckle for them. Okay we both agreed. We'd watch that but we said WHO's GonNa go bare knuckle against Mike Tyson. I don't know unless it's Tyson fury. Would he go bare knuckle? He probably would because he thinks he could defend himself and he probably could but if they're bare knuckled then even more so I would give Tyson a punchers chance because if he got one shot through six feet nine reach he got one shot one uppercut up under the jaw one shot. Maybe the giant Redwood Falls. I'm there I'm ready so again. Tyson theory was just didn't materialize. But Hell Yeah. He said I'm ready to go. Yeah so we're we also let's let's do it. Nobody skill brought the crowd to the yard like Mike Tyson. Skip it with an extravaganza. It was an meant to see that man fight. Now you never knew you bet not come late like like you come to some fighters coming to third round the crown. You come to his fight late. You just been ten million dollars ten thousand dollars for nothing because he will go. Probably it within the first three rounds if you had to you and you had to see that intro. The man had a cutout tower. Black trump no fox and black boots scale enemy. Come to the ring you that's the baddest man in the world right there and into the pill. The atmosphere the electricity. And I've seen some big fights I felt floyd by and I saw a Lotta guys. Fight Shane Mosley Holy. I've guys fight but nothing like this kid. Nothing like this man. It was unbelievable what he brought in the electricity that was in the building when he and nobody has ever been more self destructive than Mike Tyson. Either and hopefully that far if the NBA resumed the season with a limited number of games. Blazers Guard Damian. Lillard said his implant. The five time all star said he wouldn't play in meaningless. Games of Portland did not have a true opportunity to make the playoffs. The Blazers are currently three and a half games behind the a spot. Shannon is this inbound or outbound for him to say out of bounds in a very bad look for day and I like Daimler. I liked dollar lots eve. Big Time. He's clutch. You could make big shots. He's not afraid of the moment he doesn't back down from anyone. I love what he does in this community. I love how he's like. I'm going to stay in Portland. I'm going to try to build a championship team in Portland. A love what he's done for his community and his family but he's wrong long distance so you mean to tell me. Sixty six game wasn't an opportunity to know you play the Game Day. You can't say if we don't mathematically have a realistic chance of whatever the phrasing that he used is that hold on you're gonNA practice but come game going to sit on the bench or you're going to click that check. So do they do they the with the chair? 'cause THEY DO. I'm sure that'd be a fair trade off but I just. They banned look for him to say well unless we have a map medic. Now understand you just reading some of the SCENARIOS SKIP. I think the NBA has like a seventy game to be able to feel the regional obligation with the gave they put on so we don't know if they're going to play the last. What fifteen to twenty ball game or they played four five to fulfill their obligation. And then go into this this one through sixteen when they gotta do it. Somebody's going to be disappointed. No matter how high shapes upscale but sometimes we're in unprecedented situation you have to do. Unprecedented things to get out of that situation. But I think this is a bad look for Dame. It bear bear bad message. You can't have your star players that on good team. That likely might miss the playoffs saying well if we don't have a realistic chance to make it. I'M NOT GONNA play six game to be in a better position that what you're in so I think it sends a bad message and I. I'm going to disagree with Damon Business. I'M GONNA agree with you. But for a different reason than you just gave also like Damian a lot. I like him on the court. I like him off the court like everything he's done on and off get all that. But I do not love this fairly routinely. Damian Lillard suddenly speaks out as if he's Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or even Lebron James like like. He's a superstar. Keep asking myself winning. Exactly did dame dollar become that guy to be able to speak out the way. He speaks out because we saw him. It seems like ages ago but just the last time. The NBA had playoffs a year ago. They did make it to the conference. Final against Golden State. And all I know is in four straight fourth quarters dame dollar was dame nickel me just just shrank disappeared. I look at the numbers in four straight fourth quarters against Golden State and they had chances in those games of twenty three. Yeah he went seven of twenty three in those four fourth quarters combined so he he only made seven shots in four fourth quarters. That's thirty percent. He made five of sixteen three point attempt. So we made five threes and four fourth quarter. That's thirty one percent. And His plus minus for the four fourth quarters was minus twenty eight minus twenty eight. So Dame what what have you done what? Show me the credentials whereby you can say. I'm above that that's beneath me. I Look Shannon if if Damian spoken L. and said I just don't think it's safe enough I don't WanNa get sick. You got me talking. Yes no yes he's talking about. It's beneath me. I'm this guy and you can't ask me to go to wherever Orlando Disneyworld. Wherever it's going to be you make me go there with my team and actually play basketball for nothing. Well Damian. It's it's potentially not for nothing. It is because you do earn. Shannon pointed out. You're a real sweet check and your your regional. Tv market is very important to your ownership so again those people are going to be on their edge of their seats. Because you've got Noor Kitsch back you got Zach Collins back. Let's say you play. I don't know tin more games. What if you on eight of them against high level competition? What if you could use that as a launching pad springboard into next year? I don't know it could happen. Where everybody look back on those ten games you played for nothing quote unquote and with Nur Kitchen Zach calls. All sudden everything clicked it. You said look out here. We come next year will say I want to be with my team. I'll go sit on the bench but I'm not. It's beneath my dignity to actually walk on the floor and play basketball just wrong. Shannon on this one channing. You can't say that publicly when this right now and there's so much money that's already been lost in so much sort of goodwill and credibility and we're all teetering man Damian. We're all teetering know everybody at F s one we. It's tough right now. It's tough for this ball. It's tough for the NFL. It's time to do your part and don't try to knock down the process in pull everybody back down into your sort of Ego maniacal view of on I'm dame dollar. I mean seriously Shannon in the end I know this is going to come off as harsh but there are times. I think Damian is a better rapper than he is a fourth quarter player in big gain the biggest games because he's really good is the best athlete rapper. I've ever heard I give you that. But does that? Qualify you as a Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant Lebron James. No it does not so. It was a little offensive to me to hear these comments. I agree with you skipping. Just because you're a big your big player in the League and you have a platform that doesn't mean you stand up in boys everything that some things. You just keep to yourself man. I really don't WanNA play. I don't feel like it but I'm GonNa go ahead and give him. Mvp You say to yourself but for him to burglarize that public skip as you said if he has an underlying condition. I think if I'm not mistaken Larry Nance Union says I'm concerned but he has an underlying condition. There's cause for concern but to say because I'm not gonNA come out here and play no meaningless game. You played sixty six meaning. Bill Gates that you turned into meaningless gained by the way your team play now all of a sudden we've been out of Commission for eight nine ten weeks. They're try to scramble to try to give try to start this start. America back you like. No I'm good. I'll practice not come with him on the bench but I'm not playing like I'll too good for that weird. Yeah okay what? What did ring He. He must be Bill Russell No so Shannon. Final point just in fairness just for the record Damian also said if they do have a chance to play their way into a postseason tournament whatever that would be. He was all in on that and he said we might have a chance with each and Zach Collins back to go steal some S H. You know what meaning we might just find ourselves in the conference finals and be able to beat somebody. Who's not ready to beat us because of the short time to get ready for this however abbreviated term. They would have okay. That's earlier love that. Just Yup go ahead but you do understand. They have a short time to get prepared with college and Nurk. It's also then magazine like they've been prepared with these guys for the whole year and they're just going to spring this trap on everybody else. You GotTa get used to play with those guys. Also 'cause you've been playing a different brand of basketball without a true low post player so now you can start kids at Wifi with you. Mellow and CJ. So it's GonNa take you guys get used to that but they you don't get set how the NBA is going to come back. You are a player. Yes because Commissioner Adam. Silver will ask his superstar their input but views. Yeah play them twelve match. You got to play your way. I'm down for that but if I gotta come back and play in the game but meaningless there are no meaningless game. You don't know how many more of these things you got treasure. Every last one of them day treasure every last one of them got an unbelievable player. Disagree you run during the last dance documentary. Michael Jordan denied the rumor that kept Isaiah Thomas off the Dream Team but audio's now come out of Jordan telling and a reporter Jack Hallam that he wouldn't play if I was on the team. So Shannon what do you make of this? Did I know he did say that that either? Am I supposed to believe Michael Jordan on my lying ears? Now he sat there and cried. Talk about you. Don't WANNA play if way push than I drag is Ulli and I told skill Baylor's you were lying and I told scale Roth born sit there and told a bold faced lie the if he did explicitly say he implicitly implied it come to find out he said it. Business a call from Michael Jordan Rod. Born call mood as I said what I won't play. If are Thomas on the team. He assured me he said you know what chuck doesn't fail so are there is not going to be a part of the team. They didn't ask him about short. They didn't ask him about Patrick you would. They did ask him about Stockton Malone or Bennett asked him based thank you. He said no come to find out he lives. Michael were the only guy that mattered. You know that so. In other words he did keep Isaiah. Thomas Thomas should have the bitch all dislike. What Michael Jordan? Not Michael Jordan. Zale you give this man. You get this land with his resume. He would have made. The eight Olympic team boycotted. They went to Moscow so he potentially could've had a gold medal. You kept mad out that team so you know when you ought to one lie. I get to call into question everything else. You've ever odor. Because when do I know that you telling the truth? Now we know he'll lie. We know he draft mixed talk about guys up in that room with girls and all that other stuff but ask you all that no comment. Oh Nathan live Mike. So are you suggesting that this proves it once and for all that Lebron is the goat? Is this what you're reaching thread that you're hanging your argument? It's a tiny little thread. The Isaiah Thread is why you're saying Lebron is the goat and not Jordan. No no I just want to me. I want you to admit publicly for all our twenty million fans this thing Michael Jordan live and you were wrong that he did keep that he won't. If you do that I won't feel won't there. Were some semantics. Going on in the answer Jordan gave on the last dance. There was some plausible deniability going on there but in the end it really didn't matter. Exactly what Michael Jordan thought because nobody wanted. Isaiah you keep trying to pin this whole thing on Michael Jordan when you should pin it on the entire team starting with Magic Johnson who at that point nine hundred ninety two had more clout than Michael Jordan did? Allow me before you go on to read the quote out of Magic's book. Magic did a book with Jackie. Macmullan with Larry Bird about win. The game was hours. That's the title of the Book and in it. I'm going to read the quote from a Magic Johnson about the controversy. Isaiah killed his own chances when it came to the Olympics. Nobody on that team wanted to play with him. I'm sad for Isaiah. He is alienated so many people in his life and he still doesn't get it. This is from Magic Johnson and he concludes. You should be aware when you've ticked off more than half the NBA. That's his concluding statement about ISIAH. Thomas the your gnashing teeth over the that you're having your heart is broken for poor Isaiah. When even the Great David Robinson spoke out two weeks ago David Robinson who never said a crossword about anybody the admiral and he just laughed at this whole notion saying no. We didn't want him because chemistry matters. When you're trying to go win the World Championship. Best fit in their chemistry. It didn't work so these could ask you one question before you go on. Yeah Michael Jordan says Michael Jordan says Rod Thorn. I'm not blend envy. Olympics are less. Ls Isaiah if own that team. Would it have mattered? That Charles Barkley David Robinson and Magic Johnson. Would it have mattered? If they say they don't want to play with avail. Your says I'm not playing a list. He's on that team a simple. Yes or simple note need to manage a simple. Yes or simple note would have mattered now. I mean I don't think it killed the deal. Yeah let's go to quote all right. Let's go to what Jordan actually said on the last dance about this controversy. He said that Rod Thorn. Who by the way did drafts him? When rod was running the Bulls Ninety four rod thorn calls and says Hey we would love you to play for the Dream Team and Michael says back to him. Who's all playing? And then Michael. Goes on to say that Rod Thorn Answers. What does that mean I say? Who's all playing? He says? Well the guide you're talking about or you're thinking about he's not going to be playing so semantics are going on here plausible deniability. This is on the exam. He's actually telling you that they're talking about Isiah without talking about Isiah. Michael's point was the name itself didn't actually need to be brought up because everybody knew who they were talking about. Nobody smell skill skill. That's what he say John McCallum okay. That's not what he's saying. Okay but he says in those lost tapes Jack Miquel longtime friend of mine rate reporter. I buy this for said so. Michael's talking off the cuff Jack McCallum. I think these are like thousand. Nine hundred ninety two types when they're maybe they're just from recently. I'm not sure. But but they're older tapes and the point is in the tape that that he says. Chuck doesn't when Isaiah and at first I thought he meant Charles Barkley. He means Chuck Daly head coach. So we can even throw the head coach on this list of people on that team and in that selection process. Who DID NOT WANT ISAIAH? Thomas Charles Gay League no Magic No. I don't believe that's careful. Now hold on. Wait a minute hold on. I'm not GonNa let you do that man like this. That man is not here to defend themselves now so many times. We'll say things that people saying that are not here or not in a position to defend himself. We'll talk about David. The man had just one chug namely to title and took daily. Can't stand the Mayor Daley with the man? Y'All need to stop this Michael Jordan thin. I said Rod I will not play. I won't play of Isaiah. Thomas is on the team. He assured me that they would not be on their team. So give dealing with semantic now we can deal with semantics say you know sharing sharper a dark complexion out. Black semantics call it. What did you Black Guy Dr? As did fellow our black data be semantics dated skill. Thank you I. Two black wide black and white is nobody on that team wanted. Isaiah Thomas Black and white. That's it it's there's no gray area. Nobody on the team wanted him and by great chuck. Daly I go all out saying is give you know the only guy that matter was Michael. He was the only guy that matter because guess was killed. Nobody else had a medal. Mike already had one. He said our already had a gold medal from eighty four. Nobody else on the team had won because at the desk. Ada Dave Ross Law. He got the bronze remember skip. They got. That's what made them start. Cindy the pros to the liberty. They got the bras in. Ada they boycotted an eighty. They won the Olympics today. Because it was right here in La Eight. They lost his Co. Ninety two in Barcelona so the only guy that mattered Michael Jordan. You know it and he kept. That made off the he got a hold of that resume. How hoagies leave good at night? I hope he's Li real good at time out. Okay so they chose as the backup point. Guard Magic Johnson. John Stockton all he did in his career was set unbreakable records for assists and steals unbreakable. Don't see any human will ever eclipse John Stockton's assists and steals. So He's the backup. He's soon broke his leg healed much quicker than they thought but the backup to the backup next in line on the depth chart was somebody from Detroit. Not Named Isaiah Thomas. It was Joe Dumars. Everybody wrote the next man up for the backup point. Guard was Joe Dumars. I've told you from the start. Isaiah was seen as more of a two guard than a point guard. So Judy Joe. Johns was next but now he was to guard masquerading. As a point guard he could distribute pretty well but what he did best was score the basketball and in the end when it came down to the final cut they announced that it came down to actually. A to guard final. Cut Between Clyde Drexler and Isaiah Thomas to two guards and in the in Bay Pick Clyde Drexler. Just because he's taller longer. Little better defender. Maybe than than is Ahah but in the end it's personality the ultimate bad boy. Piston was Isaiah difficult to get along with as magic. Magic was close friends with Isaiah. Remember they used to kiss each other before those finals games and even magic turned on. Isaiah and said I can't defend him. He's alienated half the League and he had alienated her the whole team in nine hundred ninety two. You know what I find so funny off. Find so funny about this. Is that magic? And Larry not excuse me Larry. They didn't say anything about Larry. But Magic and Jordan the guy that had that route as mentality to win at all costs despise the very guy that would win at all costs a put a six foot six guy despite the six foot guy. That had the same mentality they had and they held against it. That's the a skill I was is able to player. They work no but he had the same mentality and they held that against him. Wait a second. It's not the same mentality because Isaiah personally ascended in alienated people in ways that Jordan and magic never did people might have hated winning just because you're the basketball court skill. I'm talking about winning on the basketball court. I'm talking about take no prisoners. Kiss my mentality on the court. Like Jordan had that same mentality with his teammates so you know what he had against his opponent you said magic was ruthless in cutthroat ave assault. Bad He's magic. He Been Chafing. Magic says Nineteen eighty-one any barley caught up with it and night in nineteen eighty nine. He finally called Magic and now the very thing that magic had him with the mentality and the same thing that Jordan handled basically everybody else the mentality I their display and they held it against it. You can use semantics you can say. Nobody liked it. It doesn't matter skill. Guess what I don't care if nobody else is like me just need like that's all that matters out good. Don't yeah don't get everybody. Who are you wicha mowing? Okay good the am with you. I love you man but I'm not GonNa let you get away from grasping some weeks thread to discredit Michael. Jeffrey Jordan from being the goat that he is this is a semantical plausible. Deniability on your part trying to reach for a little tiny thread. Say See Lebron is to go no. He's not no skill. I told you I told you. Whatever would come out of this documentary that did not relate to basketball would not change my perception of Michael Jordan and has not it will not so no him being him not telling the truth about in keeping him out. The team does not change. My perception of Mike does not stubborn over there. Shannon Jeez riled up. I've a feeling heaped energy for this next one time. Port hot topic of the day sponsored by Burger King eight spicy chicken nuggets for just one dollar. Well we gotta talk about the cowboys. Because last season they were tied for last place in the NFL. With the most dropped passes by receivers this included. Michael Galloping. Randall Cobb who finished in the top ten for most rocks. The three years prior Dallas had never been worse than seven when it came to drops and I know skinless gave you nightmares but Shannon. How do you explain it? Drops or more about concentration is more mental than coaching on. Sometimes guys would drop passes if they don't get the ball often enough and then they feel when the ball comes to them. They need to do something with the football in order to validate so the coach will give them more opportunities. And you see that a lot of guys turn the head start to run before they secured the ball so this is not. This is not a mental thing. This is not coaching. But I hope we don't think those first plans that played that you showed in that package are dropped do we. Are we call drops because they give what I love when people say? Oh what did you get your hands on your should call. It saved the people that never caught a pass. The thing is skipped when you look at this. Yes are there passing. That should have been caught absolutely but if you go back over the course of the year there's also passed that will call. That maybe should have been draw. So you gotta factor those in also is seems to me that everybody just wants to factor in the plays that were not made. But what about the place? That probably shouldn't have been made. That were made. They go to winning. You see this is what gives you guys every your skill Beta. Somebody will come out with. This is your delusional fans. I told you before we should division a we should have been pled the chiefs in the super bowl do that every year. You've been doing it for twenty five years living. Know How that work out for you? Big Twenty five years so I can explain all those drops last year. With two words Jason One Garrett Jason Darren he was responsible he was the reason for all those dropped passes. Shannon Sharpe in the end it is about not just coaching. But the tone set by your coach Jason. Garrett was coach clap as I nicknamed him Jason Gear would watch a big touchdown catch and he would just keep clapping and but slapping and then he'd watched yet another drop in. The team came off the field. He just keep clapping and slapping the guy who dropped the pass Jason. Garrett created no urgency. No fear of retribution. No fear of hell to pay. If you dropped another pass there was little Chino weekly Focus. There was no lock in. There was no zero Jimmy Johnson. Memorial fear factor in that. Locker Room. So I told you from the start Jason Garrett really good at preparing football team from Wednesday until through Saturday on Sunday. He couldn't motivate a Rodeo bull in the shoot. It was hard to watch because I covered Jimmy. Johnson's teams Jimmy. Johnson was held to pay if you started dropping balls for Jimmy Johnson. You're going to have a hurricane in your face on the sideline. You're going to stay after practice to run. Sprints I don't know you just might get your butt cut because that's the way Jimmy operated and they knew it. They were scared to death of that man. I used to be in the locker room during media. Availability at lunchtime and if that head coach with that hair if he happened to just wonder through the locker room everybody just stopped talking and shrank back in their lockers and look sideways. I hope I didn't do something. One me they feared him. They locked in for him. They stayed focused for him and Jason. Garrett created the softest environment in the national football league in the end. I just told you a couple of weeks ago over the last decade no team in the NFL had more pro bowl players than the Dallas cowboys. Over the previous ten. What so routinely including going into last year. I thought Dallas had the most talented team in football last year. They were the mentally softest team. I told you Jason Garrett should've been gone a long ago I told you eight years ago. I was calling for his job. He he's very good at keeping Jerry Jones. Happy that's what he did. The best he keeps Jerry involved with the game plan. He'd welcome him into t meetings or coach meetings. Whenever Jerry could always be a part of the team because Jason Coexisted beautifully with Jerry Jones. Who treated him like another son Jerry? It was hard for Jerry. Even let go of Jason and the bitter end until he finally fell in love with Mike McCarthy so Shannon. I don't think they'll drop quite as many balls next year because I do think Mike. Mccarthy's a little tougher coach Jason Garrett ever thought about being again a lot of people think Mike McCarthy a tough guy from Pittsburgh there was one quote in the bleacher report article. The big expose about Aaron Rodgers in which some anonymous source referred to Mike McCarthy as a fake tough guy and to your point is you keep bringing up you out on Saturdays during walk-throughs often up in his office getting a massage. Maybe that's failed guy but I'll still still take him over Jason Garrett and my final point to is CD lamb last year. The University of Oklahoma dropped all of the three passes. He will drop no more than three this coming year with the cowboys because he is a baller and I believe that will start rubbing off on every body starting with Michael Dallat who according to the athletic stats. He led the League and drops last year with thirteen. That that can't fly man. You're not that good to drop thirteen balls. If in fact that's what it was in the end everybody has different sort of drop stats that they use but even zero his mind all their after he got his money Z. Dropped six passes last year. He dropped five in his first three years. Mental Focus. No Fear of head coach mine not always in the game in all the game. I'm your I'm sorry. That's what was was Jason Garrett. No you talk about Jimmy. Because you had one mind you had one boy emanating from the locker room you see. You have to voices now Jason Garrett and you have Jerry Jones the players unafraid of Jason Garrett because they know they can go behind Jason Garrett back and go to Jerry Jones therein lies the problem skill. I can't discipline you if I know I'm GONNA get yelled at by by Buffalo period and that's what happened. See Jimmy then have to answer to anybody and you know that that's how it wasn't dimmer with my. We knew my the end. All be all Mr Boulevard over to him. He was the general manager. He was the head coach. You came the time that Mike said you got off when my excited. We understood that Jerry didn't walk that Jerry wanted to have a voice in the process of having a voice. His voice started shadowing the head. Coaches boards. That shouldn't be voice. That's emanating in the locker room. So this is Jerry spoke but there was no accountability there with Jerry's fault that the coach can't get all the players like he should because Jerry no longer wanted Jimmy to have back comic control. I won't let me tag me tag me. I want to say them. Jerry Jamie's no no only the head coach address. The team chairwomen address. Not like he doing out here in the locker room. He leaned the prayer. He good job guys at the end of the day okay. There were occasions that Mr Bolan there on occasion that are might say something but that was few and far between not every day. Their lives your problems. Get the question I have for you. Is He going Mike? Mccarthy coat might run the show or is he wanted to overshadow. Does he want to be the face of the cowboys because if he does you're going to be in the same situation that you've been in since Jimmy Lee. I don't have an answer to that. I like what I've seen so far. I'm waiting to see what I see when the real game start. You're probably right. I just think by nature might McCarthy is a little tougher mentally sort of emotionally tougher. He's more of a driving football coach. Jason Garrett was Jason was pure players coach. Jason was a decent player. A backup quarterback who had a couple of big moments. When against your brothers team on Thanksgiving Day the packers obviously and Jason was pretty good. Jason knew the ropes. He knew how to do it. He knew how to play. He knows how to deal with football players to a fault he was too nice guy. I don't think Mike McCarthy will get as close to the players so I'm hoping they'll be a little bit of new fear factor. Maybe from Mike Nolan on the defensive side a little bit or new urgency created but Shannon in the end I look at the numbers they got put up by the offense last year just quickly for the record. They were number one in total offense number two in passing offense number two and third down offense number two in explosive pass plays and in explosive plays period and they went aids. They did too many bad things. They didn't take the ball away enough. They dropped way too many passes and Dak missed too many throws by his lofty standards. That would have changed a one games so something was missing. Psychologically and it's the culture that Jason Created and to your point and I give you this ultimately it's Jerry's fault because he's stuck with Jason Garrett to a fault so in the end they need to have a new sheriff they have to have a new upgraded culture. I'm hoping that a guy like CD. Lamma Walk in the door and say hell with all this. I'm going out there to play football. And if you guys want to come along join me. That's what I hope happens with you. Do to be honest with you sometime. Drops CONTAGIOUS BECAUSE I've been engaged in two different locations Denver and in Baltimore. One guy dropped the ball on first down at another guy dropped the ball and figure out and another guy bald on third down and I'm like what the hell just happened and then I've seen situation where one guy make tough catch and then put the rest of the game. Everybody's making make pack robotic catches. So maybe that happen but I still believe that concentrate concentration. Play the biggest factor in catching the coke. Tom Brady is going to like his new receiving group according to bleacher report. The buccaneers. Mike Evans and Chris. Godwin are the top receiving duo in the NFL Shannon. How much better they make Brady. Then he was last season. Why expect him to help Tom? A lot of can make their big guys. They can make tough contested catches where he has small receivers and he had to fit it in. Tom Doesn't have to be perfect now. And I think that helps a lot. Skip as we get older. We need more help. Is this as simple as that ended? That doesn't take away from. Tom Greatness. What he's accomplished in the past but as we as we get older and we are still sports we need more help and so I think these guys were definitely. They will help Tom more than Tom will help them. See this notion that for all the other receivers oh they Tom Brady. They people want you to believe Tom Brady. May Randy Moss ready was a made man. Before he said one foot in New England. He was the freak. He was muffing people long before Tom Brady even got into the NFL. You know that. I know that we might not ever see a receiver. That have seventeen touchdown receptions and it rookie season. That's what Randy Moss put up rookie season. So I- Godwin and Mike Evans and all these tiny and crew with with Gronk and braid and Jay Howard. They will help shoot for Tom. Because Tom now does not have to be perfect. He's not throwing the five eight five nine six foot receiver. Those guys are six five six two six eight that can make tough huge catch radius and will help Tom Brady immensely. This is this what Tom Needed. Great weather great receiving corps should help him by the way nobody ever said. Tom Brady made Randy Moss. Obviously you're right. Randy was all the way a made man in Minnesota. He had one bad year where he basically quit on the Oakland Raiders. Which is how bill belichick was able to steal him but randy and Tom made each other. They made each other record-setters in two thousand seven. So let's stop it with that notion because nobody started that narrative except you to make it an anti narrative and it's bogus send phony and you know it okay now. Tom Brady just went from the worst. Receiving core in a below average offensive line in New England to any embarrassment of riches in Tampa. Nobody in the history of quarterbacking has spread the wealth. Better than Tom Brady. Nobody can get more receivers involved in any single one game then. Tom Brady House where you get nine. Or ten receivers involved now. He has nine or ten worth involving worthy of being a few catches five six seven catches in any one game and he will do just that so what I loved about. The story referring to is because the box went seven and nine last year Shannon. I lost touch with just how Great Mike Evans and Chris. God One were and have been. Do you realize Nokia Randy Moss? Only one other receiver in the history. This league in his first five years in the League has gone over. One thousand yards receiving. That's my Evans. He tied Randy Moss at five last year. If he goes to six this year which he's got a good shot at doing now that he's got the goat throwing to him that would make him. The all-timer was six straight right. Outta the gate thousand yard receiving seasons. And then you look at Chris. Godwin's numbers you hard at his numbers last year. He was the most productive receiver per play per target in the NFL. I mean I look at Michael Thomas. His numbers yeah. He caught one hundred and forty nine balls but he got one hundred eighty five thrown to him quietly in Tampa. A Guy made the pro bowl name. Chris God one and he caught only eighty six balls but on only one hundred twenty one targets. So Michael Thomas got one hundred and eighty five Chris. Godwin got sixty four fewer passes thrown to him yet. He wound up third in the League in yards. Caught passing. Just an overall passing yards. Receiving yards was Chris. Godwin with one thousand three hundred thirty three. That's because he averaged fifteen point five catch to Michael Thomas. Eleven point six. Wow that's four yards a catch more for the unknown. Unsung Chris Godwin in Tampa so all the sudden you got those two guys doing not good things but great things on the outside. I told you you've got little Scotty. Miller was just a rookie out of bowling green last year. He caught thirteen balls wash. That will triple this year. Because he has supreme short area quickness. He'll be the element Amendola out of the slot. Then you add Gronk to OJ Howard who will come out of the doghouse. Tom Brady and Cameron. Braid is a great red zone target. And who's the best screen pass thrower in pro football? It's Tom Brady. So all of a sudden wait a Second Watch Royal Joan start catching screens but watch my little big man out of Vanderbilt keyshawn violence stolen in the third round of this drought. Watch keyshawn VAUGHN catch screen passes from Tom. Brady watch him. Turn INTO JAMES. Quite weapons everywhere in watch. Tom Brady turned back into Tom. Brady watched Shannon Sharpe every Monday on undisputed nine thirty eastern. Watch the horror on his face as he has to eat a whole nother. Big Play of fried curl thanks to Tampa Bay. Tom Brady as you questions skill. We Quiz Godwin finished third in receiving yards on such few catches every over. Thirteen Yard. Catch what does that mean. He's catching a lot of what in order for him to have that high receiving average. What Must Tom Brady be willing to do? Little down the barrel stand there and take a few of them right to the chops. Is he going to be able to do that if he's going to be willing? We saw over the last couple of years him starting to plant more damage in pro. Football Focus. Bay mentioned it in the other publications that he was starting to fledge. You won't mention that but I think we need to give James More Credit. James more athletic than we give him credit for. Now he reminds you. I think it was perfect situation scale because his office coordinator. That's what we reminded me by relive with. They they had the same county. Mobility had cadillac fame extended throwing motion. But James could get out of harm's way and all the ball over people's head so we didn't give him nearly enough credit for doing that. The question is it remains. If Tom Brady willing and able to take those big shots a game that is the question skill he has the talent that can make those blades mortalities adding a very very long time. I Kim see that but the question is is he willing to take those shots to span then there and to push the ball down the field? The answer is no because he will not have to. He will get rid of the ball much quicker than James did. I remind you turn the ball over thirty five times last year. That's twelve more times than any other quarterback in the league. Tom Brady turned it over a grand total of nine times for a pretty sorry New England offense featuring no supporting cast in a below average offensive. Line thirty five. You don't think way code coach Belichick Fan. We could have got better play out about quarterback we had a number one. That will coach was thinking. You thinking about his. Sorry Supporting Krantz Code milkshakes. What about my salary lead actor that will say anything that would he's fatal? Well what I say is did you notice who the the bucks traded up for instance nabbed or stall at number thirteen in the first round Jacuzzi. GonNa truth nervous out of Iowa. Oh wait a second. So he plugs right in at right tackle and all of a sudden you shore up the offensive line. It's going to be a little better than what he had to work. With and hide behind last year in New England. You are in big trouble my friend but skipped to maximize to skill. That's like it or you buy big house. You're not entertaining if you might thirty four foot house and you're not entertaining you lose the value. Really the have. What would somebody just two people that don't entertain me? Have that size. If Tom Brady is not going to take advantage of what he has with everything. Godwin which is push the ball down the field that can make tough contest to catch down the field. What's the benefit of him like? He dated New England when he has it. He will throw. A and we know tonight. On F s one the NASCAR season continues live from Charlotte Motor speedway. Catch all the action. They Nascar Cup series sponsored by GEICO beginning at eight eastern on s Swan Fox sports APP so former welterweight champion boxer. Shawn Porter said that he would rather have many pack IOS career and Floyd Mayweather undefeated career order. Said Pack House fights were battles who is also more well respected as a fire so shannon. What does he have a point? You can't tell them how he would feel. But I would rather have a floyd mayweather careers. But a lot of fighters do not like the way floyd approach to fight low and came to win not necessarily fight and you can't argue with the results get fifty endo and the first box to accumulate a billion dollars in prize in prize winnings so it's hard to argue fifty billion dollars and but like I said skip a lot of from be. Let let me take my skills if I can get to the end zone without having to run over someone. That's what I did now. They're attaboy skip out going to have to drop my shoulder and I to get up I to get my job. That was what get a first down or to keep the drive alive or to get the ball into the endzone. I get it but if I could do all of those things without having the law my shoulder and put myself in harm's way that's what I did. I didn't go look for someone to try to run over to prove how tough I was. Floyd approach was different skill. Floyd says and trying to win the fight and I'm trying to minimize the amount of blood. The matter damage that I'm going to take for my short term and my long term health and for the most part skip we look at Lord. He's aboard in those big hits. He's a boarding those big shots and he's a lot better off for it. Bet a lot of box of our that we see skilled and I guess. Give a lot of guys like fighting with we fight. We fight flowing says no. I'm winning. I'M BOXING. Is this week science. I've mastered the science is that I give more than August and I'm gonNA walk him our rate. It's hard to say I WOULD. Demand doesn't know what his life and have someone say new with. He's the champ or and now thirty six one. He doesn't know what that's like and the outcome if hard to argue that skipped so. I would disagree with Sean. I would rather have floyd mayweather his career. Give me man. Oh Manny Paki Al Day or night or afternoon or evening anywhere L. A. Las Vegas New York. Give Me Paki Out Shannon when I've always loved about Manny. Paki out is that. He gives us everything he's got. He's pure entertainment because he he always fights with his heart in his soul. Where's it on his sleeve? If you want to engage he will engage if you WANNA BRAWL. He will brawl. I give you an of always given you. Floyd's the greatest defensive fighter ever for the shrewdest operator ever but watching. Floyd bores me to to jeers cheers to jeers. Is I don't like it. I don't like to watch it I don't like to stomach it. Manny said no I'm not gonNA flick and duck. I'M NOT GONNA JAB run. I'M NOT GONNA be Floyd I wanNA beat Floyd and yet Shannon in the end I look at at Floyd's career in it's been a mastery of avoiding huge fights eight huge moments. Because I don't I don't know what his fight of. The Century was except for the PAC. Hail five when Manny was thirty six years of age and Floyd got the biggest break of his life. Manny tore his rotator cuff three weeks before that bout sparring tried to fight with one arm basically tied behind his back needed surgery the next day on his cuff. And it was hard to watch it was decent brilliance by floyd because manny didn't have his second punch he fought one handed and and then. I look at the rest of food. Floyd's fights and he masterfully avoided every body when they were at their peak. He got de la Hoya when he was basically finished and then Shane Mosley was thirty. Eight years of age. Yeah you've finished him my Donna twice. I don't know he sucker punch victory. Tease. I'm not into that ghost. Guerrero Burto Conor McGregor. I'll give you the code of fight. I thought it was a very good fight. And that's that's fluids only claim to fame. Miguel Koto a unanimous decision man. Paki out gives you his his heart his guts his his warrior spirit. He gives it to every night he thought Marquez three times. I realized one of those times. He lost his mind a little bit letters. Mind wandering stepped into a punch got knocked out but against Timothy Bradley. He got robbed one. Time is the worst robbery of ever seen in boxing history but he ended up fighting him three times in. They were warrior battles. Which brings me back to Sean Porter in Egypt said. Look Sean border said man. He's been in a lot of wars. And Sean says you know me. I like the war. The battle the entertainment. My God Ernestine. I have tended the Keith Thurman Fight in Las Vegas last August. And we're just blown away because manny blew the top off that Vegas arena. We never see thing like it. Patio fans go crazy for him. It's hard for floyd fans to go anything. Except wow that's nice. That's that's really great defensive boxing but he doesn't lift you out of your seat ever. It's all pack. Yeah I WANNA see pack. Yeah I wanNA see him again. I hope he keeps fighting. And then Sean Puertas final point is maybe the most powerful of all he said when patio goes goes out walks down the street. More people are willing to shake his hand. Say Hi to him instead a mean Mug in the way they might WanNa do Floyd. Because we all know floyd has been exactly a model citizen out of the ring. Pack yells a politician. He's a philanthropist. In his home country the Philippines and he's been a very different man outside the ring. Then Floyd so in the end if you're entertaining with that if he doesn't other philandering to you talking about Philanthropist Philander McCain. I understand that floyd seem for me. I'm not taking this. I'm just talking about the ring and I guess give. People don't like that floor especially the last decade of his career. He had an opportunity. He was his own promoted. He was own ball. He picked and choose who he wanted to fight. I get that but more boxes should take a hold of their career and not let they do it all the work and making an if I doing all the work should. I make the most money so he did. He did de la Hoya he beat Marquette. Please shut up. He beat Ricky. Had he be all the guys that you talking about a? Maybe he beat those guys. Yeah Corrales Pinterest shutout. He always pitched a shutout. He shut my eyes watching him. I would does off Stanton. It's just hard to watch. Its greatness I give you that but no I'm not I WANNA man who fights with his heart and that's man old Manny Paki out you know it and I know you grow to watch him too. I won't blow it floor. One guy is the money team baby. Tb The best Dabbagh reminded teams latest mailbag Jay Glazer said Odell Beckham. Junior was the player in the NFL. Public perception is the most wrong laser. Saturday is quote one of the nicest kind hearted guys Shannon. Do you agree. Dell's perception is way off here skill. thing for me is that your perception is your reality which might not be true. Now I've been around a handful of times skipping he's been buried Korte he's been buried receptive. We talked fuel. Cajun so I can but I'm just saying but what if what about people that have not been around. Odell that just watch him on the field and see what he behaves. That's their reality. That's the perception of him. That's a reality. So you project you know what you project is what people want to proceed. They see a guy kicking nets they say a guy taken his helmet off slaying. They see a guy getting into it on the field. So in order for you to be preceded positive light you're going to have to reject a positive light and so I don't know if Odell has done the best job of doing that on the field. I agree with Jay. Having been around him skip. He's different but that's not what he projects and so people that that are not like myself and Jay Glazer. That doesn't get a chance to be around. Odell outside of that Freddie you know what are they supposed to believe I am with you? I know where you're coming from. I know where Jay's coming from but in the end the Odell icy on the field is nothing but a showboating. Look at me diva. Who's more more interested in starring than winning? He's the ultimate player in the ultimate we or team sport. So you might have seen this last week and actor passed away. Who Played Eddie Haskell? On the leave it to beaver. Sitcom series background fifties and sixties and Eddie haskill. Who'S THE CLASSIC GUY? Who would always win the adults around be over courteous and polite like Super Nice? Then when the adults are gone it turns back into that jerk. Who said get? Outta here squirt. Leave it to beaver point. Is it that? Yeah Oh got that in. When the adults are around would Shannon's around when Chris cars around he can be very nice and very open and and very easy to deal with and talk to and then all of a sudden he goes back into his environment on the in the locker room and the football field and he goes back to being the Odell. That's hard to win with. So I'm sorry I I get that side of him but the Odell I understand all too well as the guy. Who'S THE DIVA showboat? We're he's still can change the perception. I think the greatest job of changing perception of oneself is Randy Moss. Look how Randy Moss were you'd when he played and look at. How Randy Moss? Is You now skip? He demanded he changed the perception. And then once he put that side up people forget about some of the things that happen in Minnesota and Oak- Oakland income about.

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