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The Best of Bob & Sheri (Airdate 5.22.2020)


Kosice your summer to win. I was about every summer. We'd take a vacation summer. Belton date summer fest. Wait for the million times. I don't WanNa go to summer camp loose but this is your entire summer entertainment. Everyone you time now from the Bobbin sharing studios. Here's Bob and Sheri much. I think it was my first trip overseas where I suddenly realized that America was different in a little small area. Different from everywhere else in the world and that small area was ice. Because I couldn't get enough ice in any of the drinks that I was getting in London. England and I don't think I drank alcohol then I was like twenty three and I don't think I drank alcohol so I wanted I wanted cokes. But they'd give you like a if they gave you any ice at all. You get like two puny little cubes. I like a lot of ice in my drinks. And that's why I was reading this food magazine and I was very attracted to this. These are what we Americans use ice for one through ten. Okay especially in the summertime. The number one thing that we like in the summertime with ice is lemonade really. Yeah that surprised me to clean. That's class yeah number. Two a soda you. I thought that was going to be number. One number three is water number. Four is whiskey now other cocktails for some reason or not on. This list am so surprised that whiskey top four summer cocktail. I know I thought so too. I thought it would be a tonic. Gin and tonic whiskey as a winter. Yes hold on. I know number five coffee ICED coffee. Which do you like Ice Coffee I do? I just want while. I don't like it a lot. That's because you've had very bad experiences trying to get like the like the it's always a Barista that didn't understand what iced coffee was not at a starbucks at one of those hotel kiosks and said I'd like some. I'd like some iced coffee. I think about this guy the guy who was about nineteen and I said like some ice coffee. It's very hot out there today. Said Ice Coffee He said when I SPEC here but there's an ice machine like down the hall so I said all right. I soon have a cup and I went down and came back and I said here it is and he poured hot coffee. The ice melted and then he charged me to forty. Always something number. Six is white wine. I do not like ice in wine. I'm not a I don't like that at all. I'M NOT A. I'm not much of a white wine drinker. I like through Sakho and try My wife likes to sparkly and delicious. Elect number and let me speak for your wife. We can put down a lot of it before we get tipsy. I know that Oh let me tell you know that is the truth. That girl. That girl could put a bottle about stuff down like it's water. What is it about And women you'll have like hollow legs. I I don't drink very much of it but it's delicious note to self. Don't refer to your wife is having a hollow leg. Any reason reason yeah Then orange juice and then red wine who would put who would put ice in red wine. What kind of the Thal would do that I see people do that alive because they just while. They're not red wine but they WANNA try some red wine and they want something that's cold and that's what they're used to. Yeah because for some people they the warmness of it is not appealing and if summertime. You know you're not you know we drink. We drink red wine too Too much of a room temperature. It's not supposed to be actually room temperature that we have in the United States in Europe. It's a little cooler because they don't run The heat is high. Did you know that? Yeah I believe you might want to refrain from using the word neanderthal. When you talking about drinking Ason read one. Because what's going to happen is you're going to end up at some appearance and some big guy who's going to be like six five. Three twenty is going to explain how the only way his wife can have a glass of wine when they go out on their anniversary to have a couple of ice cubes in his red wine and And then you're going to be apologizing. A little it was a little harsh your judgment was a little slap. Hey you want me to do. Bob's high horse there you go. We didn't say saddle up on the neanderthal red wine drinkers. I believe resettling up right now. You're south now from the bottom cherry studios. It's time for the bit called bombs horse. Now your host up there with the air is rare in Bob Lacey folks. Have you never been to a movie and seeing somebody drink red wine or you half? Did you ever see them? Go over to the old ice bucket and drop in some ice. Just meet you. I have traveled quite a bit with the magazine. Cable Your Bob's nighthorse. No one can criticize you already on your high. Warn axe love this show because I could be on my high horse or in the Criticize it turns out of. I think that's right. I am so looking forward to them coming off the road one day. Cherry telling us before Bob shows up so there was this big guy that showed up and brought up this topic of red wine and finally got Bob. Got a beating is that you wanted to finish it. S A number nine is milk and finally ten is fear pick. I don't even know if I've ever seen anybody put ice. Given here excelled I moon. Ice Takes me a long time to drink a blue mooks. But basically he's linked some OATMEAL. It's heavy to me anyway. 'cause I'm not a beer drinker but Tom. I get to the bottom third of that Blue Moon. I'm sneaking into it really. It's not cold anymore but a heathen as raised by wolves. You know what I would do in this situation. It's just throw that right out and get another one. Fresh open horse still would a beer in my way. Hey congrats Zimbabwe so. He gets to work with Sherry. Lynn named one of the most influential women in radio work. Twenty nineteen here's Bob and Sheri. I have to admit that I was wrong. God I hate seeing those words but you and I were taught to happen so infrequently yeah thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate that. I said that Burger was a sandwich and You said it's not a sandwich. It's the Burger and so a survey was done and burgers are not a sandwich but The the survey asked like a lot of Americans like four thousand Americans. What are the best sandwiches and they would? In order to get the best. You had to have a like to dislike ratio. That is very high like rather than Dislo. Okay okay so I'll just get right to it. The ten sandwiches with the best ratio of likes dislikes are in this order. Grilled CHEESE GRILLED CHICKEN. Turkey roast beef club be Lt Ham pulled pork. Peanut butter and Jelly and tuna and here are the ten sandwiches with the worst ratio of dislikes. What what is this thing here? A muff Valetta. Falana awful. So good that. That is the most disliked. What's in Buffalo? I don't even know move. It's like US Lami. It's big in New Orleans. It's Salaam into an olive salad and it's on like this special a lot of bread so people don't like it in America. It's it's it's one of those things when you go to New Orleans you have to have it. Oh yeah what kind of bread is it? It's late it's like a yeah like a hoagie. No no kind of like a body like okay right. After that. It's a crab cake. Lobster roll is number three being disliked with the ratio. Well now you now we feel after you just this them. Falente there is no comparing bef- Aleta to a lobster. There's no comparing anything to a lobster roll. I'll tell you one thing that's true. My next cat is named Valetta. Cheese tomato follows Cuban follows. You know I'd come to light Cuban sandwiches a little bit now. I never used the like them but I do. Kinda liked him but they have to be really good. You know supermarket Cuban sandwiches. Really Good Cuban Faster Pastrami Ruben. I haven't had a reuben years. This Ruben you know there's so much going on you're exactly right. I can't with the roots it's saw messy Aruban. Can't I haven't had one of years? I've been loves those. He does way too much so what we have corn beef in it right and Sauerkraut and Rhode Island dressing. And it's on a different type of bread is that UNR- I like Ri- yeah that's right French. Dip and then egg salad is his last. Yeah what what is I mean? How do you describe French? Dip It is a roast beef sandwich on A hoagie roll a crusty hoagie roll. That's right you dip into a little bowl of as you read with every bite. I don't like that too much. Of course you don't of course you. Don't you know why because of who you are an American and I can not like something by American? A flinty uptight puritan. I know you are but what am I the sensual pleasure of having gravy dripping down his arm why would I want gravy dripping down my sack? I don't like gravy to begin with exactly like not rely heavily like everything dry. You want your meat leather grain. Almost choke is. I'm eating because you don't feel entitled to Pleasure Do Great Pleasure Stuff. You won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri cast on the Bob and Sheri App. Get it now. I tune store or Google. Play myself as a man that you know is is exciting. Anything happen around me. Anything could happen. You never know what I'm up to. But I'm I'm not that guy. I've just managers around here say could happen without. That's not the area that I'm interested in being citing a please stop. Please stop You know just the I'm not boring. You know that every day every day could be different. I do not think you're boring. You don't I don't as a person Utah as a person. I look who has spent more time with you. Yeah that's true and if I'm not bored by you know one should be bored by you. Well I think you're missing me because I am evidently very boring. Will your friend of mine. You're definitely I don't want to say predictable because that that sounds like a negative. That's that's the area that I'm going in. You're definitely predictable. It was it was so exasperated. A friend of mine who got me my first full time job in radio. He was the production director of this little station in Fall River Massachusetts. He's done very well and advertising business and he owns a beach house and He doesn't get to use it very much so I get to use it once in a while and the other well. Mary was going to be with her kids getting ready for school. In all and so last weekend I went to the beach took the dog and all I had that house all myself so I get a text message around nine o'clock in the morning or nine thirty in the morning and it's from my wife and she says good morning. Did you have that Second Cup of coffee? Walking around the house looking at the view out the back door yet. Oh you did. Oh are you on the way to go to the supermarket to pick up the New York Times and then go over to and she names the name of the restaurant that had just returned from and while you were at the restaurant did you get that special Omelette. You know the one with the spinach and the Cheddar cheese and the mushrooms and the Ham. Oh and did you get A v? Eight juice small a small. Va and now. Are you coming back and getting set to go down to the beach and walked the dog before it's time to take off the beach? She got every right down to mushrooms in my freaking onless. You don't even know. She text me screen shots of the entire exchange where she knew what you were eating what you were doing what you were reading in the order you were doing it all and I replied and yet he thinks of himself as an international man of mystery. Oh you didn't know that behind your back. We do that often. Is that happening? Just when you've done something extra colorful colorful code word. That's code word. You think politicians have gone words. That's a code word. You're not the only one that sends me the occasional photo of you standing on a Barstool swiping. It Spider webs with a mop. She got me a hundred percent. You know being predictable is not bad. I don't think it's his out exciting though it's not a it's not what a woman wants. A woman doesn't want to marry. Oh my my husband be. Oh He's so predictable now actually well. I think it depends on the person it depends on. What your prior experiences have been I. I like some predictability. I don't WanNa come home every day and not know what I'm coming Home Komo craziness you don't WanNa come home to not even craziness. I don't WanNa come home and not know. Are you going to be angry today? Or you going to be sulking today or you're going to be had. No woman wants a woman wants that. I'd rather I would rather be able to set my watch by what you're thinking about eating and all of that. I'll send that to you. She said all the stuff that I yeah I have screen shots of your text exchanges. How else would I know? You want me. Oh you don't believe me okay. Let me read them to you. Let me just go right ahead. Arena to hang on. Why pulled them back up. Of course. Oh My god Bob Yeah. You're endlessly entertaining. Well toll in seventh grader. So I wanted to be an entertainment and you are so Saturday. Eleven oath three. Am Mary tax. Twenty Bucks says you're walking around the house right now with a cup of coffee staring out. The windows and the bed is UNMADE. Bob Replies with the POOP EMOJI now. You're eating an Omelet with spinach and Hammond drinking half caffeine tomato juice. Possibly reading the paper if they have one or you stopped and bought the New York Times to which Bob Replies with a photo of the New York Times that he's bought on his way to get his omelet and then he goes. Actually you're wrong. It was a eight lick. That was some sort of victory and then And then Bob says it kills me that my morning and Mary says angle all day brother going back to the House to survey then. It's time for lunch. Naptime which will be a good choice. Because it's quick and you're thinking about going out to dinner Jewish bob replies I hate myself centered and then we all laughed and left and left. You don't feel that way. Be Glad you're a source of joy in the spoiled Margaret. Doing you know what this is a hard life. Any bad things can happen at any moment and to have laughter. Comradery would it you give at my expense. I want to ask the audience are. Are you just so predictable? What what what is it? Actually the best way to ask is your. There's the person that you're with so predictable and give examples about what they do either everyday day or all the time and it kind of drives you. Outta your mind okay. Eight eight eight zero B. S. H. E. R. I the old eight two six two seven four seven. Let tell you what's going to happen next. I'm going to say so. Tell us about the really irritating predictable habit of somebody who live with. Then I'll say this is Bob. And Sheri and maximal play a sound effect and Bob will get up and leave the room and pace around the hallway. 'cause you're so predictable but HE Z. Annoying predictable habit. This is bobby. We've got them for on with Bob and Sheri. He's a moron. It's morons in the news that we start out with the two thousand and nineteen equivalent of banging of room into the ceiling. Because you're upstairs neighbors are being too loud. A guide Phoenix was angry. A few nights ago because the people in the apartment just above him were too loud. He banged on their door to tell them to quiet down but when they didn't answer he went to Plan B. He grabbed his gun and he started shooting into his ceiling. One of the bullets ricocheted down and hid Hameeda face. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Nobody else was injured. And Charges. Against Him are pending. You can't shoot at your neighbors through the scene. No matter how much noise they're making today's more on of the day is twenty nine year old Chad as in of people Louisiana. He was riding a tricycle with no lighting in the middle of the night. You know like you do when you're twenty nine year old man when police observed him. How big was the tricycle? Like a tricycle t tricycles and their agenda like a tricycle child like a five year old strikes Golo with no lighting. No leading so police spotted him and they made contact with him. At which point he became very nervous and started yelling profanities at the police which they just love it. Just love would do that so they searched him and they found a pipe. A glass pipe with crack residue and they were unable to complete the search because as they were searching him he took off running but they were able to catch him very quickly and they witnessed him with their is throwing bags of methane cracks and they were able to recover those discarded bags of Meth and crack because with their eyes. They saw where they had been thrown. Good police right there. He was arrested and transported to jail where he remains waiting for someone to post bond on him and the truth of the matter is he. Looks like a contestant on the bachelor and handsome. God look like this is what I was thinking. Seasons Bachelor Twenty nine years old. That rose ceremony goes. I mean like I didn't know about that. Tricycle ride at night with the bags of Matt made a connection and I really thought something. Text the word Moron. Two eight eight two six two seven four three seven and we'll send it to your phone. The mayor of Mexican village was dragged through the streets by people who said he failed on his election promises. If we did that in this country we'd be the most violent country on the face of the earth. We'd have no politicians right all right. Let's go to run a meeting New Jersey and now I have a personal connection because I have a crazy cousin who lives just as it would happen to run me New Jersey where police say a church. Bingo night went very very wrong. After two players taped a number under their car declaim a Bingo. Win Seventy one year. Old Theresa Davis and thirty eight year old Kisha rocking thin said Bango at the saint. Maria Gerrad tall but a church volunteer. Couldn't help but notice the Scotch tape so the two residents were arrested and charged with improper behavior. A Paris official says this is the first time in twenty years of Bingo at Sainte. Marie Garate Church. That we've had Chidi shame. Ladies Save the know who I really feel. Sorry for out of those two. It's the seventy one year old because she's been going that church for decades. She's got friends there. She's got neighbors there. And now she's the scourge of the Church and she thought me she got talked into it by a guy who was like grandma come on big I know I know seating at church being also their bed shears. I beat it was probably pretty easy to spot. The Scotch tape on one of the numbers right now. How they saw the scotch tape with is just like today's more on the day. Come on people work a little bit harder art. It's Friday and you know what that means the People's movie critic stuff you well here on this. Show that Bob and Sheri podcast on the Bob and Cherry. This showed me. I'm going to describe this show and see if you don't agree with me. This sounds like a bummer. To Watch and I and I love the Guy Who Stars in Ray Romano. It's a drama on. Tnt Ray Ramana Ramana stars in a show called men of a certain age. And it's about three college-aged friends who are now in their forties and going through a MIDLIFE CRISIS. Ray will play a divorced father of two. Who once dreamed of being a Pro Golfer but now runs a party store. Oh my God oh my God no please. Lord never make it that. I'm alone at night with a bottle of anything and this comes on please. I'm begging you and it's a drama comedy. It's a drama men of a Certain Age Ray Romano with the hangdog face and he runs a party store and you wanted to be a pro golf. So we'RE GONNA watch. These men grapple with midlife disappointment exactly realization. That some dreams can never come true. These divorce loneliness exactly. Where's the appeal with this on with US cage fighting on we watched some page by men? It sounds like one of those things you'd see on what's that women's channel the lifetime men of a certain age homemade God it does. I'm not saying it doesn't reflect reality to a certain point but it does. Sound like a bummer. However isn't it high time that there was some realistic programming on television? An arena for men to explore their feeling terrible idea. You don't want an arena for mental disappointment and feelings the look at that you can look in the mirror. Half the guys listening can look in the mirror and see that. We don't want to see that match passion Bob. Rae in the store Sherry coming in parties of this music is perfect. Put put this music. Well here I am alone. I don't know if I should have that third glass of wine tonight. Fourth Day of rainy weather put on the TV. See what's on now. It's Ray Romano Researcher. Men of a certain age college course. Father Dreamed of being a pro off. Take off risk at least runs the party store on my God. Look at him. Oh the he's. He's getting hooky hats for a woman probably her kids father at home while there's no word on when it might ear hopefully after my death. Oh God is this. What's going to be? Is this the new thing? Is this the new thing lifetime for men he no there are? I think that it would be a lot of men bottle. This stuff up inside and it's good to be able to talk about you. Want us now feel disappointed and crushed and like they've failed a lot to that too and they have no one they can talk to about that they have no place. They can go for Comfort. A reassurance let me touch the lives of some of the some men who are going through something like this. I don't mean this is not gonNa make you feel better but this is something that I know guys went through your mind one time when you were in the situation like I just created for you there you stopped and said to yourself. You stood in the middle of the apartment. She got the house you stopped and said to yourself what happens in my life. Where did my life? Where did it go what happened? As a matter of fact I'll tell you what happened for Life Terry. Happen to Your Life Terry You know women have places we can go to talk first of all we can talk about all this stuff with other women. But there's so much programming. Out there that kind of grapples with that for women. But I wonder if women don't process this stuff differently a lot of times I notice it. Women will listen to really sad songs or watch really sad things to help them process through any the sadness they have in their own life. I don't think men react to it that I think Max Right. I I really. Don't I think you know there's a few days not to say that men don't cry but the you know in situations like that but I don't think they process the way but wouldn't it be healthy for men to see modeled for them. Maybe in this Ray. Romano show to see that what they're experiencing is not unique to them that there are a lot of other men in that same place and that it's okay if it ends were ray takes off for a month with a rich woman whose father owns a liquor store to the Hamas. See most. That's going to happen to end for us to be satisfied and watch that every once or twice or reality. We don't want Reality Star. You're stuck in reality surly tot you WANNA process through something by watching something really sad on TV that mirrors. What's going on in your own life? You want to watch a ball game. That's right and eat meat. That's right at me like beer. He writes up. Go get a James Bond movie. That's what we need to do. Crew spinner this better not be some new sort. We've that's coming through. I am so disappointed in Ray. Romano overselling out his gentle yet at night. Todd cuddles up with his rare collectible. Reggie Jackson Doll into Reggie's Jersey. Because he's a single dad of certain age true. Don't even turnpike so much. It's Bob and Sheri Wait Ago. Sherry named again. This year is one of the most influential women in Radio Years Bob and Sheri so it was seventy nine years ago way back in one thousand nine hundred forty that the tallest man in history Robert Wed low died at the age of only thirty two. He was only thirty two years old when he died. How tall wasn't not? Why don't you guess if you can guess? He wore size thirty seven shoes. He was seven feet nine inches. I think he was over eight. You're right. He was eight feet eleven inches tall. He was almost nine feet tall. You know what happens on vacation? I was in the Airport in Chicago making a connection with my wife and we were sitting in a restaurant that was open to people passing by and all of a sudden. This couple walked into the restaurant and I looked over at them. They just caught my eye. The guy had to be over seven feet and his wife. Now I've seen guys that tall before and and they catch your attention because you don't see people that tall very often. His wife was almost I level the two of them when they were the tallest couple that I've ever seen in my wife in my life and I looked over and he caught my eye and was watching me to see if I think staring at them and I wasn't but he caught my an averted my my from him and as he walked by sense that he was staring at me to see if I was going to follow him because he probably they probably get them all. You know but you don't see you know to people who are that tall. They were just amazing looking and I was just wondering how did they meet you know was was this all of a sudden he sees her. He's so tall and he sees her and he goes. Oh my God and they were very attractive woman that that is almost as tall as me. He did the Cliche is always will. Maybe they met basketball. I would you know I was to say that I know it. But that's okay. I think people like that. Get that all. The time is a matter of fact I knew somebody who is very tall and someone asked him. It was at a party. Somebody said did you see. Cut them right off. I never played basketball. Just did it got so tired of listening to that so it was interesting that after seeing them. I read in a news article couple of days later that only three percent of men want to date a woman who is taller than they are and only three percent of women want to date a man who is shorter than they are. Look at you. You're in the three percent in the three percent because my wife is One wanted she two inches two or three inches taller than I am. She says to. I think three depending on the shoes none of that's without shoes even cares like of all the stupid things. Evidently maybe seven percent of the population promotion cares. Good for you good for you for being in the three percent wasn't good news with your sat. But it's good news today. Yes No if if ninety seven percent of the women don't want to date somebody who's shorter than they are. I'd line of Action on the table. You know what I mean. That's the case. Then they're kicking themselves now. They walked by the And then someone else came at snapped you up. And now they're what was I feel so sorry for them. Petty exactly right barely suffer all of you. I mean that is really heartless. Ninety seven percent won't give brother a break here come on. They didn't know what they were missing. Yeah and the will suffer. Bigger is not always better. Beverly biggers that. What we were talking about spattered gone. Maybe I'm not I was. I wasn't staring at you. Just amazing to see the airport at the airport. Hope pit they were. They were in the exit row. It's sort find it at Bob and Sarah Dot com just just before you bring him on more question about Geo Storm. Do you think that movie was made to call attention to climate change? Now because it's been around I didn't get to this part. It's been around for years. They tried two years to find a place to stick it. They rewrote it is was a disaster from the get go so and it does it. Does it feel that way either? Okay it sounds like you can think of a place that could stick it. I ask Lamarcus guys because the other day I posted a picture of Lamar on facebook. Telling people you know. People's movie fans that he was reviewing Geo storm and it was a picture that Lamar sent me. He's at work. Lamar manages the ANHEUSER. Busch Distribution Center in Spartanburg South Carolina and Lamar is standing at work wearing jeans and a black shirt leaning on a budweiser truck and one of the comments on the picture was is Lamar married because that could be his tinder. Pick and Lamar. I just want to say I agree with that person I think her name is Stephanie. And I think that it's a very sexy photo of you and in this photo people's movie critic which you can see on facebook you are like the embodiment of raw American masculinity. Yeah I hear that all the time a big ass beer truck Budweiser Onusida. Bob Saw the picture to what when you saw the picture. Did that. Jump out at you. Did you not sexy moves? People's moving. I had two reactions one. That is the most masculine man that I have ever seen. And the other one is who gets his nails done. Who gets discounts can eat no. It's a great shot. I mean it's fresh fresh in the gotta be fresh in needed all time. All I mean the. The side of the truck looks fantastic. It looks like actual big Bud. But can't yeah. I imagine that when you were court in your woman your wife Karla that you probably and you can be honest about it now because she said yes already you probably kind of use the light of that budweiser sort of iconography and all the ideas associated with that raw America masculinity to lure her into your tent. Did you not people's movie critic. She had a couple of tours of the warehouse and early dating process. Yes couple of doors because you knew that she would be impressed by everything that you had to show. It's impressive. It is impressive when you come in and all the trucks there and then you go in the warehouse. And there's like two hundred and seventy thousand cases of it's impressive. It's impressive you know. What else is impressive? When you say it woman would you like to see the radio station CD Library? I use that scam more than once when you first. How many how many dates that. You've been on with Carla when you offered her a private backstage tour of the Bush Facility. Second the second day because you knew it was a deal. Sealer didn't you. Oh yeah they say that was a dealer. We'd been out to A. We'd been out to a thing downtown that they do a musical main. Have a band and that kind of stuff a good time and you have you ever seen the whereas of course you say where ever seen. What would you expect? You're saying yeah. Yeah used to break in regularly. Okay okay. Here's here's my question. I've got two choices. Do you want to go back to my duplex and see my etchings are. Do you want to go see the warehouse? The White House is way better than the duplex. Whether you more President I date. It says two different things you know one of them is let me show you something. You probably haven't seen before. Actually both things say that never mind. Never mind you. You can't ask. Who Do you think you can ask a woman back to your place on the first date? God no I don't think so. I guess some guys yeah go. Wouldn't you feel you've only? She's the cheesy feel like a Predator. And you'd be like worried about rejection. I know all three not good so rejection rejection. I know it. Yeah I get that ridiculous. I know what that is sound. Lamar when you When you swipe your special badge to gain access to the warehouse on date number two What was the first thing that you showed her? The cooler colours always the big impressive park. The big impressive parts you know. I just had of mental pictures. I'M GONNA keep it to myself. The Cooler Gylfi man. Lamar Journeyman if you miss movie critic's Review Geo Storm Text the word movie Emo V. E. Two eight eight two six two seven four through seven. We'll send it right to your phone old step into the cooler stuff. You won't here on the show the Bob and Sheri cast on the Bob and Sheri App. Get it now. I tuned store or Google. Play any joins US right now and. Patty has a little quirk. Tell us about all. I've got a few of on but one online is that When I dust or say I locked counters and the bathroom think it has to drive out ten to fifteen minutes before I put anything back on their UAE because it dries so quickly. Why did I don't know is what I feel. What would happen if you were to put something on a countertop before that amount of time Oh probably nothing I just have to come down about it and my wonderful husband. Has You know just understand puts up with it so in the beginning of your marriage you guys were first living together And he would like wipe a countertop and he would set something down on it. Would you go crazy? All I dislike? Move it to a dry spot so you worry about a stain then right. You know you're used used the pledge or whatever on it and You say I'm not. I'm not putting the lamp back on there because because this this will cause stain when I looked up here and said Patty. She has a dusting routine. You know what I thought. I'm going to be Hispanic. I thought it was like the sexy made outfit. You know I did because I know Tom. The calls feather dusters. Those are the only way he feels. The House is truly clean whereas if she wears nothing but a black lace teddy and stilettos while reaching up on Tiptoe Ramey ceiling fan That's what you thought this call was going to be. Yeah Hey where are you calling from? Patty Saint Louis seems. That's a hotbed Saints Michigan. You know what they call. George Michigan Ground Zero for ladies and french-made Teddy's right and that is the master of the House. Be Sitting in my the letter by dark red leather chair watching Patty Cheek. Could you get the top of the bookcase for Bob me out here? I think I missed the spy. All that's okay but I do like perfection. I hope you're not going to need to spank me. Later for being slovenly. That's what I thought Kathi but it turns out you. Just let it. Dry Grade of the syllable collarbone. That was interesting. Wasn't it pretty cool? Oh Bob cat crazy thing here is everywhere especially up on the fan. Patty chain can only reach fight. Tiptoeing stretching and my healthcare. That's okay whatever. I don't mind whatever it takes for you to feel good about accomplishing your job. Please you take your time. Take your time anything else I can do to please. You know. Wife's Hunter Way Home I. I'm sorry that you got involved in this Bill Brown. You're a sweetheart and you have a good weekend. Patty is going paces was going cheated. Totals patties probably like the school nurse in her town. So everyone's going. Did you hear about the nurse? So she dresses up in Fetish Gear Indus- and she was talking to the sex maniac on the radio. I didn't know that she had satellite places in the home. I don't know why this I don't know why this ties on ties right now but We're we're wrapping up segment. There is Some sort of a travel site called miss. Mis S travel. And you know what they do in the struggle site. They hook up sugar daddies. We've right about this young women who want to enter. Who WanNa travel you get your trip all expenses pay correct and they say that nothing is expected. But who are we kidding? Well you and I know a guy that was running that scam in Florida right. Yup so they have a list of the ten cities that women like to go to with these sugar daddies more than any other cities. Okay so here. They are number ten Austin Texas very cool city so she flies in from Michigan and meets the sky in Austin Texas who knows person dusting button. It's my first time in Austin. Right Number Nine Nashville Tennessee number eight. Honolulu surprised that Senate Hawaii to been higher for me on a trip. Number seven. Dallas Texas Number six Orlando Florida deigned. You'll magic kingdom kingdom number five L. A. Number Four. You would figure it would be pretty high up there Las Vegas New York on this number three Miami number New York City. Guess Number One. It's not that hard greensboro. No No. It's name Party said Vegas though you've already said Vegas in Los Angeles and Miami and Huddled Lulu Salt Lake City now. That's not even on the list. Let's San Francisco admits BEMIS for all right. Shame on you guys doing that. Bookcase this figuring. He's still take some time. It's Bob and Sheri here on this show Bob and Sheri odd cast on the Bob and Cherry. Hello There Lisa you. Are you good so I'm looking at the screen here and it said I'm just looking at what the words are? An I feel hot and irritated. You grew up on a cotton farm and my poor had seven girls under boyfriend at the end so we did all all the girls were were Falen cotton and would you call with the hey of fresh air. Hey they have like an genetically modified Pesticides so you. You had to literally walk through the roads every Rhode cotton with the whole on your shoulder and physically pull out every week. You couldn't spray it because it would ruin the cotton so we were like the Farm Labor and my dad was like the king of driving around in his. This is for my teenage mind perspective but we my sisters would be live at my dad's driving around and his condition trucks Minnesota. We're out there. Dredged sweat in hot and dry. You missed a spot. We'd be like right. You had a bend over and pull weeds from cotton fields. Yep All summer every morning five thirty in the morning until noon because then it was like one hundred ten degrees. We couldn't be out there. We're worthy cotton fields. What state was this in in Arizona? It was summertime and then the hey what would you do with the? Hey well. Hey we could. We actually can physically lift the bales. That's what usually bucks but we were not strong enough so we actually didn't do much with the. Hey but we irritated and we drove tractors. And we've picked up ROXETTA fields and but our main job was to hold the cotton and it was crazy and and my dad would be like you know you. You need to put some clothes on me. My sisters are like No. We're wearing our little short that our tank tops are sandals. We're not getting ten lines. I mean I was like I was not your typical girl. I don't think no. Did you get paid anything for this We got like I think it was like very minimal. I WANNA say two dollars an hour so goes cheap labor CSU twelve twelve bucks a day. Yeah we'll bucks day for yet picking cotton. You're cutting picker. Yeah I was and I remember begging everyday like we've been like my friends I was a Brat Oh You can't sleep in because when them cotton balls get rotten. You came pick very much. Cotton Endemol old cotton fields back. Only I knew a guy who grew up And his family had to they leased fields and grew tobacco and so when they were kids they would have to go out into the tobacco fields. And apparently there's some sort of worm or caterpillar that is attracted to tobacco and gloves onto the plant and they would have to go out into the fields with buckets and physically pulled a worm off the plant and throw them in the buckets. They would fill the buckets with these bugs. And there's something about the tobacco plants. That's really really sticky. There's like a sapper something on the anyway As a teenager the hair on his arms and legs would get covered with this tobacco sap and the hair would not up into little gooey balls. Can you picture? Had you've ever had anything if your yeah. He would spend the whole summer and he had no. This is a person with no pigmentation whatsoever. He would spend the entire summer blistered and peeling with with sap tobacco balls all over his body. Picking up buckets of worms grows. That is bad. He it started when they were about eleven or twelve and went right up through high school so in highschool he be doing that and then he tried to go out with jade and they would. They would meet other. They would meet girls who were also doing so. Picking sweaty barred war guy. Tell me once I was dancing with him. He said you have really rough hands. And I'm like well screw you go find someone else that. I'm a farmer. I work hard way to sit out now. Lisa out of the seven girls. Was there anyone that went to jail for anything no I oh Yes oh my gosh yes. That's so funny. I forgot which one which one so i. I'm the second all this other one just under me has had a really rough road. The rest of us have stayed pretty smooth but yeah so third third girl. So what do you do for a living now? Did you stay young farming left? I actually have a total city girl and I have three little boys and I stay home with them and I love it but nothing part I mean I truly appreciate it even though I we joked about it then I nothing hard for me I. I'm a hard worker and I I know it's it's an awesome thing to have in my belt. You know in my past so about the boy when he came along with the author picking cotton to. Yes my brother is fantastic. He was not ever a normal child he because he was raised out doing fine labor. He never played with toys. He never played video games at sixteen. He owned his on ranch. Lisa's on ranch and cattle and horses and Roku writing to do that now. He's amazing and he was raised by his parents and seven sisters so he's probably rate with women he's amazing. I truly could sing his praises all day. He's a very incredible map. It's Bobbin Sherry and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri I'd cast on the Bob and Sheri App get it now in. It store or Google play cookie. Cookie were you first time. Caller call ready here. Cookie is your name cookie and your dog is named Oscar and typically the way right. I know That would be a whole `nother show if I told you how I got my name and I promise I was dating now. You have to tell us. Tell us the story is all too. I had A. I had a sister named candy. Me TASSIE IN GINGER. And you didn't date any of them bought my when my first girlfriends was cookie and then your first wife was handy. Yeah Yeah uh-huh Yeah Braille and we're really normal but but my dad just gave us these high time out. There would be near. Oh I'm sorry about. Hey No zeke comes naturally about Oscar. Oscar is a little Datsun and He is all by bark and no bite. And we say things like. Oh Gosh Hymns appre boy Michele Pistou of the world pretty boy of the world cookie do it like you are actually talking to us okay. Michelle of Borough. Pretty Belay as the world of the world when we do that. He's going around and around and around the coffee table right then. We'll say him the prebolly previously he just looked at you little was and then two other things he Guards washing machine. We can't really wash clothes while he's there because he stays there. He likes patrols washing machine. Thank you either. What sort of I've fabulous jewels are hidden in the washing that he's guarded arts washing if y'all can't vacuum or do laundry while Oscars there here's my question. Does Oscar have a job? Did he goes to every day going outside. I'll have to sit him outside washing machine. He's Okay. He'll standard the whole time until it stops spinning. It's just a really cool crazy. They're they're real smart dogs but he sleeps so every night. If he doesn't get into bed with us he cries and then What else goes? Hey I was gonna tell you something else about what's Oscars mind you know. Gar Guard the washing machine while it spins. But what is my husband and I sit there and we think about six house that is GonNa be whenever he has away it. We sit there and almost cry thinking about this. This is what's pathetic. Let him from I did. I can hear it yeah. What's your husband's name? Cookie recipe cookie rusty with with Oscar. How old is Oscar ex six? How Long Do How Long Oscar Weiner Rainer I don't mean to bring up a sore subject but how long deductions generally live about between twelve and fifteen years case rusty. God willing have many happy years ahead with Oscar. Thank you so much L. Y'All have listened to the L. Thank you so much. We love having you here. He just I just WanNa come in again because I thought it was interesting that when we shared that had dated or married women with the same names cookies relatives. Cookie was quick to point out that her family is normal. Thanks for coming. Second Time Max on your behalf Bob. As your representative your. How can we take that in any other way? But there's no other way share and she's a decent person really is no other. I come across crazy. Oh minor normal like I'm not dorm normal things I just. I was wondering if there was another way to take that that we miss it. Just drop it and say hello to Rebecca. Hi Rebecca. Hi You have two dogs to enter Walla. Their names Yorkies nine. Ralphie of its name was pro pogo. Okay and how do you talk to Ralphie Ralphie? I've had Ralph along TYCO and I taught arouse like I like a normal person. I try. He'll and he'll hoard the dog and help. I had a separate godbolt and cocoa go to one and Ralph to that one. I don't tell clip from my way. I her eight. I get married and allow now. And he'll tell his tail he'll walk away a then here played and walk away knowing eight in front of him. It's like COCO craft fans online. So you just talk to them like they're like you're the only one really this morning. I think maybe one other person was doing that through. Thank you thank you. We're out of time Rebecca. We could hear more. I feel awful. I would like to know more about hokey Cocoa Cocoa Pogo. But it's cocoas. Coco the Chihuahua. Rothrock drawn know. All I can say bobbies. Tomorrow's another day there you go and maybe you'll get some good emails today from people about their dogs and you down there. You don't go stuff you won't hear on this. Show the Bob and Sheri podcast on the Bob and Sheri Hill there Kerry. How are you good morning? How are you doing fine? We're as usual a little confused. Nothing most organized people. But we're glad you made your way in here today. Now this is about your car. Yes what well it actually ran over my husband. How'd you make it do that? No no no no no no no no say how did that happen? I'm sorry how did that happen? I wasn't in. It is actually a is that like an on star feature. You got no talk slow. I'm taking Newt's missing car and I had come home from work and we were getting ready to head back out for You know a couple of days away with the family and I was inside packing and sudden. He comes crawling literally in the front door screaming. My Name. What happened in my car is still out in the middle of the road with the door open and I have no idea what happened so he was coherent enough to actually get the story out. I apparently when I had gotten out my purse hit the Garin popped into neutral and it started to roll down the driveway and I don't know what it is. He thought he could stop it. I don't know if the guys think that they're you know equipments synonymous with the CAPER. Something but they do. They think they're superheroes. How much? How bad did it get him? Well actually it was. We're very lucky. he was wearing flip flops and so he had tried to get the door open. And you know to get in but our drive on a slight incline and as it was rolling back. He couldn't quite get in the sitting position as he's going backward and He ended up just flat on the road and had the duct because the door was open. And you would hit him in the head and so it ran over One Foot and the ankle the other you know because he was wearing the flip flops in bones had room to spread out so he just had a really bad case of road. Rash and some bad bruising. You wouldn't foot run over and flip flops with broken. He was so lucky. But you know we called the the nine hundred eleven. Because I knew I didn't want to try and move and get him to the hospital. The police showed up and I had moved the car back into the garage. And I have never been interrogated by an officer anything so they separated us to get our stories and you know. He pointed to my car and he said you know. Is this the vehicle in question and I was like. Oh my God it was starting to sweat. Let me ask you. This was was his plan to jump in the car and it sounds like to stop it to stop it. So he wasn't going to throw up his arms like Superman and try to stop it with his own strength. He was going to jump in the car right. Yeah he was trying to. What kind of car was it? It was a Saturn just a little sedan four door. So what I'm hearing here is is Manual transmission. Put it in Park and leave your big purse near the thing to knock it into neutral incline. Gotcha things to avoid. By the way. All my life was manual transmission. So you know that's what I love and So somehow it just hit that Garin popped it into neutral and what a tragedy. You know. Near-miss can you imagine how terrible you felt? I know and we talk about that right now because we have children and Gosh they were in the driveway. I WANNA go there without one. But here's the here's the funny thing you know. A state of our society here as was happening there was a white Bronco. That was coming down. Our street saw the whole thing happened responsible for everything cal hope. Oj OJ is so guilty. He's added again ladies and gentlemen. He's running over your husband's something. There was a white bronco that went by. It's sure was well. You know this one had a happy ending and wended. When did the police finally stopped investigating you and believe that you were? It was actually that day because I wasn't even aware that anything had happened until he had hobbled himself back up our driveway into our front door. And you know I love. I love shares questions in this now. Exactly how did that happen with the purrs okay the perse disengaged long? How long did the police talk to? You say what did you say to make the pope go away? I said I didn't even know anything had happened. I was inside packing Of course you know backed up the story. She anywhere near he goes. I was in the garage. I heard something move behind me. And claiming yeah they were really good about it and the and the police did actually say you know if if anything constitutes an accident. This really does so so did your husband. Your husband's does. Was he just complaining about it like for weeks? Well he actually you know I I was. I felt really bad. He handled it. Just great. You know and he's still has some scarring today it when it's GonNa rain does boy permanent damage so we were very very lucky. Kerry thank you very much for Sherry. Thanks you for all the information. It's Bob and Sheri and stuff you won't hear on the show. The Bob cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now in store or Google play. Let's go to Hillary. Hi Hillary how are you? I'm good so your nephew is watching. Your House is and he's very very mature. I mean anytime I go anywhere I let him watch everything or or you know. Do Take Care of everything animals or whatever and so the first summer that I lay him. Do this My daughter and I decided to go to the mountains. So we're six hours away and my father cows and he says Hillary your pool is making the ground exile wet. And you know you're going down. The expects me to drive six hours back home to pick my pool right then. They're coming to find out. My nephew is babysitting everything and taking care of everything. His brother since wins and the proof so which hits now he puts a hole in the liner. Yes yes so. He puts his big home in. Well I guess it started out small but as the water. We're going through it. It just stretched out so when I get home I have to replace the whole line or it can't be packed. You can't be fixed it. I have to take my pole. I'm sorry Hillary I I'm still not beyond the the nephews brothers has toenail that is either sold long. Hang on hillary or so disgust. There's something it's like no I'm done for the day. You know what I comes to find out. They trimmed their males like straight across that the edges are sharp or appointed. And that's it and say please. I'm begging pillory. We cared knows this much like that. Yeah I've learned something I don't have a gun I'm GONNA start trimming my nails differently. So I've got like ten weapons at my stand baxter or I will take off my socks because Ronald Bank in the the back. So how your beautiful? You're beautiful so what what happened on. I had to replace my whole life which is like sixteen hundred dollars. Probably not a lot to some people but it is to me a lot of money. Yeah I just lost my husband and my daughter and I used to send it to the beach so my daughter and I thought we're going to do something differently so we were like you know what we can go to the mountains anymore. But it's just far away but actually we do and I did anybody to come in my yard except for the nephew the assets. I'm like do not in my yard. Don't touch my house. And and he came in the House and eight hundred feet up like a shot Tony. I'm eating I don't know what Hiller couldn't let him back in either. That's quite a cross to bear thing. Not just that. I had to put sixteen hundred dollars in the pool. I had to out my kitchen too and it's like horrible because I like my bedroom to work even though the one nephew is the perfect child. I have no clue how he got in his family. He's like literally perfect but then the brother is like I have no clue what happened there. Can you imagine the the amount of money the brothers spends on socks? I mean he's be shredding these things left and right or sheets what is what does he do two sheets. Hey keep him out of your bed. Hillary. I know you don't sleep. No no one gets in her bed thing this closet like every morning. I anticipate what's going to happen on the show today. I talking on this one. It's Bob and Sheri Yet. The more of the day's sent right to your phone. Moron to eight eight eight. Bob Share to sixteen seven four three seven. So this is this is like Iran ick. I'm online and I find this article. Twenty one minor inconveniences that literally piss everyone off and that sounds like me. Doesn't I twenty to twenty one actually twenty two? When I add one that I am not going to give you mess. But here's why it's ironic some going through it and to be honest with you. It's a little under lame side when you want to sneeze but you can't when your iphone dies and you have to wait the longest five minutes of your life for it to come back before you can you know. Make a call to somebody and I'm reading it. And when your socks start falling down inside your shoe Blah Blah Blah some reading this but I look over and there is an ad that's been chasing me for days from the Peter Manning Men's clothing company in New York City very quickly Peter. Manning is a small boutique store in New York City. And they sell for guys that are not tall and one you and I were there doing some business. I went to that store and I sat and now they have the everywhere I go online. It's Peterman I can't do anything without Peter Manning chasing me now. I did buy a few things there so fast forward. I'm I'm you know alleys weddings coming up. There's going to be the rehearsal dinner. Well the rehearsal. Dinner is not going to be formal but I have the perfect sport jacket except I don't have the right pants and the right shirt so I said to myself. I'm going to go to Peter. Meaning right they're going to ship it right down because they had my size for the not too Tall Guy Perfect. I go online and a goat the peers there. Though those are the pants I'd have to pay for a Taylor and I hit it and they went shall we. Shall we get back to you when we have your saw stock? They're always out of stock. And so I went. Oh God and I went away so now I'm online things that really piss you off and guess what's following me. Peter Manning with the pants that I want but I can't have okay Peter Manning I I you don't have my pants all right all right. I understand. I'll go pants. I'LL GO PANTS LOUIS. But just leave me alone when we when we go to the break. I'm gonNA delete all the cookies off your IPAD. Yeah and that I'll do it all. I'll take every last one of them and we'll see if that doesn't solve your Peter Manning problem and it's a good store I'm not. I'm not knocking it. Are you getting it on your phone to Not as much as you do all your search on your IPAD. I'll take all the cookies off your IPAD. Okay we'll see because it is. It is a bitter thing when you when you want something. Don't even have it in stock. You you'll get you'll get these little things like did you forget. Your item is still waiting. It isn't my Adam doesn't even exist. Apparently in yeah I know. Yeah tries you crazy? And there's another thing. I decided to subscribe to a magazine and they said it's ten dollars a year for this magazine. Right it's a travel magazine. And when I yeah I like that magazine and you can have free access to the last one hundred and fifty years of our magazines or something like that so I go to Get free access. Lee said You haven't filled this out completely and they keep telling me. Is there something wrong? I know we all have busy lives. Now they're jerking me around I know. Are you forgetful? Are you dumb ass? You know I've already filled it out. I call up the magazine which is though easy thing I get a woman who was about one hundred fifty years old and I said what's the deal here. I already already cash my check. And she said yes. Yeah we understand right in here I said well on I one hundred fifty years of Your Maggot will you? Should have it sir. Not Getting it but this they said but then I I go okay. I'm going to finish filling out the form and guess what it says they'll be ten dollars please. The ten dollars according to this world pool. You know what? You're just a man with no pants can't go anywhere until that's right. That's exactly who I the world has made you a pants Lewis Recluse to kick on vacation you know just thinking about it though I feel freer. Look you've got a lot less responsibility. Let's EXAC no one can ask you to do anything because you got no no pants and also you can't travel. I don't know where to go next time very once. Kid when you just want a taste of Bob and Sheri text the Word Fund Side. Eight eight eight two six two seven four three seven and we'll send it right to your phone this. We will okay Sherry. What's to do some more these? I found these things. Twenty one minor inconveniences. That just piss everybody off so we are down to when you're rushing to get somewhere and you start hitting every single red light. I know that's one that just drives you crazy. That's my every day right when you're watching something and suddenly the audio becomes unsinkable. That doesn't happen all that often. Netflix's does I have. That problem happened. Netflix kid watching ultraman again yet. what you get comfortable in if feels so good you're comfortable and all of a sudden you desperately need to use the bathroom like that When you're on the couch and you can't seem to find the remote anywhere on what it is with my wife. But like she's watching. Tv and bed. I've gone to work. You know and then I come home and I would like to take a nap and put on like some old Kaba movie in the just those off and she takes the remote and instead of leaving it somewhere. Obvious like on the bed or on the nightstand right next door. She takes it for some reason and puts it in the garage. It balser Sonata. Calling her at working she goes. Excuse me I have a patient at work said WWe motives. Are you calling me the middle of work to find the remote? It's in the garage. You know what you should do. You should put a tile on your all these things put a tile on man you you don't have to ask because see this all this asking. It accumulates and after a while were like Ding. Dong can't find the remote but if you had a title then all the sudden you'd be like James Bond. Yeah she'd be all like wow. I don't feel needed anymore. And you'd be having the last laugh because you bag. Yes yeah where do I get tile? I'll ask her. I'm afraid to tell you I just deleted all your cookies. In a week you'll be going every day by another tile things. He'll be out of his mind again. I don't have any problem like my father. Did with the car keys in wallets his. I tell you I am trained. I am so trained to put it in the same box as soon as I walk in the door but herself has gas lighting you with the remote. That's what she's doing and then she'll come home. See here's how you'll buster in the gas lady you'll have the tile on you know where exactly come home and she'll say was a little surprised. I didn't hear from you today looking for the remote because you founded in the cubby where the dryer lint goes. Yes she put it there to drive you crazy in the kitty litter bag but you'll never give her the satisfactory like maybe. I don't want to bother you while you're working it's reverse gasline the very best. I'm getting on that one. I'll tell you that much all right so let's see the next one here. Marriage is great. Isn't it I mean it's just Let's see that one. It's stupid when you can never find a perfect pair of jeans because you are either too short or too tall. I I find that Is a problem sometimes and I just I just ignore it When you wake up a few minutes before your alarm goes off. I hate that I do too. I feel so cheap I feel cheated. Don't you when you have to sit in your bed at an Awkward Angle? Because your phone charger is too short. I have a limited that one day. You know what I did. I went to the police. Todd don't bring me into Walmart all this. I just wanted to do it okay. I went to the. At and T. store. And I I F- charge to by. Beverly phone charger a ten foot long. A charger wires tied. I got a bridge. The sell this guy a headache right now. My is literally did one three six. The I rolled them back in my head. The people love me there they do. You don't want to see because they have your credit card on file. They just like teaching. Every time you walk in the hear the sound of cash they were like this guy came here to buy insurance cable. I didn't care because people have been stealing. My long charger cables like for a year. And I went to Hampton I said here you go and I went to. Mary and I said here you go. I have to one downstairs for my ipad at one from my phone so get up on time. Don't move them. They'll be gone. They'll be gone within thirty days. It took two weeks in one is I told you but my friends at. At and T. You'll be waiting for me. Did you put your name? You know what I didn't know what they do. They take the block and they put their own blockaded. 'cause your initials are on the yeah around the block and we know what the B. L. Standards for delay place you pay more for charter cable then the. At and T. Store is at a convenience store needed at the at the last minute. What do People WanNa make me feel horrible about myself? Throw your money away like a lunatic. Listen a high sat down with a t and t once Allie got off my plan and I have to tell you they worked with me. Got MY MONEY DOWN. Sotelo so I feel good about going there. What's Walmart ever done for me? You know what I do. I wait till groupon has like a deal on charging cables and then I buy like six of them and I throw them in a drawer. And then you know 'cause groupon you can get an unbelievable by on chart. Lightning cables ear buds. And all that unger load up the drawer and when you need one food there it is. Here's another one when you forget your password and you go to reset it and then you're told that your new password. Empty the same as your whole password. Yeah go on like building they make you change your password once once a month isn't it? It's how much you have to choose. That's right it's Bob and Sheri stuff. You won't here on the show the BOB and Sheri Hot cast on the Bob and Sheri. I saw something that made me really think and I was like you know what instead of telling Bob that. There's a possibility that there's an alien probe shooting through our solar system or that different versions of him exists in the minds of everyone knows him. Or what Stephen Hawking says 'cause those things make him anxious and uncomfortable and very nervous. I'm GonNa tell you something you feel good about yourself. Good okay. Are you ready. Just embraced size on one of my most favorite websites that you've all heard me talk about a bunch called thought catalog and I was reading about being on the right path in life you know and sometimes we struggle to find the right path. I know I've Bush back bushwack my way through acres of poison ivy in search of the right path. And how do you know when you're on the right path? How do you know? And you don't measure it with your bank account. You don't measure it with how big your houses it's how do you know from a spirit level that you're on the right path so some some signs that you know. Tell me what you think about. This I picked out ten of them the remorse but I picked out ten. Okay The idea that you have privilege doesn't make you defensive. You acknowledge it. You're like yeah you know what I have. I have privileged. I had some things going in my favor. Right from the get-go I was born healthy and physically able or I come from a family that was able to make sure I got an education or I'm a white male in a world where being a white male is kind of the is all right like acknowledging that you have some privilege doesn't make you defensive in crazy it makes you thankful you know for the advantages you had that you didn't have to work so hard for. Yeah. I think it's I think it's easier if I mean there's there's privilege and there's privilege I'm privileged to knock on wood be healthy. I'm privileged to Have a wonderful job and had some insight as to how to run my career but there are some people that are privileged where they have absolutely no idea what. It's like to struggle right. Yeah Oh this privilege and there's privilege and sometimes I find when I'm in a conversation with that person They're the most defensive of all. Yeah I'm like really does like I'm over here. I come from gutter trash you know and I'm acknowledging how privileged I have been from the get-go you could acknowledge that you didn't do all of this yourself right next up I have never heard tonight. I have been around and hung around and socialize with a lot of very very wealthy people who came into money from their family and I have never ever heard one of them say. I'm so lucky that my family was loaded. Not One that's you know A dazzling amount of privilege to be blind to if you if you don't know what it is to truly be hungry then that's privilege. I know but my point is I've never heard one of them say you know knowledge. I can't believe how lucky I was to come into the world with the people that I was born into holy smoke that I hit that. I've never heard one of them say that I wonder if they think privately or maybe take some do. Some people are more reflective than others. You know one of my favorite things in this wide world is to be having a conversation with one of my daughters and it's Cara Mia is such a social activist straight. She's ridiculous camera beyond say and she'll go and so I was like Mr. You need to check your privilege as she sipping starbucks catching girl is fun girl. When he checks his privilege you might want drop off at the door to all right next up. I'm here's a sign you're on the right path you know that you're a Beagle and not a shark and you're happy about it and here's what that means like a Beagle. Your ears are bigger than your mouth. Your heart is bigger than your stomach and your loyalty is with your friends. Not with some distant sparkling thing that's just out of reach your a Beagle not a shark. Yeah you WANNA be a Sarky. No I I I. I'm I'm a beagle with a sharks face. Think no I would say. You're a beagle with the sharks. Appetite sharks appetite. Maybe because I will admit that in order to nor to move the ball down the court over my career there were times where I put wanted to go above wave people that I was with. Yeah I mean that's that's candid. Admission and a lot of people have done that. Donut say that I'm proud of that but I did do that. here's another way that shows your on your Right path you on your consequences you make decisions and you make choices and sometimes the results of those things are not awesome and you own it. You brought that on yourself. You knew enough blaming somebody else. I feel like I'm constantly saying this to my kids Yeah you can do that but those consequences are yours to think about that. You ruin everything. That's my brand. Yeah right exactly Chit Chat. Ruining everyone's fun is what I do. All right next up You know you're on your right path when you know it is your life your body and your soul and those who love and care for you know it and those who don't made up their mouths their minds about you a long time ago and you know it's none of your business what they read that again. What's what's the your life your body and your soul and those who don't love you the way you do and your and your loved ones loved. You Ain't no change in their mind. Yes that's right and do some worthy pause here. It's Bob and Sheri. Listen they knew Bob and Sheri. Twenty four seven Bob and Sheri Dot Com continuing with learning about ourselves. He's the signs that you're on the right path from my fifth. One of my most favorite places on the web thought catalog with my second favorite place being Zap stock on. But here we go Here's another sign that you are on the right path. People come to you not to be there sounding board but because they genuinely would like your take on something they're dealing with vice or your house very complimentary. That's a sign that you're on the right path the sounding board you stand there and listen but you really don't give your opinion or your your opinion and that's fine really helpful and that's fine next. Stop you treat yourself the same way. You treat your significant other. You wouldn't tell the person you love that they're ugly or crazy or lazy sufferings all their fault. So why are you telling yourself that very good point? That's a hard one myself one day here Sherri todd not let it go. Oh my God Maxxie Max has the best internal monologue of toxic self hatred of anyone I know and everyone wants sorta bubbles out so I had lack of sleep her show at I lack asleep and it was just not doing anything right and I couldn't think it all came out and so todd I it was we. We gotten in a couple of minutes before us before the show started. So Todd's in his little tied House working and I'm over here. You know checking my horoscope as I do. And all the sudden from behind the board I hear you are a stupid jackass more on you right. All you do is make mistakes clumsy and this is why nobody will ever love you. Look at each other and talk goes. Hey man how's it going? Not that bad just again. I used to do that with golf. At a certain period. You know I grew out and my whole goal was to break Katie. I just wanted to break eighty so the first three holes man I am I. It's par and I'm going. I finally got it. I got the rhythm. I'm not even thinking about. It is so natural and then I get up and I knocked one high in right and right into the woods and I'm never gonNA find it and I just go. Why do you even go out? Even what we even go out in in in on the golf course when you're going to do you know that you didn't pause at the top so if you're not gonNA pause at the top to give your body time to time it. Why do you even show up? People don't want to be with a man that can't pause it going and and people will be watching the other. Three guys are watching me going. Oh this is GonNa be this is GonNa be a great hole coming up just talking yourself into the fact that you that you suck but you maybe don't. It's just one shot. Last Sunday. I was so exhausted from the run up to the wedding. And and then go into all these doctors appointments with my little baby violet and everything with You know with having my daughter's there so dramatic and of course I work for a living and you know I'm trying very hard to you. Know be a good wife and all that so Sunday rolls around and I decided. I'm staying in this bed for as long as I possibly can. So at about eleven. Am I'd look over at the clock and it says eleven. Oh Two am and it was fall back so it was actually twelve. Oh Two yeah yeah and I sat up and said to myself you are nothing but a Lisi useless pig now. I'm a lot of things. I'm some things that rhyme with with lazy but I'm not lazy like that. Would you agree that one thing? I'm not a weird. I don't know what that stems from why you would do that. Why what would that stem from us? Lazy useless pig. And when I said to myself I actually started laughing. You cannot talk to yourself that I've got to give you the perfect that have to give you the perfect example of all of this and it was from our friend Edwin McCain the singer songwriter of. We can't do it right here. But it's GonNa it's GonNa be coming and it has to do with golf and another famous Rockstar. That with the man who should never leave the house in a lazy useless pig being directed by a man of kids. Do anything right. Thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast and the Bob and Sheri odd cast. We've love if you subscribe rate review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram. Wherever you go and thank you again for listening.

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