The Big Spike Lee Sit-down, Plus NBA Trade Value 2.0 | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 479)


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And I was glad that I finally got to properly skier. The baseball furious overrated all makeup in bats. And just you have to listen the pot. They get a they had a nice little scaring coming up. Spike Lee was was in the house on Friday. And man, it was really fun. To interview him. We talk for almost an hour and a half, and we're going to run that right after we talked to Joe house briefly just to talk about trade violence two point. Oh and a couple other things and that a lotta Spike Lee, so maybe like twenty twenty five minutes with house and then hidden, Spike, Lee, hard, spike, was great a really enjoyed it. I think you'll enjoy it too. I are France from project. All right on the line right now, the host of fairway Roland golf podcast and the ringer PA podcast our as well as house of cards of appreciation of food where I went last week to talk about she spa, and some has said it was new restaurant which I remember saying, but it's been around for like five years. So about the house quickly the Super Bowl. Did you win money? As a matter of fact, I did I'd like to thank Bill Belichick Tom Brady and Julian element for just doing their job. Yeah. I did my job. I bet heavily on the patriots minds two and a half. Good. I bet heavily on a par. Lay of the patriots, minus two and a half in the under- and also made a little taste on James white under six -ception that all worked out for me. Wow. That sounds like a great day you sound like one of the the only non patriot fans who were happy that the patriots won the super. I've I I've been thinking about it for the last two days and reading really allot because I still don't understand what the hell the Rams are doing in that game. And then there's been some great articles. There's a great Twitter thread by Warren sharp about this read a couple of different pieces. Just how kinda dumb the Rams were. And it got me thinking like this. This is one of the legacies of the bell. Check Brady legacy is. Is just doing your job and put yourself in the position for the other team to not do their job. And that's what the Rams that. The Rams did not do their job. They think oh no huddle they stayed in that eleven formation the whole time. They didn't really they didn't really try to figure out what the pats were doing and shift things around and they just got kinda worked. I think they should be embarrassed. Even with all of that. They were still two plays away from not only making a game of potentially winning defense played well enough for them to win the football game. They were standing all of those strategic failures the thing that I took great Solomon. And the reason that anybody who asked me, what do you like here? I love the thing. I like more than anything else was the under in this game. Because I just believed the we were going to get the Jared Goff that we really antiquated. I admire what the Rams did against the saints notwithstanding. The questionable outcome of that game. But I admire that they game plan and successfully reigned in the saints, and and you know, Goff got to feel comfortable as dome there as it went along. He never get him comfortable in this game. It's exactly the I mentioned this on the Sunday podcast. Just because it was something. I noticed watching the game. They had they the pats got their one TD drive with their big lineup which started the game when they couldn't really run the ball, and they had Devlin and the I formation all that stuff. And then on the big TD drive. They use that same formation, but they split everybody out. And they went five receivers with it. But they had like devil and birkhead and gronk split widers receivers. But they're doing it because of the Rams defense that they're playing they just felt like they would have speed advantages, which is what led to Ataman got open gronk had the two big catches burqa got open and was crazy about as. Mcdaniel said they had never practiced it, and they just kind of drew it up in the fourth quarter because they thought it was a way that they could work. And really the only way you could do that. As if your players are freaking smart, and that's incredible. I hadn't heard that store. Yeah. So they have these players they find these these cast-offs and whoever's and or or people are good, not great. But the the one thing they have is the ability to kind of think on the fly and the guys that have never worked for them row is the guys who the talented athletes who can't think that way. So they had that in the biggest drive of the year. They have for James Devlin out like he's Chatto chose Cinco Malev side of the field as receiver and the Rams are like what's going on and it and enable them to get crock opened twice, but just a we a classic out thinking the opposition thing. So I to me that's going to be the legacy of of this whole era other than how. Great Brady was and some of the players, but just like over and over again figuring out these little challenges during the game, America's an appreciated their tired of the patriots fun and to be fair were barely year removed from them. Not not having that kind of successive civility. Couldn't you. Couldn't figure it out. They couldn't figure out how to learn by the way, many of those defensive backs in that game. We're not on this year's team. I just wanna put out no trade value list. So I did a two point oh list. I had promised that. I was gonna write big things about all the fifty five guys. But then had to speed it up because it seemed like Anthony Davis was gonna get traded. Now who knows it? It would. I'm hearing is that New Orleans might just say FU and just keep them until the summer. And if he doesn't wanna play whatever. But I I don't think they're gonna just be spiteful that would be to spite him deal love that Lakers offer who what I did this and the trade value like Ingram was the highest guy in that trade off for that day allegedly offered as Ingram. Lonzo ball coups, MMA, some expiring and a couple of first round picks. Do you love any of those guys or any of those guys guaranteed all star? I don't know. I mean, incomes a guaranteed all star. Sure. Is he is? He though is he really he really you you'd bait. Your life is going gonna make it all start to. Yes. I I would bet my life on my God. You're gonna die house has you're gonna die. You. Did. You see what I ate at the Super Bowl? I am going to die. It's true. Way to boxes of Popeye's. I think the south rice red beans and rice, go ahead. The Celtics are obviously hoping Lakers Saint doesn't happen. There's been some conjecture and the Davis side about he doesn't wanna go there. He did this goofy list of teams conjecture his dad said it I loved by the way this era where we use the dads to say things, this is a great era. Well, can you imagine if you were in some major professional situation of your life in your dad dekalb's weighed in publicly to the media about it how badly debate the cath has view on this house? Will you will you will you please come eat at this? All you can eat Brazilian steakhouse and eat till you pass out dick house. Word from decals. I don't want my son to go there. I do not want my son to go there, dick. I really don't think they cast insert himself in the situation would be my guess has his dad really is damn dick house, by the way for the people. So anyway, I dropped Davis two spots at the trade value in the top four is now Jaanus Steph curry second. I've James harden vaulted from eleven three during this insane. One third of the year run his having where he's averaging forty two eight eight and then Davis had four and LeBron James at five. Those are the completely and utterly untouchable. Top-five any disagreements with the top five house. No nos. We sit here today. The there's no quibble that can be head. So the one quibble is whether Lucas should be in there or not. No. That's not a quibble. He sure that's a that's a take a that's some some take stuff. You sure at them when thirty five games. Let them win thirty eight thirty nine games a season. With that cast of characters around him. And and you know, let's let the season end before we go out and coronate his ass. Okay. So the next three were dockage the joker. Joel embiid. Six seven eight any of those guys have a case to be in the untouchable top five. You know, the only one that jumps out at me is Embiid. That's mean. If he's if he can stay listen here. Mocking so loudly. Do you hear me I hear you? Dear Lord, please. Let him stay healthy. I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching him play his inside out game. Is so perfect for this basketball moment that we are in right now. And I really like terrific competitive attitude. Yeah. Me too. I really liked the game. He played on Thursday where he didn't play. Well, but he's still really affected the game in Golden State, and then beating Golden State he was like eight for twenty four, but he got to the free throw line. He protected the rim. He grabbed twenty rebounds. He played really really hard. And and he was like, you know, he's challenging shots. And I just thought he was a monster in that game. And he didn't even play. Well, any ad boogie cousins and loonie getting thrown at him. I have a maith on this list. And it's purely a healthy. That's it. If if if we didn't have what happened in the first three seasons happen. I think he would be like third, you know. But I'm with you. I agree. He's up there. He's up there. He's up there. So then it's Durant coli soon to be free agents next group, Paul George all the way up to eleven. For trade by he jumped from twenty seven to eleven after of really really top show fifty game run that he said where he's clearly the best part. Okay. See now, I even the o'casey fans would emit and has an outside case for I imam bay. I think he's third VP right now. That's where I would have them Timur Kawai and he's just played every game. And. And and he's under a really nice contract says thirty million year thirty three thirty five thirty thirty eight gets a little dicey in your four. But at least, you know, he's under contract, you know. You know? I just admire it because of the example of person who's experienced a devastating injury. And come all the way back all the way back in reasserted, his his prominence. He he really has reclaimed that top ten in the league status and stature that he possessed before the injury agree. So then the next group by had the hardest trouble at this groupie. I don't know if he's a franchise guy. But he's our franchise guy was the group in order starting with a thirteen a damn FOX, Ben Simmons, both under rookie contracts. Karl Anthony towns who is under a giant contract. Donovan Mitchell rookie contract. Devon booker. Jason Tatum Tatum is under a rookie contract. So here's the case for FOX because the typically. You know, just FOX versus Simmons just innov- Accu m- Simmons's, probably more talented. But here's the case for FOX. And part part of the goal of doing trade value is trying to fill out what the trade value is for the team. That has the guy how unlikely they are even considered trading him would FOX done for them. What he's done for the fact that he likes to be in Sacramento. You've guy who actually likes to be liked being a Sacramento king. Who's already leader who plays with a real competitive spirit night after night after night is easily at top three or four most-fun-to play with guy in the league. And you know, he's going to resign there. He's twenty one years old the he plays. So freaking hard every game. I really do think it's affected the other guys in the team in in a positive way. Where buddy healed Bagley people at that. Like, they're they're getting the best out of those guys, partly because it would FOX is doing night after night if. Tonight, the way he handles the media all that stuff to me. That's like a true franchise guy compared to some of the other versions of it worried scene where it's like, oh, I'm not that happy right now. I might who knows. I might go somewhere else or somebody like who has blamed the young guys five different times. Then won't even talk about his fridge status anymore. Dear vox, I wanna be here. We're going to win. We're coming night after night. And I think that stuff matters was your take on that. You loved Aaron FOX. I do. A little dialogue about him on the first day. We drunk drunk has. Well, I'm sure that drunk house got it. Right. I think it's fine with including him in this category of player because of where he is, you know, on the rookie contract and everything I still I don't know. Where was he last season? What was going on last season that he needed a full year as a rookie to acclimate year old point guard a bad team? Yeah. I Meyer what he's doing all of the things that you listed off. I believe are admirable. I just don't think that he's ahead of Devon Booker at the stage of you know of the game. And he's got an easy head. He's making five point five million this year in Devon Booker making. Three this year, but then twenty seven year from now, and he's got this hundred forty million dollar contract coming so it's really as an asset. I think I'd rather FOX on a rookie contract. Maybe. So I just you know, the jury's still out from me. I'm not ready. He's another one that. I'm not ready to coronate. I do admire what he's done this year, and the the prices, obviously, right? It's the right situation for him. Congratulations to Sacramento for looking into a a young foundation. Finally, it's a really teen years. Now. It's a really fun to watch. I hope sack town royalty rights. Shitty post about you. They eat a house. I has doesn't believe in Darren FOX give me that as a headlines fine. He's fine. He's fine. Says Joe house Joyal? I'm moran. But I know he's a little polarizing I was texting with somebody about it. Simmons a drop the nefore teen. Partly because. I don't know how long he's going to be there. I've seen him be buying this. I I don't know. I just stuff you hear keep saying, I don't why he and he and beat their Jimmy Butler is the one by the way that was my favorite line in this whole column. Desktop Jimmy Butler out of the entire trade value column. He's out of the column because he's a dick a dick I chuckled. I enjoyed it. I don't like Dicks. I thought Simmons in the in that words game Simmons and Embiid together was really really fun to watch. 'cause they those guys were Houghton ball, and like there's so athletic and Simmons who still just can't shoot. But he's he's like crashing the boards now. And he's really he's figuring out when Embiid when they go to beat on the post or whatever had a kind of lurk around on the baseline the way Rondo used to and then come flying in for the offensive rebound when the shot's going up. He's eight the frustrating thing for me is. I just wanna see him do the magic Showtime thing. I've fast breaks in the league doesn't really do that anymore. Almost would've rather seen. Ben Simmons thirty five years ago when we did have threes. I wish Ben Simmons at a time machine at half. Eighty four. We need to see him. He needs to start at this point of the season. Trying one face up jumper from sixteen feet or beyond just one. Just try one game to show us that that you care that you're tries. That's not. Important part of your game. That's like me telling you, I just want to salads from house a week just to salads. That's that's not who you are house. I can have a salad, but I'm willing to change. I mean, you know, we're we're we're in our we're we're we're in a bump year this year. We're not you and I are in a contract year. Big things are happening for us. Yeah. So I might try, Sal, it Karl Anthony towns and Mitchell, I've been happy with that they've been playing Mitchell, especially 'cause Mitchell I was ready to drop out of the top twenty five, but he's been on a nice little run the last five six weeks or so and whatever happened him, and I I don't know twenty games of the year. Whatever it seems like he's snapped out of it. Interesting. I think two things required on him. He believed he read too much of his own press over the summer. He enjoyed himself too much the summer. Yeah. And Utah played I think the hardest schedule league the first part of the season. If not the hardest one of the top five, and they didn't do great with it. And he didn't do great with it. They're in a much more favorable zone right now, schedule wise, and this is, you know, the D Mitch that we wanna see so just through the rest of Lewis a little bit old depot had to drop to twenty three because he got hurt. No apologies. Victor. But you heard Marvin Bagley made a nice little jump up. To twenty four. I don't know if you've been watching the bagman lately, but first of all really kind of gift it offensively already. I mean, we we knew he was talented. But. Is is doing some stuff on on isos low post stuff that I thought he was maybe a year away from potentially the other thing. I like he's always around the rim. Offensively shots are up. And he's just kind of his hands are kinda just around the rim like he's trying to get tip ins, and he's just active. He is he's very very likable. I've enjoyed them. I don't know. How you you? I know you hate the king. So you're tough gotta ask. But none have their see. Now, you're now you're trying to to the so the seeds them dirty seeds. I love this is the very best case scenario for him. And I love the to hand he's got really soft hands both hands around the rim that point you just made and he's on a super streak somebody sent us a or something one of your guys wrote it about like very quietly, he strung together ten or twelve games of double digit points double digit rebounds around there in, you know, up the stats, sheet, steals blocks. This is the guy that they drafted. And who they thought they were they were getting the only thing that that is tough for them is there's a there's a franchise print transcendent player. That was available to them that they didn't take. But if you take that out of the mix, they're getting great value for that pick Bagley looks like he's gonna be a damn good player in a cornerstone player along with your boy defaults, and buddy who's been awesome the share, but he shot like fifty percent from three less with fifty two percent. He's been out of his mind. I I'm so happy. They fucked up. They'll never admit it. They come in for you now. No, no, listen. They fucked up dating realize Luca was as good as he was and Luca has a chance to be generational player. And you can never pass that up in a draft ever. So they fucked up, but this could have been so much worse. They could've taken mogambo third. Obama just got hurt again today done. Jack shared all years got. Now, he's got a stress fracture. But can you imagine? Nah. I mean the old school. King's move would have been. Not taking Luca and then having mogambo and his stress fractures rookie year. That would have been the classic path for the king's Bagley. A really good consolation prize for missing added generation put I Amal in. I really like him. I don't think he'll ever goes Luca because without saying, but you know, who this is weird only, yo you're gonna understand this. But he's the kinda guy we used to love playing with when we pick up all the time. Absolutely. You know what? I mean. He's I would I would love to have played pick up with Bagley because as you said soft hands he's around the rim. He's going to tip in my MRs. He's always writing football. We can we can throw the ball and cut and do stuff. I think he'd be fun to play with. Yeah, he plays. Like he he went to Duke for four years. He plays. Like, he has all the fundamentals of his game is a unique kind of trait for a guy came out coming out after one year chat a little reminiscent of Chris me from the Holy Cross days Christie had both hands very soft shadow lefty yet little Christmas. Nobody knows what we're talking about. So just jumping around low bit. I'd knocked eight and back from twenty four to thirty two. I am not giving up on him. I don't even. I'm not even a raise any red flags. I'm just I'm still not totally sure what he is in where in where he fits into whatever the league is now. Well, the fee Phoenix has some some identity. Yeah. Defining yet the go like they they don't know their GM has been there for for two and a half months. I mean, they got their own ship to figure out. I know a Bagley as Noah Jaren Jackson is. And I think I would rather have those guys than Aiden, but I also wouldn't rule out a world in which some team figures out exactly how to use him correctly. And. It becomes it becomes. But I just think I'm Jaren Jackson Bagley. There's no other not making it then ripping through couple more guys. Couple of newcomers. John Collins on the hawks. He's he's I mean, can we talk about the hawks for a minute hawks. I were done. They have eighteen wins. Ready? We thought they're going to have eighteen wins all year. And it's because John Collins. Are we sure it's not the winging podcast, the podcast bump, the podfather. Brings brings bays and V C old Ben Ami, it only might add something with it. I watched the hawks last night. They dismembered now. I mean, I gotta try really hard. Not to use a whole bunch of foul language talking about my Washington. Professional franchise now. Yeah, it's a sad day. But did they? And it's not a surprise that Washington. Tried to beat them by outscoring them, and it didn't work out because the roster right now is Bradley Beal. Yeah. Eleven bench guys. It's the best bench team in the NBA is just that all of them have to play yet. Well, the hawks are pretty hawks were good. Yeah. Hurt her. Nineteenth put him in this NBA. I must put an honorable mention. I really did. I actually thought about it. He's a ringer staff favorite. And then Collins has been good trae young is still all over the place. But at least he's not. Yeah. At least he can like run the run the offense. And they have some other guys I like to Taurean prince how good, and I don't know. They're playing hard. I'm shocked. I all indications said they were gonna try to go like twelve and seventy but the reality is like collinses like a twenty to ten every night. Now, you know too much pride too. That's that's part of the thing that I admire they're just not out there to to run through games and and collect paychecks. They play I'll leave you at this. And then we'll go 'cause I promise you don't be twenty minutes. What's the most fun Zion destination right now, what would be your power rankings? 'cause I think Lanta has to be in that conversation. Oh, wow. I didn't. Think about them. But I I will have them in my in the top five now that you mentioned it 'cause I agree there. There's so much that could be done there. Cleveland cases. I are right. Cleveland's worst case scenario. Oh, that's the worst. If there's a God in heaven Cleveland ends up thinking, it's like all right. Cleveland enough with no generational superstars going to Cleveland. We've had it. We've had we did it exits the team at the Knicks is the team for for John. That's what I want. I want basketball saved in New York. I want Zay on and Kyrie. Smith. I'm just saying this is the team and Jimmy the dick Butler, and you know, couple just want basketball to be relevant again in New York. And I think you know, the basketball guys looking down if they if there was ever a moment to hold their nose reward, James Dolan. This would be it would about Katie Kemba and Zion. That's a pretty good team. That's that. That's pretty good in the east there. They would win a lot of games. I believe the other thing is they actually do have enough to trade Franson Davis in June, potentially. If that is how poise out because let's say they don't get more pick. What said they get like, the fourth pack, and then you give them the fourth pack. Knox the two Dallas pick. Stay got. He's them a mother lode of picks basically Dennis Smith throw him in there. China get David you're at least in the David at Davis table with that trade, especially if k D's coming which I that would be my bet. I'll just interesting. Well, when you do when you do the porzingas trade, you're you're basically saying, you know, you're getting K D or arrest. You're the dumbest franchise that ever walked the earth. If you don't if you don't know for sure you're getting Kate morons this. This is the segway. I was looking for. Yeah. Because we're not going all this whole conversation with me talking about John wall's achilles tendon. Yeah. The Knicks did I believe a very sound risk assessment in evacuation of what porzingas on amac's contract would represent to them. And in view of the two injuries that are experienced in his professional basketball career. Yeah. And I think it was perfectly sound risk assessment. Like, we can't we're going to offer the max to this guy. He will take it. Because every work that's been offered. The max takes it. And then what are we stuck with it? Can't he flourish here? Can we help him? Void injury. Here. What we have around him. I I don't mind that trade one bit. I think. From Washington DC sitting in objectively observing that the way that went down. I thought they did fine in that trait. I thought they got good assets. They clear the decks they're ready for New York to be back on the basketball map. Unlike what's going on here in chocolate city the basketball team? I don't know what to do. What are we supposed to do? John wall tore his achilles tendon in his home. Are they want me to believe that he slipped and fell in his home, Bill Simmons? You're almost fifty years old. I'm almost fifty years old. Let me tell you the last time, I slipped and fell in my home. I can't think of it slips mall in our home is what professional athletes use. When some shady shit has gone down that they had no business being involved in under the influence, not on the influence. I don't know the last prominent athlete I can think of who fell down and derailed a terrific athletic moment was Dustin Johnson who slipped on a slippery. Floor the week of the masters and miss the masters in a good chunk of the season where supposed to pay a hundred seventy one hundred eighty million dollars to a guy who's entire basketball identity is built on his physical strength and speed home is out of the leave as far as I'm concerned. And I like what to do is S T R E T C H. What am I supposed to do? That's incredible. I wanna give my thoughts on that one. Second. I I wanna do this read for you. Here's the thing about being a Boston sports fan the century house with twelve titles in counting. It just completely ruined you as a sports fan Sedley, you expect the title every year or in our case every four months, but that's the funny thing about better. Once you've experienced it. You can't go back like like we've won twelve titles century, which is the gist of that Hulu commercial. I've been seeing everywhere. It's all. About how Hulu has tons of shows and movies exclusive originals, like the Handmaid's tale pushed live to be for sports. And that once you get Hulu it a ruined TV for you for ever. Start your free Hulu trout today at Hulu H U L, you you might have heard of it dot com. Live TV plan required for live content. Restrictions apply. Somebody wrote that for me, and I just couldn't wait to read it to your house. I hate who. You love food. They have it. I I haven't we pay for it. But I hate that ad read. FU hulu. So Lewis would say anytime somebody falls in the dark slips and falls falls in the bathroom. I'm dubious dome matter who it is like if if it was nephew Kyle came in. And was like sorry. I'm late. I fell in my apartment. I would just I'm just I'm just that kind of person. I'm just naturally suspicious of people. So yeah, do I wonder if there's a more of a story coming out? I don't know you'd really have to. I was thinking you really have to fall down the stairs. Right. There'd be the only way this could happen or miss a step. I could see if it was one of those things where you don't realize it's it's a step that you don't see in your foot hits it wrong. And they could just and he's also heard ready as a bad knee one. And if I was going to be generous, the very best case scenario is it was the middle of night, and he was carrying his son, and he took a wrong step that that's what you know. If you want to be if you wanna be a John wall apologist and come up. With a scenario where that's plausible you say he's already kinda limping around. So he's not under normal body weight. You know distributed evenly. He's carrying his boy is two thirty in the morning. We'll have a hallowed is son. Not even two months. Maybe three months. Oh, 'cause I was gonna say if he has a kid that's like he's like a four year old boy, then you have others Legos and little trucks on the floor. I could see like tearing achilles stepping on that. I don't know. I'm gonna see we'll see if tears Killys in the next year. With some shady house Bill. Yeah. I don't know. It's it's always weird. I remember there was a Red Sox pitcher who cut his hand once in his hotel reaching for a glass that broke on his bed. And it was like one of the all-time dog ate the homework thing. This doesn't remind me of that. I I believe in John wall more than you on the story house. I think you're just scarred by John wall. That's fine. You believe the story wins it gonna play basketball. Again. It's it's gonna be awhile. Unfortunately, wait, we didn't do the power rankings. So you of the Knicks one. I also have the next one. I know have so many Knicks fans in my life. I know how much joy it would bring them. I think I might have Atlanta to oh. Because why? The lottery, though, what is they're they're they're gonna win too many games yet. But they also. Yeah, they would they would Washton. Now, the John wall is out for like a year and a half that probably wouldn't be too much fun. If they got a Phoenix just doesn't deserve him. They bad for Ye for four years now just awful that would kind of make me mad. And then the wildcard is Dallas could somehow get in the top five to see they're they're shoving porzingas. Will they should show porzingas? They're going to win thirty five games. They're not gonna get in the top five, but they have to trade into it. Seven the the the team. Unfortunately, I fear getting him effing Chicago. And they are absolutely tanking enough to God, if they chicken disarray, cheapskate Reinsdorf he'd be like renting Zion app for kids birthday parties for like five hundred bucks to make a little extra money. I mean, just think what Jim Boyle would have him doing in terms of you know, burpee and the bear crawls. Unbelievable. I can't wait sale goes are you watching Zion? Because I keep getting sucked in. I was watching on Saturday getting sucked in he's the most magnetic mesmerizing college players. Kevin durant? I know is there to get sucked in by. He's incredible. Every every time he's on the floors. Something incredible can happen. Here's the second coming of the brand. You hope you're watching all of them will college basketball's bad. That's that's my my issue. The regular college basketball Johner Hardaway. But she's not bad a much in place. Saint John's and the score was like forty two five and. But I unlike its old school him around the rim is really add a control. I really love it. I can't I really hope he goes to the right team. I hope he goes to team with a point guard who can throw them in alleyoop. I hope he goes to team with the right coach in a couple of guys that play hard and just kind of get what he is charged with this piece about how he's like a point center. Basically, I agree. I hope whoever gets him really explores the studio space Zion and tries in every me both fat Ross fairway were on when his fairway wrong coming back next one on this. Coming Monday will have a wrap up of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and look forward to shit. I don't know what tournament comes next that. That is that sponsored by on. Let me look it up real quick. Now. I think we Rivera we're leaving the Seine. What? Podcast podcast. The. Definitely that take this type with one hand. So I can hold the mic. You know, the same thing is I haven't even drinking February fourteenth seventeenth Riviera golf course. That is exactly what we're previewing. Yeah. The Genesis open at Riviera tiger is back in LA. It's a it's his Dacian. That's one of the beneficiaries of this tournament. It's going to be a terrific preview. Chris Vernon did I will have some awful selections for ways to lose money. And we think we're going to have a pretty great surprise guest. Awesome house. A pleasure as always sired. The by John wasn't news. And we'll talk to you. All right before we get to Spike Lee. If you are listening to this podcast, you've already figured out smart ways to spend your time. Here's another one. The New York Times crossword app. The crossword app is a fun clever way to stay sharp, everyday new puzzle in new opportunity challenges from play and now with the mini cross for you can squeeze in a game and just a couple of minutes. Wow. Each many puzzle is stimulating quick and most important fun. Play by yourself or challenge your friends than post your best times to share the satisfaction that comes from solving whenever you have downtime. Discover wordplay play every day. It's time. Well, spent I've been doing this as I've been watching old sopranos episodes. So there you go. That's how exciting my life is right now baby surprise, check it out. Download the New York Times crossword up at New York Times dot com slash mini. And since we're here at checkout. The awesome basketball podcast, we have and you're not just the ringer NBA show, which is going for to five times a week. These days winging it with Vince Carter camp as more any fin Burg. Berg. Just an unbelievable slate again so far and then the JJ Rettig podcasts as well. So and who knows impudent adding another basketball where after the all star break, you never know us check all those out speaking basketball coming up. For the first time, ever, Spike Lee here is. All right. We're taping this Friday morning. The NBA is basically exploded porzingas traded yesterday this morning kyri made. It seem like he's just doesn't know what is going to do started July now everybody thinks Kadian kyri or come into the next random wages today. Spike Lee in the house first time we've ever done a podcast, and this is like suddenly the best Nick sister. Thank you for have me. And I don't think that it's random. I'm here today. You think fear it's work eight mysterious way. It really does. I'm sixty one. And I noticed that. Very rare things that's random coincidence. Things spirits, ancestors all types of stuff or employees, and I've had this cast for twelve years. I've been waiting for you. Now, all of a sudden today is they show up. That's not a coincidence. I don't think it is not random glad to be cut to be here. Well, anywhere near Yankee hat, and you're you're patriots whose your football Team New York football giants. Okay. But growing up in Brooklyn. Here's my four guys in Brooklyn. Okay. Maze. Ali whoa. Clyde Frazier and Jolie Nemeth. Oh, wow. Nave? It will you. We might have flowed grade. We had a teacher, and they miss Urbe. Blonde hair. Full breast at her claim to fame was she went out. They Joe Namus, yo. Wow. And we loved her. And has jokes may as the first time as Joel do you? Remember this woman we had a teacher. She said he went out do. So name is Joe Willis. So spike what she looked like. Well, she was blonde. So you gotta give you more than that. A books in blinds play. Dying laughing. So you wrote a basketball book before I did. You grew up in in MS. Yeah. Yeah. And all the game eight I mean all the game seven get as game. Eight would have been amazing on may eighth. Yeah. You ed? I was there. The will is read game. Greatest moment accessory. You know until today. Well, no, we had won another championship. But you know, as mazing market cause habitat got hurt. Come on. Have a check gave you that chip which playing left handed and gave several guestbook negate the Mets when to. Tim Wakefield gave one to go back. I know he's ok Rudy poo people, guess you. Anyway, so. Leykis yet will Chamberlain Jerry West. Elgin baylor. Layup line. The biggest ROY ever heard in my life than tire Laker team stopped. Froze. Turnaround, the whole team lit three hall of famous the whole team stop line. The c Willis wreak drag his leg on the court and nicks one champion, then hit the first two baskets in wolf rich at thirty six points at the like welfare he was amazing in that game when he walked out or the two shots. No. When he came out. I've been allowed sporting events. Yeah. But when Willis came out came on court. I have a prize possession to great Nick IMAS, g photographer. George kalinski. Yeah. I have the only photograph. Willis Reed getting the needle Rio at I heard it was like a wasn't like two foot needle deal dead horse needles about. Yeah. Add on add the only print signed by Clint ski and Willis Reed the needles. Big yet. He's on the trainer's table. And this is like nineteen seventy when may know smart ways to do this. They basically got veterinarian equipment to try to knock his lemme even today, though football how many things they want bigger. All go up there. Right. I mean this. Concussion stuff. That's that's new. So I was saying we did a podcast yesterday to porzingas got traded. I was saying that I felt like the Knicks fans had replaced Red Sox fans since we one where. And here's why wasn't. So you. How is? Forty six years, but we hadn't won for eighty six. But the point the cubs that to-to, but comes one I said, but until then was ninety eight right. But here's the thing. You have do you have these generations Knicks fans, right? The Knicks start nineteen forty six like, my friend, William Goldman, the screenwriter was gone. Those games all the time. He just died ago rate forty five years of his life at the end there. He doesn't get see it. But you have all these generations. I think that's what makes it different. You have Knicks fans ridging's from age to age ninety that have kind of living and dying with this will. There's always hope now you have it. And now if we get was was messed up now, they changed the rule. Yeah. So now the three worst teams get forty percent chance they had to do it because Philly they were tanking ears. So we get blessed, but a the basketball guys above and we get a Zion is over have using Zion person know the game they played the garden now is out of town. But is is going to be like, the the garner can be rocking. We get. We have again, let me not gonna this is nice table here. He cannot this is would. Yeah. But this is more than one. Might be rivers. Jinx. We will. We brought him from south Boston. But it's not I'm tapping. On. So he thinks this is set up here. This is a dope being double cross have me tapping on. So Boston would not go. I wish we had bus. But. Durant? Yeah. Kyri? Ziya without Dennis Smith junior. We would you just stop making movies? You retired age sixty one. I know at twenty but another twenty Corsa was in his eighties Clinton eighty four. Clint Eastwood eighty four right? I read a quote. Corsa? Okay. Believe me. No disrespect the Clinton. But it was a little no not all because in film school. I saw Russia Mon. Yeah. Now was the gaming ideals. My first film. I remember, I know despite the Clinton, but and I got to meet. Cure. So but. This is a is. Can I ask what your reaction was to zinc here in the ballot shout we set I don't know because I was doing interviews yesterday. So turn my phone off. I turned on. Oh exploded in my head. Doesn't WTO. What happens? Yeah. Didn't you hear were? You believer import Zangas Twee got hurt. Because he had that ten game stretch starter last year when it looked like he was gonna be like thirty and twelve guy believe it. He. Tell look our. I was not that kid who is crying or sane at the draft. Yeah. I liked his game. And here's the thing in today's sports world, the players have so much control. And if you have a guy that does want to be there. You got to get what you can't for him. Just that's just the way it is the have a guy on a team those wanna be there and the whole team sees that is not a good mix. My reaction when the trait. We did a podcast right after I was like this is terrible. Classic knicks. But then the only thing in their benefit is I heard what you just said I've heard over and over again from people connected them, and it was like he didn't want to be there. He's going to leave. Plus, we've got two first round picks to which we second one was that. But at the very least you can throw that those picks into another trade to get something else. So they have more options than they've had. The problem is to give up on a twenty three year old guy at a rookie deal who has attention be a franchise guy that was pretty riff, but you have to look at that injury though. Right. And and it's height. The fact that the seven foot three guy some guys six four but to be seven three and half that injury. Yeah. Yeah. The tall tall tall. Guys Kareem was the only one who seemed to just be able to be durable. You can't leave out wilt though. But what? But we'll got hurt that one year member he hurt his he blew out his kneecap that one year he missed the whole year. But he came back. He came back. Yeah. But yeah, built was built like, you know, did you see? Well, when he was what point did you see him in person? Later later. I mean, the my first memories of going to Nick game. My father was the sixty eighteen before they made the Bush trade came was good. Mean we had the pieces, but it was when Bush came s when it really. Came together lay great pits tag. I know the white Tigers for taggers. Yeah. The Bush, and let's talk about this. What do you think theories? Yeah. When the late great date, the Bush shou, put his hand into the thing for the draft was envelope was envelope in the microwave or come out of. It was third stern. Put it in there. I'm saying about when he was picking so. You know, the butcher his the people pick. They put the hand in thing. Don envelope. It wasn't David Stern. No stern was the one who picked him out in a row. Stern was that. The thing was a little worst though, it a little bent in the side mission. Was those now stern, but it was a little bent on the side. I've freeze frame it. Because technology's better did look I pick the one that what are the sides? So I thought just a butcher so full stir was on. So if he pulled off the greatest magician trick of our time frozen, the one envelope, and he just like. It was hot code is just feel the hot one feel like that's. Who who who's also the next day got my season tickets for the Knicks eighty four the very next day. Oh, there's eighty five year after Bernard. Whatever Padua Gillan. Yeah. Spring eighty five. I I wouldn't I on online six and the next one and got my season Bernard guy or no. Noche my neighborhood. Okay. For is incredible. They're bernard's. My neighbor four green. There's a hospital. My name fork in Brooklyn where Bernard was born there. Albert, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan. This is called come on hospital. It's amazing. They will little anti little Anthony periods and Dana Dane, all born hostile my neighborhood in the People's Republic of Brooklyn, New York. Bernard. Dard Woodhead it gets eighty four south six all he can add Maxwell said he's not four. They gave it again. And did it again. It was amazing every time the Celtics come to the garden because he does a rail. Yeah. I was looking on bread. And he said don't come over here side. I am because he knows real Bernard king you used your movies to attack Larry Bird. I didn't appreciate here's the thing. I didn't appreciate it at all. But here's the thing. You say he was ugly. Jan savage bird t shirt and had run over somebody sneakers. I saw those weren't sneakers those Jordan through. Yeah. Exactly. No. This this real visiting. I have always a mired Larry Bird. I'm never says you're disparaging is yet. Let me use your despair ghost. I'm use the guest on this. Is it they know never ever ever. Libraries, the hall of fame of great player. My comments about labor would not record to him with director to the white media pushed him into position of being the savior with. He want asked for that. I agree there. And so I met learnt recently. Really? Yeah. We had a great talk. Did you know about the movie? Yes, he man the first movie came out Ouston costs on. Then is looking right at him. Then interested run next Daniels appointments they getting guy right there. So you Danes that's true. Here's the thing. I had multiple spec for library Larry Bird. All I wanna do was play ball. It's true. He had done fortunate situation where because he was so great. And it was white and was Boston. He was put -sition of being the savior. I remember if you want back in NBA cbssports, I'm not gonna announcer. Larry Bird was at the Boston Garden. Six AM this morning. He twenty thousand shots careened into work on magic magic or working with. Not that was not the narrative. Yeah. It was always bird running in the garden around the laugh Soviet my stuff was not meant to be at an last. We. Lie. We look if backed the when I saw when I met Larry last week. I brought up the whole thing that famous picture him choking 'em, Dr J. Yeah. Went to that game. So I'll tell you what a gentleman Larry's. He he said, well, he plunked everything down for everything. Then I spoke the Barclay. And he told me what the real story was. Yeah. But that should help grant gentle libraries wanna get into that. But he loves Dr Jack. Yeah. So he wouldn't spiking those things happen. You know, what happened though because? Yeah. Yeah. He was busting his ass. Started talking shit to Jewish didn't like it. I know. Yeah. So I had most respect for Larry great player. One agrees all time. So we're cool. He's the big rate in MSG. He is to love playing there. He's very your. If you all the real players would come. You're not going out the night before. Right. That's one after the game. As a team has stay another to but you come into garden. Going to bed nine o'clock. You might put stuff on other city, but the New York. It's this. It's this. The world's greatest reading. And and the other day James harden. He six one. Yeah. What do you say for the game? I never had a garden a garden moment. Yeah. But luckily, he one point short time mellows record and mellow. B O amazing story. I did this film stock mentally Kobe doing work. Yes. So we did a thing but foot, but for the DVD released we we wanted to have a. We close things commentaries how Metairie. So the only time to do it when the Lakers came to the garden. So. Was scattered do the commentary after the game. And that's more scores. Six points. Oh my God. Seriously at the commentaries after the game sixty the golden guarding the broke the gun. He's a spike. All your fucking. You knew doing a commentary. That's breaking record. You went to the Carmelo game. Right. I was there. He he lifts them on the table. He came out with like four or five minutes left. He could've gone for seventy always drives me crazy day. And. Yeah. People hit me up. Yeah. Commodity killing at least sixty eight. Gimme gimme your top five. Could you did this in your book players? Yeah. You're. Teams of players players 'cause you did this in your book, but you wrote your book twenty twenty what twenty years ago? Yeah. Fifteen years ago. I know this this debate current debate about who's graceful title on and do that. Because. I have to I had this mentioned that knowing that is debased come about since what LeBron set. Yep. And I know you know, you bring a team back down three one. I'm not mixed grades player vol. So for me players. I saw. Am j born in Brooklyn, New York. Grew up North Carolina. Michael, Jordan k. Coby Coby to okay three. Lebron said, sadly, no, I got respectful will brought even after he didn't come to play for you in two thousand ten that. I it has to look my thing is is do is best for you. Is it true? You made a video to for the recruiting video for two one day a whole bunch of people. Did it you did? Yeah. That thing was was not. Well, thought out. It was 'cause LeBron Wade we're going there. And then they changed their minds did not go some messed up. Yes. Something one day that real LeBron ties tell what happened with the Knicks. I think saying the real story from what I know for a while. And nobody actually believes me Wade we're going there. And then it got screwed up. We'll find out the real story. This is ways last year. The truth always comes out. Eventually I'd sell the brand three see Jordan. Kobe magic magic for. Cream corinne? Bird, six six-man. Look as you always get in trouble when you list any lists. So, but Bert, look I got love for and the thing about her is that the broilers love lie birds. So that whole thing. So he was he was cool everybody. Yeah. He was cool. Everybody any any any talks math? He could talk smack. So. Is unfortunate that. My part I was trying to use library to make a point on the media how they hoist them up. And then we can't get the whole Boston Celtics LA Laker dynamic and you look at the history of Boston. And African Americans is look I mean rebuild we'll book. Yeah. I mean, the Red Sox last team pumps green the last. So they changing your Yawkey way. For reasons behind that. So there's a complicated history with Americans. It's kind of oh, no doubt. It's a lot better. They got they got a poor Rica manager, I went to see Russell. And at the end of two thousand twelve 'cause we did this documentary about him for Embiid TV in the whole premise was like why don't you ever go back to Boston trying to figure out what happened and the Steph you'll Kate on his bed. I mean, it's crazy. I mean, they were like nine thousand people go into playoff games in their selling hockey. So I mean, he had real reason we're not those games in south hell, no. They didn't start selling out to the seventies. So our back teams. They went schilling on Bob Cousy. Now, Tommy Heinsohn. None of them guys. They only sell an art of it might have been basketball. Just pop the finals more soul dollar regular season. If finals sold I don't know. I don't think it was great the net. The Knicks thing wouldn't extinct. Which is the fact that you've been terrible this whole century, basically except for like a nine month span like at what point do you look at this big picture and go why is doing this to me? What Red Sox fan site? What? You got there. What was what was the cruelest moment of the last twenty years for you? Well, those I would tell you that. Those pacer Knicks series going into the nineties. Yes. That's all part of the go back. But when when Reggie also say me Reggie cool happened twenty years ago. All good all of all good regimen. All that game five. I woke up the next day because oh every more go to corner Bodega, get the papers. Get my coffee, bagel cream cheese. Cut down the middle. The data. In. So I go go to papers on I'm on the front page, nuke news day, New York Post. And your daily news. I'm on the front page. In game. Six is Marcus square Rena. And like. I mean, I gotta go. Record side. I know of saying no, it was a minute though that want to go. So I landed in the affluence. And does like five TV crews there? In. So I didn't go straight the markets. I went to visit Mike Tyson prison. So all amaze day will get on us Nick sought Nick sucks. You know that stuff while you're getting heckled by Indianapolis inmates. Yes, that's that's rough is true story. So game six. And, you know, close in minutes and the ushers start surround the court. Have a rope. Stop fans storming feel and thank God. John stocks went beserk. We want 'cause Knicks loss game. Six outta had the move right out ahead to move go. But it'd been that serious. You we did the and then we Patrick hit the shot put at the thirty on this. You said you were actually in fear a little bit on Indianapolis. Yeah. The clan was founded Indianapolis. No, they they me and my out pal going. Do we had and then? What's the own Davis Simon? Yeah. His son is a fucking asshole. Heard seven. Yeah. So I'm trying to say we need security. Yeah. And they're looking at him. Yeah. He's like he came here. So it was I I got hurt. And then that was game three. So then at the call NB office. The assigned someone to me from the league. Yeah. But I mean, you saw you saw there thirty, you know, you don't penance. Yeah. They would turn upside down. So was a hood clan is thin is in the peace. Remember? So I don't think that would go over well in the internet era. They would be Senate there'd be sending those pictures out pretty fast. They got this face. Anyway, Dow was. Patrick, Patrick jumped on the stores famous picture jumping scores table. We went to Houston. Yeah. Up three to go. X is a story. My man, Al pal Goania. Yeah. So our bike got a scheme. So he was tight with a Maxwell. So he he had burn Amax up. All ver- max up to eight o'clock and water spart didn't work. We understand. He did it all the time. Yeah. And then it's like Iverson some guys just didn't sleep. Oh, yeah. And then. You know, this always gonna be a talk. And I love stocks is my when my favorite players and was he three foot twenty one sometime thank game seven but game six like they had a chance to win in the last minute. And that's that was my fundamental problem. Pat was open somebody. Yeah. But who's the guy the guard? Plea was great with the Dallas Mavericks der Carper. No, the Orlando. Yeah. Orlando I don't wanna get my brother in trouble. But Hugo to the grave thinking that he would hit some shots. Right. But he didn't was that the fundamental problem that team though that in in a must-win game in the road, the second kind of creator slash score in that team is kinda John Starks, which I know what hitter marinole, but John I love you baby. So no disrespect. But is I I don't put that's not John. John Starks kept put himself in a guy. He's going to do that. That's that's Pat Riley. Right. We've worn the same day March. Twentieth. So pag give me some slack, fitness. My brother. Orlando Orlando you thought he should got some himself. Yeah. What about the Charles Muth south? Is it the bulls? For for black steals in like, two seconds. He has the try to dunk the first one. Agreed. He was eleven he was going like a guard. Yeah. See I think that was the worst. That was right Tuesday. They win the next to you got game five seven at home. And you basically you win that game bowls probably win six. But then yeah, got seven MSG all even chose. We're talking about some have how many years ago twenty five twenty six even Charles Smith had made that basket. Michael Jordan wanna found. Way to win. That's the part. Everyone forgets about that game. He's still would've had like eight seconds left. We've seen it before. The man's ability to put his in put his will. He would have found. No way in the world. Michael Jordan will lose a finals. Yeah. That's how I feel is not going to happen. So course, Charleston made the layup. But. MJ the black cat lag. Jesus. Room of rose, the black Jesus thorough Monroe is black Jesus was that his nickname that was the first, but they had you know, he passed along pass along. Yeah. But. And so that's why that's why you get into the whole LeBron how many finals LeBron lost a lot. He's also had some ignominies exits let joy had one bad one. And when he came back from baseball and Orlando beat them that was the only time he's kind of didn't didn't steal the ball from something like that. They can't arson, but he missed free throws. All right. The in the final Seattle's I'm still I wrote my book ten years ago. And it was like look Jordan's the best part ever not having this argument again, it's over and now LeBron back because he's because of the longevity. I think that's what chain she's having this Kareem type he's going to have a twenty year career where he basically has not gotten hurt is and has been incredibly hard grew house. How long has grown injury. He just came back. I know ledger. Yes. Seventeen games. Here's the thing. Like to say, which a lot not you. But you knew warning me. But if you add up all LeBron's playoff games. It's like it's like two more season is maybe three actually we do. But why looked it up? He's had his plate this released two more seasons. He's he's going through last. He's gonna finals every year loses. Go onto the fines is at fifty five thousand minutes if you had the NBA the regular season and the playoffs. But is, you know, the playoff minutes are like they can't like a minute and a half said so intense. Well, so I don't know how do I number level of Brown and. We have to pick sides because I don't like each other. Now, I think there's some beef, but twain MJ and LeBron I think there's wait is MG. Everything babble any any publicly all nj likes the goat stuff when you're the go. You don't like go conversation mica said he he said this recently. I never ever said, I'm the greatest 'cause I never played it as the great players of all the heiress. He's against us. Don't you think? It's a coincidence said he has a ten hour documentary coming out now celebrating his life, right? As this. Lebron thing that they've Greg secrete moved by working that thing's been on the show for years. You looked at it for a while. I go another direction. Oh, I remember when I was at ESPN. I remember we were trying to we had that all I can say is they win another direction. You had it though at it. At it. I remember, brother. I I was there. They went I want you to do it. They they went another direction. Yeah. Greatest five New York City point cards over. I'm not put him order, but don't order tiny Archibald. Okay. Give me the mount Rushmore. Gimme gimme four. Mark jackson. Charlie Scott was from Harlem, see, Charlie scarred sleigh. He's one of the loss. Guys. I know Charlie Scott average like thirty five game in the NBA would Lenny Wilkins boys goes high school. So you just listed for how would you say about most talented Steph in the most talented floor. Oh, how is it? My brother ages ABRAHAM LINCOLN a real splitter same school. Jesus stills worth. I was how much he got game was Steph marva. Stuff has Steph was right. Hey, we say that there's about his about him. That's my true. But the similarities because as point guard in Brooklyn Coney Island, but the whole father son thing and all other stuff, but definitely. But you know, might make it to who. He's gonna be freshman next year. Oh. Cole. Anthony, oh, I saw highlights of this guy. Greg fast, the door, the the son of crystal and Greg Anthony, he's Greg Anthony, son. Yes, I didn't know that. Yes. What school is he going to he's Oak Hill. Now, that's where I saw and they have some other kid on that team. Who's supposedly maze into? Yeah. Internet has a way of getting these kids until public. Now, this guy the son of crystal Greg Anthony. He's going. I'm not I can't say what was going on. But he's coming to the league, Greg. Anthony respectable performance in that one fight when he was in street clothes still got involved for that killed us. That was a good one. What killed us that that series against Miami? The fight with came up to. Negate why Charlie ward do that the game's over this is two times 'cause the two thousand seven Suns that was the other team when that kind of change the course of history in the next game. He had like. A place the they spend it whole team's terrible. When did you feel like when you were saying courtside the guys in the other team were not only aware of you? But felt like they had to interact with you in some way as like a rite of passage for I was interact. His thing the whole thing. Reggie Miller blue opera Porsche because. I'm not even saying that. No, I'm saying that respects they always lineups, you know, the pre-game lineup or halftime you come by. So that's the nineties like before. Reggie. Yeah. Dude. I think eighty nine also starting. Really star. I mean, I wasn't STIs down wasn't sitting courtside. Yeah. When did you get courtside? I moved on every year. They moved me down. So I can afford courtside that. They weren't still no seats there game out. This Levy, then they got smart. We could sell tickets, right? I can't hear. But when I started sitting courtside always the players, you know. You know, my ceases as they come around on. Label on this is right there, you know, front of my seat. So I always been. You know, the thing regime that put out by I say, Michael Jordan without been stupid. You can't really can't he'll give me a WinCo way. But when he's on the court, he's not like doing doing business. Let me tell you never said before that love those words when I was in early year when Celtics real good. That's every year. But when Mikhail that team, though, Paracels guys low people the whole, Boston, New York thing is is complicated. Anyway. Before the back then garden, they will let people weren't your seats. They will let you stand behind the bass watch Lateline. And. Out like Mikhail looking at me. And I was looking at him. I said can the kale you suck. You looked at me in say nothing I felt so stupid and those says four and in just being course, I in the Beauce the athletes have to take that. It's amazing that. Stay state is being Neil guilty that right? And the way looked at me a sec in evidence have been very reigned in. How I mean? The Beauce is amazing athletes. Don't choke wanna focus Lifton, right. That the tests may hasn't happened nine times. All yes is abuse. And because. Is really really horrible. I remember marble game six eighty six finals Houston, Boston the day after the Sampson fight Samson came in the guard. And we were like ready for Sampson Assissi signs. I've sold one and he came in and the anger. It took him out. He's done it like eight points. He was done like he could. As you know, everybody's not built for people. Yeah. People athletes that they'll they'll use that. You know, the get fired up, you know. All right like they rink. Identify on the podcast about six months ago as well. You're not gonna believe this. But he's very excited to talk about. I had heard he got game stories. So I'll get your version of it that he was supposed to lose a game thing. And he wrote for dope around. What is your version of the story? I like the say for Denzel denzel's played university. At forum. Yeah. Oh, he's he's proud to PJ charisma was coach. Yeah. So. In the script aversion. The father on battle. And he got game. Do I wrote it is that Jesus show were supposed to be his follow Jake, twelve zip. Now, raise never this is first film. So Ray is like we gotta do what description exactly Denzel, not tell me. But I knew that. No one world was Dessel. Knock try scored basket. Because then they'll still consider himself Abol. Yeah. So we start filming and basil just to look shit. It's home humble. I mean, he's Bank. It shouldn't like crazy. And you just film in the whole time. Yeah. So at the six something. Ray said look he's instead of saying cut he saying time out. Is making. It's like the referee time out time out and the great Susan Batson, who's one of the most phenomenal acting coaches. She's women him. What are you doing? Why? You're why doing the laughing? Spike. Scripts says oppose a win twelve nothin. He looks at me. I go like this. What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? We wanna do. So for Denzel. It was a moral victory. Yes, seriously because he scored I think five assays baskets scored four four. So he said he told Ray beforehand. It's like I never been but go left, but then when laugh. Privy to he's trying to pull some jet. My so is in. Dentals very proud of his performance film because it's those back on all famous. I gotta say that's one of my favorite sports movie scenes ever because I know 'cause Denzel starts talking shit, and like real life comes into the scene Rayo, and you could see him like being like all right mad Ray knew that this stills seen. He knew that his fellow players getting on us s like, I know played Malcolm that. But you guys. It's gotta be the greatest secretly the greatest achievement of dead sauce put up four points on Ray Allen who also lucky stuff though. But it went in. He was banking release. Ray allen. So he because he's a novice his first film. He think he had the, you know, the get up on then in denzel's competitive, you know, so you wanna look like a punk out there. He's going to try to. Also. It was a better better than I wrote. I agree is better than I wrote. Because you the father has to. The sun has to win in. But you gotta see the father. Scores from Basque. There's gotta be some father, son. I'm still I'm still your dad. Exactly, I agree with that. Exact you ruined hoosiers for me. Why is that? I was like my favorite sports movie ever in. Then I read your book about it. And you pointed out Kris high school, you pointed out how how a racist was at the end where the hoosiers team is playing the black the all black team with the coach was the four point lead. Who's just becomes a more on at the end of the movie, but you know, Oscar opposite on that team. Right. Well, he was on. He wasn't. There was the one thing that. Later does one black. There's only one high school in Indianapolis. I think the hoosiers team was like nineteen fifty and then Oscars team was mid-fifties. But how would you would Hollywood come on goes? But you know, I know you're going to be the grease documentary Hoop Dreams. Does not I mean basketball documentary, you think that is the Chris Hoop Dreams. Oh, yeah. It's been often imitated ever since. Well, that's what happens when. The standard, you know, people try to. What about what about that seventy fish? Pittsburgh what he's done that is funny. Fast for Nardi gave you recap live. Well, welcome back outlet fun to see those guys Mike Warren's that heroin investor was what was shack does blue chips. Nick Nolte was a coach. Yeah. Shack and penny. Hardaway is is hard to do. I mean is boxes. Easiest sport think recreate in the narrative film, but yeah. Yeah. Basketball. I it just looks football. North Dallas forty. I the seventies movies. Still hold up for me north Dallas forty still holds up in bad news bears. That was good. Ben is Barry and bad. News bears to is pretty good too slapshot still holds up longest yard. I think holds up. Let's let's skip over slapshot who's the starving. Paul Newman, Paul Newman, cool hand, Luke. Yeah. Kuan, Luke and longest still holds up only till story. So giving me do twenty with our. Yeah. And I'm gonna move badly. Thank you. I want to put up a the cool hand Luke poster in north apartment. So I make the call. They say you had a call Paul Newman for permission. So I get his office number. I never met before says come on over spike say cames office. A good talk. Gave me the blessed us. It did not that. It's the the film was done. I call him again. And he signed it for me, really. And what people forget about Paul Newman, Marlon Brando. Peel off guys like that. They were marching with the Dr king. They're writing big checks. They pull them by a cine. Portia bellefonte. Those guys were very very informed. A lot of people have let them out they really really behind the movement. Not just write checks. They were marching, you know, with with the king. So I wanna bring it up Paul Newman in the stuff is done with his charities. Yeah. That's my man clan. Luke's Bill Russell you relationship with him. Not really 'cause he was another one who is that who is at the forefront of a lot of. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, Bill, you know, know, you it looks like crazy. My father law him play golf together. So I help them Jorge Luis say, oh, then I was okay. But you don't know you you just go walk up to him. That's that's just I'm not mad on. That's just that's the way, you know, when you get nominated for black klansman, and they said this is spikes first nomination. Let's. Let's be fair. For directing and piss and picture. So I was like that can't be true. I've been here. The whole time is true. And I follow this stuff. But I've had to websites that were sports coach says now he had and then I went through and it was like oh screen play for. Dude. Right. Well, eighty nine the us right thing. No. I know, but the not getting picture in eighty nine is one of the biggest travesty four. Thank you very much. But before I'm not saying that no nominated I win. We only got nominations. It was outrageous scream playing Danielle lost out the Denzil glory. And then I want at at nominate my documentary follow girls. About the bombing of the sixty Baptist church. And so what so what do you think happened thirty years later in eighty nine I'll tell you got nominated because as you've gone record talk about driving miss daisy. Very good question. I think what has happened is that specifically with the academy. With. April rain starting off is so white. And then the then. President of the Cami motion picture sciences, Sherwin ISAACs. They with the the link and MS Isaac's Shelbourne is with the was probably hard. Let me start again. Okay. What happened? I think is that two things happen. April rains. Oscarssowhite hashtag. Also, I write and Sherburne ISAACs who then was the president of the cabin. Most Pixar sizes those two combine. Made the board of governors realized they had to open up the voting membership of the kademi and not just have seventy year old white people. Had be opened up its has opened a radical idea. And with this opening up of the membership. Moonlight. Whole lot of films fetish, you the nomination not been there because as more diversified and. The Cami looks more like. The United States merica now writing a hat, Pat. It makes sense eighty nine. I mean, he here's a perfect example. I was say that the kademi a Motion Picture Arts assizes in nineteen ninety on the Bill before they must were much more coupled with the the character of Hoke drive is daisy then yes, Mookie. Bugging out. And definitely Ray wrong with that boombox blasting. Yeah. Fight the power. It's so funny. How they ask work. We talk about a lot. We've done a million podcasts on it. Get out was a good example, you I was like ten years from now, I know get out is gonna be the memorable movie from that year. But for whatever is in the moment, they've Ofer shape a water. It's like, I know how this is going to play out ten years from now people like, oh that was the year get came out. And it was so clear with your movie. I remember seeing your movie think it was in Cambridge and like one came. But you're right. And kind of stumbling out of it be like what the fuck just happened. Basic John was we're library jersey bugging outs as bad about jets got over that. But it was such. It was just such a movie there just never seen before. And I think sometimes the ask doesn't know what to do with that. But he thing knows that. Which I've come to understand. Was not the first time happen with the. Mishap for happens. Other time rage embolden out win. What one ordinary people about Pacino didn't win for godfather to willow list, is is might let's talk about this. Alpa chino want? This woman. Odense ELS, Malcolm X. That was the chino did not win for godfather, the one godfather to serpico that was like a makeup afternoon. Yeah. And and just for all. Yeah. So you could say. Denzel's training training day was a makeup call. Because other he was awesome in training day. But he had to win for that one because they screwed up. Look what Patino Gotha godfather to dog day afternoon. Do you know in seventy four and it just throwing you don't win. She lost in seventy four and soda Nicholson and Chinatown they lost to occur in Harry and Totta tough. How are Carney? He was like eighty skip it to the skiff. Look your favorite fifteen years from now, definitely. He's got to wait it out. They love the law. But again, I. Conversation. More about this. We don't do. That's not the reason why I make films and the great stuff is going to be seen a new generation no-one. I'm saying respectfully. But no one is watching drives this days now. I would say twenty years ago either right thing is in library of congress will do the right thing. Also this decade. It took on a new meaning context. Aero garner. Yeah. Chill colt. And this year is gonna be through anniversary of the film. I know that's why I brought it up. Well, you know, a lot even though you read. A page. Let me ask the question. I mean radio where he gets choked death by a cop in that movie that was thirty years ago. Well, it's based upon something had six things, right. The thing about do right things where we had the forecast on justification. We're talking do the right thing was I wrote this crimen eight we had. We forecast gentrification global warming a whole bunch of stuff people talking about that this prevalent today. Police violence. Tallahassee a whole bunch of stuff and is. Is the blessed? One of the great things about that movie. It I I never understand how people pull this off. I'm not saying this kiss your US. There's like thirteen distinct characters in that movie. Maybe even more. I don't know what the exact number is that you kind of feel like, you know, and they're not even really in it that much, you know. And I think that's for me the legacy that movie is the way it's shifted over the thirty years, what's happening culture. But also just like the characters I just hadn't really seen that do the right thing was Rosie presence first film. Yeah. Martin lawrence. Romance is in it, Robin Harris verse film junkie was Hallett berries first film. So we add gotta give credit to Robby Reed. Who was my? Cast directors allies people that that she known LA. So she was late. So I got got got meet the town out there. It's weird that you don't get mentioned. I think maybe just 'cause you're you're so famous down, but the whole independent kind of thing that started happening late eighties through the nineties all these people making mind Kevin Smith, making clerks Amish you made that would you make it for like two hundred grand. She have it. Yeah. Two hundred eight hundred seventy five thousand. Two weeks we shot six two six day weeks July six day weeks. Yes, Sunday, you take off to live. I live fourteenth. Where'd you get a hundred seventy five we were doing crowdfunding because before there was crowdfunding, really? I mean, no technology, but the principal crowdfunding, you know, we'll do it phone call. Did you know what number you had to get to or it was just like? As soon as I got enough. What are we got? We got to go with. That's that's what it was one seventy five. I wonder what that is. Now would that be like two million one million? Eighty five. What's one seventy five and eighty five on what the equivalence year, we shot a eighty five. Yeah. So it's probably like one point five million hours since I think, so I don't know. I don't know Larry Bird made six hundred thousand eighty five now LeBron makes thirty five million. I don't know how to what is anywhere expect that's stupid money stupid money. So then after do the right thing. I mean, you did jungle fever, but when did you start really I Malcolm X? Was that always in the back of your head? Or was that like once you had these opportunities thought that the story is that the great director Norman juice was attached to the film within Zell. And with announce I made public known would like to be considered for the role in the producer Marvin worth. Great guy. Manage Lenny, Bruce in always, he's one guy who seen everything. Yeah. He arranged a meeting where Norman Jewison I sat down. And. Noticing. I mean, Norman gracefully. He didn't have to do always give credit to him because it was his film is yet a deal than those play, Malcolm X, and Noma juice was playing skews was directed film. Any it was his job, and he gracefully bowed out which he didn't have to do. So it's give credit to Norman for that. It's weird for guide that movie, I don't know. Well. That I wasn't you know. Yeah. His his his decision. And I thank you for that married to my camp because he he did not have to do that you stumbled into something I should say stumbled because it was intentional. But the way you marketed that movie with the X hats. I remember in the moment, they can lay this fucking smart. This viral advertising everybody there's a six month stretch everybody one of those hats and come out yet very early on. I understood that had to beat my own drum yet coming for independent cinema. I was not gonna have numerous dollars on TV has stuff like that. People forget on June thirty nine hundred eighty nine dude. Writing open the same day as Tim Burton's. Batman. Says ain't date set of steak knows called a culture. Oh, it's called counter. Programmer. Yes. But. No win world universal. And then no, no. Should they have spent him of money? That Bob daily Terry Semel was spent on on bat. I mean timbers Batman prince did score Jack Nicholson. There is some weird shake own with do the right thing that people were like were worried about oh, it might be an incendiary movie. They like David Denby down the New York the New Yorker. Yeah. I remember though, not great this. Be careful because what happens in the theater. Blood might be a spike Lee's hands this film gonna site. Black the riot all over the country. You know, crazy ship. Yeah. That stuff has not Asia. So they look stupid. Yeah. And it's another guy. Joe something his name. Joe client. He'll klein. Yeah. I remember that I saw at Morgan. On the cell up. We've gone from New York, I stayed. I gave a look though, you side item. My head was turned both ways like that. He, but he knew that in none of those guys ever say. All right. Bye. Fucked. They never never say. Your letter. Nothing. Yeah. It's like you wanna make you fucked up when you blaspheme Larry Bird, the greatest forward of all time me library letter me know, let me know reedmen. We have a little we spoke like this. I just say so. I knew that had the beat my own drum. Yep. And the person I never says was for a lot of I. Yeah. The person I learned from was Madonna really of she was the master the person despite the learn how to market. Me my brand my films was from Donna she she was the first one who figured all the shit out. She added she changed her look every year. Now, everything was calculus Steiner, Madonna. So thank you sister. But Donna were you selling the hat to sell the hat me. How many hours filling she's t shirts in front of the month? Looking theater. How many hats you? So do you. Remember, we saw Tun's and then million people doing bootleg stuff. So that's what. Do you the end credits? Amalgam ex we show various people who gave us money to finish a film. So you see the shot, Michael? And magic wearing I remember x hat when that happened. It was game over. Oh. Yeah. That that was how do we the story? No, please do. Well, we never. Got the correct budget the pro budget for Malcolm X seriously. Yes. But we everybody knew that I knew it warm. Brazil New the bond company knew it. So we always knew that dune dooms they were that their reckoning where we out of money. So we planned the schedule. We started September break for the holidays and finish in South Africa and Egypt. So once we came to that break. We were told that we had to cut the budget. They want the shoot on the jersey shore instead of. Said egypt. Yes. Oh, no. And it was it was a very it was a rough time. It gets those two locations, don't look, alike and. And then another thing. The first time we show Malcolm X to Bob Daly, and Terry Semel who ran the studio was the day. I swear to Gaza truth was a day on the Rodney King verdict Ono the same day and that cut was four hours. But to their credit Bob Daly and Terry symbol, stay throughout the whole former screening while LA was up in flames. She's so they're sisters come in every every half an hour like notes and stuff, and we need to get a helicopter. I don't they were talking here. I'm saying you need a helicopter. I mean, it was LA was in and to their normal pee myself. I give love the dako- predators a warrant brothers. Bob. Daly and Terry Semel stay throughout the four hour cut. Jeez. So they say, spike. So later on we knew. No way the world expected to be four hours. We just wanna see what it looks like doing a three hour cuts and a cyst we cannot release it three hour cut. The reason why studios don't like the longer list is because that means there's one less screening read the theater, it's seven o'clock time. I'm doing we're doing Malcolm mix. Warm was also JFK. That was like three hours. Killed story here. My brother slow down. Can't we? So. So I know they can release K Feis ASA. How long is? Cases are two hours. But they don't do stone. Our of how long do you have case by three don't tell them that? See director, look I'll be. So they didn't know I knew our K was three hours. I all right. We'll keep it three hours. So I was not gonna cave. One of those let the bond company takeover the movie and the bond company, promptly fired. Everybody. All the p editors everybody fired. And. We couldn't work in. I I got paid women dollars for for night put that entire salary into the movie Jesus. So I had a more money. Yeah. Put in a film anymore. So doing this film in pre production or one of the most important books. I've read was autobiography Malcolm X's told outs Haley, and due to high school and had had the re we study Malcolm into they kept coming to my mind was self determination. So for lines. So the termination stuff aligns. I said damn that's it. I knew I could call prominent African-Americans the head money. At not assistant at the phone number. I call up calm up. But the tricky thing is this house as a really I was had my yucky hat hand begging. The trick been that this the miles ask for could not be investment. It could not be attacked Royal this had to be a gift. So I made my list, I personal coz Bill Cosby. How much need I told him? He said spike new put in a male said, no, no got in the subway. Random Bill Cosby's rows, don't rang the bell. Hamill check. I even come inside. 'cause I had to get back before he might change his mind, right, boom. So. Tracy chapman. Tracy Chapman, Tracy chat. Wow. Janet jackson. Magic was involved. Oh. Brother. Let me tell the story. Kill it. I go to order. Yes. Miss winfrey. There's woman named Peggy Kupa Capers just philanthropists who just passed overhead which she Oprah at that point. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I guess she wants okay prince. Janet. And it came down to last to list magic. And Michael every time. I'm making next coal every time making this Cole. I'm asking for money. Two more people are lists. I called magic spike while you need, boom. So last call is Michael Jordan the goat. Born in Brooklyn, New York. Anyway. Oh, if that, so I know Michael's very competitive, Michael the one lose fucking tiddlywinks. This happened. Let slip how much magic wrote on this. Check. That was it. So Michael seal. Able to hire back Maya production team post post production team, Michael unscathed amount goes birthday. May nineteenth. We had a press conference that the Schaumburg library and Har hundred thirty fifty Lennox where we now st- that these prominent after Americans had written checks, so we could finish the film. We wanted to what we could finish my bitch way wanted to make it. And the next day. One start the fun film again. My mother's grave true story. True story. So everytime. I anybody's I give. So where I he magic. At a Sam Jackson birthday party. I mean that was a big birthday party. They're buddies. I know I gave I came Matic to Sydney, cookie, lovely wife. I imagine big was those white hugging me send me wrote that check Malcolm X. That was it, you know, so all those prominent Tracy Chapman, Janet Jackson. I mean. They wrote that check in that nasty because I cannot cave in. Couldn't do it. And here's the thing. Malcolm X evolve is a person. A young child. The tweet read. We needed that time. The see the transformations. He was going through in being you can't do this shit in two hours. I was like that do that to be David Lee make a movie like launch Arabia, Dr Vago bridge. None of quiet. Looking Brits requi-? Place, but we needed a time to tell a story. It was not an eagle trip. We. That the form of does though what a great performance, I think caught cinema. Is not gonna be the same thing that films two hours. You need it to our for three hours you need money to do it three hour movies. How much? I mean, you catch Stenzel at the perfect point. I was feel like there has to be a little bit of luck involved when a movie stands test time because I was thinking about that. Godfather, godfather to run any think godfather to better. I think it's I I love godfather more. But I think godfather to better movie at both great. Yes. Both great. But the amount of luck that they had to get Pacino James Caan and Duval, and then catch Brando at the right point paramount one brand, right? So Denzel you catch rate as he's ascending. But he's not Zell yet. We'll start with MO better. Yeah. And then he won and he had glory glory. I knew he was saying let me give you let me give you a quote famous quote branch Rickey. Luck is a residue of design. So have you both your ass? You do have a better chance of the. Faye was a look being bestowed upon you. Right. You ain't doing shit. Yes, you're not gonna get lucky. So I mean, it's the same. What you just say? But. I mean, very I've always remember that that branch would quote, but people know branch freaky signed Jackie Robinson. I too macho royals then with the Brooklyn dots and yesterday was Jackie's one hundred birthday. I remember it was I know, you know, but this audience. Yeah. I guess. And little let's not talk about what they tell that famous story. Jackie rows working out. But a red sil- come on come on. It was seventy years ago. Hey, did they did not change Yawkey way day? Did not change the name. Same thing. We could save from karma standpoint. That might have helped explain why the Red Sox had so much pain and torment over the decades looks 'cause I am a karma guy. Believe in karma. I do wonder if that she can all right God like ugly. And you just do some best apologists com. Whether you want to call it. Hey, when you had when you had Snipes a year before right is in this great runner his career. All these. Ears answer the question who's who is Wesley. Ashley always wanted to be at action hero guy. He wanted to be pasture. Fifty seven. Schwarzenegger stallone. That's we always wanted to be and these films were route than to get that position. But as we wanna do and look as I said before I want people do what you wanna do. Yeah. Be happy. And that's you wanna do. He I want him to play Ryan. He turned that down down freely. I wanna Fishburne play Ryan. Ooh, I wanna Robert deniro the play, Sal. Get out of here. I lied to not US Robert deniro place. Sal wanna do it? But what a great what if that is? Oh, no, no, I disagree. I think that thing which I'm gonna. Touch most of them when you said you talked earlier about then samba appease all these different characters. You think overpowers it is not an samba movie any more. Yeah. It's a is Robert deniro, film NATs. Why? Prince still pretty interesting movie is pretty issue if the deer in. And again act you just like percents. Guy team doesn't want beat a why you have active. We just want to do it. Right. What's back in the day those actors had contractors studios. So you have a choice unless you're super super you had to do. What would it be mayor all other guys said you had to do? What's that class you had late eighties? Do you feel like you were in a class? Oh, yeah. I mean Soderbergh. I sorta Berg I did a podcast with on Monday. And he mentioned how you guys both have movies eighty nine. He was like that was kinda we bonded over a lot of STA mayor. I love Stephen. Here's the thing. People thought that because of. Sex lies, the tapes and do the right thing in can and sex landfill tape one. We call the the pump door. Yeah. My beef was never hit. Yeah. It was been Venice who is the president, Jerry. But me Steve people thought that now we will always good. We were just young filmmakers, independent filmmakers. Cool. And our guy are here with Jeff Jarvis. Yeah. Jim john. What's ahead of me? Then why don't school? So my class. Eighty two is my Grayson Matata for almost of film school Emma, early films Ernest Dickerson. Oh, hang Li all the same clang Lee. Yes, he can speak a word of English angrily earns dick, Spike Lee, all in y you'd rather them school class nine hundred eighty two cheese. Same class who else is in your when you think about you and Soderbergh like those guys coming up late eighties before he had John sales. Yep. Michael Moore with his documentary. I know miss some people. But it was a great time because independent cinema was driving. Yeah. And. Did what point did he become kind of the dean of black filmmakers, we'll point of your career did people while I don't know look get my my. So that position what is it? They know you had early on. I'm here because of pond is like ask me show, then you had later on going to parks Novem people's as Davis. Director gets overlooked. Lots name is Michael Scholtz. He direct allow those major major hit films Richard pry, which prior was. Yeah. Star on Hollywood. So then. Robert towels. I really came out the same time. She's a habit Hollywood shuffle. Yeah. Then singleton with boys food, but he saw you're moving then tell you do what you doing. I was stand outside. I've got that data. Selling t shirts Hannah buttons and this skinny guy with glasses says my name is John singleton. I'm gonna be filming just like you to stores to storm. That was a good, man. We we had this this first time we've never done this before we gotta make I was trying to get you on for years. You get along with anybody who loves basketball. Plus, we have my full had to get to this Boston New York thing. But yeah. So it we had the rough one only connection. Yes. Look my my apologies. No. Look, I mind. What you do? Thank you. You know, you're talking about a lot of these people don't know what the fuck are talking about just talking. I'd one more question because you probably have to go interested in. Twenty fifth hour who I love that phone within get dominated. And when you look at the list of people that that films dominant. It's a disgrace. Did you know as your film that that that was going to be like the first post nine eleven movie 'cause that's become part of the narrow. But here's the biggest reason you want to do it. Yes, I'm a New Yorker. But here's a secret sauce. David Benny off. That was a novel. I know and the novels written pre nine eleven. So is my deal the make this story. I told David David this has be post nine eleven. Novels written before. Dorton have been one to get for minutes. And we both got scripts from our Tusa aids at the same time. Yeah. And now, and then you'd think about the cast it would Norton. The late. Great Phyllis Hoffman's. People. Sleep berry pet both Barry sort of run. He was good in sixty one. Now, he's a sixty one. He's a great athlete. Yeah. Hockey, he he's after because we every movie softball teams. He could play Rosario. Yeah. Brian cox. Tony through Gusa. Yeah. It's I he's a Russian mob. I'll do a piece I'll do that film. Jim Brown all American in that year. The ravens were Super Bowl Ray Lewis. So coachless. Jim wants had spike has crew. So they let us and then I got tight with Tony service. And I said I had come in read, and he got the part. The movie holds up. Oh, yeah. I think it's it's turned into tears one of the most important moves also Terrence Blanche's score. Terrance my long time composer and black clamps first nomination. Barry Brown, long time editor cut do right thing. Malcolm X inside, man. This is first time nominations as Avs young, but his first mum and drives first nominations. So when people saw me jumping up and down the field and went out. Yeah. That was just me Dallas Terrance. And because I know how this might team. And these guys BUSTER ass, and people know me, but I mean, a great musician. So seem Alba Barry. You know, these guys have never. They amass Nick crap. And then that doing it to get nominations, but the same time. Any would being once acknowledged for the work? They do I had go ahead of weird experiencing it 'cause I John David washed on the podcasts next day. It was great. Yeah. And so I went to our Blondeau. No, black clans. Okay. The the night before I go to like an eleven o'clock screening at the grove, and it was me and like ten people including four girls who I think thought it was a comedy which seems to be running with their phone the whole time. No, they were probably, but they're laughing really laughing at some. I'm like, I'm like, I'm positive this isn't a comedy. But it's emanate has funny moments. But what think that humor Delap that comes from the thirty of the premise, Blackman, infiltrates klu Klux Klan, right? But do you think is like nervous laughter? I don't know is. It was weird. Yeah. There is there is I must tell them to leave. You should as it. Can you guys leave? Joins us go, but they are certain things where I knowledge that particularly wide audiences. Don't know what they should laugh. Yeah. We're not there's an uneasiness to it that I thought was fascinating. I almost wish I had seen it in a full theater seem them booze. The white Orden's. If we haven't seen. Foam is going on. And we have the why look into. They'll have laughing. What are you most proud of that movie? Looking back now that Ambu black klansman. It's been it's been out for six months. What does this thing? You're most proud of. I think this is my answer will be the could be the end of the show you great. That's why I asked. Black klansman will be in the right side of history. I like Nassar speckling. I'm glad we finally did it again soon. I'm sorry. The Red Sox the yankee's much as dominant American League team of the century. You had last century. At least look you're the Twitter was great the yank excuse me. Now it's team last year. I can't debate that whole century. I would say listen. Going back last century. We got this century. It's fun. Titles. Give your manager manages amazing. Yes. I poor we manager. They also look we got work to do. What you can do your lever. We're fine. We've an awesome team. We'll get a closer in June. When every game by seven runs, and we'll get closer in June. We're fun her find you worry about your own same. She begin Bryce Harper right now, then a pain in that money. What they build that terrible stadium things awful. Things empty half the time. That's because those. What you talking about sir is corporations taken over sports. They ruined Yankee Stadium that not only one. We kept our integrity testing. Look we kept Fenway kept Wrigley. I love Fenway. I love really feels. But what's the TD garden's this? I mean, it's oh. Now you. In corporate America. I mean, except the playoff games that Senate Bill camera looking at at the plate. There's no by behind home plates to bear saying they have see fillers like the Oscars would seem so much better. Get somebody fifty high school kids bring them in. There Spike Lee. I'm glad we finally did this. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Thanks so much to Spike Lee. Thanks to Joe house. Thanks to ZipRecruiter goods. Go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash B. S? Thanks to Hulu. Don't forget to start your free trout, Hulu dot com. Don't forget about Macari. They're selling that makes it fast and easy to sell almost anything. Just take a few picks added description, boom, you're either is listed with millions of people using the Macari app in fifty states. Steph, really sows everything ships easily. No awkward meet ups. He can find my car in the app stores or at Macari dot com. M E R C A R dot com. And thanks to their times crossword, if you're looking for something smart through while you're waiting for your day sitting in the train or stacking in the break room play. The New York Times mini crossword. The mini puzzle could be solved almost two minutes there about for funds stimulating way to spend your downtime challenges of every word play everyday down. The New York Times crossword app at near times that com slash Benny. Kyle. How's your life been differences, the pets suppo? It's just been all around better. Just waking happy a great time. A great time Reggie Mitee to prayed today. Yeah. There was a parade. Tom Brady's good Morning, America. Is he did that today? Check that out talked about as we get inside the NFL tonight. Get all the highlights of the game. You see them according twins dance together, heartwarming. Yeah. It was great. I don't know. How we did it back on Thursday trade deadline pod. We're going to be taping being Ryan russillo. Basically from. All the way through putting up soon as possible. So hopefully, some stuff happen.

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