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Kevin Durant has confirmed surgery on his torn achilles the way that millennials do with Instagram Killys came as a complete shock Irving is gonna hit the market. He said by his agent. You might be teammates next year but he wouldn't be playing with game six NBA finals two nights. Tight. Oh my goodness. Over the Saint Louis blues. I. Our goal is to make the ecosystem football better fill. We think that we fit that mold alliance. No more there is no sponsorships. There is no marketing, there are no football employees. What what you see change your perception of abbey sporting events? Get this. This is outside the lines Ryan Smith here. How unlikely is the blue Stanley Cup win that and the inside story of the AFC rise, and fall, including the answer to this question with their founder, do it all over again? Those stories are coming up. But first, this big one. The latest chapter in Kevin Durant injury saga sakes, could be higher for the warriors tonight in game six season on the line in their last game. At oracle, the NBA's oldest arena with the raptors at championship point. But at least one aspect of their lives as clear their time finals MVP is on the mend Durant, Instagram yesterday that, yes, he did rupture his achilles. Saying, quote, I'm okay basketball is my biggest love and I wanted to be out there that night because that's what I do. I wanted to help my teammates on our quest for three peat adding, I know my brother's can get this game six and his warrior brothers are focused on getting this one for him just thinking about enjoying this last week show. Oracle, we're about to give fans expect fans be last they've ever been, especially in the name of Kevin, bringing his type of spirit, he would bring to the fight, and in the competitiveness, nor fans will do that, because we deserve, more importantly, Kevin does what he gave this team organization. All right. So for the latest on the story, let's welcome in the host of who collected podcast. Bryant went horse. So Brian minutes before Durant posted that message Steve Kerr, basically, said, look, we don't have any news on Durant. So the question everybody's asking is did he not tell them? Well, they didn't have any news for the media under rant, but I can assure you that they were well aware what was happening with Kevin. I think they just wanted to give him space to make his own announcement. Obviously, they were well aware that Kevin went to New York to get the MRI and the surgery they were keeping in constant contact with his agent. This is not unusual. In the NBA players. Go off to see their own surgeons all the time. It usually doesn't happen in this kind of stage and these kind of timing, that's a window. Okay. Well, that's good and kind of falls in line with the warriors have been saying all along. We're trying to respect Kevin Durant, and his process as well. Okay. So let's talk about Kyrie Irving. Let's talk about the dominoes that are falling at least as we hear with respect to free agency, reportedly. He's thinking about putting out. He's now taking on rock nation as his management company. Parting with his longtime agent, reading the tea leaves here. How do you think all of this affects Kyrie's future? Right. This is one of those things where timing. Seems very strange kyri it out had actually been thinking about this plotting this for some period of time, only he knows when he made the actual decision this had been his agent since his rookie year, though. And Jeff Wexler is a guy who has only had a few clients, in focus specifically on kyri. So it was surprising but not completely unexpected. The interesting thing is rock nation has close ties to the Brooklyn. Nets thrown by Jay z who obviously at one time was was a team owner of the nets the, the guy who leads the nets is brother is the president of, of rock nation. So there's a lot of connections here and you could make certain leaps. That said, I don't think that an agent representation they will determine just work really gonna play. But certainly Ryan tea leaves, as you said show, Kyrie Irving is headed towards Brooklyn. Okay. And speaking of another big time, free agent Leonard. How does Durant injury situation affect him? Good question Kawai sort of operates in his own orbit. You know, there's been a lot of talk about Durant, and Kyrie Irving teaming up. There's been talk about LeBron teaming up with players. There's been speculation that a team may try to sign a big free agent, then trade for Anthony Davis, specifically the New York Knicks. There's been none of that with coli he operates independently. He has a very small circle doesn't communicate a lot with other players in the league. So I think Kawai is going to do his thing. No matter what, what is that going to be or all waiting to find out? Oh, can't wait until free agency season starts these. It's not over yet. And we're already jumping, Ed. We can't help ourselves Brian. Thank you. And unbelievable journey. That was in last place on January third kept fighting. They kept scratching they kept on more than a half, century of waiting over St Louis blues. Cup champions, back home to say, say can't be more better. It's really everything we love about. What a see that was an in the thick of it was ESPN senior NHL writer. Gregoire shinsegei. He's finally right here with us after being in Boston last night. So good to see you, my friend. Thank you. Thank you, so put it in perspective for us. House apprising was the Stanley Cup victory for the blues. We'll consider the fact that the Saint Louis blues were in last place. In the entire National Hockey League on January second surged back with a new coach with a rookie goalie and Jordan bidding ten to make the playoffs, and then just rolled I mean one couple series that they weren't favored in, and then against the Boston Bruins got it out. The thing about this team that I'll always remember is overcoming adversity whether it's the wacky hand pass and overtime against the sharks. Or the fact that Bennington is now fourteen into after losses in his career. In the National Hockey League. This team just new head to park it when there was a versity. So what was it like being among the C Bruins fans with the blues doing what they do. It was quiet. The blue head in Boston. Often they knew it was the blues played exactly the road game. They had to play, you know, they had to play five on five. Don't go on the penalty kill against Boston who had the best power play since nineteen Eighty-one in the NHL. Don't go on the power play themselves because they were one for eighteen. They were horrible. So the game was played at even strength and the only way they're going to win this Cup is if they're like no penalties. And guess what? There was one penalty. It was a guy putting the puck over the glass for delay of game calling the first period. The game was played even if that was going to be the case. The blues were probably gonna win the game. That's exactly what happened. Okay. So I, I normally hate to do this, but I can't help it with the story of worse. I can the blues actually repeat next year. Is this lightning in a bottle, or do they really have a chance to run the table next? Jay got something. They got something there players, whether it's rhino riles thin, but can they really do it? They can their players are mostly under the age of twenty eight the kid Jordan, bidding ten that's the real question. Was that lightning in Bali isn't going to be the next? Patrick wa or is going to be next Cam ward, we don't quite know. But I do know this that. Kids got ice water in his veins and overall the scene. The core of it is still very strong. I think we might be hearing from blues again next season. I'll tell you what we'll be hearing from you a lot. Everybody thinks Greg now goes home and takes a nap for the next couple of months. No draft everything else coming up, you're always a busy man. Thanks for spending time with. Thanks for having me. Three weeks ago, C C Telfer made history becoming the first publicly out, trans woman to win an NCAA track and field title taking the four hundred hurdles by a second and a half and the two thousand nine hundred ninety two championships, but her road to the top has been anything but easy tell for initially competed in the men's category at division to Franklin Pierce college, but after transitioning took part in the women's competition for her senior year, since that time she has had to withstand the heckling and withering criticism of those contest or gender. She's faced vitriol online, the president's son tweeted that her success was a quote, grave injustice to women, what few understand, is that she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy, just to participate in the women's competition per NCAA rules. Let's bring the NCAA division to four hundred hurdles champ CC tougher. How's it feel when you hear that? Oh, gosh. Honestly, I'm still getting used to it. So it's, it's honestly, very breathtaking comforting because I did work hard for it and you weren't hard. And you had to endure a lot some of we've read that's been said to you online heckling. You've had to face. I can't imagine what that's like talk about what it was like for you to have to endure that during this rush of the championship. So my coaches really did a very good job at tackling that and really getting me as soon as soon as that race was over coming off the track there. Like I need you to stay off social media for like forty eight hours. So they were really like on it, since since the start, they had security guards there that I didn't even know about. And they were really different protection. So I didn't really see all of the negative all of the negativity. All the bashing the backlash from it. I had friends who did see that. And they did message me and tell me what was going on. And they were like we're here for you. They're giving it was all positive energy. And that's what does feeding off of. So I didn't really get to see the negative bashing the negativity. So, you know, I think the criticism that has been levied at you is that here you are doing this. You've got an advantage people say over cisgenders women, you've actually said it's the opposite. Yes about confirmed. So if not anything me competing against fits, genders, females is a disadvantage, because my body is going on, on going through so many medical implications. Like it's going through biochemistry changes. So being on Homer and placement therapy, it, it gives you. So you're most of the pollution, your muscle tear. You're eating you lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get your strength, your Gilady all that athletic stuff. So I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength. And if I slack a day, that's like three days set behind. So I have to continue to keep up my workout to keep on top of mice thing I can't drink. I can't like eat unhealthy or else it's going to impact me harder and going into the blocks. And people don't know running go into the box training. I get lightheaded. I get on dizziness nausea, like when that gun goes off and I that I step out. I lose all leg. I lose all like focus basically. I the dizziness is so intense that I really have to together, but like being an indoor championships. I, I got used to it and working working out in practices, and going through those tedious aggressive workout days. I my body's gotten used to it, and like I've gotten used to like. Handling and focusing on like how to stay straight and upright and for the first thirty seconds. I'm breathing in my getting into it, it becomes numb. I have to ask you this a little bit of time left. What is your message to others out there who maybe facing criticism over their identities? O rien. My message to others out there who are facing criticism over there is that to ignore it and to live their best life and their authentic life. Because nobody else is going to do that for them. And they know their true selves. So these they know who they are, and they should just be themselves because at the end of the day, there's no, there's, there's no time there's no time to be flaunting over something that you can't control. And people are always going to have an image of other people are going to have something to say and you can't change it because of their egotistical mentality. So you can't change it. So might as well just move on to move forward. Well said happy for you. Congratulations. Again, you glad you joined us today. Thank you, having the. Here's more stuff that matter six men, including the alleged gunman are in custody and several other suspects are still at large in the Sunday shooting. Former Red Sox star David Ortiz, in the Dominican Republic police are alleging that the man who coordinated the shooting off to four hundred thousand Dominican pesos or about seven eight hundred dollars to carry out the crime, but they declined to identify who offered the money. Meanwhile, according to update some more teases wife, Tiffany. Big Papi is in guarded condition, but as able to sit up and take some steps he remains in the intensive care unit in Boston, Mass General hospital. Kicked off with big fanfare and strong ratings two months later, the af filed for bankruptcy. How did it all fall apart inside story with wicker sham? I can't believe it. Let Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it get their loan to get there. I'll learn and get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button, do what's this button, do what's this? Believe at Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Outside the lines is brought to you by WalMart. Discover more ways to shop at WalMart today. In today's be blocked the rise and fall of the alliance of American football. A new football league seems to pop up every few years, there was the world football league in nineteen seventy four the USFL nineteen Eighty-three the XFL in two thousand one and the eleven by the way in two thousand fourteen this year, the alliance of American football launch, but like the others before it, it crafts, spectacularly ESPN Sedgwick or sham and Michael Rothstein explore the toxic mix of ego mismanagement and blind ambition along with the lack of financing that led to the meteoric fall of the af. Charlie ever saw seem to have the right pedigree to do something. No one else had successfully launch a spring football league that would complement not compete with the NFL the son of former NBC, sports, executive dick Ebersol, Charlie believed. His league would be a true alliance between the fans the players and the game. Welcome to the alliance of American football better known as the af. It was the summer of twenty seventeen Charlie met with former NFL GM, and then ESPN analyst Bill Polian in Cape Cod diner, provided, you can get the capital and the television coverage. It's workable, pulling and said. On March twentieth. Two thousand eighteen ever saw officially announced the. All it needed was money. Lots more money. The af was already behind schedule on everything from practice facilities to stadium leases, ever saw told Polian we gotta get this thing moving. Or we won't make it Reggie Fowler. A former USF fell linebacker was the league's primary investor. He made a fortune business, but also carried a questionable financial reputation in two thousand fourteen Fowler. Lost limited ownership stake in the Minnesota Vikings after it was reported that he had defaulted on financial obligations. In the spring of twenty eight team the alliance at tens of millions of dollars in the Bank. Nothing to the hundred and fifty million in needed Fowler offered one hundred seventy million despite Fowler's checkered past ever sold took the deal. Fowlers promised millions were mostly. In late December Ebersol confronted Fowler. This is not effing acceptable. He said, if you don't start properly funding us, I will shut the company down. But at eight PM on Christmas a thirteen million dollar deposit from Fowler arrived in the af account. It's a Christmas miracle Ebersol told his wife, whatever didn't know was that just months before the government had frozen chunk of Fowler's money as part of a forthcoming fraud indictment. He was ultimately arrested and pled, not guilty. On February ninth. The first af game kicked off on CBS the San Antonio commanders against the San Diego fleet. Ever saw had done it. However, the good times we're short lived within days. The alliance would miss its first payroll. Tom Dondon billionaire, owner of the NFL's Carolina, Hurricanes about the AFC plight and wasn't treat a fast agreement came together. Over the phone publicly said he was in for the long haul at two hundred and fifty million dollars privately key only committed to keeping af open on a weekly basis on buying the option. On Dunton told a confidante. He immediately ordered tens of millions in cuts. We can operate this league fifty million we'll have a league and business done. Didn't try to renegotiate a new deal with CBS and to partner with the NFL neither effort was successful. By April didn't hit spent seventy million dollars. But the league was still hemorrhaging cash, shutting down at five pm today would have done dissociates told ever. So we're announcing we're shutting down ever saw last. No, everyone is fired at five pm today. Lawsuits. Bankruptcy outraged abandoned employees in players. That's the AFC legacy from kickoff to crash fifty two days, but ever saw says, he wouldn't have done anything differently what I do it all over again, knowing exactly how it was going to end. Yes. A thousand times over. That is my point right there, the story by Seth and Michael RAF seen called inside the short unhappy life of the alliance of American football on ESPN dot com. A must read folks trust me. We got set here with us right now. So look set let's talk about this. There was all this talk about when the league failed all the pointing fingers who was at fault. Take us inside that discussion. You talked to ever saw you talked to others of what that process was like. Yeah. The process was chaotic, but at the end of the day, you saw the information on there on Reggie Fowler. I don't think they ever recovered from it at the end of the day they had to go against with man reported five hundred million dollars putting behind the XFL. They had nowhere near that money. And so they had to take the deal that Reggie offered. Looked good at the time. Charlie Ebersol said that he vetted his lawyers vetted. He had Felder meet with board members executives, even his dad, but at the end of the day, he didn't come through with the money when he was supposed to and they were never really able to. Cover from that. And what did done didn't say to you about his business decision to get involved with this, we'll look the lore of spring football is one of those things as you said a couple minutes ago. It's one of those things that people can't resist right at it has this many knows how the league's work. I mean, he's got his due diligence, what have told a confidant that he was a stupid decision. He said he didn't do enough to diligence. And, you know again Charlie ever saw had done. He had it was miraculous that he got the league off the ground. And that's the hard part, I think Dunton was intrigued by this. And he thought, hey look, if we can get a partnership with the NFL to be a true developmental league or if we can get a broadcast deal that's not a time by which is what those were then this thing might have a shot. And it was only when he got into it that he realized that the finances were way out of whack. He thought that they spent too much money on coaches and players and he didn't see this thing, succeeding, now one thing you. Highlighted. Your article is some of the cultural differences between guys like Ebersol of guys like Bill Polian talk about that, specifically when example around the draft. So there at the NFL combine twenty eighteen and they are nervous because the league hasn't launched yet they're trying to keep it secret. So they have a Bill is working for us at the time doing drafts all day long. They go to a private room at a restaurant, the turns out the private room surrounded by glass, they threw a fit they go to a different place, so they sit down. And they start talking about ideas for the inaugural. A after after the first idea that Polian has is for it to be like the US, F L, which is where he worked where teams hold the territorial rights to players. So Rick new highs Charlie ever. So they'll have a different idea where they want the players who are in demand to be able to pick their teams and pulling tired, he's just like what do they say? It's like the voice, and he's just like. And. Did not over. Well, it's the greatest show these red chairs and they turn around when they hear the voice that they like. But the singers can pick who they want to coach them in pulling was tired. He was irritable, Rick Schafer, who is there, who is the senior counsel to the said you could see the steam coming out of his ears and wholly into says, I can't take any more of this, and the discussion ended there about, what kind of draft goodness couple of how close were they really to becoming a developmental league for the NFL not close. You know, I think they hoped they were closer than they were. But the end of the day they were talking about unprecedented language that would go into the collective bargaining agreement. The might have taken months or years to get in the NFL PA didn't wanna do it. They felt like look you're talking about playing during our off players to play in the spring. That's the off season that we fought so hard to get them for. And if they get hurt who's going to, you know that could hurt their NFL gonna be a tough and the NFL. Meanwhile, is like you know, this isn't something that we do often because we can't be seen favoring one of these leagues over another. Do you trust law? So you know what? I don't think we've seen allows Charlie ever saw. But this is a great piece. Thank you. Thanks. All right. We'll be right back. Don't forget game six tonight at or call catching on ABC covers starts at eight thirty eastern. NFL live is.

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