Sammy Magic and The Big Cool Rock: Chapter 11


Previously on Sammy magic you can tell anybody but yes, I've obtained a dragon. I gotta find a new home for this guy soon. Well, what about my brother? He's investigating dragons and I think this could actually Aid him in his research you were you got the stuff? Are you sure my brother sent you off? Oh, yeah. Yeah shock we know your brother. What are YouTube think you're doing here. What are you doing here? I didn't think you were going to show up. Well, I wasn't until I heard my letters were getting intercepted by these two Interlopers prepare for trouble and make it double that Dragon belongs to a good home. He lets out a massive explosive gust of fire breath books, like taped dragons blasting off again, they feel a gust of wind over them. As that blanket is pulled away and they turned back to see groundskeeper Williams standing there as he looks at Sammy with a sigh. I know I'd get you eventually. One week Professor kitty cat stares across her desk at both Greg Sammy and Harmony all staring officially at their feet one week of Peace one week of Peace. I've finally had kids in this school one week of being able to stare at the house standings and see Lionheart firmly plastered where it belongs at the top. One week you've given me one week of Peace Mister Magic. What are you talking about? Sammy comments looking up from the floor. I was very proud of you Sammy one week ago. I was astoundingly proud of you as I saw you leap through the air throwing caution to the wind to drop kick that child off of that broom and grasped that bronzed Falcon to secure lionheart's position as the top house in the school Where We Belong And now just one week later samet. All of your efforts, in fact all of the three of your Collective efforts through studying through training through working to be the best students. All of it is an exercise in futility. What do you mean Harmony questions terrified that all of her studying was suddenly for not I thought wage against it Professor kitty cat stares down at her desk at the three reprimands that were about to be issued to Sammy Greg and Harmony. I felt very sad part against this But after discussing things with the other three house heads and after discovering you once again creeping around this Castle after midnight, we've been left but no choice. 50 points away from Lionheart. What? No, you can't do that. No, we've we've been working hard Harmony is desperately clawing at the table begging for her points to come back. No no place. You don't understand. You can't just take fifty points away. We're not kitty cat continues. We're taking fifty points. Each she stares daggers into the trio who all stare at the ground dumbfounded in just one evening. Lionheart standing went from the very top to the very bottom and for the next month, you'll be forced to report to detention with the bear after school every day off. No, no, no, no. No, I've never had attention, please. No, please you could throw them and I don't care just not me Harmony is terrified having never received attention a day in her life packing at this sudden reprimand staring daggers into her friends that drug her into this. I'm sorry Greg responds staring at me with tears in her eyes the following day the trio walked through the halls and hee-ro whispered hisses coming from their fellow lionheart's as they look up to discover that board dead. Where the lionheart's sat at the bottom of the school rankings? Hello Fair. Magic. How are you doing? Sammy? Here's a voice roam rushed through the crowd and he clenches his fists prepping to just unleash a massive punch as the bad boy. Barry snake-man comes stumbling up to him. Look. I understand you look a little bit angry, but I just wanted to come and thank you. I mean come on. I mean, I was really worried about you for a while in really seemed like you were working hard that climbed the rankings to become the top of the pops and yet Rude Boys Are Back on Top baby and it is all thanks to you in fact, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen gather around gather around a large crowd gathers around the trio and Barry Stegman. I would just like to extend a firm school. Thank you to these three Sammy magic Greg Ginger and Harmony smarts the trio responsible for me being at the very top where the snake-men deserve to be off my right folks. He attempts to start a slow clap, but no one joins in mostly a bunch of groans and angry stares are thrown our treos way. We can't do this anymore. What Harmony responds to Sammy who's staring down and fury looking at that clenched fist? We can't keep doing this. We can't keep sneaking around. We can't keep investigating. It's tougher or else. We risk the pizza party Greg gasps coming back as Harmony stops him. But okay, I understand. Yeah pizza party big deal, right? But Monday we are on the verge of discovering one of the biggest mysteries the school has we can't suddenly stopped it because of a pizza party. Can we? Yes, we have took in this not for me not for you, but for kittykat fine Harmony responds as she rushes off to her next class books clad in hand off Greg merely stares at Sammy walking away disappointed in his friends lack of ambition towards their Adventure. They had been working for months to achieve and Sammy Sammy went back to becoming a normal student. And that's where our story would end if it wasn't for a week later. Sammy was rushing between classes desperately trying to make his way towards history when he heard a voice. All right. I understand. You don't have to talk to me like that. It's it's fun. No. No, please I'll do it. I'll do it. Just shut up. You can't be talking about this that loud wage was the voice of Professor Nave Sammy turns a corner and discovers Professor Nave in his office his back to the door talking to some mysterious figure inside off. Just don't worry. I'll figure it out. I'll figure it out. I'll take care of all of it. I I Believe In This I Believe in Us We can get it Sammy attempted to just get rid of that conversation. Sammy attempted to reject everything that he heard but he just couldn't that voice that that threatening voice coming towards Nave. It was just too powerful and Sammy knew he had to do something guys. I think rickman's behind something he was talking to professor and they've earlier today and it sounded very threatening. Wait. How do you know? It's Rickman Craig comments as they rushed towards detention for that day. He's like the most evil guy in the story. It has to be him. There's no way it's anybody else Sammy comments as Harmony flips through a book looking up the definition of the word red herring. Look. I'm just saying we have to investigate this further. And as Sami says this offer a light appears in both of his friends eyes looking up as they realize Sammy wants to get the gang back together. Sammy is demanding their Adventure continued dead. Look the bear will fall asleep Midway through detention. As soon as he does we sneak out and we start investigating the trio elated Lee skipped towards detention with the bear greets them a welcoming smile. Or Grimace, who knows it's the bear. You can't really see anything underneath that beard. Hello dieldrin. It is very good to see you because today's detention is going to be a little bit different. Oh God. No today's detention. We're going to the Forbidden Forest all four of you. For Sammy comments as he looks down to discover Barry snake man sitting in a desk in front of the bear. Looks like we're going to go demon-hunting demon-hunting Sammy responds. It's not a demon. Look, I understand you three have been spending all year getting in trouble attempting to be heroes. Well tonight should be a hero and you won't get in trouble for it. What are you talking about? Sammy questions as they begin their Trek towards the Forbidden Forest. Well, as you know, I am yeah, I guess you could call The Keeper of the forest. I know all of the animals. I know all of their tracks and I know that this this isn't good the bear comments as he rushed towards a massive pile of shimmering rainbow blood. He leans down dipping a finger in it smelling it before confirming Unicorn Blood. Something has been rushing around by Forest harming my animals. It is up to us to discover who it is, but we must be careful. Whoever sheds the blood of a unicorn has to be one of the most evil creatures in existence song by Sammy questions. It's a unicorn it's like one of the most beautiful things of all time. I mean, I'm sorry, would you be cool with like murdering that In Cold Blood would you be cold in like stomping on the puppy dog head? Like no dude, you gotta be evil to kill an animal like this Jesus. Okay. So what's the plan with Sammy comments? Well, we're going to split up. It's the only way we can cover the entire Forest Greg and Barry are going to be joined by my dog companion Jessica Bose. Don't worry. She doesn't bite much and Harmony you and Sammy are going to come with me. If any of you find anything blood tracks anything suspicious call for us and we'll take care of it. Okay, Greg comments as he looks over at Barry who's just glaring at him excited about all of the antibiotic. They can get up to in the woods. What's the matter Jinja we're going to have us one very very fun time out here. Come on, let's go find a unicorn murderer. Very places his arm off and Greg and begins rushing him into the forest. Meanwhile Our Heroes take off in the exact opposite direction. So just what should we make small talk? Sammy comments looking anticipatorily at the bear. Oh well started. Let's see. Weather is nice. Isn't it? Tell me about the rock now. What rock I don't know what you're talking about. Yes, you do. Sammy Returns the song easily. We've talked to you about the rock bear. We've talked to you about Nikki flannel. We know that he was one of the associates of grumble bomb and we know that he made the big cool rock. So please spit up some information big dog. We can't just keep walking around here aimlessly. The big cool rock is dead vessel of infinite power. Nikki flannel ended up using it to give himself eternal life. And with that eternal life. He has been tracking across the country desperately trying to recover The Rock. Y Sammy wonders out loud because Sammy eternal life is not all that. It's cracked up to be I mean the big man got bored after just twenty years after thought. He just tried to find a way to end the pain. He's become a ghost of his former self. You see Sammy death is necessary wage, if brutal and painful, it stops the pain of the world from getting into you. It stops. It stops to hurting and unfortunately for Nikki flashlight is paying never ceased. Well, this seems relatively dark for a children's book, but that's cool. So Nikki flannels been searching for The Rock. But unfortunately, we are terrified of letting it get into the wrong hands meanwhile in the alternate side of the woods Greg and Barry are searching throughout the forest wage, you know something this dog seems relatively cool. I think we could probably just you know pop back for a few. I think there's a movie on tonight in the common room. If you want to go check it out. I think I'd rather search for a murderer in the woods than hang out with you sneaking Greg Returns the comment with vitriol and his mouth. All right. I'm just saying it's Fast and the Furious 6 and that's that's the one where it gets crazy. I heard that going to space next quit being nice to me. Why you being nice to me? Oh, I'm just saying the whole rudeboys thing. It's just it's just an Choi. Google honestly we're not bad people. We're just you know, someone's got to look out for all Numero Uno. And so we do at this point. I've got no reason to be mean to any of you rude boys or at the very top of the leaderboard with nobody showing signs of catching up. So what harm is it to be nice to you off? It's only game ginger and I've played you like fools for months, but now that the game's over and I'm definitely winning. I see no need to keep playing with you little toys anymore. I surprisingly I think I preferred it when you were just a jerk Greg comments quietly. I mean people aren't just means for an end. You can just use us to get what you want with that comment Barry looks over and discovers a massive pit while smirking I actually think I can from across the woods Harmony Sammy and the bear hear the sound of Greg screaming in pain rushing down a hill with the trio all rush back towards the other group as Jessica bones barks with Fury alerting them to their location quick, quick, please. Help pour change has been injured. That's funny. Ginger injure poor ginger has been injured. He fell into the bottom of this pit. I think it's it's only up to I guess it's only up to us to save him very falsely calls out for help. When suddenly the bear Sammy and Harmony rush out from some underbrush to approach him Auberge. Thank God, you're here a port porch Ginger. He he fell down into this pit and well given that I'm his partner. I I feel like it's only fair that I carry him back to the school. I can help him. I can take him to the nurse's office or whatever right? It's fine. Do you know when Fast and the Furious 6 starts though? Cuz I've really got to get to that. No, you will not be doing anything fast or Furious tonight. The bear returns know you are going to be teaming up with Sammy for the rest of this Expedition take Jessica bones with you. Me and Harmony are going to take dog. Back to the school you to be safe. Okay, all of that backfired a bit, didn't it? Very comments to himself as he Sammy and Jessica Bowens go out into the forest when suddenly wage they see a small trail of blood leading through some brush and as our heroes and also villain, I would never refer to bury snake-men as a hero creep through that underbrush, they discover a dead unicorn laying in a pile of that beautiful rainbow blood and a darkened figure of coming from within the forest approaching it slowly Sammy grunts as pain shoots through his arm that Rune beginning to Glow green and glow brighter and brighter and brighter causing Barry snake meant to look down with a start. Okay. This is way above my pay grade. So I think I'm going to skedaddle actually come with me if you want to live. Or don't I don't care and with that Barry snake-men and Jessica bones rush off through the forest leaving Sami alone in his arm in pain that figure leans down in front of that unicorn and begins to lap up its blood and with each following drink from that pool of blood the pain in his arm of growing firmer and firmer. He looks down and he sees that green Rune slowly turned a dark demonic shade of red as Sammy looks up to see the figure shown now glaring at him he stares down and he sees the Rune slowly undo itself unraveling on its arm almost erasing itself off from existence Sammy panics and begins to scramble backwards as that figure stares at him and moves closer and closer and closer same he gets up and begins to run but em, Immediately trips over his own feet and Falls as he sees the last of that room a race itself from his arm and Sammy magic passage out Into Darkness. Thank you for listening to The Many Adventures of Sammy magic and an extra. Thank you goes to all the people who helped this show happen on our patreon go to page load of BS to support the entire BS Network and all of its Productions additional thanks to Umbria for our music and to Orion I brought from the lavender lemon a collective for our album art as always make sure to go to merge. A load of pure BS. And pick up some Sammy magic emerge all of the proceeds from our merch go to trans and not Charities every single little bit can help and let me end by reminding you that the mini Adventures of Sammy magic are a work of complete and total parody, which means you can't sue me.

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