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NPR podcasts are now. Available on every platform checkout. All our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Giles Snyder. Pope Francis leaves Rome at this hour for a visit to the United Arab Emirates becoming the first Catholic leader to set foot on the Arabian, peninsula, NPR, Sylvia. Pohjola reports at by visiting the region Francis setting a milestone in Catholic Muslim relations. So Francis recently remarked that his visit to the cradle of Islam comes on the eight hundred anniversary of Saint Francis. Overseas. Trip to Cairo to beat the Sultan during the crusades, the pope attendant interreligious event and celebrate mass in a stadium bordering Saudi Arabia, which strictly bans all religions other than Islam the UAE prides itself on promoting religious freedom. There are close to one million Catholics mostly. Migrant workers from Asia who worship in eight churches built on land made available by the government, but church bells cannot chime cross his canopy exhibited on roofs and conversion from Islam is a crime punishable by death, Sylvia. Poggioli NPR news Rome us special Representative for North Korea. Stephen being in as arrived in Seoul for talks with both north and South Korea during his three day. Visit he will discuss a second summit expected later this month between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong on the BBC's Michael Bristow when President Trump meant Mr. came in Singapore last June. He made some hope that North Korea could be persuaded to give up his nuclear weapons. But since then there's been little progress to track to move things forward. President Trump Mr Kim of agreed in principle to hold a second summit later this month, some Levin Asia, perhaps Vietnam he sought Mr. begins in South Korea to thrash out the details of that meeting over the next three days for Jim. Democratic governor. Ralph northern is defying widespread calls for his resignation over a racist. Photograph that appeared in his medical school yearbook at a press conference in Richmond this weekend northern reversed himself and now denies being in the photo, even though he previously acknowledged being in it and apologizing deadly standoff in Ohio officials say a police officer has been shot dead in Pierce township outside Cincinnati. And that another officer has been injured by a man who barricaded himself inside an apartment building. The Clermont county sheriff's office is due to provide enough day later this morning tonight in Atlanta, the New England Patriots in Los Angeles Rams face off in Super Bowl fifty three NPR's Tom Goldman says it's likely that fans at the game and a global television audience will be treated to a close contest. The point spread is close New England's favored by two and a half points. And history says it'll be close because the patriots play close Super Bowls in the HSEN ship games. New England is played in since two thousand and two. The average margin of victory. Whether the patriots won or lost was a little over four points. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are playing in their first Super Bowl since one thousand nine hundred eighty this is NPR news. Former Ivory Coast president than on backbone will be taking up temporary residents in Belgium, while international criminal court. Prosecutors decide whether to appeal his acquittal on charges of crimes against humanity. Teri Schultz reports there will be strict conditions on both stay on Bob bell and his assistant. Charles blitzer. Day were acquitted of war crimes by ICC. Judges last month after two years on trial. They were accused of being responsible for murder rape persecution and other crimes against humanity in violence that killed more than three thousand people after Ivory Coast's election in twenty ten one by Ellison watcher, but ICC prosecutors may still appeal the acquittal and fear bug bugaboo wouldn't return if allowed to go wherever he chooses. So the court asked Belgium to take him bell. Then foreign minister did he gave dare says Belgium agreed under the conditions imposed by the court, which include bug bows, surrendering his passport checking in with authorities weekly and making no contact with witnesses for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels. No Salvador going to the polls today's the first round of the country's presidential election in which the economy corruption gangs migration are among the top voter concerns. Polls show the former mayor of sense outdoors, the leader among four candidates, but the winner will have to talk fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff next month. Police in Hong Kong say a bomb squad has destroyed a grenade. Dating back to World War One that was discovered in a shipment of a 'tatoes from France. According to local media outlets employee's at a food processing facility reported a suspicious objects Saturday morning. The greatest the grenade is believed to have been dug up in a fridge potato field. This is NPR.

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