54: Our Giro stage 9: Magic Nights


an soem which anyone outside just stunned by Jan Anini. The two very big routes doesn't it today You're listening to the cycling. Podcast at our data. The time yeah brought to you by. I woke up flexible. Loans bid for small businesses. Today we are in Kelvin. Nickel say that she says you also say element. We'd all be Lionel. We are in the shadow of REFUGIO CALIBAN ECO zone Cologne at the south. The Michiko not pretending mountain is we'll hear a little bit more about that shortly. Stage nine of our Jira loft one before a little restaurant looking forward to rest day. You how your legs line will. That's still in one piece justified but out year already so on targeting into Chiro trying to make it halfway each day still tough up and get some flack in the press on those race directive trying. I'm trying to focus on the job and I'm trying not to pay too much attention to the the. What was the phrase the critics in the skeptics? The same yeah. I'm not sure if I believe in the miracle of me. Finishing our Chiro at this point in the in the other Jiro Mara is normally getting stick for lots of really boring. Stage isn't a no are Daniele. Freeport Chini the nothing boring about our stages so far if you're writing them as I'm hoping they'll be all sorts of the bills privileges. And blandishments come my way as a result of the director of Jiro watching when I was researching are upset on cipollini. Us Her clip. If there's a clip on Youtube of cipollini Marubeni attending white truffle symposium together as you do sounds great love takes me neatly onto Lionel. What's coming up in tonight's episode? That's not one for you Daniel. Before we got to tell the top of what is coming up tonight. Well Rich. I think we heard in our intro hint of what's coming up very famous Italian song. We can talk more about the Magic Knights the magic days. What they are what they were later. We're basically going to be going back to nineteen ninety. The summer of Nineteen Ninety heady days giddy days for Italy for Johnny the winner of the Jewelry Talia. The leader of the GEO from stage want to the end of the race in Milan. Only man to do that. I think incorrect. I knew if you've been listening to last week's podcast olive. I run through. I hadn't finished my sentence. I hadn't finished my sentence. Well if you've been listening to starched stars and water carriers episodes Marks only three that since well rescue. I wasn't listening to four. Have done in total a lead from start to finish. That's right only e to in the Pink Jersey Though Murchison. Shinbun the only trick to actually during the era of the Pink Jersey. What was the biggest song of nineteen ninety in the UK at the National Doma? Nothing compares to you. By sinead O'Connor with vogue by Madonna and second tale the top please Lionel. Well we need to go back into the vote for today's tale of the tapper because other said we're referred. Yo Calvin Co and we were there in person a couple of years ago when we Daniel. We saw at a car. I remember uh doing I want to show you. Don't but this isn't anywhere near the Jira route but get out the call. But it's it's raining out. Whatever I don't like in charge Daniel. What brought you lie know Tavon Cologne. No even though they shouldn't zone zone of the South we're at the foot. We're in a place called Calvin Nicole and this is well the climb that we can see in front of us. You're about to describe the mountain. Where you're about to describe is where the zone commander of the South Begins Its journey. Well I would describe it but it's shrouded in cloud at the moment. How much higher did it go than there? I mean it looks. It looks quite mountainous. But it doesn't look as impressive as Mountains in the north. I wouldn't say or in the Monte Pitching Teeny So we just To The east of Salerno far from Naples and well the climb climate talking about goes up to just over thousand meters above sea level. Why is nothing like own calendar in Asia? Why isn't it is nothing like the cameras? So it's nothing like what was advertised mythologies speculated about In Two Thousand and eleven there were series of newspaper reports mysteries. Broken on an Internet newspaper would INFO g but then subsequently went onto appear in to-to spoil in various cycling magazines in Mattino local newspaper that the two thousand twelve year it was going to features zone. Callan of the south. And that was the Refriger- Calico the problem was that the the climate was talking about was was seven point eight kilometers long. I'm thirteen percent average. It was hard to climb ever to feature in the grotto however it didn't exist or it didn't exist in the form that people thought existed in it existed in the facebook group. Started the the The lettuce sense the local mayor of Calvin. The was a mischievous grin from the Dan. Jiro boss Angelus Domini on when the refrigerator vans on. Dunkel on of the South was mentioned and everyone was ready for it to be unveiled at the two thousand twelve year route presentation. But it wasn't and I actually came up here not long after that to try to investigate and I was writing a book who mountain higher wanting to know what the Food Yo Calico was spend a day here asking for directions. Asking people want this climb was where it was and it turned out. I didn't really exist. Something vaguely similar existed It's not raining pretty heavily Two Son Wadia Religious Sanctuary of some Mikhail pizza and Kayla and but it was not as high as people thought it was it was not quite a steep and it was in no condition to to host Even a village come sped alone the Talia. So let me get this straight. It's not an average percentage of thirteen percent seven point eleven percent. It's an isolated climate on the bike but it was About seven kilometers long eleven percent average. But I'm it's never going to appear in the JERICK. So did we get to the bottom of wide. This story even existed. What some kind of Internet miss or somebody a bit like when people post Completely made up transfer rumors on football forums and it appears in the sun and it turns out that the play doesn't even exist. Is it exactly that it was an Internet based whispering campaign Mara Venny? Who is now the juror boss but was in the year. Route director direct spoke to him about food on Zone Carolina South and he says the sixty million people in Italy and sixty million people who want to design. Jira they will think they want to be the Italian football team manager. They will think the team and He says he gets thousands of suggestions for climbs to us and dozens of people have claimed that they found the zone line of the south or east of the West And that was one of them. It was a case like I imagine. Whoever invented this mountain and started a story probably fell quite satisfied when it pitched up in national newspapers magazines. I know on the book and for four pages were dedicated to in a book called Mountain Higher. Yeah but you were debunking the myth rather than going going along with it. I mean something to soften cost tried when Re starting the rumor that Gary Thomas was gonNA join Bam. We've started napalm. Got Quite fond memories of that little detour. We made to refrige- Cavaco Vancouver. We said when you US where all we today. I think you all square today. That's what we usually do. You said we're Calvin Ika wouldn't fancy sleeping there. I think the Easter Sleep there. Wherever slept there are bandits and brigands and So so the legend goes a remote Paul of Sudden Saliba yet. Don't think as we discussed that the real Jiro. We'll ever finish up there but Geri's finishing that I'm sure you can have a great time groveling up to the czanka line of the south. Well let's go over to the course and see how our knees getting on climbing up these kind of south they looks. It looks steep from the profile on an angry red and orange color I expect I'll be an angry right on orange color when we go over to the calls as we will now was nothing mythical by. There's all of the south. I can confirm that I'm on. The lower slopes only four point three clones legal but nineteen percent been joined by quite a lot of other writers live on the right today. Same Time Shy Hanoch Cook. Who have been writing with quite a bit. Barry Mooney on our McIntyre Charlie Richards David Keenan also for Martin Parkin's who is on the right today while the Martin wealth and everyone who's finished today waving stuff as you can pass could be. I think everyone's looking forward to tomorrow to urge you are listening to the Sakhalin podcast at our jittered Italia brought to you by I woke up. Flexible loans built for small businesses. I W. O. C. DOT CO DOT. Uk Jalani. I worked at walk reporting systems as delivery manager so I remember growing up in northern Italy. When I was a kid would happen every year. They would close all the mainstream of our sitter as a kid. I kind of struggled understand why they needed to close on the city. It's actually quite the hustle but the reality is it was always great day. Came around to go down with my father. Just say this guy's plastic through so fast soul Atlantic in ECLECTIC callers. The bikes look extremely technologic. Lamb could say innovation and sports together and I think that that was the what always attract. Thanks very much indeed to title sponsor. I walk very grateful to them for their support and without them we wouldn't be here. Are The journal. Tinton so I I still table wines of the salting podcast Algiera. We've got the MANDURIA ZINE FIANNA FROM POLIO. Which is a blend of fifteen fifteen percent? Fianna Angelo an eighty five percent strike Fianna. Now this particular wine me really show some apple and pear flavors but with a delicate orange blossoms aroma in the background. It really yields have nice structure that works well with chicken pork and some of you big seafood dishes a real summer fiber here at the moment and extremely popular. Have you enjoyed his? Well thanks take an jerry to for the purposes for four years logical purposes that we could have this nice As at White. The Fianna is made from the flannel Great thoughts this wine. Daniel is not nice. What this spectacular lovely stuff yet. Very quite on the nose remind me a little bit of a Soviet blown bit. Maybe not so the brief type flavors of blunt Yeah Nice Acidity. Tiny very tangy. I can see you really you really warming to this threat. I'd like to one thing I'd like to say is in case was wondering The second podcast has no commercial interests in this one of the day feature at divine salaries are selling Gto cases of wine on proceeds from from those sales will go to the Squad La Lease Cheney for which we are raising money but this feature exists purely to humiliate me. It's a it's the air is the hair to the line of learns Italian feature from a couple years paid for. We paid for our winding way and very happy to do. This is this is lovely. This is a real kind of little glass with with a lovely light lunch. I could. I mean I don't have many lovely line lunches I would describe it as quite punchy quite a punchy white wine well chops senators from puja. We are starting today's podcast where we are in the Campania region but today's stage started in Poulin political altamura and we saw symposia because the one thousand nine hundred year started in Puria. So we're going to be talking about. Isn't it yeah? The one thousand nine hundred did start right done in. Pula kind of just went straight up. The country didn't it Daniel into the I mean not not many options otherwise I guess but it's funny to look at them out because we mentioned the other day how. Seldom Jiro actually start starts or used to start in the south of athletes. Far more common it is rich and Italy in thousand nine hundred was in a very good place. Italy was absolutely booming. And it's sort of. It's a period of time. Kind of mythology is Talian Italian history things that never really been better and today. We're going to be hearing a lot from our friend. The Italian scholar Professor John Foots author of several books about Italy. As mentioned in previous episodes of the podcast Pelada Pedal Aria The history of the Italian Cycling Kalle Chore Book About Italian Football John Written about long Italian politics. I kicked off by asking John Just to paint a picture for us of just how good things were in Italy in nineteen ninety? It's very strange because I lived. I was living in Milan at that time. And you know you know what happens to his so ninety two you've got the collapse coming in nineteen no one. No no one thought I was going to happen. It really felt like that being a very long boom the boom time for. It's a lot of money around financial boom new money by this gaming media. Kind of stuff going on the same parties in power and it really felt like this was a really great place to be. And then you gotta work up and say you know everyone. Everyone's looking in thinking and that will cut was immensely influential for Italian culture. I think in the world a what people thought was Italian culture. So yeah it's just really weird to think about nine thousand nine hundred and then think that very eddie in ninety two the whole thing's GonNa come acidy crashing to him in every single way but it's just it just no one. No one can still go Andretti. Prime Minister Address is still believable. Three D audio. Nothing's changed physically since the place for period and there's money everywhere people have got to three cars. They hold I go second. It's booming. We're talking about second economic miracle eighties. The first one is the fifties and sixties but you have a second one in the which is really based on a whole series of different kinds of industries particularly fashion design small businesses you know very specialized. Things in in the northeast. You making things like bicycle seats and shoot ski boots. Bits and things like that. You Know Class Sunglasses. That kind of business. Expo high-level expert fashion. It's the second boot. There's a lot of finance capital around. So even more money is made in the Second Boon. The first has already about taking people peasants to workers and this one takes people from work has too small businessmen business people entrepreneurs and it kinda raises the level. Awesome Italian economy So if you're looking for quality clothing if you're looking for quality design to waste today in that you still do some extent but all the big fashion industries the fight of the top six specially industries in the world based in Milan in the eighty S. And you can reel them off. I'm sure everybody knows that household names. It's a fascinating period. I think is reading it so to the extent man again like it was before the virus hit is kind of the pulling the rest of today alone in this moment and then the head of all this. You've got this amazing political figure Bettino Craxi. Here's this very modern strongman. I think a lot of what's come afterwards. Know kind of he anticipated first. Socialist politicians parties like the third because politics But was incredibly influential. Is the kind of the middle of the of the two big parties the communist Christian Democrats and they come with the Christian Democrats and he was promised a full years in the eighties and very strong leader very much detached himself from the left. You can conceal this coming lights with Blair years later but he actually got red rose instead of the hammer and sick. Who was the party? Symbol the things that happened later. I think it's often unto as these things. You know quite modern. But it's cool actor but of course damn umbrella. Bamboo completely corrupt and completely sending away a state asset. So it's the two enormous debt so these kind of built on sand is a boom very much we heard from John Food there and we've mentioned his book Larry Peddler. Lots of being a bit of able for me this this big when it comes to tyne cycling but at some point towards the end of what is an excellent account of all the great characters and races in an Italian cycling history. He writes this history. Should really end here in January. Nineteen eighty-four with the scientific concoctions. Being prepared by being prepared by Francesco Moser and his team of doctors for his world record attempt in Mexico City. The history should end at some point in the one thousand nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred for one simple reason from here on. This is no longer applicable cycling. Most of the rest of this volume will deal not with stories of great climbs sprints or punctures or breakaways rather we enter a shadowy world of blood transfusions hormones testosterone cocaine arrests protests masking agents police swoops and sacks of blood in Spanish fridges. This is the murky world of medically inspired cheating with his tales of extrordinary extent. Which people will go to win or just to participate? Wow to bring down. Everything was good. You know we were talking about swinging Milan and everything being well with Italy and then drugged us. Down John Foods as John as John. Footfall but it. But it's true it's an interesting. It's interesting period as well an Italian cycling because we're about to get all of that all the nastiness before the nastiness came great prosperity but not until the early nineties did it because they were. The Italians was suffering at the end of the eighties particularly in stage races. I was staggered to realize anew. The Italian cycling in the eighties became quite parochial. The big rivalry sat on the mosaic. Neither of him thrived reeling sort of Franz Body realize how parochial it was they. They didn't have the time a single top ten finish in the Franz between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty-nine and yet there were awed. An Maurizio fundraisers one but more consistently Moreno Argenta N- and one day races. It all kind of came took crescendo. Appropriately enough given Benitez Johnny Boone. Here we're GONNA talk about has links to classical music and which will hear about. I'm sure am Argenta N- was was riding high and Marcucci of an. It also won the Vuelta spun it. Didn't he so? Things change very quickly for Italian cycling. It seemed and against that backdrop rich so johnny boone. Your was he was a promising amateur But nothing really talking about is a future phenomenon when he was an anti gone interesting so the back story he. He was born in Brook in Switzerland. Another writer who is born in Switzerland Yacob full sun point in Geneva. Johnny was born in Switzerland family. I think quite sort of humble working class stop a lot of Italians Number of Italians moved to Switzerland In I guess it would have been the sixties moved to Switzerland on them when Bruno himself was born. The family the parents actually Were about to move back and they moved to. Monsanto which is a suburb of Milan. But Johnny For the first four years of his life he spent most of the time with his paternal grandparents sent these grandparents who lived at the bottom of Monte grappa and he was pretty much raised for the first four years by his grandparents and then when he was about four his parents had gone back to monster that opened a draft and He went back to live with his parents and grew up there and was not really particularly interested in or good any sports but then discovered cycling can eat early teens on yet. Made his way eventually turned professional for the Atala Team at alive for the famous Loppy will be familiar with their blue and gray. Stripes was a horizontal Stripe Jersey. Yeah I mean there was nothing in the first four years three four years of his career that suggested grand tour champion material was a He ridden for the first time ninety six and finish forty. I didn't finish eighty seven or eighty eight Joined the Chateau DAX team in nineteen eighty eight and won a stage of the Tour de France until the Moshe that year but Sunny wasn't someone that you would have thought was going to to win a Jiro or to France and of course ended up on the podium a couple of times on in the tour. This would come of course one outdo as twice won back to back World Championships So clearly something happened around about the age. Twenty six twenty seven twenty six going into this nine thousand nine hundred year unlikely superstar really wasn't I mean Chateau Dax was home. Furnishings company sending all sorts of things dining tables and sofas and stuff and Jenny. Borneo had look of us sort of home. Furnishing store salesman really. Didn't they need hack small sensible diadora shoes on the bike not not? The kind of stereotypical Italian cyclist clashed with a lot of kind of flare. I wouldn't have thought just from those kind of early glimpse of him very sort of laconic and almost of downtrodden air abiding by deep voice didn't say an awful lot and then those first couple of years of his career programming people had started to say about him the yellow claw and the someone could go far but he was already starting to kind of frustrate people. In Nineteen eighty-eight Jerry had about crush dissent and this led to problems. Various problems with descending and elaborate flights issue also suffered from and cured that famously and by listening to Mozart or he had some kind of acoustic therapy. That's sort of the story that was told wasn't in. Nineteen Ninety Buna dead's emerge year winning milan-sanremo and then the zero and really as Lionel of hinted I can different writer and and the were kind of various explanations offered for his apparent transformation and classical music was one of them. I quoted from Sam Odds Book Villa. Dan Again you know. Sam wrote a chapter by him and in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Banou remade by psychologists allergist racing counselors and of course his musical therapist. I mean it's easy to raise an eyebrow as Some of that bought I think has his record from their on showed has his his class. I mean I remember people really parring and delight. Ah The spectacle of the new on a bike His best he almost had sort of purring motion on the by. Yeah I mean all the pedals You know in any kind of looked as I had one I half open when he was doing so Is was almost falling asleep on the bike. We'll talk about that. One thousand nine hundred zero in the next partner. You know some of the the writers he had to be but yeah. His upper body was Rox solids Almost as if he was holding it like that for a bank or something call ask it it was it was even. He was even more solid than Tom. Com about me I mean he he but for me. A natural kind of strange all Only his legs move. That was Looking back I mean knowing what we now in nine. What he's about to accomplish in that nineteen ninety season. He was almost a perfect hero for Italians like Miss Italian cycling kind of emerging from the doldrums and as I said an Italy that was raised to the police with its walking around with this kind of chest puffed out and with the World Cup the Football World Cup about to arrive they won a bid for the welcoming nineteen eighty-four it was about to happen and I think we're about to hear a bit more from John Food now. It was going to be a sort of festival of everything that Italy had accomplished over the previous ten years. That was a lot of partying going on. There was a lot of coke thing. Snow a lot of a lot of disguise. You know he was the phrase that people use for that that period is phrase Milano which came from an ad for a drink called remnant salty and it was a pitcher in Milan with a book. Lemon so this is kind of people have money that we're getting out. There was a loathsome sex and drugs and rock and roll going on and it was some of this was three football celebrity and by the skinny and that that kind of stuff and yes it was kind of light. This of the last days upon pay as it didn't feel like that the time it felt like this is GonNa go on forever and you know the money was just gonNa keep flowing and flowing flooding. A lot of the building and the developments. The money that was spent on that wilco astronomical and a lot of it went not into the stadiums but onto into people's case and in fact the disaster that comes afterwards starts with people being arrested because of Dough g stadium building schemes Dodgy that was achieved station in Rome. That was used for a week. You know there were things like that. Even though this money was flowing into this infrastructure when it wasn't love it was the mafia and the Komo politician wasn't getting to the actual stadium most of which I love which turned out to be disasters In terms of what was actually built so yes very much a cost of sand which fell amazing at the time but was story uploaded trouble for later and there was a sense that you know we should just let it. This is going to be a great window in the world. So that's not be too critical. It really start to Tappan quite seen after the tournament finished the other thing. Sorry interesting around that time. Is that although the the big scandal is ninety. Two you get the seeds of the disintegration of the system already there in ninety and particularly. I think the Lega Nord which is already starting to make an impact around then. Lake annoyed is a religious party which movement not remorse party which starts to emerge in the late eighties against the system. And you know starts to and it's very racist racist not just against immigrants from outside of its racist against southerners as well it's a no the movement and they start to kind of not down the system and an attack the politicians in a very rhetorical way again once again slater building trends all this stuff. Populism yeah this is nine thousand nine hundred is no no five minute not trumbull pulled over even by the screen either ahead of the game on that so I think they see already there and you know the system just wasn't sustainable but no one at that time or people are starting to say but most of the time a lot of people some people inside the system that they couldn't see any alternative to they. Cycling FIVE CAST AT OUR D'ITALIA is supported by science sport. Sciences sport fueled by science. Thank you very much to our longest standing supporter sponsor science and Sport and who. I backed US at Twenty Sixteen Years Talia and they're still still with us to this day. 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Flu Thing in my pool of sweat anyway leverage if you'd like twenty five percent off your scientists products scientists sport dot com and enter the good. Sis See twenty-five SIS CPI twenty-five. I'd like twenty five percent off the distance of Jiro. If that's possible but probably too late you can reduce the as as you. Well Know Lionel you can reduce the severity of incline by at least twenty five percent. Should you wish you could also reduce your way either by cheating or eating a bit less? Well she thinks a lot easier anyway moving onto the nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety two Talia putting context. You mentioned that there. I mean there had been three overseas winners In the years leading up to eighty seven Stephen Roach. Of course eighty-eight was Andy Hampsten. Who were going to hear from in a future episode. An eight thousand nine is Laura Fina and he went back in one thousand nine hundred probably as a favorite. I mean he'd obviously lost. The tour narrowly to Greg. I'm on the previous year. But he's probably the favourite tonight. Jira would you say Daniel? Yeah think so. I mean it's interesting. I think people only understood with hindsight much. He'd been traumatized by what happened in the eighty nine tour but he was he was the defending champion and he was the guy who might people Considered the favorite for the nineteen ninety. Two year. Buna was known anyone rate than six grand tools. failed to finish two of them his best finish Grand Graduate. Been Eleventh up to that point. Lamont was also in the failed but Lamont. He said he didn't have big ambitions himself and He was mainly training. The wasn't much else toy. Nissen THE DUTCH RIDER. He'd he had a positive test hanging over his head and it was actually. GonNa be ride a protest on stage six. I mean not that surprised me. I think the tasks was from eight per wasn't and it was unresolved he he. He had numerous positive tests in his career. Young tournus Abu- that surprise me? The right is we're gonNA protect against his. Participation is correct. I mean not that kind of surprises me For the era that is correct rich that process I think happened on stage six but just going back to the start of the race semi it was going to start the GIO. Starting Body In Puglia so the heel of the Italian stellato but the start of the Jewish self was even overshadowed as far as the sports newspapers were concerned because there was a huge story which was a football story but it wasn't to do with the World Cup. It Obama Toe by George isn't footballing sensation in the world at the time had left Fiorentina and was signing full eventers. Ayukawa remember napalm whether it was a world record faith but anyway there were riots for days in Florence as a result of that transfer and well. It made Roberto Baggio world-famous that move and of course everyone everyone even years later heard of about your hot night around by signed delpierre edges. Is Roberto Baggio? Those name saying to you know much to on us. I would lie. Well Chris for obviously hadn't heard of Roberto Baggio even even now remarkable but I suppose he was. He was only five can he was living in Africa. Perhaps wasn't watching the World Cup. Probably didn't know who Johnny Buni I was at the time I did today to be probably a little writers complained that they still don't know who jenny been you is. He's head of the Writers Union. Of course of course. Of course Badgers nickname was the divine ponytail but did was on portia ponytail in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty was yes. Yeah nothing diviner that pheno. When he didn't stop ticky well who though he was the favourite? Buono did start. Well he won the prologue in body and I think he put about half a minute into Phoenix on but no one really thought that that was a sign he was going to win. The race was a mountain stage coming just three days into the race on Vesuvius and people thought the Boone. Your could possibly keep the Jersey there and that's exactly what he ended up doing. Allah come to be united. Thea sorry Johnny Buono Digital Anymore Trentino classified. I'm could I I love Taco van bitter enough to get go to you. GotTa go mainly that. They need that so down. That was staged three. The finished on vis Eduardo shows after Spanish rider. One Jenny was second twenty six seconds behind and shows us. What's the early kind of contender to challenge book? Who was that gravelly? Voice Co commentator on Italian TV commentary. They're not was none other than Gino. Bartali Jeanette actual and who I discovered it had harp. Ration- a couple of days before the start of the Jira but still took place in the in the country box And I think there was a bit of a theme in that era of Bartoli's sort of criticizing or or thoughts. Are we mentioned that? Didn't we in episode one and we will be looking much more at bodily fluids copy in a later episode. It kind of makes bought when I think about the I think our distant pass and black and white images and yet the one thousand nine hundred eighty to me feels quite recent inserts. Kind OF HARD TO RAMA. Hetero in the fight of that bodily there you know larger than life and critiquing Booneua. Jiro talking former rightist being critical. Off The successes. And the is not Jira. 'em Greg lemonde as we said sort of gone in thinking and talking about using it for training Eddy Merckx was absolutely outraged by this and He knew talion press. That Lamont's performance was scandalous shameful. Lemond of course it beaten pheno in the Tour de France. The previous year didn't have a very spacious star either because he crashed on stage. I think we stay six to stage five to ten. That ended up really putting pay to his chance his On he stayed in the race but he would pull out a few days. Later and Boone. Your was really beginning to dominate the another mountain stage to play school via Lombardo sign in Tuscany not far from Florence. And also on that. Oh check you're pre resistible winning the big stage one time trial second stage three. I on stage seven there and I'm winning that one from sprint and a group shades of Simon. Yates in two thousand eighteen. You know with with with nine thousand nine hundred vintage Daniel. Free have been saying it. Only actually one one hundred ethical at that point It's funny. You should say that rich because a lot of the comments you read back the comments from other riders in Jira and they were suggesting same thing they were saying well Marino Loretta Spanish writer for example said the Bruno's Rodney everyday classic and that he was going to pay for it Sooner or later phenol had said this is spoon. You know this. Is this fifteen minutes of fame. Let's let team enjoy it. It is funny you mention Samya because on the day that we went to recruit Joe Calvin Co where our Virtual Jiro is? Today that was the day I coined the nickname the flying pudding ill sanguine actio. Volante and I just wonder would have been called the SOFA salesman. What's in Italian? It'd be the Vindicatory Deedee Vanni Sofa salesman. He did have a nickname he had a nickname coined by a van. Johnny Murtagh Poon. We've talked a lot about las you weeks and it was. John needed the Ramo Ramo being. We'll see the reason. Johnny Moore came up with that nickname was not because I initially thought it was because Buono always used to say l. We'll see in response to questions but it was more to do with boone lack of consistency so and this was nicknamed the more Jenny. Mortar used to using every piece really that he wrote about Bruyneel he told permanently assigned. This middle. Nine to Johnny Boone. It was always Johnny. Ramo wounds kind of irony being the in this Jiro. He was extremely consistent. We'll have to say I. I say that I think Lionel's better come out with nicknames. In Johnny Murtagh. Wow praised and injuries airline nickname that. Simon. Yates really embraced though. Is it ready the flying black pudding understandably? I mean it was meant you watch your you wash your hands of it pretty sharply as well. Once you realize that kept bringing up people kept bringing up in the press conferences and it's a sinking into my chair thinking shoot the Messenger John Yet. I mean it was just some words that my brain came up with anyway. I'm talking about Boone Neo in kind of the. Let's see mentality the time. Trial stage ten time-trial sixty eight kilometer individual time that you know that that's not the thing that happens quite so much these days is it but so of thing you get on our big climbing it though. I think it was quite flat that day. That would have been a thousand needs to climb in the I basically the in the morning. A- led the Polish writer Yokneam Chocolate by one minute twenty four finished second on the stage to Luca Guelfi. By the end of the day he led overall by four minutes and eight seconds for Marco. Giovanni not and really. That's the moment that Buni Irish suddenly not just in the driving seat. But he's got both hands on the wheel and you know he's in charge of the direction of the race. I mean multi formula nine back and then you look at the top ten and that just writers as who you would pay. His people would finish in in and around the kind of low positions in the top ten. Not People who are genuine economic challenge for the Pink Jersey in the second half of the race. I mean it's done industrial from the halfway point. Really Yeah I think it was London if you look back at the comments. The other riders were starting to to make this point in the race. They were sort of talking about Boone Yours. A bit of an extraterrestrial Charlie. Multi said that he was leading the Jira of the humans of the normal riders behind him but Buni by all accounts he was very popular is becoming very popular with the Italian fans. He had appealed to the for example and become a spokesperson heat. Appeal to the Fiorentina funds to stop rioting about Roberto by Joe and the Italian national football team who is preparing for the world. Cup was apparently finishing training every day and also parley into a changing room to watch boom. What's the on the big screen? So there's this real sense that Italy Italy so passion for Cycling Passion for the JIRA was really being reawoken by Johnny Boone. Your and by that point he had the Dolomites the Alps three or four stages between Heyman victory and it was looking very very good. Thank you so Charlie. That was the staged the win over the poor door. Also over Val Gardena and the Momma larger on. Its Way Charlie Matei Jenny. Buni were away together. A took a couple of minutes out everybody else on well. Many minutes out of the The rest and Famous pictures from Graham Watson of Bruyneel Matei together and that was the day that Mockery Nettie. Of course Richard. You mentioned he'd won the Vuelta earlier in the spring. Heat being the second place ride up to that point. But then Charlie multi Leapfrogged him and it was What Buni oh by just over four minutes from Matei by that stage with the final five or six stages left to go and the next stage after the Door was going to pre kind. It was the world premiere of the Motorola but it was the most roller from the easiest side so and they were going down. What is now considered the hard side to go up and it was going to be very well. Everyone knew it was going to be a very dangerous descent. Hunia ended up coming through unscathed low. Johnny Buner was very very superstitious and it was the seventeenth stage in seventeen is the unlucky number in Italy. In most countries. The team but seventeen is is considered unlucky in Italy and he was terrified that he was going to crash and was a sensitive before the stage. Where Bre TV cameramen hotter? He went to reassure Johnny Buono because he said to me. I'm all I'm on number. I'm accreditation number seventeen. Johnny don't worry. Nothing's nothing's going to happen to me. Nothing's GonNa Happen to you. It's going to be fine but Buna was very nervous about this but that day became famous. Not really because what Buono did but because of what another rider. Leonardo Sierra did Leonardo Sierra discovered by Johnny Yard even know that this call Leonardo Sierra in America Stage Racer in Venezuela Florida in the beginning of the season mine. English is always Gary Panter. Because sorry but I haven't not time who study well. This is up to Champ Isla Psych. We startle Quality the story about me swapping for twenty two bikes wasn't quite true or at least there was a little bit of poetic license involved. Leonardo Seattle. How was in the Venezuelan national team and the President of the Venezuelan? National Federation? Awesome whether I'd like to go into partnership with them to help the development of Venezuelan cycling. He also whether I could supply. The national team bikes. They need to twenty two of them and so became a bit of an attention. Grabbing headline the Darden some kind of swap deal to sign. Leonardo Sierra of your data don't Puto he L. C. N. N. Pam Bill Employees Rebuttal. If you will stay having crash twice crush twice mice getup one atop pre-k and then went on to finish tenth in Jira as a neo pro that year. He had the mentality of someone who wanted to use psyching kind of social elevator. He came from a family of very humble means. His Dad had deserted them on. The MOM had raised four kids on her own. I got to know the mom. Well the brothers sister and he'd had a really hard really really really hard childhood. Which wasn't the case of Agam Bernal or another great Venezuelan talent? I signed later. New happens to come from the same Pueblo as Leonardo who sailed Hano but as I said in one thousand nine hundred. Sierra looked destined for great things he really wanted to win a lot of money and so he really applied himself as he also did in. Nineteen ninety-one that year he would've stage and the Trentino and was seventh. The journey Talia so his career was very much falling an upward trajectory. But then clearly he wanted to start enjoying la La Vita which footballer can afford to do a boy. A boy income. That was our old our old friend. Johnny talking about Leonardo Sierra. Who At that point? The nineteen ninety year looked destined for great things Johnny. They're even during parallels with encumber NAL Unfortunately he didn't really go onto scale the same heights. The Bernal already has the Jarrow as far as Bona was concerned was pretty much done and dusted at that. Point Chelsea one again in the time. Trial Mounting Dontrelle to Sacramento and then the Jiro rode into Milan. It was a Milan. That was getting ready for the world. Cup great euphoric scenes. In Pasadena Lama in Milan and Boone News. Coronation having led the Jira from start to finish. I'm lucky because I am from Milan. I've been born and I leave a few hundred meters to the big rally from one of the most important places cycling history. Hello I am Philip accounts and The CO founder of Bill. Where magazine and we published five books about cycling in the last five years so I took the habit to to go to the final stage of it was My father brought me in the first year and then I started to go me alone and I did it every year every year. I was Milano in debt week I went to the final stage of the Giro to the final hour revolt. And I remember that one in ninety one When he took his pink Jersey and three weeks to the to the people and there wasn't not so many barriers like now people report was a huge crowd just under the podium and was something like fighting each other to to keep the Jersey and finally they they broke it in pieces and every one of those copies of the Pink Jersey so was shared. The gift was shared and also my brother got more piece of that. Pink and UNMARRIED CIPOLLINI one in Milan Daniel to complete sort of Italian trump twelve twenty stages won by Italians in that Jira so after three disappointing years it was a really triumphant. Jiro for the town's kind of setting up a triumphant summer didn't know not just in with Football World Cup but I'm thinking Cardio Chiapucci as well then then emerged at the turn of fronts and was Greg lemond closest challenger there. It was far most people. Send the start of what was going to be a great career for Boone. Your battery. We mentioned earlier. He Take Buni Otago win the toward France. And that didn't happen. You know when you speak to Johnny Boone. Your about it now. He's quite sort of sheepish. About the whole thing He doesn't really like revisiting that Jiro. I'm all that much. I've spoken to him about it on numerous occasions and I did again a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately a little preface to to this interview. Johnny had been sick. I didn't really realize at the time and I was informed later. They'd been in hospital a couple of days earlier so he sounded a little bit groggy even less expansive about that nineteen ninety year than he had been in the post. Hey Titi Colty didn't have many memories of it. There are nice memories but nothing that really stand out. I suppose one thing to say that the previous three Jedi had been won by foreigners experiencing a bit of a lowest far stage. Races were concerned. Psyching was developing internationally and some of the foreign teams will becoming better organize them. We-we PD 'EM for example. These were big teams with massive sponsors. They were buying up all of the best writers. It was hard for us to compete. The JIRA wanted to take the Jersey and keep it as long as possible. The prologue was dead striped perfectly suited to me and I managed to put everything through the pedals and win. None of the other favorites had even mentioned in the build up. But that's just part of the game. Look what happened? I thought I could keep the money out for a few days but then we got to Vesuvius and it was just a great stage for me. Not only big crowds the volcano. It was just beautiful and this point I was just trying to stay. Focused wasn't paying attention to the newspapers. Or what anyone was saying. The enemy thing I was reading was the body. I was excited chore but I tried to treat it like any other race. Fignon had crashed the mistake details mowing the first week. He pulled out a few days later and that left. Charlie motto is my biggest rival. The parole stage was going to be the acid test. And I made it through my peanut powder tape important woman who did have a little bit more to say about one thousand nine hundred. Jiro on them. You know the experience of winning. Jiro was one of Johnny. Boombats teammates on Zanatta Steph. Was it was? It made the journey boy. Ninety nineteen in the Geo when Johnny Boone Jiro Authority one that but it was a difference between that and winning the cheer. We knew he could start well but he'd never shown level of insurance which suggested he could loss for three weeks. In fact he won the prologue and I remember our meeting the next morning without team manager. Gian Luigi stonger. He said so what we do. Now we will look to each other as if to say what do you mean? What do we do? It's not like we're going to win. The Jiro might as well keep the Jersey as long as possible. That was our frame of mind. But it just sort of escalated. We grew in confidence. He went well on the service and we lost all your tobacco. We just kept putting stages behind us like bricks in a wall. Then it goes to the halfway point. He was still leading and suddenly winning. Became the goal. Phenol was the big pre-race favourite and I got to know him. Well later rate he. And Johnny were polar opposites. Johnny Habits Crippling Insecurity. He never started a race thinking he could win. Even though he was capable of it eighty percent of the time always anxious afraid of something or someone job was to reassure him constantly. He's self confidence was not great to talk especially at the start of his career. It's been our studying. The Michelin Atlas trying to identify places. Where it could go wrong even on completely benign days so every bit of road was the sector pirate bay it was a kind of neurosis whereas female had bags of charisma. He told you what to do. He decided he also listened but he basically jumped out of bed in the morning and said right. This is how the racist going to go. This will be strong and so on and so on. He did his homework too but only up to a point. He basically trusted himself on the team to deal with whatever the recruit him see Mendonca. Boise just a little squalor. Say he similar squalor on. You're in the spotlight much more. When you've got the Pink Jersey in your team. Everyone was football mad but we want to show the country that we exist to and we did get a lot of attention. People were sat in front. Tv's all day. You getting a lot of calls. A lot of requests things that when an Italian takes the Pink Jersey straight away. There's always more interesting especially when it's a young lad with a lot of promise as was the case with Johnny he won the prologue. Durrani Fidanza when the next day. And you had an Italian team leading the Jira. Everyone Nestle suddenly waking up excited CDs. Italians take on the foreigners that was the script also how it turned out had a foreign dominating. I'm sure the press and the fans would have started drifting away and getting lost in the World Cup build-up. Maybe they did a certain extent. But we were in our bubble and didn't even feel it coming really unbalanced. I think people considered it a pretty memorable. Jiro and then it was time for the World Cup. The Opel what is clear. The cycling changed in the early nineties. It's just not entirely clear. Exactly what point that was but clearly. Apo was on the scene around about this time if not in nineteen ninety certainly by ninety one ninety two ninety three. I mean I mentioned Yakim has chocolate Polish rider a little bit earlier. I mean he was one of Buni is closest challengers over. The first half of the race fell away in the time. Trial but tragically died at the age of twenty five and nineteen ninety four and there were lots of stories about whether or not. Epo had played a part in his death and certainly a lack of knowledge about you know. Heart conditions in Reuters spite of writers who who died in that period in the nineteen wasn't there and it's impossible to divide one from the other really. It is napalm it released on you know. Nineteen Ninety was was a bit of a tipping point I think of a watershed on. We don't know whether it was about that. Time the EPA. Oh very girl. Whether it was only certain writers will have access to it is now why battalion suddenly started thriving in the early nineteen nineties. And they've been talking about Buono and his links to Italian doping doctors Franchesca Conconi mckinney fatty. Above all fatty had worked for Chateau decks. But he'd fallen out with the team had fallen out with the team manager and generally stronger during the nineteen thousand nine hundred. France he left the team. Was Boone your working with Conconi? Nineteen Ninety am. I asked Johnny couple years ago. He was adamant that he wasn't in Nineteen Nine hundred work with concord in Nineteen ninety-three here. You think about ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety. Jiro could boone. Been Patient Zero As far as APO is concerned all conversely could have been a case that Buna was paying allies by lots of other ride is taking EPO. There off. The an is that why he never went on to repeat the same exploits a pulled off in the nineteen ninety year. That is an intriguing question. When did come onto the scene I've spent quite a lot about this to Sandro. Dottie who was a famous Italian research Who write this dossier. Nineteen ninety-four four sort of blew the whistle on EPO. The plague in the Peleton Donosti thinks that nineteen eighty-eight until the spring or summer of nineteen ninety. Eight was the time when I'm Conconi. In particular might have started. Using E P O and ditching blood transfusions Konkani and then everyone knows everyone acknowledges he'd been using blood transfusions with the lights. Francesca mosaic. Before that but as far as boone is concerned we simply don't know I mean Don. Auty HIMSELF HE'D HEARD. Buna was one of the one of the if not the most talented writer of his generation. And even later might have been using a lot less doping Did he was doping then than other riders. But Buni myself you know when you ask him why he didn't repeat reproduce the the same nine hundred ninety. You'll left pretty much none. The wiser as I was a couple of weeks ago to bother a piano teacher. My Dad cried every day in that. Jira as far as I remember. He certainly did during the presentation in Milan on the last day. It was pretty special because it was the first time in quite a while. The jared facing piazza was I ever strong again after that Jiro. I know there were times when I was strong but it didn't fall into place. I couldn't get the Jersey and I was on the back foot can I mean. I don't think anybody could suggest that the guy whose parents on the laundry could be anything other than sparkling clean could could they interesting Charlie? Maltese comments that you re relayed earlier are interesting. Aren't they? Sort of study those and look at possible subtexts. The other aspect to not being multi himself had a reputation throughout that period as a clean writer. Somebody who had Refused doping products. And you know but at the same time was never really seen as a potential grand tour winner. I mean he'd have been as unlikely a winner of that. Jiro as new and he was second in the end. But I think we've got to put some context to the error as well because unlikely grand tour winners were well. This is the phrase as well known back then was it that year and the well to went referred to as grand tools that so much more recent affectation really. It wasn't unusual for riders to come out of nowhere bone brightly winner grand tour of wealth. Roy Or Jiro and then Not Reproduce that. Well we did a whole episode on Supernova. Eighty six eighty eight and ninety all one by one time grunter winners. Whoa Dan you. That's the song of the summer. Nineteen Ninety many happy nights having watched sport in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine Dorma Sung by Pavarotti no disputing the soundtrack of Tasha. Actually not nape. I'm not if you're in Italy. There was a song and it was about nights a national doorman. No-one sleep But it was a different song and was about nights that was really the soundtrack of some in well. There was an official sewn which I think anyone outside of so they heard Wada announced Benneteau and Jenin anaemia two very big roast doesn Italy. They sang it. I remember them saying he on the pitch hero for the for. The State is not very well organized and slightly where they were starting in the corner but he became this thing that I I still have my head very catchy I could do. I'm not going to because you will. Everyone will turn off but I could see. I could save you and I just when Ryan's my brain and I think it is loss of people not the the magic INSIG- win. Don't go not demand you getting sick. Random goal okay is a thank you sorry is not possible because I am not able to seen when I was at the elementary school. Ender we add seeing in the so. I ONLY MOBILE MIGHT. Lipson me because I am not able to see long and did Adding so our friends of terror there and just briefly on power off the anybody. See The documentary directed by Ron Howard. I haven't difficult. It's really good. It's fantastic and larger than life fellow. He was surprisingly enough but We're we're sort of wallowing in soldier. Here looking back in one thousand nine hundred eighty and we can all remember. Nineteen ninety. I don't want any mention of Costa Rica in this regard will say I mean. Daniel won't appreciate this. Of course I was following cycling through the deeply uncool prism of British cycling and cycling weekly. I mean you've you go to bury minded when the one thousand nine hundred year. I was on the whole of the front. Cycling weekly was all about the milk race which was one year by you going to start talking about Gaza in a minute as well On. Yeah I've no idea about the Military Shane. Sutton she insane. Sutton won the nineteen ninety female rights as a great anecdote about change. Something that I can only tell in a live events or when they happen from that milk race but the World Cup was you know everything about Italy was cool. Wasn't the you know the the blue shirts the SCHUYLKILL stadium. Look fantastic even when you watch the World Cup on TV you got glimpses of Italy. It looked like an impossibly cool place so you have to plan on Buni Jira victory and the renaissance of Italian cycling however it was fueled in landscape. Really don't you? I'm napalm the fact that it happened so the presentation. Milan was only two or three days three days before the first game of the World Cup which was going to be Argentina. Cameroon and Argentina. Were the defending champions in the World Cup. They were based in Milan and the Jiro finish had been moved to to mid week so as not to class with the first game of the World Cup but Maradona. I understand. The site was twenty. Jawan Castillon oh I think Tatyana the longtime Jiro boss was in the process of passing passing onto kadhamy custody. Llano that year and they tried to get Maradonna to come to Milan to give Johnny the Jersey and they hadn't managed to do that but yeah really. In those days before the kickoff of Italian ninety Italy was was in in a pretty euphoric state. I think You know in Milan fell bay. Left down Some of the that always that rivalry between Milan. Rome is very much to censor anything. Of course what people remember about that World Cup taking away Gazza and everything but what do people remember about the kind of framing of it? They remember the three tenors in the CARACALLA shelves. And you know that was Even though to sing of Spanish guy but You know that was the kind of the audience that was astronaut. Michael Roy and Pavarotti singing was the soundtrack and I think really Italy on the map For Torres twice as well as overseas. He's been a big tourist Pretty Mega then and I think man. Yeah we call me opening game but we don't really want marital. Maradona was hated right. So he wanted. They mean they love bizarrely. They love Cameroon. Beijing Argentina was. They were covering because they hate it married honorable and they hated black people who signs up me but you know they got left that man they go. They didn't get any stadium. They go kind of new roof. Which no one really liked and kind of ring the gross the next five years and they didn't get you know the big games they didn't get any games and so I think people went about about business whereas I think in other cities really take over daily life especially as they city or closer and closer to the catastrophic semifinal nikes not in Rhode. There's also fantastic bad mascots chow. Who was was subject to lots of satire of you know being kicked in the Bulls and the difference envisions Chow. Who was kind of really what he was the Lego Ma'am woman with a you know a bullheads and lots of other things that genitalia on and things like that so that was actually vote. So what name is going to have he. I keep saying he doesn't have to be. I remember voting this because he voted via Toyota culture. Which is the pools and I? It was the real tortoises which which I've never forgotten where chow drizzly and Bimbo right. It's luckily reach our one. Because I think Tripoli Bimbo one that would cause can tons of translation Bimbo just means boy but not rose see era. It was definitely one of the best periods for Italy. Sometimes a population gets swept up. By an event they see themselves represented or reflected in the protagonists. They have the sense of being a part of something and collective very often. They do this in an effort to forget in difficult times but here it wasn't that it was totally different. Battalions allowed themselves to be caught up in this euphoria partly because they were so carefree at the time. The economy was in a position. We couldn't even dream of now and everyone. I mean everyone felt that they were part of it. Magic nights going Forgo Giannini somehow just captured the mood captured a sense of togetherness humane feeble legit. That was Johnny Salvia and John. For Johnny Savvy. Of course a keen footballer. There's there's actually there's a link between Johnny and Italy going out of the World Cup because Johnny for years and he used to have a tradition where he would present a bicycle to the to the top scoring Sadia which was the Italian top division every year and the first person to receive this johnny used to call it La beachill. Golly Adore and the first person was Paolo. Rossi who was the top scoring the nine hundred eighty two world cup and Johnny claims that he used to play against Paolo Rossi in his in his youth. Anyway in nine hundred ninety while the top scoring Saudi are the previous year was a player called Aldo Serena and Aldo Serena was going to miss the penalty which puts Italy out of the World Cup against Argentina but before that had been a a real festival in the whole of whole of Italy as often happens with these big tournaments host nation seems to come together as Johnny said. There reminded me a lot thinking back to what John I said at the start. The podcast about the political situation in Italy and how Italy was sort of surfing the wave of just prosperity but kind of coolness in the way it was perceived in the outside world. It reminded me a bit of Euro Ninety six and England. And you know you think about the music and it was. My wasn't my cup of tea a Brit pop and Tony Blair and Britain had never really fell sort of more on vogue than it did. Then just you mentioned penalty machine and the number seventeen. I didn't know the number seventeen was unlucky in Italy but the other player to miss a penalty in that semi final against Argentina was Roberto Donadoni. Who Wore the number? Seventeen Jersey. I mean what? An extraordinary White kind of bring our story full circle and you know as long as Italy were winning Everyone everyone was sort of remained in the state of giddy excitement. And you know we talked about We've heard the song the knotty magic magic nights and this became an almost literal thing the first game against Italy. One one with the light. Go from skill. Archie and policing was so bad and say chaotic but it took. The people are in the stadium until three o'clock in the morning to get out and it was the middle of the night and hence not magic magic nights became doubly appropriate and the will many of them it was mainly centered in Rome because that was where the Italian team were based in the semifinal against Argentina Marijan was going to be played in Napoli Napoli where Maradona was playing his club football. That was almost. I almost pre-stage d- The disaster which which then followed when Italy were were not tau and they set in missed his penalty after that was almost as though would balloon was deflated and the whole balloon. The Boom Italy had been enjoying for several years with the previous decade. I mean almost seem to end with the penalty. Miss there was some very memorable moments. These titans get. It was something that you know. You're driving of this guy. He wasn't very good and then suddenly becomes a national hero schools every time he touches the ball. Abbas fantastic and that that was expected him he was like four choice or something. He wasn't even choice he wasn't even meant to be in school. So that was amazing. Just think assuming everybody is one of the goal the great goals of World Cup history and badges should have been played more and he was underplayed and he didn't start the semi as far as I remember on. Maybe Labrador Memory Fades Switzerland. Time ago because I think it wasn't great moments but the actual football was was pretty poor. No Bisinis to seventy but you know there were some of the teams. There wasn't a high level. I think Jeremy will good. Obviously I mean. They weren't amazing but they had some very good players. But yeah it was it was. It wasn't a an amazing tournament from that point of view. And of course if they didn't win it and I think that that of course they should have won. It was not just because the home team but because they were the best team and that they played the best football and they had incredible amount of talent. I she getting way down. Giannini deneen very talented team as angry. I didn't they didn't give away. Dole mean just malls better than anyone else but then that Maradona game. Fifa did deny that. I set in I get. Outta this kid the pita the Mondo so imagine on my blue then quickly. Losing the money that went on the stadiums that were terrible. Thinking of Serena stadiums would you down Where the Gaza Game was and Bari Stadium? Which is beautiful. But it's completely bonkers designed. He's say Renzo Piano. It's now completely folding down. And they don't know what to do with it and it's going to shade. So there's there's I think the soundness about an doesn't become the memory eight hundred to two thousand six nineteen seventy two semi Monte ninety kind of fades away from this connection budget mandates. Just a chops couple of course footnotes to what Joma saying. They're you know you mentioned the the nineteen ninety-two scandals in Italy. The whole sort of Italian political system collapsing. The the Mafia is the blood the bloodiest period and the mafia's history. The two famous antimafia judges falcone were murdered that year. And when you talk to talion about that World Cup now this is a real sort of bitterness about the whole thing the sense that it was a real missed opportunity that Italy had never had it so good and didn't realize that was a tragedy of it. They didn't realize going into that summer of one thousand nine hundred ninety that things had never been better and would never be better certainly was a missed opportunity that World Cup Being drawn in a group with Costa Rica Sweden on and I kind of below-par Brazil. But that's a whole other story. You mentioned there. The Italian fan struggling to get out of the Olympic Stadium in Rome for hours. I mean that sounds like the evacuation at the end of a mountain stage at the Jiro. Everyone stuck in a cable car waiting to get down magic nights indeed and there was a moment when they did get knocked out against Argentina in Napoli was a famous Italian commentator Bruno Pizza and the the cameras pan to the Bay of Naples and he said Oh. Isn't the by of Naples looking looking beautiful tonight? And he was absolutely pilloried for this. Could he say how can you talk about how beautiful Naples looked? When the whole nation was in mourning. It was a national scandal. While they do national scandals quite well talion well chops. Should we Wrap up stage nine of our. Jiro were on the eve of arrestee. There are no rest days on our Chiro. I think what's coming up tomorrow where we have got arrestee rich. But we're in a in the center of Italy your we're going to be making our way towards the Abruzzo region and luckily la. That was the the venue location I chose for rest day. And we'RE GONNA be talking to Ritchie poor. Who enjoyed a fantastic day in rely in two thousand and ten? Well until then thank you very much. Donyell you rich you lionel. Thank you Richard. I'm playing site tonight. Another song this time from our old friend Francois Tommaso lucky shut. Timmy contain interro Jordan. Talk some turning. Unkown placed Goma consoling to call me on through rubber score at the Pierre Coating over. Not Cheese counters Mush Russia kimmy Saudia French is in. Well is a famous song by Tokyo to Neo was prompted a number one hit in France as well great song by pride of being Italian. Well La- that's what I said. I'm proud to be French. A true freshman but yet at this was my contribution to Chiro. Chiro telling Italian over here I I'm not an I. I'm sorry I'm sorry Jira my pronunciation of it's was very bad and it might sound very strange for you to hear me sing the song book. I I really wanted to do it. I tried my best. That might be listening to the French their Spanish around here but total tuna for jewel.

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