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you know what do they mean it's bad anytime down this weird widdly made it home here's here's what's happening weirdos so excited that russell brand finally came on the podcast we had such a lovely chat a just a couple of things to plug up top one i'm doing a couple of stand up shows a hearing loss angeles july eighteenth an august twenty ninth are my next pete holmes living at largo shows they're always amazing the last one with me in bo burnham and taylor tomlinson and joe mandy a serious silberman zach galifianakis have done it recently giant has done recently they're always incredible 'em so good at largo dash l h dot com if you're gonna be in late july eighteenth august twenty ninth and also for my canadian weirdos i'm going to be in montreal the just for laughs festival fall festival july twenty fourth through the twenty eighth a so check the festival schedule for that and i'm gonna be doing stand up as well as they live you made it weird podcast i'm very excited about that i'm 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stoked this is russell brand jack amount if you haven't already he's he's he's got a lot of great stuff out there a i i went down there you to rabbit hole for about nine hours before this chat and a i i think we i think we might be pals now and i hope you guys enjoy listening to us becoming becoming friends all right enjoy get into it but i wouldn't have a tiny drink like pay selling habits are anyone have a real drain just moved here anything you're going yeah that'd be amazing injure kale and please just totally in the commercial break jeff you're on hanks impression is getting over saying it's welcome will cain is gonna go get are smoothies okay we order this movie is well welcome back to smoothie chat did you know i think you'd enjoy this i saw this thing i did the show with these scientists and they were talking about the reason why i laugh so hard at you laugh just son was because it seems so genuine like it registered is very genuine in in a little bit childlike in a good way and 'em i don't know if there is a bad shot like i guess it'd be proved junior hand 'em but they did this study how what do we measuring when we determined whether laugh is real and not an and it's the same with orgasms it's like this animal sound when you slow down the sound of a laugh like literally slowdown there audio it sounds like it sounds like noise that would be very polite to make you slow down a fake laugh and it sounds like it sounds fake same with an orgasm it's like if it's fake but if it's real it's sounds indistinguishable from a buffalo did you could share already why because what i guess but we've long suspected a as we speak the language becomes a tool of lying and deception oh they become the deacon human not slowed down the added as you just said the age articulate day's coming up during the law expressing my joy you were a natural law is a is visceral and premier league premium pretty linguistic sometimes i i'm like i know my little door she stopped defy lost now but she didn't fact lost cause she recognized and other people do fight lofton communities who day noticed that my nine month old daughter if you have a little judgmental column take laughs there now you feel they're manufactured factured lap manufactured for social apps yeah she's socially loving i do a bit where i take a toy and i bring it into her face real slow and i go and she loves you canoes on the road not in l a it's a lovely pet and she laughs kind of in anticipation of the way of saying like if there's subtitled over my baby you would say yeah which would be crew twice but we will never subtitle a baby but it wouldn't be daddy yeah i like this do this better so she learned that means yeah yeah yeah that's good it's good that they're communicating service and frankly that feeling good the all of our children land cyclops given the quality of materials we would depend on who sensical off the firm out children while sovereign household when they were in a house of yoga and a you've heard of laughter yoga yeah where they fake laugh until they laugh but something we do on this podcast thank you make it you get yeah and what's wrong with a fake laugh nothing released just people being kind is that i have a bit about that i said it's better than a quiet reminder that we all will one day die you need to say betting everyone just goes oh this machines yeah it's like one of the things that makes us human is that we go on joy that fight love lawfully it's like every slow it down and put four oh four other quite look middleton anyone who will listen is to try to understand the true nature of lost all i spoke to assign is to understand the true nature of lost as you remember name napa well a measure woman had a son he gave it a fascist paik right as she said in comedy comedy but i still don't think she belongs joke a dark i just letting everyone know you make it couldn't jump she said his breathing lobsters breathing and i suppose is we try to find the tendrils take us back to the people were pre civilized nation and they were mold and away while using a technological medium that people are listening to the technological finds that they're all balloons and benefits the civilized nation and technology but somehow we feel now more than ever now could hardly been lots of these little bit like a sort of suffocating carrot pasty civilizing time and just educating carry price like a skin looking at shell out of stuff you and it's nice to fill the threats back through time to a place where where there is will twenty lofta even if the results are decent tree and the beret killing of infant if they come across the week i'm talking about travel times while you're on the cameras yeah yeah because i had no idea that we provide you lies about pre invite comes prima if people on but like i said there are still vulnerable like oh yeah like i have a bit about that to go where i go yeah what start listening they stopped funding either both unrecorded that there's been some sort of come up from time to time and one of them is device stammer during a bit which happens i have a little bit of a save routine where i go notice that no one laugh like if you fuck up a joke if you go well they were determined tomatoes they wouldn't laugh i know it's sad stammering makes me valerie my wife knows that if they're stammering in a movie i just i can't handle it and they just yesterday was time i realized that this demos makes me feel like i loved the show i know it's it's very vulnerable i don't wanna condescend people but after but it britain for some reason i i think ties back to my childhood it breaks my heart to the change them it's because kids will tee that so in the bed i go that it's because were pack animals and i'm in alpha position i'm under lights and i have a loud voice that's what the microphone is and and brighter and taller than everybody everybody's arm and alpha and if i fucked up my words everyone does leave him he's slowing down the pack no one breed with this one and and everyone laughed because they know it's i think they know it's true 'cause you if you're gonna be if that gift king it's gonna be like what kind of go in that cave or gonna eat all the chicken we could find see if he goes like or or like fart now years data now yeah you're right about that up pressure to be an alpha wolf in a comedy club and respond with a microphone planning a ride on the chicken coop well needs that kind of hey man i watch you need special you're very alpha up there deliberately so i think you're playing if was i don't make let me reid too far into it but you're playing with the role of alpha 'cause you're being vulnerable oh wow thank you yet you're being very alpha like you're you're fucking aaron nola that okay i never thought that i would accusing you of like you're up there fucking the stool how medians i think that's really baser something i thought it was really funny that you showed how to properly thrust and that's also a very alpha thank what kind of spring will people and apple unspools useless to a man while i'm glad that sport man thank you thank you very much thank you in ways just punishment no insisting that the previous offer of of movies including due to i just sat there benefits maybe never food and now the law to punish me with a smoothie is not mine arrived here has been held up oh and i don't like what i'm looking at it's really explain to walk in shower and like almost every time i look in america's i never happened that way i'm away score and above it never was identified i remember the whole and i was young mazing things you were there all the time there is is not passenger is a part of us but it is almost like a stranger you could bump into in the street and not know it totally people say back in my hand the english tv in english tv show i'm gonna throw at a florida receivership will clean water act guy on right there in english tv show where people looking transgendered fills to see if they recognize their genitals and if they would like the night the person who's genitals by are looking at the i'm sort of defaced yes he faced literally yes of skills like they let the face of this could open a little dog i've not watched too much because i can't watch things stimulating lighting 'cause i'm to i'll be cooperating will win divino ruined my life so anyway that's like a little dog look at some understanding yeah i reckon that's just my partner dice all yeah i have sex with that person on the basis of those genital this is one of my early thoughts you have sisters no i never understood how you could have a sister i do now but when i was young i would like but if you couldn't see their head you'd be attracted to them like i didn't i couldn't get around that so why do i mean there has to be cultural rolls around to boot because otherwise you might be in mythologies light in wisconsin aggressions russians congress of that nature like warning of that very thing because of course it's sort of built in 'cause maybe it's i mean not luckily like you i don't have the best i never right being initiated but i think they learn a sophisticated like type of thinking boys were sisters girls with brothers learn a way of being like categorizing more sophisticated way i would like if if it's a vagina that's not my mother i'm good i didn't even have the mother coffee i i'll talk to me run i'm gonna get another so funny who has that it is somebody has been about i'm still very young like a catalog a bit i do know a lot of bits and now i know you're a bit like i have one of those memories i think it's funny i was saying the valley other day i was like i think it's funny sometimes people give me go for not listening and i was like i actually think the problem is worse than that i'm listening so hard it's almost uncomfortable you know what i mean like i can't casually watcher special like i'll i'll analyze they also said yeah i without even trying we're watching the preview it went previously on baskets were watching baskets and it showed a line and i was like in the previous episode the camera wasn't on him i got about eighty are no no it's not this isn't i hope is bragging now i like it i don't really give a bystander i've had it was more just like you gotta look at my own brand knows like yikes that's how watch television just watch the show i but also i like myself yeah i love you looked like amanullah likes himself as you've got knocked down smooth face referring stuff up only i wanna know something about what you just said that oh yeah no i think it's good that you're paying close attention to reality yeah receive in that way and i write anything wrong with that and then i could argue that way do you pay a lot of attention and then have to shut down for a why why would you wanna put out a lot of content it's hard to have you on the podcast because you've done so much and i don't wanna waste your time that that sounds like a big you've done so what i'm sure you've done really well what's the point achieved a little we are at all last year it all let here but it wasn't that fuzzy in fact i've actually noticed it you you have a lot of different modes and you throw it into a lower gear it seems deliberate and gone it seems great accented take that no cause especially when i get on spiritual stuff i'll go in here like i sometimes need somebody go like easy and i've i've watched you sort of learned to do that yourself yeah good but what i was gonna say was like it's hard to have you on because he put out so much content so i'd like to have a chat that if you love the lord is that right i just read the word lord on your arm and yeah i do love the lord you love the lord yeah i love the lord is a metaphor i think you love the lord is a metaphor nothing's is a mess for given the everything is a mess for possibly even the holographic frequency upon which we currently abide has america some degree gonna mail your rickel i have a bit here we are you must get this all the time do i do this it's funny i don't know if she's coming up today i'm gonna put this to rest so this is me putting a nickel in your jukebox but i wanna give you a fresh nickel so here it is i tried this on stage it didn't really work i go i think it's funny that i i believe in god as a metaphor but everything's a metaphor and i'm like i think it's funny that when people get a delayed flight they all start tweeting at delta and i heard a guy yelling delta always does this delta always does this to me i'm a medallion member and dumped always does this to me right now like don't like this is what we should be making fun of people for smoking weed in a dorm room like you believe in downtown like be analogy is a group of planes a fleet of planes thousands of employees thousands of buildings things are like a thing we are like one thing we called delta the metaphor is those things are delta and people believe in delta they're mad at delta it's a pattern of energy it's repetition thing do i'm like if you're nickel you could even emerging lighting delta they reaffirmed failed to extent you downtown right 'cause i know you there yes that's right yeah you're quite right that's beautiful and also the people unwilling to recognize metaphors over five continually happening in the quotidian h g the puck chase of ideal airline ticket is this represents travel like wait a minute don't talk talk banging a metaphor against the focus of metaphors metaphorically doing what you wanna do for you that's hilarious so this is the lord we love is that the lord you love yeah because it's worth less than be own language and to your earlier point that there is a prior to the advent of language more wonderful tool it is they must have been communicative method that necessarily more pure because they less field to the loft there is closer to breezing than language once we delve into this of the meeting a lot of stuff that lately is talking about the the the problems in heroin within languishing in so many of valid disease in much of house of sense of alienation may come from the the limitations of language the common phrase on things there are woods for being set and and how beautifully ising your reality where the choices made available to you it's wonderful these one of these words and of course we should be a little bit stab this mystery has been shoved into the plato fund set of language yeah we should all be a little the spartan we should be more like i say mosques things like how unconscious acceptance that come plumber of ideas administer tiptoes branding airplane parts and ivy ational expertise can be cold delta todd my question number drove to this is not like the like the personify we have to objectify and that's the problem i think of abiding primarily on the material planes certainly for me a has a tendency to be primal has a tendency to care too much about what people think of me get attached to green drinks and validation if i don't have a relationship with the invisible no material world as expanding pretty pot is material in some sense props consciousness had energy wise i can't begin to appreciate but i mean to safety invisible inaccessible interior world and how that may relate to an extent a world and indeed your intent i have have some relationship with that could not because i've done fund the world of commonality insects checks and appetizers appealing but because i find appealing the dow's made the outer loop to be to be guard if god's not my god then they'll is my goat right and you oh my god i'm like that's terrifying possibility i mean we just met or the next by the five and well yesterday were you were talking about brilliant you're also talking about 'em how the language using something about how we need language but maybe we had when we were primitive it was maybe more pure did i hear something about that in there when i was a kid i used to one that's effects of progressive humanity could be that we mainly externalised materialized phenomena innately accessible testable previously like in the telecommunications instead of telepathy transport instead of telekinesis if somehow maybe perhaps you know if there is one this in an ever expanding universe if there is one this somehow throughout that one the different means methods were accessible to us like i now we've technological five those things right that's what chriswell said did you watch that singular documentary or good god exists and he's not yet and he's talking about putting technology in flowers hours he's he's being kind of preposterous perfect i think we saying he's like going to put why fi in everything and everything's gonna be looking at itself and recording itself and he's talking about a very ancient idea but he's sort of its ten isn't haunches penn psyches in reid reinventing itself brown from me right yeah so what you what you just said that it's like it's the thing playing the same game over and over so we had up and then we play it again have it again if you have a light judge campbell analyzing like i say some vited text that i'm not educated enough to precisely cool but how that pros the process of communication where the fruit all or language sometimes congress die of connection that goes beyond what it should rationally in practically begin to do everything about this diving bowl like literally that's a whole like animal the boy died it again in sees the go there under the water and the two of them connect and and she says a every time like these things that were on the border of that doesn't make sense it makes you feel guilty and was like it's not happening every time they slept we continually existing through time manifesting instant she eighteenth then the deteriorating anti generating income in like a tidal breed of in and out around and it's built into year cycle into you're physiology given tech you know the whole thing is in in an out in in in out an unseen motor behind all being buried in are chapters why were obsessed with the heart is a metaphor unseen power of everything we have nothing to do with a wicked and this is why they american corporation is so fucked is because there's it's all in it has to grow every year so unless there's but we know on a prime a level that it's not natural that would be a good a installation i think wouldn't you like to see like someone come at a video of hiding in the cop they x house just continually in how you would see minority leader finally now we found the proper expression of such as they are but you're saying in and in the bore and joseph cambell the first time the guest is brought up just before well i suppose there's light that 'em you know how one of the functions of all i'm religion committed take us as far as we can because i was lightning at the site of the work of france who spike and i'm thinking in particular another loads about fronted by but they they are part of the paint on finds his bike and like these pictures he doesn't the pope in this cage and these puppies screaming and when i saw it in australia an expiration of a cult that he is captured somehow in pain in thailand texture the feeling of when you wake up a free i am and you think like oh god i can't click on kobe makes all the ailing the feeling i have is in my consciousness the feeling is in my consciousness he transmit consciousness and likely could they wouldn't be happy with the work we've done and he said yeah like they have a news that sometimes you reach something you paying for another eight actual i mean you're right and if if that's actually why perhaps there's no out the marriott that we can bring to it and i love but romans had that we can bring to evident that is at least why main right or wrong that's when i took psychedelic once and i was like oh that's why people pain things is because we're all stuck in these things and we go when i look at a house it looks like that so i'm gonna paint and go is that what you're you're seeing as well or someone screaming no and that's why bombing hurts so bad man right and never came back and i'm like the kids were down and be audience laughing are brains are selves communicate to us with metaphors your dreams are you're you're talking about that painting of a pope in a cage and i'm like of course yes i mean we we dismiss sort of trans rational non rational or beyond rational stuff this symbols yes and it's how we communicate with selves and we sort of get it you wake up and you're different he will what all wearing a psychedelic clearing irrational will there's no such thing as ghost there's no such thing as aliens of course we have to monetize and leaving economies but couldn't be goven then measured in this way and yet every not every single one of us disappears magical carousel personal mysolar trade is my dad right right well the the country's now she's doing shit that they make sense every fucking die after duties on disengage from century they offer a fucking minute i'm on a different reality floods in right you know like i am in what is that drive to create reality it's you know what i'm saying what splits one selling to to what is the drive the brain is like even at rest i'd like to create wondering if shots yeah but if i don't pay my i don't turn my computer on and it's like what i've been writing made while you were gone amazing spreadsheets spreads let me draw a kitchen basically what it wants to create the brain wants to create these like i think what were both enjoying right now are these foregone conclusion these assumptions that of course life wants to create more life you know what i'm saying of course the brain wants to create realities you know what i'm saying that but that fundamental tick tick tick tick tick behind the whole thing is the metaphor for the more that i love you had left that little to learn the business ongoing policies of is this this thing already knows you might like this thing i read code robot limes by centuries them in which he postulates a better than i'm able to rent day here that we are creating reality as we perceive him the rules of physics create just the right conditions for life and that is broad and like i'm being productive it to make it seem kind of dumb but the i liked is when he said even assumptions we have about space and time are likely an expression of out particular an individualized experience of reality and then he broke down the nature of time saying the what we experienced this time it's entropy entropy there's no limit listen a ton of university you can't go a year die a second the moment in fact even need to do that is only because of expiry wine human life if we were in the universe is how we count to ten 'cause we have ten fingers brian every developed time because we're decaying yes if we don't know time well on that it wasn't cereal shit town on npr they were talking about like time the guy bill clocks and you're like why did we build a clock like where did we get the idea of rhythm i don't think he went there but it's like it's heartbeat you're heartbeat goes to to to to end from somewhere in there we get sixty because it had to be a multiple time 'cause we have ten of ten of these little he came out of our ears the ball so index finger the bit of an outsider well there's a coup others better to of course you gotta give you the thing is ever got some kind of you know casey offensive to be pointing it out or the index finger does have in sort of vital canal assistive anatomy index finger like you know like for particular kunda leany middle wagner case like you don't don't use that fingerpointing people literally is obviously is ego fingering ever does that that the thumbs up from data from south central potency to it i miss remembering the you get there i know i do i totally get it i have you ever middle finger route e f t it's a tapping techni oh yeah that kind of what i hypnotize wrapping so unusual but we've tat tat tat tablets tabby it's i dunno hypnosis i've never end but you have to skip the ring finger 'cause it's linked to you're hard and it's bad fear hey it's it's there you go like that while you unpack trauma yeah yeah i mean i hear yourself it's fun kind of mantras kind enough to hypnotize me out being in love with someone crews inconvenient who is a wonderful fellow pull mckenna he you're in love with fall well now but not someone else working on looted like you were saying you were in love with by doesn't matter who does she call it helps you with a romantic love i'm they've got this romantic love and i said poise distracting and post at the pool hip hypnotize me out begin love some of the techniques mass amy roth rudimentary i imagined her head on the dog's body really i mean i liked that that fundings one time i was trying to break up of somebody who is very difficult to break up wealth and i i'm not proud of this but it's hard for me to find things having admitted on this podcast already so here we are i pictured for like ten minutes just leaving her off a cliff not the killer but just to kind of get rid of her and felt very good like i had ron hurst in my mind that's been cod before i got we will cut in half gone he couldn't he popped captial and then a little caption off into limitless spice yes more loving just nate and then more gentle yeah give her vr helmet you don't even know where you're like yeah we might be in that town house we've broken someone's how we being propelled through space in the captial i mean or were dying in where remembering her live that's my favorite dishes the memory and you know when they say you're brain lives were seven minutes after you die anyway i would prefer that 'cause then you know i'm a very emotional chap tell me everything well well about kids african isn't it i love them so much power over me and implants so that happened a lot of attachment lot of attachment to little kids i mean i'm trying this every day by day abrupt strike but there you to right i mean you know that nfl nothing you have been taught to extremely difficult but i don't even mean to like well i mean is saying that one in particular she's sorry didn't mean to do the voice but they're not but i went on any one of these conjecture about what reality might be robbed within the sort of chronological version of life but we ashamed to be the general understood consensus but we presume we have in this today a none of them are really anymore a mock willow miraculous all day in and i suppose much of that stuff about being in the present and publish a producer matt stuff as i am like he's like when you start labeling when you stop categorizing chronicling and placing in nicorette taxonomy there's this sort of all some overwhelming beauty continually what that person i say that all the time they say be here now obviously but i it took me a long time to figure out why be here now and it's because when you're here now and not thinking in separating and labeling and judging you can as you said i wrote down 'em infinite force they infinite creative force behind and threw everything they moved through me that idea right so instead of talking about it experiencing it right a little bit scary to think why is it scary and 'cause we die when we do that here's a great quote you're gonna love this i'm gonna say over the moment before you know it shared as i believe it was moved you said 'em given the choice between the destination in the journey the ego will always choose the journey because the destination it burns up so even as i'm talking to you when i you know it's easy to do with you i forget pete mess i can't forget al amos forget america in this country patterson us and just be here with you and what's frightening about that is everything goes away you know what i'm saying we lose the brain really wants to cleaning it'll rebelling kickout and insist that it's real the ego is real because it's it's death that's why i think it's so funny that spirituality is popular were selling death death hardcore nothing you think israelis real but trust us it's better on the other side it's tough when his name just tough product to push did you like that quote yeah i do i do like it's a lovely quote i love new g i did like meditation to move to just on the cheap he's great on it english i think jamaican i believe is he yeah he's got a little bit of i think we did steal to make her at one point so do i do think jamaican visa holiday safety i eat we talk anyway i was africa and i was like why do you guys take t o a table comic country not and that gave us think oh my god tree fruity 'em well yeah you wanna be like when he added the question not so i gotta say with worthy question you are living question pete's you surely come to realize that now you're great big doff lovable into real good shape is hell i am i wish i could not go myself well i'll show you a technique i'm like the thing with the selling day it wouldn't be effective if the if they're not already be interpreted interpretive mechanism present in the recipient i think people already know that it's right off the picture tv show skews me i i wanna talk about they a executives was not just death 'cause about i do sometimes bring that maybe don't what is it amy spirituality the general i wasn't i mean no it was a passing 'cause she had i had i had a quote about that have a colorado colorado and kathleen the names of and they were really nice people but it seems to me that this sort of now autumn nicer releasing a very particular place in a very particular class but it seems to me but people are interested in talking about these things yes that is a great there's a great freedom and letting go of that 'cause i think you know that's the next level of the death as do it just don't be attached to it right yeah so you don't really it's really way better than anybody who like that that her into this that are able to practice the participation in the material teary load without incumbent attachment that a bit scary you wanna talk about breath in and out i mean with me just me personally it's it's constantly in a day yeah like i'll be that maybe thirty percent of the day and then seventy percent i won't be that'll be totally lost but then other days are better you sometimes feel like i feel like he's really in that shouldn't have been a pair of racket closing seabed flow i should have been a monk like you know that's what would see me relay yeah i quickly this could be self serving i quickly go to you're getting that stuff out in a way way way way never before seen and very effective an exciting way i get really jazzed if you watched there's a youtuber compilation i've watched many times actually it's called russell brand awake and being or something yeah i remember when i wrote that a russell brand awaken being unfair tax that'd be a very self said i wouldn't i wouldn't oh you didn't uploaded but i wondered if you ever saw i have 'cause that night with zeke and i think vegan a pop call people really i think so i think one of something once a vegan popcorn when i go to three of four week otherwise a beacon park cars pay i'm not fucking livia 'cause you don't wanna waste one foot on a car and jump over a turkey sandwich but i wanna tell you declined meat dairy you wanna sleep over it i matt now yeah she fucking forget gio and yes and i told me about that away commanding so i do know about it and then it really good in a moment of this we've lost the compliment though is that you're like you're down with the one that's man like i'm having i have a really hard time i wonder if you do too so here comes the question i really hard time finding even in l a's land of the new most people will go up to the wall but very few people go over the wall and i'm not even claiming like man i'm just saying they won't even imagined the possibility that there at do you know what i'm saying yes i do know is saying slowdown out loud that's real that's great big game how come we condemn any one individually for indoctrination is occurring culturally in like we can't kamli is like these and i think as compassion that we should food selves and wanna not the first year that is embedded in now is off the very off this but we're looking at the world where it's probably easier tonight on the middle you'll laugh when i think about the dramas if my family of urging ordinary though they were that it's hard for me to have a well i wonder sometimes why is there so much hate in the relationship with my mother probably because of that vagina obsession on october first two minutes overall department enrolled on that surely you've you've already run it down i was at my mom my dad is precisely because why you know the construction we like moody moody says you are more than just a vessel for come set they said i you know the people start dropping stuff into us conception to us before and i'm aware of it were doing it in my kids like oh my god i'm training them now for my inconvenience i'm training them to not be in the presence i'm training and look at the screen training to eat sugar i'm doing all these things i'm so fundamentally opposed to well you know i think that like you know it's easier to another level of family that the reason it's like maybe malta used a a slightly afraid what triggering to be around you're mother and father and why so seems to you is because they give you that you're looking at them we is is it's not actually you when i think of trying to get over jealousy or trying to get over drug addiction and turn the gathering adequacy an insecurity is not i need to get over insecurities back need to get over the thing the even feels insecurity now communication with the yes whippy insecure very belief that there is a shelf nothing that you're saying about the death is a beautiful and blissful thing and there's a wiccan stein quote if you are a ton early in the present then you if you're continually in the prison then you leaving a tendency living nintendo now the reason that this is a millionaire now journey started when he died private attorney where else could be but in the beginning and we all agree on that the mystic like stories feel it but everyone agrees i know there's different series on which way infinity goes and how the universe is there over lane on each other and i i can't explain those things but we all typically agree the concept of infinity and that's fucking great i love that i heard you say that all of religion and spirituality in love is is about union and i was like fucking hey right that's why i get so excited when i hear science talking about the same thing i'm talking about just with data with data and photographs and experiments and stuff and i'm like yes let's find that common ground 'cause we were talking about fucking infinity were talking about the miracle or the or the phenomenon of consciousness that's what i wanna put you was i say it on this podcast probably every week which is saint francis said what you're looking for is what you're looking wins it still saying that what you're trying to save us from his trust in nailed roskill today he said it better may now i the way we talk so i'm gonna fly on his show would have been annoyed and i would rather have a ferret with them and folks oh get them out you told me i forget fred none more ferrets i love my phone you're i know is i if i read this book what's your point i read this book on a corner and physics is a children's book so i'd be threatened by featuring what is it what many drawings mostly joy yeah of quantum physics i suppose you could understand it cruise to costa rica anyway poppies robert arise re post pick last time tastic a a pump pasta eight it was like taking away the vegas nights surveys no i think he's probably very good book and i certainly bloody enjoyed reading i mean right now understand things because i'm fighting extra job would you believe these induced 'em believed that a the the world rested on four elements resting on the back of a title in a code by nike nissan tile and i said like by the bill sarcastic rather vitus probably saying it's almost as if they're all full powerful based like elephants like these other you haven't been around me what i like its own a tough owes back paul hard pops off julie stick instead of could bust up and i'm tired of living right so unlike in how chromosomes looking how dna looked like well i suppose the wall in fires me one of many things i inspires me about the spiritual power and that is that they seem to be like you're saying things like yeah exactly it's your point things are being revealed in the language of materialism rationalism fruit science and i'm very grateful for that language and very grateful to them for their endeavor increases the fury scientists listing now snapping a pen so yeah that microphone say that some people thousands and thousands of years ago were somehow discovering this year a very good example is the mindfulness from this phenomena mindful hey you could extracted from its theology hey guess what you meditate all the time you high blood pressure anxiety brain look we show you through these scandal these things will be improved by mindful practicing meditation well guess what all the people have come up with this shit they never had those guys they somehow new intuitive remains off of the material maine's i knew do you think there's anything else in those books the mafia value to us and like they're making the you know the eight takes you to be age of language republics reefer images briefings things we understand simple to me cannibalistic language combined throughout the world is sort of like this consciousness you saw like this like a bull diving into the pool sita that's every time kombi understood it can't be held in our consciousness like the end as he's being discovered in the currently in quantum physics is what will this doesn't make sense we can't understand my yes exactly exactly i just can't be understood company held within these limits the eventually the limit listen it's going to impede panella limitations limited consciousness eventually it's gonna you're gonna will because of limitation and you're gonna require fight is not gonna be able to be understood and if we build our world and our systems entirely on rationalism they will always speed limit teach systems that are biased towards i would say you know individually the materialism consumerism capitalism all these things come about because we have not invite eight the mystery to participate in the way we organize a site even though not off the not be disappearing drains even though all of us recognize what love is the most important thing in life that we would do irrational things in hoppy if it was if we were called upon to i i was thinking so many things when you were speaking first of all there which is great and i loved it giggling viglen granddad a why would live and give like i wonder if he cares said i thought that was okay good 'cause i actually noticed that you were giving me a lot of approval and i thought that was really beautiful furniture for were not great at that you know what i mean i i hear it comes i have another bit i'm like why we just give each other what we want understand like we withhold yeah we know what people while you're trying to make me so i'm always struck sometimes i laugh at myself tangled somebody does is often try make my 'cause i'm always like the subtext of things i'm saying that no actual text that bryson but the celtics again pretty hard shalva it's really out of me all i needed and i and i'm electronic a pat on the back for i know unlike many line related to each other well hey will manipulate people do a new manipulate person wants uber's very good and the white like me i see what people trying to get me to i try not to is it much anymore because i think i wanna be kind but like in the public buses trying to get me to get approval i'll know each of us three deeply about the approval that neighbor who is for shades darker you just come back from vacation who is what's he what's that what is he wants he came up to me and he said did you get some sun he said to me a man that looked another race you would so dark to me who had not gotten any sign of i got you say i would say no way you did but instead of on the subject and i look back to that team that just go just go nobody you did that that must have been amazing good for you but it certainly when you're puppet later because we use which strap states even on the same level female is tight lipped above them in but anyway by the bedroom get up to you i think climbed up onto the tiles lump sum tara cultural the paul braun i the other thing i was when you were talking with carl y'all guy say this all the time because young says it's not ideas are worth the changes it symbol the changes obviously i mean that sounds that's the most young in thing that's ever been says one is from that read books young right become holding up my index finger had that some they couldn't bellini sharpen in in uman's read the book where this off type poker face illustrations in it like a lead they have like a well in this case they set up an emerging from it killed a coordinated care kunda leany seven the energy is if they opt demand the sexual and crave driving the primal drive can go right they owed reptile pot spinal cord concurrent night that seth and so that is literally simple this many people if i've had some terrible feedback one snake dragging a half back avalon just tampon tampon but i think the you know that is literally drawn by call young young enrico great by the way i've that brought home and holding down the quiet peddling piano a very heavy but it's been building itself is holding down the quad pedal and you'll piano you would love that i'm sure so you get it that you believe in it and it changes you day minding yeah nobody ashley grade hut like a like king pointer finger yeah that's to some of my best pointing out that god is right there of course the columbus vacation is abrasive but like that book keith paint it like he's trying to draw well it looks like of the division is sal six and like it's it's about giving away that's my language and i suppose that's the point of known linguistic communication i really admire young just that he was quiet enough to go like an old man to i look at how closed old people tend to be and he's like nope every night i belong in my dreams and he yanked things back and then paint them and then how these incredible revelation mike we could all be doing that but instead you i mean where do you get it's hard to have the will be that adventurous with their own consciousness decision in i suppose like i said to my wife the other day we being conscious enough of the way we're raising these children they say don't travel in neo drops they owed rest of the safest way to some sort of put it saying but sometimes i feel the power of this being laid out for us as parents the things i find myself reaching for i don't even just mean the triton dreadful cliches scolding or wherever forever but that when not taking enough time to acknowledge the say critter explained the mysteries and i mean it's a two year old and a one year old they face he said like you know there's a little time but it's making me question my you know my life and my existence i mean here we look at where we are i mean at least yoka say that i but we're in an eye shank why don't we start the commune tomorrow when we sat this text less money list society tomorrow why don't we liberate out brothers and sisters well that last one makes my my my point my response not as good because we should be working in fighting for be oppressed but the other part is that you do like jesus himself he says yeah crackle developing the paul start worrying all the time yeah that's right last year first point vallon vallon i always like where like let's move the oh hi what's by by house comes from that yeah okay yeah but i don't know why should we become joined man is introducing a new joined may has beaten ross we we're running painting own i will insist on that pronounciation tangs very ali g you know if i may or irish could orland 'em things twinkies is my goto for doubling listen 'em but we were like this is so high you know what i mean like were in high what i'm saying is this the journey destination thing my ego would like to say and you're you go i'm not gonna say you might go like hey if i could only get this if i could only living on a farm then you'll have it you are at the thing that yearning for better parenting i'm not coaching you i'm just saying the part of me i'm the proud i like it because of the the occasional so five dollar tree but does go on i actually in myself up sales with a capitalist essy's do believe that we the same is one another and we should be learning from one another the right to someone who don't worry russell is a profit coming and that profit will save the world pop move so desperately jealous of the prophet if i'm merely john the baptist that that is the heresy that we after lookout for so alan watts had this great quote where he said he should burn the bible every stir obviously he loves the byways not saying he doesn't like the bible he saying the most dangerous idol of all his ideas an end so buddhist says if you see the buddha kill the buddha these are all saying the same thing if you think it's a profit on the way you think it's something that's gonna show up if if i think it's oh hi are you think it's better parenting we've lost it because god grew in self irwin so it's it's already here isn't that fucking crazy it's already here i've really been wrapping my brain it's taking my brain a long time to catch up my heart but i'm my brain is really starting to go this is that the miracle is this is this seeing is this hearing is this isn't and that is being and it's already here and for some reason we remember and we forget we're remembering we forget where i called somebody of fat fuck here 'cause he he cross in front of my house the gate open a crushing in front you kind of do this stupid little scoop and i said you fat fuck something like i'm not like oh osha myself he could not hear me i would never call a person a fat fuck but i will privately in iran time but even in that moment i was like you're projecting you feel fat beautiful thank you can you imagine you are yeah i've felt my a head neck nestling in columbine then right there what's let's play this game because you don't have all the time in the world and i really wanna put more nichols in you box and not just blabbing bore you force this little like why is your often go humping his back like that oh that's and extra batteries good lord even more power when you could be next i put it to bed every night in as a hundred percent on both it's not even out of necessity righteous that i can vary i guess you pick it now putin now yeah but i don't i don't i'm not i guess i am trying to brag i don't use my phone that much now i'm ready chinese the little find lessons sometimes you know that thing it tells you you've used this match today bucket grosse in itself out there is a famous ruining your life right well funny yeah it was three albums you score on my man well i mean sometimes there's a podcast where i was listening you know what when i meditate and some energy dude i was having that thought on the way in 'cause i was using the navigation and it was like this is countdown saying against my time and i want it to say fifteen minutes yeah and it's gonna say an hour because i drove you're forty whatever fuck you don't that doesn't count gary that should be anytime separate section agreed is not like what do we made overs why are we thinking of though we're gonna crack face paint the god's sake the good people at moment should know this worthy apple one let me let me put some nicholson you're juke what's a great lesson you've learned about comedy no wrong answer but i like what you're doing now about this i've i did as well catalog bits and have a sort of a pasta no bibliography of stuff i like and sort of how they relate to one another is where this knicks you have to watch a lot be count watch stuff that's too low cool because if they're so if they're in fluent oh yeah i drive dot com oh i catch myself my interaction a direct command going no don't cause someone will say something so me i'll go nope yeah i feel a part it's like you could like what the fuck is wrong with you it's good that impulses in check yeah so look mine has been released by the time think i'm ed plies uniquely tacoma deep about have as much access to your offense excel firm be willing to explore it that's that's worth being there from the beginning and the law bombing law law bombing at the beginning as a result of that because at first me i didn't even do material you know like i wanna be spontaneous dreadful side russia time i had no skill and confidence is basically a person to punish as punishing myself ready doing some really some stuff was quite good and extraordinary releasing locusts in comedy cops matching up dead rats were thomas thomas things quite punt returner but no funny so the context in the in the age because of just sit he'll all people every guy in that house everyone's got chicken but you say being authentic and taking the risk if i'm hearing you correctly the risk of bombing to be true so it but i think that's a great one for comedy yeah i mean you kind of touched on it too is like there's no substitute doing it a lot because now i'm so fucking proud of myself that i stayed with twenty years wow that i can now just i just do comedy here's around now i don't do a lot i got maybe twice a week is that i don't i've become tenderly dynasty tell the guy he that's something i would do you do the new material night a dynasty typewriter i would do that that's what i do like i like that like you get a nice long sat the stretch out yeah only me like a nature intended tended i'm like a little roken though as you might imagine how much more kind of a futuristic now get out there and perform people hate you yeah i want to i talked to my go 'cause he's here don't tell me what to do you should study how i do it that's what i say when people say that you gotta get up every night i'm like no you should study what i do that's how i that's how my ego field because it works for me there's so many purist i dunno rogan says but i'm just saying there's so many purists they're like you gotta if you're a real comic you up to three times a night and i'm like really if you want a certain type of fact i found in general performing a comedy clubs when i was younger that it was biased in may to would you believe this guy and you off not vented to impede my outside in things like in love from if you're perspective in some respects of course law fifteen twenty seconds that's like i suppose a drone rule but let's and like i felt like no this isn't this isn't end curiously when i was starting to stand up in england they would like other people performing the light come was in fact multan all estes guys like did well in the uk by the chemical noble and sue over the you literally did we ate expression they stick installations very challenging house member perhaps without he's easy clownish warm still missing less likable amoco but we're gonna be councilman yeah but without like what you mean an unpleasant ats right on married on sunday and they i have a hard time with any god but i fired him unpleasant in the way that i think he's trying to be unpleasant it works on me like this with the wrestling goading all of that all of it yeah he's like on a better a better or if he's trying to be on funding on purpose i'm just like it makes you uncomfortable getting ready to me and i end yeah i dunno i sent my favorite part of myself but i'm sort of like i don't like what you're doing i tend to get that i get out of a love it let's say kevin like some of the more famous adorable sweet things i think he is innocent like the say my mouth whether i feel like that is adorable yeah you know that's like a war sweet thing in the elvis impression and say that you know this'll dome and then i became a bit like and there's a that is a meet a lot of things where the challenges what you're experiencing i'm not for me makes me query voice intentions were an end as like anyone is interesting that when i am intrigued by what he's trying to say because say with like a multi hyphen like some macho flying circus when you rewatch it is like no easy going yeah and i think they are trying a challenger buffing they just were very very young and how to create a lot of content and then meet staff and it's like i said i feel that way about india's well i feel like it was the not not to put it down at all it was just it was all of it you know what i mean it was the growing pains on the ground with all of it you know what i'm saying i i think were saying the same thing so that's you're you're lesson about comedy is digging deep and finding a real he willing to be offended anyone give you a piece of advice it kind of changed eddie's out one hundred gigs before you even judge herself i think it would have spent about eight or nine like i'm going i would we went quiet fast that she's not 'cause i'm i've trained and actor and all this kind of stuff and then go like in trouble with it like a drunk hotel programs and then you start doing stand up and moving like a handful of gigs in like in the uk there were a lot of these talent shows the comics way it progressed quite quickly the festival this one hackney empire which is like a fifteen hundred year old voidable there in east independence a beautiful the marx brothers play that long holiday chaplain played that beautiful red there'll be gorgeous place and go to the finals that when i was young and messed up and not ready unless it was doing a king veil not sort of men like on tv and all these things plus i wasn't you know at that point it is i said yeah you just keep doing and just keep doing it but a lot of people if they're competing forces marshall destructive nature i am a creative nature or the destructive nature winning check raven out might be right up your alley who there's assemble yeah you hate the most hardcore rationalism have a raven perch on their bedroom window give everyone the willies especially if it's i'm reading this book called trickster makes the world which is all about the figure of tricks that and function of trick stuck in our psychic and religious imagination and one of the dome and then stickers in the people of this country indigenous lake is raven i about like these the kyri kyle eight comes up a lot as well coyote he's the tricks up he's often trick t foods people by is often food very interested in scatology in filth and excretes shutting on it is a beautiful interesting because way does louis hide in this book tricks that make the world is he said how these macaca types he's obviously a great student of you're setting out of the way they functioned point aj example such permutation amazed the function of the tricks they steal from the gods said that the boonies given the humankind the scott one to keep the pound easter themselves and the trickster could exist in both realms like a shaman can bring the fire from the gods coming in from the gods have been redone if you'd really like eggs any says like he looks he says much of the problem with the modern world and these guys you know hypothesis is that the denial of the trickster speaker they in fact but christ is become sterilizing on a dime because of the conservative 'em what do i wanna say heterogeneous dedication to pure eight the pure probably puree puritanism least sterility and that kind of even make sense linguistically doesn't it when you hear it we talked about that is i think he would quote surrounded by might be wrong the famously might that pays the pace christ took us or one of those trink eight mexican grill like style crucifixes on a rosary and put it in a jar pay cindy crawford and then teams do a lot of calm and stuff like that like using these serious across the heat with a lapse catholic himself this august and it was used as big tice headlight we shouldn't be finding out off terrible get rid of a type of case it created some public funding devoting to this guy but what is the guy and he's and they said they saw louis hiding in analysis says they would actually very religious because like i liked that surrounded with a lot catholic more eastern division three in buddy christ christ accessible again the whole function of christ christ had a coke and bowls and the niners he's a human he's a he's a man and that's the power of cross and when we rarefied find we roll out sales of the potential and the potency of that he talked about it to be in relationship to the carnival that the carnival reinforce she's the rules that jeering slavery and they were here we are in a voter the carnivore the carnival like a period where the rules are suspended today you know we could do what we want but what that does is it reinforces the rules because during that time hey we know do we want riot good i've enjoyed it back to work in that held this weekend the does the same thing precisely back to so what i find funny that i my dog sometimes pees on the buddha in my yard and i'll say to him who if not you know what i mean like it's it's what we're talking about it it's p and i have deep respect for christ end to the but like these these people are saying yes to reality love is yes price having a name is tina and a beating heart you trip out on that you ever you ever sit in a room and think of the hearts golden state now there's three hearts of muslim it's fucking crazy feel for them quite nice isn't it do it on an airplane i use just a little rat chopped which i took a boy you're good comedy in the city golladay i'm thinking about doing something like that or do we see they should study how you do it it is interesting when we become to first of all everything he said was amazing i thought maybe i'm not gonna say that christ with the trickster well they kind of waiting for the tricks the aspects of christ is the you know the cost and money lenders out of the temple and is a bit of a trick to the dining comeback of course in may and i suppose she's moving between well and he's a shooting materialism and own all of that kind of stuff about lifestyle that christ like as unoccupied has more more aligned call eight i there are some tiny asian asian the sacrifice go at the into the soil coleman a damn motif in agricultural yeah yeah is 'cause we right i while we both love joseph campbell and we both see the resurrection myth start and i don't mean not tree when they say man i'm just saying those stories came about when we started growing crops that had the same behaviors these little destroys used to be different but these these these are all the symbol of the changes it's beautiful but could you made me think of something beautiful traditionally christians thought there was a trickster element to christ jesus came to change god's mind about us and richard ross says christ came to change your mind about god was that he wasn't coming to be like see these guys you're cool guy he was coming to be like this is how energy moves in the world death and resurrection death and resurrection don't you see you're not a visitor here even me all of us it's undulating infinite fountain and you are not a stranger here is not a beautiful lovely lovely message it is and it got real what about half go ahead when did they say like you know you know visit here were both and redacted from repass undulating one that's never forget you loved nothing would ever separate hard love and i'm gonna need cathedrals candlesticks afraid that journey vs destination stuff that's real master batory ego games of awesome them in in and out and feels it's really fun it's fun to have a magic happen you might like if i did russell you have to listen to me i'm wearing my special vision i mean i have yet to one of the one of the great bill burr bitches like it's just some guy and the better way of saying earn another way of saying that is that's just that's just another us yes he has not won at a half by the by innocence by extracting the pilot from us we are is like saying a father moved to how high if you have that tragic defying you don't do it in analyze it you that's looking at central hap what were you gonna say 'em i made you lose it in the it wasn't far way though it could just now when we were talking about a little of course we've lost cause you technician just real downside many beverages like someone at the end of a desperate politics online keeping collect down that green stuff which i got into it did you that's what i that's my shit man i yeah i don't like deaths i don't like l a's spiritual stuff it's i think it's a bit rootless superficial electric client i just don't like one the one wedding ring one county blonde women with their white wine get to buddha i start to get a little nervous and my people and that's my that's my shit i'm projecting obviously i see myself in them but like once once we start selling and i liked this place and i met the owner and he's great and i come here but jeff beautiful guy but even he seemed to have a sense of humor about it since since you know we've talked i know that means that they believe in it seems like they've clinging yeah i liked the essence of cardi that's a really brilliant and if you've not seen any definitely should you relooking tommy cooper you wherever that is is a british comedian from so let us sixty seventies eighties you follow the magic hacks and i can't i can't do him justice they've come at what what's beautiful about how many of you might see there's a big fucking mad giant streams piston pepsi some wasn't paste and they come out to his magic and the stick is that they don't ever go right potomac who by the way it goes wrong people says you know like one of those hot he was wonderful if he's well we're eight still broken metric cats are right because he doesn't sylvie seldom acknowledges the joy of they owed him so let me ask crossover beautiful law firm great mud in hand and walk away for the there's an archetype of call eight atomic cooper's committee is because he says he's he's someone who continually so distills the essence of comedy as the idea that look couldn't you at any moment when you come in you fat fuck in this is real know if y'all ranting and raving up hawkins wrote in a way back at some point in the debate if you're that so once the giggle absurdity that is taking it seriously rondo like when guy hey sorry sorry who says that right now he says when he's with someone who's dying his heart is breaking in behind it he's gig like who is this round us a cool around us course at the man obviously that's one of the spiritual ideas these sort of keeps yourself self but there's this level where everything is sort of funny everything he's funny and that's when they're all the control posey's around you know so fat taste shima i've ricky device explained it very well that that's that's the point of course and if you're making jokes about peter failure or a massacre a what if i keep the lights on in that room precisely because you know it's dark out wide right right be a joke if it wasn't a dark and unpleasant thing and of course you know you wanna hug anybody this grieving and suffering furring but that's the function of comedy is continually unveiled the show the wall season and i make i make no climbed to the so the central truth of comedy is at least aware that this is not essential truths pulling back the violin giggling and knowing like rice none of this is real right it's real it's from where you're doing the giggling i think is where people might get rightfully offenders something if you're bassett that deathbed well he's laughing from his true self you know what i mean if dick alpert laughed at you dying he's an asshole if the part of him that is you that is in the dying thing laughs that's just that's just beautiful how're you one time i oh oh is it about the dead girl it's beautiful read it i read it probably five times here it's in the movie fierce grace it's also in the book walking each other home has heavy out of here and read the whole thing about bring up and just in case you hadn't heard of it because i i suppose the things like if it is that it yeah if you wanna read it on maybe you should three d n a i don't know if i can vouch debate you have they weaken distill it like well the the or it's heavy still heavy that's just talk about aj ramp that's rights to a couple of recently lost a child then and i suppose that chefs as be amongst all fulfilling that could happen to anyone but i'm but the the part that i think is sharable basically what he's saying is like the unthinkable happened the thing that you thought you wouldn't be able to lift through has happened and you're here so like you're not who you think you are 'cause you thought that would kill you and he doesn't say that what i just did was kind of tony robbins defy what he's saying but he's also green lighting the grief now is the time to let you agree find expression they'll fall stream a hope offered in i know the evil when he says you'll see each other again yeah you're outraged that this could never understand what's happened foul hawk see if we can keep them open to go to find their own intuitive way right through came for you to do work on us which includes manner of death now has sold is free and they love you could share with harry's in vulnerable to the winds of change in time and space spice in that deep love include me yeah she got makes karate kid any talks about seeing each other again and again and again like i liked to play that game it could just be a thought experiment but i go oh right yeah this one year russell yeah yeah he'll be that sort of weird like double and a garden that's right and i say to my daughter and i say this year the i know you have to but you're still newish dab i say this time i'll be here dan it's beautiful weather not as literally truer metaphorically tree it doesn't matter it's a beautiful perspective it for me some money forgive me interrupting you know you didn't miss like come like that when krishna takes in combination with each they easing guard in full she's out back all right i'll come down and then they all do one i'll come out to be a mom i'll be at that oh just be someone that says you're gonna show up one day and like mitch the limit and less next weekend accommodate that we can accommodate that for one announcer yeah we reincarnate in full one enough who were out having lots and lots of sex where you spiritual that's not that's not a judgment i'm wondering if you could not that hard i got it i was i think is a little pollini make little boy i was because i think yawning is the same and i think when i am and i think that that's what we're looking for anything that's what we're all looking for yeah i've been what did mindful was a deliberate like you were like i love people i love touching ching i love having sex let's get into it in a sense no it was like it was this an inability to not be open to that amount of opportunity because for me the reason the drugs was a or a component component of taking drugs is i want to be adored i won't be validated i wanna be verified and i you know announces adore you don't they suddenly come to you and put their arms around all i know you're real way i just feel like i've never thought of it that way yeah i can be i i quit drinking myself and i realize there's something that makes me feel good there's always a part of me that goes do that you deserve it you're magical boy you should feel good wasn't it takes it takes over the side that you are magical boy so therefore don't do it protect yourself to protect yourself that's a very hard yeah i have found a hard grady ation to stand on that difficult funny it's not that you're not a magical boy you could still be a magical boy says no i deserve deserve this chocolate bar i deserve to not have destructive by day what is the choice of not using it let's do that yeah that even when i was trying to get healthier like you can eat whatever you want and see what happens not change the way she's aligned with the personal require the requirements of the systems that need us at condor the fuel for them in good shape pleasure with sex then were easy to modify and test market to are right in my wheelhouse i mean i said all time i'm like you do whatever you want was it you that wrote the dream are you living your dream i realize the summation of the book called the snake in mind they got me off the booze that i loved i love and it will it change the perspective from drinking is liberty to to somebody made you it's bitch and i liked that it would like somebody lied to you and said this is freedom and and then i went wait it's not it was like it was like a mini enlightenment those like it's not that's freedom nothing to do with the corporations don't give a fuck about me going this isn't addictive chemical that'll make you feel looping silly for awhile dude i fuck anybody that's like you don't have as much fun valerie in i laugh constantly were silly all the time i'll dance at a wedding from the beginning to the end fucking suck my asshole you know what i'm saying it's not the jim beam freedoms inside you know what i'm saying of course i know you do of course been a train to modify our own pulse who's the everything come be translated into a putt chase now what everything translated into a purge yeah now is they're they're like water it's like everything you're happiness is approaches purchase you're relaxation is approaches everything is yes that's it and i think it might as well i was gonna say dizzy accent was would remember i think i'm slightly distracted by meeting away we go we should do that and then come back to what type of cost you talking most guys sure way i would never do that you just stop forbid will just up will see you in however long and we take a pretty common anatomical requirement some nice nice i could spend quality time needing way i'm always more always native way otherwise basically robert lang still doing nothing you'd rather be lines to do nothing how you can come out very much i think we have that in common when we were emailing trying to convey that were the same like please understand that's why i'm grateful that you're doing this jimmy kimmel i couldn't wait to tell you the jimmy kimmel's that if it's in the calendar i don't wanna do it that is at i want and need to do things but i hate that feeling even something that i like i hate that feeling when i'm just kinda in my pj pants and hanging out with the baby and hanging out with them and i go what is it oh i have something that night and like even though only be gone for like two hours hour and a half like shit something so thank you for doing that no two i think he's urging but then also when i'm justin then pj pants in my case he's not with your baby in front of me juice to the the way the launch of what town fuck alone version of that fun but like i i joined this oh man crush like lisa joy in my life but i feel like i've realized it over today yesterday in fact when those astana might sassy not high let me just ask what is why would never never friends beautiful beautiful place in ohio how like how they got out to go and do yoga and they go in get food and things i know you do need to be in the world you do have the how do i do have that dr impulses of i am not be authority on what i need like if you ask me what i need i'll be like i said man i just need to watch some fucking movies like who you don't i'll come home from doing that and like what was i thinking that's like my medicine like i needed a yeah and i resisted because they're just like i said there's anxiety the twins win i remember that i have a set or anything and then i do it and i'm like right i have like parent myself how do you do with being a female you're pretty famous well i mean you're very famous it's not that bad anymore because i used a really really like it and they used to be the before i had already it will be the answer i really did i really thought that is the thing because it seemed especially if it depiction of a person who's gonna feel good enough about who they are more draw wildfires happening surely they're not good enough like even the post minutes like i love movies yes so this is kind of off the innocent trump's you of intimacy privacy gronk she would kind of shield us i sort of a prosthetic version of yourself people are responding to be a good gronk shoot a kind find powell know exactly what you're talking about but then once you're in vietnam war that dwell too much less like suddenly in a city like i it's not a big deal at all because of the plethora of vailable if sometimes when i'm on the dismayed or the joy my final i think just think how many people could walk into this room right now the which one by one reduce the amount of intrigue that has a has a new in this moment that's so funny somebody told michael shaded this podcast and he told the story about being at a party in jack nicholson was there and everyone's like or like he's the second person it arrived so somebody famous let's say you just have fun russell brand recycle rent rent and jack nicholson comes and everyone's like oh jack nicholson and then prince came in and like nobody cared about jack nicholson arousal brad is not you know what i'm saying i wouldn't have gone out you got you got friends is like you were bred prints can i can only be now at that point an extraterrestrial yes pure consciousness comes into the room in some way of operating yet prince's vibrate in june of consciousness yes and the drifters it wants to call in very specific guys is listen i know you were formerly known as yeah yeah that i mean the filmmaker it's been like thirty years i'm i'm still named that might surprise because it's such a rejection of unexpected custom show runners beginning the beginning and end end of the beginning were back at language infringement saying i'm not print how by lying which i'm like you know your who rarely i mean either way federal raymond great it was a good one i'm not all the greats i'm not really that into bowie prince but it doesn't do it for me i wouldn't austrailia led the times in fact but one time i was there is doing their equivalent of the grammy's and right like covers person in the world but because he was austrailia still at in the arena i still look like you know if you go to review kevin what the crime is a one of a terrifying thing right because even straightening i didn't know who anyone was an old i would say wonderfully liberate us folks around there like how is that as children's nativity lies at a gift from the universe they're like luck will set up a whole other one where you just think through how different kind of be i was thinking like the prince example of course we recognize the high rockies five and we're affected by them but can we undo it can be really on state chef sales from it you know sometimes i'm sure even around swami's in highly in their own way the good ones will admit we off the proper swami wants what do you do you feel genesee do you feel great and he said yes i did and it reminds me to move closer to god i said that the the the the con now let's he does know ford exemption from days we all gonna be affected by state and high rocking got i wonder how many of my newly spiritual realized drives are just a mouse attempt to resend in to get to the point where they know why i'm the credible walk into this fictional pot eight that people's heads with ten right now but like i know as i've always known that they onset you know in that direction andre in that direction i'm because i now and i will continue can you believe pretend to that motif motif of self serving a selfish self advancement that it's helpful to have a practice is letting things i'm supposed to remember like in that film awakenings you remember when robert deniro goes back into wherever that disease these because learn from me learn familiar wildly disappearing back into the charts aplomb flags in myself when are next komo earth caring about exterior well and other people's approval and pry him and fully she oh and all those things adult in governance the make that like they were able to see somewhere that flag that flag of my true nation none of these real none of this is real you find someone a fucking help quickly or you're in trouble now find someone from someone else but i you okay how's your life going and not caring first you know lucky me i'll cone addiction issues the the come wave i skews me come with that program you know so i'm always now if i'm in pain even though i will always thing but they also do something feel self do some of the companies usually they something which i'm gonna oh isn't that great i love that awakenings compares beautiful so it's it's like round out the getty says like you're he's he has somebody like what am i doing here like in in carnoustie as he today is like on the wheel of jealousy and anger and left and all this stuff and somebody because you're in school take the curriculum so the swami they used that way i was like yeah and they're reminders i like it's like turbulence on the plane is how i like to look at it and it's going are you ready to let go of thinking that you're pete sometimes i feel like it needs to turn the heat up pretty hot particular like we we can't have that in a moment like you start reading twitter something in three people think you're amazing and one person thinks you're fucking asshole and like you'll have both the like stupid as high and then the stupid low and it's like when you gonna drop at just you know just drop at among the one i'm trying to i'm trying in a i'm trying my best you know no drink no drugs that look pornography mccaffrey about how you eat food be careful when you're approaching work what you're intentions a monster eight when i do it really does look like if i meet someone think like in my mind thing i'll get some kind of situation if i did i check that out the guy indiscriminate on your right it's not you're not gonna get any situation sending liberates me i feel free i love that i know what you're talking about and and then next thing i know i'm looking at pornography so that's what we're saying learned from you learned from me we were talking about the sign wave of existence my wife vallon instagram wrote a really beautiful palm about remembering and forgetting remembering forgetting that energy like is god basically it's not it's not like a flaw it's like it's it's the dance that were that were dancing you like this thing then the and in april quote in count the shelf like i've never been able to memorize the sun and i moved past exit something like ice in buckeye too many syllables not familiar enough to me the just record it but they and analysis a william blake the english in industry did a series of engravings from the book of job in which he presented have blows a particular of a phased in over these four eighteen different engravings tells the story of joe periods at the beginning where his family stood by this tree and the union analyst whose book she's entitled and encounter with the stuff that's not the beginning here blake picks joe and his wife and children standing by this trade the animals their animals the sheep and the dokes simple line engravings oversleep musical instruments that just hanging in the tree newman's touching he look at these frame and like it goes through the various other joe lakota suffering and all that but this is the frames that got me most and so like back in the sense that they shouldn't the matrix ten but some of the mentioned he's communicating to just momentarily free admission language like there's a bit where you see y'all way who looks the same as joe in the end the book is called an encounter with the self and you always up there in the heavens looking the same job if a little more muscular you not a sexy perhaps and he says joe a behold the humous on the leviathan the i have made it may be and the device then like a secret shot like it's a you know like under they unconscious boulevard and the reptilian mind and it looks like all of a sudden dragon finger scary and the heat and the most most scary to me anyway and it was like look like in smoothing grading hippo without it skin so you could see sin you and his dumb staring all eyes on modulated pre linguistically off like a dry like and energy like appetite rule flash appetite and you always just a joke here they are the middle of autumn i made i made they an indianapolis is it says that if we are no good then god is no good there is a jew eight four after become quote there is a did you eat rustic knowledge the behemoths the flash the leviathan the reptilian impulsive private doesn't even in the face with more loudly addy garlic mind front of mind wherever that is i'm not just you gotta on the if we do not become good then there is the it's not full cost in unknown julie stick it tunnel infinite universe that occupies dimensions beyond our understanding that god is calling lee benevolent and then father christmas santa claus guy that just wants to help us out if we don't align ourselves out be good if we were able to overcome these obstacles then good and they see itself doesn't exist in it because he is a conglomeration nation of the book of joe previous episode of ancient painful stony wisdom in the illustrations of like with you so peculiarly romantic how can make mystical brilliant and then they analysis of the vote union being able to understand these two linguistic streams or however many they're all and make them coalesced it made me understand something about our goodness out kindness out decency our awareness of union in truth and one sees vital vital because otherwise we are living in they made comments allusions if the leviathan in the but he you know he's not the god is good and we striving for creating creating here through those other impulses like not in rejection of them well i i felt it the way i took it and he doesn't have to it's time in life because of the drug and alcohol in because my metallic if surviving mind impulses i felt it maine's be a way that you could just as easily be the human for the pfizer fucking marshall stat because otherwise what gordy oh i like i like yours go there's just some dumb fucking hippo or some dreadful full face a pen and i've had those guards you have had those is gone topping dominated by those energies not being the reptile of being the animal i've had like you know have those things in me and my practice is is not about the subjugation in denial of the rejection tonight to so if i suppose i i like the king king binary but like it is about the kind of how do i read that and that same swami said to me the wonderful ready mentioned the old old is are they inappropriate substitutes and the desire to be at one with guard what the wanting won't where's the craving trying to take you and if we somehow town marshal these energy into a kind of atonement into a kind of a practice of love simple simple things kind slop seventy five simple things then they then they go these good thank god is everywhere i think god is love it cetera life where if we like you and i can make the decisions that are fucking even do we want now we are you you know you look at the look at the got an accomplice this present in every moment right yes i i remember seeing something where they were like locusts eat things and and be is pollinate things but human beings are the ones like can choose their nature which is it's really interesting like some things like this is this is just me being me baby and you're like in a field of crops from their perspective they enjoyed a field ramaz they were the ones that were like can we find some sort of harmony with that stuff so it's called the encounter counter with the self in kind of his life in jail if we think we could sustain a relationship you're so close to being at a time that locus crop thing you just said might that's another thing that comes up in by centuries we like that yeah they'd what a in that book by centuries and suggested a lot in front of a prospective philosophy is creating itself as it happens in the conscious universities the primary universe and the material university secondary which is a good way of talking about got the consciousness perceived math the math doesn't perceive consciousness other ultimately in my experience their argument face boils down to that because we all know spirits here now grown disgustingly older and again it's firefox he would look at us one of the leaders this so in greece broke away from me even after so revolution which is obviously eventually crushed brushed he says i'm an atheist i believe matchup proceeded spirit but no doubt is here now so we have to being you know we have to find a way to be serviced we have to find a web comedy in his spirit adding love when this wherever i took him to maine cannot believe that the consciousness proceeds mass consciousness you see on matters not the big show that's why i think if he just it's just a shadow over the big show yeah so it's almost like logan as well booted kind of had a a a revelation like that to when he saw the ants and i always kind of i don't wanna say 'cause i don't wanna sound callous to tragedies but it's like what buddhist saw was everyday is a tragedy franz like millions of answer just getting stomped and swept unlike any debate and it's at and that's what i'm saying like alan watts talks about like an aunt is trying to be full aunt in the same way were trained a beautiful person and that's not it's not just a make us advantages to be like where do you get off thinking if you like that's why i always say zoom out like zoom out like i i'm i'm worried about what am i worried about right now if i think about it just general what am i gonna do and then i'm like well now there's a little speck i'm not in the nihilistic way in the beautiful anonymous unity way where you're like i'm just universe playing a guy going what am i gonna do and that's beautiful an aunt in me and everything is all this that's that's the joy of oneness from me when when we see that the plight of the answers is valid is just mind of course were playing we can't leave that way and i wouldn't say that we should but it difficult of course because of the likes of philosophical the truck such as you know prior to a capital punishment will how would you feel if it's your child or someone that you love the wherever and if i feel well that's not the position to be making infrastructural decisions scrum be no emotional grief yeah very man let the other interesting however penal system does consider emotional states and actually imagines emotional states that's lovely isn't that weird yeah it's cool it's kind of interesting that we did that and speaking to the one thing that we keep harping on about pay is the because nobody will go there because like that if you know right up to the wall there'll be moments where i am floors and hope listen making mistakes and believing in according to my love nature if we have an agreement between us no no what we're gonna try and do is a community even if that community is just the people in this room now is like if i'm suddenly jealous or i've come with something that may not be productive familial for us collectively the we've already put put in place in stan she ate assisted with the owner we don't that's not what we're gonna do we're gonna leave in accordance with jealousy and fear we're not gonna have that the salt or unspoken infrastructure of all of our system we're gonna have yeah but i kind of has delete unless you have to acknowledge human frailty have to acknowledge the the the great men and women of history have i initiation potentially how the toasters particularly depending how they relate to their own nine and she's like could exacerbate that problem in an instant bubble was saying is is whether there ain't no need davis says all fame a lincoln street and i would imagine mary curie so like a like a i feel like a you know we both asleep i couldn't talk you know we we like a gap you and i have accessed me full about these things and then we get i made my problem is i get attached to anything like it has to be may have to be make fucking let goes out and see what it doesn't matter they say in some of the support groups i belong to end like i think a good principal broken ising systems smoke systems communities will become fairly governor resulted in the way we treat each other is we're all crazy but not on the same day so we have a system that relies on that individual that group of individuals beings of morally or ethically pethick computer because there is true democracy is the principles that that might not be individuals within it doesn't some are prince jack nicholson and overview consciousness or whoever walks in both the party is the party and we're gonna run according to these principles over to to each according to their needs from each according to their main basic principles of where we could as best as possible fairly and people continually focus on how those systems file but the one that we've got now he's filing so spectacularly any so cruel and so i'm conscious morvan cruelty perhaps unconscious on away on awaken yeah absolutely i wonder if that's why we get so offended when people like cheat the system and stuff you know what i mean and pay for somebody to get in college i didn't even follow that scandal so let's not talk about it but the where there was a scandal scandal scandal i i'm gonna blissfully not no ever i vowed never ever done a scandal one of the democrat presidential candidates is that i is this a question for me yeah i don't know in santa clara shape all i wanna do that where i was like trump just got on it'd be like did you see trump today he's added again i just make something up like i and then i actually saw somebody do it i saw somebody do that but anyway the point is it's always something that's not to say that we could be unconscious and not help you're almost out of time you pretty much harder time because i want to get each year beautiful buddies oh yeah my babies and of course stop thinking about moving out of this country now moving back to the one on leave in england is cool that's where okay that's why you're doing it in england big call like i needed a tv show the tv show is done now almost i have a green card i have a wife and the wife and those children without also mind they don't have a green card and they have to go back after ninety days and i'll go attached those guys now sort of feeling my tummy and hall like some where it's like you said i mean harvick is tommy we were talking about primitive technologies mirroring modern revelation tommy brain which we've discovered is a real thing heartbreaking we've discovered is a real thing and these systems go from down up and they're so now there's like scientific backing for the shock roaster these little guys down you're nice little darlings yeah you're right like little darlings and if cosby concepts shows from our children we know kaiser says i know in these you there's really no carter is no i don't think there is i believe in you guys this metaphor heist but we were gonna pull no wonder the heisman wrong you don't even you don't even just nine and then you add a scandal go crazy nights hunters stir says god at the end we find out who is christ her so especially materialism is great that would be crushed by mary magdalene a there is no go let's well i mean right what do you think is their gun me i'm i like it like you know you can't not productive in such a complex area but i'm kinda gotta be yes but it's inevitable in terms of the world isn't stranger then we suppose in stranger then we can suppose that's why it's really helpful to be like i believe in god as a metaphor from industry and we can all agree on that you save time i just wanna call it that animating everything dante said god is the love that whole hung the stars right so yes lovie yes to a star being suspended in a certain spot in the universe that i believe and we all believe in that were fighting about stories and symbol systems and it's a waste of time especially not a waste of time is really pretty fun game original netflix netflix been is that we could argue and kill each other about this or talking about the same conundrum that were all baked into yes right even if it is out now that the lows of some mixed styles there and even then it's just what we don't know what forces it's photographing at a feeling that's what i say 'em did you lose your virginity to a prostitute you're dead took it wasn't even a conversation with that question no matter who comes in regardless of who sat across pay will eventually fries did you lose your virginity to across the bay about how to do this i know very well and all of its boy maximum his rallies in its hills of it's the new mall real hope you get this you can learn end street rap street scale where did you get this wonderful command of your language english language in hindi they say in a they say he becomes timmy they had i speak english i say hindi comes to me and just the language this policy through the misery vanna just what you're saying yeah because you're not you didn't like the oxford or something you just you just you just brilliant you're self talk south brilliant did we would love the tally you're fine you're fine i won't i won't accept any other theory find real fast quick answers there's well you gotta go what's the hardest time you've ever laughed mm i don't know the guys in my book assessment moving he might be an awful lot my friend coffee aboard went away within a double act when the first gulf right now that drama school lost him along lots of lots of you might say that kind of lost a much greater having me and my wife to us so much well now i mean you know it's like anything yeah when i was younger i had friends literally but sleeping bags overheads and fight i feel i may have been one of the mood for it and you'd laugh so hard beautiful relief and release resisted should say brilliant it's okay you via's british is you wanna be thank you thank you got stay is a common oh my god look out we leave that's when we're trying to yes i won't have you won't leash people on both sides i bet a that was a habit george washington busy cliff where they look at the hair looks more awake very british that's what we deliver that yeah i will chase i will not suffer you on the fourth of july well not the hardest laugh but when i say you're cheers of streaming down her face and you could be any age and they're not looking for a good story where are you who you were jeanette i didn't have my my books that went in that way someone recently asked me knows a lock on a tv show than wish tv which job if you've enjoyed it as that then you're leaving them a hard time with that any of it being is your wife good at remembering for you someone's gonna be chronicling base haven't i yeah so the subsequent books mythologies liberal fallen pete the gospel of brand new will describe it as you get a talk show at the same time were you aware that i had a talk show at the same time you know i love that you add westboro baptist on are so nervous for you i like some did so well now that was a good example of comedic i think i don't think they even think they mean it i think you could borrow down into them and they were making out there playing the game i do yeah i think everybody is i i felt that way when i was watching it to be honest this is an all you can see it on you to hear a russell had on brand acts you had westboro baptist guys they needed really nice job of you didn't want the audience to be sensationalizing winging so you're like let's just 'cause obviously they feed off of that too i know they want you to do that and when it came down ws yes exactly but when you start going like i do love you i love you and my kind of making jokes with them it's really interesting they want us to want to like to hate them obvious that actually think matt radio making out why that's in the book that i write about how good this guy let a pick them up on my wife says it wasn't south by production or anything in the studio because they're not mine is mine systems on making sure absolutely spontaneous a mindset that led to its demise small q spontaneous my the unscripted canceling russell you geier wish i'd like it really in the mom and then i picked up a lot of these guidelines in a ball on melrose on the way to i think he's got which studios we didn't have like we've got these came in and in fact i was supposedly frustrated by their pick constant kowtowing to all of us and the river crossing the day i went into about that up melrose and picked up those guys and took me to the studio then they were on the show and they have immaculate immaculately impact me when the puppy cost gay men to confront in westboro baptist church and it was a wonderful construction of worst about myself i'm happy with how it looked me i don't remember the game people come and talk to the west broken yeah why holidays is first of all i think westboro baptist church come out to a pack available by these guys that you eat surely not itself i suppose isn't it well that's when you started cracking the facade is when you started naming celebrities i'm having the say if they're going to hell her not and i was like that's brilliant it it really made it a self parity you know what i mean like you don't you can't do this and they were like hell hell but you didn't have to make any joke in that moment we're all like oh this isn't just scary is i thought it's just you guys in jeans how shall how shall jail so so then like the gay man come out and then tell the people who have a lot will come under the guise of now nine and they're not gonna help you know they were so again but you could see in fact i think that's what lassos slowly incrementally increasing sweltering this come being confronted if that oh this is just saw stately this kombi what it's about this congress be fun good for you you were brave it's not what it's about you know when i was a fundamentalist i didn't believe really and it was fun to kind of have that button push i would have resisted it but there's something i actually got off on the wrong foot with a family member once when i was i was on the outside and i i feel bad about it but i thought i was paying them a common and i that they would agree now is like when people say i believe that all these people are going how they don't believe in jesus in the way that i believe in you they're going how which means six million jews in the holocaust go the hell which means unspeakable numbers of hindus muslims jews atheists agnostics buddhist are all tormented forever and i was trying to be loving when i was like i don't believe you because i think highly of you i don't believe you believe that it and you're like i i think you're better than that and actually hurts okay ready went out they didn't make much of a way out yeah i was like either i'm thinking too much of you or yeah you you're gonna have to turn your back on you won't believe you're right it was kind of a tricky game i'm a crow eric coyote yeah you not mischievous they were upset by it yeah they were upset by it and rightfully so i i have to be careful not to be conscious instead shame isn't 'cause when you become productive about something as complex three of their life is gonna leads all of us he doesn't have to be upset is the westboro baptist church take to get in trouble trying to unravel and that's what i in stan shiite out i appreciate about westboro which is not much much at all is it at least i know they're fuck they're fucking insane believes whereas i have insane believe so they just kept to myself you know what i'm saying and that's weird pass as like a normal loving person and secretly wrestle i ten years ago would interviewed you thought you were going out and i just would have kept to myself over ten years ago i was telling you are fine i wanna be british and i wonder if they darling and then and then a lot the i suppose the crazy believes we have now is let you know we do like the same economics in christianity that you think he's gonna tell ya i had a good as mine yeah like and he did the five guys and i watched that chat you guys great well i like is a i said was the corolla rape between christ and butter mohammed east their economy goes yes they're also like won't be habitable most surprising interested in economics and then i was is that corroborate would be institutions have followed he's profits you guys well curiously carolee among them to the way they institutionalized where it becomes detach from the central messaging cetera is comparible i thought that was interesting because i feel like it so forth i don't believe in the kind of rather listless flattened this of socialist politics in that if it was sort archaic and twentieth century top of ideology i do feel that one simple way of judging wherever we are still harboring crazy beliefs is like how many homeless and censoring people were like well how do you treat animals is is an indication of how well a society is doing how you treat you pour you're orphans you said this in the interview you're you're widows it's like muhammad buddha and chrysler all saying hey fuck wads take care of these children they parents and it's not ten thousand morality is out of the highest truth acknowledging oh we're all just says that exactly this time i'm you're dad this way every time you say christ said when you feed this guy you're feeding me i always took that as like you'd better not feed people because it'll ernie brownie points jesus and he's the one that'll have the gavel when you're dead fuck that shit he's saying that is me you think i'm over here you think i'm in this one and not in that one what the fuck is wrong with me the late in that what would be the that were back to another point we made why are we withholding it why are we acting like there's anywhere to keep it but everywhere and that's the sort of the i say the magic of kindness the magic of kindness is fruit action you demonstrate i am not the most important thing in the world if i'm not even real i'm not really can't now suddenly be around that frequency were on the sea of christ consciousness 'cause we're living in unity we acting as if it were true to the earlier about they encounter with the cell phone when we got here is gone now manifest that's right it's not like the role of the dice salute like we're cheating to a frequency the potentially achieve make we make we make it by being that's right that's why the trinity 'cause it's a relationship richard rohr has a beautiful book called the divine dance and he's like the reason fraternity wasn't some puzzled it'd be like what like ice and water and and missed or or it's like three three pedals clover but one thing it's like fuck off it's it's saying that god is a verb it's a flow it's like a bucket pouring into another bucket pouring into another bucket or it's like a narrow barest it's like the snake eating itself where back to that it's this movement it's not he denies it exists in these words in this place in this time they get elsewhere i've had like a regardless of no as an individual what robbers and event temporary rules roswell go there and like it's a thing happening through time across time and let me get my fucking house that so good attached to the illusion that so good there's there's that avery brothers talking about duck called no hard feelings have you heard of by any chance they just talk about when it's time to die and you lay down the keys the keys to you're house and the rings on your fingers and i was like whoa that's fucking that it it's the butter knife to the heart of it it really gets you you take all this shit off and you put down right that that one a haunting it's a beautiful song that you should go again may no hard feelings and it'll listen to it where you're safe decry you don't want that one on the four oh five at autumn misty i know i crying the fourth finds no you are if you are yeah it's up to you and the address allen watch all those as you're you're under no obligation to be the person your fifteen minutes ago kudo dannon isn't that good i love that one when pete goes peach grumpy today fuck you pete that's a story drop it see if we could teach kids to beat this then yeah all right well good luck to me i think some of the parents and i know we we have to go but some of the parents must listen to me talk about my daughter and they must think i'm idiot or very naive and i'm okay with being naive and i don't know what i'm talking about i have intentions you children a little bit older and i know it's gonna get more complicated i don't know what i'm saying is i don't know i know it's gonna get weirder and i won't know what to do i find it helpful to continually communion to liberate myself from their location to to kind of know this stuff yeah kind of sometimes oddly proud about local no i like to be able to cause a part of my identity it's been about rejecting having to protect myself and the idea that somehow built myself you know so now i find it hard to open up and go i need help i need help and the more i off ashley when i'm free to do it it's very successful method fellows lately if a company with kindness 'cause then yeah then i'm there is this over to why flow so i'm not cooperate may continually asking for help i'm offering help when i was when i can so i'm not so falsified in this temporal self nuts right and that's why relationship to that's why relationship can be godly or whatever because there's there's anything the flow i liked that let me i've taken from the scene in view are really not talking to you i love that to to to a guy and i hope we can i i had a secret it's not a secret if i say it like i will be i hope her friends i have a you know when i was editing crashing at a tv show called crashing hoster of you could lose it apple towns and there's forgetting asking about that yeah did we we proudly bother gdp on it proudly no no no just for the poster we don't actually we know that covers the rest of the punishment if you're in the most right zaveri russell forward forgetting sarah marshall poster like the joke was the jason with kind of in the distance and you and ceremony for ground so i would walk by you as they say told associates for is that what toto slows dance what's that movie with three elaborate as a spanish everyday should jump in a while the terrible toto's los yes there is there is a lot to that speak that well let's get you out of you're lucky you beautifully shelters have a voice messages you like yeah okay outlets swap info and in in your words made infinite for i brought my book free and i signed it that's when i left home maybe infant enforce it created everything moved through us oh you beautiful man used at it now what do you say keep it crispy it's how we

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