EP 210801: Michael McDowell, Denny Hamlin


Michael mcdowell he's always around with these things you got to give credit for that big upset winner in nascar our biggest rates to give my first cup win. It's unbelievable. I'm just so thankful and no great pete for handling certainly disappointed arcaro. Npr ins garage. Pass the old way of living with diabetes is a pain you've got to remember to do your testing and you always need to be sticking your fingers. The new way to live your life with diabetes is with a continuous glucose monitor. You simply apply a discreet. Easy to use sensor on your body and it continuously monitors your glucose levels helping you spend more time in range and freeing you from painful finger pricks if you test your blood sugar at least four times per day and inject insulin at least three times per day or use an insulin pump and have private insurance or medicare you might be eligible for a gm with little or no cost to you call. Us medical supply today for a free benefits. Check call now and say goodbye to finger pricks eight hundred four nine five four six seven one eight hundred four nine five four six seven one eight hundred four nine five four six seven one. That's eight hundred four nine five forty six seventy one when teammates joey lugano and brad kozlowski wrecked in turn three. On the final lap michael mcdowell shot the gap to become one of the biggest upset winners in daytona. Five hundred history brandon. I pulled down with a run in next. Brad was turning right. Joey was turning left. And i went right through the middle of it and he. I looked in my mirror. And i saw chase elliott with iran. And i went up there and block them as fast as i could and we made a little bit of contact and i didn't see anything else from that point it's just kind of a blur from their the thirty six year. Old driver of the love's travel stops. Ford has run the nascar cup series since two thousand eight taking three hundred fifty eight races before he finally made it to victory lane to get my first cup win at daytona is just. It's unbelievable. i'm just so thankful he has not been an easy road and there's been lots of years where wondering what the heck am i doing and i am. I doing it. And i always knew that if you just kept grinding that you know one day everything will line up go right but as you get further into. You just don't know so. I'm just very thankful with everybody. Made it possible for his front row. Motorsports team owner. Bob jenkins it was just as third win and over a thousand tries the first since two thousand sixteen looking for a record breaking third consecutive win in the daytona five hundred denny hamlin led the most laps and won both stages but after the final green flag pit stop found himself stock near the end of a long single file. Line being helpless. I hate not being able to do anything i just thought for. Sure chevy's would be like okay. We're not gonna win from here. We got to do something but nobody wanted to. And you know it's just gonna wait goes progressive presents. The sounds of the old the us twenty nineteen and someone is waiting for a table at a restaurant thomson. Party of four thomson. Party of four thomson part. Oh there you are. This has been the sound of the old brought to you by progressive where drivers can still switch and save like it's twenty nineteen clo- today at progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates didn't win but runner-up chase elliott and third place. Finisher austin dillon. Were happy for michael mcdowell. Battle heart the in his career in thank. You can't help. But the fact he's still pushing and trying to have success here i respected. I'm happy for him. And the enjoys. Great racer you really does find himself. The front vanish traces often. And he's always around at these credit for that. The garage pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with progressive. Save over seven hundred fifty dollars on average.

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