Some Men Aren't Kings w/ Pat Brown


this is a stand up New York labs production providing you podcast since two thousand thirteen toil away the hardware wow this is the ravens imprint waco go ahead. I'm here with Pat Brown. Everyone hello hi everybody welcome to the podcast Paddison rare form today I am I am hey you picked me on a good day. People today is perfect. Yeah you listen back act be legal was wasn't a good day looks like they have have fired Shane Gillis. They fired Omar God who he is yeah that's Noga yes it looks like they fired him Dale Cam from snl before he could even appear on an episode following following his racist joke controversy a rep from the hit eight NBC show said after exerts talked with Shane they decided he will not be joining US Snell for the new season we want SNL to have a variety of voices and points of view within a show and we hired Shane on the strength of his talent as a comedian and his impressive restive audition with SNL after talking with shame. We decided that he wouldn't need to okay. I what was what did he say he. Hey Dave was on a podcast like this like we're doing now. We're not casting and he he did some D. I did cheesy think about you know he did a Asian slur and then he also agent for the whole thing but what did it start with see eight what's he said that and then he did the end character and then in he no he said he said a thing and then he also did the the character or the impression of Asian Person and you know the more over the top you know not the not actual impression of somebody's Asian and I guess I guess he had some other things too and he has some other things revealed at us. He said things that were misogynistic and you know and it's that a whole white man shit where you know like I'm just being edgy. No Edgy is edgy is just the Ol- racism that's just been rebranded. It's the same fucking racism. Fuck fuck that I didn't twitter's me me to wear mad. If you've ever been on twitter he lays him. Sit down. Start cleaning out your twitter right now because they've come before for your ass I'm GonNa tell you what I said. I do not go to Asia restaurant across the street from me because they shit but it because they Asian is because they ain't shit bean across from my apartment building because I go to another Asia restaurant across around the corner and better. I don't know what I was GONNA. Fire Him. Wow here's the thing because I've also I heard this. This sort of comics are comics. He said what he said and Blase skip and Amanda Seal said something that I've been saying for eons John from her you so I I'm someone that that I respect greatly has put me on shows with her Irish hard her as she putting you is saying she has has a humongous platform so when she said a lot more people saw it than I said it and what I've been saying. Is that a now we're in this culture where people are trying to dice up like ocean was brave right like supposed to be able to say whatever he wants to say right and then they want to equate chapelle giving real life facts and real life opinions that matter sadder and means something and add up to a greater purpose that opens up a dialogue and a conversation they want to also bring that into like just like Shane Jane Gillis it's like like don't try to act like Disney chapelle trying to push pull up like he's God. I understand that because Chapelle no right but Bush Appel is earned that because he has had the visibility to have that to have access to that yeah I think we let's not let's not act like Chapelle some random off the street that everybody listening to. He's got a body of work that put him in a position chain where people listen to entertain the things that come out of his mouth and he's around it versus. Excuse me some kid that's making the thing and then everybody going well. He should be able to like you know it's everything's to PC. I taught I've said this about white man to white men for a long longtime. Oh it's an attack on white man you know old white Mary Kay do we feel like the villain that's because unique is the village no right no right I might let's talk about the future right now right now all the future the presently the Liga's Kit. You can't go well. Everybody call me because niggers was the you know what you confuse me while you niggers. I don't know if you've talk about the longtime now and you know Nigger nigger okay 'cause I even preface it by saying white niggers now he yes. You are the villain yeah. You can't say Shit because you saying shift away too long. That's why that's why here's the reality. The reality is I don't know what to fund 'cause I don't I don't have the space in my brain anymore to give niggers that much energy eighty. All I know is he to say nothing against black people because we constantly got somebody saying something gives us. Some Asian. People niggers ain't but around the corner okay you haven't you haven't gone out the out the gate at the very time you call in Chinese people the C. H. Were like nine thousand nine hundred seventy three that back when we didn't know no better right right no right and Maryland as you say that all the time and so I said to my when I was in grade school I was like what six or seven yeah that's and she said I said and my teacher said don't say that and I don't even know what the wasn't that it was a saying the Oh word okay and that and I was just saying like that and Oreo is about things from the Orient is not about people right but we didn't know no better right. What let me tell you something well? My teacher told me that because I wouldn't like running around saying it anyway. It was just so it was like oh I always as remember that about people hearing what they can't fucking say and then going okay. I'm not GonNa say it and moving the fuck on and it's all this bravery people trying to have where no one no but they keep trying to the brain be racist assists not rain rebranding racism. That's all it is edgy. He's just being fucking fucking a raises and nothing edgy about it Chewy who finally saying something that we talk about Asian people Jewish so brave her love of black women's blog woman. She's brain you taking on a black woman. You are a brave woman Jimmy. I was GONNA say this too is I was talking about I was on a show with a guy in a white guy and he was comic talking about other comics and some black friend of his and maybe comic encourage him to say the n word and he was like no and then he was his son is like nobody body is going to ever come up to us and B. Regretful that you did not say the inward when you're a black bars and when you're you're white man nobody's GonNa come to us like man you should go ahead and said that nobody said it and I saw followed him and I said thank you for saying that. I really appreciate that and I said I'm still mesmerized. Still particularly hung up on the people that like why can't can we say the word it is not a it's not even even a complicated response to that is because you heard black will feel when you say just how about that is a simple enough as a human being. Don't say the word to other two black people because it just hurts our feelings. What about that? That's just being human. How about that? That's the that's the most human take on this whole subject about the N. Word or anything racist hurt other people's feelings so say that being brave because you you dare to demoralized people diminish them. Let me just run down the the arguments hence. Why can I say Nigga Vase as Nigger to even try to dice ice up a word that we use and we have found a way to receive whatever power that we can from it however we use the word to use how we choose to use it also does it because here's the thing mostly when Nick is coin niggers? It ain't from racist place in it ain't with no heart E. N. No hard are in a place of diminishing someone. That's that's number one the number two part of it is this when you white people can do whatever the fuck they won't. They can call the cops more niggers. This is to negatively with fork and it's supposed to be spoons the eating soup with four what is I don't care as a sport the base. Why are they short? They're coming out of the thing they even Ligo they when when I don't want to wait I don't want everything when when you tell white people some white people if you tell them they can't have something when everybody's been telling them that they can't even though we know the cane that's where with a mind is just. Why can't I and I always say go ahead quit because there is consequences? You can say whatever you want talk to you. First of all my is and whiteboards called me and they're calling me Nigga bag and they go well. I'm not that well the I'm not that either I mean we could all keep going back and forth so you I'm calling you and then you call me Nigger nigger nigger okay. You're not okay nigger. It's it's about the go about that right now. I'M NOT GONNA sit here and try to fight nobody over word. I'm not gonNA fight you but I'm definitely gonNA tell a bunch of that. I know that will fight you. This you NIGGA. I am six seven picnickers right now. Just they waiting who you every morning they wake up Bagel is white person close to my Nigga. Today they ready to go to jail. They go to jail and it'll be a hero where they get to jail because they didn't get naked waiting to go to Sydney the won't that I mean I just I don't. I don't know I don't know but I always can tell where white person is and they mentality when they argued about whether they can say something or not when it comes to the N. Word and how old is he he's like twenty would four something like that and then so he's been so that's when you start he he'd been doing comedy for ten years and forgive me. If he's not twenty four he might be older younger coming in Oh. He has my thing sharing sir. My bigger issue is who is this nigger but my issue is. Why is this not a thing on? SNL Ain't nobody heard it isn't a good from no ASCA higher where what I'm saying is we don't all heard about these things that you know somebody. No you know no oh you don't I don't hang around with. That's the big issue. 'cause let's be honest. Let's be honest the we've been lying up into the Bianca Bay trying to bring white men back to SNL. That's facts we're white man you know killing it s snl us to have will farrow youth have a John Belushi white niggers and then now you just got to see winning. He was supposed to be a white male hope he cannot be the white male hope having a tarnish a racist one. That's why he had to go 'cause they need a white guy. In Ned that is on tar niche impeachable unimpeachable Leesville. He likes to wake up and say Nigga ten time before he even have his frosted flakes. I'm just saying this is my point was if he's twenty four some young like that and he said he's been doing for twenty four. I don't know he's twenty seven something anyway so he's been doing Matt me looking at yeah he he doing comedy two years and that's how he starts his comedy careers is playing with he bet on that that that he in ten years yes. That's what he said. That's about policy and here and here he's New York ten years. I don't know where he's out. Why don't you use thirty one? He's He's been doing yeah twenty one years and young and been doing racist if all the time so will you get twenty four house just young no lauren likes them. Young expressed by background sounded like new Lauren is always in my opinion anyway hiring people that remind him of his is youth so easy now these white boys get maybe to white girls and then he'll get a one other every seven years. Hopefully they'll l. Stay for twenty years so you won't have to hire others. At what point do I mean because a lot of times is certain things I mean. I don't want to Belabor this point. Could we talked about this before but it's like some people you know. They genuinely giving you an apology right. There's some shit. I'd want nothing to do with this baby. I don't want nothing to do with this. I don't know what the Hell is going on. I just was like 'cause it so much every day somebody saying some shit and and I know that when people would be saying shit about black people don't nobody opened their mouths right or they always tell us get over it so I just looked far enough to know about the black people okay bye because people don't be don't be they'll be champion for us. I mean what we want to really talk about racism. Let's talk about racism when it comes to the Asian community in the black community. How many times we gotta deal with Racist People Racist Asia people in our communities who don't want to serve us? Don't WanNa talk to US got got restaurants where we add delis where we always acting like criminals trailing us around you see videos of black women going into nail salons Korean nail salons. They treat black women like shit but they want their money. You see the demand accused. A little black boy is stealing and he wasn't and holding the boy at gunpoint like crazy life so when we talk about who ain't races. Let's talk about who eight races and who ain't doing some shit so you offended about what the fuck he said at that applies so you can be offended. I don't know I'm too busy trying to figure out when I'M GONNA get peace for my people to be sitting here about extracurriculars Shit. I don't know what he said but I know one thing the Asia people they got a hell of a damn mafia they got a hell of a damn. Try and we don't see we saw it. In the Golden Shower Eddie Murphy they say some crazy ages he better pick up nicely because then was shed show Shit Down Asia. People won't be fine line. They've got this new Golfer. SNL Now they own the figuring out where the fuck that's what my surprise was actually that he was let go of SNL cause. I ain't the NIGGA like diminished and get everybody all get. Oh you know it makes for forty years but if you did you say anything about another group day going to get rid of you and again like I said with this thing with SNL. It's just that if they're going GONNA have a white guy on that show that everybody's supposed to love and they want everybody to be able to love. That guy has to be charismatic. You look at him. He comes Golo Awkward. Oh look and be like Oh you know one of them. Kevin James kind of guys like Oh. He's looking at a white guy you know. The KLU says Nigga underneath his teeth. What I I like that Kinda Shit and now you we know that you say racist Shit by Nigga you we we about to lose no clorox clorox sponsorship authorship because you want to say some shit about Chinese people absolutely not absolutely not talk about about niggers like everybody else so you can keep your career? 'cause I told Ya when we didn't cancel. Paula Deen like we needed to. That bitch is still somewhere find chicken. We should make as sure she didn't have no motherfucking fingers left a fry nothing that she's sitting there calling people niggers sitting here how to fuck you calling somebody hi Nicholas and you're on your hair. Look through a damn air fry you call somebody niggers and Nicholas up here. I love me some Paula Deen. How the fuck you GonNa Love Paula Deen? OC To make the best recipe yeah. She doesn't stole all recipes from a feminist all slaves that was cooking for them. You breath finger licking good on one all the damn slave energy owns they had to go into that shit she out here making money off a Nigga talking about fee fucking Eh Nigga she should a rented her clothes and and cries she should've been at every fucking African American day parade across the country knowing that she calls somebody mighty niggers but she don't give a fuck because she no niggers is still going to support her. No matter what all politics but but so you're macy's though for black people like recipes if they stole in advocate recipes and we could write back then so she's the only mother write them down the rush limbaugh the Asian recipe. What was it white people during the day there was his recipes? You'll a recipe and I wouldn't oh some old white little barnacle in his fucking. I know how to fucking Fried Chicken again mixing them. Oh the peanut man now ooh peanut peanut. That's why he got us. Dan like he's so fucking Fred astaire. No Oh he of full fledged nigger nigger love peanuts with Pepsi. That's all my grandparents eight was and get them a bad revolution yeah and Pepsi's it was a black man that revolutionized subpoena. Yes Rick James Right who was it. You know what let's see if you really blagden you saying Nigga on them times. No what I'm telling you all this shit is black. KFC number remember remember chicken George. You remember the Restaurants Chicken George. No is that in Baltimore what nobody remember please. If you're Yana Look Chicken George Russell. I never know what might have been a northeast thing. I was from the Midwest. I don't know I've never heard of chicken George. They stole we charge charts on solar ray rice. We had charges. We Papa's scams noise right. It was a Maryland based chain that went out of business in Nineteen ninety-one. Do you take roles in Maryland can't even keep an open a chicken joint and eh point out. I was barely year old businesses with eighty nine ninety one. What did he want to build? Papa stolen damn rice recipe until he stole from them. I'm a problem with sponsorships coming right 'cause they. Once had that dirty Cajun Rice Chicken George and that was a full nigger he had he had roe and everything. Why are we gonNA have he was on the he was going to name? Eh had chicken in the name note chicken taking the fuck you me what is supposed to be a popsicle obstacle Papa's which has because they so busy stealing a recipes 'cause we're the popcorn's come on met prize came out one. I bet you they came out of ninety. One watched Jordan came out of eighty nine and ninety one papa's invented. Why Not Georgia's chicken? Why can't we get some ownership was a white guy be chicken? George said this chicken as I'm saying the what did we have some respect. Pub is opened in nineteen seventy two so enjoy the business. Mr Papa's come out what they dirty Cajun Rice. I'm telling you they stole it right from Chicken George Ooh this is a case for Scooby Doo and and the mystery van yet but we can't have get Hung Arabia. Yes I'm working out. I'm working Lisa lay down such a funny funny individual. That's the respect that is there. Thank you my love now. What you got for me pat over in a damn days you know has mcentee look up about the dirty rice and I know Popeye stove from chickens? Joe And you know I enjoy you as a friend that is funny. We can't have episode of Scooby Doo. What's going to be gone scooby who I love your brilliance a court and even though I'm moving on please get to the bottom of this race fiasco Michael Strahan facing off with anx over child support your new Michael Strahan's original wife was a white woman? I didn't know he had Joe. I didn't know that he had twins. They look like they're twins. Michael Strahan going to work going to war over his ex wife over child support see one more twin or was he or she not even getting what she was supposed to get. What's the deal is he delinked lynching? Mary Beck at one thousand nine hundred nine but they split the two thousand and six Denver. They took enjoy his recipe. I thought he was gay to the divorce. The divorce proceedings dragged offer months in the judge eventually watered her fifteen point three million dollars as set his child support at eighteen thousand thousands of dollars on mom but but bread black which is out here taken to the court they say Kevin Hart sued by sex partner for sixty million claims Kevin was in on record liaison. I mean let me tell you something. I don't know the big. He just got out of a full on accident. So this law sued the suit claims a Latino suit claims harder loud let me see Second Kevin Hart sex partner claims conspired with a friend of secretly recording cannon now she's Suing Him Oh Dallas Alex Okay claims in her lawsuit obtained by TMZ from TMZ by the way her two thousand seventeen encounter with heart and the Vegas Hotel Room was all all planned by heart and JT Jackson. That's Salad Nigga data was arrested for extortion says Kevin Hart was motivated by publicity. The need to get more especially with the upcoming comedy to this is the first I'm hearing about the sex tape. You heard about this. Yeah I heard about it looks yeah. The sex tape was the reason that he had apologized to his wife and audit new as they call him on tape kissing. Some girl somewhere knows they didn't do a good the job because if you remember it meant that you know about their Mack Matt led to the Audio on the heart allowed Jackson to the Cosmopolitan hotel so he could set up hitting video recording would do all that and she actually looking into the camera so was she talking about she camera she could just be looking getting the tour the mirror. Everybody likes to look at the Mirror sometimes when they get done gotTa Shit you you you have a mere that has actually records. I just want to record myself. I'd rather record myself you. Have you ever done that. Have you ever been in a sexy yeah recorded myself yourself or was anybody else in there. See you masturbate in there. That's what I have a tape with someone. Yes they have the decency you hope oh no. I no the way to talk to him. I said listening just way. I love the going you see. I think hello you remember I spent a lot of rag file too so I got a bunch of naked pitches all she though I'm protected to my staples on VHS nobody over there rewire VHS westbound having church services how many people going to church. I will go because the the reason that I used to go to a black charge. Anyway was the music. The music by the Lord is going for the music. Oh that's right. We Know Laura the Lord necessarily Integer you think that Lord is just an update. This is Mike off Please because I don't know you can do that any other podcasts but here we are not doing what I'm what am I. I know what it continued to be on this podcast. What am I saying stop? What am I right now Yoyo as haven't been in church? That's why you can't serve two Oh church yesterday. You said You'd before yesterday allies Negro I yeah that's so that's so the Lord ain't just in charge there right anyway. Eh I hate when I hate when logic defeats me. Are you going to that tariff. You say you're going. What's what's hurt? I will go go to the server. The music is everything music. Music is spirit moves ago. I don't know I'm getting older. I don't no half these people. Does anybody know who a kyri irving is. Kyrie Irving is a basketball player seems like he's off the market. He legallais he got a girl he engaged with so congratulations 'cause they. They were upset with him when they him and Lebron won the championship anyone on a yacht and now the women on the white women yeah but I don't know what we talked about this last podcast black women or delusional if they think the black men are not gonNA alienate and leave them high and dry when they go to make money that's that's how they think they make money by disassociate themselves with black women of course he won't be in a yacht and of course justice girls not a black girl this time so we know when black men tried to get money and it's time to get money they will leave black with a high and dry getting a the job on community service will listen Huffman Shit is crazy because they had the big doing full months and they took it down as two weeks a nasty just doing community community service. Are we gonNA ever get them so she didn't go to jail at all. She might be spending like a week day now they they originally says she's doing fourteen days in jail federal so this even you know she's actually going to Federal Jail Ah Federal Prison for for for fourteen days yeah but I'm just saying fourteen days just like he's going to get out and tell her friends. I'm I've been you know like stop. Nobody in federal prison for fourteen days what about the black women that served served years in jail because they were trying to get their children into good schools and good school districts. If she got fourteen days we need to be pulling up and we need to be vindicating these black women who did the same thing to a lesser degree this bitch that's all I'm worried about fourteen days. You know what sometimes you just gotTa. Throw a bath and go God gotTa handle some of this because we're not getting the right well. I I lean on the side of John Legend in he said this and I think it makes perfect sense. This is what I'm on board with it it it does it serves no real purpose for her to do years in jail for this but we I'm not. I don't want her to do more years two years in jail just because she did this thing I want everybody to do less time in jail and and also I agree with you those women that have given their own children in school Gouda got years in jail. They should be out right now but I also going forward. I don't want anybody to do a jail. Cell Celt jail sentence for for this type of this type of crime make these school systems inherently equal so that we won't. I'll have to try to try challenge you to try to get you into fucking Ivy League school. We can get you into a say School University of say Arizona WanNA whatever whatever if it's a great school and you won't have the tug and pull that people are going through all these rigmaroles guided them in these Ivy League schools I just even but black women they were trying to get their kids into better public schools so make public schools better. They don't have to do all that shit then have to go through that but I don't think the answer is making her go to jail for longer sentences. I think the the the goal is to improve the schools and decriminalize some of these some of this dumb shit a second. Antonio Brown accuser comes forward. Oh Oh I read the iron. I don't know what's going on so you enlighten me. I'll read the transcripts issue. That motherfucker is something first of all the the outfit that I'm looking at the negative and now look like I can't stand and win a super. There's a short set set. Do you believe he did it. I believe that her her recollection of what happened was true is seems credible. Brown initially accused of misconduct. I buy woman he knew from College Brown's former personal trainer filed a federal lawsuit accusing the all pro wide receiver raping her on multiple occasions bound out brown vigorously denied the allegations and a second accuser came forward the woman who spoke to Sim condition of anonymity said Brown exposed himself to her when he asked her are to come to his house to paint his portrait after they met at a charity softball game in Pittsburgh the woman they wait a black the the the the first woman that is accused him of rape and she didn't accuse him of rape twice she accused him of sexual assault twice and they've been on each other since they were freshman in college they met at a Christian organization and and so she's very much into guiding spirit and she also had a boyfriend at the time and what she black what she's okay she's black but and that's also why a lot of people are coming forward to because of course you you accused a black man. Even if you're a black woman no you don't bring down our our kings but it's some men and king so you just a good fucking football player. Let's call this kings. The Most Papa statement you said in Detroit woman faces charges for Shooting Life Partner Eleven Times Trauma Roy woman faces attempted murder charges after shooting her life partner eleven times including four times in the vagina. Oh it was a woman on woman. We'll oh baby when they say partner. You know like they get married but they've been living together again. We get this in about twenty years. All fat made attorney together because I haven't haven't given up on myself is twenty eight to eleven including four times the China now unless you shoot me once you've met them shots another three shots better coming repetition like other three shots better be right there on the tip of that bullet on the tip of that gun bitch because I'll be there. I'll let you keep shooting me and my vagina now while saying she let that her vagina what you're saying right now while list said way try to jump don't jump ahead of these Santa Rosa stories stories because they're trying to get onto next thing about P. diddy but we already they hold on a second Wallace said Tiffany Wallace tiffany wallace shot her after she he asked for divorce after twelve years see that's the thing you asking for divorce and they're going to ask you walk wit. My bags packed meese already knew because I will be closing my eyes in in a new reality as what divorce over the phone care you bet text Kefir you video chat shit right there. That's eight view from a hospital. That's fucking Escobar it okay from a hospital bed now. How I'll try to get the story to bitten hospital bed? She's survived eleven shots for China but soon sing is still doing you. ooh That's a bad shot or this. Woman got an extra strength for China vaginal walls Straw yellow but I'm telling you a check and take fingers showed up in her purse is definitely taking bullets. Eight women takes say fingers. It's not really a big part of four play this everything every no ice. Don't let everybody seeing what are you talking about us. Now had to put his finger. He never had one of the big to put it in in the put his mouth buddy guy he can do that off. Aw I WANNA. Have somebody criminally fingers when they got a personal Jess Dick would veins veins on it stick in pulsating feel his my wall ask. Why would I have with dirty fingernails sales scraping my walls and I am? I'm even more weird lights even embed are you fucking got dodie share. A woman is always going to keep our fingers better than a man wow now because I don't doubt there ain't all bitches out here getting fingers duggan before play it. I don't know your sex is boring because my line you fucking nuts the foul malls else me can't keep up with how many times I wanna get orgasms so that is actually added addition to the sex four play hands fingers mouth house hands is the most more most effective sexual too you can use let me tell you and this book like a bitch that don't do oh. was I tell you what would like to have a have a good strong the mine you would choose fingers when there's a perfectly good media penis pain gene. Why have a salad when you're GONNA have a stake at the end of the meal knew that the the Dick is the state then the finish what I'm saying the fingers? Here's our the salad bitch so we are leading up to the state. I don't eat salad dated now now. As why does a Har- because you don't I don't WanNa sit on your finger it out of my and see what happens when it comes over here. You know what else like that on me. That's you met Humana somebody else you ain't mad at me with somebody else's definitely people. She's mad at me. She's he's mad somebody else to take it out on me. Everybody is agreeing with me to like two people agree with you but that's because they whack corporations are racing biological women females from all legal legal documents to be more inclusive of all two hundred plus genders swear to two hundred plus gender. I don't know what that is. I don't know what that it was two hundred plus gender. Did you find out about the dirty Rice Matt. I saw menu though look to even the seventies included the rice on it so to really ninety tasted saying I'll let me type in what is two hundred with a plus sign gender gender identity cisgenders Rosa term describe okay gender what other four genders would've okay. I don't have time I it's too much. Let's see I got. I got to skip this article. 'cause I didn't realize it was two hundred plus agendas and the last thing I needed somebody tell me I'm ignorant about something so we will put a bookmark in that yeah sean combs comes and Laurie Harvey cuddle up in VIP at revolt after party now that his son's ex girlfriend right yeah but let's talk about they show all the black men at this party women right but all in I told you black men trying to they want him. They WANNA start a revolution but they don't WanNa do no black woman. I'd say that I'll tell you that and this and then let's talk about the fetishes station of black men with these young girls too because it becomes when I look at P. DIDDY is like sure he lost Kim Porter Wright who I mean we don't know her. Are we going to be way. We don't know her. Are We know what we've seen of her and it seems like she was a beautiful woman. Let's say she couldn't have been a bitch in their head propped. Whatever which it seemed like a beautiful woman is beautiful but I mean like everybody talk very highly of her to talk crazy about her character? Talk Very highly of her and this is the woman that he sort of whatever kind of relationship ed her it definitely wasn't leading nowhere to marriage because she had to tolerate him dipping out her numerous times one of which is him different out with cassie. SC who thought was weird so when you talk about a lot of these needs to be quiet about R Kelly is 'cause a lot of these things these are Kelly you understand like when cassie got signed with P diddy and all that shit she was a young girl and then he wanNA nobody ever seen an album from her but Dan he wouldn't jumping up on top of her having sex with her and fucking her and being relationship with her right so now well. That's what we say we all saw it whether they talked about it. Now we see now they broke up. They never said they was in the race but if you gotta break it up from a Nigga Nigga okay and we don't and then they go well all the girls he'd been. We're kinda looked like they run. Some Gay Shit on P. diddy where the girls he W- it they all Kinda got no brassing this they kind of like boys right so they equate that with that when I'm like regardless of whether the Nigga not because that's that's not my concern my concern. My concern is we got men are here trying to stay in the glory days by sucking the youth out of young girls now I don't know when he started having sex with cassie. SC I'm not here to speculate whether he did it when she was underage or not. I know that she was underage. When she got signed with him and they took yeah see something she was like? Maybe fourteen or fifteen may be this. Is All speculation 'cause. I definitely can't have them trying to shit but what I will say. It's all speculation you you okay but you think you had a chance. What did he no? I don't think I had a chance with. I don't even want no chance with diddy because you would have to put that because because we're responsible texture as well. I'd have to underage non black woman to have a chance with diddy no but you know what it is the second you start. I don't know if they're talking in jest when they say what the fuck this communism. I don't know if it's ingested well but every every time a woman has an opinion about a man hit man especially a black man you bid up angry you wanted him. I promise you you know P. Diddy nor do I think he did he want him is not a that didn't even come into my mind. What I WANNA know is we thought about a fifty plus? Let me roll man who is still out here getting with women who are mid Selena undeveloped. That's always been a thing that hasn't changed. I mean the power dynamics the issue that makes it more even more attainable is because as you have power you have power to take care of her and these young women just like we all when we were young women most of us. We you know you the U. Financially unstable you you. You're financially. you know you. You have a deficit so young I I mean a successful very very known celebrity of course in a lot of ways that could help you but into two Yom's point the seas young your brain. Don't even develop until you twenty five years old so it's it's like but you see how easy it is again. I don't know what this person's comment. I don't know if it was ingest or whatever but what happens is when you try to talk real shit then negus tried to deflect right on mothership. That's the reality is if a woman talks about the issue who is that these men are trying not to deal with women who are going to challenge them and be that they may not be able to control because because as a woman gets older as people get older in general you start to have you start to substantiate your life even more right so it's easy easy for me to be a nigger and get some young girl who likes the limelight back and give it to her. You know probably some Daddy. Issues wants a daddy figure in her life even as right and control the situation and then when a woman your age or closer to your age calls you want less make her that old obits the issue because they know also tell you like oh you got a property what they tell the young girls like oh well you know these hating on you and sure enough this surely as rush sunrises there are women that hate on women who are young and have youth and especially doing things in their youth that they were not able to also orenda every narrative right but that's not every narrative that rats the case when women older me and also understand that a a lot of these relationships are not based on whether this young woman is a person what she has the the hurt hurt value is based on her youth. Her values based on her beauty is not because she is a value in her as a person as if you know what I'm saying say older woman and I when I say older fucking twenty-eight man thirty what about that I mean those houses still young people you don't have the same amount of power over them. You can't manipulate them as easily and as and and you'd have to get to know when you're older woman that is an I'm saying older meaning over twenty five older woman also desires desires more from you as a person yeah and so a young girls you manipulate them easier because they're not because because they're not mature. I want to end because we gotta end now. hustlers is on track hustles in the movie with Jennifer Lopez says Izzo on track to May twenty five million thirty million opening week. I heard it was really good. You WanNa go see it yeah I want to but I gotta bring him Chewy because he says does he want to go with me because Liz. Oh in a you know chewy like some he'll say dark chocolate cities a nice little chocolate shoe. We go make up artist. All these black men out here all these Kyrie's out here that date white women chewy she bring them bring black like women raised black women and let it be known that if the Kyri urban who I don't know is love with that white woman that he w- read or look like a Spanish woman God bless him okay and they union and our hope they go forth and prosper would love but if he's doing this because he got problems with black women issues with black women he got problems misleading alone. Let them get on workout at all workout so problems with the world. He's a flat earth smuggling leaves. The world is flat so he got a lot of issues beyond that pat that we can. We find you this week coming up this summer. We're GONNA be. La next week extra next week next week. I will be somebody club. I'm just getting getting back and I'm just trying to get get schedules out there and whatever but I'm working on my my two thousand twenty December twenty twenty minute special I'm giving myself a year and a couple of months to get it down and so I am you'll see me out their whole lot everywhere actually so check me out I'm do. I'm been on a twitter. A lot lately been on instagram a lot lately so I'm back back people the Ladies and gentlemen. I'm so glad fingers in the building always thank you for your contribution and making sure the sound quality is great on the podcasts. We look forward to you guys. We love you. We appreciate you talk to you

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