Hour 2: Manny Diaz


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You know, if you trust us it's worked out like if you wanna trust this just a little bit on where we go with these conversations, we're going to Kevin Hart and a second and that's coming off a segment in which we went over dangerously on knows best quarterback situations. I mean, we just ranked backup quarterbacks in disguise. That's what you just got. We did need sun-filled breakdown. Just gave you so much sports radio there. We were doing the rankings of NFL backups. They're DO on the Browns. Yes. I it's got to be tough. And the dolphins the Browns. Mike, you're going to be very disappointed in Grozny Yano here. Twenty on his index. Backup back must be terrible Taylor right now. But he's a free agent. That's not even borderline offensive who the hell is nineteen who the hell is Grozny, Donna. Nineteen. According to NFL expert, Dan Grozny yada, Chicago Bears. Chase. Daniel. Where the door is in a single person on this planet that would take the quarterback situation over the Browns eighteenth gonna make you angrier the Bengals who've. Got to be kidding Brasi on on the phone right now to explain what he's got going on here between eighteen and twenty call him the media at least so that we could just yell at him the entire time. Graziano? I am blocking you on Twitter. Unbelievable. It's all blocking. He is blocked in Grozny Yano. Yes. Let's block him. What is he talking about? You mean? Nothing to me grad the show is now officially feuding with Dan Graziano. The dolphins are thirtieth. He got that. Right. We'll high already yet thirtieth thirtieth. Yes, jesus. Yes. The worst the Jaguars and make sense. Who's thirty one? Just the Redskins. Yeah. Josh Johnson did. Alright I saw all four of their quarterbacks as fun. I love this list. And since the audience is getting mad that we're not talking sports just quickly before we get to what Dan wants to get to Mark schlabach ten bolt college football predictions for two thousand nineteen. This is amazing. He says that urban Meyer is going to be the next head coach at USC. He also says the Oklahoma Sooners aren't going anywhere. So they're staying in Oklahoma. Are you kidding me? Okay. Not going anywhere. They're not going anywhere the Oklahoma program. What you're telling us is that they got a lifetime. Lease. They're not going to end up in Las Vegas. They're not gonna end up anywhere. They're gonna only be in Oklahoma, the Sooners of Oklahoma. They're not going anywhere. That's what layabout says. Yep. Not going anywhere. All right. I don't even know if that's positive or negative to not go anywhere suggests that you're running in place. It doesn't not going anywhere. Is he trying to say that they're going to stay some kind of good where they allow sixty points on defense and tried to score seventy on offense going anywhere. They've been running in place for a while. You're right. They had the same season every season. They found a points. Eleven Wayne's one or two losses. Chappie dip been quarterback. Brandon plays run in place run in place. Give us stoops Ajab run in place running placed running plays. Give us stoops Ajab Jason white Heisman. Paul finebaum had this to say about. Manny Diaz many years is gonna join us in a half hour. This is what Paul finebaum had to say. Why did you just do that? Mike. What are you doing? You want everyone for the television that we actually have a Paul find bucket. We do it is a replica of Paul finebaum face. He is raining down horror on many days. I look forward to playing this sound in a half hour to Manny Manny Diaz was introduced today in Miami. Am I missing something? I just thought he was introduced at temple Manny, would you mind explaining please. I do want apologize especially to the players at temple. However in the short time that I was Aaron just being around the guys and understanding the culture in that locker room in the talent in that locker room. I have every confidence that that team understands that their Bill to win many or full of crap you promise. Bunch of players that they would play for you at temple. And then you bailed on them after three weeks try doing that. If your college football player, I don't think I wanna sign here any longer. I'm gonna leave. Yeah. How about that? Mr. NCWA, president Marc Emery. My I want that clip. So that it just ends with many your full of crap at like, I want a response right there. So if you could edit out the rest of what finebaum had to say, I just I just want to hear what many is has to say to. Hey, Manny, your full of crap you went to temple you told us and temple that that was your dream job until a better dream job became available. Many your crack I want to ask him what it's like to get both your dream jobs in the span of two weeks. Ed's amazing many or full of crap. All right. So this isn't much of a welcome for many years, but he'll be here in about twenty three minutes. And we will see if we've got any other surprises for him. I. Overheard some things so Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart says get out of here. I don't even do the Oscars anymore and. Kevin Hart doesn't have a lot of a precedent in in the history of comedy really because he is a grinder grinder grinder compiler compiler nobody would ever put Kevin Hart among the legends of comedy. But he's the one who sold out a football stadium. He's the one who came to Miami, which doesn't support anything and sold out a couple of nights at the basketball arena. The popularity of this man has been earned over a lot of hard work. And then he steps in it as so many people are doing nowadays when he stepped in several years ago. No, no. But I'm saying he stepped in right? He slept in several years ago. We do this retroactive thing we go into the time machine and get mad about things that happened many years ago. Even though we didn't notice them when they haven't many years ago, which is why many people are yelling at Chris rock and calling him. An uncle Tom today because he laughed at Louis C K using the N word while Jerry Seinfeld told them don't do that we got retro act. Wli rage filled seven years later because no one brought it to our attention before. And So Chris rock getting buried for that now. And I just wonder if do you think that we're going to go into a lot of pasts and not find a lot of stuff that is offensive especially in comedy. Because the other thing about Kevin Hart is he doesn't exactly work dirty. That's what he did. When he did. It was just dumb. That's it. It was just dumb. And now the Oscars are gone. And now the Oscars don't have a host. And I just wonder are we going to keep rinse repeating this stuff where Twitter just exists. Basically. I heard someone say this the other day, it just exists to go get that one person, and you exist, just to make sure you are never that one person. Like like, everyone collectively gets all upset and next thing. You know, the Oscars cannot bear to have Kevin Hart because he said something that's that's offensive a few years ago. It's a horrible way to live living like certainly a horrible way to do comedy. It's certainly a horrible way to do anything in the way of comedy, not that given everything that's happening in this country with the reckoning that is cultural that is generational that is gender specific. It's really hard to get away with comedy. It's one of the reasons I want you to go check out our south beach session with Neal Brennan because he's doing some things in comedy. He went the other way slightly. No one's going the other way, totally. But he went the other way slightly on on me too. And I just haven't heard anyone comfortable trying to do comedy around that who's not a woman. Right. Don't you think if he went through the past of just about any comedian entertainer? I mean people in as you. Grow up. You say stupid things you do stupid things. You have no idea what the ramifications are gonna be you certainly not expecting them eight to ten years later. Yeah. I would think that you would find something and everyone's passed all but what's happening right now with the angry mob has far less to do with the people being judged and more to do with the judges Stu gods? Here you've got real task questions. So turbo tax live has real tax professionals who can answer them for you. They have CPA's in e as you are on-demand ready to give you advise an answer questions as you go their tax pros get to know you. So they could offer personalized suggestions. And find all the deductions you deserve. Whether you are stuck on specific question or guidance working through your return. They're tax experts. Give you the confidence to ensure your return is done. Right. Turbo. Tax live would CPA's in e as on demand. See details at turbo tax dot com. Donlevatar I had a girlfriend, and I created a Facebook account of just a random person. And I requested my girlfriend to see if she would accept. Wow. So you can't fish girlfriend yet didn't work. I had a good one picture. I just googled like good model of the random, dude. Stugatz. I created encounter Facebook kind of a guy named Jack Ritter. And he was very good looking. She did accept the friend request. Where did rid or go to school? I'm just imagining that you see on the side. It says seed, Cody at you. Burner email? What was the Bernard j Ridder at g mail. DCC's live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. We love nineties baseball around here. It is a perpetual obsession anytime someone mentions look at ROY ROY doesn't get enthusiastic about anything right now, he is rubbing his hands together because happy sixtieth birthday to Otis Nixon. Day care. Good luck. Have you heard? Are we take today off? That is such a great name. And it's almost as good as Quinton McCracken. Oh, put it on the poll. Guillermo, what's the better name, Otis Nixon or Quinton McCracken? I don't think anybody can be if I were making a video game of fake baseball players. That'd be fake baseball. Name is Otis Nixon, even the best Nixon because trot, Nixon is better rock Nixon. Get me started pet borders. You guys want to have a war Billy. Are you ready to play you ready? You want to you guys want to have a nineties baseball war where we just go around the room as fast as we can spinning like the mad teacups that I did with STAN Van Gundy and DisneyWorld, of course, Royce Clayton because when I go around the room, what's the order? You want to do this. Hold on a second. Let's see how fast we can get this thing spinning. Are you ready? We're gonna go clockwise. Roy Chris Billy, Mike. Stugatz. Me ready. Go Rondo white, Pat rap. Jeff Blauser Willie McGee. John, laura. Clipped Floyd, Gary Sheffield. Todd zeal, Ron Gant, curl Everett. Gorman Thomas Rhett barberie day. Megan. Could've played this game for months. The game gets you're right there. He stole your thunder. Thunder was stolen. We've cheered Stu gods up. He spent the entire break cursing at his computer. Because what the jets are doing? Oh god. I mean, the jets Mike McCarthy has come out and said the team he wants the coaches the jets lucky me, that's what he said. That's what he's now. Jetson torn he's you know, they're torn over whether or not they should go with an old name reliable name, a Buick essentially or a fresh face like the Arizona Cardinals day with cliff Kingsbury gopher for a Ferrari as a while. The jets are sitting around figuring out which way they want to go. Every team is hiring in NFL coach Mike McCarthy. I just I want nothing to do with Mike McCarthy. I don't wanna Buick I've been driving a Buick my entire life. Give me a Lamborghini. I don't care if it results in one in fifteen just gimme a fresh face. A young face a good looking face. That's all I want. Do not do not give me Mike McCarthy. Driving into New York City on a Komodo. Don't want it. I just do not want. That guy is my I do not want at the judges sitting around. And this is just perfect for the jets agai every other team those which direction they want to go in you got the bucks hiring cutter. You got the cardinals going with Kingsbury every tease making decisions. The jets are deciding on names, they're deciding on young or old and why the deciding on young and old all the young and old coaches are getting hired. It's a disaster. I Dan, I am so tired of this organization. I do not like them up thinking about no longer being jet fan. That's what I'm thinking about your car Komodo is it's a tractor isn't trying to go for a tractor there. Yeah. I Mike McCarthy like Mike the where are the chickens Stu just said he's considering not being a jets fan. Tired of this? This is the breaking point. They. I mean. Confusing. Fish chicken is that you always liked the name might have just one young and handsome, which was both. By the way, they hired the new fresh face in bowls that didn't work out now. Nakamoto? This is not a name is a name Mike McCarthy. This is a name that couldn't win more than one Super Bowl. Undefeated. Headquarters reptiles. All right. Get out of here. Chickens happens. They hire McCarthy will done. Let's get done. You're not John. You said that your hundred thousand bleeping times over the years. It's time. I mean king then I wasn't lying yesterday. I'm lying today. I was lying yesterday. That's the Bobby G rather have Kingsbury over McCarthy, wouldn't you? Well, let's listen to Kingsbury discuss what happened here or let's listen to Kingsbury discussing what happened at USA. Well, this was actually before this was him. This is an actual quote from now. Arizona Cardinals head football coach cliff kingsborough shortly after he accepted, the USC jab. What would it take for you to go link right now to the NFL? You don't haven't even thought about it. Honestly, I've been that's that's the plan. I've been on the road orchard ING day one. They gave me a polo and said go get them. And so I've been trying to figure out the LA landscaping getting around the traffic reporters heard. I was doing this interview with you today, and they're like ask him about this job athem Abacha, but they're going to be. Out of jobs open, and they're going to come out you from every which way. But how do you assure them that you're staying here? That's all your tone. I came here. And it wasn't like this was a month process. Hey coach, I want that job. I know what we can do there. And so that's why I'm here. Chance. Nola, truth geiko. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. Let's Janet's fangs did she lose that? With a weed whacker? Oh, Sint, wait. No, no truth. Eat so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar the scam. I was running college is a sophomore and I'm working for the Miami Herald. And by the tail end of my senior year, the herald was always leaving alone because they thought I had to finish school work and the professors were leaving me alone. Because they thought I had to do Miami Herald work. So I was just at the rat all the time. And so the last semester, I have no idea what my grades were. I do know I stopped carrying about this Stu gods. I think I graduated can you call the university. Can you guys called higher? Let's put fixed call the records department and ask them if I've actually graduated because I don't know if I have Georgia Leary situation, I've been pretending to be university of Miami grad on my life, but I haven't I graduated VC's live at our show. Oh with this two guys on ESPN radio. This is the guy who invented the turnover chain. And now he returns to the university of Miami a conquering hero after being the conquering hero for a couple of minutes in in Philadelphia. A short little vacation the Philly and then right back to her. So I I'm wondering men congratulations on what sounds like your dream job. Thank you for joining us. What was the hardest conversation or phone call that you had to make when you realize, oh, I gotta tell temple. I'm getting out of here. The athletic director, Pat craft is a his is a big time guy. I mean, one of those guys you talked to him for two minutes realizes that one of those rockstar ideas, and and we had bonded so well through the interview process, and then and then after getting up the Philadelphia. And but you know, he was he was super professional super cordial. There was other couple of guys sat on their board of trustees to same thing. I mean, those guys get you know, it is hard to get a head coach. Were you embarrassed yet? You got to you got to a couple of weeks. But were you embarrassed of the having to go back and forth? You know, nobody likes that feeling. Nobody likes that. The very first moment when I found out that coach Rick had retired. The the instinct that gut instinct wave of motions that that can cross I was was for Mark Mark's friend friend of everybody here in the building and on the staff, and and that was so shocking. This is the first thought is is that what you know. Holy kelly. What could have gone through that to to bring him to that decision? My second feeling was was for temple. You know, because I think, you know, just got instinct, you know, you, you know, none of us like to let somebody down. Oh, you're like I gotta break up. Your second feeling is. I gotta break up. We started dating. I gotta break up. It you just you know, you hear these stories from time to time. And then all of a sudden like realizing that at this point. There's no there's no telling that the Miami opportunities even gonna present. But you're, you know, us like are you going to be are you going to be in the middle of the story you because it just the odds of what happened happening were so Ezra nominal it? It was like I said if it had been been written into a scripted and thrown in the trash for being unbelievable. Well, can you explain to us in retrospect, right? Because clearly nobody saw this coming with Rick even though he did say if he didn't get it turned around quick he was going to leave the job in retrospect, what were the signs that? This is something that he was struggling with. I don't I I I don't I don't think anybody, you know. I don't I don't think anybody saw them. I mean because that's only when it come out even as the talk of knee leaving to go to temple. And I think everybody in the building knew that we were appointed interns the way that the year played out. But I, you know, but the the whole goal in the conversation instead biddings going forward was, you know, how how will we make sure this never happens, again, what are going to be the fixes, and what has to change, and it never, you know. And then that's one it's really really caught everybody off guard. Yeah. It's kind of interesting. I'm wondering man, he did you call Miami. Or did Miami. Call you. They reached out to me. And and and that's really how the contact began. How what would you? Tell us was your most memorable experience working as a production assistant at ESPN Bill. He wanted to be you you wanted to be you for a minute. He wanted to when you were studying when you were studying at ESPN, what are the things you remember? Well, never won. It was great for me as an experience because I learned to to work at a very high standard, and you get to learn from a place that was the industry standard. And it was I was a lot different place. You know in the nineties than it is today. Are we not the industry standard anymore back off? And and it it it's different as, you know. And but but the people to learn, you know, learn how to do something all the way. Right. You know that that's something. That's good. If you do it good that that stinks. That's gotta be great. It's gotta be exceptional. It's got to be the best. That was a great education. I've got a chance to really the part that sort of pushed me to get into coaching at a chance to cover the the Super Bowl between the the Packers and the patriots down in Orleans be there for week. But the thing I remember my time. It has been was my last day at work my last day work. I was I was I was put in highlights, and I was Tiger Woods Sunday round at the masters when he won his first mess. How long that work at ESPN? It was it was tired. I major at Augusta. What can you tell the people who don't understand what it means to you to be Cuban in Miami? And the specifics of your story that Miami would understand better than any other part of the country. I think it's a quintessential story, which again, I don't know if anybody would get other than us, which I think that's sort of why you lend is unique because I think we get us more than Nelson. Want to say, I don't mean Cuban. I mean, I mean everybody from Miami. Everybody kind that makes up south Florida and from where we come from. Because normally if you're here, and if you're from here, you will either not from your or your parents or not from your it. If they are almost certainly their parents parents are not from here. So we all sorta got here. And you know, the example of of of, you know, I'm kind of the sort of Hollywood story, you know, my my mom's family are transplants in the northeast, and, you know, my dad's family, of course, came from Cuba, you know, when they met, and and you know, and it's it's a place where everybody had everybody had to make because it's not a place where every living here for hundreds of years two hundred years. There's there's it's a place where I've had to go make it based off their merit. You know, and you know, and people a lot of people came here with nothing, and and just simply through hard work and determination, you know, sort of rose to the top in the city of Miami. And and and if you told me that that, you know, when I was a kid that I'd be sitting. Ariza head coach at the university of Miami. That'd be you know, it would seem absurd. But maybe that's exactly why light fits and fits sort of the way things are in Miami. That's the positive part of the story for Manny Diaz, the new university of Miami football coach, but he hasn't had to endure a lot of this even Texas. He hasn't had to endure exactly something like this which comes with being ahead coat. Manny Diaz was introduced today at Miami. Am I missing something? I just thought he was introduced at temple Manny, would you mind explaining please do one apologize especially to the players at temple. However in the short time that I was there just being around the guys and understanding the culture in that locker room in the talent in that locker room. I have every confidence that team understands that their Bill to win many. You're full of crap. Danny you guys are. I thought it'd be fun. Just let you go over to me. I'm the head coaching thought. It'd be funny. If we just let that sit in your lap for a second. I got your. Yeah. Well, I am I have taking him the offense coordinator list. I'm telling. I want. I want to introduce you. I'm sure you're familiar with with somebody who just burst into the studio demanding to be heard from here people. What you've got what do you got for your new coq here, Dan? Growed. Hey, what's with this weird? Audio in here today, bro. What's happening? A party. Drums about broke grads. I'm happy for you this as soon as job became available. I knew there was one person for this job. So be here through thick and thin. And there's a budget haters. I say you're at trader for leaving it. And you know, what ignorant I say, you know, what that people? He's an empty Saadi. Why be yet? So I was happy that you got that job at tumble, and I've been happy that you're back. Hey, that's great to hear this. This has been high point of my gender so far. This is just makes it worthwhile. Thank you this, bro. One of the things I'm most excited about besides you being Cuban is that everybody says, you're a dove recruiter. So I'm positive that. I'm gonna read on recruiting trips. I don't gorse. Yeah. Yo matter, you know, how New York Yuban. Mad because within five minutes of you coming back here, bro. A jot follows leap. Yeah. Take us. Real you're making pages that are necessary difficult but necessary. That's. Don't go with it. That was that's difficult. But but again, it's it's responsible to do. What's best for us going forward difficult, but necessarily man you watch the national championship game. Fully Bri here greater recruiting you'd think about recruiting this. Trevor Lawrence kid. Yes. Quarterbacks last year did not work out. That's enough to you. It's not enough. Getting anew Turner, Sarah what? Nice. Absolutely. Wras Ochoa on. Tonight. Thank you for all your good work. Manny. I'm. Welcome to my come back to my awesome. Thank you, sir. Momani mo- parallel convict clunk there. I just think we. He's never going on it. Okay. That's probably what's going to happen donlevatar. I finally found a guy who seems to be credible who imprint has lent to what I've been saying for a couple of years. Now that Elon Musk is a quack. So I asked you what is the article say about him? And he just keeps repeating he says, he's a quack quack. And then you ask him. Did you read the article, and he says quack quack it's like talking to duck. Stugatz. Elon Musk is what's the headline because it's why you clicked on it. And then you said give me this writer. He's credible. I don't know how to pronounce this word, would you mind? Reading the headline. Eat Lon musk is a messiah Nick huckster like so he is like giving off messiah, but he's a messiah fraud. Exactly. I of talking about huckster. Thank you. These live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. So Stu gods is discussing with the jets as always all of that is redundancy. It's been for many years. Many decades now. Now. But Mike what I love here is that as everyone's getting excited by their savior talk. You know, how much rinse repeat there is right? Todd Bowles was the previous savior. But now they got a new savior and every year. We'll just blow out twenty five percent of the losers. And then go higher Bruce Arians like that stand. We're gonna keep doing that one. And it's gonna be a lot of fun and the media machine, we'll talk about it. And most of it won't matter very much, but still cots just came in with the opposite of the name that excite you like stugatz has been muttering under his breath. Okay. For three segments might when I say to you give me a name. That's exciting even cliff Kingsbury not just because he's young and hot, but the name cliff Kingsbury, even if he spelled it with sees he'd be weaker, but there to case, and it's cliff Kingsbury, and that sounds like somebody that I wanna give my team over to. But when I say the name that's the opposite of that. Do you hear likes to God's here's Mike mum. Check. If your team is in play if your team is is pelting the agent of Mike munch check with phone calls because that's the vision. Yeah. That's what the Broncos are doing by the way. Things. Elway is done wrong. Other than that whole taking the worst Peyton Manning season. We've ever seen and turn it into a Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure. My can you look this up for me? I'm pretty sure he gave a contract it. Offense of line has plagued. John elway. And I can understand why he wouldn't know what Lyman looked like because he was running for his life a lot. And it's part of what made him a great quarterback up. But I'm pretty sure that John Elway gave millions of dollars to an offense lineman that he waved very quickly after that. And it just ended up being a salary cap hit. But John John Elway. That franchise got since the moment. Peyton Manning left there. John Elway has done nothing. But help it deteriorate. Yeah. That's I mean, it's hard to say anything other than that. That's what he's done. He's so beloved there in Denver though. I wonder what that buys them. In terms of you know, keeping his job the championship by themselves to Jamie. And remember, those all the hysteria around Tim Tiba where he is being we have to mention it. Tim tvos that wasn't the easiest call 'em Tibo had a great playoff moment. And he did the right thing and was gutsy considering we didn't know what shape Peyton Manning was in. But he's been wrong allot. I mean Paxton Len Paxton Lynch. Hit case keenum. You could probably argue. He's been wrong about after a season full play. It's just so I know you hate this. But like, what are we doing bunch Jack got his opportunity and when he got his opportunity he was twenty two and twenty six as an always the guy. I'm not saying he shouldn't get a second opportunity. Maybe even third, but it's just the way these NFL coaching hire hires. Go it's it's it's absurd. It's Bruce Arians. I only want to coach the Browns, otherwise, I'm not coaching and the brands clearly aren't interested. And then suddenly Tampa offers the job and he's ready to go get but history is littered with given the guy the second chance and working out Bill Bella check had several chances. Hell Tony Dungy got a second chance. Like there. There are times where that higher. Whoa. I'm just talking about the name Monday. It's a funny name. Do you want your coach to be named? Mike munch munch is not on the Dungy class munch X not winning anything with that name. You can't you can't have your king and leader Garo put it on the poll. You winning anything? If at the head of your goons ational chart it says mum check. Yes. Or no at the top of the org. Join. I'm just saying like the opposite of enthusiasm. If I tell you all excited. All right. We clean downs. Because this is the thing, right? It's the your bed team. What is the seismic move? They make they clean out the guy who presided over the bad thing. So if I say to you, we're finally fans you got rid of that guy who's coming in munch check. Would you rather have a month? Check or Philbin. Phil not a good name either. You know, what John Elway one with a second chance guy one with kubiak. Maybe he's on something. Like, why do you insist on having the Syria sports conversation, and you will not follow his damn it. Someone has not familiar with Mike munch checks the humor in his name of with that. I'm not familiar with check.

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