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hi this is craig ballantine host of early to rise radio have you ever wanted to become wealthier healthier wiser or just have more time to appreciate the finer things in life on this show we reveal what high performers are doing every day to be more successful without sacrificing their personalized early to rise radio is sponsored by the perfect day formula get your free copy of this game changing success guide at free perfect day book dot com now let's get started with today's show in honor of episode a hundred and fifteen i want you to imagine that you made a hundred and fifteen dollars an hour and fifteen bucks an hour that's pretty awesome right that'd be great or would it be great thing about this what if you wanna make a million dollars in a year how many hours would you have to work per week week at a hundred and fifteen dollars per hour in order to make a million bucks you're gonna be shocked in a moment titus great valentine host of early to rise radio and were about to do some millionaire math so you can become a millionaire or multimillionaire if you've there were gonna get some lessons from one of my coaches to a guy that i recently invested a hundred thousand dollars worth yeah we yeah it was a tough wire descend they'll tell you that much all right but before we do that i wanna give you something for free because generosity is one of the most common traits of millionaires end the gift is a copy of my brand new book unstoppable inside it is eight ninety day blueprint that you're gonna build out that you're gonna used to dominate in business and in life and you're also gonna get a video course training that i'm gonna give you four free when you get the book unstoppable but first you have to go be unstoppable book dot com and you will get it there now back to the riddle i gave you before if you made a hundred and fifteen dollars an hour andy work forty hours a week do you know how much you would make well i learned this little trick back when i was a working in a factory in high school and college and i was always wondering well i wonder how much money i would make if i made you know eighteen ten dollars an hour twenty dollars an hour 'cause at the time i was making i think ten or twelve dollars an hour not that okay what am i got a fulltime job here and you know i heard this guy the factory makes tony's out a twenty dollars how much would you make any year and i realize said if you work forty hours a week any work fifty hours fifty weeks in a year then forty times fifty is two thousand so you just take you're hourly rate in you double it unless you're income so if you make thirty dollars and our you making sixty grand a year and if you're making a hundred grand a year that means you make fifty dollars and our see that math okay so now if we go back to her hundred and fifteen dollars an hour well that means we even though that sounds amazing a hundred and fifteen dollars an hour we would only make two hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year working a regular workweek now than what we have to do we wanna make a million bucks well the truth is and i got this from my friend grant cardona say you'd have to make a hundred and fifteen dollars an hour and you have to work every single hour of the year not every single working our in a forty hours a week not every single waking hour of the day but every single hour in order to make a million dollars at a hundred and fifteen dollars an hour so that's a big slap in the face to us if we think they were gonna trade time for money right for gonna trade time for money to become a millionaire well listen you'd have to play any envy ea or be a pro athlete or being the movies in order to make a million dollars trading time for money that's gonna be very difficult even me as coach in order to make a million dollars that means i have to charge five hundred dollars an hour an i have to work eight hours a day so did have that back back back back back back back hopefully those apex coaching clients it's a five hundred dollars and our now fortunately charge more than that but my goodness you would be exhausted by that end you wouldn't have time to prepare an summarize recall so you would have to charge a thousand dollars in our and do twenty hours a coaching because takes half an hour to prepare and half an hour to summarize and not a lot of people are gonna be able to do that but that would get you did a million dollars okay 'cause i'll give you twenty grand a week and if you did that fifty weeks in ear that's another thing fifty weeks of the year you would be you would be wiped out okay so let's let's go back in time here before we show you how to make the million bucks when i was in college i went to college i think adam bachelors slurs of casey oh gee because i wanna be a strength and conditioning coach in the national hockey league wonder how players like austin matthews now and wayne gretzky then i want help them become better athletes and i realized pretty quickly wasn't making a million bucks doing this however i was wants told by one of my professors that these strength and conditioning coach in michigan michigan state university football teams making a hundred grand a year and at the time i thought hey man if i make a hundred grand a year that'd be amazing because back then i would just finishing up you know five years in high school where where worked at a greenhouse and i started before even start highschool start at three dollars and ten cents an hour three dollars and ten cents an hour now you know you're making you're making like six thousand dollars a year at three dollars and ten cents and our you never become a millionaire that and i was doing such harden manual labor i remember when it became personal trainer and somebody gave me twenty dollar bill furred training session i thought that was like a hit the jackpot however i went on a college realize that i wanted to make money more then i want the train people so i got into the online world i got envy online world will talk more about that in a second but you know it doesn't matter where you're starting right now where where you started back in the day grant cardona where it went from working for two dollars an hour at mcdonalds to being worth over five hundred million dollars today through deals and you could succeed to so listen we have eighty years here on life and let's let's be optimistic say eighty working years here on on earth and i start working for free on the farm at like aj but you know paid my first page of those thirteen and so i'm gonna work on ninety three i'll have eighty years of making money amazing travel and stuff i get the you know i got a new countries every year so i'm gonna have a great life and imagine i can do if i continue to develop high income skills like copywriting presenting from stage being able to sell on the phone an also understanding the numbers in my business think of what i'll be able to do the income the wealth the success i'll be able to generate the impact and influence i'll be able to have on you is i build up new skills and download them to you on the podcast and in my coaching an at my event so i have the perfect life retreat coming up in november and ivy empire summit coming up in august they're both in sunny san diego california so write this down v empire summit dot com that's where baiters cooling and i are spending two days worth you were doing hands ends on mentoring sessions in the evening for three hours after we have all of our guest speakers including herself speak during the day so this is not an event where you go in you listen you take nine hundred pages of notes and then you go home and never look at those notes again instead you get a full days worth of speaking from pedrosa myself tom bill you schranz robots of all multimillionaires thomas probably close to being a billionaire he said he could brian by a private island with how much he sold quest bar for and so listen you're gonna learn how they got so successful and then when all the speaking is done we're gonna give you a little rest break got grab some food come back and then we're gonna hang out for a couple of hours and answer your questions one on one so think about how amazing that is compared to all these other events you go to that's the v empire summit dot com the empire summit dot com make sure you get tickets and i'm also doing a vip day on the day before room and teach on my social media stuff so i wanna see you there the second amendment undoing is the perfect life retreat this'll be a third event for the retreat might be my last one to because they're a lot of work put on an i'm just not sure if i'm gonna continue at especially with the empire summit so perfect life retrea dot com we have jason capital we have pedro's we have shrunk about the world talking about different stuff then he empire summit and it's gonna be more about how to make you super productive and super successful in every area of your life okay plus were gonna have round tables and the evening so in the evening it's going to be all of my speakers plus ten other experts at round tables answering your questions or podcasting copywriting webinars selling all this stuff and it's gonna be an amazing amazing time so perfect life retreat dot com for the event that's november eighth and ninth so you get a couple of months in between those events in is absolutely gonna be game changing free it'd be at both because when i started going to events that was the one of these key factors in addition to getting coaching that allowed me to become a multimillionaire around the age of thirty all right so let's walk through how did i become a multimillionaire will first i start selling something in high volume get couldn't sell my time in high volume if i sold my time i would only make a hundred thousand dollars year even when i was a personal trainer in toronto and you could probably charge a hundred bucks you might not be able to keep all that 'cause you might pay rent at a place and so like let's say though i made a hundred dollars an hour and you know it was all money going to me in my business and i'm going to people's houses will now how many hours could actually work i think the most i was training thirty five hours so i could've made thirty five hundred bucks a week now now i'm close to you know hunter and fifty two hundred thousand dollars a year okay that's really good money for a job but i'm not gonna become a multimillionaire doing that unless you know it takes a lot of discipline when you're making that much money you know as you're income grows your expenses grown we spend money and all that stuff so i realized okay i'm gonna have to make my money selling products on internet in fortunately turbulence training came out in two thousand three i sold my first product online on january twenty eighth two thousand and one was fifty dollars through pay pal it was a word document but i think things organized and systemized until about two thousand three and then two thousand six when they hired my first coach my business business grew exponentially in that was when i had my big breakthroughs so listen think about this for a second what you need to do is you need to be selling something that scale the repeatable because very very few people get million dollar book deals or obviously play professional sports or movie stars or rock stars or even flip homes per million bucks okay like everybody thinks all by this whole mental makeup nicer and then i'll sell it for twice it's what it's worth okay that does not happen very often let's be honest so all the ways that i may have made over a million dollars in revenue not a not take home income but in revenue include coaching my instagram course my fitness courses the masterminds at i've ran so many of the course instead of creating including all the courses that i put in early rice university and then also promoting other people's product says unaffiliated joint venture partner those are a lot of ways and then now are fit my buddy bootcamp locations 973 gm's were were very close to a million dollars in annual revenue and i've had them for several years so we know we've generated a couple of million dollars worth of sales but that is very low margin business especially when you business partners so i did selling of my main product turbulence training which had very very good margins arisen information product and i sold that the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world millions of people watch my videos on you to i had great fame and recognition and then i saw that business actually and that's the thing that actually allowed me to become a multimillionaire so selling doug business is a great way so growing a business up to a point where it becomes attractive and other people's eyes is a really really great way to quickly become overnight millionaire and that is t now my friend bedrest cool in how the heck did he become a multimillionaire first he started off with a recurring software where then he moved in the high ticket coaching and now he sells franchises his franchises gopher fifty thousand dollars just for a franchise and then there's royalties in there so he's got the combination of recurring an high ticket so think about what you could do what canoe cells that scale repeatable well can you provide the offers recurring you know that's software as a service has become so big these days coaching is big these days that's the high ticket side of things what can you you do now here's the problem is that sometimes no visual joke right how do you how do you become a millionaire in a in a in a what's a what am i gonna sit here how do you become a millionaire in real estate flipping a world where you start off being a multimillionaire all her hair that joke about multiple industries right how do you become a millionaire and gold stocks so you start off with ten million dollars that's that's probably the best one because i've i've read all these financial newsletters and they've been promising gold stocks going up like every year and i think all they've gone down so the reason why i bring that up is because when you get a whole bunch of money you have to be careful about spreading your money investing in bad things because you wanna focus on what warren buffett says return of capital rule number one never lose money rule number to see rule number one because millionaire math doesn't just include addition in multiplication it also includes subtraction in division you know whether it's a division through divorce or whether it's subtraction through bad investments you have to be mindful of your money and so mindfulness and mindset is so important in becoming a millionaire right you need to become resilient resourceful because a lot of us when we start out on her journey to making the million dollars is we have no money i had no money when i sold my first program on the internet broke struggling personal trainer just graduated college fortunately i did not have student debt but a lot of people do an so even though i didn't have student debt by still had no money in it had to be resourceful i had to you know it's a scrape and scrap up all the money in opportunities that they could that was that was one i realize the power of building a network and when you build a network that is when you are able to be a whole lot more resourceful so had really good connections with men's health and the good connections at men's health allowed me to build good connections with the best in the industry the biggest names in then those opportunities that allowed me to build huge huge network with all the trainers in the industry because they saw me as somebody look up to so is using that as a resource right i leveraging my connections in that allowed me to become the millionaire i remember i love this story i remember reading this story is kind of like back in the early two thousands when the internet was a whole lot different than it is today and there is a guy who started out on you bay trading his way he started with a red paper clip then you could look this 'em up on line you start with the red paper clip anyways trading people you say hey listen i will trade this red paper clip for you know you're pet rock in your pet rock i will trade somebody else repair of ubs in terms of trade and he traded way all the way up until he bought a house and you look up that story in that's the power of network and leverage in connections so you know you've probably heard me talk about how i was introvert right obviously introverted guy introverted guy back in the day and i didn't like to be in big groups in like to go to events but i did and i did and when i did do these things that were uncomfortable i met people at these events who to our good friends of mine to this day i remember jon benson is one of the first guys i ever met and if you ever if you've never heard jon benson same he is the king of video sales copywriting he's like one of the guys who invented that whole idea of you know the powerpoint slides and the voice over then he's a millionaire many times over in i met him in two thousand seven yawning silvers first live event then i went to see anak silvers first live event he's in internet marketing expert because i was on a technical this email newsletter and ten nicolas used the deadline of new year's eve an all these incentives just to get people to sign up for your next event and i did it so he got in philly a commission from yawning i went to young savan three months later met jon benson met scott colby met kyle bad as smith yawn coups mastermind i joined and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on i grew this massive network of people i talked to any of those guys very much anymore i think i got a note from me honesty other month when he got my new book unstoppable but other than that john randomly call me or out of the blue and i and he talks about stuff and i have no idea what he's talking about go and it's it's amazing and then i just wait to hear from him like eighteen months later anyways they're still good guys but is the people that i met through them joe marian all these other people that matt smith who i met three onyx mastermind who helped me get earlier rise man i could just go on and on and on and on about the power of networking and that's why you need to be at the two events empire summit dot com august sixteenth and seventeenth in san diego you're gonna meet we have over two hundred people signed up now were gonna cap it at three hundred you're gonna meet amazing people you are going to meet me in bed roast inperson were gonna talk to you about your business hands on at the networking you get to meet tom bill you get to meet all these people sharana is so awesome and so giving he'll be there to just so many people it's gonna be amazing in an you know what let's call it the meet the people who have mentioned it's the people that you meet sitting beside you the strangers who you will end up doing business with who will become referral partners for you that's amazing this of these events okay so get to it i'm also in another group called the atlas four hundred through a porta stands berry mark ford matt smith whole bunch of financial newsletter guys and doctors and lawyers from across the country in female entrepreneurs here's and all these great people tech people who more money than i wouldn't know what to do if i don't even know what to do with my money be honest with you and so there's all these people and i call them up when i go to any city and i asked her favors and say hey and you give me advice on this and then i send my books and they introduced me the more interesting people in my goodness the more people you know the easier and more enjoyable life is it really becomes a beautiful beautiful thing so make sure you're at v empire summit dot com in san diego and then make sure you're my event because here's what i do it my event i do done for you networking and this is what makes my event so much different than many others because not only do we have the round tables but when you show up you getting name tag and on you know i look at every event either namesake big deal craig but on the back in the name take i've done networking for you i've written down the names of three people from all these other attendees 'cause i know everyone quite well in we also do a survey before the event and i knew everything that you need to know and i say hey you know it jane you're gonna meet sally bailey and bob and here's why you need me to meet sally she's in the same marketplaces you i bet you guys we great partners in me bob biz bod needs to have you on his podcast and you me billy because he's a great email marker and you said you were struggling with email marketing and you're gonna meet these people and i'm gonna make introductions i'm gonna also include their instagram name and you could get connected before they advance an after the events end turn your investment of time and money and energy into getting the san diego into a hundred x return is absolutely amazing we've had one guy made over hunter and sixty grand from the connections that he made it the retreat last year we've got other people people do massive joint venture partnerships start cbd companies and marketing companies and one guy route over ten million dollars all because of being at bats had one of my favorite stories a young guy here from toronto my good friend friend mike met his girlfriend another young lady from toronto in san diego at my event they were both there they didn't know they were both from toronto until the end of the second day and now there have been going strong and steady for months and months so yes call me the matchmaker right matchmaker and that's why i want you to be there because i wanna make business matches for you so that you meet amazing people you meet affiliates you meet partners you're not going to have these breakthrough sitting at home i learned that two thousand and seven i didn't wanna go v event i wanna say homeowners stand my hotel room and i got to be event but getting there helped me become a multimillionaire please don't ever forget that now i wanna say one more thing about action visit the longer you wait the further behind you will be right the longer you wait in life you know if if you would have done this stuff five years ago think about where you would be now think about it if you've done this a year ago think think where you'd be now you'd have so much more clarity and success and purpose and money in your bank account in if you wait till next year think of what you're gonna be missing out on if you don't take action now so the longer you wait the further you get left behind whether you're running race or building a business and another great thing about being at these events is it gives you the big thinking opportunities i've had so many ten thousand fifty thousand hundred thousand dollar ideas when i've been at these events the people that i wanna find out what is achievable impossible what other people are doing to make their money i'm like oh i didn't know you could do that like that's how i got my whole instagram idea is that events like when you make money on instagram i start up in instagram and the next thing you know and making over a million dollars on instagram so you need to have the big thinking of the speakers of the conversations in the hallway and even if nothing else i get my money's worth just being on the plane because i'm outside my regular office i'm thinking about things i'm thinking about big ideas on the way home and my goodness so much goodness comes to me when i traveled to events so baker said i were talking to other week and we thought well what the heck what we do if we were just starting out now and the answer is this we would we would solve bigger problems okay solve bigger problems and you solve bigger problems by having higher incomes skills if you don't have good copywriting if you don't good salesmanship if you don't have sales person ship if you don't have understanding of money in numbers in your business if he can't rita pnl if you can't do that stuff you're not gonna be able to help other people you're not gonna be able to grow you're business you're able to extract profit and put it in your bank account you're not gonna be able to have a business that you could sell from multiples right three to four times maybe even six or eight times you're in your net income at the end of years generally what a business sells for but if you don't have any income you say oh it's wanna solve this business nobody's gonna buy it and no one's gonna buy you're business if it's really your high paying job and if you take you out of the business then there's no business no one's gonna buy that business and you're not become a multimillionaire and you're gonna have the golden handcuffs on but you can do that if you have leadership sales person ship understanding of money in numbers good copywriting skills and you could sell that's what you need to do now you're sitting there thinking well what the heck do i sell at i love this story from my friend nido cobain's so needle cobaine has spoken many of the dan kennedy events that have gone through and nieto is a one of the best speakers every i think he's the president of the national speakers speakers association panda dan kenny always had this joke about nato how do you find nieto at a party he's the guy in the pool wearing a three piece suit because it was always dressed immaculately these threepiece suits and he's also like the the director chancellor of highpoint university in high point north carolina which sounds like a mazing plays an what they did and they've done this may be heard this story told by other people but they were thinking about putting in these pathways for the students needle made these beautiful grounds and beautiful new buildings and they said wait no he he said no that's wait let's wait and see what they do and that's my horrible lebanese accident anyway so this students for the first three months they walked around on campus and nido in his team said oh look at the path they're leaving through the grass that's where we will create the path instead of forcing the pass on the soviet analogy to you're business is ask you're prospects and customers see what they want and when they tell you hey we need this then you go and sell it instead of coming up with an idea and i see this too many times people have put so many hours in months and weeks in so much sweat into a course that they can't sell but they can't sell and i don't want that to happen to you so don't force things on people get to know you're marketplace extremely well and once you do once you have customers then the next so you need to do is offer premium offers to you're best customers that's a game changer you know i offered twentyfive thousand dollar mastermind baid rosen i have a fifty thousand dollar mastermind and hey listen let's have twenty people paying fifty grand for a million bucks rather than trying to sell a hundred thousand ten dollar e books i think it's a whole lot easier that way and you also need to get a mentor is i did i got my friend tom first in two thousand six he is my first coach they helped me become a millionaire yawning silver over my first masterminded i joined and so on and so on and so on and your friends can become mentor is embed rosen i wanna be a mentor at the empire summit event so make sure you're there because mentoring is buying speed spending money at a discount you invest you know a thousand bucks come to the empire event you're gonna go home with a hundred thousand dollars in return you don't mind you're gonna make that much money with ideas in the execution of mentoring we deliver to you it's a no brainer like why would you not be there stone understand why someone would skip out on something especially if you leave within three hour drive which is essentially ten miles of san diego if you get caught in a bad california's traffic but i joke i mean you wanna go to san diego it's a beautiful place and the return on your investment will be huge i mean some of my clients are flying in from the netherlands for for this event like why would you not go if you're in american history sure and then next once you have all this money used it as a tool a tool to build june network because of the old saying is your network is your net worth an it's who you know what you know it doesn't matter i don't know if it'll ever change no matter how technology changes are labs it's been that way since we first got together in group says humans who you know is more important than what you know and you need to build you're network to increase your net worth so my friend i hope the ceo one of my two events v empire summit dot com in perfect life retreat dot com both there in san diego california all the details are on those pages but hurry we were ward action obviously much like life does end the sooner get your tickets the cheaper they are andrew get all access to the bonus stuff because we reward fast action takers like you all right so get your butt down the san diego it's gonna be absolutely amazing we can't wait to see you there so let me know what you thought the today show let me know what you thought and i'm gonna bring some lessons from grand cartoons event that i attended i spent five thousand dollars per ticket plus you know a thousand dollars free airfare another two thousand dollars and dinner is a an hotel loves air and then i invested a hunter grand with a guy so i'm gonna bring you some messages from cartoon because in his event because i know is very very powerful for me so let me know what you thought of this episode on instagram at real craig valentine or email me i support ford it early derives dot com and then head over to i tunes in give today five star ranking in finally go to the empire stomach dot com and get you tickets end perfect life retreat dot com and get your tickets for november and i'll see you at these

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