Standard is the Standard: Are the Pittsburgh Steelers officially "back"?


Pittsburgh steeler fans going on this is Jeff Harmon editor of behind the curtain dot. Conway you for another episode of the standard the standard. And if you looked to my side here let's not Lance Williams. That's Brian Anthony Davis. WHO's filling in for Lance Williams? WanNa give it's a big shout out. Lands is now a grandfather yes lance Williams is now grandfather. WanNa give a shout out to his grandson Niger. mims out of its on. CBS Out of the West Coast lands is going to visit the newest addition to his family. So congrats to him. Big Shout out to the new steeler fan born into the cloth and with that my curse tonight Brian. How's it going Brian? I am so glad caught up to the show this is. This is a big deal for me. I in fact the family got me a cake when they found out I was doing the show tonight. Well you know what The old time he said that the last time he told him for Lance we used to do the steelers hangover together. That was way back in the blog. Talk Radio days and it's good to kind of get back to our roots a little bit and so the we're going to get to the title of this episode not right away but I wanNA tease it a little bit and that is our the steelers steelers officially back. It isn't alive Chad. You can obviously China in whatever you like but if we're going to answer this in a little bit Before we get into you where the steelers are going. Let's talk about where they came from now their form for the obviously simple math. That's eight-game halfway through. I want to go through some midseason grades with you or some awards Brian. Are you ready for that. Yes I am very good. So let's go with. Who would be your midseason ofensive most valuable player? This is a tough one because the offense hasn't been good no it it has it in their the twenty eighth ranked offense but for me. It's none other than James Connor and more James Connor the receiving running back Jack but even in the last game when not the less can be played against Miami hundred fifty total yards hundred and forty five on the ground uh-huh so he showed that he was able to go ahead and really control a game with his feet in the run game. The ground game was so much better. I think he's the guy that has kept Mason Rudolph from falling apart which he possibly could have. There's really no receivers to give it to there's really. We're not really giving it to Mason at this point you might but I I really like James Connor for this role. He we know you took the player I was gonNA say. I think that maybe you could say dude injury. jalen samuels by wouldn't go that far. Maybe the offensive line in pass protection because they have cabinet Mason Rudolph Clean That's been a huge factor in at least him checking the ball down James Corner. He's had time to do that so I I'll go with since just to change it up and say something different. I'll go with the offensive line and pass protection. They have a lot left to be desired. I feel like in a run blocking but in terms of pass protection. I like the nose. Go the defensive side this is a tough one because the defense has been really really good so for the first eight Games hoosier defensive. MVP at the midway point. Well you can put it so many places and I'm not going to say who I would have because I don't WanNa steal any thunder. I'm probably stealing your funder because I really think it's an obvious one. I think it's T.. J. Watt I actually think he could actually be a defensive player of the year But there are three or four other guys that I would consider on that defense to. I actually believe it or not if you were saying TJ. Because he thought that I was going to say like Mingka. Patrick I would have said TJ. I and it's basically because TJ watts body of workshop continues to get better and better make his. Patrick obviously didn't play the steelers and the first two weeks but has been a really dominant force in the back end and since he showed up. I think it's kind of one. A one. B would. She agree with these guys. Yeah I really Minka Fitzpatrick what he did. He came in stabilized that that defense when he came in in week. Three had that interception right away that all of a sudden the defense is playing so much better to me. It's not a not a coincidence. There's another another guy that I would shout out and really go back to what you said. I was actually. I was stealing thunder. I was taking Tj all the way. Because that's quite thought was the number one guy so I was just stealing them. But there's another guy that I would throw in as a huge honorable mention and it's Alvin Bud Yeah absolutely. Do I have to call him stud to free now for the rest of the season because he is he got more than one sack against. That often offensive line of the Indianapolis Colts last week. So he's he's having a career year in a contract year quick sidebar here. Are you a believer in in the contract year We'll call motivation. And what I mean by that is the players that show out when they're trying to get money and when they get that money because they will they never really produced after this has nothing to do with the pre right now. The do you believe in that at all or do you think that he's just now starting to come. What is it a tiny bit but I think these are professional athletes with a lot of pride on the line and they don't want that stigma of saying? Hey I got the. He got the money money and now he's just going to just lay back and hang out. I think a guy like Bundu pre has had his twenty six sacks in his career career. So He's actually. He's not Jarvis Jones and so everybody wants to put them in that category with Jarvis Jones up a two this season and I really don't see it that way. I think you know it's a possibility but I don't think that was But all along I think do you brought it up and I actually watched the show the other day the post game and I it was either you Orlando brought it up and I love. This was the fact that I think Chris got this quote that you are quoting Chris. The fact that he He said they're just let me play my game now. And that might coincide with Joey Porter being gone and maybe Butler having more time with the outside linebackers the edge rushers but I really think that he's playing his game name. He's not overrunning anymore. I really like what he's doing. That was Christopher Carter of Pittsburgh. Sports is the one who spoke with by depre- during training McCabe. That's what he said. Immigrants to the difference between two thousand eighteen until nineteen. It almost sounded like Joey Porter was trying to turn them into tactician when he's not he's an athletic freak so let him do athletic freaky things speed rush full rush. And it's working and it's just crazy though when you look at the logistics of Joey Porter's dismissal in Keith Butler. Taking over position that he owned during the Dick Lebeau era and did a very good job. Bob Coaching the linebackers. During that time he people have realized he played linebacker in the National Football League for Seattle. So he's he knows what he's talking about and but now the sudden things have kinda turned around and you see some tremendous outside linebacker production from that group so this tax was going to be a tough one to the next Award in that is most improved player. He would you give that one to. There's a couple of names that come to my mind when I think about the best I would probably. Are we going offense. Defense can be improved okay. So there's one I want to go but for an offense but it's not as glaring as you know. We just talked about Bud DuPrey. He's really improved. But that's not who who I'm going to go with I'm looking at. Terrell Edmonds has improved a whole heck of a lot. You could also say the fact that make. If it's Patrick. Atra came in and all of a sudden in week three. He looked a whole heck of a lot better. He was not as exposed so that could have been a part of it. That's that's why Mingka's so very important but you know I'm really thinking thrill. Edmonds is a much better player than he was even week. One Edmonds is not a bad pick honestly wouldn't have gone with him. My right off the bed. Is Chris Boswell for me. I mean talk about a stark difference between two thousand US Mateen until the nineteen. I mean he has. He's only missed one. Kick this season and that was a fifty four yard her Not sure we ever did get a really good look on that kick that he missed estimate was going to be sure I know is left. I didn't know if there's going to be short as well for did have the leg and he just pulled it a little bit but still nails that fifty one yarder You know just. He's he's turned it around. He's he's back to being a you know the Chris Boswell that we need from two thousand seventeen and like you said I would put bud debris in this category two and and the one thing we forgot to mention as we just talked about two free at length. If you're just joining the show is my. Gosh he's you kind of alluded to this. He's healthy for the first time you've got to remember he. Battle that groin injury. The abdominal injury had a partially torn pack He's had some wrist issues. He's been hurt and banged up. A lot is crazy. Not dealing anything. I knocked on wood for those. That are superstitious. So who else would you put it in this category for Mason premiums. Well the guy on offense that I wanted to put on there. I mean it's really not an improvement for the fact that he's just getting a chance to shine right now and it would be Zach banner the hulk. I guess we're calling the Hawk now because he's been your boy from day one I'll give you. That's that's a guy that I loved. The Lincoln Kennedy Son and Lincoln was the first round draft pick Way Back in I believe ninety one or ninety two of the Falcons but but just a quality player and the thing I like about him is if you see on social media and what he's doing and the steelers community he's just a fantastic guy as well he's he's just one of these bright shining community stars you just love to have and he loves being in Pittsburgh he feels like he has found the hub. Then there's another guy on defense. I'll let you grab him if you want. I think I know who you'd be going with on this unless you take him. I mean I'm are they here thinking of Comfort Camp Sutton okay. I thought he had potential last year. He has played a lot better though. You're right you're right absolutely good picks and I think that there's a couple of guys like I see someone in the live chat Saint James Washington. I feel like he is on the cusp. And he's trending in the right direction. Shing better that's how I would put him up for that just yet so one more sure Mike Helton did not have a great two thousand eighteen. If you ask ask me and I really think he is playing a lot better football this year. He kind of bet on himself. Because you know that that restricted is not restricted but what he's a restricted free agent But exclusive rights restricted. Something like that but yeah I really feel like he is come on this year and become a stabilizing force with what he's been doing. So you've you have some strength on that in that secondary that you didn't even expect we have Steven Nelson coming in. which was you expected him to be? Pretty good but there's a lot of depth now and you did not have that depth before right now. It's good when you have a long list of players that could be included as the most improved player on the team or just an improving player on the team. I Ryan's are turning in the right direction. So lastly who would be your overall team. MVP At midway point at this juncture jokester. I gotTA GO BACK TO T. J. Watt. I think he has become the heart and soul of this defense and even more this team at this point. He's just he's just the most stable force on this team and he's becoming the poster child for this new Pittsburgh steelers. I agree I think. TJ What would be the team MVP. He's becoming coming the heart and soul of the team. You know not just the defense. He's becoming that the heartbeat. So I agree with you there. 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And so we for that we thank you so make sure you like this video whether it's during the show or after the show makes you like it. We really really appreciate it. Lastly Dave is in the live chat right now and he is going to be at the game on Sunday to four twenty five kickoff against the Los Angeles. We're GONNA talk about that here coming up in a little bit and he wants to do a little meet up with fans before the game so he wanted me to mention that follow him on twitter. I'm sure when he puts it in the live chat. I will post it here on the screen and he will mention where he's going to be. If you're going to the game on Sunday find him. He's a giant of a man. You can't and you were. They wanted he wants to do a live. Show of few minutes before the game about prediction thoughts and just like to meet some of the people that follow the show. Assuming pretty cool if you're going to be at the game to check him out so once he puts his twitter Hampshire is probably like two hundred fifty characters Hello I saw the last one Jeff. I the one he did. It made me want to just go out there and it was exciting. It was fun. Dave looked more fun than he is when he hangs out with us. So now you know it's awesome so we have such a great bt SC community and we love to expand it so go hang. Hang out with Jeff I mean excuse me hang out with Dave. Don't hang out with Jeff or you can hang out with Jeff at his house. PM Address I'll take take care of that but So let's go hang out with Dave. It's a lot of fun and David I Antoni. Were Planning on doing this. In December for for big one so I start thinking of really cool things for that December Fifteenth L. Gate 'cause we're coming in and I'm hungry there you go. That's that's awesome zillow guys. Do Shift away from the team awards in. Let's go to grades from this past game in Dave just put his. Oh my gosh. It's the same as busy now. Often steeler fan husband dead nineteen eighty-seven dot COM loving steelers. Taylor's Yes so S. T. l.. Are Short for Steeler Superfan. Dad that's his twitter handle there you go so S. T. L. RC. To prevent add. You have to follow him on twitter if you don't follow him on twitter. I told him that he should send me a text before. The Games ahead. Just in out the tweet I'll I'll go on the behind the steel curtain twitter feed which has a lot more followers than him. And then I'll re tweeted serve. You see that they get it that way so there you go there. They're trying to confiscate his helmet a couple times at at the one game assuming he's very protective of that helmet. Yeah so that's that's the thing they I'm trying to make him go back to his car. Province gate the helmet because he can't have his face covered in which is really odd August. People have Halloween masks. So there you go but like each of the last couple of times. He went into the one gate. They're trying to take his helmet. But you can't take his star wars helmet. That would kill him. Probably would literally okay Brian. Let's go back. You talked a lot about this Colts game with breath. Tony on the hangover on Monday But I want to just go back and kind of get your thoughts on. Grey's you do the grade report for behind steel curtain DOT com. Sometimes I feel like and I know you said this before that. You don't have a lot of time to really think about it. You're just trying to get the article done because it's going to run the next day and I want to go over some grades for specific players. Now want to see what grade you would give them you do it by offense defense special teams etc.. I wanted to ski skin. Your great What are your thoughts on? Jayjay she sir. You know what really I'm not giving you a pass on this. At all in the grade read column I put him in the requires improvement. The I didn't really I don't give him detention anymore. I just say requires improvement because it's Kinda gentler bad but I thought first of all the interception look I know. We're not trying to coddle Mason Rudolph but the really wasn't Mason Rudolph fault on that that one interception. Now there's a couple of balls. James Washington caught. That should have been intercepted So I'm not giving mason a pass either but what I'm saying on that particular throw in that first drive Juju I mean that looks like Moncrieff. It's just like boop up in the air. I mean that was that could have killed them right off the bat and so that's one of those stats when you look at stats. You pin the interception on Mason Rudolph. But that's not his ball. I'll also like to see almost like to see a stat that says you know interceptions caused but that gets the whole nother dimension. But so. We're not doing that but what I'm saying is Juju did not look great at all so I could really give him a C minus for I mean. I felt like he wasn't getting open. There's a a couple of times. He just looked lackadaisical and I know he's not I know he plays with heart and fire and Mike Tomlin came out and said Judas so much more that you don't even know and I agree with that but if I'm looking just straight I test I'm saying that's that's that's a really rough game one of the worst games I've ever seen them play. I'm not worried about it. I don't think it's GonNa Continue. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown unfocused your avengers of college football podcast. It says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from. I'm cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college. Football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the with early. And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts S.. or in your favorite podcast APP. Yeah I agree with your grade of a C. minus I thought that's very appropriate for him but but again there's a lot of stuff that you don't see for instance moments where he might have beat his one on one coverage and for whatever reason maybe pressure maybe it was was just he was just checking the ball down the already gotten rid of the football mason. Rudolph didn't find him. So it's tough to grade receivers. 'cause you're still relying on other players now. Let's talk about a position. Addition does not require anyone's help in that is I guess the offensive line and that's Mason. Rudolph he was headed another up and down performance. But what would you agree. Am I'm probably going to Give Him just a little bit higher grade but not much Straight see on that Let us SCO head. Give him about if we're going to go to college here. We'll say seventy five percent so he'd be right in the middle just one of those games where I like the fact that he went deeper and he's finding himself going downfield. It's it doesn't look like those passing charts from the early Games when when the offense coordinator rainy feet and I was coming out and saying well. He's afraid to downfield. We want him to go down field. I still don't buy that but what I'm saying is I think he's getting his confidence and he's doing a whole lot more. I thought there's some pass someplace that he looked poised on. But there's some that he just I mean their place that he just did not look good at all so I would just say an average. I'm not even GonNa say below average just about about a see. That's exactly the great. I gave him in our post game show and Lance Nance asked me that question. I thought that there was good. There's still some bad that's going to happen you know. This is a young quarterback. He's not gonNA have. I do expect Tim to have at least one game. And I would say it's GonNa come up sooner than later that he has a good game. Ah Game where we say. Wow this might be the the potential that we've been talking about for so long but this was not his game to do that He had too many blips on the radar. And you know what Jeff you you know and everybody in the live chat. Don't bring out the comparisons between he and Ben Rothlisberger because his stats are better than Roethlisberger's rookie. I understand that and we were. We could probably say this about Ben's rookie year two with up and down games but who I liked to compare him to a little bit with the way he's starting out and and what I see from him in the future because I I see great things from this guy in the future but kind of reminds me a little bit of Neil O'Donnell because if you yeah okay you're GonNa do that but if you look at Neil O'Donnell stats ninety-one ninety-two. When they were eleven and five? I haven't shocked the world and cowers first season to go to the playoffs. They were the number one seed. Actually the playoffs Looking really good Before they blow it the bills twenty four to three at home. I'm still not over that but O'Donnell his I mean like an average passing game for him was like one hundred and seventy five yards yards. And then you look at the O'Donnell from the Super Bowl Year of ninety five and he was upper twos in the threes he was. He's doing so much more. So these young quarterbacks and we forget he's only started five games in the pros but these guys have to go through their progressions. I don't know why I'm doing that with my hand. Walking up steps I guess but you just have to elevate they need time. We're so spoiled because because we had fifteen years of Ben Rothlisberger and of course we're GONNA forget the first couple years of Ben Rothlisberger when he was and I heard you say this when he he was a gay manager when he was when he was learning his learning his trade as well. But Neil O'Donnell is the third he is the the third ranked passing in passing leaders in Pittsburgh steeler history and he had some good years for us. Forget about what happened in the superbowl. Forget about him being a sell out all that stuff the mafia by forget all about that that stuff what I just remember where he was and where he ended up as being a appro passer I could see that with Mason Rudolph with not the extra stuff that the bad stuff that we remember about. O'Donnell that we're forgetting about some of the good stuff. But this is not about O'Donnell this is just what Rudolph can do. And so it's GonNa take time for him to grow into the upper echelon of a quarterback but he could do that. I guess for me when everyone loves to talk about Mason Rudolph whether you love him or whether you have reservations about him it all comes down to your expectations of him and I don't look at him as some people when they think of the heir apparent to Ben Rothlisberger they think I I think. Sometimes they're kind of brainwashed into thinking he's like a top pick. The Guy was a third round draft pick you know he was not a teams first round draft. Pick in so with that. That right away should temper. Your expectations is a little bit and realized that this guy fell to the third round for reason now we all thought those are very good value. Pick at the time but at the same time he wasn't a day one draft pick and so with that again. Set your expectations there. Secondly he's only started five games in his entire life so I don't understand where people were time he's reading the field. Well Blah Blah Blah. He doesn't have the anticipation he's got three receivers open. There's a very small. All amounts of quarterbacks that have played football the national football league to walk in the door. I could do that right away. And then some people said I got an email from someone this past week. After the post game show said well. Oh my gosh of Mason Rudolph what did you not playing college. Playing against defenses Have you watched big twelve football. Recently there is no defense defense literally. There's basically they're playing seven on seven football big twelve. I want to say one year heads zero defensive players drafted in the national football league so when he played it Oklahoma state in the big twelve. No there wasn't a lot of defense that he had awad. They really focus on so he used to put all this together. And so is he the the answer at the quarterback position when RAF asperger's done. I'm GONNA follow the. I'M GONNA tow the company line if I worked the steelers and save what Mike Tomlin said. We don't know yet we don't know he's played five games. He's been up he's been down. We don't know yet period so I I liked base and Rudolf. I think he's very hey good professional. He handles himself well. I think he has the look of an. NFL quarterback but at the same time no one knows no one knows. And that's kind of what's really intriguing about this season for me. Is that every week when you go into it. You have the prospect of seeing something like wow this is this could be really good it you know so. We'll see Brian. What are your thoughts? My thoughts exactly. We need to see him grow. And you know you you brought up big twelve. I watched a lot of West Virginia Games over the years. Defense is I don't even know where they get these guys to play defense and they make in these receivers are so much better so let's let them grow and let's remember that there's a learning curve. A this is the number one pressure position in football. You're called a quarterback for a reason so I mean so he comes in you you. Everything else is as a quarterback on defense. He's the quarterback of the power. Play at hockey Everybody's talking about the quarterback in business. He's our quarterback quarterback is the leader leader. It takes a while you just don't come in after five games and light the world on fire and if you do a lot of time. It's not sustainable. So so these are the growing pains. This is he's the Mike seaver right now of the National Football League. And if you don't know who Mike seaver is. He's from Kirk Cameron from growing pains. And I'M NOT GONNA go into the theme song I know a lot of a lot of you WanNa hear me sing. I'm not going to do that but I'm just saying let them grow. And realize that the you have a potential really good player and so we'll see the two thousand nineteen season season. If I were to sum it up in the one word it's intriguing. It's the trend. And that's that's it for me. And I say that as a website editor and writer because intriguing bins traffic. At times you know there's different facets of this season Ben Rothlisberger goes down Mason. Rudolph comes in they trade for makeup. It's Patrick David Bush. They traded up to get him in house he playing. There's a lot of intriguing factors on this team but debris now suddenly bouncing back and showing. What he's capable of of Chris? Boswell literally bouncing back at me. It's easy and so it'll be interesting to see Doing a savings of five five dollars and a tip jar from X.. Any be says his Rudolph just needs to be good not great. We have to pay the defense I I I would agree with that. They don't need Mason Rudolph to go out there and win most games. What they have to do is hope that he goes out there and doesn't lose games and I think that's the offense in philosophy from Ray beefeater probably passed down from Mike Tomlin when it comes to the game plan and I think the Brian you and I both agree that were hoping that that slowly changes that the see release get a little bit longer with Mason Rudolph as the season goes on yes? We watched the lease get along with Ben Roethlisberger and every other guy that came through this system we watched the leash. Be taken off of a guy like Terry Bradshaw and put back on the bench before he finally got it together so quarterbacks just a different animal well into a you saw against the colts in week nine they come out into no they around the no huddle. They moved the ball down the field rather quickly and then all of a sudden they go away from it in wisit they never revisit the no huddle again on. My guess is that they practice that sequence. They got the ball first. They ran the no huddle it was effective. Hopefully it's one of those situations -tuation where the this is kind of like. Wow that works. Maybe we can revisit that use that as a as another weapon in our arsenal so to speak steeler fan number seventy four ses. Jeff do you think the offensive scheme still needs. Adapt to Mason. Yes and no I mean at this point in time. I think that where he is in his career. You have a good feel for what he can't do well In other words right now throwing between the numbers down the field is the struggle for him. So you're not gonNA dial Kawada passes but it doesn't mean that eventually he won't get there. I think what they should be doing. Now is getting comfort a rainy feet or should have a good comfort for level with Basic Rove is for what he likes to do. Running plays out of shotgun running plays in the red zone that are added this formation. It's that's where I'm hoping to see. The offense continue the trend and it has trended in the right direction. They knew the ball better. The only issue was recently at the Red Zone as they've struggled and I love my Tomlin Onlin that his question was during the press conference on. Tuesday what is the reason reasoning behind these red zone issues and he started. He's really rewards. Because you don't have your starting quarterback out there you know. That's one of the reasons event. Rothlisberger is a fifteen year veteran. And he's seen all the different defensive alignments indeed defensive coverages and he knows what plays GonNa work here and all that whereas Mason Rudolph does not that so I think that the offense sense does need a Taylor around what Rudolf does but I feel like they should already have that Gio Brian. What are your thoughts on that? I think it's getting better but I think the the The offense needs to adapt the two thousand nineteen. And what is this run. Run Pass late in the game. Run run pass run run pass. Yes predictable won't thirty eight. Wow I bet she's going to pass the ball on third and eight in the red zone so that's kind of. I still think it's unimaginative times but I think they're doing a lot better tailoring to Mason Rudolph game so I'm not complaining about that anymore. I just still want some imagination. I think it's still aww generic I think sometimes a thirteen year old playing madden. Could come up with a more imaginative game plan. Then what Randy Femur Hitler does not a Randy Feeder fan at all. No because he was never a hired to be anything more than a quarterback coach. Jeff he is not the offensive coordinator. There was hired the offensive coordinator is Ben Rothlisberger. And now he's not. They didn't even interview view anybody. They didn't even post the job. It was just like okay. We got our Haley's gone. We've got our new. Oh See. That's that's who ben wanted and we have to keep the franchise is quarterback happy now Benz hurt. And now you have a guy that is generic. I don't WANNA use Vanilla. Vanilla is very rich flavor. I don't even want to call this vanilla because I love something. Vanilla Vanilla Coke is awesome but ice cream is actually pretty good especially French for in our at this point. This guy is not vanilla. That's too nice to Koa. He's generic he is blah. He's land. He's he's watching English Downton Abbey with my mother-in-law that's what he is he's boring. It's tough to I can't disagree with you. I can't disagree with you. I I definitely do think that they need to have. I wouldn't say fire the guy would you. I called for it on a point counterpoint. Not Too far back dude. You know I know they're not going to go out and get whizzing hunt. I know they're not going to go ahead and make a change L. style but let's go back in time to two thousand thousand twelve. I believe it was and Cam. Cameron was the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore. Ravens after week. Ten or eleven seven. I believe it was it was around Thanksgiving. It was pretty late They fired cameron. And they brought in Jim Caldwell and won a super bowl So there there's there's a president that it works. I just don't think this guy is a good offense grinner whatsoever. I think he's was a fantastic test. A quarterback coach. I thought he was a good mentor to Ben Rothlisberger. I think he has value just like. Hey we're seeing we're seeing Keith Butler. Bler he's helping out right now. He's the defensive quarter recorded enter but is he or is he the outside linebacker coach. What is he? We Know Austin's in the house. What is he? We don't really know but we know we have an offensive coordinator right now. That's really not because you think he was calling those plays as I was going to those plays and that's going back to my old rant. I just say maybe it's time he's a super nice guy but maybe it's time to go ahead cut the ties on that. Because if I'm not doing my job at my real job they're going to go ahead and say hey we're gonNA bring in somebody that's actually going to do the job just because somebody likes me isn't enough to keep me. I could be a great guy at work until really funny jokes around the water cooler but at the end of the day. If I'm not producing I gotta go. Now you're right. Maybe he is on the hot seat a little bit and it'll be interesting to see. I don't think they're going to do anything. MIDSEASON although although I think but At the end of the season you know how do they. He might be pinned to to Ben. In other words Ben's future and feeders teacher feature might be tied hand in hand. So let's talk a little bit about the upcoming game coming up this Sunday. Four twenty five eastern time Los Angeles Rams mm travel across country on the steelers are eleven and five hundred Tom. I believe playing West Coast teams at home in the most recent game. It was a loss to the Seattle seahawks losses. They have Brian. I believe that they have. I believe to inside joke. Oh give what is zoned out last week preview but yeah the Seattle seahawks have two losses and they still have two losses. I WANNA go over the injury. Sure report quickly. This show is recorded on Wednesday. So you're listening to it on Thursday or Friday. This is an old injury report but this is the one we have right now The following players did Nov practice but because of injury several that were not injured related. There need to talk about Roosevelt. Next did not practice with the knee. Mark Barron those. Not Injured Related Benny snow with Andy. We knew about that. Trey edmunds at the bridge. Did Not practice and Ryan switched over. The back did not practice. I've got a hunch Brian I've got a hunch that we might have seen the last of Ryan Switzer this season really. I don't know what it I. Read an article on the Tribune interview. One of the The rookie of the practice squad running back they brought up this past week has done returning has been returning kicks. I guess he has experienced return. Or Man Brooks James. I think it is something like that something like that but I I'm thinking to myself okay. He's returning kicks in practice. This switzer's little banged up. They're going to need the running back hell because we know that Trey Edmunds item. Might not be ready. Maybe maybe Switzer goes on injured reserve with this Phantom backslash ribs injury and that's the end of the season and maybe it's time that this I don't know maybe I'm I'm I am kind of in conclusion mode today just like I also the conclusions they signed Sutton Smith to the practice squad today. They did it for or a fullback not for linebacker They're Asante because Roosevelt next missed practice with the knee. Mike Tomlin's Eddie aggravated his knee. They WANNA have a full back on the roster. They don't have a fullback on the roster. He has experience in their system. Elise the small amount being full-back said they bring him back and if they have to promote they promote it. And if you need to promote him you give Ryan Switzer on injured reserve builder. Yeah now I just saw this dealers problems let me ask you. I love that I mean actually. That is very wise in fact if you can do that for baseball you can hire you for the pirates. Tyrant's the general manager. I I would actually vote for that. Let me ask you a question about this whole Sutton Smith thing because I really read into what today was he left. Go from Jacksonville or did he. They sign him off. Jacksonville's practice squad and he's available. There was no report of them There was no report of he was being taken off another team's practice squad. Hello Listener. I'm Sean Ramos. Firm host of today explained Fox's Daily News podcast every day Monday through Friday. My team and I look at what's happening in the world. We pick one essential news story that defines our moment and as smart people to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start or end your day subscribed today explained for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. It's from stitcher and the VOX media. PODCAST network okay. Very interesting as far as Switzer Goes Jeff. Look I think he is a very reliable guy with the ball in his hands. You know he's not GonNa Muffin. You don't expect him to. He's very short handed. But somebody on the live Chat Kota Mr go nowhere. And that's really what he is and I I know you know I was passionate about the whole maybe to passionate about the whole Deontay Spencer thing with my twenty minute rant on why they cut this guy. He's going to be a superstar but he had another nice kickoff return for Denver the other day. And it's IT'S A or was it a punt return but the thing is you know you need to. You can't be. He's starting at the twenty-five every single time when other teams are starting around the thirty five. That's I mean that's the position that I know they might be getting rid of it they might be getting rid of kick returns in the future but for right now still have it. You need to be viable that position. And that's I mean every week in the Grades Jeff. All I'm writing is on special teams like Barry had another great week. Averaging forty nine yards of Boswell was four for four four some nice punt coverage but as far as I write it every week. I don't even change anymore as far as the return game. It's invisible. Yeah and I write that. I don't know if you catch it. I don't even have to change it. It's invisible. There's nothing and if there is a slight return there's a hold so it drives me absolutely crazy and I think the fact that he doesn't have a lot of speed also makes it easier to hold for the you commit a whole because he doesn't have a whole lot of speed so you know I'm I'm just thinking as far as that goes Switzer's not doing anything. Somebody just wrote that. He was so much more effective with Ben Rothlisberger. But I'm not calling effective in the New England game when he had like eight thousand catches and four we're yards. That's like Jerome. Bettis it last year three touchdowns minus one yard and this those were actual game lines for lines for Jerome. But he was a hall L. A.. Famer this guy he goes nowhere so I'm kind of I mean I don't want to see anybody lose their job but I kind of like I have an emotional stake stake in the steam and I'd like to see them actually do something when it comes to return game. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out the rest of this week. And maybe they have to juggle their roster a little bit. Maybe they don't we'll see But when you think about this I don't WanNa get too much too in depth into the game this Sunday because obviously that's our job in the preview which will air tomorrow on Youtube around nine. PM Eastern Standard Time. You want to check it out live. That's myself Bryan. and Dave Scofield When you're thinking about like okay there's a couple players a couple of matchups? That really should be highlighted circle. Red Pen whatever. What are some of those matchups players? Well you know what I don't really know who is going to be matched up against Juju Smith Schuster. I'm almost thinking it is a guy like Jalen Ramsey. But if I'm going to look at a guy on defense that I'm kind of wary the of it's Jalen Ramsey and I feel like he is still in shutdown mode and if if Juju had a lackluster game last week. I'm thinking going up against a guy like Ramsey and that tough ram secondary might be a little tough. So that's kind of a match up that I kind of look at and then the number one. It's Aaron Donald Against the offensive line. Wherever this guy is leading up be careful because he will? We'll kill Ya. He's a game record period. He can wreck the whole game plan. I think that's where you start is obviously Aaron Donald. But I'm going to say that for me. It's if the steelers have any chance in this game it may do a chance. I really do think they're good enough to compete. Appear with anybody in the National Football League you. They'RE GONNA have to pressure Goff. They're going to have to keep doing what they've been doing it. He'll throw some bad add. He'll make some bad decisions and he will struggle if you hit him hit him early and often and so the can continue doing what they've been doing in terms of getting pressure sacking the quarterback. The pressure has resulted in a lot of interceptions and turnovers. If they can do that I think they have a chance but if they they can't get home for whatever reason and they haven't trying to think Brian Missouri gain didn't get a sack this season I think at least had one in every game may have had one in every game. Yes he only gets rivers once they hit him a bunch I believe they sacked New England. Brady and New England wants to so the defense is different. This defense is different than the weak on defense but CAM. Kelly started that game. That's all I have to say about the so for me. I mean if they can get to golf and the Stop the running game. THAT'S A BIG ONE UTAH. girly can you talk about Aaron Donald Kentucky game so can grow if he gets going and as my Thomas said he's off five five yards equip. That's tough that's really tough. So Oh the rams struggle in pass protection. That's something that's been known all season. So that's one of the steelers really focused on I'm not sure if the spread is now is the steelers. Were getting three and a half points. The last I saw. That's the last I saw. Okay so what is your pretty. Did you hold your prediction for tomorrow. Or because you know what I I will unless Lance doesn't I I mean if Lance doesn't I did but I'll go ahead and give it I'll give my prediction. You can hold your do you want to say and I'll I'll say it again tomorrow night. They'd Brian actually picked the score of last week's game. Get Addicted to score. He's twenty six twenty four and I remember thinking myself twenty six twenty. What Twenty six twenty six? What's his thinking thinking to yourself? You were quite vocal. That's ridiculous score you ages blasted me twenty twenty six. It's ridiculous I'm like well I mean they're gonNA have trouble against that colts defense and then you've got four field goals from Boswell I at this point I'm like all right. I set it on the one show so I had to put it on the burning question then I had to go ahead and put it in the article. The bottom bizarre predictions so I was married to it so when that happened. Bend it like six minutes left. We gotta taxed from Dave Scofield. You and I got one. He's like oh no and I was like yeah. That's right boys because as much as I went the steelers to win I want this twenty six to twenty four. Because I'm never gonNA. They'd never let me hear the end of the touchdown zone and the seahawks two losses. Though I need something in the football Karma Guy Gods came down helped me out on this one so I got lucky. I mean I never gonNa do it again. I last time in my life. I did a defensive touchdowns I got that right but I was twenty four to twenty last week and I was wrong. Oh now I know that for those of you that listen to the standards of standard every week and hopefully a lot of you that are chiming in right. Now do a couple of weeks ago Oh lance and I looked at this three-game stretch at home and we kinda gave our predictions how we thought things were Gonna go go during this stretch and this is the game that I said I could see this year's losing based on the fact that I felt that the rams were a team that could turn it into a shootout and the steelers are not equipped to get in that type of game. Things can obviously change between a few weeks ago now and they sears. They said legitimately have and so I. I know I'm going to recall homer and I've never said that I'm not a homer but I'm GonNa Change my pig in this game. It revenue stated the steelers. Win this game Based on their defense is that that much better than it was and I think that day showed me so much last week. No it wasn't perfect. They still gave up -Tuni- rushing yards for me. They couldn't get off the field. But I feel like this is a game against the Rams Rams disturbed that the Kinda finesse team and I feel like they are a team that is not going to go out and punch you in the mouth. The colts were kind of that team with Marlin MAC in a big offensive line. And Jacoby Bruce said but this. This team doesn't have that it was brain cokes. Already voted out because of a concussion. This week that's one must weapon you have to worry about steals have enforced at Nat area considering T. Y.. Hilton play last last week. No brandin cooks this week. I think the steelers are actually going to shock the world in beat this team and I'm GonNa go with a score of of I think they're gonNA put up. Let's see here China to go. Brian Davis here is my score prediction. I'M GONNA say Thirty Burner Score Thirty points thirty to twenty four. They win. I think Mason Rudolph has a good game. It's is Jalen Ramsey GonNa Shadow juju Smith Schuster wherever he goes. If I'm randy feeding her and we just chastise the crap out of him a few minutes ago or Brian did I would put him in the slot almost primarily if jalen emails ever Jalen Ramsey is not going to follow him to the inside. Put Him on the inside. BECAUSE ADOBE ODA get yards area. You'll be able to move the ball so I think the steelers are I really fake. They're on the cusp offensively. At least on the cost and I think did from a running game if they get James. cornerback Jalen Samuels is healthy. So there's your change of pace back because he's proven thirteen catches last week. I like the steelers others to win at home in cap off of really tremendous homestand of three straight wins. Actually before straight wins and five of their last six. I think that they win advanced the five four their first time over five hundred and for Brian Prediction. You'RE GONNA have to tune in tomorrow night on the steelers preview to find out what that is Kinda like like that tees are a little bit you know so. Subscribe to find out what time we're going to be on. That's true yeah. A lot of people are asking. I get emails all the time about our podcast and someone said you want to. I never know what you guys are doing online low. It's there's pretty much a standard schedule for the most part. Most of our shows are on about You know nine pm or roughly around there. Brian shows a little bit earlier on Monday. But other than that. I mean if you subscribe to the channel. You'll get a notification whether it's an email whether it's a push-button notification your phone that this channel is going live so you don't miss a thing so for me. I think the steelers win. What are you all think I want to see what the live chat it says? What are your predictions? And I WANNA see a score and I WANNA see exactly how you see this thing going down Let's see here as will does not believe it. He's as you think rated Rudolph scoring on Ramsey. This is a game you need ban in a be these games for star players. Here's here's my answer to that. Jalen Ramsey is one player. Okay and so yeah he might take out one player but at the same time. There's other options the steelers. It's GONNA be tough. I'm not saying it's going to be easy but I absolutely think did the steelers are capable. You Re with that right. Yeah I I really do. I'm drinking the KOOL aid. I really think that. And you know the The question on the show that the show was are these guys starting to be for real well and I hope I didn't steal any thunder there but this is the game that's going to tell you if they're for real and the rams are not the rams that were in the Super Bowl last year they do have some dangerous weapons they have a guy who wasn't in the Super Bowl but And that's cooper cop but because he was injured he's the guy that I feel. You need to stop but sure they add Jalen Ramsey. But you're exactly right where there's other places that that they can go here and I really think that this is a team that is coming alive at the right time with chips on their shoulder a lot to prove so I really like what version of the Pittsburgh steelers. We have right now if they lose this game. Do you think that it's You said and you said that if they win this game they're back but you think there's a way that they could lose this game and still show you that they're back absolutely You if you don't get murdered in this game and you put up. Jeff what if you lose twenty seven twenty four on a last second kick against against a very solid Los Angeles Rams team that means that the kind of back in I'll go back to. Let's let's look at the Baltimore Game. They were to to me. They were they had that game. Basically one in overtime some really questionable things happen then. You had the devastating field goal. They really had had a team. That's still undefeated in San Francisco. They had them beaten. They had the two loss Seattle seahawks beaten and things happened happened. Things happen in all of them but they happen because they lost them but they were on the cusp of winning all of those games. So if if you lose this game by a field goal or even four but you're in it the whole time that doesn't mean you're out especially in the AFC. A lot of people have forgotten and that they are now the number seven seed in the AFC six seeds go in. And you have you own an attack breaker over one of the teams ahead of you in the wild card race. And that's the Indianapolis Colts you go head to head against the buffalo bills that have some really tough games aims coming up themselves so you know look at it you. This is not going to kill you. They're not an opponent where this threat level midnight midnight to lose this game like it was a few weeks back however they can still be back and what I'm seeing right now is the answer. The show is yeah. They're back in the equation. They're not back as a number one seed super bowl favorite. Because they're definitely not but what they are is. They're now in the equation. Were looking their way and go like look here they come. And what did we hear all of last year at the end in the playoffs offs. They're like wow of Pittsburgh got in. They could have been the most dangerous team in the playoffs last year. With the way they were trending but not but that was before everything fell apart with Mr third and fifth and everything happening but they could have been very dangerous if the if they had gotten in. So yeah I would say they're back. Yeah and so. I think that Ken Says It. What best here? He said still waiting for the flagship game for Mason. I guess I ki- banking on that. I feel there's going to be a game. You think back to Ben's rookie season. He had those two games against Philli and the Patriots did. Did you really kind of hang your hat on and say that was. That was a great game. I'm waiting for that. I'm waiting for those games. Maybe it won't have it. Maybe it will either Cornell this could be one of them. You're at home Thursday game at home. You have gotten rid of the cobwebs of figuratively and literally from the concussion. And and I feel like this is this is a good chance for him to actually prove himself wholesale. He can do it so Brian before we call it a show anything else to add to her. Sadist insulation steeler nation. I love you. I think this is the game where we find out exactly who we are. Also I want to correct something that was on the live chat a compliment towards me about my awesome. What my awesome old school? SAGO CHARGERS JERSEY. That is not so so I just WANNA go ahead and show this off. I'm from Johnstown. Everybody knows and if you slap shot and you know hockey the charlestown chiefs. This movie was filmed in Johnston Awesome. This is my Paul. Newman Reggie Dunlop Jersey. So I'm Rockin some slapshot and Salute Ajay town. The flood city. The johnstown are actually had an E. C. E. C. H. L. team the Johnstown chiefs and They played against they played against my wheeling thunderbirds growing up. All the time had season tickets deal which was a lot of fun to go see. And who was the coach of the Johnstown chiefs their second season in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight for a few years i. I can't think of that. His name was Steve Carlson. You might know him. Better as Steve Hansen number seventeen the Hanson brothers. He probably coach coach Johnston legitimate coach. They they took the Carolina Thunderbirds. One thousand nine hundred nine. I was a senior in high school. Could I went to all the games to the the seventh game. If for the title also. Carlson went onto coach. Bishop mccart which is is the The Catholic Highschool in Johnstown most famous for a very famous steeler alumnus. Jack Ham went bishopscourt and so he coached them to four straight titles in the early two thousands. So something very interesting there. If we're I digress. We're getting onto hockey. Everybody everybody if you love football you still love slapshot. I mean it's a guy's guy people that have been watching Youtube. No that I wear appeared painted under these all the time during shows and stuff so you have a big hockey guy which by the way the easy H. L. Cup at that time was the Raleigh Cup and the wheeling thunderbirds waiver to claim that cup. I think in ninety two ninety three is a really fun year. That year did not even thunderbirds anywhere. They're called the wheeling Naylor's the Thunderbird name was sold. And here's the thing. The birds were the Carolina thunderbirds. The team. That I just mentioned the chiefs for the title visit. Is this regret games. I as a as a young does an adolescent. We as he's tickets and I can name all the players and the TV show now is insane. Got Teams in Vegas and Old Hawaii. What they have a Hawaiian? I mean there's one anchorage to that's IT Really I. It was such a goon league. It was amazing back in when the chiefs came in in January of eighty eight when they came back and they named him because of the Charlestown chiefs and they came in. It was just all fights in crazy. He's just and we would go all the time because it was cheap. You go for about six bucks you would get great seats and it was just so fun. And we I watched slapshot a million billion times Growing up it was the ABC movie of the Week my parents taped it on a Beta vhs was so it was like everything was the ex touted. I didn't find out how awesome it wasn't much later but I mean I live that movie and I I mean I was actually at the filming. My mom was an extra and I was at the final game. But I have no recollection of it whatsoever but I was in the stands as a child as I was for the Tom Cruise movie. All the right moves at age. Eleven was in the stands for that. I'm not visible. And like I said I had no recollection of the first game. But I still know that I was there because my my mom says I I saw my mom I could see my mom but Really interesting I talked about E. C. H. L. Back in the day I remember those the game against team which I don't know if he noticing the Columbus chill the wheeling and there was a bench clearing brawl at the end of regulation joy. Asian game was over goalies. Were fighting.

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