f5: Real Businesses Have Real Costs


here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart people look you know you see it all the time people look at a tray of micro greens and they go oh that's worth fifteen twenty twenty five thirty dollars there's for that and you're like in my sees only caught the dollar and my my my soil only cost a dollar fifty a pretty good return but then you've got your electricity costs and you're around engineer labor costs and you're you know all these you know business causton in this is classic in any if you think about your revenue but you don't think about you're expensive so so for us you know we do we do quite well we have a fulltime staff for year round and what break even business now workers call lots of breaking even as is good because you know all that money comes back to us workers were increasing you know always increasing are wage when we can sort of business federal report outrage so so an nfc is breaking and even still fine but they're spending like we just said we have a lot of expenses all the time and the bigger your business gets you've got expenses are going to exist just because of your size dennis thing is it's a lot of people go the small scale growing and they don't consider things like so they don't consider things like insurance so people are growing in selling food to the public without insurance and you know it's one thing to do that in canada let's do that in the united states that that's just crazy to me just with a culture that's very obsessed with liability so you know that's how you know thousand dollars a year for insurance of people just like you know if i signed a thousand dollars on the germans this year i don't get that thousand dollars for myself so things like that workers compensation all although sort of business off if if you're not yet i'm realizing those costs and then your model numbers are kind of false right and if something happens when somebody does sexy company or product you're you're in a real bad situation the other thing is so micro greens in canada and i believe it's the same thing in the united states are considered sprouts sprouts ari quote unquote high risk shoot product and there are very very specific guidelines and canada and probably regulations in the united states around what you must do while producing starts now i i'm actually has the belief but the term micro greens came about so people don't have the autumn sprout and that way they say but they're not sprouts micro greens are just essentially strokes grown in soil that's how the canadian food inspection agency looks at it though if you're a business and you're calling the micro green it doesn't matter they're still on the radar because they're on the radar there is a whole sanitation in hygiene program that must a company or a business and i know very well that people don't have sanitation plans and you know they're not doing pathogen tests and they're not sanitizing their seat and you know they don't have all these very basic protocols that exist and so once again those things are just quitting they're putting their business at risk for one thing but they're they're expensive we absorb because of the nature of the business so it's kinda like i'm gonna open up a restaurant but i'm not gonna have a dishwasher you know what will just will just using air compressor in maine whatever will just you know spraying the stuff off the dishes in the second backhanded it'll be fine so it's it's if you don't understand in real life the cost of the business a successful business and that means i could find on new business being successful which means growing more and more people you know you can slip under the radar and

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