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Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor. Slur in private online environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better your help. Dot com slash twenty twenty. That's two zero two zero one <music> okay. Where's she at now. There's a brand new twist in a case that started like this chris plante breaking the law kids rooms this one's clear when it comes to brutality and lemon ranked number one for me a hole in the sterile the it was extreme struggle draw she bought him ken kelly stat said why i just couldn't make sense of it and worse her own seven year. Old daughter witnessed it. All she told me man was hurting miami. Who's yelling run charlie run. Those were the last words she heard from her mother. Then she looks at me she goes but it couldn't have been danny because of who would take care of someone had a ax to grind and it was shocking to hear that there's another person and we weren't expecting it at all. It was a lot more to this story going to set the house on fire with kelly and the children in the house with killer he saw scenario about what shape fought to her last breath into say he the fingers region of new york state known for its breathtaking scenery lush wineries and brilliant ball colors. It's just a nice flavor community very easy going nice place to raise kids nineteen years ago a new game skated into town the almira jackals minor league hockey team bringing fury of energy and excitement to the area when the jackals or is it really gave the community the town something into rally around on those win friday nights and saturday nights suddenly had four thousand people kind of going downtown a lot of them. Maybe grab a drink afterwards. Tom clayton knows how to get under his opponent. One of the big stars number eighteen thomas clayton looking to take his game to the next level if you get one of their top guys off the ice for two minutes five minutes. It's the job done. Tom was shipping aggressive. His job was to go out there and instigate trouble. He would slash other players years. He would just try to get agitated to the point where they would draw italy. He was an instigator on the ice. We got behind the play and looking at start fights here. He is the scrapping it out with a rival player clayton coming back at him. You wanna fight someone dislike for nearly get so you just want to fight you know animated and intimidating clayton help to keep things in perspective. The hockey sensation would soon meet his match in kelly stage. Kelly was definitely outgoing wing spontaneous. She cared about everybody fashionable crazy at times loyal definitely sassy then put up with anything local girl. She spotted tom from the stances sister. Kim bourgeois at a game is when she first saw thomas clinton she thought he was cute and she went out that night to a bar after the game with her best friend andy he was sitting at the bar and i asked him girlfriend and he said <hes> who are you asking for. You're not me said the blonde she's unbelievable. Were they smitten with each other. Yes very very sorry he was known as a bad boy. He would have a harem of girls following him. Was it about him that attracted such attention. Tom was very good looking. He was smooth. We try to make you feel like you're the most beautiful girl in the room. The relationship chip gross serious quickly and they marry in two thousand six. The following year. Tom haughey career crashes. When he injures his leg. He was looking to really try to put that behind. Move on start a family in the area. I with baby girl charlie it and three years later son colin follows. Would they happy. She was very happy. As far as i knew he was happy to. She loved tim. I know that my sister truly truly loved him and kelly as a mom she having a great time as a young mom she it was a great mom very involved in both of their lives. Tom's a successful businessman owning rental rental properties and heading up a local serve pro franchise the clean up in homes and businesses after fires and floods and do a fairly high ranking <hes> operations manager were they doing well financially as a family and they started doing extremely well. During that time he'd like to <hes> show you how much money he had. He was absolutely obsessed with money with gambling. They had purchased a home. That kelly absolutely loved loved. She was so excited. Life appeared to be wonderful for kelly. Tom charlie and colin that is until one autumn night. After a game of poker tom clayton finds something. Sinister has happened in his home <music> copy how cagey panel i mean. How long has she been down. I don't know i don't know i just got home. You need the countdown so i can help you. Can you tell me why you think she's beyond the it was on duty patrol here in in the east corning area at the time when the call came when you hear the call came in as the woman down medical situation steuben county sheriff's deputy deemed swan gets the call that night he drives me along the route to the family home in new york. It's quiet. It's very rural. It's extremely dark. Lots of back roads open fields you really they can't see much when when you're driving in. What were you thinking something wrong. I could just as he approaches the home. Deputy swan switches on his new body camera. You're about to see is real time footage of the scene that night when i pull all of the scene jumping at the front door. I just start asking questions about what's going on. I don what's going on the neighbor. Okay him again. The out of bed keeps pretty frantic. Yes he was visibly shaken. Very flustered couldn't get much. Hey what happened added. Lloyd okay deputy a twenty year veteran. Here's the house looking for tom anybody alpina. How palm just you eh completely unprepared for what he's about to see okay. Where's she at. Oh okay. I knew at that point that there's some kind of blunt force trauma that occurred come out here i want to see you don't need to see that anymore. Okay okay. There was blood all around her body. She was bludgeoned enough. I could see blood splatter on the walls and on the ceiling. There's blood all over. She's you've been dragged. This was a homicide. That's when i turned and started interviewing. Tom played where where were you. When they paul went down. I came home and my daughter said there was a robber in the house and she saw that you gotta chill out there man. Let me see your hands real quick man. We hurt or anything. Tom visibly shaking is checked for weapons and bloodstains and directed to the back seat of the squad car. Take it easy. You're not gonna leave the door open to set right down relax. We've got about one and right now. We are clearly felt. Deputy eighty swan inspects the rest of the house and the intruder in possible killer could still be inside. I was afraid that the robber could still be in house saw that point. I wanted to secure the scene. You've told me the kids. There's a robbery got. Everybody in the house and i was on calling on the radio for backup to cover me. I'm going to go upstairs. I gotta go up and clear the era and that's when i searched the home with a trooper to make sure there was no obey their. I got a clear over here. The kids rooms are over here blood and the kids room k kids rooms. This one's clear earlier as they searched the home guns drawn blood all over up here. The trail of evidence begins to tell a twisted story of his own mm-hmm. I got a female mid thirty s early forty her face completely beaten in husband's story right. Now kids were home and my husband claiming he was a implant poker came home daddy there with a robbery thirty five year old mom of two kelly clayton has been found bludgeoned to death in her own home in the secluded picturesque community of kate new york blood all over. It's a grisly scene. Deputy dean swan is the first to arrive and blood on the wall the whole nuala facially into the wall when it comes to brutality mine ranks number one for me. There's pitchers had been knocked off the walls. It appeared it started in the bedroom came out in the hallway down the stairs and enters where the victim was in the kitchen. I believe it was an extreme struggle. She fought to the end. We're gonna need all investigators amazon a waiting backup. He's got a hunch this. This was no robbery. Wanna make sure no portion on three anywhere else. I didn't see any juicy any. I didn't see anyone i was in there. No prime marks at all on the door door was in pristine condition condition. There was no robert. Everything was in place. It was a typical home. You know there was nothing out of place. There's nothing rummage through even in the office office all that stuff typical dust would paperwork on nothing thrown on floor. Drawers weren't open and gone through on the floor. Nothing like that. There was nothing the the deputies gut instinct tells him this is a domestic incident gone bad i'm wondering and he had molly she faced by an but mo- put your kitchen ratio see our facial beaten. That was the only one that could be a suspect. I felt his lying to us. I was not buying historian. All he quickly begins questioning. The clayton's neighbor derek all meeting. You don't know of any trouble between anybody hear her head on her or somebody else in them or anything really no okay no domestic you know of it and passed anything was he was really really upset. All my guy he was all in the driveway he said garrick. It's gruesome. Did he have any blood. I mean that you saw when he first came over. Did he changes close right here here. Yeah no no. He doesn't know it yet but deputy swan is taking a hard look at his his neighbor. Tom clayton fidgeting anxious and muttering after the discovery of his wife's body kirker. Well sit down and come on over here down here. Well the plan. No you want to sit down somewhere. Sit down okay. I keep doing nothing sti- okay talk to them. More hearing okay clayton has also hold his sister-in-law kim to break the news. My phone rang at twelve forty nine mm-hmm kim kim kelly's dead said what kelly's dead and i just remember pacing back and forth pacing like why i just couldn't make sense of it and i remember getting close on and i remember it was raining and it was cold in relatives and friends are all alerted to the tragedy. I get up to our street on a road and i don't see any it's pitch black black country road pitch black lights over hill still black over another hill and it's lit up like christmas. Just tons of whites barge family common yeah here. They're gonna have to stop them. I just remember hearing kim screaming. Ah i remember running to the ambulance expecting to find them working on my sister and i'm like his sister discern their. Where's my sister. Where's my sister it. Was tom distraught when you saw him. What did how did he appear. All i remember is that his head was down in his hands. I couldn't hear him. I also couldn't get near him. That's because thomas glidden the ones minor league hockey player who was used to instigate fights on the ice. It's now headed to a different kind of penalty box a police interrogation real something. I'll never forget. I'm backing out of the driveway. You know i'm trying to avoid all the emergency vehicles clayton. Just kind of out of the blue says will you'll know where i was because my truck has g._p._s. on which obviously kind of threw require. I didn't ask you where you were at this. He made sure he threw that out. There clinton makes a statement declaring. I did not hurt or kill. Kelly then request in attorney says investigator brian simcoe was he wondering who could do this why somebody would do this no he wasn't that was another thing that struck me. As odd is is that he wasn't really concerned. He couldn't mention not one suspect or possible suspect of who might want to harm his wife or his family not one person i could think of it would want to do harm to them. Meanwhile in all out investigation is underway. You can see a very heavy presses. Was there earlier in the day police on the hunt for clues entire trains footprints anything that might lead to the killer in new a bit someone had went out the back of the house towards the pine. We had a dodger that track something out to the parliament. We eventually drained that pond looking for evidence next police get the ultimate lead and i witness the clayton seven year old daughter. She had seen her mother killed. 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Capterra dot com slash twenty twenty. That's two zero two zero capterra. That's c. A. p. t. e. <music> r. a. dot com slash twenty twenty capterra software selection simplified monday night in corning joining new york east poker night greg and lucky miller host on high stakes game every week complete with dinner drinks and dead president. This is where we played poker on monday evenings every monday. At seven o'clock amount of the regular players thomas clayton also known onus hockey puck where to thomson say here's the last night eddie played and i would be the bank over here. Was he good at poker. He it was very good at poker lucky in the beginning of my house for many many months and then finally it kind of evened out after a while still a good and aggressive player but not on that night he was not play as many hands he wasn't spunky. Ninety usually jokes around there was none of that the game shuts down relatively relatively early around midnight in the miller's go to bed. At what point did you hear that there have been a tragedy at the clayton home the next morning in the six o'clock klac range. There's someone knocking at the door. It's an investigator with the sheriff's office nieces. You'll have poker game last night. I says yes he says a guy right. You know as hockey puck was here time clayton ago. Yes he was and he says tom went home last night and found his white murdered and i was like what are you thinking you hear. The kelly was killed like the i think he talked to us and i even know what they sat batteries during the astrakhan all kinds of questions about the poker game you know what time it ended what time of stars mood lies. What was he wearing. The millers corroborate robbery their friend. Tom clayton's alibi that he was at their home around the time of the murder nicer. There's no way there's no way time could do anything like this. I said there's nope guy. Did you think the same things your husband no way absolutely within police hit pay dirt. They find an eyewitness. Tom and kelly clayton's seven year old daughter charlie. She told me that the man was hurting. Miami and she kept saying he did this and he did that and and so finally i said how do you know it's a he and she said because his eyes look just like daddy's and that was a chilling moment for a eh a few hours later laugh more as sheriff jim allard rings charlie here. You're looking at a different kind of interrogation room still small but soft seating and on the table toys turn. We brought you here today. We're gonna have to talk a little bit of our last night. In this video twenty twenty obtained from authorities after it was played in open court charlie describes to investigators what she saw the truth happens in allies stabling that the child knows right from wrong knows the difference between a truth and a lie knows that there's consequences to not telling the truth. Then in a matter of fact men are still unaware. Her mom has died. She offers details elsa the attack and can you tell me offense. How did you hear training. Charles run charlie run. Those were the last words she heard from her. It's one of animals hunting things i've ever heard from a parent to a child hitting the ground can charlie says after she saw the robber leave through the garage josh she ran to her little brother's room to protect him but most interesting to investigators is her physical description of the intruder. You tell me what you goat cheese black shirt cast. What did the robber look like <music>. How did he look like your desk. Vast said that he had a mask like what daddy wears when he's hunting big de i said well is he. Fat like me or is the thin and she said she's just like daddy. Everything was just like daddy and every question. I asked her related back today and then she looks at me she goes but it couldn't have been daddy because then who would take care yeah i observed notice he and the statements she gave. I believe it was true in in her mind when she told it it was chilling. There was no emotions. I don't know if she was still in shock. Just breaking my heart the entire time the seven-year-old then turns the table on police asking them a question. We find out for you that was not the time or place for her to learn that she needs to be with family. It appears to police that charlie's pointing the finger at our own dan. How could he be in two places at the same time. Small town corning new york is in disbelieve leave when just twenty four hours after kelly clayton is found murdered. Her husband's arrested in part because of the statement given by the only eyewitness to the crime the young daughter and more tonight on the murder in kate in suspect. Thomas clean isn't stupid. County jail accused of killing his wife kelly glenn thomas arrested. I was in shock definitely like everybody. Did she ever confide in you about any struggles in the marriage where the having any problems blooms she did not has she ever indicated any aggression toward never. She never indicated that people always think we make an arrest. That's the end of the case but the investigation continued food and it was determined shortly after tom was arrested that there was a lot more to the story. Kelly's family can't believe deep. Her husband could have done it. They point police to michael beard clayton's longtime employees that time didn't have any work through serve pro. He always had him up at the house doing stuff cotton download or whatever beard had recently been fired. Could he be holding a grudge. There was initial. Check at his residence. Just says a follow up. He didn't know anything about anything indicated that he had nothing to do with any part of this investigators are stalled until they get a lucky break. Remember lucky miller who with her husband greg hosted that infamous poker game the night kelly was killed well. She now recalls a strange request. Tom made that night. Wait a minute. P._s._t._n.'s my phone and look the fun like looking to see the past wherein he called nothing no evidence of a phone call. I've been she shown. She's shaken like i go then. He deleted them. She goes you can delete phone numbers who hides evidence joey do it if if you really have something the millers pull up their phone bill online and sure enough at ten in fifty three p._m. A pair of phone calls to an unfamiliar number along behold. That phone number comes back to michael beard police. I wanna talk to beard again this time bringing him here to the state police barracks and into this hot seat polygraph chair paul your chair. That's the same jerry jason. How did he handle the polygraph could denies all involvement and to see for well michael beard. The hardworking handyman is failing pulling the polygraph test really his limon girlfriend. Holly barrett is speaking her truth. Holly tells investigators that tom had offered michael goal ten thousand dollars to basically burn his house down my boss had came into the industry with that information said michael we know about the ten thousand l. dollars and beard looks down and then he looks up and he finally gives up the whole story as to what had happened placing himself at the crime saying he did it at the direction and request thomas clayton. It's a surprising twist for investigators beard making a full confession to murdering in kelly clayton as another job for his boss. He didn't even get any money up front. I mean he he he was going to do this on the promise from tom clayton and he'd be you pay ten thousand dollars in a transcript of his confession beard reveals details of the plan saying he wanted me to go to the house. Kill kelly then light the house house on fire. He said the kids would be at her sister's house. There was also gas in the garage. He wanted the cars to burn also so that he could collect insurance money gene when asked why beard said i needed the money he was supposed to set the house on fire. Why didn't he do that. I think the the self was more brutal than he had anticipated and he said in his words he got scared. Stunningly appears to police that clayton had a secret plan. He didn't reveal to beard he was going to set the house on fire with kelly and the children in the house. That's this is a cold-blooded attempt to remove move your own wife and children from this earth here degrees to show police where he got rid of the murder weapon is driving to twenty five south as he's driving a rolls down the window and throws it out the driver's window when day breaks search teams combed through this wooded area eventually finding this it appears to be a yellow stick. It's actually the handle of a sledge. Hammer was a piece in the house that matched them all handle. It was found off the side of the road here so so you knew that was your murder weapon found. It seems michael beard left a lot of breadcrumbs around town. Police are also able to locate keys keys to the clinton home tossed into this creek and the recover michael beards clothes from the night of the murder dumped in this swamp land letty clubs put her beard was arrested for murder and now the focus shifted from thomas clayton doing the crime himself. Now it became a murder for hire. Beard confesses to the murder tells them where the murder weapon is tells them where the bloody closer buried uh but adds the critical detail the reason he did it was because tom clayton offered ten thousand dollars to kill his splice. It was shocking to hear that there's another person involved in the murder of kelly-kellyanne. We weren't expecting it at all so your sister has brutally murdered and now you're brother-in-law is being charged. How did you even begin to fathom this. You can't there's anew color taking center stage in kelly clinton's hometown purple ribbons now dotting the community pointed reminder of the young woman's murder a who the purple ribbon represents domestic violence awareness so the more and more we saw that around town the more and more we thought that this was a case interesting violence they will see purple ribbons and lasalle purple for mama purple pharma mama everywhere we go look for my mom but no ribbon more prominent than this one on the arena marquee. Thomas must clayton's former hockey team. Only one man in town seems upset at the outpouring of support thomas clayton now out on bail. It calls me. He did not mention <hes> losing his wife and <hes> the situation with his children. What he mentioned to me was that jail sucks and and how can we put that ribbon up on our building at no point did he seem like a grieving husband especially since he continues his now all too familiar trips to area casinos. That's where he spent the entire time he was out on bail going from casino to casino and who does he run into his former poker. Friends friends greg unlucky miller leaves like screaming at lucky attend around. He's like arms out. Mike what did you do. I'm like hi. He's like lucky. I'm so sorry i'm so sorry he goes. I didn't do it. Were you frightened at all cost her here. I thought it was getting no way out of town more than a year. After kelly clayton's murder her accused killer michael beard is finally on trial opening statements began in the murder trial of michael beard in a shocking about face he takes the stand and makes a stunning declaration michael beard recant his confession and offers up bizarre scenario about what he says really have that yes he was set the scene but he was there to burn down the house for insurance money and that the killer the real killer her was actually there and he saw beard now makes an outlandish claim that kelly's already dead when he walks into the house and just like seven year old charlie charlie he sees a man looks like thomas clayton. He's on hand you the weapon you run out the door and you disposed of the weapon like you've got to be kidding me. Even though michael beard had changed his story the prosecution still had hard evidence against him. They found kelly's blood on his clothes. He led them to the murder weapon and and his d._n._a. Was found inside the clinton home. After a ten day trial michael beard found guilty of murder beards confession prosecutors are thinking we've got an airtight case here then he were can'ts and now they've got a mess. Remember beard would have been the star witness. The only one directly linking clayton to the murder suspect prosecutor wheaton wet more. This case became all circumstantial. We don't have a smoking god. We have to build our case piece by piece. A man accused of of killing his wife and their head back and september appeared in court today. The courtroom was packed every day to see the biggest story in our area <music> tomlin common collected every day when he walked into court and he would never realized that he was on trial for his wife's burger that could would be because clayton knows the case against him isn't a slam dunk would prosecutors believe. They've got an ace up their sleeve. This man sira obssessed corporation a former police officer who met their cellphone movements. We're able to show beard clinton together at certain points. They shouldn't shouldn't have been a less one looks at the homicide and it becomes all clear most telling a pair of phone calls made on the day. Kelly allie was killed the first from a used car lot. There's an incoming call to michael beard from eminem. Auto in minamata has never called michael beard before it isn't the dealership hip calling. It's actually clayton we can actually put his device in the parking lot of imminent motto when this call is made and then hours later clayton makes his second call call to beard from someone else's phone yep lucky miller's at that poker game and this is basically the goal calling and that immediately sets things in motion motion beard and shortly after that phone call out to clayton's home estimated that we were able to use them records shows the two parties coming together separating conversations between the two of them and lay out the conspiracy committed the murder leading up to there was no evidence as to the content of those calls and ceres testimony was <hes> skewed in trying to make much more of those calls. It's the michael beard thomas clinton. Did this together witness. Testimony continued today dan thomas cleveland's murder trial. It was a long and in-depth trial. There is more than seventy five witnesses hundreds of pieces of evidence against thomas clean. The question question remains. Why even if there's all this evidence lincoln clayton beard potentially to the crime. What was the motive. This was a shock for everyone testimony from one of the woman who claims to have had an affair with thomas clay in the women the multiple affairs he was having right under kelly's knows minos. I never heard of an affair ever up until at that moment we thought that kellyanne this loving almost perfect relationship and here we find out he was cheating on his wife even telling being one of the women that kelly was a bitch he had mentioned to me. Divorce was never gonna be a possibility because she would take into the cleaners was his words. It's a distraction action. The question isn't whether it was right. That time platon had affairs western is that he did he do this. Crying prosecutors present no evidence of any cash payments made by clayton beard in a murder-for-hire scheme. There's no direct proof that tom clayton engaged in a block with beard to kill bill kelley. There is no record any payment. There is no record of any agreement to pay the trial spans over seven weeks and now the former hockey key players fate is in the hands of the jury in my mind i could have gone either way after only six hours of deliberation a verdict we broke into programming wing immediately breaking news out of steuben county court thomas clayton guilty on both first degree and second degree murder charges temendous amount of motion russian that gordon we obviously were ecstatic with the outcome because we felt we had accomplished justice truly believe that this is one of those rare moments elements and i emphasize rare where the jury got it wrong. Family members immediately broke out in tears and in sheers and left the courtroom extremely happy but still emotional. I told my sister from the night. She was murdered that we would not stop fighting for her. We would not not fighting for justice her. It's been a long haul in. I am sorry for his family. For all of us. No one would want in this case was a puzzle and they put together the pieces in a way that was convincing beyond a reasonable doubt at his sentencing thomas clayton given life without parole very angry. He gave a very long profanity laced statement mm-hmm and saying like michael barone was the perpetrator and he was n._f._l. First and foremost i am extremely proud and honored call thomas sewn in to the children want to say anything to their father. Charlie actually wrote a letter <music> on her own that she loved her mom. She loved her dad but that her dad was a coward because he made michael beard art. Kill miami michael veered a victim of thomas clinton. I believed that thomas clayton was a white privileged privileged man. He used michael beard. Michael beard would do just about anything for money for his family along with kelly's family so many lives in this small community now forever changed. Do you still play poker here. We haven't played poker. Here's some of that evening. We don't play anymore not the same anymore on correct so this tables basically closed donna <music> as tragic as this was here such a loved member of the community was murdered at the end of the day. There's two kids without their mother and end father taken away from them. Kelly spent a lot of time here and kelly would also bring her hurt children here kim and her mom take me to this treasured bench placed at a local park in kelly's memory when you come here what do you i feel comfort when i come here in cohen calls at my mommies as you raise them. What do you want them to know most about their mother her unconditional additional unmeasurable love that she had for them. I want them to know that she fought to her last breath to save their life the mother who fought until the very end and that family now determined to make sure her children grow up knowing exactly who their mother was. We should point out that in recent days new york supreme court upholding thomas clayton's conviction that is twenty two thousand for tonight. I'm david muir for amy amy rohbock and all of us here at a._b._c. News have a good evening good night. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment schedules secure video or phone sessions plus chat art and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help. Dot com slash twenty twenty. That's two zero two zero.

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