The Green Light - Episode 100 - "Moist" (Show Final)


can't complain breather. Know Pain for us. Put event mentioned F. You mentioned that. America's national casualties fresh take cashew fees. So I took control flashy lights. Stay on track but things again Bernie. I hope wherever game back Beattie. Y'All know what it is schools. Ya All ready snowed at should boy be green? This is episode one hundred. The finale of the green light. Podcast make some all fucking noise when everybody to make some mother fucking no. We got kells on the mother fucking ones and the mother fucking tools here. All ready snowed at we live. Baby this is your boy beat Green episode one hundred. It is live we are here I am him he is I- Yano to fuck is y'all looking and I'll probably one of my co host is the more things change the more they stay the same baby but listen we all start this day ours on his way he got all listen. I'm going to hold you started. Today's episode away here with my wife said you'll babe she said I said I wonder if Jay probably like what are they should have said like that too. You definitely want to say what would you think uncivilized creature no now uncivilized? I just feel like uncivilized people into what when you say. Hey Babe they respond with Utah as a kid to say somebody if they say hey. Hey P people yes which one you know. That's not how you spoke to your father. He would've chunk side tobacco. Okay well if you followed him to call you. Hey Babe I knew where he grew up the way you did scare to show love. Listen I said hey babe. She said he was up. Us Brian she said what's up. She said yes. Brian what unique King I said I wonder if Jr is going to surprise me today. She said what by being on time. I go say that. She didn't say that I was in. I was one hundred. That's enough on my monitor. Damage locating is so. She said what he going to be on time de and I go. No no no. I wonder if as mark I wonder if he's going to surprise me and damn this year bus boy. I wonder what's GonNa Lime? Okay I'm and I should is bussing that I wouldn't be surprised if I get drunk on this episode. You'll be getting it because this she goes is going to be on time. I go I just want to be surprised. Me Like if he brings if he makes this last episode. Like you know you know you know how like the deadbeat dads shows up like at the end of the movie and then you're like oh I wonder if he learned his lesson is great to note at the more things change the more they stay the same and jr trash all the way to the finish line. Just fear I get that out there but guys. It's one hundred episode. I love Y'all we'd love your. We have made it. We have made it over two years. We started the staying February of two thousand eighteen. It is now march of twenty mother. Fucking twenty we got the corona virus. We Got Mal. Fuck in the world. We had tornadoes happening everywhere. Like the shit's amass. The word is going crazy and the one thing that always reliable inconsistent and always there for. Y'All was the green light and now it won't be or will it so we got some stuff coming up. You're just got to stay tuned. Make sure your stay tuned to the green light. Podcast instagram page. Make sure you stay tuned to my instagram. Page at that guy. Bee Green House. What do you want to make sure y'all see? Just how is he? I agree I agree. Jr supposed to be here. He's into Jack now. Traffic be bugging hold. Euro is going to be listen. We got cows already. Make sure you go follow. Kells at that dude tells you don't have to follow me guys. Follow him if you make sure to stay tuned to at the green light on that guy be green a lot of good things coming. Stay tuned I don't like you telling me where like telling them where they should be paying attention to. I don't like that. Go follow at that. Do Cows if you WANNA see some of the dope this video log raphy on this continent on his conduct period? I mean I appreciate that on this continent. Listen we doing big things. Big things and best believe Dessau moving so I mean. Let's let's get to a house you week. Maybe my week by week by the way we answering all questions. Podcasts related in this chat. If y'all have any more fucking questions in regards to the Green Light Bee Green. Jr or Kells. This is the day where we are slaves to. Y'All open the back door to our Ben. Ben Wants you to be on facebook. We are on facebook. That shit trash though. Well he don't got. So what does it allow Beta this Lou Lou Lou at green light in Spanish? You open the back door man. He's knocking Oh basement show shot the they'll be for sale soon. Horrid you fat fuck listen listen. It's been a long time coming. I mean I look at our first episode the quality you know we. We really didn't have our segments down. It was it was a growing. It was a growing thing you know for anyone out there. That's out there thinking about starting the podcast boy up our hope you well. I'll give you some some notes. Some know how some plow pop plot pot potholes go some pot wholesome pitfalls to avoid some things to kind of take into consideration. It's not A it's not A. It's not as easy as you think to do this every week. That is who's warriors two years guys a hundred plus episodes. I noticed episode one hundred but we did shout you Clyde but just stay tuned baby. There's a lot of things that go into making a podcast and talk about green and Jr have done an amazing job with their consistency and their continuously that it was a fifty percent fifty percent thing and then pushing to just keep going and going to build a house. Walls in coke are both important. Caulk caulk you think import. I don't think con-continue not that important to be honest. Well don't buy a house from Kells or any Dominican. 'cause I mean 'cause I'll buy a house from California Dominican with that being said walls and caulking are both important. It no foundation. Get there yet I I. I'm not calling myself the foundation big ahead. I mean the was already lacks your book just comparing two things. Two parts of a house right right. You compare fender in a fucking muffler. Does that mean that the engine don't exist? No I'm just comparing two parts of fucking bike or car. Okay listen walls and caulking are both important. They're both needed to build a house the right way. Not The Dominican. Where with the right way to correct way the nice way but they both they both do it differently baby so he says you know we definitely did. A lot definitely did a lot but let's not call everybody walls when they talk your duct tape and Zip ties. Bro. That comes in clutch out to just fucking butcher bumper back on your car. Line Bro. Yeah I've had zip time car literally for like a year now and they last they last won one of the heavy duty ones. It's like one of like the cheap ones. When I had my genesis coupe cracked the front lip trying to do some drifting and fucking cross-stitch some zip ties actually must have looked fire fighters. They didn't appreciate it when I traded it in but it looked as far. I mean we know we will. Street badly. Must've been busting baby. You know what it is but no so. It's just you know it's been amazing. That's you'll play this all. We don't play this okay. We don't play that offer today. We need to have some cars here. Talk about not at all. I'm chatting and driving. No Bueno. Don't fuck in had a baby. Had A baby ad had the baby. Ed a yeah tried to drift to fucking genesis while not having fucking relax sent Sonata. Actually thanks for being close for Sonata. Don't do that to me really six five. Don't do that but yeah so it's been. It's been beautiful. Bro. It's beautiful. You know getting to know some. You guys Allowing ourselves out the Capo kapito allowing ourselves into your homes allowing your homes into us. Some allowed us into y'all think about and it's been amazing man. It's been amazing. Once again to our women for doing everything in their power to put up with us. You know wonderful fiance for allowing us to take over his his his basement. Basement every Tuesday for the last. I don't know how long at Lisa for always being in the chaff. Like she's obvious always had mad reasons leave jr so he didn't do it for this. One is a benefit and Shot Crystal you know she Hope keep me sane and moments where I wanted to blow someone's brain. Oh shutout shadow shout out to those ladies you know. It's it's beautiful you know. I met a lot of people through this. Let a lot of interesting people through this some. It allowed me to kind of build a repertoire of having inside jokes people for the rest of my life you know when. I see Ben Fenner I know like if I ever see Ben Fenner in real life again and his wife. I'm going to look like some nasty motherfuckers. Like I know him his wife some now. Like I'm I'm GonNa shake their hand dig. I would've loved to meet Ben Hanley. They got the corona virus shelter. Capo quick nine hundred cows come over here. I can't I asked him over here. Real quick I want the world to cu. Not everyone has seen you. I want the world to see you come over here. You can just show that picture that you took me. I looked really good in that picture. Bro I mean I don't know I don't know if it was the way you took it or I listen. Listen listen what I'm telling you like. You can't catch me on a bad day baby. You know yes. Keep it like that. That's fucked up okay. Fine but now it's been amazing. It's been dope. You know it's. It's my my dreams and aspirations going into this episode episode. Reveal who you choose to spend your life with makes a huge difference. It's awesome to have a strong partner support you. It's real bro. It's real because you know people are Shit people are trash and we're gonNA get into that later. Because I gotta be honest. The the the people were part of why this is ending the way it's ending you know and I know some people like what do you mean like? It's just kinda crazy that you do everything in your power to extend support. Extend Love in August graciousness to those people around you hold on. Oh Shit I don't I don't I don't know if they pick that up but he said Oh he did he he wrote knock knock this crazy south seat though. I just think how you show up late in empty handed. You Ain't got no balloons traffic. Children Professor Marcin the wonder what the fuck is Ben Fenner talking about the wonder woman prequels? I don't I don't know I haven't seen I haven't seen the wonder woman pretty cool. Haven't even seen the wonder woman movie. I heard it was really good. Yeah you throw in him things around and we picking it all up guy. I think I think I saw the art. It was really good. I heard it was really good kick in the knee. I'll let you do it Wilson Benfica. It no Benfica does not he only has facebook. He's weird and DVD's Peo- Leeann was about a look of benefit and right now a shadow to egg. Egg was not only supposed to call in but he was also supposed to visit he said bunches of bins fucking oops is fucking questionable a year. I'm pissed that I have not made Daniel Charles you you eat only one the only one because every time I try to set up a hookup for all of us to hang out. You're right I mean it's it's Kudo lawyer is on its own. Now Mike Check my mic check. Dumb ASS be green. Jr in the house Service or one hundred apologize to the fans. I I can't I can't control traffic yes you can. Yes you go so. I can Carpool Lane. There was still traffic. Maybe out of these in the car. No she's nine ago she and a trunk because you know him he kills. Somebody now sat on the lambro. What he But yeah now before we get it ain't never gonNA get into welcome. Jr thank you so you missed it. Leon heard all the talking good. Don't ever call me that white sticky ship your caulking you're calling. I don't know where you put. This cog when building a house. Shit talking to seal this. You know Possible with drafts. Premiers pose a SCHILLACI. We opened the show it. But guess what we'll play it again later because fuck we do. Maybe maybe Mr Own Record for America you black and you late all the fucking time to lay people show. How many times? This is the everyone into chat oil. How many times do you allow someone to be late in life before you stop expecting them to be on time? I'm GonNa say it depends who they are Liane Lee. We're teleport. You put it anywhere. You would have urged to put duct tape exactly thank Suraj the call and the when you mentioned me now. I don't. I don't think the call c-a-l-l-s-a-s Duffy never building a house. He do. He didn't even talk about the foundation. Nigga we weren't talking about foundation even put the was. You gotta put the frames of. You've got to put the two by four. It's got to be a fundraiser. We weren't talking about why we don't have a thousand people are the show relax. Leon was late twice. I think he was late twice in real life late. Third Time with your own song very times. Definitely the charm late Bob. You've gotta be better. He wanted he wanted to be as useless as possible. Thank you Ben. Fuck Oh the caucus pretty important in a painting world houses to make you the Vince we can. I been the whole unit like you. Keep your shit flowing plantation. Caulk equal minimally useful in house building. Like Ben fetter. He could have been are Caucasian guy. He's really good kid so I mean we were talking about plan already talking about Shit. We just kinda enjoying our presidents enjoying each other. Fuck you know am basically just fucking you know kicking it kicking it Caucasian. A zing slaps Ni me Geo. At when they mentioned me but now oh Shit Nigga and he got his phone on. How you feel about. Reparations should be off. Hi ETHEL ABOUT REPARATIONS. Though how do you feel about it? Can you define reparations receiving some sort of payment for some sort of pass travesty? That happen to someone that could affect you or as happened. People that could have affected you. I feel like we. I'm okay with reparations. If only given the right way instead of reparations being given in a sense of here's a check it'd be dope if they were like y'all got some glasses ice baby let's show. Hey we actually need is. We need to glasses we need. We need glasses for crowning. We need glasses for the champion. Now you mixture shit yeah. We're you guys. Yep I was going to buy you dinner I was going to buy or to pay What do you mean we had a care? That's not food. I don't WanNa ruin my dinner cake and eat the cake. Yeah Nigga forgive me wing at the kick the look at it but you don't WanNa root. Oh you don't WanNa you're not gonNA eat nothing tonight. I'm GONNA eat the pizza when I leave here. I WanNa go home get naked. Eat Pizza do all right all right all right well as a native American we get it Capo. We do get it but uh it's coming Jay. His supple bull. What the Hell Bent. It's coming you know what I DID JANET COPS TALKING. Shit like you come over here and I was like. Who's you like you the tall one right there and I was like you know what green tailed? Just let them know. I just let them know but now I think if we're GONNA give reparations to people who suffered from some sort of tragedy travesty. It needs to be financial form but it should be in the form of that lower costs tuition a way to kind of get that. Kinda Kinda head start that they won't be allowed to get because shits fucked up like Give me a different interest rate on a House. Different you know. Give me give me my tuition at a ten percent cost if not free you know. But I'm also under the aspect. They should be given free tuition free tuition. You shouldn't be charged for post secondary school especially when it comes to shit like state colleges like you want to go to Harvard. You WanNa go. You WanNa go to Princeton then yet charge you want you want but if you want to go to a place like southern motherfucker intern uconn yeah clash at all like why are you being away. You is Clyde. What would you cry? I I guess we gotta take shots. No just let me know. Sounds a bit like Affirmative Action Dole? No because it's affirmative slackened and white people benefit from affirmative action to do that. But I know Ben's just playing devil's advocate. He's smarter than that. He's smart in that meeting jumping camera. I was waiting for you to come into cameras now. You know sitting in a car watching camera. He was sitting in the car watching this. As couldn't I couldn't do that to myself. If if if people want to see what I look man they gotta catch me on my on my bike. No if you want to catch him at his best go Holler at the Bee Green at that guy be Greens. I correct Leon on your way. He's got he's got me looking on a be here by episode one. He's Simpson Crowd. So he's on his way now. We gave them a bottle. Fuck that I had. I didn't even like that show. Can you open this one bad for me? Remember that's how he brought that Bourbon Mash crown. That was was boss. Suda good stuff you know while this happens. Let me play Leeann noirs latest track with a low best. I can open up the champagne without feeling constipated. The first player I think is. Do you have to rock the MIC? I was I was wondering what that because he got the glass owner Dan. Mike Stan thank you L. Think It's only if I catch the champagne pop now you know what I mean hot baby. Come on we don't do that. You like the beanie. They'll be My League you We gotta catch the Champagne on a on a might do you. I switch just in time to catch you pop in it a little bit of shower. Non Not Fancy now fancier left the extra space at home because you know the AC spades moment. We have a drink for you J. U. I really can't wait to meet a lot of you guys. I can't wait to meet Janet. I can't to meet my Li well. They're so far though. Yeah but they got to come here for Thanksgiving like I could. I could be invited. They're not invited to JR's house. No no I'm coming. I'd rather go to their house. Things they do it up. I mean we while she wrote I switched at the right time to catch you popping. It kills what type of time are you on. Doing Leon. I can't wait to meet you. Stick a capo. Yeah but Gammon Ben Fan Are you. I'm definitely looking forward to in BAND ME TO A. We'll meet Ben Ben Abi around when we have another. Sr Twenty meet up in this area if he feels like leaving his house. Deanna. I can't believe I haven't met Dan. That's that's that's beyond me. Do Very Good Leon. I'm tired of seeing Leeann. Already on can be when he came to one episode. Thank you very much. Thank you very much sir. Yeah we were actually really on Sunday. He was he was Lee as usual. It was probably busy busy when when when that guy be green. And that do Co. says y'all we hanging out we talk about it now. I can't wait to me. I don't know who that guy is. But he's been in here a couple of times. Oh Man. I'm looking forward to me wheels because we I'm pretty sure wheels can run. Oh Shit it was only two times. You're right it wasn't lethal two times. You Good Carlos he can make time for me to get a cut but I should. Wild Man's always busy gentleman. Here's to one hundred episodes seeing one hundred. That's how you say one hundred Spanish sashes stupid. Seeing seen those gentlemen who was in your house now yours is still bubbling champagne life. That's my. That's you WanNa see shammy life your shell two wheels after you see Mondays blessing. You appreciate your love. Your make sure you stay tuned. We really mean that because Wayne Awakening as we ain't just die and leave it dead now. We like an episode of power. You know we. We're going to a few POWERBOOK's powerbook's they're doing powerbook's public road as bad by Carlos is lit now like don't say powerbook's to me workbooks fire. You know it's a is beautiful because I didn't think we would make it this far. I mean yes was a beautiful day. It's GonNa be a beautiful night. Charlotte went off. Cal's Yeah Gopher started off sex on and things and our lady say in our lakes you live life the way just for precaution measures. I need you to put a violent and open up for me. I should neal's one of the most underrated. Artists of our generation agree easily. Ben There's something to that and there's something that I want to touch on when it comes to that What Song Instructions on rotate based on direction? But I got to have a moment. You know. It's unfortunate that we could be in situations where you know. Bring Back Beautiful Day now. I'm just go up to the ceiling. Champagne get ready to give this. Mother fuckers feed off my headphones. You Fuck you. Just get the fuck of my headphones. And get your sketches say Jovian Su q daily on a gals? Here you take one to take one to watch anime. We could play poker win watching the anime. I always figured if you're good and you stick it out. Well that's the problem. That's the FUCKING PROBLEM. Bro. Relaxed Capo Seriously MY GRANDMA. Maybe we can play intimate but yeah. We could definitely do that. My league down. We workout always figured if you're good and you stick it out long enough time. We'll come but something's just not right here. Not trying to make assumptions now. That's you see. What did it take so long for? Ben Come here. That's that's part of the travesty. Ben Where we're at we're at such a impasse when it comes to content out there that being like being good and consistent no longer is just enough like think about it being good and consistent is just no longer enough it used to be a point where all you need to do is be good. Come Find You. It is all that matters right and then it was. You've got to be consistent to show up. You got it right and then it was like you know you got to kind of do a little bit of both right bit of both. We we need to. We NEED TO BE DOPE. And you gotta be able to do it for longevity. Now we're at such a point where such shit is just such. It's such a inundated mess. Where no one even has enough time. The time I think people put it in your brain were conditioned to think that we don't have enough time to ever grow shit. Allow Shit to grow on us. And it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate because we get people in spots where they do the good part and they do the consistent part and win. The results aren't there. We might get shit ending prematurely. You know. There's a Lotta podcasts out. There that nick is only tune into because the negatives on it or the woman on. It is a celebrity true. 'cause they got blue check next in name on twitter not because the content is good. There's a lot of pockets out there where motherfuckers only listen to it. Because you know I don't WanNa see I wanna get into podcast smoke because I've heard a lot of podcasts. And Quality AIN'T THERE. I'm a huge fan as you guys all know throughout the pack of Kevin Hart and I think his podcast is not good at all like it's views because he is yeah and I don't ever WanNa get into a situation of claiming that and that's why I always say that there's a there's a bit of a lot of people you know. There's a lot of it claiming fuck which you but the rip. I never seen share post. I never seen you like Som- I never seen. You do simple shit. That's absolutely free in as a fraction and your time they're saying that Justin timberlake movie where time how you live. And that's all you get paid with like took like bullshit. I see doing abortion. I see you doing bullshit. I see you doing bullshit. I see Spinney time doing bullshit on the same platform that you could easily be showing love and you choose not to career. I thought if a motherfucker put themselves into a spot where they just showed unequipped. Who Love Across. The board kept consistent. Stayed on brand did what they had to do. It had just come. And it's unfortunate that it didn't and that's one of the things I'm going to say it's like motherfuckers. Get into a spot where they like anything that you imagine you all right now. Just fuck it. Let's play the game right anything. You imagine you doing fucking karate. Music Photography videography Fuck in the gym at two years to that. Shit. I'd be fucking sewall. What would you fucking? If two years passed that you felt damn where was my returns? Where was my returns? Oh so if I was in the gym for two years and I wasn't so yeah I'd probably hang myself. That serious weighs on you. It weighs on you know Pun intended. There's like it takes a toll. It takes a fucking toll to the point where it's like. Do I gotTA partake in Tomfoolery? Because Asiatic has given hundreds of thousands of fucking likes tomorrow fuckers Sharon Sharon fucking videos of a mall fuck with a wide angle land in front of their face. Actually it was funny but it isn't. It isn't like it isn't but in the team. Spain robe anymore can't relate you never you never put them know more so because you. Nick has got time to do jokes. You got time to have fun like that but I don't okay. I don't heard you heard you heard you. I don't have time. A lot of thing is a lot of my fuckers. Make Room for that little shit and they go. No I just have fun a little a little bit but not not not really. There's a lot of youth group chats. I mean a lot of group Jazz. You niggers I'm in a LOT OF GROUP CHATS. That you've got that Shit on you because you nick how to. Talk Talk. Y'All talk work sometime but now let's just play play that what is what player. Know what the fuck is that? What are we doing like? What are we doing in the Monica Will Ron? We'll show him. What are we doing when you say? What are we doing in the majority of it is play? Nah I'm good because you never get to that spot. We feel like you know what when you ever met you me shit. Dnr imperfect around like the phone. She doesn't know a lot of diggers robot themselves. I know now I get why. A lot of nichols rock by themselves but like my mainly. Leon said if you WanNa get you gotta go with team and unfortunately just because they liked the way to shirt look. Don't mean they on the same side as you. Just because they'd like the way it looked when the banners arrays and they see any name near don't mean that they were part of the team it don't like exactly like it just don't don't add up the same and you can always go. Well you know. Stop like we see. We see some of the most talented athletes ever just. We do never get their shot. Just because it didn't happen did not work hard enough. No it just didn't happen it didn't happen. We see some of the most talented musicians ever not get their break. You know why didn't happen. It didn't line up. Lineup wanted to do that. I fuck with because him and I had this weird intertwined fucking reality we always kinda cross pass. Is that Nick Joe Button Right. I've I've been crossing paths with him for like ten years right. A NIGGA who achieved notoriety and fame after his what. He did the best now music. So did he not work hard enough? No He's had to work different in a different field and that kind of what I'm getting out with the green light t MAC Getting the spots where it's like you know what sanders work different telework. Different now stiffened baby will live different. You know is different. I could dig for hours in one direction but if you dig for two minutes in the other direction you might go well you know what concrete Santa two different things you know are they. Let's talk about foundations? No them Connecticut foundations eight the same those foundations taxes maybe Crumlin Connecticut. You know here that I make time for this show. I can't do any of the park's like that's a real ass shit with Ben and this is the fucking caveat to how. I'm feeling if fucking sucks that I had to get this feeling of. Damn we'd like people do fuck with us now now now. I know that people like next Tuesday next Tuesday March motherfucking tense. Six o'clock there's some Nichols will have a lot more time on their hands because you won't be there and that makes me feel certain ways because I'm like fuck but at the same time for those people who are. Will we be there but this time you could you imagine back which is. I'm just sitting there and JR's in here is one. Oh one in the same span. That's the type of shit that makes me feel like I need to do right by them. Guys through the Ben Fenders Leon's the wheels the fuck in the fucking cop does the fucking clydes upset because he never got on the show because whatever you know those types of people to seat though the fucking Bonzo Shepherd fucking shepherds the mile leaks the fucking nate. Cisco'S The motherfucking Julia Stanford's motherfucking automatic fuckers therefore marinas at. Lisa's the crystals like for all those people that fuck with US endlessly. I gotTa make sure that whatever the fuck it is that I do next. I gotta be able to put enough work into it to where I can go into green light podcast but it's still our effort so whatever it is that you see me doing. I need to be loving it the same way. I love this the same way I love. Y'All it from the bottom of my heart. I love y'all Kells I-love-you Jr. I love you. Thank you mother state mutual. Thank y'all for putting up with me. Thank you all for doing it all. Capo fucking love you brother lake. Anything toasted there man. I think we talked a little too. That would've been you know what we still got drinks. I know this is everything my alcohol. He's drunk he's an already Jack. Mind Fuck you already great mark. Yup It'd be drinking at home to show. Jeez I got a Malta shout. The COPPA Shalva Capo. So if you ever fucking see me slacking out there if you ever see me fucking slack. It's the fuck out me. Slap the fuck. I'll me let me look. Look how face and go. You didn't quit. You quit the green light for this. This is not quitting quitting. You didn't quit. The green light podcast. But you didn't end green light podcast for this now. You fucking row right now be grain. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. And that's how Utah. I'm a hold myself accountable for that. Extra he got he got like a one fifty army. I'm in that role Russia. Your skinny cows one hundred pounds in your thirty on him talking about that with him. Maybe you need a break to reconstruct rick. We restructure baby listen. Phoenix PHOENIX PHOENIX. But it's not been the WHOA. Whoa what's the heart in your? I'm confused that's loves black. Eggplant mom said what he said. Oh listen I love your so I mean oh so. Let's see I'm GonNa have some cake. This has GEICO drinking. So let's all right. Let's let's let's show them the display the kids. This initiated heaviest house like a break. I don't WANNA so shout out to JESSICA JESSICA CISCO JESSICA CISCO JESSICA CISCO over at was it. She just fell for the school suites at Cisco Sweets. She made this beautiful blatant and she made it all black. Because you notice. How do it baby baby is beautiful? Bailey's News Bailey's infuse Bailey's infuse ono baby. Don't let me don't do that to me. Oh you gotta get like We definitely can't put on the table. I think we got a candle. We'VE GOTTA BE Sanitary Three Coronas around we've got to be sanitary. Looks like just a candle crystal? Tell US okay. See Gio eighteen when you mentioned me as you mentioned me. I some assuming we just stick here do it. The bottom don't put your finger on which is fine corona this episode on the bottom. Yeah I was trying to. I want you to pick up the camera so that we can do that. Hold on Let me light it. Geo Eighteen when you mentioned me nick. I'm going now history. You can have any ones long. Is this a we? You can have any bears? You was long as it's a mead. Are Hey you go. I'm glad we in the basement because if we didn't have smoke detectors chocolate cake infused with Bailey's were hazelnut frost and also when he was to get Schlesser. You're trying to get drunk. Nate traffic advantage of US man. You'RE GONNA come rhino us. Could've took it out the bikes fixed. Well I wanted to leave. You know we eat the whole thing. We're not we're not. Oh Yeah you're right. This is extra extra and I WANNA I wanNA corona put on the definitely WanNa Coronas. Photon we do exactly. Yeah Get some pictures split up. I don't WANNA speak even towards it because I'm tight we're on Nichols who blow out news. Who Blow out. Actually hold on you. WanNa Papa candover. Oh No dishes. Probably claimable probably. Yeah I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be in a situation where you know. I talked towards kick. I'm not one of those people like if you ever don't eat no cake. Someone blows the candle on. That's not no mortgage Colona no race before that thousand germs. I agree now but I still. I'm a cake lover so as long as you give me is screaming fat Nigga. Ain't nothing strange next on. Isn't it crazy if we started working out two years when we started this podcast Shit? You've been sexy occupant Yo. Whatever happened to that challenge? You guys had that you guys are going to take your shirts off grows episodes. Maybe have got to bring up a pass C. Lesson okay young on camera. You gotta to take a Selfie with this. You don't get your face close to him. Is going to be corona. I told you that shit we gotta be safe of Corona's mad like saliva enough. I've already like shall nate. Cisco CISCO SWEETS HIT HIM UP. Oh away like come on a warm as hand warmer touching myself on be many a word and and do what underwood slowdown Capo. I Hey you want to transfer this to actually want to lift up the cameras so that he can see the one hundred episode. Lou. Shout Christopher Setting this up shout to JESSICA CISCO SHELTER NASA's for being a great guest and oops yet Cisco for being a great guest may is my boy love him love him. Cameron's was dropped. Just leave bring me cake okay. Nice base down as a masterpiece. We Song does not focus off. I hear this lady. So they didn't cut a slices. Don't do it. Don't do shit blow blow it. What's going on Carol? GonNa come back here and just say hi for one second. That's that's it kills. We'll keep hiding the camera bro. There was a few times Episode where he was on this side of the camera showed up so yeah yeah yeah less asset on filled out. You know that I'm still. I'm still strong still around. Still Brown really. They found this green light. You know always seem like it seemed right. You'll girl she writes. We WanNA play fights in the middle of the night. Put My face screen rights. I may come co star. She suffered mob balls and when we go into drop-off tallest traveled. I liked pies. I likewise Putin Pie. Poontang pie person. But that sounds delicious. Ooh So yeah. Okay so I guess right now the guy got arrested. W why and how you got TA. I can't believe I haven't heard about this sooner but let them know 'cause I listen. You see just what I'm talking about like when I get around Wheels Ben. Outta LISA CAPO LEON. Fucking Clyde Drexler auto recipes while focus. When I get around these people. They'll be able to go. They'll be able to go. You remember that time you gotTa Rest. Bro Not be able to go on one episode. Like that's a joke now. Like like what are some of my favorite podcasts follow? I love the idea of having inside jokes with them because it feels like a big ask Party. It was able to lock you up. Come on I'm locked up. They won't let me out. 'cause I got a new okay. Sorry locked up boom. Let me I saw your boy be green on. Maybe I could find the Mugshot. I was able to find it through back channels because I talk about an ID. When I got arrested in. I'm pissed that I lost that idea. I think I left it. In the Orange Jumpers. What is the name of the fuck? What is the name of that fucking like? Newsletter that towns have where they can follow like local news like Like they're kind of like written forms like written forms of facebook groups like we have like the reminder. We have the reminded me. It's Kinda like that. I know it's called like do log or some shit off. It's like a thing it's like a like the it'd be like the every town has their own. It'd be like the Hartford disaster. What is one of the calls have occurred? Be One of the longest note shouted current being the longest running motherfucking. Ooh That is giant story. Now what it meant to. You know this this. You'RE GONNA get drunk in his whole piece of cake. I get bite. No no no way. We we know. Tyson fury who can then you star is GonNa be slurred. I want to hear about the hundred. And then we get your fingers away from my fucking fucking with us Spit on these fancy as plates and no closing duties dishes to shit. Oh Shit that is a nice thing about that is nice cinematic movement. Let's see let's see. Asmar guys is Bueno. So please tell us I I saw I bite review. What are we looking at one by? Everybody knows the deal. He's not saying he's He's GonNa Finish Finish His holy Shit. Okay I mean I don't know if you've got I mean I'M A. I'm assuming that aren't watching. You guys need to go watch this. He calls me fat for one hundred episodes. And we see the yeah. That's all I'm saying. Is You noticed far? It's GonNa make you what rt Fart. I mean we just got open. The window just is going to be as best that think about that. Look at that joke we agree. They're like your children tells basement. That's what they were they could. They could have said that earlier when we had that bad. Why Fiber Talking Ashley has not gone? Would you stop bussing now? Okay I was when you eat them because we can't all just I mean when you met me. Why can't we be going down a history lesson? Is he breathing heavy and a challenge for them as they finish the first race him because he's straight fucking it up? He picked it up with his fingers. Holy Shit he's GonNa have to shoot after this. I know it you know. And you're GONNA get fucked because you can't imagine how big is just come on. Let's do this. Just imagine I feel it. Looks a little moist so I liked. I liked cakes. I mean not dry as cakes definitely not dry so can you just tell me one more time with this is he's in the chest grow down he'll tell you he told you attach mate. Cisco told you in the Shallow Sea Lou. Nate Nate Nate Nate. Nee Chocolate often also infused with babies know if you guys not paying attention to be done. And he has the nerve to call other people fat. Look that's his play. He's done. Say What again what? I what I say Leon Moist Moist Voice activated. What did I say moist with Kaos Moist? But what's the problem with that? It can be sexual term. That's fine hold on so worried. Look what we're doing. It's a nasty word to hear alcohol in that cake. How do I feel more on it than I did before him? Sam because you drink well you ate drain. You ate it. Like shit means a money the entire piece because passing out here I said. Hey we got we gotta we gotta we gotta bad in the basement Bro. It's all good. You just get a patch. Patch the patch the newspaper the news to hear the patch. So you know what's crazy. What's crazy let your in the patch. His cheeks again Rosie. That means getting drunk. Is that what that means? Definitely yeah I don't like that's it. I'm saying it's been great you magnets. Everyone's saying moist moist. Leon set a chick tells me she's Mois saw a Llama. I just tried to read Ella Mayo like I tried to is. I was like Alabama. That's a problem. That's a problem I I don't feel like Moyes is bad for word liens. I got your mugshot. I got my looking for your mugshot. You've got your. I didn't find Mugshot. No I got my breakdown on ready. Ready kills a piece of cake. Would you GEICO each piece of cake? It's Mois we just had a cook and under that lightning now. It's real voice. That's how that works. I ready December thirteenth. Two thousand thirteen Those seven years ago Bee. Green was real cool. Some thought be Green. Was Romain listened to you as I give you a detailed witness idea of what happened on the scene third degree criminal mischief. Greenpeace that amy not as efficient went to JEB because he wasn't moist host Shit. That's funny love you baby. Definitely it's going to be moist only by Leeann definitely all right ready dam. Sure I have some music. What music should I have under this? Oh I got it locked up chained the BPM so that they'll kick off kick those wild. They kicked us off last week. 'cause fucking Ben Ben Ben fucking ninety nine left balloons so then we got kicked off Matt Songs. We played on this show and they said Nah. Just you know good just taking your money. Cool no problem with that. Ninety nine left balloons they said this episode cannot be viewed in any country. Wow I know they had only tough over to this country Dan. I had to fix it. I had to remove that part of the PODCAST. Frosting amazing the Pandit Opondo. No no just whatever's in between the CAITLYN. Okay Okay Son. Kind of dough. Yeah now you can do now. You can do your thing. I liked that I liked ready. I'm a dance while he is going to be the backup. Data second degree criminal mischief breach of peace. At eleven twenty seven PM. Police were called to Jerry's pizza on south main. It would be a pizza place. Sign evolve with what you say. What did you say you bet you? I'll tell you. Ponder episodes calling me fat modified arrested. Because he didn't have enough. Salt on his pizza. They didn't WanNa give a pirate fan. I love that I love bed. I wish my host so let me go all at eleven twenty seven police. I gotta go fuck. I second degree criminal mischief breach of peace. At eleven twenty seven PM police were called to Jerry's pizza on South Main Street Middletown Connecticut. Can I get past the pizza bar? A about several patrons who had just left the restaurant who wrote decision several patriots have just left the restaurant and they were arguing with customers and jumping. Chevrolet Malibu according to the report Ben Rhodesian Brian Greene twenty-six of Long Hill road who was inside of Hyundai Genesis. Said he and several other matty's next door patrons had argued in the parking lot. According to the report witnesses said green jumped on the car. He dented Wish acid difficult damage to the roof as it was from side to side. He later told officers he had a few drinks. It took things too far. He's jumping cars over. What rivers and in the offices a lock joazef for dentists so it wasn't supposed to shout. The copy sent me a picture of Fuckin- Mata Mata India. Wow subject initiatives is bad for you so be Green. We went to go see Somebody play a bar over it on. Matty's over in Middletown. I don't know if it's still there or not right so we're leaving and there was a car parked like out in front of the Pizzas Pizza. Spot which is right next to the Matt about think about like you leave out of place you go to the right as you're right right walking to the right there's like that's Leeann. Waste MOISTURE MOIST MOIST. Do these words make you create. That was that was hand held Action Right There Leon. If so you're not alone. Choice is one of the most hated words in the English language. What is soft snowflake us? I guess so We're walking out one of the white guys. I was with shouted Crawford. He's like five foot four. He goes to jump on top of the car he just hits the side of it. You're the car he goes. You can reach me San Leon me seeing it as a challenge narrating basically. That's exactly what it was narrating AC- I saw. I saw it as a challenge so I then go jump in and do the same thing but I'm six four you know Seffrin bike sacks with his fucking long hair and yellow teeth so was about one twenty we. He's about he's got one one sixty. I'm going home and you're about to sixty five relax. I'd probably like to forty at this time. I was skinny. Be Room okay. Don't do that. Kills My desire. Waste Crossword so I go to jump but I forget I plus board as white knock all cracks definitely taking pictures. Okay so crocs woman who do Crossword Liana Special Leon Special Ed clocks clocks. I always late. There's no Jamaica's like Yulia Shoe. That a promise you that Java so I go to jump forgetting. I'm not a five foot. Four White Guy. I land on the top of the car so then I proceed to roll over the top of the car. Basically my back was on the roof of the car and then I got off on the other side so so. Why did you get up on the same side? Because I was rolling over this week. He cracked the car and he wrecked the pavement. Fuck you you honey. Why don't you just grow back over? Let me show you with example. Damn able just jump on the team. Oh no no. That'd be a great way to go so I would like this. This is the car I went broke and it came off other side. Bong right so I go. Oh Shit can you to fuck off my headphone it? Slip on pants so I go fuck. We dented that shit immediately. Started a said we want to blame other people for his big ass? Yeah I get it. He's we dented at the little guiding. Nothing Kwok's flirting vision immediately started getting sober fuck so we walked towards. I think there's a I think it's a cardio express now started walking towards the Cardi Expresses Yo you gotta get the car we gotTA. It's me my boy. Wes Crocks for and I think another motherfucker. I got the Honda Hyundai Genesis. It's a coupe. I got school books in the back. I'm not in like I don't got room to just like hop in the car and go and we've been drinking So we get to the car. I'm like Y'all let me move my shits hop in the back. I start moving my shit. A group of people start walking towards in the middle of this group of people. There's a black guy just black guy someone your size someone. No no no no no. He's probably like five ten. You know nothing like okay so he starts walking towards us he leon. Oh Shit eighth grader. Nah when we saw land on Sunday Leeann was so happy to see as bro. Like the Manor. Joe Crawford is now my least favorite word moisture anymore. It's Crawford I get it so we're naming episode crocs for so they're walking tours spilled the way they spilled on the chat so they're walking towards us and I'm like oh it's like it's like twelve people it's four of us so they're walking towards us and they go yo jumped on top of this fucking car. So what do we do now? What you mean talking about talking about. We saw you using the pizza shop. We saw when y'all motherfuckers jump on top of the car said if you saw US guess one of US asking I said listen my Nigga. Fuck you talking about. We were just walking out. I'll maybe someone knows that we got cameras and we call the COPS so now. I look at the other for that guys with white. You know they're not gonNA wear middletown he and they're not going to joe so you know what's crazy. Oh so I go. I'm convinced white people crazier than black people of course easy. It's it's a numbers game though. It's nuts I mean like iota amount of white people that are on bikes and don't get in trouble. Compared to the minorities. Have you seen him on? Why people want to mail on the you know in the post office wall. It's all whites blacks owner. No I haven't I haven't been so Susan. Serial killers is definitely. Why be the only six nine black guy with rosy cheeks? Funny Capo? Coppola's finish it so so I go listen my Nigga Zhang Bao. They said to cops is on the way so now. We're like we gotta go while also not leaving like we're admitting guilt so my boy. West goes. I'M GONNA keep antagonize them. So they swing on us and I go there you go. This is Martha and Boo. And I go and he tells me he told me this like a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago in Boston he goes. My plan was to get them to hit us so that we can save defended ourselves. Exactly coppell victim car. We're playing the victim. We just we all know the for going on so but they never swung on us so we go hop in a car and we started appeal out hanging out. I'm going out. I'm headed right toward the Exit. And then you're on six cop cars pull up so I just go pull right over in the vicinity and I parked the car causes. Get out the car. Nigger what is Gun Gun? Not As twenty two thousand sixteen eighty. Okay okay thirteen. I'm just asking so we cart out the car. I'm standing in the driver seat. I look over crosswords. That you've been a fucking shit who crocs crocks for okay crocs Ford at this point I never did any sort of like sit like this across it before he was my boys west boy he was my boys west boy. Yeah so you know. It's one of those dude. You know through like association. Gotcha so I was like. I'm looking at my small. Fuck is wearing boat shoes. It's November like is December. Excuse me his boat. Shoes in December has Khakis a rolled up. I'd go this Nigga. Better not say none. So he gets out the passage. See I'm in the driver's seat up the boys get out in the back. Cops sitting there cops go you guys. Just wait right here. I saw I go. Cou they say we gotta look at the footage so I go guys just deny deny deny deny that was enough. That was some other knicks. They don't ask questions you just don't say exactly right Simple Electric Chair. Goddamn the that I play music. No more the game. Why when you mentioned him. He's in both use. Your mental pictures didn't have or your mental pictures in having boches. Amelia fucking collar pop. So they go they go. We went to the pizza shot. We looked at the footage. You guys definitely fucked up. These cars all is now mind you cars multiple now mind. You all is supposedly supposedly. It was someone else in our group who jumped day who jumped on the front hood of Acura. Mdx and then jumped off of it. They made cert- according to their footage they made a certain guy in our group took off his shoe to match it up with the hood what they said he said. You know. I'm not the only one I got these sneakers. They couldn't pin nothing on her genius But they said you brown guy. Who'd Burger now? They said Joe Brown guy we got. We got footage of you fucking up the roof of that car. You're coming with us. Turn around mentioned shit with serious now. She was serious because I go. Fuck immediately sobered up so it turns me around put. The cuffs puts me in the back of the back of car. I'm to fucking the and this was skinny. Green still fucking Titus fucking. I mean skinny. We agree let's be honest now like someone captured a pterodactyl. Actually let me say you said two hundred actually took a picture and if I still had facebook I'll be able to post it. You said two hundred and forty pounds. That's a pretty big at six five at eight. I know you may think it is but I mean that's almost like Lebron James Statute no because Lavar James to sixty liaison. Stop Seventy two fortieth skinny. Yeah Yeah Leon has some of the skinniest wrist if you ever want to know who Leon is. Put fingers at the end of this. Leon Leon. To forty is not fat out a couple of seventy five big boy so I go up in fucking station. I said you're wes handled the car keys. Doom known shit so again the back. So I'm writing now. I was going through some shit in my life at this time you know. Just how does super this is probably the point where I had the biggest fight with crystal neither fight? It was just. It was a moment where I really kind of tested. The metal of our relationship up to that point and her response was at one that I could. I could manage that point at Twenty six-year-old me and I'm Ryan to the police station and I'm like Oh this is crazy. I'm not this guy. I'm not this guy I'm like. I'm not this guy so I get out. Take me go get fingerprints. I'm like Yo they don't use ink anymore they used digital. It's like a fucking photocopier. It's like fucking seen in the wire correct but it's real so they do my fingerprints now this whole time. I gotTA fuck in. I got a blue Polo Polo on. Because I got in a row. 'cause you fat fingers would broke the glass. My pizza levels were low. You can say it. I was thinking that was skinny. Then I was one eighty not not know too so they process spe process me. They put me on hold and sell and they go. We're GONNA see what the fuck this sargeant wants to do. What you guys. It was a Saturday. We know what happens on a Saturday? No it was a Friday night. We know what happens on a Friday night when you get arrested. No we don't we. Don't you gotta wait till Monday to see a fucking judge so I go fuck you go there you go. They found out your cereal car. Roller heating may bill. You were in jail Hogan cafes. So I'm like this weird. They didn't take anything from me. I still got my cell phone in my pocket. So the guy's going. What are you doing? Listen knowing that you're probably better off than that page on I g on the computer. It's all right you've been drinking in so I do pull that picture up though because it was around that time it was. It was a year later. Tam He did the math. He did the math so shows money though so crazy right there so he goes. I'M GONNA go see with my sergeant. Wants to fucking do what you. He didn't say fucking. He was actually pretty cool so he treated you right when he does that. Take my phone and take a Selfie. No one saw it. I still have that picture in. My facebook downloaded files. I'm GonNa try to find the see if I can. Maybe it maybe the comes back and goes listen. Sergeant was in having it but I told him you've been nothing but fucking pleasant since fucking bit dealing with you we're gonNA give you a promise to appear court PTA. I don't know if you've ever been arrested before. But maybe you can get some accelerated rehab pay for the damages are in a drop off your record blah Blah Blah Blah fast. Ford I get out get out that morning. It was like three o'clock in the morning. Get Out I'm Lou. Macari at get my car. I'm blaming associate on crystal. It's always woman's air and then you know and then a few weeks later I had court. They said listen. What are you doing? You never had trouble before I go. No all right. Well you've been granted accelerated Rehab for those that don't know if you've never been in trouble for you. Get one shot one opportunity one moment to capture to seize everything. You've ever wanted palms sweaty. Newsweek heavy vomit sweat already Moskva get. He's nervous but on the surface he looks calm regular but what he wrote down the whole crowd also laffy opened his mouth but no words. Don't come out he won't and now everybody's joking now. Doctors balanced out open browse. Pyeho Bro. I'm trying to look for the battle pops up over like you can't get the year Janet. I waited one episode for giving us the same ship as she'd be me to one hundred episodes for that bullshit arrest. You'd even get process. I had the Yellow Orange Jumpsuit. All that had let me finish well. It wasn't one hundred episodes. There's probably roughly like fifty something bullshit. He thought about this first episode. No way three. We talked about this arrest for episodes. Big Egg was still with us. We're going to let you walk down. The thief isn't they had mrs demeanor so I called the court they a are they with the AARP go listen. He's never been in humans. Leeann Person Leeann person if you're here come here. But if he's out of control it was supposed to be start. Listen snap it so listen so judge goes I we a. Are you got a payback? And you got to pay back. All the damages on the car just went up in that bitch and push it up not like not like when example. Twenty eight hundred. I rich at this point. Eight hundred to fix the roof. What are we can grimmer. Woody shuttle the Puerto Rican Shadow. Sell him up. So you know be. Green showed up the court next time. I figured I figured I should try to hit the up that owned the car that I rolled over. Not Knowing. You shouldn't do that when you go hit them up. Did search found out. That isn't it has been in trouble before. Gotcha this Nigga was intro for like stealing stakes from someplace from that pizza place stakes at a pizza place out. So the next day the next time court when he was supposed to appear with receipts from the shop and I was supposed we were supposed to set the fucking tone on how much money also spend. He never showed up. Oh so you got lucky. I never had to pay twenty eight hundred so I'm saying you got lucky because he was trying to scam you listen. All I'm saying is by the way it was me. They said twenty passer pay. Well we know if she is what it's supposed to be at a dealer versus what it really is. Because I was going to be like Yo I just pay you off the gate. Yeah I never been arrested. But I'm serving a life sentence marriage. Oh Shit Oh shit. Oh Shit Yar Pretty Yard petty criminals or Pretty Kramer. I don't know if you fucking coming onto me. Are you trying to come on me? Leo's funny but now. So that was my story how you got arrested it was. It was enough of a shocker. Because this is also when I was trying to get my job I like. Mj story better at. This story is absolutely bro. Mj's Huda Mj. Story was like a fucking movie to be honest. That's because I was drunk. I forgot I think I told you I might start in. Change the cost. Oh No I wasn't aware of your story. So let's let's hear. I wasn't aware of your story I didn't necessarily before. Go ahead tell a pussy. Fuck timeout time. The fuck out the. How was the flashlight no knows a pocket pussy saying that there was no pocket? Pussy. Jr was just too busy. I mean marine life life. No mom you gotta get your mom. Ouch ahead no Lisa in your head you fuck. That pocket was eight and I just can't at Lisa. Leon I will talk to One star you up. I will talk to Leon aware bag. I got your five star. Little Song. Hang on average two or three. And what do you mean right but better than just wonder? I? You never heard. Jr's arrest story from stealing terrible divas. Bigger ter tore was the worst. The worst part wasn't even the steelers. The worst part was I was a young kid. Nineteen eight thousand nine hundred zero and the worst part was that I I sung on myself like a little bird. 'cause you a bit how you snitch on yourself me. I let me let me get to. It's Shit I worked at FILENE'S FILENE's time hold on hold on Janet. He wasn't saying that they get your mom. He was saying that he was saying she wants to fight you. He was saying. Take your mind off of everything. You're going through in. Think about that pocket Pussy Inada. Lisa yes so I worked I finally what was filings used to be made it? What is lanes? Macy's I mean? I've never fucking immigrant don't they don't? I don't even think we gotTA macy's today every time you drink you start hitting the table career right you. I gotTA stop drinking so I worked at filene's figured you know what the hell they're not gonNA miss it. I'm GonNa take some money registers. Oh Wow you went straight for the register still stock. Not even not even merchandise. He went straight tag was trying to sell shit on the low low. I was I was doing it for a while. Get his youngest off the show. What's wrong with JEN? Beef with doing. New Elisa's I love doing that. Love comes to her she. She only knows how to respond to hate. I did it once. I figured you know Bango Fuck. I did it twice three David David. Oh yeah she is. Oh my God he's going to say but I don't fucking free stuff free. Wow that's valid. He can say that in here me. He'll he'll want to wing. Wookey stole from the register. How much did you see? God knows because I truly don't know he shared a statue of limitations is up now. I want you. It's good. I truly don't know but the day the security took me into the office should have known it was a lady was like the Bitch I wanna say she was mean as Faulk if there was her exact words. If you tell me what you've done off a trap I was young and dumb happened again. It's a trap. If you tell me what you've done it'd be the end of it. Ben Fanatic. We'll let you go. Your job is over. You'll be fired or let you go. We won't call the COPS so send perch fucking tweety bird. I will sing like a month ago. I've been so crazy. Part is when you were fucking skinny. You'd look like like finding bird what did you say? I've been stuffing registers. So it wasn't a one time thing you you know what I was doing stealing not stole every every time it was your ship on the register. You were taking money in putting your body. I want to say every time a lot of the time and she was like we got cameras behind the glass where people will look at each other with cameras that we've seen you gotta great. I admit it this thing was still in front of a two sided. I admitted to everything next thing. You know they're not going to do. It was the West Hartford. Pd Gadget Bitch. They walk me autopilot. He's in handcuffs. I mean they put it with Nice to put a jacket on my hands and Shit so tell me why the old I think you just walking with his hand behind his back. Tell me why sue cops next to him. They told me they told me the cruiser. Obviously I'm nervous. Faulk point you start crying. I didn't actually I cried. After I may bill. He was crying as soon as he was still. I do engagement ring a finally cry a year and a half to two years later after I may bill because I got arrested again the first time I've got arrested the first time I got they put me in back of the cruiser and and I'm singing like a fucking bird and my judy. There's more to this story at this point. He was nineteen Leon past every damn tests to be a police. Cadet what I say every damn test every single test. Can you imagine if I was a cop out to put in jail a long time ago both your I mean you don't have? He's not only the hastily from filings. He stole all the time to give to the show so They bring me to the station. The you know fingerprint me. There was no processing yet. And they'll let me go on a are accelerated rehab and promised to appear so I- appeared in core. What did you do get to eight? Nine hundred bucks. They even know the amount I could've said three hundred have been good but no I kept saying like a dumb ass made me promise to pay eight hundred nine hundred bucks back. I needed to write a letter of apology and I needed to do a year formation which is the year of a R. I did the year probation deliver apology. Obviously I couldn't find a job because I got fire from Aja so I never pay backdate hundred dollars. Hold on Ben say can we will wind the DVD for a second kid worked in. The basement doesn't know how Like that yeah. Hey y'all give it. I hate us. Yeah so the so. The money never got paid back to restitution and I figured nobody's ever GonNa fucking no opportunity to take off the Florida to go to school Florida. I took off Florida because I thought fuck it. Nobody's ever no get away. Should go away now and I should sits in the record. Books such as there have warrant from arrests. I never knew whites so I'm back in Connecticut. I'm working at a dealership then. I got a speeding ticket. I went to go pay speeding ticket. Like a fucking Puerto Rican. I wanted to pay the speeding ticket. Now everything's a fucking auto pizza. They they take him my ticket money and then she's like oh I'll be right back. Come on White Steve. Oh Shit. I'm not a felony are I'm not a felon again. I was why people always become an issue. Yeah it was definitely a felony so she goes back and takes the ticket money. Whatever whatever next to you know there's two cops are on me again? Oh Shit yeah these two cats say to cops and I'm like what the fuck is going on. Let me get your glass. I'm just trying to figure out what Kinda Shit was in the car. Oh Shit he finishes story Glass Drinking This I. I was driving somebody else's car until I got arrested again because they had a warrant from arrests. This time I got process. It was a Friday snowy day. This time I got process. I think I was in jail for about six hours because I my wife finally came and she was my wife at the time but she may. She got bail. Got Me out but I was processed orange jumpsuit. They make the cavity picture had the ID. I was in a fucking cell is bend over and cough and it could spread the I've never. I've never been arrested. Thank God when I was in the cell would I still cry? You saw that. I was praying. I ain't saw. I'm not you ain't got no marks on your saw because I haven't been to jail. I ain't got no mark year Nigga. Fuck it is Nigga. At when you mentioned me down history keep running your mouth free. Put some infamy with them no one of them no eighty he married you because you've got him out of Jail Leon's man little what's Leeann? Come on check. Check 'em for Leeann you you've been coming at me on night Leon. Let's talk about that so my man's just said you're is mad. Little Bro what was he. What was he doing looking at you? But so I want to know why at Lisa Marie's hoodlums you know. No he married her because if shooting should he know about the arrest she would marry me because I confessed her prior Twad. I told her about the stealing of Shit. Shut the fuck up. He was waiting at least when you were twelve. I confess to her prior to me getting arrested the second time. He never knew about the first time but she knew about you know when she before this yes she said he saved my ass. You definitely she definitely did you. Can you imagine? Jr in jail for three nights? Define I was going to be. How do you went to the second time you've got arrested about twenty okay? I wasn't crying shows a man when I came out I was bar. I can't tell you how has being arrested affected. Your Life changed whatever it changed. The course I think they retire by now twenty days. I wish we stayed in jail for the whole weekend. So a nickname Bernie could a slap the shit out you for hitting the table. Nobody can hear you every time you hit the table. They wouldn't have slapped me. They were left me alone. They left me alone. 'cause they don't do what you hitting a fucking tapers up here in the table. Damn I'd have been the plastic bitch. I want to keep it up and you get three strikes you out and do because like three as you said care okay to relax. Oh Shit Dan those tough. It was tough situation but I don't see that was Greens arrest. I dodged a lot of bullets. I've done a lot of bullets. Clearly that's what That's what he said now. Nine lives Once in Wallingford. Oh Me and white. Steve got pulled over with twelve empty. Twisted tea bottles in the back Like a dime sack of weed in the Ashtray. And a loaded Glock twenty one under my seat. I talked me out of it. Got a warning one. How do you talk your way out of that? But just give us a quick run. I'm just saying if you white Steve. I know you don't know because you haven't heard but just saying you know I was just able to. I would just able to. I was just able to connect with the COP and we were able to see that. It was just a misunderstanding. You know I really meant to slow down at that red light before I took it and it was cool. It was cool. One time we come back from a fucking was it. What was that fucking shitty ass Bar Meriden and we said you know let's not take north colony road You know any black bands or do I have to be. Whiteman all depends on your white so you might be white. Been to and all that. That's not so in that case it can be back. Ben Ben so Maloney's we went to fucking Maloney's and Meriden so we know it's late. It's fucking Shift Change. Let's take the back streets to get back to the shop because at this time. I was doing a lot of work on cars. We used to go down to the shop. Spending the shot work on cars at Nigga we leave them off fucking shop or fucking. Maloney's we take the back roads. We go into the cool. I write very put to a traffic light right now. We're probably like half a mile away from the shop. Maybe a mile lights red but you saw green. Who's in front of us are no cop? Okay he makes a left turn towards shop we make left turns towards the shop this Nigga pulls into the parking lot to the right of US relaxed snitch. He pulls into the parking. She gets my hands Rina's comedies. He did. He did one of these. We're behind him so I go. Aww Fuck now we've been drinking drank like I'm sorry about. We've injured should have been driving. Immature should never do so. Then I go fuck. He's behind us in ways he goes. Relax relax relax relax. When they know they won't be be the one in trouble so we make another right heading toward the shop. Now at this point we're one traffic light weight from shop. I go yo. This is different story Leon. Relax. I've got to stop hanging around White Steve. Every time I was getting trouble this is where I go. At what point should I make a left turn signal to go into the shop so at the cop can still drive by me? He goes wait star worship. He goes wait. Hold hold hold. He goes now so armee left. Turn signals one. Two three seconds made a left turn into the shop. Cop KEEPS GOING. We pull up into the back of the shop. Steve hops out opens the shop throws open the car door. The door I pull in drops the door as soon as he drops the door and turns off the light. The cops come in with their light on William but they were right behind you so he did that that quick. Well he passes we all we put into like the industrial park. Where the shop was he going? Which I'm assuming he went and turned around correct and then when he was like Yo. We're these is that. We're looking to the fucking. We had ten on the window. We're looking out the window as he's writing by do the shop trying to figure out where to fuck. We went son when I tell you at that time I had the wrong place in my car was dicarlo. Yeah it was dirty skinny. Be Green be acting us. Be Happy would be green being big big green fast. That's what I'm saying. Big Holy Shit Gio. At when you mention me live. I am I would've met Skinny Green. I feel that I would have been in union same show. You need a lot of trouble. Racing cars racing my cyanide and actually would have been stupid listen. We all had our young times. I'm glad we all made it through everyone in his check thing. I love the fact that able to get to this. As as as you as mother fuckers at because that means you I went through some shit And when Nikki I'll tell Ya Shit Shit just because we wanNA talk make sometimes it's because we know what it feels like to barely get by shit going through shit makes you stronger makes you better rate for those who know what I do for work. Now is kind of crazy that that's what I do for work now. I got pulled over. Avon wants with a gun. Licensed gun a gun but again it was registered. They didn't know that cops don't care. Come on Bro Starsky. I try to run from COPS. I didn't try to run. I was racing a fucking boosted. Ninety-one Integra raising fucking Vita fucking mother veto bus. I wasn't any right cool buses ass cock. Come out fuck darks fuck. Viva Steve wasn't any ASS liens business. Are we crimes pulled over? I know there was so many cops in Avon until they finally caught up with me. Have you on the side of the road? I was like Nicholas. Put up in altemus an Avon in Auburn. Yes with Alzheimer's with Blues and Reds. Even know you could do that. I didn't even know Yucca. Fucking do on the COP. I raised pulled me over our bet. You beat his ass didn't he? You know shelter the cops that realized that I was in the fucking thug. That wasn't trying to do anything crazy and they just kind of just wanted to race. Not just just WANNA keep recording. I just got for passing the right. You know what it is. It's when cops pulling together and they finally got a gun and that gun isn't stolen or is in anything sketchy the reason why they pulled you over is now thrown out the window. They don't give a fuck about you fucking role in the stop sign. They care about Oh shit we might have some bigger to fucking deal with here and they have to check the tribal do their due Diligence Lyonnais get shot everyday four and traffic lights and they don't relax if anything. I had multiple situations where she died. Don't do that black well. So what's the most trouble you've ever gotten into where you were like? That could have changed my life. I've never been in that kind of trouble where he's happy because you don't WanNA share. I don't pull you smart enough. Do your research like countless articles about the racial tensions in Avon with what they do to black people like you smarter than that metal of Middletown Middletown same situation. Pull it over like you notice like you ain't stupid cows you smart. What Google -fensive because I'm trying to think of stories okay? If you don't think about it political type Avon cops racist. I'm less getting the WHO to you because you dark all outside Nigga News in that dark dark and in that case you got yeah takes pretty good. I'm trying to stop eating. It's actually pretty good. Listen guys so am I supposed to look? I don't know I was just supposed to say but yeah I've been. I've been pulled over with my gun in the car I was. I was a little bit under the influence I was. I was drinking a lot. It was really late this cup. Did some fog boise or should I mean cut right now is definitely the cop because first of all. He wasn't even allowed State Trooper. I was I was getting onto the highway And I was I was like why did you say the State Trooper? Check it out first of all. Because I was going straight I was he was he was on the highway. I was going to get on ramp going to the highway when I was going on highway as soon as I get in front of him. He turned his lights on. Okay motherfucker told me get off the exit and we'll we'll talk over there. I was all right. I got off the exit and he told me Oh. Did you know that you just ran that? Stop sign you probably do. He was on the highway as someone. Who's he stopped me? He stopped me on the highway. You ran up song. Most Times are are there to start honoring what he's about what I'm saying. He was already on the highways. Or would you do fuck? You did not see what I did. Bro. I got on the highway finest. He told me I ran a stop. Sign he he asked me for my my license registration. My son was in the glovebox. Knicks guys spooked. They hug what I wanted to see. Now I was in the glove box I was I was I was a little under the influence brightest wanted to put it in there just in case if I needed to pull it out. Whatever the case already sounds like he's trying to frame it right. Wheels already sounds like he's trying to frame it so you can get on his side. He now I'm dead serious. And then and then he saw the gun he got fucking spooked and then I was already. I was a little bit drunk. So I'll how can we tell the Slur my words I was slurring my words AIDS where they they they let me go with just a traffic violation. Obviously because my goal was registered. How old are you I was I was probably like twenty twenty two. That couldn't have been twenty with a gun now the most the not. Now you're storing at what Papa. I was like twenty two some Shit like Dad. Two year difference. Yeah whatever whatever whatever the twenty slant drilling clear age okay good. It was like twenty two. What were you going through? I wasn't going through G. O. T. When you mention me now one of the craziest things that changed my life as I was drunk as hell and I pulled my gun out and stuck it on my friends. I did that. Let's be friends with you on. That changed life. I did I see someone like a wes. Drama shoes for no. That's the thing I'm not trying to win. Joke Lee Ho. That's what I'm saying. I did that she at my job. Until The gun goes off JAB JAB now. Oh this is this is all be green guys like. This was an issue at my job. It was like that it was done. It was a night partying downtown Harper. I think it was a block party some shit like that you know. He has an ambitious with us. And we go back to where we were at to get our cars and I forgot. I had my shit on the seat. So he comes up to me. He goes before we talk into the joke in and he pushes me. And I go on a cargo. Nick with the wrong what you and. I pull out my gun and I put it to his chest not kill you right now is the best. We were serious. Caught her man so we got back to wherever the fuck we were meeting at. She had her man there. He ran up on his do. Nigga if she called you telling you we had a gun or would you run upon US stupid stupid. What are you doing? Hey guys you guys are having with. Y'All but then I kinda cute because it was like. He was defending that she had a fat ass. But it's yeah now it was. It was joking around. Yeah I know that now but when you when you when you're young and get a gun is like you. WanNa push shit out the first year year two when you get a gun. It was roughly around that the first time I've done my son was like fucking beautiful man. I was just. I was pulling that every party. I was fuck all your shoe. Everybody this motherfucker. I was drunk as fuck. I took my. I took my clip out but I pulled. My gun puts his chest and pull the trigger. Leeann you start Leon Stop. You aren't the same because if you plot a gun on somebody and you get caught with it. Do you. And your parents like it is different. They didn't deport. Goes this different? No one company we are. You sounds now but then Leon would have been late to court to him if this whole fucking family out crazy as he is now but that changed my life forever. That's why I drink a lot. I get to the point where I'm feeling nice and then I'll just before I leave the house so you you become violent drunk everything. No I used to be a violent drug. Now I'm just I never get drunk violent. No no no no. I'm I'm chill cool. I'm ready to just look around me and show even though probably smack the shell someone they talk crazy town because it's just like Yo picture kills being violent Cambridge. You being angry but slapping I don't I don't that's why I try not to get myself to that point so that's the other side of what we associates. I Call I call that guy. They caught a Guy. His name is his. Name's Jeff Jeff. Jeff Alter Egos Miles Eagles. Kevin Faulk me. Craziest stink. Dropped their friends and she talked to Malta. Ego named Kevin Jamaica on his dramatic sometimes sometimes from Barbados He. Beijing depends it depends. It depends on what should've got violent. Do for an apart-. Oh Shit Yeah. Some nigger ran up on cows and was like Yo talk about them who the do ran up on Sunday saying he wanted. Raina points under run up by trying to be our friend. He He'd saw we was cool. He was trying to get down with us. Some do some do from Nigeria. Ran Up on cows myself in Leon in when it's introduced us to an Asian blood. Gangsta rapper from California. Who sounds like French Montana? When you say run-up was he like aggressive running up when you guys listening restroom. We did not any of that. So that tells you he's Lit. I trust things like that but he spoke to us in a way. That's forever only speak to people you know. We're in a in a in a vibe E. S. bar this motherfucker puts on a JBL PILL. Bigger is playing some negative. He goes like I'll even know a blood simple. That is not a blood simple. He's like Brown wavy Bro. Was He drunk as Ma says no but he Tokyo's He Boston pitcher a necklace? Yeah he asked if he asked his girl was a real one. I tell me thing de Leon freestyle for him. No Leonov Free Leon. Leon had a drink and he was just relaxing. Not Leon how old fashioned show now though the drink before the old-fashioned and old fashioned and he was just relaxing the w from the soya sauce buffalo. Wheels fucking wills so guys. Listen what are some things that y'all y'all hope? What like what are some things that attracted to the green light and that kept you guys going coming back? Week-to-week toes You know going forward. I WanNa make sure that the things that we did great. We do more of the things that we didn't do. Great kind of stay away from you know because I think ultimately Oh thanks Leon Fucking G. O. T. when did you You you you gotTa Verse Ready. Oh I don't I didn't prepare anything when you play music. If I want me to rap I'm GONNA do it. They're not yet kills. Go SO FAST. Quick to do music as soon as the big green gas flow jumping. Oh he's ages going jump in coming off. Gop mentioned me free. How you bitch give me symphony and as like the Symphony Nigga how your girl love me like girl Alma Straight? She want to sit to me. I send shots hit. He sent from me shelter crown. Now I said I'm Leon War that Nigga so wild house spin wheels and Dobermans book. In traffic he'll get his ass kicked something. Like like some chapstick moist difficult. Listen we got one too. Do the podcast without no shoes. Jr's theater next to me down. But he got a sweater on like he's GONNA freeze. I can't do it Sam. She's like Michael Pants Carols. I'm just waiting for that gene rails. He's different expect that well. What NO OTHER LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS? All talk about rose over but today. He had references to cal. Jr Leon at what is all that about is like you don't know how it works. I mean he was. He was definitely honest he was. Let's not do that. Whatever he did had. I was as good as your fat air. Leon he black listen she will do with the best show all who gave us the rest all of the love from above if I see your how impulsive and don't be afraid to hog the green light. We love you. We hear every time we speak. It's fucking snare. Giving it to Yuschenko cows. The Pike is clear if you hear it coming out left and right the years. I like the topic for mass. Most like that should make that affected cake that she was just great wheels. You got a wheelchair will shout out Band Fenner. Who's fucking weird our mind because he is not a queer and if he was. I wished I had more gay friends. That's the shit it depends. Getting Shit depends pampers shit. I didn't get it depends are slow it down. I just issue these bullets. They will miss you. You can died three times. Dmz I hit you shadow to cafo with the Malta. This being mad loud. It's not too proper. Can you turn it down Kelso turnoff? Thank you Sir. Appreciate JUS use different. Nah I just. I was expecting like you know I was two words. Rhyme like say one sentence you out of control just make say one sentence and then the next sentence have it Ryan. What previous Leon Freestyles on the freestyle with? Oh Damn. I guess. We'll get that free sound fucking episode. Three thousand one is like I said it's been real. I mean what did you guys meet? Episode BEEN KILLED. So it was last week. Sixty nine was his favorite by far. I mean I just he episode. We all enjoy some map. Association are Sixty. Nine was one of the highest rated episode because people out in the charges nastiest for Jassem nasty as boys sex cells and they just want it you know. They wanted to talk about sex. I was hooked from the drive through ordering who ordered in a drive through. What the fuck is he talking about? Anyone always talking about no. I'm not I'm not. I'm pretty sure he's accurate. Because there's been federal why people tend to be accurate when they bring up their fucking points see when the funniest Yossi what Bernie Sanders window. Drc They to Monica Bernie Sanders yes. He's a fucking him heavy. You can't. He's an example of. You can't make everyone enemy two point because when you do that just too many forces a stack up against you know when when did you a president. Would you have over me if I ran for president? You know my running partner would be new over you over trump audie long. Oh Shit well when you got that. Is that when Asher comparison? That's not saying much Leon Abi. You're running. Did we do that. We didn't do that was alive. I can't have a black person like Leon. His running mate Ben. Oh Shit Ben Fenner report in those case. I need help Shuna video. Transfer that over episode nine. I was born in other country. Oh Yeah you're right. That's just stupid to. We need to get rid of that Shit. I definitely vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger as our mother fucking president. Don't talk about sex zoom in cut cut just cut just pick some random point in a month episode and clicking see what we're talking about coming up pushing now he's put a twist on no. Oh yeah right off the rigs okay pause every now this was when Liza. Jr's wife load us. Whoa WHOA he ate her pussy after you came inside her lies and we told you that I was lies. We first of all kills won't be all allies live doesn't sound like lies to me. Buddy lies and deceit. Because you calling you a liar. On episodes she lied. Yes the gross the gross. How Dare You yes? Yes sir you how dare you? She knows I'm very picky. I would never go down after I blew a load. That's never happened ever but you would put your Dick in her mouth after. She's after you you put your. Dick and it was wrong with that when he won last scenario. Y'All let us know you'll give us a lot. Give us a scenario. Wow we're almost at the two hour mark for the next four minutes until you reach two hours. We'll answer all scenarios in the motherfucking chat. We will we will. We all scenarios in a chat see. I don't kiss a girl after she swallowed here. We go no now gives me on what she kept her on the forehead. Shit she your daughter Negu. Oh Shit. That's the best part won't what let's show. Let's talk about the drops though. How big green just changed the drops? Change them 'cause fucking tribe called quest was in fucking with us. That's the best part will Ben. Oh you been freaky. I forgot about Ben Ben Ben Bia. Freaky as fuck What's Yours? Y'All giving scenarios in what was your. What was your favorite segments? You asking us he asking. I'm asking the world. Oh choose asking those of them. I'd like the introduction of the time we good. I love that one. 'cause we on his weird run where every fucking time. We have an episode. It was about school shooting. I hate to get caught back up. I mean I'm not GONNA lie. I enjoyed I enjoyed The sports drop it was fuck you hold on for. He's being honest here. I don't remember this video. Can you link to it? I know you're quick with the fingers. Can you link to Ben Sixty Nine Lincoln sixty nine the video sixty nine? No No. He's saying the drive through video video You Yeah Good back-up I just wasn't my thing then you may talk at all. Let's get it all out. I think it was just a waste of time. Like cops are cops cops like you don't think it was important to highlight the fact that some cops tend to be good and some cops tend to be bad now. Dan Now damn cops cops. I think it's a very lazy way to look at it. I may tomatoes tomatoes baby. Nah Tomatoes Tomato away even salads. He all one. This is alright here fucking. Yeah now that was. That was a fine I love. What was that song that drinking all one? I loved them. Deidre must be yellow green science guy. I felt like every time we did be Grena Science Guy. I kind of learned something. There might have been some episodes where the science guy was. Just here we go. Let's do besides that big green. The science guy was on point. That was like my Go-to let's do this. Let's go around the room and tell everyone what we liked about each other. Go out start cool. I'll start with what I liked about kills cows. I'd liked the way that you were able to go from somebody who was just filming a Promo trailer to what I feel is someone who's an integral part of what the green light stands for stood for and what it is the idea that you weren't here during the onset but this show feels like it wouldn't be the same without you is something that makes me feel like cry cry but no real like it was episode you come on. Fiftyish sixty ish. It was before episode sixty nine. Yeah so let's say sixty I'll say roughly you make me feel as if you if you were on from episodes zero. This show might add a whole different trajectory and from that and for someone who who never you never asked anything for someone who put me in a spot where I feel like I could always depend on. You rely on you. I'm forever grateful for that. Bro I appreciate that. This is against the comments so cares what was something you like about. J. R. J. R. I said is that weird way to do it. Kind of took Jason. Jr What's Jr Ego? Easy simple I don't know I mean you want me to go first. He's looking for the right music. Asiya I see what he's doing over him. Sorry Sorry Leon. I appreciate that Bro. Yes he spoiling. Shit Jr. I'm just a regular do trying to help people grow. That's a pretty good song. J. R. J. R. He can't even think appreciation. Rahm chose me this NIGGA trash okay. So J R you don't do that so JR's ability to have no history. No background no. Someone like myself. Who needs to always be over prepared when I do things because I wanna make sure I never fall on my face. Jr was the complete fucking. Way Steve Steve. Jr was a complete fucking opposite of that. He was somebody approach with a fucking random as idea one day at work and he said I'm down and he did everything in his power to make sure that he was indeed down for a full fucking hundred plus fucking episodes that ability to commit to something without fully being confident in what it is that you're doing and then improving in that whole process throughout while also balancing whatever it is you got going on in your own life that was something now is mired about you your ability to never quit your billion. Never give up even though when you trash like there are some moments like your Suda your your ability to be a great pitcher his ability to marry. You're basically like picture. Motherfucking Tennessee Sabbatical covered in flubber. Why he's facing because he's he's fat because that's because I forgot fucking colognes first name there you go fucking Bartolo Cologne your ability resilience your ability to forget the last pitch and basically just take this new pitch going and not be affected by it is just nuts and I'm envious of it your ability to live your life in your own reality regards. How fucked up it is. I'm envious of it and I respect and I always respect in. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and helping us get to episode one hundred much. Love appreciate you. Making a sound like is the end of the journey. But I'm a Papua Biafra invited or uninvited. I'm just popping up. I'll tell you right now. Your underlying I'm just showing up. Don't matter are destroy. Shit I so I just want to say thanks for you guys you go last now foot You go less hell. No you go fuck that I wanna say I wanna hit 'em going out and then you it's kind of like a dope wars perspective as four zero six zero six three type it into chat get all. I would love to end the episode with all a. Y'All calling in we listened to all your calls and then that'd be it. Gabby and pages calling the. Hey Abby are you calling in? It's a fucking radio. It's a message system. So he's saying about the Knicks from Detroit you're always so aggressive right. Us NATIONALS AGGRESSIVE. Pay Six zero six zero six three call in leave a message. Show some love. We're going to end the episode. Listen into your and yeah so go ahead here. Kells Shit can handle this. Kells kills kills. Kill a standup dues. You Dick now. I'm not that kind of guy because conference my car. I don't I don't I don't I don't do what I heard Dick's now that's awkward. I don't do what I do looking for compliment. I don't do what I do. I tell you what the show the show was was doing well before calls came along knowing kills came along the show took off and he'd even stronger and still Mesa show stronger. Yeah how's that possible easily? That man did what he did he. He took a lot of responsibilities away from be Green. So be Green Kapoor's creative mind to work because you guys don't know when we started green was the board op. He he controlled everything music content. I mean it was a it was a lot for him do he did it without complaining on air. He bitch a little bit behind the scenes I think but then kills came along and balanced everything out the balancer. I'll think overseen Kells mad did everything with a smile. Just Smiley asked everything would smile. No ATTITU- an almost be hard. 'cause marina seems like a ball of fire. So then if you could find if you could send the video in send the video chat. 'cause I I did private a lot of my videos. Our unblocked that video. If you send it to us we should bring back. We should bring back the episode. Where you've got you've got a little bake we'll play. Thank but thank you the cows for our you do and not only are you. How you do it No complaints different. No bullshit different just always with a smile even getting paid for it paid he. He just doesn't it makes you feel like you're taking advantage of them. Correct it does. It makes you feel like you're taking advantage of them solely based off the fact that he doesn't complain he doesn't wind. He's just pretty much down for whatever. Now be agreeing. Shit G. O. When you mentioned me be straight. You couldn't be what I'll fine beginning. What I like about agreeing Kevin Caucasian little chat fucking bitch. What I like best about being is that he can have a moment of straight bitching and moaning. Hey krystal marina can coming here and give us some more ICE FOR SCRIBES. Royal three-night good with mine. Now we gotta take a shot we got. I got myself that he does. B I T C H when you mentioned him so he can have his moments of bitching and moaning which he did often over one hundred episodes and not without reason not without reason because Jr give them reason but he would quickly turn it around and sign creative and that's difficult to do. Because when I'm I'm pissed for a long time fucker creative and I. I don't know how Chris. Thank you for the ice. Thanks appreciate you for all this you do. Oh well fuck you. Didn't he holiday? It's you know. Walk out on his US because his bitching was real. But that's not again. That's not my medal. I got thick skin but he did it. Because it's fucking on the bluffing. I gotTa be where that'd be blubber blubber. I'm just GonNa Confuse silent. I pour your drink. That's true why gotTA BE BLUBBER? That's my question. I'm not fat. Kills come on Gimme glass. Look what we we look what we put in our glass gotta finish the rest of this kills. You gotta finish residence now. It's the last episode of Green House. Care is the last episode. It's not the last the last episode of alive for now for now. Green Light is he gonNA need to understand that the rain is not going anywhere. Just the live portion for a little bit podcast. He knows he was known agreements. Go Yes he's definitely. I mean. They said they said it correctly his creative mind when he puts his mind. Put a scurr on. Oh shit cows out. 'cause look how much is here. Yeah but the other day the other day just a little just a little. While ago he was talking about some cows is crazy. I WanNa see that we got. We got half a glass of street. Crowd is what I got soft soft Spanish so Feta Fredo seasoning. No extra dull say wow. That's that's extra sweet reluctantly. So yeah there you go find yourself down you come on give me. I was trying to but you guys keep being rude and not only really mo just grew. Damn I can't find that shit and I really wanted to find that I'll let me go ahead. Talk some when he came with the idea of a podcast he was already doing before which was a pretty good podcast. He can't he can't blacks. We decided well. He decided to greenlight. I took the ride all but his creative mind was he. He went he went one hundred. I mean I'll be honest. I couldn't give them one hundred at all times which was kind of frustrating to the big guy. What kills my own do reunion show. Where my leak and myself pop up? Oh Shit that's J SHEPARD. They just want to show up on us are now. We're going to pull up on you guys GonNa Tennessee. We're going to do it in Murphysboro. Yes all my sisters and Tennessee. We get arrested over there. There's NO BLACK PEOPLE. Murfreesboro master that's all whilst at my sister's house and you guys go stay over there. Can you give him some? We my wife's a nobody. We know what happened when that when we gave him that we give them too much of that. We try to pull that up. But it's just not coming up here. You Go ooh closer. If you guys can't see it because the camera's not on it but keep talking about me being has his penis on Kells back that's negatively on. Don't don't listen to that Jamaica. Shit Leon Pause I'm leaving. Is that what you guys want to hang out with me for unreal but definitely WanNa thank be green for taking a chance definitely just taking a chance make it. I can say it hasn't worked. We made it work. Yeah I mean we. We continue this. We actually care we. We're GONNA take a different direction. I hope he continues to a more. Because he's again very creative and he's going to continue to grow and as he continues to grow. I guarantee is going to get just that much better I need. Let's say we got seventeen watching right now. I should have seventeen different people in the chat. Different people writing stuff in the chat call in a-6. Oh four zero six four zero six three Janet Kevin Copple Bonzo Atta Lisa. Are we talking? Guns Wall relaxing. Anthony Detroit I. She's four six four six three tomorrow. I I need to get some my leak. I need to get some. I WANNA leave on your. I wonder if I want to embrace myself. Fucking opinions correct. We've been asking for this four hundred episodes and you can get one phone call. Come on ships phone. Call talk about it. Give us a phone call. Talk about it. Let's go talk about it. I is now your turn I asked. Jr Oh I WANNA start off by saying thank you for the opportunity that you guys have given me Your research who this just research now not at all before you continue. Thank you for a long sues your basement because I don't fucking appreciate no problem. I JUST WANNA say. Thank you for you guys. Were giving me the opportunity. It's been amazing. Having has come over the crib chilling the basement. And just just talk about shit. It's it's it's it's been great and I'm looking forward to the future with Jr. I want to say I've always looked. Jr like a father figure so he's on his father's very much. I don't I don't I don't know what that means but I just want to say that That JR is amazing person and he loves his family his kids everybody that is close to him almost too much. It's not just it's just enough. He's since I've met him. It's all it's all love. I do have a problem that his hand shakes are way too firm. It's mad weird like if you guys ever meet. Jr here we go. This shakes your hand. Like he's a fuck tardy. That's kind of really. Oh Yeah I remember the episode. We have with you kept saying retard. Would try to stop this over. Say Retard a he cars you personally with no answer. Dan. That's disrespectful. His fairness his phone is down. Face down adds up. That's the way you like to fuck. All definitely did caller with rough says her? Hey the garden this road around Georgia Brown. Thanks work on to work. Go maybe be afraid in some shade. A little too young for that. So Ludicrous. Quick you know that Song I probably do was butcher in it so back. Back up man windows up. That's the way I like to six. They get hurt. I learned a lot about. Jr Man like Jr's weird sometimes but he let it be known as you can't judge a book by cover concur rag. You cannot have a watermelon by strike. I felt like when I first met. Jr I thought his hand she can judge by its crumbs now. I'm looking forward to coming over. Jr's house for Pogo Nate. Never GonNa Happen. I'm looking forward for whites. The fucking diamonds. Koneohe for green green is like a big brother that I've never. I have a big brother but green is like a big brother that I didn't have It's like the support that he shows and the love is just phenomenal. This guy's always positive his his vibe is just like beyond a hundred. It's like it's crazy. Have you guys ever get to talk to be green? Personally I mean on. This show is one thing but in person. It's like ten times better than what you guys get on the show His He's a little rough around the edges he wo the exactly what you just go from. Call 'cause you gotta gotTa be the good in the back. You're you're very. You're very stern your hard headed but if it's a good thing about big brother was big brother is go ahead. What was I saying the Dick Berg? Yeah no he's a Dick sometimes but it's all for good reason. I mean it's it's it's crazy. It's like when we first met it was it was the connection was their paws. Yes I know liens in here and Leeann just right away crazy shit. But I didn't get that from where you don't know Leon. Leon you say moist around go wrong ever seen. Leeann from across bar in his eyes light up. He's so darkness. The only part that lit up Kells is one of the first dudes where I felt. Like you never had to force the knowledge onto like it's weird like you know how like you ever put a USB court into a brick charger the right way. The first time I know what happens once every hundred times right but when it happens. It's like it's magic that's how it was. That's how it was killed. It was like oh I don't need to put this in another way for you to get it because you already understand it and I thought that was though and if someone who never really had a younger or older or even same age brother it was always kind of being able to get and they can put the battery my back. Would you say you know? Come on Leon. You see different than eight Jamaica Nigger Nigger. The done dare listen. I want to keep giving my flowers. Oh now now he was doing his. How can you do that with your now? I'm just saying I'm just. I'm just looking forward to the future man. A lot of a lot of things coming for the green light. I want you guys to stay. Tuned do not do not sleep on the green light. Green means go baby. Green means go remains go. They know better way to say so. Listen we got some way stopping. Ooh there ain't no. There ain't no yellow lights to slow down. It's just full guys. We got some calls go. They did a damn thing. Let's listen to him. I want you cheat Yo. What up. Shit by M J where you can you pause everyday. Y'All Janet nothing beloved man. Since I've got in here I mean we had. We had a little rough patch. Remember the abortion. Yeah he had a little road. Cows LOVES ABORTION IN. Rayman out you and your son. I saw the love that you guys showed the green light and I felt like that was just amazing even though you're jars family. Jr's kind of weird he is and we have adopted you guys as I don't like it when I see Janet and my elite for the first time. I'm hugging the my family true like in. That's that's great. Even even jeanette throws a punch. I'm a dodger and hugging Janet. Me Here we love you are so. I don't know what I'm GONNA pick up. It's been around. I'm a picker up. It's been around the circle to talk my sister's short peanuts to be too close not like I'm a pyramid. It's been around and it was rape rape. It was in the abortion those a- But that's only possible because of this fucking podcast understand that like I feel like I at least got another couple of people. I can't wait till I go visit. My sister and I can go visit you guys. I'M GONNA listen. Cazenave saw about doing some exploring and Tennessee. Sounds like a place that go promise you open the doors choice Airbnb? She will feed U. S. To No end you come back looking like green fats. Oh Shit that's the goal is right or not fat but I'm trying. I'm trying to gain a little bit of weight now. You're going to be just like being dates. I don't do that. Don't come here. I phone calls now. Did run is back. This one is bad. God Damn what up Shit boy. Mj He chose to do three guys. Leon in the Chat Berlin. Pause what? Y'All all love to see a a Japan road trip. I feel like that's what you will go ohno and Mj Bonzo. Leon Bee Green Green Light Anthem. That'd be crazy well. Leon won't do it because he you know he. He's like mom and dad and can we get through it. I don't know what he's trying to seduce us. What up Shit by M J Wanted to stop by. Pay My respects to you guys. Thank you for the support You guys are truly amazing. Be Proud of you. Jr Cows Pleasure meeting you. Guys Man There was not the end. But it's the your but What again thank you for. Everything and I wish I was there with you guys today. Press Oh man keeping moving I thank you. He's probably wearing a mask that's what he sounds like. He's I don't know if I don't know if he drank a little bit or what. It was in new Britain. Get the fuck out. Well so why isn't he would is what I want to know? That's crazy o t when you mentioned me shout. Mj Is love. Maybe next gentleman. This is the big edge. I was just calling to wish guy. Oh Shit it's a great thing for one hundred episodes for you guys did great thing antastic show on all your -CCOMPLISH comeback another form l. a. big big big ED. Thank you for calling. Big Dope is do that. I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Shelter Man big. Thank you for that. You do grey do really. Hey Guys Kevin the Caucasian here and spend a good run. It's been entertaining. I'll see you get down the road somewhere. Make sure you turn the lights out on your way out. Lock the doors talk to you later. Guys what I gotTa love to warn us is he gonNA fuck fuck his amp move man fuck upper but you have one hundred episodes. Oh Shit Bitch. I wouldn't even one shit. Fuck it changed for one You know to you know what I'm saying. Congratulations on one hundred episode. That only a NICKEL DETROIT. Detroit will make you feel threatened. I'm only to make you feel threatened before he congratulates you these. I'm already shivering. Shit anytime congratulate us as used as accomplishment. I know how much you WANNA do. Podcasts always be on my head about shit like okay. Focus on what you like relaxed. Glad you made it. They're fired shit. They're usually congressman Appreciate you spending on music. Battled Ninety out now protocol out now. The bugs out. Now you know Shit Not Dot congratulations man. Keep that shit going to reach two hundred. But I'm real episode out there. Oh say no issue what this is not a party this is not the ABA far baby. No this is not the end. I'M ABC you know. We want one and have him one. Because I'm nervous trying to we got another one Yoyo. Yo Be Green Jr. Kelly. Is he behaving badly? That I don't know I don't know what would you on everything you fill me. I love Ya this show is dope as fuck. It's sad to see it go but I know you guys are on to something bigger better greater dot GonNa do phenomenal things in this life and I appreciate big set on a love. Ya in the green light keep doing keep Ryan and be great just like usual or appreciate you Bonzo. We always go support your thank you appreciate you are Kells. Oh Shit has racist now really. But that's just crazy. Oh this is probably one of the first people in one of the people that we connected the most to our word on a straight line already. Fuck it is right well. Shit Murphysboro love. You guys love you. I'm GonNa Miss you been there since day one from the music from the scenarios. It was a run but this old bird has children that she's always running a lot of miss him a lot of the throws. But I love you. I Love You love you catch on the flipside side ready for whatever union Wednesday piece so Jay Shepper. Thanks for Always have Jr's back especially when it came to tell him shit that he needed to hear the jazz. Thank you love you and somehow this happened again. He's had posted number again. You given the Caucasian here. It sounds like you guys made it two hundred episodes than a lot of fun and a lot of content but Looks like the the live? Portion is over so Masters now you turn the lights out not the door on your way out somewhere. Down the really get rob tonight can reflect on a couple of things. I remember that my favorite episode of course is that we have to sell Branko. Goddamn high couldn't even talk. Hold on do we got some clips. Oh do we have some clips from that man? Why do so? So we're going to start off how to started on less. Let's take it back to how it all started. We were all just chilling. Might Not Business Minded Bundy out now on all streaming services would be green with most most JR in the house. Yeah that we have cows on one now crazy. Oh Kev guessing. Before me that would that would have been crazy would have to build a restart the show. I knew everybody ballot Bundy out now. Towns on wasn't threes threes and the man sitting between us to goes by the formerly known person known as who call themselves. We're we're always like that now. Fast forward like let's say he said thirty minutes into the episode are cold it a little bit like taking a shot. I. I got tired of this tradition. That we do Tiger bone well. I don't know Chausson soya sauce with alcohol and gasoline and soy sauce. Oh I can't do that I can't do. You can't do not frozen now. You wouldn't have frozen. Yeah the shot. This is weird. Who gave you this idea to be honest longer? Do you gotta drink another beer. Something chases so go to college it was never into. I wish I would have done. Do I wish I could have asked to forty minutes episodes parties and stuff like that? Oh my God what they are doing in college these days because the community college universities. May I definitely agree with? We had this conversation. Doing I would've done that. 'cause in throughout all of High School. I school to go towards the end of the episode when nowadays all of media. I've never heard me so quiet. Who's so it's not that it's more and talked about more. Because of the more avenues we have to get new. Okay I mean it depends. It depends like depends about thirty years ago. There's it's a whole different time. Sold different economies of different factors going on that could factor into nationwide depression and stuff like that. We had this conversation. I'm just trying to get the part. Where JR goes Green you got something to say. Look you know. Some of the produce some nasty occupations music during the time. But what so you know? Same thing with artwork. The cows were holding this episode together. This was the best episode crystal game into their room and work. Whether we're depression baby I was trying to get into top both everything. He's a listen. I let's keep lessons are as Kevin Caucasian. That's pretty high. 'cause I mean that's the whole point of the show is not having Brian Cook? Oh Man. Jr every time. I would leave a segment dude. We get mad uncomfortable or like what the fuck man I WanNa tell you about me. Jerking off too much anymore salesman carrying the show doing the heavy lifting Bro. Shout out later man. See you guys so to Kevin. Wow appreciate you more. We've learned a lot about you about why people were a lot about him. No He's having On a Holocaust about white people. He's got his own kind of wipers checking in late per usual. That shots. Y'All for having me on their shouts your four then the type of people your lawyer. I'll go first time. I ever met people and they gave me just made me feel like family just off ripped they know me from nowhere Chelsea. Y'All shut up to the pike cast. Y'All got a great ending and Y'all did a great one hundred episodes before the tune-in back from like eighty five or so and all the way back to the beginning but I like I like this. Do all kidding aside. We've had a lot of guests and I. I've liked them and loved them. All Nate Julian Basel. Leon is a good dude. He is he really is he is. That's not the last time I see Leon. And if we're talking quality over quantity I was able to meet some very quality. People doing the show on episodes And our last submission. Hey guys if my leak. Murfreesboro like my mother said I love you me and my wife said watching you guys want to say thank you my Tuesdays. They're going to be a little boring now that you guys ain't shit but much. Jj guys looking at every endeavor that you have apple guys who's h you my league. I hit a baby in the background to her Mateo of a it sounds like a win. Zongo add sound like turn into the host week Coz Jesus Fuck Damn guys does it. What's it that's it this. Is I gray light podcast? This is it the green light podcast every Tuesday. The green light podcast in its current situation. Current visit it. It's it. I'm a bang table bucket. You did that already. You've been doing it all fucking kills the poor little can we? Can we do one more shot together? Sure I'll pour my own shop dottie. Sounds like he doesn't trust you. Yeah you fuck relax boss and then one last freestyle this we got to and I want ooh I might as well finish it. We gotta do something dope but these bottles wait cups cups up because when we famous we're going to go back to these bottles and go shit member D shits these. Just don't even hold memories. Is there a y'all all listening semester? Drinking Drake's on hold on hold auto suzy listen. He didn't drink any of his. Listen thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think I've said to you guys before. this was like weekly therapy. Yeah I don't know where the fuck I'm GonNa go for therapy now Don't call me on Tuesdays I i. can't you just fuck I just showed you awesome. Oh Shit invite us to your house. Play POPO put clothes on like you're the one guy right. That's your wife angry. Here that I'll all her was three fourths of the cake. Nothing came out and be relaxed Chapel. Shave Coppell you. Good at noticing that. Hey you know you gotTa Marker. I possibly do in that drawer. Keep talking keep. Doing that was very rude very rude. I mean Jesus. Oh well that's on camera. We called Shit. We caught on camera. What you to drink and to be Greens Cup. You did not see anything friend. But yeah this isn't part. Damn partisan issue live in what partisanship? Murphysboro. Now she does not live lives in Murphysboro. This four people in rows must five sixty crazy. If those five that's tells what if you are related both darkness fuck. We're no. My sister grew up in Tennessee. She just moved there about five years ago or so Tennessee Monday. A metal shit now. I don't know how else by the Texas thank you my Nigga Memphis down in Delhi WanNa see beginning circa twenty ten off. Fuck what are you doing Ben? There's definitely so Johnny Knoxville is she? She knows nobody in in Murphy's Bopha her family she knows which you mean. Was anyone else like the no. I probably probably every small. Yeah Weird. We're not doing your is. It's twenty twenty no no no bee. Green signed a box. He's signing the box. He's the one who's ought to do that. You know and I'm gonNA write moist. Sinus told me my slides Shit remember that I like big about that like we could be chilling. Wit- Janet in my leak in JR and cows. I go yo kills. He told for Kids Mudslide. Shut the fuck up. And that's a joke that no one else would does that link above even showing the chat. Now we didn't get any link Ben Fenner send it again green light for life cows. Sinus please what link yeah. We didn't get that link. Just Control v the New Year on a PC damn youtube now being linked row. Oh well we kind of got part of it right there but you gotta hit us with the W. W. Dot. Youtube DOT COM backslash part. Was He doing why people are trying to go door? Damn Bro like Dan. I'm getting sentimental when I say when I was here knows fuck in attitudes like fuck chat is filtering it out. Oh because they probably don't want you to fucking spam. It Bent. Send Shit Ben. Send it to me at. Shit Bent Donna. He signed it Mois. He's talking where I did. I did sign it. I don't know how I know what you're trying to do. But that's not how that works. He's out he's out of control. Our aim is that you to idea. I'm GonNa see we saw. Damn cavs memories me eventually. Got Tom Pulling at you to buy the UP. Because for some reason Benfica got some hidden. Secret Shit Yeah. We definitely don't go to Tennessee. Kept me and Kells Leon. We're having to talk over this past weekend and we were discussing doing more traveling. Traveling's amazing doing more traveling. Oh Shit yeah to bear. Here is the correct. Era Isn't a gatewood error TV. What is it boy? Joel Camera? Turning on the camera. Even these now right now. You gotta go go. Karts lock ashes. What is that lesson? We ought to go race on the track. But we will get the camera. I look sick walls Gibson Burbank Dame. That that's been a thing for a long time. Joe Dip Satbir Gang Day. You're going to see it eventually. Don't do that don't do that. Janet. Don't do that Jen. She's not lying. You skinny at one time. I mean it's not like you're skinny right now. Oh he looked great. You definitely beef withdrew. He's probably Drake's kid he said we're the same age thinking like Craig Davis Drake's that's my baby added Monica Joel. California reason heard it Doodoo Green. Live my baby girl a message saying I won't be coming home a rather be alone. He came out informally Onstad Center. Rather -ly rain just tall. I mean that Little Ashby St Louis together since teenage years. I really don't mean to hurt up. I need sometimes. You prefer to be alone but when you love someone use them tells what beat we ended on. Oh it got to be a good one. Give me can. I can make a request though give me. Jay Z black album December fourth instrumental mass pacific. Yeah I am. Jr Rat will meet. You're saying the first two bars how she had to drink some to say it. I mean it's a celebration ambitious this day. Go live in infamy you bitch ass nigger. They look back on March third. It'd be like Yo Terry. Jr Okay wasn't threes green. Thank you it's been. It's been a pleasure my guys thank you. Yeah Yeah Fuck it. They never really miss you too you dead and you co so on that. Note the last episode. They say they never really measured to dead. Kohl's WANNA know episode. That was your boy. Be Greenie note from black best. Believe you no doubt with Iraq. I said I'm killing me. I'm killing you down with brock. Keep your mouth banging down with the Glock. I Walk Up. Hey you lad looking like a nigger pull out that gun bang on trigger a fucking drunk and I'm getting it now at your girl priest out because you meet FAO COWS. I got my Nigga on the fight so right he pull a full you with the green light you know. He's so tight because green means go. I said we'll slap your home and if you keep running your mouth it will dude fro nick and my J. Leifer meet Nick's next me Pete. Running your mouth and he gonNa put you right. And that's me casket past you fucking ass. Keep running your mouth. You fucking testing girls. My what my Dick Johnston I agree. I'll slaughtering fast be Greens on the screen. Okay next Jay. Aw Okay we can never stops. Oh I'm gonNA give you work. Give me give me a line. Say some dough cows right right now right now. Yeah No. It don't mean no which makes it legal means green means go to you. Is We got the flow. And if you're talking money to you talking about the show. Hey Yo remember what's does scenario eight. Don't even know because your girl got a clearer. What my goal fucking bitch like. Was there pat mask all like a fucking Ramos theory? One Nine era like he's been doing a hold on listen for week after week after we. After we take the MIC but mic drop in a Sega. Hayao J. Just thank you thank you thank you. Thank you you too. Oh here we go jar shit now. They say they never really miss you too. You dead and you coal so on that. Note this last episode. These niggers no me patrol be- because I'm also Bo leave them dead bodies also co Nigger. I'M JAY CO NAKED S. A nice watch a pop glocks niggers running. Bov Me. I'm so top. Hey girl bus a free. She's so not. And if you come for me the whole spots. I got Kelce on that you know he heard about me. Keep running your mouth and that mall fucking going spin both three Nigga. Accurate aim like five five on a long targets. He hits YOU PHENOMENON FOR NINE. Twenty five yards away. Nikki you're GONNA get shot and you'll spawns Nigga die three times Nigga dot for dial the phone we talking about yes bracing your green light J. B. Green mother go easy. I'm easy I can feel. I can still from my hand. I'm GONNA go easy. Broke my favorite. I know what the fuck it is J. R. Kells is just the beginning baby a never the end. Oh can we like? He plays music This job his phones they. Mitzi demint can't push me. You mentioned magazine casualties crash take a couple of things. I believe that the cashier fees so I think Charles twenty-five control flashy lights at the for those details but I never things I wanNA try again.

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