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What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?


True crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted connecticut advice or treatment listener. Discretion is advised the important thing that i wanna say i've said since the beginning is we want to shine my choice riches. That's that's all we wanna. Do we want to find her. We look for her every day now. This is a don't forget los angeles. Police department is of all this as well. It is their investigation fact because sheet her residences los angeles but that's kind of a technical thing because everybody's looking for <unk> to detectives that are just they're assigned to this case. This is what they're doing. We offered her stay the night. She stayed in the lobby. She could've stayed in her own individual cell with a battery offered her that the avenue the last she wanted to teach chose not to do any of them the welcome to crack burry. I'm jill mike. Richardson was released from the lost hills sheriff's department in malibu california in the middle of the night without her phone any money or transportation transportation and this happened on september seventeenth two thousand nine. She has been arrested hours earlier after behaving strangely at an upscale a._l. Restaurant she was unable to pay her dinner. Bill in the restaurant staff. Were concerned that she was mentally unstable or intoxicated. Once once in police custody mattresses mother was contacted and she was assured that they would be keeping my trees overnight. Her mother can pick her up in the morning but by morning might tree's been released and her whereabouts were unknown. No one knew why matry said driven about forty miles from her home to to the ocean side malibu neighborhood where the restaurant was she had made some strange facebook posts in she demonstrated some unusual behavior that day when she was released after midnight she was in an area that she didn't know at all without any way to contact her family. Her car had been impounded so she was unable malta. Get it. It was quite far away. Might therese's family believed that she could have been having a mental health crisis so her release was both negligent in very dangerous chris and as time passed in my trees was not found her family began to feel ignored and even deceived by the sheriff's office and the l._a._p._d. Join us at the quiet today for the story of disoriented young african american woman who was left to fend for herself in the dead of tonight in the rugged terrain of the santa monica mountains and was never seen or heard from again what happened to my trees richardson the gaps commissions in the sheriff's department's handling of her case as well as her family's discoveries and concerns really welcome further investigation into the events. Let's of her disappearance. So that's what we're gonna do today. An interesting discussion it will so the nice thing kind of who has this california case southern california los angeles area and i just had a beer from there okay well that works out this disappear. Call ticket to danko routed the imperial western beer company in downtown l._a. We were fortunate enough to sit down one afternoon or visit there. We had some beer with a brewer at imperial western and his wife delightful couple so this is a nice i._p. A high it's clear gold color small whitehead not much in the way of lace beautiful citrus in hein aroma taste of grapefruit grapefruit ryan and a bitter pine shows up late. It's hoppy and it's dank the beer all right. Let's open it up. Okay okay deke. Grab your beer and follow me to the quiet end now. This is a case with quite a bit of coverage some hoping we can add a little bit of thought into it and maybe just get some discussion going well. We'll try okay so my trees hadn't been acting like yourself in the days leading up to her disappearance us she'd been sending nonsensical texts to family and friends and had been leaving confusing posts on social media and this is kind of an abrupt change change her within days. Yeah it wasn't like a slow decline or anything like that is suddenly things started looking not right yeah which would go along with manic depression also she was just had had a break-up the girlfriend so that could have kind set it off like events like that sure yeah i think there are some indications that she suffered from bipolar disorder yes astle but we couldn't find anything definite substantiated that now i couldn't find a confirmation by her family of a specific psychiatric diagnosis but it was mentioned and definitely considered you know by looking at her writing center behavior on that day at least absolutely we don't have any indication nations. She was on any medication now now anyway so her tragic story began on september evening in two thousand nine my tree stroke about forty miles to malibu restaurant called jeffries your honda civic. No-one knows why she didn't frequent malibu do a lot of stuff around. There wasn't any particular reason. I guess she had mentioned to see the beach. Also also there was a college down there that she was interested in heffer die so she could have been driving by there sure but it was a waste from home not not in the evening though right maybe not our reports are that nitrous pulled up to the valet jeffries as valet parking another car he saw that my patrice climbed into his own personal car was kinda rummaging around in it and it was still daylight. She didn't arrived. They're very late when the valet confronted in front of her my trees told him that she had come to avenge michael jackson's murder now michael jackson had just died that june so it was still a really big story at the time and it might have been on her mind. You're still a little bit of a weird thing to say. Oh it's absolutely a weird thing to say absolutely i'm i'm just saying that might be why he particularly came to mind because that was a recent event but she did go inside the restaurant in order to stake in a cocktail there was as a group of seven diner sitting at a table near her and they seem to be having a good time so she joined them which was a little strange and she was acting bizarrely in saying odd things but she wasn't threatening or scary or anything so they were polite to her and they chatted with her. They didn't seem very bothered. I think actually the waiter had asked them. If it was okay she was bothering them and they said no. It's fine but then the party seven left and then my treats was left with her dinner. The bill of eighty nine dollars and she didn't have the money to pay for it and seemed to have been under the impression that one of the other people that she's sitting with is go. Hey according to witnesses at the restaurant. My trees told the group that she was from mars when she i sat down and other people described her. There's manik soon. The restaurant didn't wanna eat the bill. They ended up calling the police yet but it wasn't just that because people were offering to pay it for so i think at least part of it was a concern for her going off in a car with that kind of weird behavior going on the right car. I think so deputies from the los angeles county sheriff's department arrived they questioned by trees and they gave her a field sobriety test which she passed when they searched her car. They found a small amount of marijuana so she was placed under arrest in taken to the lost hills sheriff's station russian. Her car was impounded miles away. The deputy spoke with mattresses mother latinos and explain to her that might trees would be held in held until until the following morning so piece made plans to pick her up in the morning. Unfortunately though mattress was released at twelve twenty eight a._m. And she disappeared into the night over the next year a rift developed between my family and the sheriff's department why why was she allowed to walk off in the middle of the night with only her driver's license in your car keys in. Why wasn't she given a ride to her car at least because it was nearly fifteen miles away these questions and others would come up is they were searching and further investigation these questions and others would come up as there was further investigation into what happened that night and as it was brought to the attention of the media and the public what happened to my trees after she left the sheriff's station did someone pick up which she so confused that she wandered into the woods and died or did the sheriff's office play a direct role in her disappearance. Now that's a little more sinister that one that is and it's something we'll discuss because it is worth considering. I believe i think i think the biggest thing now is. The sheriff's department was looted derelict in their duties to my therese sherwood. I'd say more than a little bit. Okay yeah yeah. I'd say there's at least some really strong negligence here and they do have a lot of culpability not according to them so my patrice levine richardson was born in nineteen eighty five to her mother lateef and her father michael richardson thiessen michael dated in junior year of high school cool and then latif found out. She was pregnant in the beginning of senior year. She was focused on providing a better life for her daughter than she herself at head. Latif worked hard to achieve good grades. She's helped greatly by grandmother mildred who is more like a mother till the tea's than a grandmother so after might trace was born mildred cared for her so that latisha michael could work fulltime michael was frustrated by his low paying job and he got into trouble yet in history of selling marijuana in quite easily went back to that and then his crimes escalated and by the time my trees was four michael was charged with multiple apple felonies. He was sentenced to eight years in state prison in he would end up serving four years. Some of these drug related crimes. He was sentenced for multiple felonies. Well it depends how liberal you are with related. Yes they all happened in relation to selling drugs yeah but by the time michael was out of prison lychees was in a new relationship and she had met and fallen in love with a man named larry sutton so they married in larry ended ended up being a good step father to my treats during his time there were growing tensions between the police and the los angeles african american community entity. Everyone knows the incident where rodney king was beaten by the police in nineteen ninety. Two four police officers were charged with using excessive force. Course three were acquitted in the jury deadlocked on the fourth nafta that the l._a. Riots began which lasted for six days sixty. The people were killed and over two thousand or injured. The los angeles police department has a long history of corruption racism in the seventies. Wendy's deputies formed gangs within their stations. They each developed their own code of conduct which included illegal activity in the nineteen eighties memberships in the gangs grew as the communities became more populated with black and latino immigrant residents. One group called themselves the vikings ended the judge would later define them as a neo nazi white supremacist gang when lee baca took over a sheriff in nineteen ninety eight. He seemed oblivious to this problem. He knew about the gangs but he told the l._a. Times that he was worried that abandoned membership would be unconstitutional so the only action was to ask officers not to join so this was a frightening environment for person of color to live and raise a family and so the thiessen larry decided that my trees this would be safer if they moved to the san gabriel valley region the nineteen ninety three. They got a home in the suburb of veena located about twenty. Two miles eastern downtown los angeles. The covina population was ninety eight percent white how compared to l._a. Life and kuvina was like living in a small town. Now you have a family really thrive in covina latief's open to legal services business and my trees excelled in her studies lychees encouraged by actress to work hard telling her that she could achieve anything but only if she gave at one hundred percent so she was kinda tough honored to my treats was expected it to be responsible and hardworking so she did well academically but she was also very athletic. She loved dance and was active on the high school. Cheerleading squad according to france family mitra said a natural talent and charisma so she drew a lot of positive attention from a lot of people trees became more introspective as she reached adulthood. Although she was physically fit she preferred to stay home and read rather than participate in outdoor activties. She didn't like to hike where camp where we're do anything she could get dirty. She'd rather stay inside watching t._v. Dancing doing crossword puzzles enjoy being outdoors now so this is important just to say that she's not the type of person who's gonna go off on a long hike on purpose right beck when she got her driver's license sexually vowed to her family that she was going to walk as little as possible might theresa's aunt lauren would say that my trees was a princess princess so these descriptions of her maker disappearance even more difficult to explain. If you're going to try and say it was accidental. Will you got to take into account her exactly so you can't really base her behavior on her usual behavior which makes it more difficult yeah yeah but as she reached adulthood might trees became really fascinated with psychology in that is what she studied in college. A lot of this probably related to her really really introspective nature while attending college might trees came out to reform. Lee is a lesbian and she'd been really nervous about it worrying that her family would reject her but they ended up being very accepting she was giving complete eleven acceptance which was a great relief to her and she seemed really happy like like that was a load off. You know i'm sure it was a lot of stress off of her to not have to build a gift to hide that which i can't imagine how tough that is but my trees attended cal state fullerton good college after she graduated from high school and she graduated with honors. The campus is about twenty three miles south of veena in the l._a. Traffic this was easily a one hour drive so matrix decided to move in with her great grandmother mildred who lived in l._a. Near this campus milton lived alone anyway and she was ninety or ninety one so she really welcomed the company so they were helping each other out running mutually beneficial for both yes but as you can imagine latif was very proud of her daughter who was was the first family member to attend college. My trees took a job at the santa fe springs shipping company and she began dating and fell in love with the owner's daughter dr tessa. My tree stood out at the school becoming friendly with the psychology professors in particular. She decided that she wanted to be a psychologist. I and she embraced her sexuality. She even participated in the long beach lesbian and gay pride parade so things seem to be going mm splendidly so yes so mattress graduated from cal state fullerton in two thousand eight and started looking at grad schools she she took a job dancing at a gay and lesbian nightclub in long beach and she wasn't an exotic dancer stripper but she danced on a small stage as go go dancer. Her name was hazel. My therese's father michael biological father. He's an opinionated man but matrix was really having a lot of fun with that job in. She began looking into modeling jobs because she was really beautiful. She began going to job interviews but many of the people she met with were sketchy. She intesa broke up then nitrous became involved with another woman named vanessa but there was a lot of tension in net relationship that got worse because vanessa wasn't single so vanessa eventually broke up with me trees and after the break-up princeton family were really worried about her at one point after receiving some odd texts latinos texted her daughter asking her she was okay and got really strange. Response mattress wrote back to her. I'm writing a book because you told me i could be anything i wanted. You told me i was miss america. You told me i was america's next top model now. Do you know what i want to be. When i grow up miss mother nature because miss america is a fake s joke along with everything else we see so i'm trying to find my way to michelle obama to see if she will talk to mr obama about creating my position within the white house so in fact this from my daughter text thickener to see a doctor yeah i would agree that latinos really didn't respond aggressively early enough for my taste really worse. It is i mean it really is strange. I think you'd want to see her in person immediately so i'm not sure what was going on at that point but it did alarm latife's. She didn't think that was normal was worried about he had because she she had been becoming less social as far as getting together with people or making calls but at the same time she had begun hosting more than ever on social media between eight twenty six a._m. And one twenty four p._m. On september sixteenth two thousand nine mitra slept sixty six rambling bizarre posts sun her facebook page. According to a co worker might piece did show up for work that morning at the shipping company and seemed to be in a great mood but that goes along on with mania yeah here in america episode year up here in a great mood but my therese never returned from malek's break and she didn't tell anyone where she was going and she didn't say that she would be returning so that was concerning. She just took off for lunch did combat right out of character yes so september sixteenth was a wednesday and in this day might trees normally have dinner with a great gramma emma but for some reason might treat decided to skip the dinner and she made that forty mile drive to malibu driving along the scenic north pacific highway <unk> seemed fine. She wasn't concerned yeah but why driving melville had she wanted to go to the beach. I don't know but she also told some family that she was considering applying to grad school at pepperdine and that's located at the corner of malibu canyon and in the pacific coast highway so she didn't have an appointment to visit there but she could have been driving by to have a look at the campus which was just gorgeous you. He really can't beat the view. No you can't so my treated laughter great grandmother's house at about five o'clock sometime between four or o'clock in seven o'clock might theresa's aunt lorne noticed something very odd outside of her home might trees business cards were strewn all over lauren's lawn on front steps and porch so she must have stopped by their sometime during that day and also my trees left a handwritten note under the windshield wiper of lawrence husband's this car there was a statement i johnny jimmy along with a smiley face in the message black women scoring on the right hand margin the paper. Lauren looked at that could make any sense at all of it now. Here's another instance where i would be very alarmed. That'd be trying to call hallmark. Call her mom yeah because to me. This is more concerning the texts to her mother because it doesn't make any sense at all and because us things are strewn about in the front porch that would make me very nervous record. So mattress was in malibu by seven p._m. We know that she watched the sunset and began driving until she saw jeffries and that's what we would imagine because that was how the timing was. Jeffries was a very upscale restaurant restaurant with stunning views. I mean if you look online. It's unbelievable my trees had never been there before and she really wasn't familiar with malibu at all but the restaurant exclusively had parking so when she pulled up there she was greeted by a valet. He said he was parking another car but he'd be right back to park hers chris in my truce agreed but as soon as he drove away she got out of her car in got into his car which was parked nearby with its door open and the valet. They came back and asked her what she was doing in his car. May trees answered. It's subliminal than she added. I'm here to avenge the death of michael jackson as she shuffled through his cds in his car. Now i guess he had the door open because maybe between cars he sat there and listen to music or something in his car in something like that but it's subliminal in then back to michael jackson and now you're very concerning and i think the valet thought there's something weird here and she finally did give the valet her keys and then asked his vanessa here and other delighted now who vanessa was the trees warned him to watch out for the woman tattooed arms in. I remember vanessa's. The name of the girlfriend recently broke up with her so maitree recess for table for one she was wearing a bob marley t shirt with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath some jeans and a pink alligator belt. She was also wearing vans sneakers in russifying hat so her black locks were just flowing from underneath that hat so she looked pretty cool but she didn't really fit in with the conservatively dressed diners that restaurant so mattress ordered a twenty four dollar ocean breeze cocktail and a sixty five dollar kobe steak and while waiting for her state she invited herself to join the table of seven who appeared to be having a good time next to her she sat down and made a series of bizarre statements eight minutes talking about astrology and saying she was from mars and her mother was from earth winter steak showed up. She returned to our tape. She returned to her table to eat then she returned back to the group and after chatting with them for several minutes they paid their bill got up to leave. My trees told them that she she was going to why but she would call them when she got there then she began to follow them out of the door but she was stopped by the restaurant manager who told her she had paid her bill. Lil mattress didn't seem very bothered. She explained that the other party had peter bill but the managers said no. They hadn't when asked how she planned to pay my tree. He said well. I'm busted. What are we gonna do so my tree spoke with the manager for several minutes and she was still behaving really badly. Some other patrons offered to pay her bill for her apparently but the manager was concerned about her behavior and really didn't feel like it was a safe decision to let her drive away. He was worried that she was on drugs or drunk or having some kind of mental breakdown but according to witnesses might trace didn't seem bothered about the situation was was actually making some jokes but again that would go along with her being in a manic state and a lot of statements just weren't making any sense so they were concerned and i think it was definitely the right thing to do. Call the authorities which they did the hostess called nine one one and she explained into the dispatcher that the woman was behaving oddly and they were worried that she might be drunk or on drugs. I treated said she had no parents. Just a great grandmother so the restaurant called <unk> who offered to pay over the phone by credit card the restaurant however wouldn't accept a payment over the phone unless your signature signature could be facts to them and miller didn't have a fax machine and she wasn't going to be able to drive out to the restaurant. She's ninety one years old after all the yeah. That's a lot to ask her but i bet she felt some guilt. Afterwards which is a shame so about nine pm three deputies arrived at jeffrey's frank brower john mckay in our manda loro. They escorted by trees outside after she explained that her wallet was in the car and they said did they searched vehicle which was a mess of papers in lots of trash in the car but they didn't find her wallet. They did find your driver's license and that small amount of marijuana anna there was also an alcohol bottle in the car that was nearly empty but she passed a field sobriety tests and she denied being any medication in or having any mental illness. The manager told the deputies that he wanted to press charges against her so she was taken to the lost hills sheriff's station station about fifteen miles from the restaurant. Her car was impounded elsewhere over fourteen miles away from that station nowhere yeah yeah yeah especially if you don't know the area right around the time that the trees was being taken into custody her your mother called the lost hill station mildred great grandma had called latisha speaking with the restaurant staff when latif called she spoke to deputy reputation <unk> station according to the teas. She explained that her ten year old daughter was at home sleeping so if my trees was not gonna be released that night shoot wait until morning to pick her up. She said the only way she would come pick up. That night was if she's getting released before for morning. She said that my trees was not familiar with the area that she was in shoot hate to wake up to morning. Report saying lost girl had her head chopped off yeah now. That's a quote just kind of prefer a little bit yeah. Let's told the deputy that she felt safe. Having mattress in police custody she was actually kind of relieved to have our someplace where she would be watched and the deputy assure that might trace would not be released before warning so i guess mon- sufficiently worried about her behavior that it's good that she's going to stay in custody and you make a good point there. I think she was very concerned about her daughter and i think she was relieved. That mytalk wasn't just out and about on her own. She knew she was somewhere safe overnight supposedly in go get her in the morning. He and i guess michael. The biological father had a very different opinion on that of course will not of course chorus but it's not surprising that he was not fond of the police didn't trust them and he didn't think leaving his daughter with the police was a safe place to leave her and he he turned out to be right unfortunately but i guess he really gave latifah hard time about that. She had to deal with a lot of guilt not that she would already be feeling it as a mother but he put more and more guilt odd her that she had to bear wouldn't <unk> when my trees arrived at the station she was put in with cell and is charged with possession of marijuana and the friday at innkeeper so far unknown reason though the deputy didn't write anything on the arrest report about her awed behavior. Now it's been speculated this was intentional because it would save him from doing extra paperwork or alternately heartedly. He didn't think she was behaving strangely. Although pretty much everyone else would come in contact with her since she had an acting stingy well well yeah and i would wonder if maybe it was a little like oh. She's not behaving that strangely and i don't wanna go through all this paperwork and having to do you know the mental health stuff which is totally lazy and i called for but i can see that happening so if my trees had been noted to be possibly passively stable she would have been held under closer observation or even been given a seventy two hour psychiatric evaluation but neither of these these were done for mattresses family and many other people the failure of the officers to make note of in handle her signs of mental instability were the largest largest contributing factor disappearance that night according to the sheriff's logbook might made four calls at night. The pay phone was out divorce so my trees mater calls from a desk phone that didn't record calls. None of our calls are made to mother because she can only remember millages phone number over the deputy stated. They overheard her talking on the phone but military who says she did not speak to my trees at all after the call from the restaurant so it's none of my trees actually spoke to somebody or maybe she's talking to herself. That's very possible it is but latif was staying home planning drive to the station in the morning because of my traces strange behavior the last few days lati- said that it felt good to have her daughter uttered somewhere safe where she would be supervised overnight than at five twenty a._m. On thursday september seventeen lychees called lost hill station back. Ah jailer sharon cummings answered this call and not wanted to know how much it was going to cost to bail her daughter out of jail. She was told that that might trees have been released overnight. Lan was pretty upset about it as you can. Imagine no cure. She was shocked to hear this. She asked why her daughter had been released it because she was told the night before that they would keep her until the morning according to steve whitmore who was the sheriff department spokesperson because is my trees had no previous record charges weren't enough to hold her was against the sheriff's department policy to keep her overnight so whitmore said that she was offered to stay in a cell or in the lobby but she declined according to let more my trees showed no signs of mental illness intoxication carsoup shoes fine adult grow right so mattress have been released between twelve fifteen and twelve thirty am damn in all she had on her was her license in her car keys no phone no money and your car was fourteen. Miles away didn't impound yard so she really was handed helplessly just cast into the night. I don't understand it no offer of lift anyplace. Why not at least college taxi or something while the santa monica mountains would have been an exhausting walk even in the middle of the day at night. It's an extremely daunting wanting. Dangerous height made all the more impassable by the fact that might tree said no idea where she was in. She was quite possibly suffering from mental issues. She was over forty miles from her home. Remember and had no cell phone so that morning with pieces very distressed to hear that her daughter was sent out into the night it alone in unfamiliar isolated area. She called everyone she could think of to find out if anyone had seen trees lychees called the sheriff's station nations-backed just fifteen minutes later. She wanted to file a missing persons report right away. She asked how long she had to wait until she could do that and she was told that they usually advise waiting twenty four hours unless there are extenuating circumstances lychees till the deputy that she was very concerned about her daughter's mental mental state she was afraid mattress was very depressed area. She didn't know well now this deputy that she talked to really kind of put off hockey said we'll give me a couple of hours to look around. Make sure she's not asleep in the waiting area or something we'll get back to you very kind of casual and dismissive of her concerns cernan's which would make you even more nuts talking to someone like almost a condescending type of attitude yeah yeah. It was very very dismissive. So six thirty in the morning sheriff station got a call from bill sniff who's retired reporter living coal canyon inroad in montenegro montenegro that six miles from the hills station rugged land ladder ranches hiking trails not a place that you wanna be walking around. Let you know tonight right exactly. Bill smith reported seeing a slim black woman with afro hair in in his backyard. She was sitting reclined position on the back steps of his home. He said that he opened his window and asks the woman if she was okay. She answered that she she was just resting. So bill took another. Look out the window. A few minutes later and the woman was gone. The station sent out a deputy to that area but they didn't see mike trees and they left without investigating any further so they didn't even like go to the houses nearby and ask if they'd seen anything they really didn't do anything to investigate instigate this except talk to bill and look in the backyard matisses gone so or jobs done any wonder if the were even making the connection at that point kind of seems like they weren't maybe or or the way why the go out there. They were making a connection well. I think they were looking at this person. As possible prowler and i think there may have been some racism there it was a black woman in his yard and i hate to say yeah but that's the way the world is in. It's possible. I don't think he was calling out of concern for her. Necessarily dick. I mean that's a nice thought but the bill known susan this strange person right so they're kind of looking at like a prowler someone who's where they shouldn't be not someone. They're concerned about now okay. I'll give you that agree with that. I mean not totally. I still think today we're going up because they know they had released a young a young black woman and midnight after midnight and now this guy says is a black lady in my yard so they went out to investigate investigate. I think maybe that's the same person sure i mean i think that's possible and i hope so but i think that was the case. Why wouldn't they have done a search of the area or got knocked on some doors if they're really looking at concerned about her crooner concerned yeah right exactly <unk> showed up the last hill station to file a missing persons report and she was told about the call from montenegro so she immediately left the station. Go out there once she reached the area she was very alarmed because this area was so rugged that she found it hard to believe that my tree sit even gotten there on foot what she considered the possibility that someone may have picked her up in driven her to monte nido because there were large distances of land between the homes and it would have been extremely extremely dark out there at night. Latif just couldn't believe that my trees would have gotten there. The problem was if she was having a mental crisis of the time we can't really judge her actions based on her normal behavior but still it seemed more likely to her that someone had picked my trees up in driven her out there will knowing her daughters usual behavior yeah she would walk. The confounding thing is her possible mental illness sir whatever was going on with her right right so the first official search for my trees didn't happen until forty eight hours after she was reported reported missing and this is confirmed by our family is believed the part of the delay came from jurisdictional issues because my treats was the los angeles resident <hes> p._d. Missing persons unit had to be brought under handle. The search yeah tracking dog was brought to bill smith's house and did pick up my traces racist sent that the scent was lost before any sign of my treats was found malibu search and rescue found footprints in the dirt that matched the tread pattern of my traces aces shoes. The prince appeared to go from walking to running which is concerning but then they ended on the shoulder of the road other marks were mixed in with mike therese's footprints including shoeprints. There was no way to tell though if nitrous it interacted with anyone the searchers didn't hike into dark canyon opinion at that point which was near bill smith's home. The search lasted for eight hours before it was called off before nightfall four days later the case. This was then transferred from the missing persons unit to the l._a._p._d.'s robbery homicide division in l. a. p. d. spokesman told the media that they had no reason to believe leave. My trees had been killed but that the switch was made because the robbery homicide division head more resources in more officers to work on the case so mattresses car was examined for clues l._a._p._d. Detectives quickly found mattresses phone and wallet inside which is really strange because the deputy said failed to find either on september sixteenth at the restaurant entered debit card was there in her wallet and she had over two thousand dollars interbank account so oh she actually could have paid her bill no problem if they'd found her wallet were shoot said my while to my car she did say well. It was in the car but they searched. I it only found the marijuana and the driver's license. Yeah sure were sure yeah. That's how they found the marijuana in her license and said her car was a mess headed impounded but the while it was actually there and it didn't take long for the detectives to find. It must have been a very cursory search exactly so that l._a._p._d. Officers also found some journals in the car apparently written by trees and these journals indicated did this should probably not slept in two or three days based on her rambling nonsensical writing in the journals a psychologist associated with the l._a._p._d. Loyd p._d. Speculated that mattress may have been having mental problems quite possibly manic depression or by poor right by this time time the media was made aware of my traces disappearance people questioned why she wasn't given a ride to her car. Which i think is a good question. It was brought up more than and once that mel gibson had been given arrived to his car when he was arrested three years earlier for a d._u._i. And was held at the last hill station so we we have different treatment for celebrities in white guys than we do for regular. Lack women apparently seems that way is three years apart hard from that so maybe policies changed in that time you're still kind. I'm just saying well. I guess so but i think we all oh now that celebrities are treated differently than the rest of us might theresa's neglectful treatment was really considered to be possibly ably racially motivated. Her family had concerns that she may have been harmed by deputy to and this came up after the police became evasive with matrices family family. They actually withheld some video recordings of my trees the night she was arrested short break here for our sponsor. Madison madison reed for me is the only way to get high quality natural looking here color without leaving home. You can really take coloring your hair to the next level level with madison reed. Madison reed gives us gorgeous professional era color delivered to our doors for less than twenty five dollars. Madison reed really is is one of a kind because it's multidimensional with your choice of over forty five multi tonal shades that have been developed by master colorless in medicine. 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That's code berea are- at madison dash read that might theresa's family was request into sheriff surveillance footage and reports on the night. My trees was arrested. Released department refused to release the record saying they had to follow a certain protocol. The family was told that the video surveillance cameras did not record and they were from monitoring use only than in an interview with malibu suicide news a representative from the sheriff's department said said there was no videotape of any kind this is proven to be untrue and the sheriff's department is doing their best to lack things which which is suspicious casta suspicious light on if you don't do anything wrong there's no reason to do that protocol yeah but it really wasn't so on september twentieth four days after her arrest disappearance the deputy who decided not to site and release at the restaurant was interviewed and he was interviewed by lieutenant hanna about his decision. The deputy explained that he had decided to heart book her because he wanted to make sure she was all right. So this deputy described her as being being a little ditzy at jeffrey's restaurant and although she wasn't drunk he felt like she was acting unusual and that had made him uneasy right i know he described his decision to transport her to the station. As being based on instinct in further stated that beck at the the station he found her to be well educated intelligent in particular any just couldn't justify holding our overnight despite the arresting deputies concerns for my truce's. Theres's wellbeing little investigations conducted at the scene she had displayed desire behavior around multiple restaurant employees but none of them. We're inundated the time now. It's none that law enforcement may properly citing release a person who's failed to pay restaurant bill allowing the criminal justice system distant to resolve the matter without taking the person charged into custody but once that decision was made to take trees into custody and separate her from her car undersell phone then more thorough investigation such speaking restaurant staff beyond the manager should have been done now. I totally agree agree but i'm really not on board with her being sent back to her car off into the night at all so i really feel like from the restaurant she probably should have been detained and taken in for a psychiatric evaluation at a hospital so even though i don't like the way they in relief from the station. I don't think the solution here was to just let her go from the restaurant either. I don't think that would have been proper if they'd done that and she'd gotten an accident killed herself for someone they would have been responsible for that in my mind that would've been negligent as well. I think the restaurant did the right great thing to call the police with the impression that she would get the help she needed exactly. That's the problem is that. I don't think they realized that the police work going to give ever help. She didn't need to be treated like a criminal so the family was sat trying to find out why matrix was released win. It seems like she was clearly. Suffering from some mental issues in her behavior was obviously of normal but the sheriff's department denied having any knowledge of my trees behaving oddly or a period of any mental issues and that's despite what the deputy had said but later in email was discovered from las lieutenant to a loss till's captain where the lieutenant explained that might treat was actually acting unusual in arresting officers. Were very uneasy about releasing her that night. The arresting officers officers would later deny though that this was true they also claimed that the field sobriety test given to my trace had nothing to do with her behavior at the time the spokesman steve whitmore later claimed that might appear to be entirely aware of her surroundings and she did not seem confused so this is very conflicting. We're not getting a straight story. That's for sure. I think you have to stick to the story that she seemed okay. That's why she is released. I right but we know it's not true but the way they can't say that because then they leave themselves open to ooh failure to do their duty basically well sure i see that they're seeing it that way but this is not the right way to do things not of course not ah so with all of these conflicting statements in this tension growing between my traces family and law enforcement lychees hired a civil rights attorney. The attorney held a press conference at the last hills sheriff's station in really not many people showed up. He claimed that if my treats was white or he he said <unk> lo han i guess just referring to if she'd been a famous person there's no way that the sheriff's department would have let her walk out of the station alone alone in the middle of the night with no transportation and unfortunately that's probably very true days later the sheriff's department did release the paperwork from mattresses arrest but none of it said anything about her being mentally incapacitated or acting strangely over the next several the months my theresa's family and france canvas the surrounding areas and distributed flyers and attempts to find my trees four months after my traces disappearance appearance. There is a meeting between mattresses mother latinos. Her aunt lauren sheriff baca and police captain martin at the laura again asked about surveillance footage captain. Martin admitted this meeting. There is surveillance footage. He said that his earlier denials because the family had requested footage outside the building the footage they had was from inside the building so that's the kennedy until you get from a fourth grader. It is trying not to get into trouble. The teesside is a blatant attempt to cover up share. Goodwill steve whitmore the spokesperson clinton clement. Nothing has been done to hide information from chooses family. The video showed my trees acting fidgety rocking back and forth near a booking desk after she arrived at the station at ten forty nine pm she was sitting in a swivel chair next to a jailer who was working at her desk for about ten minutes might tree swivel liberal from side to side just staring at the wall appearing on engaged from what was going on afterwards when my choice was put into a cell she spent several roll minutes lying down on the concrete bench before she paced in the cell and stood at the cell window appearing to pull at the metal bars matrix was never told hold that are not called the station wanting to pick her up if she was released so the deputy who spoke on the phone never communicated with the jailer who processed asked my trees. If someone had just called latinos and said we're going to release your daughter. She would come out and picked her up. That would have been an issue for her. You're right. She would have shoot already told him if i need to come get her tonight exactly what he called her now. There was no communication so then at eleven fifty three p._m. Might trees was at least from herself and her personal property is returned to her. The jailer astros someone who's picking up bob than when matrix explain issues enabled to reach anybody the jail offered her the option of staying at the station until daylight or being released released at first treats agreed to stay then she changed her mind said she wanted to leave so at eleven fifty four she left through the back-door escorted to the door by the jailer. The video also showed lost hills deputy leaving the station couple minutes after my trees this this is deputy is male rodriguez. Deputy rodriguez didn't have an alibi for where he was at night. After you left the station but at the same time there's also no oh evidence to indicate that he did anything to my trees still mattresses family would wonder who she could have given my theresa ride or at least seen something right because what if he was an okay guy did give her a ride and she s to be dropped off somewhere and then she ended up missing. Maybe he would be afraid to admit that he gave her a ride on consumer that yeah but it would be helpful to know aridity drop her off. Well share the right thing to do would happy to say i gave her a ride to this place but then he would certainly become a suspect early morning delighted to break when she was founded that guy's house exactly lake will on january ninth two thousand ten they still had founder at the authorities worked with search and rescue teams as well as volunteers to search for my injuries and this search head over two hundred people involved the search included dogs a._t._v.'s evenson helicopters two helicopters but despite the scope of the search which covered over ten miles no evidence of my trees was found in by now latinos. She's a realist and she believes her. Daughter probably is dead and statistically she probably was works. Were foremost yeah. It's been awhile. Michael was really holding <music> out hope though that mattress was still alive so he was in las vegas and he made a report of seeing my trace. He alleged that she appeared to be working. There is a sex worker. He thought that maybe she had been recruited by someone at her dancing job. Michael said he called out her name in ran after her but she took off into the crowd of people and he lost her the l._a._p._d. Went out to las vegas to look for my trees after getting over seventy five reports of people seeing her in that that area but despite all these reported sightings the police didn't find her there was some kind of convention there <hes> law enforcement and i think it was there's a lot of them who made these reports yet but nothing came of it now the suicide dead then on june fifth and sixth two thousand ten dan maurice dubois who was the father of murdered teenager amber dubois helped to organize another search and his search team discovered christie displaying racist images of new african american women. This is a freshly painted mural and whoever had painted it left their supplies supplies behind so some people and that's including might traces family members believed that the bureau is left there on purpose for the search team to see now the search has been publicized so a lot of people knew about it. Might jesus family wanted whoever had painted it had some knowledge of what had happened to my trees the l._a._p._d. Did not see any connection between the mural in my chooses disappearance and they had neuropathy and over so i guess they did get a hold of at least one of the people who had painted it and kind of ruled them out as having any involvement but it certainly wasn't enough to satisfy my theresa's traces family look at it from their standpoint. They're frustrated with all their dealings with the police show up and then they're thinking this probably connection action and their toilet nah no connection. I'm not going to believe it was very dismissive. I mean they were very dismissive of this family. Then in august two thousand thousand ten to park rangers discovered human remains dark canyon. This is a steep canyon and it's difficult while actually the almost impossible to move through the only people who normally go into the canyon are people growing marijuana and people illegally dumping trash on that particular day the rangers were checking on illegal marijuana growing operation that have been shut down earlier so the check in our to see eh sizes coming back so they're climbing into a canyon any discovered a skull with dark curly hair attached and nearby. They found some women's clothing so they left immediately called. The sheriff's department took about eighty minutes to the first deputy to arrive at the yeah now. I don't know if that's because they didn't hurry or if it's because it really takes that long to get in there which i think is the case so so yeah now california state law though requires law enforcement to notify the coroner's office immediately when human remains are discovered but the coroner was not contacted until nearly an hour and a half after that first deputy arrived so there was the eighty minutes until the deputy arrived in then another hour and a a half before the coroner's even aware of this the seven person team from the coroner's office arrived at the canyon but it was deemed unsafe for them to descend into the canyon on foot so they were sent back to the lost till station with the understanding that they would be picked up in airlifted into the canyon but hours this past is the coroner's team waited chief coroner edward winter was heading up this team and he was directly if it would be easier for law enforcement to the airlift the remains to him winter would later state that he specifically told the investigators not to move the body but that's what happened. The officers who responded to the scene didn't follow protocol and they never treated the site as a potential crime scene against the coroner's orders and the california the state law might theresa's body was bagged in airlifted from the site at eight pm that evening so why are detectives airlifted to the scene but not coroner's team in why they moved the body without permission to important questions these questions brought about a lot of speculation from my family again had nothing but grief in their relationship with the sheriff's department sheriff's department unlimited access to the scene and the remains without any oversight for six hours now if you're already thinking there's a cover up this only fueled more suspicious suspicions it does because why don't they just get their act together. Do things right follow st wa exactly. I can see why you you would have no trust in them anyway. Just just being an african american there would be trouble trusting these deputies but then after all this happens. I wouldn't trust them at all or wouldn't have no faith at all. No the remains would eventually be identified as my entries the spot her naked mummified remains were found is actually adjacent to a twenty one acre ranch that was known for producing pornography. It was an area extremely difficult to approach on foot so it was really difficult to believe that my trees could have even gotten there on her own. It was very disturbing disturbing that her head had been detached from her body in position upside down also there was no reasonable explanation for her body being mummified. It's very unlikely for by left out in the elements for eleven months. You're you gotta be basically environment. This free of oxygen so away somewhere away somewhere wrapped up. I can't believe that have stood then just dumping body for length of time it would have been mummified yeah well and if she fell into the canyon and died it would make any sense. No who's got to be signs of trauma. Who's gotta be critters. Eating the remains scattering bonds is a lot of things would happen right so the idea was certainly plausible that somewhere else canyon so the coroner's office last opportunity to take pictures of the scene or to examine the position of the remains means an august fourteenth a report written and released by independent review board exonerated the sheriff's office though of any wrongdoing the coroner's report provided very few answers according to the medical examiner. There was no sign of physical violence. The cause of death was ruled to beyond determined but it was very strange that mattresses body was found nude. Law enforcement came up with some unlikely explanations though for the condition of her body in her clothing some of them just outlandish really her right leg which is covered in soil grow weeds. Who's about six feet up the canyon from her body. Femur the leg. That's the long on the upper bone had be removed from the soft tissue as if it had been pulled from the top of the thigh and there was nothing but a narrow canal or the bond should have been but the lake showed no signs of having been ravaged by animals and in any event animals who drag something that large downhill rather than uphill one of the new by owners of course property said we the sheep here awhile back coyotes in vultures dug it up and took the clean within days and if they missed anything bugs in rodents finished it off so so there you go lieutenant michael rawson supervise the investigators for the sheriff's department genetic tober of two thousand ten two months after after the remains were airlifted he did meet with latif in sheriff baca to discuss the case ross said that deputies were given permission from a coroner staffer staffer chief coroner winter to move the skull and assess what was underneath and in the soil brush but that's not what the coroner would say rawson supervisor captain david smith agreed and added that when the skull was lifted much of her body came up with it but rawson and smith story story really doesn't go along with the photos that the sheriff's office took my theresa's skull was completely detached from her neck in it rested upside down on her upper torso torso in the mandible job on was detached from her skull. Five neck bones weren't even recovered that day for the entire skeleton to come up out of the ground intact with pulling the skull as rawson and smith claim would be impossible without those bones being there are the heads detached bernie right so if you pull the skull pull up exactly so i don't know why they were even saying this but the sheriff's department department didn't say whether lieutenant raw center captain smith or actually they're dark canyon to witness the airlift so they might not have even seen it so to rule causes awesome death doubt you'd think that you need to be open to all possibilities but the sheriff's department seem determined to deny that might trees his death had been the result of a crime prime tenant in another suggested the possibility of n._f._l. Lactic shock from poison ivy as potential costs amid lennon a million. That's very rare isn't it. We also suggested that might trees wandered in dark. Canyon became one of the two people who die each year in california from rattlesnake reports. That doesn't explain why she was naked mole. That's a horror story. It is for reasons for my traces body. Being nude rawson suggested that animals removed her clothing which is laughable. Only her jeans belted bra were actually recovered for these to be located where they were animals would have to take off mattresses sneaks in socks unbuckle her belt slide outta the loop center jeans on zip and pull off her jeans and then removed her underwear are the animals would have had to invest in her bra and move it out from under her next they'd have to drag her detached right leg uphill by if position did on top of a cluster brush before pulling out her femur bone they'd have had to have carried the deeds brought five hundred feet at six hundred feet feet down the canyon drop them in the creek and carry the belt another hundred feet downstream to hang it on the cluster of vines where it was found so this is all very difficult difficult to imagine more than difficult nearly impossible while forensic scientists clear kopf who had been hired by latinos noted the absurdity in the suggestion. This is all done by animals. She also noted that the jeanson belt showed no significant damage from animals or the elements. It's so in other words cough question if they had actually been exposed to the elements route those eleven months sure didn't seem like it if the animals didn't didn't remove the clothing captain smith said in october two thousand ten in the meeting then rushing water was responsible for that in that scenario the water would have needed to bryce sixty feet above the top of the creek bed push your body in the opposite direction of the current to leave it where it was found then there's the mystery of the mummification why after eleven months outdoors was her body partially mummified and not fully decompose natural mummification state of preservation that actually renders the flesh like leather is normally the result of immediate in continued post mortem exposure to either very colder extremely dry environment so windy impossible for a body to partially mummifying the elements but her state of semi decomposition really doesn't make sense not at all and and then clear cough also made note of the fact that my trees t had pink tint to them this could be a sign of strangulation which is due to hemorrhaging into into the pulp chambers of the teeth. That's the area the two through with the blood a nurse and also not all of my trees his neck bones recovered which includes the highway we all know from our other cases the highway bone if broken in suggests strangulation right. You're in the dark about that. Yes so to cough. There were just too many unanswered questions to decide. The mattress wasn't murdered which is what the law enforcement seemed to want to do. Usually the default in unsolved death like this would be to consider it the homicide until it's proven otherwise since there was no testing for fibers or hairs on my theresa's body or clothing. There's no way to know if she was with someone else that night night the way her remains in the scene were handled is just obviously incompetent careless whether that was on purpose or some kind of cover up we you just don't know but at the very least i'd say that the sheriff's department was disinterested in what happened to my trees in decided to treat it as an accident and just wanted right to move on yes yes so. Is there anything else in the way she was founded. You found was odd will her left arm was found flexed with her hand to her chest chest. There's nothing there that would hold her arm in that position is like it's actually defying gravity to the medical examiner cough enough that position commander arm had been held in place possibly by a sheet or other wrapping in a different environment while on vacation said in so in other words. She could have been killed somewhere else in there so what we're really getting at here probable probable okay. It's it's a strong word. I thought you'd say maybe possibly you. Actually that's probable. I don't see any other way for modification of set in and she'd been there the whole time now. It really seems assist. She was disposed avenue. Close disposed up right by sheriff baca disagreed agreed of course he did after ranges found. My trees naked semi decomposed body. He said in a press conference. We have no indication of a homicide at this point. I don't believe the remains are capable of telling us a story you know. They just wanted to move on from this so much did they. They wanted nothing in this case. Once once they started out with their story was released. That's all there is to it. They really couldn't do anything else. They could do the right thing when they couldn't for them. They could do the right thing but be realistic hunk aac they've already worry please their best on this one thing and they can't go back and change you will not stint visit the spot where my traces remains were recovered in dark canyon anion her sister-in-law a friend and clear cough went to all of them had to use climbing harnesses ropes and were helmets as sheriff's department hartman search and rescue experts led them there and as they were making a small memorial at the site they found one of my choices finger bones in the dirt there that is so upsetting for me to even imagine that. Can you imagine i mean not only seeing the confidence of how your daughter's site was treat. Read it but then to have to see one of your daughters bones there. I just can't imagine what this mother went through. Just how has been plagued liked by guilt for not driving right over to the last hill station once she heard about the arrest and she ended up having severe anxiety and depression early on lati- stated stated publicly that she thought deputies might have been involved in my therese's disappearance now. She's not sure of that but she is convinced that might trace was murdered murdered by someone she knows that her daughter was a city girl and that she wouldn't hike into a place like dark canyon and she believes even in her mental. Allstate is just not something she would have done. She believes that might trace was possibly raped killed in eventually dumped at that site where her body was found so so you're kind of on board with that same scenario as her mother cashews abducted and killed someplace then then eventually dumped the mckinnon and not necessarily by anyone that had anything to do with the deputies or with the sheriff's office but they were clearly negligent incompetent habitant we were on december twenty ninth two thousand ten latif met once again was sheriff bacher to submit a request based on what she'd learned from forensic anthropologists clear cough about the handling of the remains she wanted mattresses body to be exhumed and reexamined and black at that time seemed to reconsider. My traces causes death removal of trousers. Even undergarments in the belt are not acts awesome nature. He said i've always felt that. It should have been treated from the offset as possible homicide when you say it's not a murderer. You better better know what you're talking about and i don't think we've been able to conclude that. That's a little bit of a turnaround isn't it. It is right. He claimed it contacted the f._b._i. The i got an approval for next to nation but this turned out to be untrue the f._b._i. Didn't get involved at that point so i kind of feel like he was just trying hang to placate people with that statement because it made up things just to make the family feel better that moment was the truth so so in july july thirteenth two thousand eleven after six months of pressuring the coroner's office might traces body was zoomed the exam was done by the los angeles sheriff's department's own crime lab which latinos didn't think was ideal. She would rather have had it done by a third party the f._b._i. But the f._b._i. Refused to get involved so this was the best she could get while she had her own who follows standard at the same time she gotta it up which probably would have cost money right but the coroner came to the same conclusion. It was an undetermined cause of death with no signs of homicide. Latif and michael separately filed civil lawsuits against the los angeles sheriff's department enduring the pretrial depositions. We found out a lot. It was revealed that several deputies were aware that might trace was suffering from some sort of mental crisis at the time of her arrest and if protocol lead been followed mattress would have been taken to a hospital in evaluate it with a seventy two hour admission so i think that the civil lawsuit was a a lot more about getting some answers than getting money here but they didn't give passerbys no but they did find out that a lot of the deputies were concerned about matter even though they didn't write it down on paper parade in august two thousand eleven the thiessen michael settled with the sheriff's department and received four hundred hundred fifty thousand dollars each but as part of the settlement sheriff's department did not admit to any wrongdoing on their part in the family contacted california a foreign attorney general's office to review the sheriff's department handling might theresa's case sent over five hundred pages of documents to support concerns camera harris whose presently running for president the u._s. was the attorney general at the time she responded monitor with a letter that said they found no grounds for criminal charges against the deputies or the sheriff yes so that was a disappointment for lychees in michael still the los angeles. Sheriff's department was getting a lot of negative publicity in the press. Apparently defiance of this negative press sheriff awfully baca was given the two thousand thirteen sheriff of the year award but several months later eighteen deputies were indicted for assaulting detainees gene at the men's central jail sheriff baca pleaded ignorance in january of two thousand fourteen becca resigned by early a two thousand sixteen the attorney general's office changed their position though and began a criminal investigation in connection with mattresses case after one year it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution for the destruction alternation or concealment of evidence but even if they found found evidence nothing criminal could have been prosecuted because the statute of limitations was up in two thousand fourteen. Only one person related to this case case ever faced charges and that was sheriff lee baca. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison for his role in a scheme to obstruct an f._b._i. Investigation nations of the abuses in the county jails is nothing punished him first handling my theresa's case now nothing specifically missionaries well well totally separate yes but it's abuses in county jails so in that way i feel it's an it's an adjacent topic. Jason's a good word yeah yeah baca who is suffering in the early stages of alzheimer's showed no emotion as the sentence was read after serving his time behind bars bawku walker was also ordered to spend one year under supervised release and was fined seventy five hundred dollars michael richards said continues to believe that someone knows what what happened to his daughter and he denies that might trace ever suffered from a mental illness okay. Certainly somebody doesn't know what happened. The news daughter is the easy part of that convinced. It wasn't an accident then no okay someone would have to now. Should someone kilter so when kilger auger no nine. She suffered from mental illness. How much time did you spend with his daughter. This guy's questionable unsure. He loved his daughter. I don't want to speak negatively about him but he had his opinions and i don't think he knew daughter as well as lati- stood or even mildred mildred was very very close to her so i think he's just trying to put the best possible spin on things yeah. My daughter wasn't mentally. Ill sure are any love sir. I can see that and she was very successful in life. In many ways some who wants her to be remembered as being mentally i see where he's coming. The south the possibilities for what happened to my trees does do include an accident now in this scenario i i think you have to kind of suspend belief a little bit like going to the movies or something in this scenario. She's confused disoriented when she entered entered. The canyon undressed herself and died of unknown costs due to a state of mind terrible dangerous area issues found certainly possible but you don't think so no his questions shank at the scene where her body soon considering the rough terrain steepness of the canyon she could fall under the severely injured or even killed but then how did a clothing removed. We've already determined that it wasn't by animals us now animals dexterous though maybe she stripped to close off she wasn't interested mine but then some of her clothing was missing including shoes socks shirts and underwear. Maybe annals could've taken away after the trees taken him off her body but it seems names of the they would've taken clothing away then nothing to the body itself yet that doesn't make sense and that just brings me back to the farmer who buried a sheep out there in what had happened to the sheep and that was buried. Anna was buried right wasn't just lying there. In the open. Exactly my truce's duke it also could have been ruled a homicide crime of opportunity by someone offered her a ride late murdered her or by so much she came across new dr cannon and murdered her herkus. Remember who's next door to an illegal marijuana growing site. Yes that's possible that might trees came across someone someone doing something illegal and she was killed to keep her from talking. She could've come across some bad people in that area. She could've again then you just left out in the open and that doesn't go doesn't agree with the state of her body right all the evidence points to her being abducted murdered and then disposed up at a later time net area yes yes. I guess if you're feeling really charitable. You could say they. She is abducted and died somehow and was hidden for an indisposed too so maybe not a murder ernest. I'll come on now. Earn our torpedo suspending okay so some believed that the handling of her case was negligent others believed that the investigation was organized cover up to conceal criminal acts by the sheriff's deputies which may have caused my therese's death. Her life was just beginning and she really brought joy to those who loved her. Sober mother prefers to remember. My tree says she was not by what happened to her on her last night alive the questions surrounding how much we ended up dead dark canyon her probably just too much for mother to handle who wants to even think about that. It's tragic to think that her death could have been avoided if the deputy said simply done the paperwork in taking her to a hospital for evaluation or you know just even called her mother and kept her at the station until her mother mother got there. This isn't like extenuating circumstances. They wouldn't have to go so far out of their way to just help this woman correctly. That's where it l. Stored right could've so even if she was murdered by someone having nothing to do with them. They're still culpable for sending in her out there. In the night berkman so one positive thing has happened since matrices death in two thousand eighteen the office of the the inspector general examined my reese's case and made some policy changes not only at the last station but at the department central booking processing processing and release facility that's located in downtown los angeles in march two thousand eighteen a twenty three page recommendation for safe release in protection action of vulnerable prisoners was released. I don't know if living no it happened to her probably not yeah but there's no denying that the sheriff's department german filled my trees and that they have some responsibility for her death they do i agree so there are several sources of information on my traces case like i said it's gotten a lot of publicity. There's a two thousand fifteen documentary available on prime video titled loss compassion might trace was also featured on disappeared season six episode. One in that episode is titled lost in the dark the l._a. Times in l._a. Magazine have each had a series of articles goals which include interviews with the sheriff's office in with mattresses family and that's where we got a lot of information for this podcast before we move onto feedback beca like to share a quick update on team tigra and our website rebuild to new steam coming out of your ears. Yes i can't i'm at peace with it that headed. We're in the final stages and a lot of it's out of my hands. I'm a control free so this has been hard for me. I don't control now. I mean you you like to do things. A certain way doesn't make you a control freak so there have been some delays that are not of our doing to put it nicely but it should be coming about. I'm hoping by the time this episode is out. Things will be completed completed but if they're not they will be saying. I just wanna thank everyone for their patients. It's gonna be worth it. I'm sure it's going to be really worth. We've been allowed to do something on things with the new site and it's gonna be way better than the old one it is. It's just a matter of when i know yep. Okay okay so thank you everyone for your patience on that. It's something to look forward to. Let's do our feedback segment now. Okay this week. I have richest one voicemail and two or three emails great so who is our voicemail from this from beck's thinking. Her name is rebecca cool name. <unk> vic says a case suggestion and usa. Hey gel this fax and i'm from hampshire and i will enjoy your podcast. I discovered it and was great. This spring were mike commute driving back and forth to school now that it's summer and schools not session. I love thing to at home so i have a beer suggestion for you and a case suggestion so my suggestion is actually not from new hampshire. It's ramassage. -chusetts were working where i grew up and my friend's husband actually worked for the glory. It's from one town ruari in western mass. It's an i._p. It's called. Don't worry dick. You haven't tried it. I would highly recommend it for the next time you do a massachusetts case in a few need help on grabbing it. What may help you out so my case suggestion is from new hampshire capture and it is called in most <hes> blog posts in most news articles the bear brook case so it is a case that took place in allentown on new hampshire and <hes> in nineteen eighty-five a fifty five gallon industrial steel drum was discovered in bear brook state hark by hunter her that contained two bodies one of an adult female in one of a child a girl so investigators had a really hard time with this and weren't able to solve even identify the people in the container so fifteen years later in two thousand another almost identical container was discovered very very close to the first container the bodies in there were two young females to children in investigator sought that all four bodies these were from about nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty five they were fairly skeleton is so investigators were still unable for many years to identify the victims uh-huh or find possible perpetrators but just the last few years. <hes> three of the four victims were identified. Thanks to all the progress in d._n._a. In the last few years and perpetrator so if you haven't heard about this i would highly recommend it fascinating really thought provoking. They great podcasts guys and i'm looking for the next episode. This is pretty cool. Yet makes case fascinating. It's a lot of d._n._a. Stuff doing mighty conrail d._n._a. Doing y chromosome d._n._a. With they did come up with. Was it a guy name terry restless. He had multiple aliases including bob evans anyway. His identity was confirmed via d._n._a. From assign from his first marriage and also confirmed the d._n._a. To be the father of the two to four year old girl is one of the victims he's believed to be responsible for several other murders including that of denise boden his girlfriend who disappeared nineteen eighty-one under the name of evans he was convicted and sentenced for the murder in two thousand and two of his then wife life and he died in prison. Two thousand ten wasn't until this year that the three biologically related females were identified as mother marla <unk> elizabeth honeychurch and her two daughters from different fathers. Mary elizabeth monarch and sara lee mc workers. They were less than one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and the other kid the other body identified as rasmussen's daughter remains unidentified just fascinating stuff stuff yeah and i know you are so that's interesting so we're thinking that all of these people he murdered were related him in some way people he was in relationships with yes yeah that is horrifying this any case <hes>. I hope you can get more information nations net. It sounds like something you'd like to talk more about. I definitely want to do that. Okay also said affects our son went to school in worcester wooster wooster polytech <unk> town growing many times and if we weren't there we heard at arm's be abby too great beer places in worcester but worm tap beers good stuff unlisted visit. I love a stir yeah. He's all graduated so you don't get to go there anymore anymore. Now okay. I have an email from karen. I recently heard a snippet about a case. I've never heard of before and would love to learn how you two would present it. Jared murray murray self-confessed murder. His friend at college was found not guilty by reason of insanity. This is the first time i've heard of the defense presented successfully. I hope you will consider this case as i find it. Worthy of further investigation and then karen included a youtube link. I look forward to plowing through the rest of your episodes. I i love being able to cherry pick. Thanks karen so why don't we know about this. Well the quick stuff. I looked up the guy who did the killing and was not guilty. By reason of insanity is a guy named jared murray. He suffers from delusions that he's the king of the world and he i believe he sees goes but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. What sounds like maybe he really wasn't saying. Definitely is so so say. A lot of people are crazy but they're still guilty so what makes him not guilty. I have to check more into that. I'm not sure why or how the jury it was swayed by his insanity suggestion right because they'd have to convince that he didn't know he was doing anything. Raw almost never occurs yeah yeah then we have another email from lisa and lisa writes. I have a suggestion for a podcast for you from the ones i've listened to. I don't think you've covered this case ace. It's a local case for me. Actually loves a girl. I went to school with in sat with at lunch for a short stint of time. Her name is taylor marks. She and her boyfriend paid it someone to kill her mother. I think snap didn episode on this case. Though i have yet to watch it i followed the case until they were convicted but i haven't followed it. Since i would love to hear you to cover this case would be happy to provide any information. I can well. Thanks lisa so this is the woman taylor moore who was convicted of aggravated murder of her mother her boyfriend brian smith is awaiting trial or maybe he's already stood trial but he's charged with aggravated murder and try purdy waited the death penalty he pled guilty to aggravated it'd murder because he admitted to the stabbing during his final court hearing so two of them have been tried and convicted and sentenced and one more is <hes> so they paid troy purdy and brian smith was her boyfriend get rid of mom so kristie marks is the victim who operated the visiting angels home healthcare business and she was stabbed to which i always think is one of the worst just ways to die pretty personal personal painful gory. We'll thank you very much for that and jennifer has a case suggestion in your suggestion would love to hear you cover the kansas city butcher bobber della. It's honestly the most disturbing disturbing crime i've ever heard. His story is so twisted and i actually live on the same street he lived on and if you cover a kansas city crime you need a good kansas city beer ear. Boulevard is the famous around here and i suggest eighty acre or single wide by p._a. Kansas city beer companies another famous one they make german beers and their health is really good and light. Thank you you guys are awesome. I love the beer drew crime content and i love hearing a physician side of true crime. Thank you jennifer so. I know that we've had some boulevard beer well. We've had a few boulevard abuser quite famous actually <hes> we even get him out here. In new mexico this guy robert padilla is also known as the kansas city butcher and the collector and he apparently kidnapped raped tortured and murdered at least six men between nineteen eighty four thousand nine hundred eighty seven in kansas city and all these people sometimes for up to six weeks before killing him. That sounds awful so he was charged for the first degree murder one of his victims in nineteen eighty eight related plead guilty to one further charge of first degree in four charges a second degree murder so he got sent to prison obviously in nineteen ninety-two died of a heart attack while in prison so he was noticed that kansas city butcher because of what he did to victims bodies right wrote. We'll go into that at this point anyway right so i guess there was a movie about this soon as well so yeah. Let's look into that. We're going to realize like suggestions. We did. Thank you so much for your emails. In your voicemails always is is a nice way to end the show to hear from other people. Yes yes especially this warm. Show got to me this case of my tree. Yes yes got to you in the way it was handled or earlier chooses yeah. It's terrible. There are so many chances to do the right thing and they didn't and they tried to cover it up and lie about. I hate that. I really hate lying okay. We'll thanks a lot dick in we'll be back next next week with another episode of true cranberry so until then we'll be at the quiet ruby there. We'll see they're by us could buy <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music>.

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