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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Tried passion. Then patterns re of college football lives here on the Paul finebaum show. Our three podcast bottle half the show live and underway and eight is Friday afternoon. And that means one thing are we hope it's a weekly. Visit. He's been nice enough to come on lately. And we're always thrilled to have Seth Greenberg on game day Tamar in Houston. So Seth joins us. Thanks for the time as always and I've gotten one hundred calls already tonight about tomorrow's game in Knoxville between Tennessee and Kentucky. So I'm going to get out of the way because I know nothing, but you know, it all so have added. What's what's this all about? Yeah. Interesting. There's a couple of things one. I think Kentucky ability to contain Georgia bone and say, wait a sec white. You gotta start with grant Williams. You gotta start with Admiral Scofield. But to me when I think about Tennessee, it starts with Jordan bones. You've gotta guard of in transition. You gotta keep mad at a lane. You've got to limit at his impact on the game because you control bone. It's easy to control grant Williams and Scofield. So that's the first foremost Kentucky that the next thing is without re Travis without re travis's baked physical body without re travis's ability to grant Williams, just one step off the block south silly. But if you move one step off the block, then all of a sudden those double teams that they ran item you can get to that much quicker. And then when he goes you can wall up and keep them in front re Travis did a great job defensively, and they went down to into the post some offensively. He got the foul line. So how did they go grant Williams without re traps, I think that's going to be something that? You need to watch. And then I think the final thing in terms of on the Kentucky side at Tennessee is is a great job at school today. I thought that tells the Johnson was really good he made a bunch of shots early. But no one talks about his defense. I thought his defense was really really good. So those things I've had side of the other thing, you know, Doug. They gotta take care of the ball in a tough environment twelve turnovers start to game the the other night against Arkansas. You turn it over twelve times in first half against Tennessee. You're not going to have any chance to get back. And again the second hand so those big support. And then the one thing that Tennessee's got a really good job of PJ Washington when he gets to the left block, Paul he destroyed Tennessee, they got on the left block you walk through the metal jump jump after jump hook. They've got either garden earlier or get the ball out of his hands. So as you're watching a game those things to look for great stuff here is we talked to. Jeff greenburg. Seth Tennessee fans are feel a little bit anxious right now they lost that game a week ago. They lost the game to Kentucky. They nearly let one go and I realize there's still plenty of time left in the season. But is it what is it critical for them to win this game just to stem, the some of the the negativity or is it just another game along the way to the tournament. Their season. I in a bigger to have the grade they're gonna come in first or second in eight depending on what else she does maybe third it their goal to beginning year wasn't just to win. The SEC championship is to make the final floor and competes with off chip. So they've gotta get the playing their best basketball. And I think that's the biggest thing they've gotta get some bench played. They're not getting anything out of their bench. They've gotta get some quality men separate bench, and then Kyle and he's got to have a little bit more impact on the game and grants. Gotta be more consistent. I look for Rick to try to punch that thing inside. Often against Kentucky. And if they can't get grants, basically going, then I think, you know, you're in Tennessee, San you've got a concern. But I think they kind of went away from him a little bit probably not on purpose, but they've got to establish grant Williams at their very best when they're establishing grant laureates everyone else is playing off but their bench doesn't play. They don't just get some quality minutes out of scout Zander. That's an issue. Let me let me flip to LSU from moment. They come away with with that big win there. You know? I think they're they're healthier. Or at least. That's what most people are saying. And I know they're kind of get overshadowed a little bit by what's going on with Kentucky and Tennessee. But it's hard to overlook down as we as we are now in March. Yeah. They're really all. I mean, it's interesting. They win those back to back games. They went without obser- Trayvon waters or the agency trout waters plays in the next game. If he gets a three-game suspension that he probably had some off the court issues. Let's be honest, but our business three consecutive games in a row, but they're actually playing a little bit better basketball in some ways without the falls, not get sucked out, they smarts. But absolutely terrific. More guys are getting touches and they've been really good defense with this no denying LSU's talent. Now, I'd like to see Nausori get to the left block a little post them up a little bit more. But that's up. See a decision. Their coaching staffs making. I think they're defending hard. I think that and Williams gives them great minutes off the bench. They've got legitimate debt. I salute Lii one of my favorite players in college basketball, Schuyler Mace. I just think he adds to winning. He's got a high basketball IQ. He's got a great feel for the game. He selfless. You don't have to run a lot of place for him. He's a willing passer. I think he's the glue that keeps that team together and LSU is final four good. And it's amazing to stay a lot of stuff swirling around their program. And yet, you know, what those kids are playing. Let me ask you about that. Because the the news that came out the other day about will Wade being subpoenaed. And and this is a story that's been out there. And he's done a good job by winning of of keeping it maybe in the in the back corners. But but as as we are now heading toward the tournament. I think it's going to keep coming. Up and especially if they do well as a coach now that you've ever been through anything like that. But I promise you, we would have we would have made it. We would have remembered it explain what what he what he deals with. Because it you can't you can't look pass it as an individual. I mean, it's a big deal. It is a big. In any walk of life. All right. If you're subpoenaed. By a federal court. That's a serious. Situation of being and compartmentalize it's easy to say you control. What trolled not to go on until you know, I get in court. And and like, we'll wait the only guy that knows what's on those states. And probably defense. I mean, there are two people that know what's on the tape. So like if he handling this, right? He says you're not totally innocent, the tastes approve me out or you know, if as he's not been he's going to have to deal with it. But until the tapes come out, I guess, he's he's compartmentalized to the point where he said, you don't have to coach by these are my guys they need me. They understand everything that's going on. I can't do anything about. What's happening? What I do is that coach my team. Now, that's a hard thing to do. I gotta be honest with you just in general when you whether it's when you're on the hat, cedar. If you're under the microscope, the people are making accusations. It's a hard thing to do. Because it's harder. You it's hard on your program, and it's harder to family his kids are younger and probably don't understand it. But know say he had teenagers sending say he had kids in high school. It would even be that much harder. Because now you have to you know, obviously, help your kids deal with such a problem. It becomes your children's problem. So I think he's handling it, really. Well, look, he might be a hundred percent of the of the is that you know, everyone moves on. But at any walk of life. You could have at the subpoena. Never a good thing. No, it is not finally you mentioned dealing with pressures in. You're coach who seemingly lived on that bubble. This time of the year and four straight months. Thank you, Paul. And then I mean going back to the situation with we'll wait. I mean, no, no one was accusing you of anything other than not being farther up on the chart in getting the tournament. But ultimately, it it it ended. I'm interested in what that does to you as a coach when you're always fighting to get into the tournament. People are whispering about your job. Does it take a toll? I'm sure it does. Oh, yes, for sure first of all when you get a you it a pretty good here because they're not they're not talking about beginning to be Carolina to save year. One year at didn't get hit which is like my teams back. Then if these sure we'd be pretty good shape. You'd be you'll be in the final four. Absolutely horrendous. But sure takes toll on your first date will realize it takes a toll on you. Because you feel for your kids like last year that I that that I had Malcolm Delaney, Jeff Allen, and Terrell bell that that was the winningest four years in the history of Jin tech basketball when he was four years playing in the ACC and those guys didn't play one tournament. So like that year that their senior year where they didn't get it. I heard for them. I been to the survivors of the system that went to the final four though. I what games answer Turk bed prefer not to be able to get that opportunity. I mean, I I when I found out I found out not by the ACC office, and the honest with you, I find out because I my mind, I do exactly. Where we stood and when I saw Surtees cough up on the brackets be vast by CBS. I knew we were done. So at the end of the third bracket, I told her guys guys were not in league. Never call me lead. Never call desists appointed thing ever. So those kids had a sit at my house after haven't been her wait to see their name pop up. People say out of nowhere to leave the out. You beat Duke be Carolina thickly won eleven games in the ACC ear beat Florida state twice, and I had to send them home. And as I can tell you that was the lowest point probably of my coaching career. It sounds silly. But because I felt for those kids, and I it's really shared experience with your players for four years. And you want wanna give it back for to to realize their dreams the tournament. And it was taken away that their last chance was taken away that was hard. You have to think about being on the hot seat is. My daughter's roller at daughters that where did you take? You know, I had a daughter was a sophomore in high school junior high school. I should say, you know, when you hurt that's one thing when your kids hurt it's another. And then when you let get let go with its or the public way in which bind was the first press conference to ever call coach go, and you told thirty minutes before the press conference at no idea, you know, you you're once again, it's not about you. It's about your family. There's nothing more about family. It's hard. I mean, it's hard. But you know, I it's a life's lesson that you know, you've got to always reinvent yourself. You gotta move on. I look I look. Or the people that he has spent if it's so good to and welcome. But they people like yourself, but you know, giving me opportunities to you know, game game a greater credibility. You know, coaching is still in it. But it would have to very special situation. Because now a part of a different team that I really joy and unfortunate to be part of. Well, we appreciate it in your honesty. I think in your authenticity is what has made you so successful. I was just hurting listening to that stories. I remembered when when when you were let go I think you were in you were entertaining or recruit where you're not entertaining or Kurt my wife, and I put on a big launch for the Marquette's side the pink ribbon lunch about eight hundred people. I just finished having lunch with my title sponsor got a commitment for them to once again, be the title sponsor, and I didn't have my soul would be towed by one hundred I got back into the office because I left it the car, and he cats and other people all of a sudden, my phone's going crazy and say we'll Gitex holding the press conference you've been hired. And I've said, I don't think so. And then I get a call thirty minutes later. And you know, I was the last last one to know that you have to get, you know, just understand. I have a daughter at school there. I've got to get her out of class 'cause sued she turns on her phone when she gets out of class. Obviously it's going to be a difficult situation that daughter high school I had to get someone to pick her up had get her out of school. And then my daughter was working in New York. I had to find a way to get some of the communicate with our so people understand that residual. Then you got your system coaches other people that you're dealing with people. Just don't understand it's easy to talk about the bubble. It's easy to talk about hot seat. Obviously part of the profession, and you know, you get paid well and all that jazz. But you know, coaches families and the head coach gets let go other people's lives are impacted and you know, it's a responsibility, and it's hard. It's hard on you know, because I was singled swamping, I'll with you're married. You have children. You see them hurt? You know, as a as a parent, you see your kisser that's about toughest thing to deal with. Seth greenburg. Incredible story. Seth really appreciate that was not my intent. And ended ask you about a couple of games. But. Really appreciate. It's real life. We all live on the bubble. Paul. I am actually in the midst of the infancy of writing a book it's life on the bubble has nothing to do with the NCAA tournament. Is we all live on the bubble? And it's how one deals with those bubble type experiences that shape who yard. So it's something that they would not deserve fortunate. So I've been blessed, but life life is full of roadblocks detours kinda, you know, they'll say, it's how you handle it that determines your, you know, your pass many. Thanks cannot wait to read that says we will talk to you soon. Your best. Appreciate anytime. You got every Friday lobby. You're in sat. Thanks seth. What is incredible story? I mean in and I'm say that as someone who who deals on the other side of that. And and I have to tell you. It's easy. Just to throw this coach in the hopper as being in trouble or that one. But when you hear the reality of it, it does chill you, and it gives you reason for pause. We'll take a break back with more on a Friday afternoon. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Glad you're here. As we roll on a Friday afternoon. Really great conversation there with Seth knowing him a long time, and I've seen that side of him early in the morning at airports, but I'm so pleased that he was able to to share that with all of you. Let's continue Mickey is next up in Kentucky. How are you? Mickey. April. I remember Steve Spurrier made comment about when he was coach at do or South Carolina or somewhere other than Florida. He used to call another coach who was print his and talk about. Com on opponent that they played. Yeah. Vaguely, I remember, and I hope your memory is better than mine. There was somewhat of a scandal. Flower that. But with two s c c coaches, talk and back and forth. Do you remember that? I'm trying to remember that because. I don't I mean, I I really I really don't. Well, I think Georgia Tech was one of them. But I'm not I'm not sure that so it was so you're not sure if this was when coach was at Florida or Duke or or South Carolina. I don't think it would have been South Carolina. No, I'm not trying to put down Spurrier or how or anything. I'm just. Thought after that incident would the other coaches the rules were changed about. So the rules did what did they preclude coaches from discussing common opponents? I'm not sure. Okay. I'll tell you what I had him on the other day next time. I I'll ask him. He I'm sure he'd be happy to tell me. Well, it was probably maybe before his time to I don't know. Okay. I'll tell you. What Micky I will? I'll see if I can find out a little bit more about that. Thank you for the call though, David is in North Carolina. You're on the air on a Friday afternoon. David, thanks for taking my call. Thank you just want to throw something in there that came to me. That's just I think there's a possibility not much, but I think there's a better than even chance. Holly Warlick will still be coaching Tennessee next year. Okay. I'm listening couple of reasons. One is nothing's happened yet. You know, we're sitting almost twenty four hours since the game and nothing out of Knoxville yet the other thing, and which goes to really question that you would comment on is what does Tennessee really expect their women's pro. Because you know, there's been a decline for the last three years, it's been pretty obvious. And there've been other coaches out there on the women's program, but they haven't made a move yet. So, you know, it's points. Remember, remember one thing though, let's let's Tennessee is on its third athletic director since Holly Warlick took over for coach summit. So that's an important thing to remember. I also think if you look at her record in toll recently, there was really not a cause to to consider this conversation, and she got off to a reasonably good start at at Tennessee meant that made the elite eight three of her first four years. So no one is going to fire a coach even at Tennessee where the standards are winning the championship for for not getting to the to the final. Four the championship. Now. It's only been Simpson. The last two years coach more like has not gotten out of the second round issue. There's some debate whether not there's a lot of debate whether they'll even make the NCW tournament. So I I think that's where you have to concentrate. I think you have to look at the crowd last night. It was small it was apoplectic on senior knife. The loss was historic in. The fact that Tennessee had never lost to dander built at home. So it's more of a pressing issue. It was a it was an issue last year at the end of the season. But but Tennessee had just gone through a tumultuous change athletic director and Phillip Fulmer having gone through the same thing himself. It's not about to make a change. On stand. And that's that's a good case. And I'm not I'm not arguing that that that there's a big chance you'll still be there. But you know, the other part is we're still looking at Knoxville for some kind of word about this. So the David think about coach fomer for a second. He's a competitor. And I'm sure in his mind, he probably has talked to her today. I'm just guessing and. I don't think he would get in the way of the season and at for a coat we look at it differently. But for from coach standpoint you have another game Sunday, and then you have a tournament next week. So I think that's probably the the conundrum for him unless he has just decided it doesn't matter. What happens that maybe change needs to be made? So or maybe she said, listen, I don't I don't know how she can make an argument to keep her job. After after last night, though, do you? Don't and it's too bad. Because I know she's doing everything she can I think he has is she's just not the coach for this team. No. There is a I mean, I'm watching it on TV from my house. I'm not in the stadium where the arena, but I mean, they're just like a tremendous disconnect between those players, and I feel terribly. And I think everyone does I have friends of mine who are much closer to her than I am who were at the game. And they are they walked out and it felt like funeral because in some ways it may have been the end at least in that arena. Where so many great victories have occurred, even even under her. We're up against a break. We still have time to go with for your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five look forward to talking to you on a Friday. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Male. Okay. Let's continue with more calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five coaches up next in Morristown, Tennessee, Hilo, coach April. How are you today? We are doing. Well. Thank you. Good. Thanks for taking my call. I'd like to make a few comments. If I may on the interview did with v Greenberg. Of course, this is this is a test part of this business, you know, and as I've discussed with you before sports enough to to go through the the ranks of high school and making it to be one program. And and it was really what then interview at. There was really what I didn't stay in coach starting camera and that situation there I just what now head coach had to go through both personally and professionally and thought it was just I chose the family over that lifestyle. Now, I think coach Fulmer fighting the same battle with Holly right now because you're. Talking about someone that is a good person. Someone that's been associated with prudence from what thirty five forty years, maybe. And it's kind of he knows he probably has to make the change, but your code of indium era, a Pat summitt era, also when Holly leaves if she leaves now. So I think that's the tough part of this business. I know coach former having, you know, regrets about it. But I think in in the low I think he understands he has to do it too. Coach, you you said something interesting in and you come in contact with a lot of coaches, obviously in this profession, and there are some businesses where you can separate where you can have a career your wife can have a career, and yeah, they they may intersect at Christmas parties or occasionally. But but they are not really. They do not run. Contemporaneous -ly to one another. Where if you're the wife of a coach there's nearly. Yeah. You you can't just act like, you don't know. What I mean, you are you're part of the team. And that's that's you know, you always hear that phrase, and some people may be offended by in terms of a great coaches wife, but you understand it and you live and die. What happens? Your family or your coaches? They're just they're they're all into just as much as your system. Coach may it's a tough lifestyle. And now again athletics can go back to my life and athletic. I we're the reason I went from point a to point b in every step of my way. So it has been very warning for me going through that process. But I did see I was at a crossroads, and that's why I just I chose that the family over that low style in that profession in and I'm glad I did looking back. I do miss it. Just like every coach just like every player miss when they retire. But what's best for your family has to take prison over there now, and that was a sensitive interview listened to Seth because I I know people that are that are close to say, and and they know how tough that for gene, Texas, Wayne was on him and his family. Yeah. In his his last year got a little bit off the rails. As you remember. And sometimes these things are are Neville. And I think if you're an athletic director like Philip you want the decision to to make itself easy. And I think last night it did maybe he feels that with one more game and a road trip coming up tomorrow. It's better just to get out of her way and let her finish that. And then regroup before the the chimney she'll be playing again every team would be playing again, probably on Wednesday. I think maybe Thursday, but these things move quickly and as a head coach. When there's no way to avoid it in. And I know I I know coach you say all the time. Well, I I'm gonna bubble. I don't know what's going on. But when you have the lead sports columnist in that community who's been there now for thirty three years. Write a column that's published online at at noon today, saying the head coach should be fired. There's no escaping it. Well, they'll work something out with Holly. They're not they're not gonna fire her Holly. We're at a separation of that. And they'll be it will be I have all the faith in coach former hiring a a good coach. But it will be someone that's probably has more times to to to Pat summitt. And that's kind of the end of the air. I think Tennessee's women's basketball pro. Which has some disciples out there? But but maybe maybe that is the best thing to do is just cut the cord and start over. I think it will be, but thanks for taking my call Gary much coach so great to have you on really really interesting call there. No doubt Jay w in Tennessee up next here. Go right ahead. Top afternoon to you, Paul. Thank you very much. Art, john. I I had a couple of comments and a couple of questions to you've got the town. I've got all day. All right. My here we go. Back to while ago. When he's talking about the. Overtime situation. I've gotten out they had resolve that no disrespect intended or be politically correct and everything, but in overtime, how about just having officials, you know, football being what is it reminds me of the old leather helmet lack dad and the guys of old through the history of football. Just let it be played on the field. You know, the fficials go over to the sideline couch. Go post. And just Mark and John how about they just do that the whole day. Well, and that's another no the comment. I had tomorrow. I'm hoping to switch from football basketball. I'm hoping to see a basketball game tomorrow. Rather than football on. Yeah. You know, the starts at two o'clock I'm gonna tune in about four thirty because at that point. They'll be looking at the fifteenth review in the final minute of the game. I totally hear what you're saying. And next looks like what we're we've came to you know, avid sports fan. And by the way there again, I want to. I can't say enough about you guys. How how impressed I am with show? You know, I can turn my TV on. And the way reason I enjoy you know, I I'm looking at some truth out there. You know, you're your dignified with your with your host. You know? I just I really I really love your show back to the other day kind of lost you, I guess this only second time of Kyle in. But I I was watching a football game right around New Year's Mississippi State somebody and early in the game at target cow and had to wait. So I said I'm not watching anymore pow today. I just and I couldn't wait for your show to come on. Because I tend to enjoy. The the truth a little bit better than I do. I wanna watch the ball games. I don't watch the fficials. I hear you. Hey, listen, J w thank you for the call. Appreciate kind words for the whole crew that works here. We are up against a break. That was great more phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five and we are coming right back to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead I know everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with gyco projected increase in organic Q three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance policy in California. You are next up. Good afternoon. Paul good afternoon. How are you? We are doing great guy w on. First time caller about a year and a half. Or so listener, I didn't know who you were. I was swimming seven channels one day. And I thought this guy's good your Accu gir- calm and a storm of. Sports talk shows. Appreciate that Arlene. I'm a transplant Tennessee. And by the way, I was selling cokes at the games when I was like nine that is great to hear the reason. I'm calling is which the Kentucky game I hadn't I didn't start voluntarily basketball until the first November. And I watched I mean, I'm solid football fan have been all my life. But I what's that Tennessee Kentucky game. And I played high school ball. They're not so and. And I could tell from the tip from the get-go that Tennessee. I mean, these Kentucky Wildcats that's the best. I've seen them play all year they were tremendous and they were hungry. And I think they were probably a little bit scared. And they they realize they could beat Tennessee. But they couldn't until they tell the tip off. And they and they got a couple of buckets. I think you're going to be able to tell tomorrow. Just from the from the first five or six minutes a game Tennessee Tennessee's gonna do. Yeah. I think that's a great point. And I think you always hear this line Paul that Kentucky is playing with house money. I think they are they they don't the pressure is not on them. I do think it's on Tennessee because it is a critical home game. And I think Tennessee fans want to believe in their team. And there's no better way to believe in exorcising the demons of the last couple of weeks and again. Losing it out and losing LSU and and r- in erupted or notice craze. But but this team expects in wants to get to the final four, and they know they have to be Kentucky to to get a high scene, which will enable them to have a better route in the tournament. I think they just have to be a little hungrier. They have to play within themselves within the game. But they gotta be hungry. I mean that Kentucky game they were the Kentucky players were they were flying all over the court. They were hungry, and they happen to be on a they were hitting everything. And I I mean Rick Barnes did it in the LSU Dany. He finally switched to a zone, which you know, LSU. We we got a few points back then. But I think Rick Barnes has got a pl-. You know, he's got a switch it up a little bit can't play, man. The whole game in in. What's the player with a great hook shot? Oh that was on the block PJ Washington. Yeah. Yeah. I just didn't understand why they didn't double him earlier. Or somehow get him off the block. I think we can take 'em. But. Yeah. I I agree with you on that Paul. I totally agree. But I'll tell you what I will be watching the first couple of minutes and be thinking of this call Paul. Thank you very much. Let's go from California to Las Vegas and Stacey is up next. Stacey welcome to the show. A fall is going great. But it is an expert. So they'll call you this news spring really can you see that being alternative for type light the hostile players descent going to college maybe going this league. And you see a Ciro maybe that have in the future it could especially with the age. Limit going down. That's what I'm thinking. You know, they they do three year contracts. I came here with the amount. It's all three or transfer. Actually. We'll the KYW's what three years hostile drafted. It just seems like maybe that's why they're said this league. But just not being. Yeah. I mean, I think there's a there's a movement to to to undo the current system. Yeah. I don't think the NBA really wants it. But they know that they they they can't get around it and by doing this. If you if you don't make it then you have somewhere to go. It's what's that? So I do think it's a it's a really interesting approach. As well. And by the way, I'm originally from Memphis everytime. I work in the Dow's your first job. I I'll see cels back these now that that was I mean, we didn't grow up with much. But when we were able to go to feces and get something it was a big deal that was that was a very gourmet grocery store at the time. I know now every everything's gourmet with whole foods fresh market. But then that was in original that was a cool store. I distinctly remember that one. Like sales. My first job bagging groceries there six years old. But now, by the way, I I'd never talked about this. But I I did bag groceries later in my career. I was much better in bagging groceries. I was at I worked at giant foods. I don't know if you remember that grocery store, and I was significantly better. I mean, they even I was there. They even tried to taught me how to go into college and becoming a an assistant produce manager. Probably should have done it. I've I've I've been a grocery executive today instead of a talk show host. Good. Okay. Where you're okay. Well, I I did I was really good at bagging groceries. I knew I knew take to the eggs and the milk out as I as I as I drove as I push the car to the car, and I was I was it was it was it was a rebound job though. I need needed. I did not need to get fired in my second job. Like, I did my first by the way in Vegas. Tennessee has opened as a favourite, according to the Vegas houses, two and a half point favorite against Kentucky. That is expected. You would expect them to be the favourite at home.

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