R.L. Stine's Bad Dreams (w/ Greg Smith)


And is he gonna pay cash r._l. Signs badgering welcome to teen creeps. The podcast discusses white pulp fiction. I'm one of your host lindsay kaitai another one of your hosts us calling nugent and today we are joined by a very special guest. You may know him from the dotan. Three thousand podcasts writer director actor greg smith is here yea. Well thank you. Thank you happy easter. Yes bring out your pastels. Those eggs easter time. You're listening to jack f._m. After jack f._m. Ah yes jack f._m. Is a little different now. It's now it's i actually people <hes> and no deejays or whatever it's three digital voice recorded his multiple. D._j.'s always women and there's very little music music almost never <hes> yeah and we talked about waypoint thing yeah. Let's check f._m. Now totally dear fru different no do i have a headache. I'm sorry on today of all days the debut headache how do as you come to me like greg. Thank you so much for coming on the show the last time we had you was go ask alan. That's right a minute ago. It was a minute ago no so much fun yes yeah. What a silly book yet truly. What a silly book yeah you. That was a real classic you. You really got like back a prime episode. Ooh talk about that book this this book just feel honored. I feel very honored. I notice a thing we're waiting. We're waiting. I'm good cool great so weirdly. My headache is worse <laughter>. Thank you thank you you. Did you enjoy this book. I enjoyed a heck of a lot. I really liked this book yeah. I really enjoyed it. I eh thought it was going to get better. I do think it showed more promise at the beginning than actually delivered on but i definitely think this is one of the stronger fear streets. Do you know what i loved most about this book right. It's okay an hour to renew it yeah yeah once it starts cooking in the second half it just zips. How can it truly. I what i did. Love was that there still was that supernatural element to it. <hes> that stayed <hes> i mean when the ghost you know spoiler was not a ghost always. My criticism of here street is if it doesn't veer into supernatural enough for me me who i'm not saying this is an objective opinion into certainly subjective that i want more supernatural stuff <hes> maybe other zone until they would be fine with it but i wanted a little more dream weirdness and i wanted what i wanted was for the sister to been the because he was being taken over by the ghost of the killer sister <hes> maybe she was put to death. Maybe in an electric chair even though is the nineties that would be fun <hes> <music> <hes> and that wasn't eight. Andrea was just a fucking bitch. Andrea was yeah bad. She's larry case q and he's a better with a q. We have a lower is the lowest. It's like you're not even you're like barely step up above bitch yeah. She's a q. Lower case q kind and not a bitch simply because it was like relentless jealousy with her sister. Me was absolutely relentless. I ever ended. I was tired except for when then maggie had bad dreams to dream. Andrea was always genuinely consists very true. Yeah she always dropped dropped her baggage for that for a moment yes and then the second half it kinda yeah and as soon as it was like okay your nightmares over great now. I fucking hate you you again. I'm jealous of your looks. The the introduction of the characters well. I do you want to read the back of the book yeah yeah so that the people know what we're talking about. It's just a bad dream but it seems so real every night. Maggie travers has the same horrible dream every night. She's forced to watch. It's the same murder and every night. The girl and her dream cries out for help. Maggie is afraid to go to sleep again but then that's terrifying dreams starts to come true and the gruesome accidents begin gin. Staying awake is the real nightmare. Oh my god what gruesome accidents happened. Am i just like don. Don falls down the stairs serious talk. If somebody gets stabbed kind of brush accident truly is really super brushed away. A child gets stabbed. Teenagers are children. Yes let's be on it. Let's be honest and no they're just like well. You know she's gonna live so that's great and they don't detail how it was that she was stabbed in a way where she will be fine. Yeah they never explained the nature or where she was stabbed exactly she was just like in a pool of blood right probably yeah that's yeah disconcertingly vague. Yeah i would have preferred. Maybe just one line of like <hes> it missed all the important oregon's yeah or oh. Luckily it was just her shoulder older or whatever. I like those kind of a there's a lot of sort of misdirect fake out fake. Let's get to a huge thing and then we're dislike sprinting through the kind of any consequences of it even down to the final twist yeah if you like that twist happens and then there's like two pages in the final was shocked. It was very fun. Yeah it made me laugh a lot as well have been like a freeze frame and yes. It's very silly yup. Yes i'm trying to remember. Oh yeah yeah i forgot and twist is like a huge choice. Yes yes because kind of like what you're saying it does sort of. I don't know if it nullifies but it renders just a weird coincidence. All the weird dreams. She was is having right well so you know i think there is still supernatural stuff happening. It's just not it's just soups lame yeah. It's just very it's like like it's explained away with like miranda always said she had powers so i guess she did because she was making your dream to warn you and then <music> but it was still like nothing <hes> and just from beyond the grave maranto is i do with my bitch sister. Sister miranda was hurting more than helping to be honest because then it made her think that when she was seeing this blonde girl she was like like oh this the girl for my dream rather than like oh like there's someone in my room and that's scary because then then she started getting really crazy about the dreams and then her mom was like we have to take you to a psychiatrist because like you can't tell the difference between dreams and reality and like i think if the dreams hadn't been been happening she would have just been like oh girl was in my room. Percents touched me and then went outside yeah hundred percent. I don't like the ghost was here and then like that like why wasn't anyone acknowledging the truth of the weirdness ignace that she was having a dream that girl was being stabbed in her fucking weird canopy bed and then it turned out that the people who were in the house before girl was stabbed apt her fucking weird canopy bed because her boyfriend wanna hear about it. Nobody wanted to hear about it but it was true. She was having dreams before she you found out about this and everybody's acting like it's like well. You know what sometimes you have. Dreams come true no big deal. It feels like a thread not just in this book but i think maybe in like r._l. Stein's work in general from what i remember that kids are just never listened to by parents or by their friends. Yeah i just like isolated in their own kind of like paranoia. I guess and i remember that feeling very real real as a kid like the gulf between me and my folks are other adults and like the just kind of like primal horror of not being understood or listen to it came rushing back. I to this day have nightmares which we we've talked about where i am like. Tell like i'm calling allowing someone out for something that they did to me or like saying like oh this thing happen and everyone's like you're being crazy. I don't believe you and like like that. I think truly like not being believed is a huge fear for kids. Yes because that's you know it's like the clearest. Most injustice that you as a child is if your sibling is like like hits you and take something and then you take it back and they're like mom. Travis just stole that from you and you're like no way fucking didn't yeah i how did it first and then you stole it from me and then your mom is like i'm just going to take it away from the both of you. If you can't play nicely no i was bring normal with mass whole comes in and took it from me. All he did was take it back. All he did was take back like the gist of it all the the do you guys have memories of like when something like that happens to you like when you were being normal and then kid does something and then the teacher sees as you reacting or like your apparent sees it and they're like <hes> you're. You're the problem yes <hes>. It was slightly different. Though it was at my friend jill's house yes who i wrote a book with <hes> we're all swimming on who and then we read the book on our patriot episodes patriot dot com slash team creeps. It's terrible. It's listen to battle the band yup emperor high-pitched. The battle of the bands takes play. There's never a battle ever not even a little bit. We got a real board writing thing and i just wanted to wrap it up. It is mostly fifteen characters using themselves to each other or they want to do and then reiterating iterating what they decided to do and then like eating at a restaurant. It's very bad wanna read this yeah so anyway so i met jolt house. She has a pool. It's like doc. I dunno sixth grade. Maybe later maybe eighth and maybe around the time we were writing this piece of shit and we're all swimming and joe's mom comes out and she's like haiti goes want something to eat and we're all having fun in the pool and we're like no. We're fine. We're not hungry yeah. He goes okay but like if you're hungry later i do not. I'm not making you anything and we're like we're fine. We're never going to be hungry again ever in our lives and then inevitably notably like an hour later. We're all like we're hungry. Yeah and we're talking about it in the pool and we're like oh. What do we do and i was like. Let's just go tell her that we're hungry and let the chips fall where they yeah and so we walk in and we're like and i decided to be the spokesman of the grandma. <hes> spokesperson and i say mrs corn tweed. I'm so sorry we know that you came out and asked if we wanted food before weren't hungry then but we are hungry now. Would it be okay if we had food now and she goes great. Do you all feel this way and they're like no but like if like you guys are believable right now and so they all acted like they weren't really hungry. I was the one who is hungry eight if if she was going to make me something and i was like you've gotta be fucking kidding me right now and from then now on anytime i was over at their house. Her mom was weird to me about food really every time she would offer food and if i said thank you she'd be like you never eat like a little bird. If i came over and i did each buick lindsay's eating us out of house and home one time she walked living room. I'm with an empty bin of like popcorn factory. Yeah in popcorn you get it like christmas with the three different flavor yes yes yes caramel cheese and butter and they had eaten all of the popcorn and she walks in and she's holding the bucket and she says lindsay do want this. You like to eat and walk at the same time and i was like what's <music>. What what are you talking about white also wait. Why are you doing and how does not do. I walk around with a bucket of taken in her mind. All the time and i mean me and my friend jill and her sister like cracked up. Like what are you talking about even god well. Let's her baggage. I don't use and the thing is as a child. You're just like this is so unfair. Wars bruce is coming from but for all i know shoes just like i'm just gonna fuck with this for the rest of my time knowing her every time she comes over. We're going to give her shit about that time when she made me make her a hotdog. Only i had said i wouldn't oh my god. I don't know adult. I'm like adults would do that yeah now. I know a there. Sometimes they're just fucking with you yeah because the world means nothing. Nobody knows how to do their jobs. Adulthood is fake but also like there's lake. There are like adults that are very weird about like holding grudges against kids. It's yeah it's very strain and people are very worried about food. Yes always my mom to this day. We have this like. My mom is very <hes> <hes> like old school vietnamese and like if you like make a thing about out food. She gets like very embarrassed. 'cause she thinks it's low class so there was this one time that we were over at my <hes> aunt uncle's house and this was the anti-itch mouth and mitch rich miles is over anti-itch mouth house who this aunt was very very mean. She like hated my mom so she was very mean to me like we talked about this last time. I was here probably no way really it's ringing a bell yeah the storm about two tower that she exists that she exists. I might have told the story so there whereas like this all the kids were playing in the pool and then we all got out and we were eating hot pockets and there was one him and she's hot pocket left and my my mom on like everything you know was always like now share with your sister now. Do this and your sister make sure denise. Gets this and make sure this that whatever and <hes> you know when you're like a you're like no. I want to have my own pocket. My mom was like make sure you share with me and i was like uh no she got she was like she like i remember her like pinching me really hard and like pointing aside and being like how tirr you make a fuss about food in front of anti bitch mouth she was like oh like you like all the stuff you know she's being all he yeah yeah. She's like you're being really low class and you're making me look bad because she's gonna make us. She's going to think that we're poor and i can't feed you and i was like i remember even it's going to be aligned is like so then years from then like you know twenty years after that a me and my sister were like mom. Why did you lose your mind. Oh because it came up because we were in hawaii and we were all getting our dishes and i was about to take the first bite of my food and my mom goes like oh can. I try it and like took a bunch of it and g._m. And i jokingly was like jeez wait for me detriot verse and she was like how dare you what did she say. Humiliate me and i was like whoa all all i did was like jokingly. Say like jeez. Wait until i have a chance to try. It and she's like you know what with food you. You're acting low clasp on this whole fucking thing and i was. I was like you know it's fucking reminds me of that time that you went a little nuts on me because of ham and cheese august and just shoot like like me and my sister were like that was pretty wacky and she was like sola bad mom and we're like no is cray like no the it was pretty weird and we finally like got her to like unpacked that it was because she had had such a bad relationship with anti-bush mouth uh-huh that she was embarrassed because she was afraid that anti bitch mouth would like judge is yeah ammo yeah and like and because antibeach mouth did used to be. I'm married a doctor and i'm rich and you some real classic yet competition in u._s. So it was like we kind of got her to admit that and then like you know the next day. She forgot this admitted that but it was progress at the time yeah but like yeah. Did you feel like you're often used as like ammunition in that war not ammunition but more yes like not so much ammunition but li- weapon are a target. Oh <hes> yeah well. I mean a lot like there's so much. I like my mom and her family like they don't have anything going on in their own lives so they use their kids like the sort of living vicariously curiously kinda and like oh. We'll like if you because i remember when i was a lawyer. That was oh my god. My mom loved that especially because he son dropped out of law school whereas like i i like one quote unquote mom i didn't read children never win. The children don't win and the funny thing is. I look at that and i'm like dude. You got out early. Good good for you like you. Don't have the debt that i have good for you. Bob aw whatever but yeah yeah i mean there is so much of like. I need you to be this because i need them to see some things out me. Yes that. I produced this that i created this yet but i didn't really know about it at the time so i was just like. I'm sorry i just didn't get it yeah but i see it now. Did you ever have a moment where you got the of injustice and a great injustice yet. I'm sure i did the talking about just kind of like weird. Adult kid food food relationship. Yeah i sort of had a weird and probably still do to this day a weird relationship with food growing up. I was like really it's really a picky eater and i was like very anxious about food. A lot and i got like stomachs and stuff like that a lot and looking looking back on it as an adult. I'm like oh. I was just sort of like undiagnosed depressed anxious in this sort of manifests itself that kind of thing but at at the time it was just like every meal was greg. Has i'm a nightmare yeah little bit yeah. It was kinda like they had to kind of like. Would we gotta do to you. Get eat man that kind of thing so it kind of came up again recently. Weirdly i went to yeah. We went to matter what you do. You're always like a teenager. It'll be hashing the same. Yes i feel like the older they get the more of that amick hamic yes strange. I think like no that should lessen shouldn't <hes> we the whole family went to catalina a sorta recently y'all ever been to catalina island. I haven't did you take that ferry. Yeah i get seasick on the way there every single time yeah. I guess my face turns green very bad. I got and they they warned me that. I was going to happen. I got so sick that it kinda like rex my whole trip there. <hes> everyone else was fine and i was still like fucked up <hes> and at dinner i tried to like order food and when it came. I was just like i'm not going to be able to do this. Yeah so last thing you want to do is yes and i could just watch their faces and their brains like go through the song museum and thing that sucks. I've had that experience where you see them thinking what they think. They know about <hes> units like dude. No like different says yeah yeah and eventually they were like when we went back to the airbnb we rented not not like we're going to stop at a grocery store and get you like saltines ginger ale an plain cereal and it's just like i. This is my nightmare yeah. Just leave me alone fourteen yeah. Did you feel and you didn't get. I'm guessing you did not get sick on the way back. Did you on the way back. I took a dramamine <hes>. I don't know if i got sick but i definitely got high yeah yeah. I felt pretty darn weird after but ed's probably not as much no yeah because the boat on the way there is going against the waves so it's like more up and down yeah yeah. No i get it really sick on that to get really every time i've gone to catalina and growing up in south bay. It's like a thing to do <hes> remember. My parents always like kelly is going to get sick and i was like yeah i am and my mom beeline boat yeah yeah i remember. I got and i've told this story before on the show. I got not really fucking seasick. When we were jumping out my grandma's ashes in the ocean. Oh and i was like i was like really fucking seasick and my uncle well <hes> who is just like me and my cousin austin who's because i'm closest with were very very similar because our parents are exactly the same we call my mom and his dad the twins because they hate each other because they're exactly the same and so his dad was like wanting going to be in charge of like doing the putting the ashes in the ocean and the the guy running the boat was like like okay like make sure that you don't like completely submerged the little bucket because then the ashes won't come out like what you wanna. Do you wanna like just gently kind of dip a bit in slow out and it'll be really nice but he just kept like submerging <hes> and then he like flipped it up and then down and my grandma plopped into the ocean. I was just like i was so sick but i was laughing so hard and i i just was like so oh unwell and also the weirdest thing right after someone dies. It's so weird how people like lie about who they were to try and make them seem better like and this is so minor but like the guy was talking to my my uncles and my mom and my aunt about like the type of person that my grandma grandma was. They were like oh he he was like oh was she <hes> a good cook. My grandma did not fucking cook. My grandma did not doc cook from the record on the record. She didn't cook and like i think my mom's isn't thing like oh yeah she she cooked sometimes and then my uncle was the the twin of mom. My mom was like she was an amazing cook and i was like uh-huh talking about she did not cook like what very weird but i i was really really sick so my sister was just sitting with me and she's like and she just been binge-watching mako mako mermaids so she was like what's that it is an australian show in which <hes> they've got to find out what ma'am aids. It's just a bunch of like he australian teens teens that find out that they're mermaids and keep it from the world. Secret from the world is called mako k._o. Mermaid and make him a rates and i was like so sick and she's like drama to tell you the plot of mako mermaids fine so she's telling me the mako mermaids on my grandma's like plopping into the ocean and i'm like green sick. <hes> feel like somehow everything to do with funerals or grief when you tell it it later is the funniest shit ever. You're like a news. That's why there are so many movies or tv episodes of the most ridiculous situations because this is just what happened everybody like becomes their weirdest seldom <hes> and you get put in weird circumstances surrounding rounding the death and then just everything is such a specific detail like if you sat down and you're like i'm going to write a story sorry about a family that takes their grandmother's ashes out on a boat. Would you ever in your life decide that one of the characters is sick and so their sister starts doing the plot of an australian show about mermaids like would you ever go like i think i'm going to write this yeah. Whatever ever actually happened always seems to be weirder than what you could invent like yeah. Truth is stranger than fiction thing truly truly basically around death <hes> <hes> truly <hes> so bad dreams bedrooms book <hes> so i i really i really liked this book. It reminded handed me a little bit. The respect that our elstein pays to swimming reminded cheerleaders where he was like you know what swimming's important to these girls charles and the love interest kind of doesn't matter yeah. I really love that really like it. When one of these books the girls have an outside interest apart from dudes and i loved it. I loved that there was like you know this like. These girls worked really hard on swimming. <hes> they really wanna make it into into the two hundred m <hes> which is the most challenging race and just kind of like the politics of who gets to use. Yes i love in gender under role. <hes> like procedure yeah like the the the kind of nitty gritty of how things that people are very specifically smart mark about that. I don't quite know about are like explained like the microcosm of this woman world the politics of that world and yet there was like i i feel like there's one chapter where he really dislike spends a lot of time explaining how it works. I remember he like explained. Afflict flip turn yes. I i also was like admiring that moment where you are with a character because it makes her more. It makes her more three dimensional where it's like. Oh yeah she's just like super excited that she just executed very good flip. Turn <hes> and i i used to swim and all of this stuff felt very like it. Did you do feel excited. When you execute something perfectly like <hes>. It's so funny like like i now realize like why i had trouble doing well and swimming like really well because i couldn't wear my contacts in the water. Oh oh and so i was like i'm i don't think at the time i was legally blind. I am now but i think i was pretty nearsighted and so i wouldn't get got like prescription goggles i didn't i mean that was like you know i was getting really seventh grade eighth grade at the time that was the thing i guess that makes sense yeah i should i. I should get back into swimming. I think i was pretty good. <hes> what was your stroke. I'm just did freestyle and then because i was trying to get into junior lifeguards is and so i was training a lot to try and get my speed up because i think we had to do what was it. I forget what the distance was but i remember the time you had to do it. In one minute and forty four seconds and then there were two levels. You could do it one minute and forty four seconds or you could do this other type of junior lifeguards if you did it in two minutes and thirty seven seconds. It's like the j._v. junior lifeguard like they don't actually have to save people. You just have to swim as long as you. We reached them yeah. As long as you die <hes> then you can still be a junior lifeguard yeah. It was pretty much like the j._v. One was like you you you just have to do exercises at the beach and like do you like buoy swims and then like the first half of the day was always like exercise exercise exercise and then the second half was like go out on a paddle board. You know have fun and i remember my mom. Never let me say for the second half and also wish i could see for the fun bar never could why wouldn't you mom let you <hes> because i had to go home and do in hot pockets and not share hot pockets anti-bush matthaus no so i had to go home and do math and grammar workbooks ah because summers for getting ahead drew troops on sons more fun objectively blink and sit alone in my dining room and literally stare out the window for hours because i would rather do that than do my work yeah. It's very it's very like sick. <unk> sick victorian child truly secret garden say secret garden i really did. I didn't enjoy summer because i'd rather be at school. I didn't like being at home. It wasn't what have i yeah i i would. I begged my mom to let me go to summer school. Because there was a recess wow that's sad and other kids yeah another kids and no i wasn't allowed to wow only in high school was allowed to wow that was the only way i could get out of not doing those. Workbooks was in high school. If i did summer school what were these workbooks like little workbooks that my mom would buy at the <hes> teacher supply store and so she was just the one grading them yeah and get really like so the fury of an asian. Mom mm-hmm is truly like it's so it's so angry it's as if you are personally attacking her like she would come out and see that i hadn't done on a problem or something and i was just sitting there like fucking around or like listening to music or something i would like my mom would leave and go live her life and then come back and then be like how come you haven't done. Oh you know this these assignments that i've given to you and she'll get really mad and like screaming scream and scream at me as if like has if i had insulted alter or something when it's like no the kids don't wanna fuck and do and i remember. She pinched me and i've talked about this. I should pinch me and it was like draw blood and then she would like. I was bad <hes> and i really lot of anger issues. She has a lot of anger. A lot of anger issues a lot. <hes> and i like it was one of those. Thanks you feel fucking. Crazy makes you feel really fucking crazy like because i remember my dad saying no matter what she says you're not allowed to to say anything back and training yeah rate life skill training and absolutely something that you want to be armed with going forward word seriously and i remember standing one time in the living room and my parents live living room is pretty really tall ceilings. It's like pretty big and i remember member feeling fucking suffocated because my mom was just like saying really mean things to me and my dad was just like kelly dot com down. Kelly come on and i remember like screen. I just started screaming because i feel crazy like there's one person who i know is like object like if anyone else was here they would see like about a an injustice yeah. It was like oh my entire childhood. I'm like oh such an injustices crazy because my sister never did had to do with any of that. Hello everybody wanted to take a quick break from the show to talk about one of our sponsors mods easy you know sometimes you gotta jewish up your rooms and it can seem kinda daunting daunting to do it by yourself and you wish that you had the season i of an interior designer but that luxury girl life seems a little bit out of reach no it it isn't dealings. 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This charming romance is a must read meet cute from two superstar waie a authors check it out was it the classic thing of like the first kid combs the parents down and then they stop being so like hard about things because i was talking to somebody yesterday ritz- it's like oh yeah i was the first of fourcade so my parents were like super strict with my religious upbringing but then they kinda softened and as they had more kids yeah i mean i think they just give up because they're like really. My parents would always be like well. You know we tried with you and you were just such a disappointment i and like well we tried and it didn't work so like we'll just let her do whatever she wants but also house so more matt atta you oh yeah one also denise like <hes> good at not like if i think something's unfair. I'm gonna say something and she'll just let it ratified allied yeah because she's like i just wanna play with them and i'm like how can you let them ask. It was always something we would fight about yeah yeah. I don't know it's crazy. Parents are crazy phillip. There's a lot of that dynamic that felt really true in this book both with <hes> maggie and her sister and meghan again her mom a little bit there were some like the mom is like clearly really depressed and going through some stuff yes and maggie kinda has parent her her as well as kind of got the interaction she has with andrea. Andrea is like going through a an anger episode felt so you like uncomfortably real to me the way you talk to somebody when they're just irrationally angry like reason just won't just hits them like a brick wall really something she when she was like just quietly asking her questions and andrea just plowing pass them and it's like it's just unfair and like you you you make me seem crazy like that whole scene or very very quickly main main characters maggie scott sister andrea mom dad died <hes> like like seven months ago so i think yeah said fairly recently and so they'd have to downsize the move to a house on fear street great the idea also they already lived in shady side but they were in the north holt. I didn't hear it so i was like. They're gonna she's gonna be long distance with this boyfriend. I really like how she huma swimming team. Already understand there is shady side. They've always going to shady decide high but they had to move to this shitty house on fear street since the died and they don't have two incomes so they move into the house and and maggie picked the bedroom with the big beautiful antique canopy bed the level of obsession over this canopy bed. Yeah fucking weird wild yeah. Is this an r._l. Stein they always like water. No like women seem to fucking love canopy beds. They go crazy over these candidates. Hang my sister had and canopy bed and i was like things cool okay. I remember thinking like you know what that's pretty. I also wonder if maybe there was like magic with the bed and like made aide them want it. I don't know about that because it didn't seem like it was magic. They were just like ants beautiful yeah but i question about moral stein uh-huh. Where does he get his ideas. I'm glad you asked the end of the unknown. Every book is like where do you get your idea. I've heard it's the question he's asked most often <hes> the question i have because i growing up goosebumps was huge. I feel like this dude in his heyday. Edey wrote like ninety bucks a year sally saint like is it all him yes he goes team and i have heard people say that he does who who just randomly people are like well you know blah blah blah blah blah gross writer and i'm like prove it showing show me the receipt because that's the thing all the other ones we have the receipts. We know the ghost riders are of sweet valley high yeah hardware case files case files like if if you're a ghost writer you're not truly hidden. You'll have to be credited in some way select some but yes so as as far as we know this motherfucker was just writing like one fear street and three goosebumps a month. It seems like and you can really tell which books folks. He takes more time like this when i think he cared about i think he cared about eighty to ninety percent of it. Yeah i think there are parts of it. That are really dislike. The ending dislike throws me for a loop. It was so funny haired about the idea yes he did and i think that that came out in the writing but i think that he never truly cares. It's about plot wow yeah okay. He's about concept but the plot a he gets very bored with as we all. I mean plotting something out. A passenger idea is the hardest part of writing well especially in horror when after a while the plot just kinda like you kind of know what's going going to happen. You meet the big betty. They explained the plan. It gets foiled and then it's like well yeah. We all know what's going to happen okay. Let's move on also the so you are really right. The like dana mov the book is two pages because often is in these books so i don't know how to rap shit up. They just wanted to be over so end of page. One forty four is she gets stabbed by gina who is basically the girl who killed the ghost. Who's visiting her in her dreams. So so what it is is this canopy canopy bed is like haunted by this girl maranda who was stabbed by her sister in the bed because the sister was jealous of her <hes> which is sort of an echo of meghan andrius really yeah then gina was sent to a mental institution escaped which is a trope that these books love and has been living living in the attic of her old house this whole time and she's the one who's been like fucking with girls on the swim team to try to help andrea because she sees a lot of i often andrea so gina stabs her and this is one of those things right. This is the classic fake out. She brought the knife down again. Mattie maggie aguilar uttered a terrified known as everything went black next page. Everything went black. Maggie realized she was still alive struggling in the darkness. He is the only one who does this. Who does this to us. It's wild. It's really it's funny inexcusable unnecessary. There was another one that i got really mad about to justin justin out justin. All of a sudden pretends like he can't breathe aid that yeah that's the one that made me mattis anyway justin or or done floating face down in the pool. She's being breath control whilst always y'all yeah is pretty bad too some of them though like i just turned to the one that ends chapter twenty two on one forty one this one got me because i think it is an actual scare. Hi andrea gina said casually as if they were old friends. I'm going to kill your sister for you. Now bam see that's a good end then and that is what starts happening. A cliffhanger is not a lie. A hanger is a cliffhanger yeah and i liked also that like that that was misleading but not ally because she's like hi andrea she knows andrea and so you kind of think like is andrew having her kill people and then later i don't fucking know you and then you're like okay. No she doesn't like a yet. You're leaving off before you get more information. It's not a complete. It's a misdirect district not alive <hes> but he does not care about no sometimes he's just a liar because when justin or there was one where it was was a full online i mean i can't remember specifically but i do know what happened. In this book <hes> i did like that. Justin was like a non. I'm saying like he just he wasn't even a red herring nuts. How much of a nonentity justin was and yeah. I liked that. I liked it in the cheerleaders series. I liked it here like she's got a boyfriend. He's a part of her life. He comes into play but he has nothing to do with anything. I think got it done in my notes. Just the phrase justin sucks. I didn't any context before after it. It does seem like justin is going to second more but he kinda pulls it out every time yes yes syllabi like i think the thing he sucks the most on is that he does not believe her that these nightmares have more significance or just like respect the fact that they're getting to her instead of being annoyed he literally no. There is a moment that i remember i wrote. I wonder if it's the same moment i wrote it onto. They're having a conversation about it and maggie begins it by saying i had the dream again. Blah blah blah blah blah explains it and then at one point justin corrects her by saying you mean in your dream and never done. You're not correcting her. She began by saying it was in the dream. Yeah your correcting for no point you suck yeah. He sucks he also how the part that i really got mad at him was like when she's like you know i'm having this dream again and he like literally like aw ah yes i was laid off with the dream. Lang sued justin. You're boring as hell yeah go away. It's an honor for you to even be here. Truly <music> accept the fact that you are almost non-existent truly and <hes> help your girlfriend out a little bit. I did like what a non character he was like. I liked that he didn't matter. I liked like she was like okay. You're kind of annoying me that you're not believing me but live other shit to worry about which is like this is trying to eat and he was like kind of a sore spot fought with andrea added to without making him a larger part of the story. It added to gina seeing herself. In andrea's yes situation uh-huh and while andrea is a lower case q count yes perhaps it is because she has grown up with a mother who will continually turned to her older sister and be like maggie argued. Go easy on her. You know that she has it harder than you referring to. Her looks yeah like if you grow up in an environment where your mom is like you know. She's she's had a tough go of it on account of her not being as pretty as you he that would sink in to your opinion of yourself. The way you behave the way you interpret your sister's behaviour dow would really affect your mind and so so while andrea does suck and while i'm probably giving r._l. Stein too much credit in the writing of it probably what he thinks is just like go be harder for girls notice producer sister but if you interpret it in that way it's like okay i see where andrea is coming from well. I think he i think he made her her. She was annoying as hell did not enjoy her but i thought she was a realistic. Yes given her circumstances giving them. Her mom is always like well. You now go easy on her like that whole thing like because when you do stuff like that and you're trying to protect one of the siblings as you are hurting that sibling well. That's what i'm saying that if you're reading the book from that angle he meant to do that. We'll say no no. I think you might just be in the like chebbi. Girls who were boy crazier terrible camp yeah but i do like that. Andrea had nothing whatsoever to do with genus genus behavior. Yes loves her sisters early just a jealous sister and it was like way separate from this other crazy easy jealous on her side on andrea side in one of the arguments that she had with <hes> with <hes> maggie maggie because it was is a straight up why she didn't put that knife in her pillow. Is that what you're no. No no that's when she comes in and she's like. I heard you like crying. Are you okay and she's like yeah and she's like you know what i think. You're just like really putting too much pressure on yourself for swimming yes and like i thought that was like so. It's this moment where she's being wrong with her and being like real with her. It's the middle of the night sees two sisters and she's like you know. I just feel like you care too much about swimming and you just you you should rest a little bit and then maggie not realize like not having any ability to be in andrew's shoes is like oh you want me to to ease up so that way you can yeah like be as good for swimmers me and like that. I don't fuck and say that like granted. Andrea got way overreact but i think any did have a right to kind of be like you know what fuck you then will be interpreted as either way because i i was like oh yeah it's nice. Andrea three is trained to comfort her sister and i do think every time she had a bad dream it was pure like sisterly affection and care she let her baggage drop but if your behaviors to continually be like express aggression to your sister for like having the things that you don't have or being a better swimmer than you if you come in and you say something that you think is innocuous but you have this repeated they had earned of being a fucking bitch. That's have lunatic. Come soo-kyung competitive. Even if you're saying this one thing i can see why maggie would think like oh. You're like trying to convince me to yeah like not try as hard and swimming because you want it so it's like i think both both i think both are right and that like totally because it's like no no no like it 'cause then andrew could be like how could you put that on me. It's like i'm not putting it on you. You act a certain way every time. I'm just assuming based off of past yeah actions zach kneeling. She was like well. That wasn't what it was and it's like well. How am i supposed to know that yeah. It's interesting interesting that even from a more macro sense that maggie is the protagonist of the story and not andrea to me well yeah. I think i'm so conditioned. Russian to inherently empathize with outsider with arizona doesn't have it all kind of from page. One maggie is more popular boyfriend. She's a great swimmer. So there's a part of my brain. That's like yeah so she's going to get what four and we're gonna follow andrews but but it's not it's through horizon. Yeah we'll like so the difference between teen fiction and why a is that like nowadays why is like either the nobody character for that we can all protect ourselves onto or this outsider character because all of us at some point a felt this outside and you wanna root for the underdog yeah. These these books are different different. It's kind of like a you know what kids want to escape so let's just how they don't care about connecting to the characters. They just want to pretend 'cause truly when i would read these books. I pretended that these people were my friends. I was like oh. I'm popular for wall. I'm reading. That's what i was about to say say is that i think they do expect you to connect with her but they expect that you want to see yourself in the main character and you would wanna this yourself as popular in having a boyfriend and so you want to imagine yourself in that situation. You don't want to imagine yourself in the situation. Where like you're. You're struggling the way andrea struggling you want to these books are about asking yourself yeah. It is either like your popular or you're pretty but you don't really know how pretty you yeah well. It's like these are like aspirational verses. The other ones are like us. See yourself in those care. Yes not you if you could you recognize yourself in those characters like i want to be that character yeah yeah yeah totally and all these books. I don't think we've ever once aside from the vampire caroline b cooney cheerleader. I'm sorry yeah the cheerleader here dirt. I started out a dud a dud unpopular dud. All of them have been at least various. Llosa wasn't hated but yeah there have only. It's like exceptions to the rule in these books yeah where the main character like truly has like nothing going on <hes> <hes> yeah it is really the shot because you do typically your heart goes out to the yes who you stop pretty or not succeeding yeah <hes>. Did you have something greg <hes> to you. That was like swimming was to these girls in high school. Oh for sure for sure. Just alva discussed everything arts related. I could do in high school. I did and i probably probably took this seriously. <hes> things like theater marching band jazz band <hes> eventually when i kind of like discovered filmmaking making stuff i would take that as seriously as this. I think eventually i sort of rebelled at at the high school i went to i would say it's kind of like we were to marching band. The way east dillon was to football in friday. Yeah yeah and we took it so serious really yeah so seriously did you fi- am i imagine this or did you grow up in wisconsin. <hes> just a little up north michigan michigan. <hes> mothers not real twin but the twin lives lives in michigan again livonia. Oh yeah that's where may this. My grandma lives really really nice. Livonia is very nice. I like it there. <hes> what part of we've talked about this what part of <hes> michigan up. I'm like very close to livonia just outside of detroit. <hes> city called ferndale. Do your parents about their. They do yeah and the house. I grew up. It's really nice yeah. Do you go out very much. I probably go one to two times. A year usually more like one yeah usually for christmas yeah for for how far away that is. That's not bad yeah yeah yeah <hes>. What instrument did you play in marching band marching man. I was in the pits which i know nothing about marching so upfront. <hes> <hes> we did not march we would play is what's that you're gonna marching band but you did march. Leave me. I got a lot of we. The pit gets a lotta shit for so really what do you do you sit. Just sit and just like chill so i'm i'm making the joke that you would have to hear all time. My apologies <music> not taken. I'm very upset. Okay well. All i can do is offer it and it's up to you. Oh we did talk about at that. When you did go ask alex. Actually we talked about shitty apologies whether or not there should apologize. I told yeah ah my genuine apology because you were the wrong <hes> it is. It's totally up to you whether you accept that <hes> yeah well forgiveness is actually for yourself not for the other person i mean that's true but i'm not going to put that on greg because that would be very self serving drew outside party. I'm sir to give that advice except i forgive us. We play mallet percussion so i would play marin nba's vibraphone cy law also some like auxiliary percussion like people would play a big concert bass drum gong stuff like that. I was most it was it's fun. I was mostly a mallet percussion guy so i would do these kind of like crazy. Intense marimba run drenched in sweat. <hes> yeah for sure and we would do like i do. Four mallets work four mallets. Yes like you sorta like hold old. Oh i've seen that show like two mallets in your thumbing four thing it kind of normally where there'd be and then like inbetween your middle title in reacting or you kind of stick to other mallets and that's kind of like a fulcrum he records and weird sort of sixteenth stuff the gnarliest earliest bloodiest blistering finger former military drum instructor would dislike third duct tape edison be like just tape it up. Keep going really shit like that why we're in whip lash. Is that what when i flash it was did you get p._t._s._d. Watching a little because literally our jazz band director once got so mad that he threw something just like the teacher in whiplash really it was wild <hes> what was like the most popular like what was like the coolest position at are charging ban like cools position of mark margie man yeah like who would get like the most by quarterback of interesting question. I got the most tail off your got the most in question what a weird the end of the drum major is pretty cool. Oh that's the person person who they stand in front of the band. All the band looks at them. They stand on top of like a kind of elevated staircases conduct the band o gender. We have a question about southern answered this on you. Go ahead and time. I in order to be a a music conductor. Do you have to know how to play an instrument. I would say no. Oh my god why but you have to know oh yeah like yet to be able to like no music yeah you have to express at the very least time time signatures and tempos with your hands and then expert mode is like you have to know read the score the veal azar about to come in. I should cue them. It's you yeah no yeah stuff on on twitter. We got a message from <hes> texas life skills she she she said hi guys. Yes conducting extremely difficult. You must understand how to read scores and music. It's like reading ten lines of information at the same time in three different languages which is typically you must have a master's degree true and then she said listening to you guys right now because on our on a recent episode are are really dumb. Boring character was like i want to be a conductor for a living but i can't play an instrument or read it oh so she wouldn't like such a jordan you any music like why would you pick to orchestral music and just imagine herself does it. Isn't that sad sad. Why why would you pick that dumb ass liz stupid liz okay yeah. I figured figured as much i think she needs to pick a different dream. If you have no musical inclination you should not yeah at the very least take a music class do it. She just not good at this a real person. We're talking to a person in the book. We're so free with this person interesting stuff we suck. We're just mean mean. Women really make fun of people mean. Women just mean women <hes> yeah character in a book and we said it's like one thing if you're a little kid and you're like i want to be a conductor and you like fantasize about yourself as a conductor and then you grow up and you're like okay well that requires the skills and i don't have those skills but to be like seventeen years old and still like i'm going to be a conductor and so we fantasize it and it's going to help me solve this crime did it did. I had to think about it like she was like oh. They're so basically it was that there were multiple. People involved in the crime <hes> so she had to think of it as like oh string section print staves on a score oh no not that way not even that she she was like there's a string section. There's like yeah so she was like oh well. Who's playing strings thing. I wanted to hear it that way. They'd be like violins who are also strings has helped. I feel like if i read this book. Break out in ask. My parents are music teachers really catching the masters thing. They've both gotten their master's in music education. My dad is like a really good conductor. Oh really what are your. What is the conductor burst into flames. The second you start for sure makes me very very happy that we eventually got the information that in fact your father is a conductor amazing. I love that you like really buried the lead on that. That's that's materialistic style surprise. My dad was conducted full-time r._l. Stein twist don't explain it. I just say it and then i run away or or more like an r._l. Stein twist. You're like yeah. My dad was a conductor. No he wasn't falling on me picked up the baton. He stood in front of the musician turned the page and he put the baton down and went to subway i didn't i didn't realize that you came from a musical family. Oh yeah it's everyone in my family and my brother is like a legit rock musician and really the kick san. Listen to them on spotify cool you well. That's a for name. Yes name fund band <hes> <music>. This explains a lot like why you play <hes> instruments well and have music podcast. I guess thank you now yeah. I think so yeah yeah yeah. I will say this season. Yes to double back took like injustice thing. This is a very petty one but still the podcast that i have is a hip hop scene podcast and growing up up. I think i was the only member of my family who likes sort of loved hip. Hop or like was kind of at a young age learning to love hip pop. My parents certainly didn't quite understand it and they sort of cast it the way i think a lot of folks yes the cast best hip hop with a very broad like it's crap. It's noise. It's disrespectful. Semi problematic brush to paint with. I remember once i was watching a busta rhymes performance on t._v. Busta rhymes is like very technically gifted. He reps fast. He's very animated animated and my dad came down to do laundry with t._v. In the basement laundry right over there and he heard what i was listening to the s like who who is that and i said busta rhymes and he said is the any good and i said yeah he's like really good. Look at how fast he's wrapping and i think my dad said something like now i. I don't mean like how he's wrapping. What is he talking about like. Is that any good with such disdain. Yeah dripping just like made me if you answered it to like what i like. That's i mean yeah no yeah. I hate when people like you. Obviously you like it. You're listening to it so like to be like is it good is like very like and i'm just listening to it ju- fuck me. I guess <hes> yeah that sucks yeah. That's a big like kid for sure he yes. Yes feeling of injustice of lake. Let me lately things that are like yeah hey everybody he wanted to take a quick break to talk about one of our sponsors arc whether it's a job interview or you're dating profile your smile can help you make the best first impression but if your smile isn't as vibrant as you'd like it to be arc can help you feel more confident because guess what y'all there is another level of oral care aside from brushing rushing and forcing with arc. You can remove stains that lie beneath the surface of your smile. Arc is a new way to achieve professional level teeth whitening at home for <unk>. Just thirty minutes a day. 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I feel feel like i had a lot of elementary teachers. Who do that yeah yeah. I like. Maybe why my one bad story about my mom who's like very very supportive of various berry and she she was just making a joke however for life it's just me me and my sister and i think a friend were in our backyard very loudly singing colors of the wind <hes> because pocahontas had come out that summer and i come inside and we're having a great time and i'm just glowing with the playfulness of youth and tight. Take my mom just this to me. Don't quit your day job because my mom's very funny but she's also very very dry and a broke me because i was breeding. I would have been twelve twenty belting colors of the wind in the backyard yard yeah. That's i have one. That's like a little bit more recent where this one time i was not that recent. It was like is eight years ago. I was at a party and there's music playing and i was like dancing to the music and his group of girls comes in and they're like i i don't want to they. Were just very snobby. Girls groups very snobby girls who came in on the immediately sat down on the couch and and they were like looking at me dancing and like kind of laughing and then one of the girls is like hey why don't you dance with her and the girl's like oh. I'm good and then they also allowing and i remember like feeling so dumb for having a good time like i was like oh. I'm so embarrassed i i was like sure come dance with me. Why not and then they're like. I'm really okay. Thanks <laughter>. Oh just like cool. It's really. I didn't say it's been my head. I was like it's so easy to like. Sit it on your ass on the couch and not take any risks and make fun of people who are having a nice time yes you. You nailed it on the head. It's easier to do less and that's in the same reason like easiness equates to cool as a teenager. Oh yeah because you don't ever wanna be extreme right. You don't ever wanna you. Don't wanna stand out in your effort yeah you don't have you seen. Please don't look at me. Please never tell the person i like. I like them. I i hope to god they never figure it out or isn't it like the worst right like even this with your like you say that you have a crush on some celebrity eighty and everyone's like you think they're high and then you're like the fall no-one ruins my. It's like the worst to like not conform. I'm like you with the master on buffy. You're wrong is the pro. I love master dirty. Love see now i can. I can the beauty of adult like probably he was a little too old for me <hes> now. I'm like i don't think i would. I don't think i saw his sexual appeal. When i was a teenager because all i care about spike and angel yeah angels very hot angels extremely hot very dark and like nari yes. He's very new worry worry. I very like entranced by him but now i'm like well now. Giles is the hottest giles's the hottest i but goes giles spike the masters like inbetween angel and then the master never in the master verse water. Does the master have extremely australia long dirty nails yes does he have known it for yes. It does look like a fucking not just bag yes yes but he had a flower charisma and he's funny and he has confidence does he look like your thumb has been sitting sitting in a glass of water for three days straight and then like my mom for like an hour yes but he's confident and unhelpful jokes. He's he's he does like he like makes a joke about like he makes the room rumble and then he's like oh. Where would that registered the richter scout. I'm just like i don't really modern seems like a really good sense of humor about the apocalypse you're planning. It was kinda cool. I really like him. Whatever so i stand by it see that's okay. I'm proud of you and and yeah and when you and ryan literally early barf when i say that i like him i don't care but also and then on the flip side of you not carrying is that in adulthood we respect you for for standing out for for standing by standing by your man because that is the lesson of adulthood is like never question your mom when she's being abusive and also always man no matter how many people how many bill we're planning on killing yes yeah i stand by life lessons life lessons. Did you guys think that that <hes> the friend dawn kinda sucked oh yeah. She was a bitch too. I didn't like don no don. Don was low key bitch because she was like so competitive and so like we'll. I know that they were trying to explain it away with a concussion <hes> that's not how concussions incursions work she goes straight up pushed out pushed down the stairs by gina who we don't know about yet and her immediate response to being pushed down the stairs is to accuse maggie of having done it to try to take her out also all of the people accusing maggie of doing things to take out the competition. Shen makes no fucking says she was already late already and i play the entire fucking time. So why do people keep acting like she has any kind of if motive in this. That's another reason why it's a and i know you like gave that like gijon ra- overview but if you just tweak it so she's not on top yeah. You're more active. You've protagonists and doesn't she have more reason to be a red herring well. She is being attacked on all sides so she's definitely she's definitely being wrong wrong. I just wish but i do wish that she was like maybe two second-place and instead of always getting first place. Now i get that we he's trying to do a lot of things at once like he needs to have her be. The best at everything and andrew gave you the worst. Everything's that were andrea is a red herring but also that's why gina is targeting hers because she she's the best. Sometimes it's just like. A crime pretty is so hard it's like heavy is the head that were slew other prom queen crown <hes> i just it would've been nice if he had started not nice but it would have been interesting interesting if he had started like taking things away from her yeah and that that was part of the year and that gina was doing more than just trying to kill her more than just trained to bump up andrea on the swim team she was likewise action like trying to like hand that rocks the cradle her life hum dot would have been a more interesting read. That's a i think the biggest problem with these books is they set up a pattern in and then all they do is repeat that pattern. It's like if you were doing a herald show and there was zero heightening and you literally just did the same thing every beat yeah that is i mean that's. That's kind of trap of some of these books. Is that like it's literally just the same thing with no sense of anything getting worse or is it any different specifics being played. It was just like have the dream people accuser of things have a dream people accuser of things have the dream andrea's andrias mean to have the dream andrea's mean to her what she got the part. This is actually not genus fault but miranda's miranda's fault but like the dreams make that she can't ever fucking sleep which first of all stop sleeping fucking by being in the fuck up bed like sleep on couch like christine figures out very early on that if she sleeps in a different part of the house that doesn't happen so if you've got a big fucking swim meet coming up on the fucking couch couch i used to do like sometimes i would get creeped out when i was a kid and like not sleep in my bed i like sleep on the couch or a link yeah or like i'd sleep on the floor and my sister's room or she'd sleep in my room like i feel like find a difference about very obvious that are elstein was never a teenage girl because and like forget what it was like like to be a teenager 'cause you would just not sleep in that fucking bed. Stop doing that. I as i've said before would not shower without somebody else in the bathroom with me for three years from the ages of ten to thirteen because i saw one scene out of stephen king's it the miniseries adaptation tation one scene happened to take place in the shower and i wouldn't shower out somebody else in the room like sitting on the toilet reading a book while i shower she would have not slept in that shed one of those dreams she would have not seen that and i get that it has to <unk> happening so like make a rule of the world that like she slept in at once and now miranda's like attached to her marinas haunting the fucking house yeah <hes> fine fine 'cause and the thing that bugged me was like okay fine. Maybe she doesn't realize it's the bed that's haunted but then she does have a moment which is like <hes>. I slept really soundly on yet because the beds haunted. Oh well going to go to sleep tonight in the bed. I was like you just let them stop working against her own. Best best interests yeah maggie brag this me off mags. I liked that. She had the nickname bags me too. That's unique. It was unique. Andrea was was jealous. Sh- nobody called her ends. Yeah probably bad thing. Stop trying to make and tap yeah yeah. I felt like in some ways this this book read as like in an educational tool like it was kind of like for somebody just getting into to jonah fiction. Maybe just novels in general i it was like here's a here's a starter novel for you both with like the patterns that y'all are talking with like you're going to get used to narrative setups and pay off and mr x. and stuff like that kind of a very easily just structure. I'm sure down. Yes yeah so that once you read kind of a grownup novel that messes with it. You have a base understanding yeah. Sh was the case for in all of us. I share it with the kind of thinking sorry the other thing. I noticed about that. He's a lot of adverbs adverbs and he kind of like yes talks out emotions very explicitly and bluntly which to me is kind of like holding but in your hand through subtext right. It's kind of like absolutely i'm showing you what these characters are feeling bluntly so that one day you'll kind of remember what that feels like can can assign it on your own. Yes like i. It is very like okay. She was angry. She was scared she was to sunday. They then be able to be like <hes>. You know <hes> the ice in her glass clinks against sides and it's like oh she's nervous because her hands shaking yes i. I think that's very generous reader. Oh sure and what is probably the case is is that all these writers are <hes> fucking talking down to kids because they think they're dumb or writing ninety something books a a year shares bad for bad for yeah she yeah she likes anger. Toss sure muttered angrily. Yeah yeah yeah yo or that or that wasn't time well. You know uh-huh certainly that is probably why it was written but one yeah and his defense he had twelve deadlines day. I mean yeah jeeze. Are we happy that the dog was perfectly. We save the whole time. I was thankful for that fake out. Yes oh yeah that was a leak out yeah. That was the one fake out that was okay with me because i didn't want it to be real yeah. She said the dog gets hit by a car. Just getting no doesn't thank goodness <hes> <hes> heard the yelps of its pain just getting their yelps of fear stein why you gotta i was like stein you don't find i'll take it but only because i'm glad the dogs okay. It's such a strange structure to have when i'm gonna keep reading yeah yeah this isn't we're not going to commercial in half of a second. I'm going to find out yeah yes. That's why heels vary is very strange. I also just like to end chapters. It's exciting if he does that with goosebumps or not. Does it's worse. It's worse it's alive re chapter traffic literally like there was one where <hes> we read the haunt i read the haunted school with a woman a friend of the show jam oh yeah wonderful grateful man and there was literally chapter where it was like. I got pushed off a cliff by a monster flipped. It wasn't a monster mister. It was my best friend and he was hugging me pushing me saying acceptable fucking dare you a certain point. It's almost need yeah yeah yeah. It certainly impressive nothing else. It's impressive can ask a weird goosebumps question. Yes this is such a specific thing <music> at my elementary school growing up so if you can picture goosebumps cover it has kind of like the bumpy yeah they're raise line and was there like a myth urban legend or some kind of thing where if you scratched those letters and white dots what's appeared admit you're scared of the book was just does your school. That was just an amazing. It was wild and i've seen it happen in the person who made that up. We'll also another thing too where it's like it means. You're scared of the book yeah but it's like you know if you're scared of the book because you either are you on. This is very similar to the quiz that we did for pizza on minnesota's what nightmare you having which is oh no because i'm having a uh-huh harry stupid quiz. Are you afraid of this goosebumps. Scratch it to find out. I guess i just know if i am either am or i'm not or like or maybe it was meant to be like you're gonna isn't it impressive that the book knows your promotions not so much that like going you your emotions but like the book knows like a mood ring so i already know if i'm scared. Let's see if i see the white dots yeah scratchy so you scratch it with your fingers scratch it with their fingernails and sometimes white dots would show up and sometimes they wouldn't yours. Were just this ruining books just breaking books books. We're breaking breaking hood fruit punch thumb cat hands sydney. You ever have a goosebumps cover that you were like. Oh this one might be you too scary for me the question you're coming in with some good question thank the one i was always kind of fascinated by horror comedy growing up <hes> things that were spooky and funny because and i have such a vivid memories of this like it would i would be like we shouldn't be laughing at this. This is scary like the another song maxwell's silver hammer by the beatles yeah that song is about a serial killer who kills people with a hammer kazan height but it's sung in a very jonty bang bang man yeah and my mom my mom and i listened to it and i watched her like laugh at it and it like freaked me the fuck out really scary that you're laughing at this now. I'm kind of scared at you funny greg so we go to get you to eat them. They just have some writers come on anyway. That's a long way of saying the book that comes to mind was. I don't even remember the title it was like a suburban barbecue with people wearing like a kiss the way they're all skeletons. Yes iconic yeah. It's scary but funny fascinated but horrified yeah that's when it comes to men just have maxwell's silver hammer. Yes <hes> also kind of the case with mack the knife <hes> where it's like super swing and sounds cool but really it's like a song about about a fucking murder berthold brecht opera yeah. I just looked up. It's aitchison die. I thought it was that oh god. That's not taste good name dying. Wow i can't believe such a good cover had that usually a conic heidel yeah. It's like an embarrassment of riches on that book yeah <hes> i was really afraid of sloppy. I didn't yes living dummy yeah very scary. I was like really scared of it and like my dad had this like little you know little mary net <hes> like old from when he was when like when he was a kid or something and on like the top of my bookshelf in my room so looking at you was a little feet would hang down. I was just like i remember i would lay there and just stare at it and like be afraid. It was going to run across the rumors. That's child abuse is child. <hes> i remember being scared of that but i remember like when i made the jump from goosebumps to like these books and i remember i'm getting like really scared really scared of like zuber pike in these books. Here's burning that. I only now looked up when the first goosebumps spoke was because i've always said like i didn't read goosebumps. I just went straight from baby sitters club to christopher pike and it's because they didn't fucking exist yet yeah. They came out in nineteen ninety. Two at which point i was already on to the other books 'cause nineteen ninety-two i was ten then <hes> and i was already like in fifth grade headed toward christopher pike so no wonder i didn't read these books on wasn't scared of them. Yeah yeah yeah. I was like oh cover for me and i was like there's one. I don't know yeah yeah. I was as a grownup human. I'm in man scared of this cover a little bit and i think i'm scared of it. Because the holder of the book is the monster yeah the two of them are looking at us and they're terrified. Yeah and that like makes me feel like what am i ooh and all the girls has just one single tooth just one large as they both have hysteria is both one on the left is particularly frightening because it's all tooth no on the on the left yeah. It's altuve your mouth. Yeah all single tooth i also the posing is a plus yeah. It's very good posing. I mean come on her. The hands we're she's holding the elbow the other girl love that and then the one hand out the other hand on the body language really good one one of the best covers i think yeah i i also like a like that. It's very monochromatic almost like it's pink pink pink and red. I love it and that's the canopy bed. Oh um the the the bed the yeah dive bar die german. No one who speaks german could be bad always fun to just quote some yeah it is. It's really is yeah. I really liked this book. It's very quick. I recommend to read it. I think it's i think it's probably at the level of like prom queen. It's below cheerleaders. Yes it's maybe a little bit better than i think. It's a little bit better than prom queen. <hes> which one is going though i remember liking it okay. I don't remember the details. I just remember thinking. This is one of the better ones it wasn't i. I'll lake prom dress. No i know it's not prone address the one where she's she has to wear that you will dress for her nineteen. Twenties dancers idle yes. Oh that sounds good. That was a pretty good it. It was an interesting one isn't interesting. We'd never run by that author. Why can't i remember what happens in prom queen. Oh well. That's fine it was it was a it was just like better than like dead boyfriend or girlfriend or any of those better than a lot yeah. I'd say this ranks up. There really liked this one. I liked it more than go. Go ask alice. I think oh squad scholarship is a hot mess of garbage. <hes> yeah and it's upsetting yeah viscerally eh. It's not well written and it's like disturbing. Yeah i bet this. This will never traumatized anyway. Yeah you know we read <hes> the boy version of glass gala dallas cowboys named diaries that way. What is it called. Jay's journal is journal. I always wanted to read that he he does like whip. It's and then he because satanist. I really like oh yeah. They're still fucking publishing these book or like new versions. There are new no anonymous book. Oh yes yeah. I truly <hes> woods not beatrice anymore. It's just dead the company. I'm always doing this no-no stuff she did for jay's journal most fucked up because it actually was based off of a kid's real journal but she changed a bunch of stuff so like the family that was like can you please like <hes> right about this are are like publish this to bring light to teenage suicide and she completely like he was never a saint as he was never any of that and they were like can you please remove of his name from the shit and she was like <hes> the books already like oh my oh so yeah shins justify the means yards uterus sucked that sucks. That's food yeah yeah but now they're. They're publishing new out what other teenage stuff like. I dunno fucking catfish fish auburn yeah. They're new. Oh my god you see for the patriots anorexia one. There's there's some kind of internet cyber bullying one. I think hyperplane yeah they're new fare new videos this. This is not about re publishing yeah. There's one about talk videos. It's only like six pages when then you just flip it over <hes> <hes> probably the best one pretend like. I don't like it but i love it. It's very digestible. Thank you so much for coming on and doing the show so much for having me. It's always such a dang blast yeah yeah. Do you have anything that you'd like to plug sure you can listen to my hip. Hop podcast dope town three thousand. We've just wrapped up our first season. I also did want to say that <hes> both my parents are lovely supportive people and they sincere me perform hip hop and they have vocally supported. It's <hes> good good. Listen to the podcast start with kelly nugent episode. What a fun place to start yeah. That was really awesome. You guys are so like mind blowing talented greasy. It's really really cool thank you. It's like magic. It's really cool. Thanks so much the so sweet and if you we dig the way i talk about genre shit and you have a shudder subscription. The horror channel shudder. You can watch a season of a t._v. Have you show called. The core that i wrote for a talk. Show watched them. Give it a watch yeah. I love shutter yeah so much. I'm gonna watch that what's it called the core. The core greg u._n._l._v. that i wrote that i'm very proud of give watch. I absolutely will all guys watch that <hes> like horror. Why do you listen to this. I know yeah yeah you fucking watch. Go watch it. You danes <hes> <hes>. Where can people find you online yeah at smith. L. greg on all the all the places <hes> thank you so much again to greg smith for being such a wonderful guest. Thank you all of your listeners for being wonderful people. Thank you to every one of our patriots supporters. We really appreciate hit you and you help produce the show and if you would like to support us you can go to patriarch dot com slash teen creeps <hes> if you can't give it this time you can donate your time by writing us a review on apple podcasts that helps as well <hes> an egg you to everyone who you've got us passed one thousand yeah you must've thousand and now we are reviewing all of the casteel movies on lifetime and <music> <hes> hey dark angels sucked in a good way yeah about episodes coming out tomorrow yes yes. Yes changed the scale bush. Oh no sorry sorry. We're a little bit off so that episode came out last week. You would have already heard it soup while we were gonna see what we're going to think about the next one no. We don't so whatever comes up tomorrow. Whatever comes out tomorrow. We have no idea what we think about also like we travel. We read the books for the first two but we haven't read the other books so she the surprise for all of bill. I wonder what's going to happen. Oh well thank you all so much. What are we really really are. We are reading the chaos by nilo hopkinson. Oh good so slightly out of genre but <hes> <hes> for the best reasons which is <hes>. It's not a white man yeah who wrote it yeah so we're trying to get a little bit more color so here we are with that <hes> you <hes> by no means required to read along but if you should choose to that is what we are reading <hes> uh thanksgiving to greg. Thank you lindsey. Thank you kelly. You're welcome thank you edwin. Thank you is under that <hes> r._e._i. Blanket jacket target target blanket. I thought i saw re- something yeah. It's the target r. e. There's no i brand room essentials august brand yeah they edwin furling under the blanket. Yeah thank you for listening. Catch you next week or tomorrow r._o. 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