TNF Recap & Week 6 Locks!


Hey, everybody, it's time for jice wheat by Google cloud. It's a suite of cloud based productivity tools that includes g mail, doc slides, sheets, and drive. You can make real time updates to the same document without having to keep track of multiple versions. And since all the tools are cloud based, your whole team can can access the same document and work on the same page at the same time, make it with Jesus wheat by Google cloud, to find out more visit. Geez, we dot com. Wentz fires, wisdom, complacent clutch down. Zacher handoff park. The cuts off the right side to the forty goes Berkeley twenty five twenty fifty five cut yet saquon Barkley motion. Jeffrey passed out. The Jeffrey cuts down his second touchdown catch league game that was the dulcet tones of Merrill Reese of WIP. This is Greg Rosenthal alongside Chris Wesseling. We're gonna get to Dan hand this in preview all the week, six games in just a minute, but the eagles came out on top thirty four to thirteen on Thursday night in a game that was basically in garbage time. When the second half started, are you feeling Chris Wesseling that the eagles have righted the ship after this game. That is a good question. I don't know if they've righted the ship like that was an encouraging performance. Carson Wentz pretty much carried the offense. They did get some good workout, a win Dell, small wood and Corey Clemente. But when Scott hit a little bit too much early, they lose Jason Peters to an injury. We don't know how serious that one is, and then they cruised because the other teams offense was simply inept. I look at it like you have to manage a season, especially if your team that's a Super Bowl contender or have aspirations to be like the eagles. And I look at this game and it's a division game gets a lousy team, but a division game on a short week where you're left tackle is hurt coming into the game and gets hurt and leaves. You're right, tackles hurt. There's a lot of things going on your short at defensive tackle because of injuries, and you know what you manage the game. Your quarterback plays like the starry is you end up not even having to sweat a couple of things. Go your way and you get out of town and you just start trying to improve the rest of your. Team as you go and you're at three and three and you're in good shape? Yeah, no doubt. It was an impressive performance. I just don't know if that's the same as writing the ship. Have they do you think they have now? Not yet, but I, I'm, I'm feeling good about the eagles in general just because I liked the base of their team and I think they can take this win in build from here. But you know, it's been two minutes and I know you're already itching to to bury the giants offense in Eli manning, let's let's face it in buried for three. Here's let's face it. If you, if you're someone that has that believed the giants made a mistake and not moving on from Eli manning one way or another for the last few years. This was another night where you can kinda crow and say, look at, look at what I told you. It's not even about crowing. It's just you can't watch this guy. How can you watch this guy every week? It's been like this for two and a half years, and I don't know how you go through an off season and say, yeah, we're just going to surround him with different people and get a different result. It's just not gonna happen. Downstairs when we watch games are measurement for a washed up players, Dallas Clark in that one game about what five years ago kickoff game where he tried to make on circum five minutes to like, turn, try to get around that. That was alive trying to move in the pocket. He just can't move anymore. And there's this mutually malignant relationship with there's offense of line will they just magnify others weaknesses? And then that stands in contrast to saquon Barkley and no del Beckham. I believe they converted to third downs, and they were both short passes to Dell where he made defenders missed to get past the sticks and saquon Barkley was just on fire. He he, he's probably what the most allusive running back in the league right now in terms of breaking tackles. Yeah, I would say so. He always makes he makes the first guy miss it. And tonight I love there's all these, you know, Barry, Sanders, comparisons of, that's the guy that he reminds most people of it and okay may maybe I'm not with a lot more power. I'm like, yeah, it's very sater's but he's two hundred and thirty three pound. So to call someone very Sanders and to be two hundred thirty, three pounds of mazing and it is a shame. He's in this offense. But man, he makes he makes them fun to watch with ally though. It's like if he so limited that everything needs to be perfect around him Abbas absolutely. In rocks, quarterback, absolutely everything. And right now, the protection, he'd actually getting significantly more time in the pocket. He's had less pressure percentage when he's coming back when he's dropping back to pass this season. Then before and things aren't going to be perfect in the NFL can kind of see with Carson Wentz. He has a up a couple of place today where he threw across his body. It's like things aren't going to be perfect, and they've put as many good players around Eli manning as the can. It's just it's tough to watch. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what what is there left to say about this offense after seeing the same Pat Shurmur at one point said, throw. They pant him on the sideline in amateur liberators thought he was going throw the. Ball, and that was when he was checking the ball down quite a bit early in the game. Part of that. Also, some credit goes to the eagles good night for Michael Bennett. Good night for Fletcher. Cox, not a good night for Nate solder. No good night for net. I think he's been playing better for the eagles so they have some good things to feel better about in did giants or one in five, and if it's already been ugly, like what's? Where's this going from here? Well, it's going to give Dave Gettleman another chance to draft a quarterback in the top of the draft, and maybe he'll take one this time. All right. So the giants can no longer delude themselves into thinking. They're in the middle of a bad division race. I don't care that there are only two games back. You're one in five. They're not gonna win enough games, and this is gonna be their fifth losing season out of six. So this is not a new trend. Let's talk about some games that hopefully be a little better this week in for that. Let's send it over to Danny ends. This playing through pain. Around with the NFL podcast. Wait. I thought this was the broadcast. I'll come back to another district the around the NFL podcast. My name is Dan Hans. I am joined the room build with some heroes, Chris Westlund to my left, Greg Rosenthal to my right. What is up boys. We lost Greg. With man down now, what's up everybody. How you feeling? I don't feel good. Got the pig aids. I'm staying you enter the doctor and they're like, sorry, Dan, you've got a case of the piggies. That is my independent theory, but it's a an aggressive virus that I am battling through and it's actually ransacked my entire family. Now. And that's why I was not on yesterday show, isn't it lovely? You know, Emily's birthday this week. 'cause she shares a birthday with marker? Am I like mixing things that you're mixing things up sir? Danan Simone, some mode, and I have the same birthday, but currently look like remember the old cartoons when Bugs Bunny would get sick. Yeah, and his eyes. All bloodshot. Yeah. And looks like there's blood draining from him and your faces green. That's what you look like. No, it's good. It's a good situation right now to get thing. We're pre-tape something for Sky Sports right afterwards. Yeah. While the and the truth is I picked up my phone and I was debating whether to sit out this pot as well. And then as I pick my phone up, the first message I saw was Mark secular saying he had some appointments. I connected to his past health maladies and. He was not going to be on the show so simple. I can't leave the scientists high and dry. Yeah, that really puts you in a tight spot. So here I am playing her. We appreciate same posts. He would have been happy to host the show. She's just trying to take over, take it over. She could have been get it done it. She keeps on giving me soup every day and I've been eating, but now I'm wondering what she's putting in it. Pam postseason. Checkers hat takes nice, sweet. I just want you to feel better. Thank you. Okay, so forget about that. That's the NFL season. The only time you're ever one hundred percent week one. And from that point on just about battery or something. Yeah, you're always got something nagging, and if you don't, well, you're not giving it your all. Well, the most important ability glory. Boy is availability. You could play for Belgium. But I never would. I'm like on the Reggie Wayne all stars. It's like no football supposed to be fun. Men me and Reggie and Eric decker and all those other guys lane Johnson lane was like, what's going on over here? Give me out of here. All right. We're going to go through each of the week, six games on Sunday and Monday, including the first London game. Now people are very excited over on the other side of the pond for that. And you heard at the top of the show, our recap of eagles and. So we're going to now spin forward. You guys want to get into it and you do it dig in the rest of week six and we will start, ooh, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming off their bye week. And yes, it is a different bucks team now because James Winston is the starting quarterback once more Ryan Fitzpatrick heads to the bench officially after three and a half games of mostly excellent work. And Winston takes over and goes up against the falcons team that entered the season with high hopes. But here they are west at one in four. And if they have any chance to stay in the NFC playoff picture, they're going to have to find a way to beat the bucks. Yeah, this is one of those fantasy football start. Everyone matchups everyone in the pool, the falcons play shootouts in the dome and both these teams have bad defenses. So you're starting Matt, Ryan, Julio Jones, new Ridley Tevin. Coleman. It looks like Freeman is not practicing this week is injured again, and then start all your bucks too, because this is gonna be like lights out in in. You mentioned the the falcons kind of needing this when they've had a home heavy schedule, early their home. Again, next week, they've already lost two at home, including one in the division two, the saints. I do think you, you would ultimately stick a fork in them at one and five. If they lose at home to a buck steam, who's one of the only defense in the league that's worse than they are that that even though if you look at the books talent, especially in the front seven, they got a lot of players. So at some point you gotta think it's the coaching they have. They have some decent players in the front, seven, they should not be this bad. You've been through nice to the falcons. I forked him two weeks ago. It's fair. They, I mean they, they lost to basically buzzer beater games to the Bengals in the saints secure up anyone that's not a playoff team. And you think it's just a matter of they lost too many key guys? Yes, and they don't have the depth to to fill in the spots. But how about the idea of when you. Lose key players the way they did. It's gonna take a couple of weeks. The figure out how your game plan is going to be redirected the little benefit of the doubt, I guess. Okay, that's fair. But also you could have done better if you signed maybe the best players available like Eric read, instead you let your division rival take him. I think they could have time to figure it out because I think they're coaching staff is good undefended, but she realities with which Dion Jones and Kiana Neil played. And this is a very tough match-up for them. Jameis Winston is getting the start, and I think he's going to be an upgrade from Fitzpatrick, but ultimately they're very similar players. I was thinking about this. I was right in QB index, and I'm writing how I think Winston is set up for success for many, basically the same reasons that Ryan Fitzpatrick was set up for success. He's the rich bands fits magic. They both have grants generous to Winston. Well, I mean, just look at what he's done compared to what Fitzpatrick has done over the seasons to again, I don't want to do my point is though they both. See the field they anticipate. I think they both have a lot of football intelligence, but then they both. They trust their arms a little too much. They get to aggressive. They're extremely streaky and they kind of are there yellow quarterbacks. I mean, they play every game as if it's their last and that leads to kind of magical, great streaks and moments. And it leads to them, you know, spectacularly crashing every once in a while to me, he's like moon sins of more talented Fitzpatrick, and he needs to be better mentally than than he was last year. I liked the falcons in this game because they just don't. They don't feel like to me, they're the team that starts one and five one in six to eight. I think they're going to figure this thing out and stay in the mix. And I don't like the bucks at all. And Jameis Winston is hard gotta root for right now. So this is going to inform my pick as well, but because I like the falcons because Matt Ryan has been on my fantasy team great years now and because the falcons are going to stay in the NFC playoff picture, they're just not going to lose. At home to the bucks, and that's why I'm walking them up. You mean that w like James Twinsies eat the, I'm gonna eat the lock troublesome pick for you. Why you were just saying how bad the bucks are being the bucks or the better team right now? Really. Wow. We shall see if the game was in Tampa. Wes. I would not be locking that up, but I think they're going to be okay. This is the bucks. Defense is the cure to anyone else's offense. You play the bucks defense in everyone. After they play the bucks, you're like, wow, this then maybe the bears are getting their season together. They're terrible. I'm not trying to go down to the lab, but Dan answer this question Ryan Fitzpatrick was quarterbacking the bucks right now. Would you lock up the falcons? Yes, really? Yes. But I think this has got like forty two to thirty four written all over it. Oh, I agree with that. So I think I think the falcons are gonna 'cause they need it so bad. The desperate desperate teams sometimes can step up in the moment. I think what happens here? You don't trust their Qatar's excellent. By week adjustment, it's Mike Smith going to get fired after this game. So that's another lock. It. Movie on Pittsburgh, Steelers speaking, falcons. I just locked up a team that got four beat forty one seventeen last week by the Steelers, but that's in the past. Now the Steelers head to Cincinnati to face the foreign one Bengals who of course wiped out a seventeen zip deficit to the dolphins and real doll twenty seven point straight points. Here's the question, Greg, or the Steelers back on track after that very dominant win over the falcons. They're headed in the right direction and they certainly should feel good that especially the rothlisburger in Tony Brown connection was working. I don't think it was despite the score that it was similar to a lot of Big Ben games this year where I think he sprinkled in some some surprising, the bad decisions in throws in with his excellent ones. I do feel better about them defensively, and it's because of Mike. He'll Mike Killen. They get him back last week and it really improved a cornerback group and a secondary. That's been their biggest weakness. And he's a good player. He's in his second year. He can cover the slot. That should be a big matchup in this game where Tyler Boyd's been awesome. So I think defensively they should be feel better. This is a huge game. I mean, if they lose this game, they are in deep trouble in the AFC north two things make me feel better about the Steelers. The pass rush was swarming last week against the falcons. That was an impressive front seven in Big, Ben came out and made an adjustment. He's been playing through an elbow injury which probably explains why missing more throws than just about any quarterback in the NFL and halfway through last week's game. He decided to throw from a different angle and damn the pain and started. He was on fire. So I think that's a, that's an encouraging sign that he, he has said, he's making that adjustment. He's gonna play through the pain and not alter his arm angle anymore. No unhealthy at this point in the season, it's like, Dan, he's adjusting his voice. I, you know the way you did that lock was kind of like he had to do it at a different angle side or. Arm just taking down an octave, losing the fall Seto you're doing what Big Ben was doing two weeks essentially. We're both warriors. Yeah, that's where that's where the comparisons. Okay. That's finale, but that this game, I mean, it feels like every time these two teams play, you never know like how has Bontes perfect. Gonna screw up. How who's going to get knocked out of the game is Big. Ben going to be out in our, you're saying. Are you saying was when these two teams get together, throw out the records? Yes, that what you're saying. You can throw out the record books, but the Steelers are still gonna win. I for no logical reason. Just assume that the Steelers are going to show up for this game because it's strange to imagine a world where the Bengals are five and one and really in control over Pittsburgh in this division, but I'm hoping that that's the world we're living in. Yeah, I'm not trying to be flip it that the Steelers are definite win this game. But I mean historically throughout the records and then it'll be a tight game in the Steelers will go home the winning team. This is a big game this this warm up for west of us. He loves watching the Steelers, beat the Bengals less about it though. Very little makes me happier, puts a pep in my step. I go around corners. You've got to request her. We'll get a cover this on Sunday, thinking about it. Well, I'm covering it. Think about it was Sunday morning, eight AM east Cincinnati, people waking up. They're pulling up poem. Their Carson Palmer jerseys over their bodies. Chad Johnson Jersey's, Chris entering size since two, Chris Henry's if they have those and they're getting their tailgate together. And this is a beautiful day in thrown cornhole. It Ohio, and they and the throne corn, and they got the coolers and they got drinking lights and everybody is in great spirits. It'll skyline. Yeah, there's those those right skyline dip for yeah, appetite. Those are good people. Those are your people, right? Yes, absolutely. Don't you want to see those people happy that the end of side he? Yeah, I think they have more meaning in their lives than favorite football team. I think they are angry by your family. My family is smart enough not to root for the Bengals Cincinnati. Bengals are an escape for your people. Yes, let them escape to happiness. All right. I'll tell you what stop throwing beer cans on the other teams quarterback when he's being carted off the field, and then the. You can be happy. All right, Donna had them there. I know that you touched me. I'm in for this fan base has behaved abhorrent Lii in the. Matched up. They had their Jack the ripper moments moving on the Los Angeles chargers. Oh, whoop. De do three and two. Back to back wins over. Ooh, the forty Niners oh, the raiders who also they beat ooh, the bills. Kidding me ten point losses to the chiefs and Rams, and now they go to Cleveland. Now this is a good matchup Greg, because I learned nothing about the chargers in the first five weeks, they could beat bad teams and they get beat by good teams. Here's a team that's kind of right in the middle. There are team that's maybe on the verge of being a good team, but I'm not well, I'm not ready to kind of push them there for good. Go beat the Browns on the road it go do it. If you're a good team chargers too. Tough match-up Westwood's talking about on Wednesdays podcast that Cleveland is now a tough place to go and score points against this. Greg Williams defense, which is very multiple day, which is tough to prepare for they confused your briefs. You can't say that, you know, Philip rivers, so figure it all out. They ran some things against drew Brees in New Orleans that Greg Williams picked him up, Greg, Williamson, triple j. Just start giving Greg Williams a little bit of love. Because we've been killed that guy in the show a couple of years. I don't give awful human being, but you said you haven't learned anything. I've learned some things about the chargers, whatever one, Mike Williams is a baller and he adds something to that offense that the offense still revolves around the running backs, but Anthony, Lynn seen the light. And we talked about this a little bit late last season, but I, I saw in the raiders game twenty six to ten, five minutes left. I down the raiders have just scored a touchdown, and Philip rivers throws on first down to the outside, and it's not. It's not that big of a deal in theory, but you can even hear it in Greg Gumbel voice. He was like an Philip river Hooghly is dropping back to pass on first down and it's like a go, right? It's a good go, but what can I say? It's like, all right, Anthony, Lynn knows that you've got to be aggressive and it's safer to be aggressive in today's NFL when you have Philip rivers and they're an aggressive offensive. I love coaching. Piff unease. That's awesome. But this the Brown, the chargers are coming in feeling all high and mighty. They beat the raiders just like the raven. Just like the ravens were feeling all high and mighty beating the Steelers, and then you go into Cleveland and Dan, I'm telling you the chances of them there is a chance above zero point, five percent that they go undefeated at home this year, they have not lost at home. They are extremely tough to be in that building. I think you're saying the odds are above zero point, five percent that they go undefeated at home. Well, gonna look at their schedule and they got the chiefs in week. Nine. That's gonna be a tough one. The falcons, the Panthers and the Bengals. I didn't say it was gonna be easy. I'm not saying the odds are great. They when when you're undefeated there are you can stay undefeated so you're obviously you're gonna, you know, I thought you were. Yeah, you're active and AVI raising here that how much less though? I got another one queued up, right? I'm telling you, you just said they're going to run the table. Come on, you're gonna take care of the chargers in the building. I'm not gonna lock against the chargers. They're too good. I respect their offense too much. What do we think of Baker Mayfield by the way I love him. I love him. Those those seen throws a two minute, drill on. Yes, going into halftime last week. And then the ability to make plays the confidence that he instills in his teammates, keep the play alive like he did in overtime on that drive. I just loved what I don't think. I don't think it's too early to say. I'll be surprised if he's anything less than a stolen above average quarterback, and I'd be surprised if he's not a star. He just is decisiveness mentally that he's going through the reeds and he's quick with his decisions. He's getting people. He just looks like an NFL quarterback and he's so accurate. If you were Browns fan and I said, you could sign off on Baker Mayfield being Jeff Garcia, would you take it? No, no, no. Because I think I think I'd be at the guys that was Jeff Garcia now had enough. I know if I'm a Browns fan, I'm, I'm thinking this is going to be a top five top seven Browns Jeff Garcia. Of course it was not one overall pick. I mean, this guy, I, there's nothing I don't like about it. I want more moving on the Buffalo Bills. Everyone wants expects the bills lose every week. But here we are entering week six or two and three after knocking off titans by point that now travel to Houston to face the Texans who just got by the Cowboys at home on Sunday night football who that game, that was a rough one. And now we have a Texan steam with a chance to get back to five hundred. Chris Wesseling they're going to do it, right? Yes, yes. I feel very good about this one. I could not look at myself in the mirror and take the Texans. I reward that game against the Cowboys as a lock. And I agree with Jerry Jones. That the better team won. The Texans were the better team. They botched them opportunities in the red zone. They missed a field goal. I feel like the Texans were clearly the better team in that game. They're defensive front. Seven is coming together. Clowns coming off his best game. JJ watt is playing like old JJ watt, and their offense is moving the ball through the air. Maybe if Lamar Miller is healthy, that that would help the move it on the ground as well. I mean, if you lose to the bills and right now that's on you you, they ran the ball forty three times last week and passed it. Twenty Leshan McCoy did look great. So that's a positive. I think he really ran well until they have something on offense, but Josh Allen is lost. I think anyone that was rooting against Josh Allen, and it was just saying there's no chance will be ready that he needs time like they've, they're being proven right, right now they could not be a worse passing attack. That cannot be more basic, and he just goes to his. I read a lot of times when he throws the ball, there are multiple receivers on the play, who look back at. Him in our like raising their hands. That's a bad sign, hey, what's what's that? What's going on? This is the case. And you know, you don't have to second guess because a lot of people thought that when the bills it was like, hey, this guy has all the tools, the size, the arm, and all that. He just needs some time and they're putting him in a terrible and what they did. They set themselves up to make him play and he's lasting completion percentage yards per attempt touchdown interception ratio passer rating. He's completely a train wreck well, and they signed Derek Anderson this week and it sounded like they were billing it as a mentor situation, somebody to bounce ideas off of. But it also seems to me like, hey, if this guy doesn't pull out of a tailspin, throw somebody with experience to to absorb a few games of losses. While we figure things out, give me a break, the all the criticism they took over how the handle this is warranted because they're just the whole thing is just been mismanaged, JJ watt and t. j. watt, the low Gino Atkins lead the league with six x. That's fun. They're having a sack off. That's a fun thing for their family. Oh, of course. Hey boys. How do you think the quality of life is jot family? I think it's a lot better for JJ than it was last couple years. I mean, he I, I'm happy to have a fan and just to watch him every week at this level is great because a he had to be miserable. The last I mean that in a very positive way though. Yeah, this guy race forty million dollars for the city of Houston to like he's gotta be feeling great about himself. He's doing what he loves. And if you remember on hard knocks, he has a log cabin. Yeah, like a bro paradise. And I think he's like one of the ultimate Bros. so he's broken out, but but back then though he was sort of lost and really looking for female companionship, and now he's got, you know, I don't know if he's engaged, but you know, he's dating that pro soccer Belmar a longtime. He found love. I mean, I'm just saying it's all coming together for Justin. James good for him. All right. What about that clothing, one? Let's let's not talk about the clothing one. Let's move on quality where the Chicago Bears first place in the NFC north and why? Not? Because they are the team of around the NFL three game winning streak. They embarrassed. Tampa Bay bucks going into their by with a thirty eight point win. Now that traveled to Miami to face the dolphins and Greg, the dolphins. Let's be honest. Anybody doubted the dolphins. They're feeling pretty good about themselves right now because the last two weeks and that been pretty, are you talking about yourself in? I'm not alone, but now amongst that, you totally discounted their first the three weeks and you were right to this point and this is the wrong matchup for Ryan tannehill and a skit. I mean, they are. Here's a great. I like when stats match up with what you see, they've had thirty one chances at third and seven or long this season they've converted for those. They are the the worst team to watch on third and long because Ryan theon throws it to yards every single time and you just can't. You can't play like that and you're going to have situations like that against the bears who are just as complete defend. I don't know if they're the best defense or not, but I think they're the most complete that you are going to have to really earn. Every yard every drive. They're not gonna, make mental mistakes. Last week's loss was on the offensive line depth for the for the dolphins. And this has been an issue since we started this podcast, the dolphins cannot ever find good guard play. They it's hard to find any kind of consistency. A tackle Laremy Tunsil goes out with a concussion, and it's a jailbreak situation. The Bengals defensive line takes over for twenty minutes game over after dolphins and controlled that game. And if they can't figure out their offensive line against the bears, come on two things. Two things I'm excited about for this game, both bear side because there's nothing I could possibly get excited about about the Miami Kenyon Drake, he's sure Laham number one, Mitch, Trubisky. I'm really interested to see how he follows up the six touchdown game. Of course. He's not gonna throw six more touchdowns but can string together multiple games where he looks like what he was, which is what number two overall pick two years ago. I'm very interesting how he how he looks against a good. Miami defense and number two, Torri Cohen who was a total bad ass when finally given the opportunity to have a real role in the game plan. I think he had what one hundred seventy five plus total yards a touchdown, where does where does the offense, whereas Matt Nagy, and that offense settle in with Cohen and Jordan. Howard is he now is Cohen a permanent fixture in this offense or was that more blip? I'm interested to say that I'm sure many fantasy owners are as well on that Nagy spoke on that and said Jordan. Howard still has a role. He's he's not frustrated. He still going to be that was just basically a one game thing for tweet cones. How negative clean needs to be a big part of it. I mean, I agree powered involved, but but Nagy's feeling him feel themselves as it should be. I mean, when you're running multiple plays, where he put chase Daniel and Trubisky on the field together just to be kind of like a big. I mean, if I'm the oppo if I'm Mike Smith in that last game and I'm seeing they're trying out chase Daniel for trick plays you gotta. You gotta feel you're gonna feel a little low. Why? What Steph? Why would be a one game thing? If he blows up and it's the one game where Trubisky looks like a guy that you can really build the offense around. Wouldn't you want to build off that? Yeah. I said before that game, they need to get to Rico more involved, but I don't. He's not like a twenty touch guy. Okay. Moving on the. Oh, did you ever something Erica? Yeah. I mean, just talking with Mark, he said like that the dollar you were talking about Mark. Yeah, get a plays music when you're talking about. All right. Okay. Hold on. So I was just chatting with Marc earlier, and he said there's a good chance. The dolphins are going to beat the three in one bears. Not to prove that the dolphins aren't the real deal, but to prove that the Trubisky six touchdown was a fluke there at home in if we're looking at quarterback hotness tannehill is greater than Trubisky. So mart I take that. I guess no shot at me is going to lock up the dolphins at home. Interested knows this coming from markers this coming from you texts for Mark on? Yeah. Okay. I disagree maybe, but I don't believe that's the first time anyone on the show is ever locked up the dolphins. They were the last remaining team that he locked up. Really. Someone's said that on a previous podcast, not to know loggers at the case. I mean, shots fired against Trubisky looks finely west has some similarities facially to Trubisky. So re between my. Like seventeen eighteen pictures. Look almost dead on Mitch Trubisky by age seventeen season Matana hells like you know, a piece of wonder. Granted, it's not in people say that guy look. Yeah, it's like a cardboard cutout. One of the hair go us. I told you I could still grow it, but I got to lazy to leave Taibbi island age to a barbershop lows, like h twenty eight season that. So I would say I was starting to go about four twenty in the power alleys. When I was in my mid thirties. So you mean by the temples and started going with our, our just started getting deeper and deeper. Yeah, you say you can grow it, but you can. I can't even okay. And his goaded me on a few times just as for experiment sake and it wasn't pretty for all you guys that are follicly-challenged is this is, you know, I feel for you guys, and I will say that if you wanna if you're gonna go bar, if you're gonna go, bald really means a lot to them. You probably want to go in the power alleys more than the the crop circle in the back with that. Either way, it's not a death sentence as west. You know, we see with west who found a beautiful Princess in Lakisha. Yes, thank you. You can. You could be. You can find love is a bald man. Yeah, you air it. Well, I I wouldn't wanna see you with your you look natural natural like no hairpieces. Well, I made a deal with myself when I was young because my my dad's bald that I was never going with the co like as soon as it starts the worst where am overs out, you can't do that. The worst is is fighting too long. LeBron. Is done it and he's probably got some fake stuff in there now, but he's been fighting, you know, he's also don't go on her locker route. You don't wanna do that. Well, you can't go ball then all of a sudden have Harragan. Yeah. Like what you do, it's gotta come back glory or was it worth it? You can do it as if you're paid like an insane amount of money like Dion. Sanders Erlich are I assume, for whatever they're doing. Okay. The cardinals are one in four. They finally got a win last week against CJ Beathard and the forty nine anyway, it's funny Mark locked up against the team of AT l. with like with the bad teams. I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure Mark had nothing to do with it. He just let Erica picket team know that sounded the reasoning sounded very is not a Trubisky fan. He's not. And it, you know, irritated him, it got on his radar when people were celebrating Trubisky for beating the buccaneers. So that's not your pick. He said, you can pick anyone you want. Great. I am fine if we lose but pick someone sexy will, but he literally and took umbrella. No. Okay. There you go. See. Oh, so that wasn't affects from him. Well, we talked about it, okay. The cardinals wasn't four. They now traveled to Minnesota to face the Vikings who got a much needed victory in Philadelphia, a really important win for that team wes-. So Ken, Kirk cousins, and those star wide receivers, keep on keeping on against the cards. I think this is a, this is a tough match-up, the cardinals, the plane pretty well Chan their Jones playing like an animal. Again, Patrick Peterson plane as well as he ever has at cornerback. I, I just think this is a tougher matchup that the Vikings offensive line has allowed by far the most pressures in the NFL. I think the Vikings are gonna win because cousins Stefan digs and Adam Thelander too good to stop, but it gets tough man. It's a tougher match than people realize when the Vikings have the ball. But the the problem is the cardinals get the have the ball to in Josh Rosen, actually impressed me of his willingness to make tough throws and his ability to be accurate, but they are fight. Pill, they are not a good offense and they're on the road. And yeah, I just meant on that one side of the ball, it was a tougher match up than people think. But I think the Vikings defense against the cardinals offense. That's clearly a mismatch. It's interesting because you've mentioned Peter, Patrick Peterson, he the cardinal staff took a lot of credit. I mean, a lot of criticism I saw on the Twitter verse of like, oh, there, you know, what is this cardinal staff? They don't know what they're doing. You know, the Patrick Peterson's no longer trailing. Number one receivers, not doing as much man as as before and like these guys don't know what they're talking about and he's playing better than he's ever played laying awesome. I'm not PF. I'm not grading every cornerback on every play, but he's number one on my list this year. That's that's the only thing that matters who needs PF Twitter verse. That's the thing. I just didn't think you used. I don't. I don't know if I have before the Indianapolis Colts are one and four, and they're on a three game losing streak, and they cannot keep pace with the patriots on Thursday night. And now they travel to the metal ends to face my beloved New York Jets who finally got their season going back in the right direction against the Broncos with a a total effort on offense. Getting three hundred rushing yards as a team. Sam darnold threw three touchdowns. So now Greg, the question is, can the jets build off that win or or the colts in what do we call it when the team is really desperate? We hire straits. Now we had a term where you're using last year. Remember a wounded animal game one and four wounded animal. I mean, there are a little too wounded though. You know they, there's a dead animal game, right? The steel trap closed down. And like someone let them out, but they're just kind of like dragging, you know, broken legs on the side of the highway. I don't think they're that bad, but they're hurt. I'm talking about a raccoon, you know, sort of. All right into the back of the head. I think I wanted to get the exact number, but I think they were still down nine starters on Wednesday's practice par for the course. So they, they've just just hurt. I think that they'll play tough and I don't know what the colts the jets are as team in general. There are very tough team to figure out week to week, but one thing they do well and especially last week with Todd Bowles, calling the plays. They do a good job, generating pressure of confusing the opposition with different blitzes and ways to get at the quarterback without necessarily being one on one and that that sounds like a good recipe against the colts who who are struggling up from their roster is like a tag team battle royale right now, it's like the September guys go out of the training room and in tag in the Tober guys Costanzo in Marla MAC expect to be back this week. That's a positive. Those those guys better. Eric Hebron's not practicing with four different injuries. That's why I wrote a world listed as parentheses entire body. I was like, what does that mean? I guess that's why that's awesome. I mean, these e bronze been the red zone guy like that's Andrew luck go-to guy. Whenever they need a touchdown, Xinquan ACL knee maybe. Okay, you bundy's entire leg. It's got like one of those body casts. I do think if you're a jets fan, though, you have to be worried. Andrew luck looks better every week. Can the like the colts actually sustain offense can can either of these teams, the jets are kind of a feast or famine offense can. Can they keep his Crowell not practicing this week, apple best game of his career, right? And there's more issues for the jets because two weeks ago, remember all those shallow crosses that Blake Bortles was completing with ease against the jet, so it's not. I'm not ready to say that we have a new no fly zone at the Meadowlands plus Tremaine Johnson is gonna miss another game, and so far that's been a bust signing by the way he wasn't playing out before he got hurt and BUSTER screen has another concussion. So is a good chance. He'll be down two of their top three corners. I think this is setting up to be a situation where the culture going to score points. And then I have to wonder if the jets can keep pace. Evangelos is having a good game, and I'm not feeling great about it. So I think this is a tough game for the jets because they're simply not good enough to really be a heavy favourite against anyone. So I thought about it'd be fun to lock up the jets, but any. Time I do that blows up so I stayed away from it. And then the more I look at the game, the more I think the jets could be in trouble and yet the colts did get to defensive starters back on Thursday, Clayton gathers your safety who's very good Darius Leonard. So those are two good players in the calls, need to figure out a way to not have Andrew lucked, throw the ball sixty times. He is on pace. It's funny coming off that shoulder injury to set the all time record in attempts in the NFL and he's he's leading the league right now. We are onto London. Is it already almost a month and a half. See round the NFL podcast touchdown, a British soil, it is what a time we had west was at the time of our lives. Absolutely. Sure was Greg not. I love it. I, I think it was the best we who work I ever had. I would. There's no question. What was that great chicken joint on our blah and, oh, man does and non does not. Dondo's Indus now does chicken, that's I mean, there wasn't at the top of my, but I loved it. It was good. Now, those chicken wrap model with the crisps. Anyway, love love. I wish everyone could see the end space right now. He's like, came to just like, wait, I'm not. I went to that does like four times to sit by myself and be like, Yup, this is culture. The Seattle Seahawks travel. This is the game where you're supposed to go to by the way it was really, you remember that? Yes, it was. These games are all going to be played. There's gonna be three games over three weeks played at Wembley stadium. First game, Seattle Seahawks at two and three coming off that narrow loss to the Rams that would have been such a big win for the Seahawks. They couldn't close it out though. Now that travel to London to face the raiders who stink. Let's face it, their one in four. They just got out class by the chargers. Wes. Is this a game that you think the Seahawks are gonna cruise through? Probably not right. They can't do that against anybody. I don't think the Seahawks crews in the raiders usually lose after hanging tough. So I, I would not say that I do like what Seattle's doing. It's weird. I believe they've they've only passed on about forty three percent of their downs of past few weeks. They are the run heaviest team in the league right now with Chris Carson and Mike Davis. So it'll be interesting to see that against the raiders defense that I. I think is weaker against the past and the run, and it is strange in two thousand eighteen where like third into as a running down for the Seahawks or third and three. This is not many teams doing that. And Chris Carson. He runs as hard as anyone in the league. I mean, he's a worthy if he could ever stick around successor to the lineage of marshawn Lynch. And this is the first time we're getting marshawn Lynch against the Seahawks and Thomas rolls. What? What about I nobody ran harder than Thomas rolls for six months. Thomas rolls is one of the great fantasy pickups for about three weeks until he broke his leg. The Seahawks I like I kind of smell on the Seahawks being a potential playoff team. I think they have some things coming together, their offensive line saying, this is offensive line is not bad. They're running the ball, they're blowing up holes. They're protecting Russell Wilson a little better than before. And I like when fans really complain about one thing as if they know better than the coaching staff and then they and then they proved to be right, that's like the entire Packers fan. But right. But they proved to be right. All the everyone was complaining all the Seahawk. Fans, twelve, how come we don't do any play and passing how come we don't. It's insane how a little play action. So they roll out last week. They do a bunch of play action pass in to work like gangbusters. Wasn't there over and often wasn't there a football league that was going to have the fans call the plays XFL. Nah, there was actually how bringing that back. I think so. Yeah. That's why this was good access. Ow. That's up there with Greg Gumbel. Nobody gamble. Any other thoughts about this game? Gentleman, the raiders tackles are bad, maybe that's one of the reasons why dare cars planes aboard Ali, it's tough match to rookie tackles who gets these coaches get left to lie love the see if I had really thought about it. I would have lacked this game up, but you know, coach sometimes gets left in London late. No, I mean, it's a little early. Imagine the raiders fire Jon Gruden in London. They were one of the teams that left a London. It was Dennis Allen, right? Yeah. The dolphins that it as well. It's like the bizarro move. Grew Gruden just leaves his whole team in London. Right? I think he calls up Monday night football. I said he says like this Whitten's joke that that's your even. No, I don't. Even though I don't. Is over here. Heat check. This Whitten I. Did you just turn Gruden New York? Like what? What does it sound like? It's kinda just human. It's intensity of this game. I'm glad I brought you into any looked better, the Carolina Panthers at three and one, and and they, they look good. They feel good. Everyone's excited about the Panthers. Most of all, Greg Rosenthal. This Cam Newton, he will make you down. So was like Doug ruins account. Travels to Washington Landover to be exact face the Redskins who are coming off. I mean, if you want to pick a most pitiful team of week, five might be the Redskins didn't even look competitive against the saints. So Greg, this all sets up for another Panthers victory, but maybe the Redskins just had a bad week. Last week we shouldn't get too worked up. I think the Redskins are going to be in the mix all year. And these are two teams that tend to that almost try to play close games because they want to run the ball. And I think the the Panthers fans have to be excited because the team should get better. The fact that Curtis Samuel and DJ more were working more into the mix last week makes me excited to watch this Panthers offense moving forward. This is a fun team to watch right now, and I love how the roster's set up. They have more than any team in the league. I believe they have six starters aged thirty three. You're older now that Greg Olsen is practicing fully again, and they have five, regulars age twenty two or younger, but the bulk of the team is like Leuke Cam. Eaten right in the prime. They are like really well balanced team and they're fun to watch. I loved watching that giant's game. North Turner has been pretty creative. I do like watching them and Cam, I liked that they haven't gone away from his running value at all. It's it's kind of an obvious point to make, but en- games like last week when he's running over guys on third and three and a couple of other runs yet he had he had so much value as a runner. It just I don't think it can be overstated what a difference that he makes doing that. Right. Cam Newton, completion percentage check Wes ahead to go down. He didn't play well history. We are now through four games, so quarter of the season for him sixty five point. One percent. Excuse me, sixty five point, four percent. I mean, that's by far his career high. So that's a, that's a moral enter. Yeah, he's below fifty fifty nine percent for his career entering this year. This is the Josh Norman revenge game. Oh, good point. They'll they'll want to expose that. He the Jay Gruden I think trying to help out his guy was saying Norman's been fighting through a heel injury, which makes it difficult for even for him to even put a shoe on this year. Seems like a problem. If you're trying to play high level, I sit in this chair doing a podcast today, sweating like MO. Oh. I mean, he's had a lot even when you're healthy. Hello? But this is like like I'm reading like I'm a mile or something on the track and then sitting down studio. I might just put this might be the day I die and this is how I'm going to die. You were gonna say like your might leave right now too. I'm not going to do what you think them into. All right movie on the Los Angeles Rams are five. The only undefeated team in the NFC they looked to keep that streak going against the Denver Broncos who are a long way off from two zero. Now they've lost three straight games including an ugly effort in jersey. Last week, Wes, we know the Rams are one of the best if not the best team in the NFL where the Broncos right now they are tailspin central spinning out of control. And I know they do play much better at home on the road under Vance Joseph, they have some of the biggest apocalypse is like one get like they did last week, but, but at home you sell, it wasn't Baresi non-defense. You saw what they did against the chiefs at home. That was a game. The chiefs had had to come back to win. And yet I still can't pick against the Rams because I respect their coaching staff so much. I just don't see like. Sean McVeigh, having a letdown and he he's optimistic about Cooper Cup and Brandin cooks playing this week. So we'll see on that one. But so far it looks like it's, it's got a good chance to happen. McVeigh's amazing. Just how he can adjust in game that you lose Cooper Cup and Brandin cooks in the game. You've run pretty much the same personnel package all year, but then you adjust on the fly. Start putting too tight ends in transferred to the running game. Let Todd Gurley finish it out for you. And, oh, by the way, Josh Reynolds who comes in at wide receiver, you just have Josh Reynolds drive like this guy's barely all season. And then you have a drive where it's three straight plays all the Josh Reynolds, one of them being a running play for fifty yards and it's like he steps in and it almost didn't. I second like it didn't matter. They lost us to either receive. It's crazy. I. I know it's early, but I'd be so surprised the Rams aren't. The NFC Representative. I think they're that good. I think they're one of the most balanced teams we've seen in a long time and not just balance like a steady balance of team. No, the great defense, great offense, special teams, everything. This team looks great to me. I think this, this team's gonna cruise. I'll be surprised if they don't have home field advantage then, but then you gotta get back to me in January and it's it's a different thing trying to win a two game tournament at home. It's not easy. They do have some weaknesses. I mean, they're giving up points. Marcus Peters is a problem right now. I don't know if he's healthy or not, but he's given up. His eyes are in the backfield to a ton of big plays last couple of weeks. Mark Barron just came off the injured list for the first time about a year and a half had a terrible game a week ago. I don't know if it's just getting back up to speed, so they've had some issues defensively. The biggest weakness on that team is a potential injury, Jared Goff because they don't have a backup quarterback. Moving on the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to big d to face the Cowboys, the Cowboys. Now, two and three. They need a w in the worst way. And now we have the Jaguars coming to town and Greg, the Jags could not keep up with the chiefs last week, thirty two, fourteen loss, but Dallas feels like a good team for them to get right against they do because you know defensively, it's just hard for, you know, when the Jaguars are on defense, they're not forcing enough turnovers until last week. They did pick off Mahomes, but they're playing good team defense. It's just kinda hard to imagine the Cowboys. They're gonna putting together good drives against Jacksonville because the Jaguars make you earn it. They make you work down the field slowly. They'd do not really give up big plays. The Cowboys have no ability to make big plays. It's just like make a decision, Scotland, Lenihan on who you're wide receivers. Are you have five receivers last week who played. Between twenty three and thirty seven snaps. So you basically have five like number three or four receivers, and I know that's what they are quality wise, but it's like make a decision. Who are your guys? The biggest, what? He doesn't have any guys. Yeah, pick some. No pick. Some should be one of your guys. Let him everybody a chance to show something and nobody's flashing he's in a tough spot talking about an offense. Ak- decision in which the best big play threat is a tight end screen to Jeff Swain. I mean, come on this is a field goal offense, and it touchdown league in tyrant. Smith got worked over pretty good. Lasted grant. Granted. He was going up against JJ watt for the most part and Devin clowney, but you don't. You're not used to seeing that. And he has another tough match-up this week. I do. I want to see how Blake Bortles does against a pretty. I gotta I gotta talk to you about your QB index. Yeah, I knew going to say that you want to die on that hill eighty nine hell he said he wants to fight anyone who disagrees with these opinions, and one of them was Blake. Portal's playing better. I'm just saying, okay, here's the opinion. He's better. He's not good. I said he's not even average. He's settled in though at a point where he's probably better than about ten starters out there. He's definitely better on short passes. He has touched than he did a couple years ago. He pushes down over here last week. He pushes the ball down the field. He has the right receivers for that. He's just not the albatross cipher that he used to be. He's just kind of like a not very helpful quarter. Well, more accurately. He's the albatross cypher some weeks. And you gotta guess which weeks or is it going to be because you never know when they're going to happen. Right. And you have to win three or four games in January and February two, when a Super Bowl, I think it's ever put together that many games go. And I think it's a wrong model that your county on defense to win a Super Bowl, you need, you're going to need him to carry you at points and that saying he's going to do that. I'm just saying, if you look at every analytics, every metric, even the way I do QB index, he kind of settles in over the last year now, five games somewhere between depending on which ones you look at. Roughly around twenty two, twenty two or three. I'm just saying he's kind of you know what, though he's a poor man's Cam Newton report. He's kind of an index breaker. He's index because you don't know which one's gonna show up. They'll one version of him. It's just Jekyll and Hyde situation. Yeah, you're, you're grading. We're like Bortles but you really grading four different quarterbacks who who show up at different times in different, put them both. Both of them on the list. Just put one. It less. Bad bad idea. By the way, the Cowboys, the bad games are less frequent. I feel like they're about one every four or five now. Well, he's got really bad games out of five this year this. I don't count that to West Point that this is a field goal team and a touchdown league. The Cowboys are averaging sixteen and a half points a game in two thousand eighteen NFL. They totally totally botched this whole. So that's the over under this week. Twelve. I mean at bet are not going to score more than fourteen points. I would think geez. A lot of breadth mayor. If there another team, I say advice, but you know bag the under. All right. Seems like advice. If you say, if you prefaced the sentence with this isn't something you can say, whatever you want, we'll be on the Baltimore. Ravens are three and two got beat by the Browns, get used to it. This game has makes world new world daughter really for the AFC north, and now the ravens traveled to Tennessee the face tight tunes who are licking their wounds after that grizzly thirteen, twelve setback against the Buffalo Bills Wes sa- battle to two of the top five defense in the league. Speaking of bang in the under two west teams. Here, these are two teams. I've liked off and on for a while. Poor poor, Nick Williams ostracized what? How do you say whisked away to the to the lizard cornfields cornfields drop touchdown last week and dropped another pace to or fumbled or whatever. Anyway, cut this week just gone. They know they really need a reliable guy off opposite Corey Davis. And I thought for a minute, maybe they could signed Bryant and then I saw video of Dez Bryant running and what you not convinced that what was wrong with the video was the animal, Greg was afraid to on the side of the road. He looked like a thirty seven year old tight end guys probably not going to get it done. Yeah, I don't think anybody signing does. I mean, there should be in this game as a member of the ravens. It's insane to think back that he turned down three years for twenty four million dollars. That's bad. I am all time that decision. And it worked out for the rate Aldo. Michael Crabtree has not really been helping the ravens that much, but ultimately he's, he's going to be a better player. Yeah, I'm surprised you're so excited for this game, but I guess they are your teams I like to watch every can Mario? Mario has got to win some games from the pocket. I think the bills had a really good game plan against him. They took a windy. Yeah, they took away the running game Mario's running game last week. They did a good job kind of containing him and we'll might have enough. I question when I watched the titans is why even bother acting like Marcus mariota is a pocket quarterback. Okay. That's another way I think you have to coach around. He's always better on the run, and I think he's better when plays breakdown. He like last week. They did pretend that he has the potential to be the most effective running quarterback in the league outside of Cam Newton. When he's running, they are dangerous. The ravens are a lot less fun to watch when bed. Joe flacco is back by the way that will you give the Browns, a lot of credit for. His struggles last week, but flooding was that bad really now? Misthrows. I like the way played at all some drops. He he's been okay this year. This is a tough match. Downright. Good this year. Yeah, he's been a good quarterback. I agree unbalanced. I think he's had a really good season. But yeah, this is who do you got in this game was where's it? Tennessee? Cintel ac- I'm going Tennessee. I love the way they play at home. They have a different energy at home than they do on the road. Jay on Brown's been playing really well for them. Yes, we, let's move on to Sunday night football almost impossibly the NFL scheduling people decide the pats get to home games a row in prime time. So the chiefs get on a plane totally happened. Many times. Five? No. And what did this game be? Better than kids are city. See, you're saying that the NFL should change the home away formula for the entire Lee. League, I think for the patriots and prime time. I'm being totally honest here most patriots primetime games stink because the patriots wall teams put him on the road. You're going to get a better game. They're not gonna wind up the five chiefs. Don't you think I don't think they will, but that's beside the point. I just don't like them have back to back home games. I don't like patriots. Sorry, Eric, it's not personal. Okay. Anyway, we just woke Erica a great, a great Sunday night matchup here. Greg, some people call it the QB of tomorrow against the QB of today. Mahomes break. How. That according to our research notes, I didn't know that it kind of it kind of works though. I like it. If you saw it works. If you extend the analogy a little further, I'm going to go big picture here. Good. The patriots were always that team that everyone kind of copied that you've that there was a, oh, what are they doing there ahead of the the league, whatever trend they kind of start the year doing. Then a lot of teams follow the chiefs are that team now, I mean, Tony, Romo talked. This isn't an original idea. Tony Romo talked about it a lot during the chiefs Jaguars telecasts everyone's cop in the chiefs. Everyone looks at what the chiefs did in the first couple of weeks of the season, and they're just running the chiefs place and chiefs are still rolling out some new ones, but that to me, that's a testament. They Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes and everything clear complement. No, that's what I mean. It's amazing that you know everyone's copying the chiefs, you know what? They're not copying their defense, though, deadline football now, and that's problematic. There are one side of the road against. Tom Brady against an offense. It got healthy last week and finally looked like, okay, we've got outside receiver, Josh Gordon, we've got a chain mover and Julian them, and we got gronk who got Sony Michelle running between through big holes. This is an offense. It's feeling itself right now. Are we feel better about Sony, Michelle at the last two weeks. I'll say this runs hard. He runs hard, but I'm not picking on him. He doesn't beat people to the edge. Watch. Joe mixing play, watch saquon, Barkley play, and they're dead to rights in the backfield. Instead they bounce beat guide to the edge Sony, Michelle's, not doing that. It doesn't mean he won't do that in a few. Maybe it's not as game to use the Barclay comparison though. I think one thing Michelle does that Barkley dozen is he takes five and six yard gains. He hits the whole right away. Sure, yeah. And that's in. That's maybe what the patriots as a patriot Arkley ever have with he. He sometimes is looking for the big play, and I think he's talked about it to it. I'm not trying to compare it to. I'm just saying Michelle's taken what's there and he doesn't waste any time and they could kind of what they need. They have James white in the passing game. It's fixed the running game, whatever they're doing is working. And to me, this is I love this patriots matchup against the chiefs defense I had to to, but you gotta play defense against Kansas. And if the patriots can't get much pass, rush on Andrew lock, which they couldn't. It's like, what are they going to do with Patrick Mahomes. They've been protecting Mahomes really well, and, and you're just worried that they're just gonna. They lost them up. They lost their best guard for the season. Right. Do Vernay toward def-. Yeah, Dr tardy from Gil. My brother's alma mater that's a, that's a big loss for them. They've been playing really well and he, he got a big long term extension, Justin Houston this week, it looks like some breaks and you know who's been playing. We haven't mentioned on the show at all. Jason mccourty and Stefan Gilmore are really good cornerback tandem, and it does get me thinking that the patriots try a lot of these low cost trades. And right now, the sixth round pick for McCurdy and whatever they gave up for Josh Gordon are paying some serious dividends. And get excited, Danny Italy. It was dark for a few weeks, but they're looking by was actually just thinking if Mahomes goes there on Sunday night, football lights him up. He's going to. It's going to be in the thirties. I'm hoping that I'm hoping the patriots to match him. Thinking about this, let's look at the worst case scenario writes the chiefs go in there and win, they're, they're gonna get it by six. They get bats would be three and three. So they would have a three game lead and the tiebreaker over and Jacksonville, as you know, also as the tiebreaker on the pats that streak of buys, which is at what eight years though we'll be in serious jeopardy. No doubt this game. So it's kind of a sneaky, huge game, especially for the chiefs weirdly because I think they'll have such a big edge for home field advantage and by over everyone in the AFC not just the patriots. If they win this game, it's such a huge game. It's time to put it online, but the perfect record on the line. Are you do that. Lock it up? The patriots. Oh, rare lock, right. Didn't know which team he was going to lock up. Listen, you can look in the mirror on that, but either you're going to go, I was going to be a lot of fun. Every time I look up the patriots. It gets undefeated team people ask why? How I can look in the mirror. Oh, please don't go back to that. Well, I have no problem going back to that. Well, don't you go back to that and the dolphins are to where were you at last week? When Mark took the painters against the giants at home and nobody says a word. But if I take on then undefeated teams affair PO. Oh. Cancer. What did Mark do less. He locked up the Panthers at home against the one in three John. That was a bad luck, but speak on it. Nobody's no, I'm not gonna go. Now, if you're gonna go with that in the desert, the patriots at home against dolphins or even bigger favorites than Carolina, screw that desert. And quickly. I, I don't want to spend a lot of time in this game because it's a bummer. Monday night football. The wanted four, San Francisco, forty Niners. This was supposed to be Jimmy g. verse Aaron Rodgers set at CJ Beathard against Aaron Rodgers. So Packers off is still trying to find its way gets a layup. The Niners come into Lambeau in primetime, right? West. Yeah, I could not look in the mirror and this one. This was the first game I wanted to take. And then I said, Nah, I just can't do it. The forty Niners did not look good last week. I didn't think CJ Beathard look good. They're banged up. Bang downgrade from Matt Braida to regime. Moster might be as that we're just making up names, Matt Brady was is played well, downright. Explosively looks out this week. Braid does not coming back this week. Yeah, and the Packers. I just think everybody needs to relax on them. Their fan base is rabid like they have a bad game where they out they out yardage the other team by over two hundred and fifty yards and lose in the Packers. Fan base is like, everything's broken. Everything's broken. We gotta fix. This is a bit of a call it a national narrative. But the the ringer, Robert Mays wrote a piece about the Packers. I don't know if you've always read that similar sentiments that the Packers are essentially wasting another year. Very welcome. I've been trying to get rid of McCarthy now for two years. I think he is a big part of the problem. We need to see it's, it's upset that your influence has an extended to cream bay, right? He's still kept. You've been driving all these NFL network hits, Greg, let's let's build up the ground. Swell, I've done here. I have one hot take for you from this is George Kittle forget Travis, Kelsey. Ten of China fan himself slapped himself in the face with the research notes. That was, that was a moment. Okay, we'll get out of here after I say, I'll after I asked the question, this better be trenches towards kid all the best run after catch tight end. And now even bigger is George kettle the best tight end in the NFL. Oh, I love George kindle. I've been. I've been talking about him for a couple years, but he's at least better than grunk Brandon? Thorne who you recommend it to me as a great follow on Twitter, he's kind of an offensive line blocking guru. He went through about ten plays and he does it every week with kiddle blocking. He thinks George Kibble might be the best blocking tight end he's ever seen. So if you combine that with the tight end, who's leading the position in yardage and making a ton of big plays. I don't know. He's got to be in the mix where there's a sacrilege for patriots fan. Dak late George Kittles better than I'm not saying he's better, but I think he might be in the top couple. He's gone from being a nice little story. He's one of the tighter in the league, right between injuries and lack of. Big time players, so maybe Georgie sneaks in the back door here he's in the top three or four. That's the moon if he could move that well, and he's that good of a blocker. I wanna stay healthy and that's a nice pick day by John Lynch. Fifth round a twenty-seven tweaks and twinges. You've got to stay healthy. We'll be back on Sunday where we will recap all the games. You just heard. So please please tune in for that if you missed our Twitter show, it is pinned at most. If not, all of our individual Twitter profiles of the Twitter show and the people who've asked, oh, you guys aren't doing Monday night recap anymore. Oh, yeah, we are. It's on the Twitter show. So check it out and no, we're not gonna make it an audio show because it's the Twitter show. It's a video format. That's that's what it is. Like the better one. It was the Tuesday pot. Now still get three podcasts, but now there's a video show. You get an extra one really four shows. Ultimately, what do you do? You like a show? What do you like better three or four for, obviously. That's. Vin- Desailly up. We'll get back in bed for the mailman the old boss and the loose cannon behind the glass. Till Sunday. Hope I'm there.

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