47: Halloween SPOOKtacular Special!


It's the morning show that no one knows no one inch better I think you have to be we have to be equal distance I I turned on like rave music driving back from having dropped the kids I'm excited at least here in the US it is Halloween. I don't I don't know only because we were not allowed to celebrate it as a little kid I was a pentecostal harvest festival are you kidding I'm not getting like trunk or tree or we're your church the cars in the parking lot have candy in the trunk and it's like you go you're not going to retreat in your trunk or treating setting it up I was like Oh this is going to be funny it's too early it's too early you know here we are some days you get the best of us some days she was with me on this trip so she's running all over Helen Georgia with me and to the right gate we get their land late retired and I was texting the seven so she can handle that kind of go enthusiastic who are we the theme show so it should be really funny if you are not following the Hottest Cohen instagram. You're takes costumes very seriously this should be fun my costume thirty four degrees outside four you know what happened yesterday awesome and you got your drink all right I love you Robin Roberts was very startled Rely said that I pee my pants the best was Larry Spencer was like is came on just to just to give advice like yum like you flew here because people her to add value right so yesterday I did my last Keno that was yesterday October thirtieth would be the last time that I speak on someone else's so you're like Johnson to get some time with me I think we have five or six events speak you gotta come to a rise event that's the only way that I'm doing it going for it because it's also the worst So I I I fully I haven't this whatever I have restless leg syndrome whatever anyone else have it I know you don't my mom has anything my sisters have nine I have a restless legs syndrome like drops that I our you are almost done you are almost there hey look I may so low energy is leaving what to Russell Wilson you see what they were for Halloween they won Halloween they the the recording and then they get our producer gets mad sorry tell me what you're going to be for Halloween I love costume that's basically the only reason I wearing what he's wearing but I just want to say he's probably going to made him his costume and it's epic and I just don't feel like it's fair because he didn't NB so fifteen month old and I are witches so cute toy story for manager's the crown box that's really cute maverick and call you three year old is blimpy PJ masks I okay so technically I could at midnight not that I have considered it I can have a drink they're trying to figure out what I'm GonNa give up for November because I same thing and part of it is like you could give up the occasional like chips maybe the thing that you gave up this month but I mean I ate everything at a baseball what a beautiful you did in case it and see if you want to have you ever and the answer is yeah there's perks it's not just like I get to laugh at her jokes within twenty four hours like hey can we send Rachel two tickets to the seventh guess what she is not going to be here but I will vary tattoo under my left what Hashtag knows like what is that of sorry we only have one kid who's into sports and so I was crying over picked him up at school I picked him up at school like driving do oh my gosh I'm getting to actually go to the game and then told him out as a possibility right that is accurate that is so much different than field for it was this crazy thing because hour drive so he's like so excited he's like at the peak of excitement and then we driving cards raining comes back down just a little tiny bit get to the ticket booth it's back up and we're in an Oh my goodness in time so he goes to bed has to be in bed at eight so right you still into this is like yeah I'm in but is there a mercy rule like if they were to score who had so much happy down up down now tired who craziness I have been lame I've been so worried about Kevin Hart posting gotten erasing so Yeah Anyway Kevin Hart is okay the rock no I got to see all these celebrities do stop that Tackler Oh man I today season get out the sweat pants get out the Fran auditing all the holiday collection I've been doing it for years the joy used the mugs for the holidays it's you can't even it the joy the face with the antlers but what Hashtag worth it Hashtag bless Hashtag this is the thing if you can find true joy true today and I want to be very cautious in how I say this I am I'm very happy to be blessed and to make money and all the things undo and I was like Yes oh hugh happier more fulfilled but look yes you won't stress about how you're paying rent to fail and he stood up and he was talking about like I just I you this is what you've said success looks like a million dollars not I wanna be a good ed and I started dig with him and I wish I saw some you commenting about our interaction I why why does that matter and he saved because if I if I made a million dollars and it's funny because I think for men it's about success and for women think like if I am successful professionally wider audience nine thousand people or something and you you probably couldn't see right now you are worthy right now view never make another dollar you are loved Oh all this junk that's here all this insecurity tear it's still GonNa be here you magnifies the insecure that makes them worse good it's real I got on that tangent whether it was my job title or the amount of money that it afforded or the status that came with working that was familiar to move into something that I might not be great at and the Foundational Building Block pieces of you being good enough worthy does I also know what it's like to work three jobs I know what it's like to have your phone shut from the outside world it does matter so I think it's disingenuous to tell people to not care about is your success with who you are as a person that is sort of an outside thing we didn't sound off one two I literally forgot to say the Start Today Journal all they r anything I was like right Joel you had one job so any you do have to start your day with intentionally real quick though today's they are normally twenty four dollars you can get them for fourteen and today is the last days last ninety days last nine zero days you sign up for our last ninety days email a day only after today back up to twenty four so Rio now in on Monday because we launched the shop on Monday

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