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Gary Douglas Smile does he wander through the crowd at the nineteen eighty-seven House Party in Santa Barbara. He loaded up a plastic plate with cubes of Orange. Cheese grabbed himself a glass of white wine and made his way to a large patio overlooking the hosts backyard as he stepped outside he found a dozen other party guests sitting cross legged in a semi circle on the terra cotta tiles at the center of the circle. A bald man in a Hawaiian Shirt Knelt Donna cushion. His eyes closed a moment later. The man's eyes snapped open and in a deep voice. He introduced himself as a being from another dimension. Called Beauchard Gary Watson Silent Awe as bizarre launched into a rambling sermon on the nature of the universe. Later that night once he'd had time to fully process the wisdom offered by the strange spirit. Gary was consumed by a single thought if he could do it. Then why can't I? Hi I'm Greg Olsen and I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is colts. Apar- cast original every Tuesday. We look at a cults practices their leader and their followers. You can find all episodes of cults and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream colts for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type cults in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network today in a one part episode. We're taking a deep dive into Gary Douglas founder of a new wage self empowerment movement known as access consciousness in the nineteen ninety s Gary. Douglas developed an interest in spirit channeling and claim that he'd been visited by the spirit of Russia's mad monk Grigori Rasputin over the next two decades Gary expanded access consciousness from a mystical meditation clinic into an international media. Empire centered around the vague doctrine of true consciousness attracting tens of thousands of followers a year access. Consciousness eventually earned Gerry an estimated net worth of one point five million dollars according to the meat Gary Section of the access consciousness website Gary. Douglas was born into a midwest middle class white bread family on January. First Nineteen fifty. Gary says that he felt different from most of the people he knew by the time he was six years old but his life prior to Nineteen Ninety. Follow a fairly routine trajectory for someone with his background. He grew up in a fairly stable household though his parents weren't religious. Gary was fascinated with religion from an early age and convinced his parents to let him and his younger sister walk to Catholic mass together when he was nine. Gary later said he liked singing. Hymns and found the stories of the Bible inspiring but the Church's answers about life purpose and the nature of existence were never enough to satisfy his curiosity still searching for answers. Gary attended college in Nineteen Sixty seven where he focused on building the foundations for white bread middle-class life of his own after Gary graduated he moved to Santa Barbara There. He met his first wife and started working real estate. They welcomed a daughter a couple of years later. Not Bad for a twenty five year old kid from a small town in the mid West. His first wife was scientologist to rent a field group in Santa Barbara. But we never fully converted. Gary flirted with scientology throughout the eighties after getting divorced in. Nineteen eighty-three thirty-three-year-old. Gary Married Patricia O'hare she also had experience with scientology but was no longer active in the church. Patricia introduced Gary to another prominent ex scientologist. Mary Vernita at seventy one. Mary had devoted decades of her life to the church. She had a profound impact on Gary and the two became incredibly close. He frequently sought her advice on relationship issues. Financial troubles and other matters their relationship and his experiences with scientology would go on to influence. Gary's later attempts to found his own spiritual organization though he didn't create access consciousness until the early nineties. Gary's fascination with Spirit channeling began at a Santa Barbara House party in Nineteen eighty-seven Spirit. Channeling is a practice that while it claims to explore the spirit world may actually be away of delving into our inner worlds. Vanessa's going to take over the psychology here and throughout the episode please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg Trans personal psychology or spirit. Psychology attempts to integrate spiritual aspects of the human experience into the framework of modern psychology as explained by a row Valverde in the Journal of consciousness exploration and research channeling is a para psychological phenomenon that can also lead to the exploration of the inner self according to this theory the spirit that possesses a chandler during a trance. State is actually an expression. The Chandler's own unconscious mind meaning that though the channel or may believe another being has entered their body. The spirit is likely a subconscious expression of the Chandler's idealized self. In some cases. The spirit may take the form of a historical figure. The Chandler subconsciously identifies with in the late eighties spirit. Chancellors were the latest trend in Santa Barbara Phenomenon. Fascinated many of the beach cities wealthy psychedelic explorers they played host to self styled gurus who would enter a meditative trance and sit in silence until they were contacted by his spirit. Then the spirit would speak to the crowd through the Chandler. Sometimes the spirit was an ancient Tibetan philosopher preaching a message of brotherly love Deity offering the secret to eternal joy or an alien psychic projecting across the universe just to say hi real or not. The acts were a big hit among new age. Suburbanites intrigued by reincarnation eastern religions and astral projection Gary. Douglas was no exception. When the thirty seven year old watched a man entertain a room of party guests by channeling a being called by Shar? He was spellbound. It's possible the man he saw was. Darryl Anka a well known medium who has channeled a multidimensional being named Beauchard for decades though he would have been just getting started at the time. Anka remained a prominent fixture of the spiritual channel and community for decades. After witnessing the performance Gary began to wonder whether he could learn to channel spirits to it said that Gary joked to his life us no better looking at I. He's no taller. He certainly doesn't speak any better. He's from New Jersey. Whether out of a genuine interest or sensing an opportunity to cash in on a new age trend Gary threw himself into the world of spirit channeling when he wasn't working on his real estate business he devoured books and attended lectures on the subject then in nineteen eighty nine. Gary sister-in-law Virginia came to visit Gary. Now thirty nine invited her Patricia. And a few friends to a channeling session with a local woman named Yvonne who chatted a spirit named Dr. W It was during the session while Gary and friends were meditating silently bet gary claims he made burst contact with the Ghost Grigori. Rasputin Russ Bhuttan was a historic Russian mystic and self proclaimed holy man who befriended czarina Alexandra Feodorovna wife of Nicholas. The second his influence over the royal family destabilize. The monarchy and the leaders of parliament had him assassinated in Nineteen. Sixteen is outrageous. Acts of public drunkenness and heavily publicized affairs with the ladies of the Russian aristocracy earned him his infamous nickname but mad monk of Moscow. Trans Personal Psychology would suggest that Gary Douglas imagined himself being possessed by the spirit of respite as a way of expressing some inner unconscious desire. Perhaps as someone who envisioned himself as a free spirit on restricted by societal limitations gary was unconsciously drawn to rest. Putin's reputation as an oversexed hellraiser. Either way while Channeling Rasputin Gary spoke with a FO- Russian accent. He recounted various details of Rasputin 's life which he claims to have had no prior knowledge of a few minutes later respite and faded and Gary returned to mixed reactions from the others in the room. Virginia and his friends were impressed but Patricia thought Gary may have been pulling a prank on them eventually. He convinced her. It had all been real. Gary insisted that he knew nothing about Grigori. Rasputin before the first channeling. Other than his name. Yet when Patricia recorded the details of respondents life that Gary mentioned during his channeling sessions Gary estimated that about eighty percent of it was one hundred percent correct. After this first encounter Gary was conveniently able to conjure. Bhuttan at will he started offering guided meditation sessions with Rutin to a select group of friends around Santa Barbara in nineteen ninety though one journalist later compared his four Russian accent to a high school theater. Kid Wrangling checkoff. Gary's Russ Putin Act mystified and delighted his early clientele to make sure the routine didn't get stale. Gary also channeled other spirits including an ancient Chinese man and brother George of Boisterous Fryer from the fourteenth century though he developed a small passionate following by the end of nineteen ninety. He still considered channeling to be a hobby. At this point he saw it as a fun way to connect with the new age folks a social circle and bring in some extra money to supplement his flagging real estate business throughout the nineteen eighties. Gary made a good living as an investor. Earning about one hundred thousand dollars a year then in nineteen ninety the. Us economy entered a recession soon. Gary faced mounting debts a lawsuit by collection agencies and an I. R. S. investigation into unpaid taxes. When he was eventually forced into bankruptcy Gary decided to make spirit channeling his full-time GIG around this time. He attended a meditation retreat in Colorado. While meditating in the mountains. Gary supposedly began to channel the spirits of an ancient extinct race of aliens called the Novi Ans they revealed the fundamental nature of the universe to Gary. The alien showed him how to achieve true consciousness by freeing his mind from the pesky human limitations of Judgment. Shane and rational thought. The know the INS could've been another unconscious expression of Gary's desire to live unshackled from all forms of consequence but writing about it later. Gary described the experience of channeling the Novi and says this painful early manuals for access consciousness stated they would take about one breath and talk for twenty minutes lower. Gary's blood pressure and heartbeat to the point that on a ninety two degree day he would be freezing. He needed to drink several cups of hot tea and where a down comforter to raise his temperature to save himself unnecessary pain. Gary suggested the Novi Transmit all future communications through the spirit of Grigori? Rasputin through respite. In the Novi is offered Gary the key components of the philosophy that would define the early years of access consciousness the most important of these concepts being the bars. This massage technique. That stimulates points on the skull to alleviate suffering caused by subconscious memories of traumatic experiences mood disorders and depression. By the time he'd returned from the Colorado Retreat at the end of nineteen ninety. Dairy had everything he needed to launch access consciousness. He had a small devoted following from his channeling sessions in Santa Barbara. A new age philosophy gifted to him by alien spirits and a pseudoscientific physical practice akin to reflect solidly. His cult was ready to go up next. Gary finds the access consciousness empire with a little help from alien head massages. Really excited to tell you about a fantastic new podcast. 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If you're listening on spotify you can share this quote with your friends on social by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the episode. Page scrolling down to share and selecting your sharing option of choice. If you're looking for morning jumpstart of midday pick me up or evening inspiration. You can hear new episode three hundred sixty five days a year followed daily quote free on spotify over every. Get Your podcasts now. Back to the story after struggling the real estate business in the early nineties Gary. Douglas needed a new career. He surveyed the metaphysical landscape of Santa Barbara and saw way forward through spirit channeling at the age of forty two. He suddenly transformed himself into a spirit channeling guru offering a doctrine of self empowerment. He claimed to have received from an ancient alien race called the Nubians armed with extraterrestrial wisdom. Gary set out to construct his own new age empire piggybacking off the success of his early channeling sessions. Gary founded access energy transformation in Nineteen ninety-one he formalized the group's doctrine and like scientology developed a tiered structure of classes seminars. One on one sessions and incentives designed to recruit members and. Rake in cash. Those evolved significantly over the years through a series of rebranding the original access consciousness doctrine can be summarized in a few key points. The fundamental principle of access consciousness. Is that those who achieve true. Consciousness will find spiritual fulfillment and manifest positive changes in their lives accessories as Gary's converts known were taught at the concepts of good and evil were invented to restrict their behavior through psychological conditioning. According to Gary our minds literally create our reality through our thoughts desires and actions therefore we should not judge ourselves nor inhibit our desires in any way in Gary's view traumatic memories end. Societal expectations create mental blocks that prevent us from experiencing true consciousness access consciousness. Promise that those who attain true consciousness could perform impressive metaphysical miracles like using fought to alter the molecular makeup of cheap wine so it tastes better. The organization separated people into two categories. People who didn't subscribe to its teachings and therefore never attained true consciousness are humans members of access consciousness who aspired to true consciousness on the other hand and have worked to free themselves of Judgment. Shame and self doubt were considered humanoids access. Didn't explicitly forbid indoctrinated humanoids from associating with uninitiated. Humans but the manuals also didn't shy away from disparaging humans as unenlightened harbingers of shame and doubt access manuals also advised humanoid accessories to be wary of their human family. In Gary's view concerned family members were just another limitation to be transcended in order to help new members transition from human to humanoid access consciousness. Used massage therapy called access bars. The practice is similar to eastern reflexologist. Were applying pressure to certain areas of a person's foot is used to cure a number of ailments access bars instead outlined. Thirty two points on a person's skull that when massaged by a certified access bars facilitator were said to relieve a patient of subconscious memories preventing them from experiencing true consciousness. Facilitators made many bold claims about the benefits of access bars. Gary boasted that one session could free a person from five thousand to ten thousand years of mental limitations and cure a variety of mental disorders ranging severity from laziness and low self esteem to suicidal depression. While it certainly irresponsible to suggest that a cranial could cure a severe depressive episode researchers have found evidence that suggests cranial massage can provide other therapeutic benefits one study examining the effects of cranial massage found that compared to control participants massage participants exhibited greater improvements in Migraine frequency and sleep quality during the intervention weeks during sessions massage induced decreases in state anxiety heart rate and cortisol though his claims about the benefits were wildly exaggerated. Gary made access bars. A core component of the access energy transformation curriculum over time access has undergone many changes but the original feedback. Loop where people paid to become facilitators. So they could earn money. By luring new recruits into the classes remained central to its business model for example. A new access converts seeking to become a certified access bars. Facilitator today. Would I need to enroll in foundation class with a licensed facilitator? Which costs six hundred dollars? Ben They would have to take the level one course within the next eighteen months for another six hundred dollars. This makes them eligible for the level two and three courses taught exclusively by Gary Douglas and his top lieutenants and they cost eighteen hundred dollars. Each members interested in becoming facilitators. Must take each class twice for a total of six thousand dollars. Once they've completed the courses they earn an invitation to a seven day intensive retreat in Costa Rica which cost two thousand nine hundred fifty dollars plus airfare. Then once they become a certified facilitator they must pay a three thousand. Two hundred dollar annual recertification fee spending upwards of thirteen thousand dollars earns access members and officials facilitator profile on the access consciousness website and the right to facilitate their own access. Bars courses charging six hundred dollars per person. To perpetuate the cycle. Gary may have received his initial instructions from an alien race called the Novi Ns but the secret. His success lay in combining predatory pay to play model with the trickle up. Pyramid design of a multilevel marketing scheme and yet despite the financial burdens access consciousness placed on his participants. Gary Douglas continued to attract a following from one. Thousand nine hundred. Ninety one to two thousand access grew slowly but steadily it soon evolved from a small group that taught classes out of Gary's home to a national organization with chapters all over the country it was especially successful at carving out footholds in witchy new age hot spots like Denver Tucson Houston and Baton Rouge clearly. People got something out of Gary's lectures X. Accessories said that Gary seminars could be a lot of fun when he was great at creating a strong sense of community among his followers especially in the early years in between Rasputin Channeling sessions where Gary preached in circles about empowering you to know what you know and making the choice to choose. He was a genuinely fun and charismatic person. To Talk to he crack jokes told stories and encouraged participants to share their feelings without fear of judgement. It's not hard to see how someone in a tough spot in their life might come away from what Gary seminars feeling better about themselves but a more sinister secret to the successful expansion of access consciousness was hidden and Gary's ten ts to freedom which all accessories must learn by heart. The first of the ten keys was a question with an infinite being. Really choose this. This question specifically appealed to the vanity of potential recruits access. Consciousness was far from the first new age cult to win people over by encouraging their natural instinct for self aggrandizement other keys to inhibit a person's objectivity such as everything is just an interesting point of view. Live as the question not the answer and no judgement no discrimination no discernment by embracing these mantras accessories insulated themselves from criticism and discouraged each other from thinking critically about Gerry's teachings any contradictory aspect about the organization was folded into the concept of living as the question if accessories never had to judge competing ideas. Then they never had to directly engage with their critics the fifth key no form no structure no significance provided Gary. The leeway needed to reinvent access consciousness as necessary. He could change his dogma. As many times as he needed to maintain its momentum and legitimacy Gary Mix these keys in with several pleasant aspirational mantras intended to portray access consciousness as healthy inclusive and calming sayings. Like no drugs of any kind live in ten second increments. No competition and no exclusion taken together. These keys to freedom serve a dual purpose. They indoctrinated the members of access consciousness into a docile pattern of behavior by encouraging his followers. To let go of judgment live in the moment and not worry too much about the past or future Gary could lower them into a state of increased suggest ability. This kind of dual purpose is a common feature of colts. As explained by Dr Margaret Singer in a study on psychotherapy cults. She wrote because cults profess to help members but in actuality exploit them cults develop a double agenda in which they employed dual set of norms with the surface norms subservient to the deeper hidden designs and purposes of an organization or group? Surface norms stressed. The idealism and the righteousness of the 'cause below the surface however are a set of underlying norms that efficiently run the organization. Enshrining these techniques says the ten commandments at the heart of access. Consciousness allowed Gary to profess a benevolent idealism. This worked to make new members more easily indoctrinated and from nineteen ninety one to two thousand as Gary work to expand access energy transformation beyond the confines of Ohio. County thousands of people lined up to embrace Gary's Ten Commandments. Then in two thousand fifty year old Gary Douglas met the man who would transform access consciousness. Soon it would go from a regional new age novelty to a media savvy international wellness Brad. But first Gary would have to save a man's life coming up Gary Douglas discovers a depressed chiropractor with magic hands and together they launch access consciousness into the twenty first century now back to the story throughout the nineteen nineties Gary. Douglas attracted a steady following of new age. Devotees to access consciousness entertained by the lively conjuring up Grigori Rasputin Ghost. Converts were captivated by his philosophy of radical self acceptance by two thousand fifty year old. Gary was looking to expand even further at the time. Dane here was a chiropractor in his thirties. Living in Santa Barbara he was handsome. Engaged to a wonderful woman and lived twenty minutes from one of the best beaches in California though he appeared to have it all Dane was severely depressed. His medical practice wasn't doing well and he was struggling to pay his half of the rent in the apartment. He shared with his fiancee crippled. By self doubt and self loathing. He made a plan to end his life in six months. If things did not improve fortunately he stumbled across a newspaper ad for an access bars class and decided to sign up for an introductory class. Dane took to access immediately. He was charming and gentle. If a little melancholy with a brilliant smile and a good eye for fashion he was a big hit with other members of the class especially the ladies perhaps because of his experiences a chiropractor. Dane proved to have a talent for running bars. After completing the foundation and level one classes Dane met Gary for the first time when Dane ran bars for him Gary was blown away recounting the story at a class in two thousand four. Gary said he started doing this stuff and I started twitching all over the table and when I got up I said WHOA. What did you just do? That was the most phenomenal thing I've ever experienced. That session changed my life and it changed his to Gary Stain to begin facilitating advanced classes. Launching him straight to the top of the access consciousness hierarchy not long after that Dane moved into his house and became his number two man. While there's no mention of what became of Dane and his fiancee's relationship. It appears the couple split by the time. Dane moved in with Gerry. Dane was increasingly popular within the access. Consciousness community Dane could induce orgasm in some people just by placing his fingertips on their scalp. Gary recognized that Dane had enormous potential as a youthful handsome and articulate. Spokesperson began grooming him to become one of the main public faces of the organization as Dane handled more of the classes and administrative responsibilities. Gary was free to focus his efforts on the big picture. He'd managed to carve out a lucrative niche for himself among those interested in New Age philosophy and mysticism but he could sense that the tide was turning as the new millennium dawned. The rising tide of new age thought he'd been riding since the Eighties had finally begun to ebb. By two thousand four. Gary started to push access consciousness in a new direction. Distancing it from its mystical origins. Now fifty four he phased out his Rasputin character. Offering the official explanation that he'd gotten tired of people treating respite in like their personal psychic. Unofficially it's likely Gary knew that by obscuring the more bizarre elements of the origins of access consciousness. He could rebrand the access philosophy for a wider audience. He intended to expand access consciousness to be an umbrella company covering all manner of lifestyle and wellness techniques in two thousand five after giving rest Putin the boot for good fifty five year. Old Gary transitioned further publishing. His first self help book it was titled. Sex is not a four letter word but relationship. Oftentimes is it cobbled together aphorisms from Gary's previous seminars lectures offering relationship. Advice through the self-centered Lance of accesses true consciousness philosophy for example one piece of advice included in the book was passed down to Gary from his scientologist. Mentor Mary Veronica. She advised that a healthy marriage must be based in honor and respect. A conscious partner may choose to sleep with someone besides their spouse but they must not dishonor the partner by telling them about it. Incidentally Gary these self marriage expert divorced his Second Wife Patricia in two thousand five after the success of his first book Gary went on a writing spray other books published under the access consciousness. Umbrella include right riches for you beyond the Utopian ideal talking to animals how to become money. Money's not the problem you are. And many many more becoming a published author gave Gary a new era of legitimacy. It allowed him to rebrand himself as a bestselling author. International Speaker sought after facilitator and expert in behavioral psychology. He was offered spots on radio shows to promote his books and even made his way onto some local morning shows all that free publicity fed back into access consciousness and it gradually developed into an international following. Today you can find certified access facilitators offering classes all over the world from Texas to Lithuania. Gary'S LECTURES BOOKS AND VIDEO. Courses have been translated into over a dozen languages. However evidence suggests that by two thousand seven. All of the success had started going to Gary's head attendees of the fifty seven year olds. Lectures noticed market shift in his personality. Around that time. The once open minded and magnanimous speaker. Started to develop a cruel streak. Lectures on relationships often diverted into gary airing bitter grievances against his ex wives and vicious tirades against those who had slighted him in the past sadly it only got worse from there at a seminar on family and relationships in two thousand seven. Gerry of other and grandparent himself recorded saying quote. Young children are incredibly sexy instead of acknowledging this and allowing themselves to enjoy the energy without acting on it parents most often judged themselves for being wrong for having these feelings about their children. In addition to this questionable statement Gary took a radical departure from the inclusive nature of his earlier tax cuts in two thousand and four. Gary had encouraged criticism of his ideas. It was all part of living as the question. But by two thousand twelve excerpts from access manuals strikes starkly different tone slandering those who criticized accesses teachings as evil and conniving the new texts labeled critic says demons from Hell and went so far as to suggest accessories should threaten to kill them. Gary's advice on family and marriage took a dark turn as well with the later manuals advising members that the only reason to have family is if they have money you might inherit otherwise divorce them as Gary became a less reliable spokesperson for the organization. Dane here stepped into the gap. Doing more television appearances and radio interviews. He remained immensely popular within the access. Consciousness community and by two thousand twelve. He become the dominant public face of access consciousness. In contrast to Gary Dane was fun and casual his seminars. Were Raucous hands on affairs where he would live things up by cracking sexually charged jokes. He expanded his roster of courses offering an in demand. Sex Workshop called the joys of Orgasm but as Dana was collecting. Fan's sixty two year old Gary faced more detractors. In Two thousand twelve he announced plans to launch a series of education initiatives aimed at preteens and teenagers in exchange for a fifty thousand dollar donation to the Ricky Williams Youth Education Charity. Gary got to host and educational event at a High School in Houston. His lecture encouraged kids to know what they know and taught them techniques to manipulate their teachers to get better grades. Suddenly Texans and the local media were asking if access consciousness was cult targeting children. The recording about children's sexiness from two thousand seven resurfaced accusations of sex cult shenanigans soon followed and while that aspect was likely untrue. They still had good reason to be suspicious of Gary's intentions. It's possible Gary didn't decide to pivoted targeting teenagers on a whim as a master manipulator. He understood that teens were particularly susceptible to access his method of thought. Reform according to the results of a study commissioned by the programme for international student assessment only fourteen percent of American Students Ages. Thirteen to seventeen are able to deal with concepts that are abstract or counter intuitive and established distinctions between fact and opinion based on implicit cues pertaining to the content or source of the information. Children make easy targets for Gary's brand abstract abstract counter intuitive psychobabble if he could hook them while they're young he'd recruited customer for life doing damage control on behalf of his organization. Ricky Williams assured the concerned parents of Houston that he would not allow access consciousness to hijack his foundation's education programs after the two thousand twelve debacle access. Consciousness moved its headquarters to Houston Texas but they maintained a low profile since then and stayed out of the news still the organization continues to attract members. Gary and Dain are still out there leading seminars hosting seven day intensive retreats in Costa Rica and offering up meandering metaphysical lectures to anyone willing to listen from the sandy shores. Santa Barbara Gary. Douglas took the new wave for a ride around the world. A natural born salesman. He spent two decades perfecting the art of selling of vague notion of consciousness but by lionising is own subjectivity. Gary eventually lost his grip on reality and proved just how hollow it is to live life. Ten seconds at a time. Thanks again for tuning into cults. We'll be back next week with another episode. You can find all episodes of cults and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast rituals like colts for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker to stream colts on spotify. Just open the APP and type colts in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Cults was created by Max Cutler as apar- cast studios original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler. Sound designed by Brendan Hawkins with production. Assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Freddie Beckley. This episode of Colts was written by Nick. Hanley writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars Greg Paulson and Vanessa Richardson.

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