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May 04, 2020


hello and welcome to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Monday may fourth coming. Up on certain scale. Daily Washington man is facing federal murder charges in the death of twenty one year old dine at Lopez whose body was discovered on a logging road. The Olympic National Forest Police North Carolina see the nineteen children between the ages of nine and sixteen. Were involved in a recent stream car heist at dealerships. In Winston Salem area finally a California man who suspected of murdering his estranged girlfriend and her two sons was taken into custody in Colorado following day. Long manhunt all this and more coming up on sorting scaled daily The Peninsula Daily News reports that on Friday federal prosecutors charged Alejandro Row House with second-degree degree murder in connection with the killing of twenty one year. Old California woman dine at the Lopez prosecutors allege that row haas who was married with children was having affair with Lopez and murdered her after she flew in from California to visit him. Lopez's body was discovered near a logging road in Olympic national forest on Valentine's Day. A story that we shared with you at the time she was identified after being reported missing in California. According to the medical examiner Lopez suffered blunt force trauma to the head and blunt and sharp force injuries to her neck. Torso and arms. They included eleven stab wounds to the right side. We're back as well as incised wounds to her neck. She had defensive wounds to her arms and hands near her body. Investigators found a broken bloodied Tequila bottle. A blue retractable box cutter and a knife based on the federal complaint which was obtained by People magazine Rose Picked Lopez up the Seattle airport on February tenth and they drove to seek them. They spent most of the night and said row houses ninety nine Chevy Silverado parked outside the longhouse smart kid and then traveled to the Olympic National Forest. The prosecutors claim the row house provided contradicting stories when friends and family of Lopez more. She was at. He allegedly told one friend via facebook. The had not been in contact with Lopez since November of two thousand nineteen when she went on a trip to Mexico but according to the complain when speaking with Lopez's mother also on facebook rose claimed that he picked her up from the Seattle airport and then drove her to sequence where she was planning on meeting friends and going on a hike on February. Nineteenth police officers went to interview. Rose following the identification of the body. Prosecutors say the laws provided changing stories during this interview. Initially he repeated the version that he gave the Lopez's mother saying that he picked up the airport and then gave her a ride to meet up with friends to go on the hike however later in the same interview rose allegedly said that Lopez had no place to go hiking quote. He acknowledged that he Lopez had been having a thing for about two years and they went to a wooded area in the national forest where Lopez threatened to kill his wife and Child Rojo's allegedly added that Lopez tried to stab him but missed so he grabbed the Tequila bottle and hit her over the head with it and used the broken bottle stabber from the criminal complaint quote he also claimed to have pushed Lopez in the woods. Ross stated that when he drove away he thought Lopez will still breathing at first row was charged with second degree murder with weapons enhancement in Washington. State Court. He pled not guilty to those charges in March. But they've since been dismissed without prejudice. Meaning they can be refiled at any time instead. The federal authorities have taken over the prosecution of the case for the reason that the alleged murder happened on federal land on Friday Ross was charged with second degree murder in federal court. Our next story takes us to North Carolina on Wednesday please announce that nineteen children between the ages of nine and sixteen. Were involved in a recent series of Heison car dealerships in the Winston Salem area during twenty heist beginning on March seventeenth. The group allegedly stole vehicles worth more than one million dollars. The Winston Salem Police Department is working with the Department of Public Safety tied by all the kids involved and obtained custody orders for their arrest. Police say the car theft ring hit eighteen dealerships in the Winston Salem area including Honda. Lexus Ford audie Toyota Volvo Subaru and Chevrolet in addition to dealerships in nearby Kernersville were targeted to of the dealerships. Were hit more than once. A total of forty six vehicles worth one point one million dollars were stolen all but six of the cars have since been recovered. One of the stolen vehicles was in the possession of nineteen year olds Stewart Benz. The first person to be arrested in connection with a heist Benz was charged with possession of stolen vehicle with police. I inform the public about the investigation on Wednesday. They said they requested custody. Orders from the Department of Public Safety in order to arrest the juveniles but the requests were denied all the Winston Salem police to ensure the reason for the rejection the Charlotte Observer notes that recently the GPS has said that the intended decrease the number of juveniles held in detention due to the cove nineteen pandemic in the place of detention that apartment will be employing `electronic monitoring however on Thursday the Winston Salem. Police said that with the help of the GPS they had identified seven of the nineteen children that they believe were involved. Four of those juveniles were taken into custody. The other three were charged with less series offenses. Which don't worry incarceration but police say. They are likely to receive other penalties. The remaining twelve children don't have prior history with GPS the investigation to identify them as still ongoing authorities say that the legal consequences could include charges and penalties against the kids parents after the break the suspect in the murder of a California mother and her two children was arrested in Colorado after a man hunt now for our final story of the day. Cra News three reports that Louis. Gabriel Cerro who is suspected of killing his estranged girlfriend Orla Villarroel and her two young sons was arrested in Colorado on Thursday following day-long Manhunt who Sarah has waived extradition to California according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's department thirty-five-year-old Lucero Forty two year old Villarroel. Enter two sons in twelve. Live together on Ferndale road in Victorville deputies were called the House on Wednesday just before eleven. Am by a relative who is at the residence once there. They discovered the house empty and showing signs that a struggle had taken place. Villarroel and her kids had not been seen or heard from since Wednesday morning on Wednesday evening. Investigators receive news that a citizen driving off the road and the Apple Valley Desert area had discovered three bodies they were determined to beat those Villarroel and our children. Investigators believe that the three victims let their house with zero and were killed in an unknown location before being transported to Apple Valley following a day-long Manhunt Lucero considered armed and dangerous was arrested on unrelated charges in Colorado. The nature of the unrelated charges was not disclosed. Who Sarah is being transported back to California before we go with a couple of updates on cases. We've been following the first update on the murder of letter carrier Angeles Summers in Indianapolis last week the Indianapolis Star reports that a suspect in the murder twenty one year old. Tony Cushing Berry has been taken into custody. He's facing federal charges of second degree murder assaulting federal employees and discharging a gun during the commission of a crime forty five year. Old Angela Summers was shot in the chest while delivering mail in East Indianapolis last Monday afternoon. The United States Postal Service offered a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in the case cushing. Barry was taken into custody on Tuesday. Evening it's not known if anyone has claimed the reward the charges against cushing barry repenting for several days while it was being decided which jurisdiction will handle the prosecution ultimately he was charged in federal court according to the criminal complaint which was obtained by The star cushing. Barry lived in an address on summers route. The Mail address had recently been curtailed due to multiple complaints about an aggressive dog. The prosecutors allege that on Monday at about four PM cushenberry saw summers walking past this house and confronted her on a neighbor's porch demanding his mail. Some are sprayed cushing very with Mace and intern. He shot her in the chest. She was transported to a hospital where she later succumbed to her injury. Paul Toms the president of the local branch of the letter. Carriers Union told W. X. I. N. He believes the shooting was motivated by the fact that the suspect did not have his stimulus check delivered. He said the mail stopped after Summers warned residents about their dog several times quote. Yes there was a history on this for quite a while as I understand it. Dog Letters had been sent. That's the form to a patron when a dog is a nuisance or danger or vicious three dog letters one to warn them a second warning and then curtailment of male. That's what they had proceeded to there on Saturday before she was killed summers posted on facebook. The she'd been having a problem with the House on route because of an aggressive dog that was left loose in the post. Summers mentioned that she does stimulus. Check for the resident over. The summers leaves behind teenage daughter. Ask our second update as Laurie fallow. The mother of Missing Children Tie Lee Ryan and JJ Valo Velez. Children have not been seen since September of two thousand nineteen late January in Idaho. Judge ordered Lori Valo to physically present her children before the court within five days. When she didn't comply she was arrested in Hawaii. Where she'd been living with Chad debacle and extradited back to Idaho. She remains in custody with her bell. Set at one million dollars. The investigation into the missing children has uncovered a series of suspicious deaths and allegations that Lori and her fifth husband had debacle were involved in a doomsday cold. Foxton Phoenix has been investigating the religious beliefs of detail yellow circle multiple sources have reportedly told the outlet that beginning in two thousand eighteen deebo claim that he could judge the degree of darkness or light in a person's spirit this weekend. Fox published an email sent by Chad. Laurie in October of two thousand eighteen. The email opens with the words quote. Here the family history documents you asked for. It contained two attachments. The I was a table of the grades of darkness and light on a scale of two to six with six being the strongest and how many people on earth belonged to each level. This document also explains that the rings of good and evil on Earth must balance one. Another out deebo goes on to say the levels two to three or not strongly affiliated to darker light whereas those ranking four and above are committed to their side the second attachment gives allegiance light or dark and a number of value to each member of lorries family. They Bill said that Charles Valley had a light soul level three whereas lorries third husband. Patrick Ryan ranked four point three on the darkness scale. Laurie herself was ranked his four point three light. According to the Table One of only thirteen hundred women on earth to ranked so highly highly Ryan was according to Chad. A four point one dark spirit well. Jj Valley was a four point. Two light spirit. In addition according to the documents a spirit quote graduates to a higher level after death three months after this email will send Charles valid filed for divorce from Laurie claiming that she told him that she was a translated being and that if he stood in the way of her divine mission she would kill him. That's it for today's episode of Sword. End Scale daily. We hope you had a fantastic weekend. We'll see back here tomorrow and until then stay safe. Book sorting scale daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams researching writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike if you like the show subscribing leave us a review if you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sworn scale dot com. Do you need something to listen to next. Check out this other show from cast media. Hi Jacob Tula I'm Jamie and we're your host of circle talking each episode. We're going to bring you a new stalking case covering the INS and outs of each stalker. Their victim in their stores. Ask any weapons. What is that a gun ninth? Yes she hated me so much. She found my stepmother. Brendan did her and then was caught making a plan to attack me with my stepmother he shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes. You look like Jessica Rabbit and Lee from the Fifth Element and then he looks at me very intensely and he goes. I'm GONNA stock you. We hear about the cops not really doing anything or not. Really caring about cram stock. There's a lot of the shaming doctors. The Predator who'd been stalking me for forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life. My freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like I'm coming and I'll see you on this date responding today and then it was like a verification of a flight offset all of a sudden. I hear a knock at the door so I opened the door and there they six foot something gentleman standing in front of me with a backpack and he looks at me and he said. Are you Erin kind of panicked? Because this isn't Larry. He followed me to my work and he grabbed me. Push me into the door. And I'm lockney unblocked. May Why did he bought me? I'm Jacob Tula Jamie BB strictly stocking mayors on January twenty. First we subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts Like God. This person won't stop texting me some calling me. You keep showing up everywhere. Then that's when it's like you're like Oh shit.

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