Episode 369 - Swivel Unrest


Atheist nomads episode three, sixty, nine when the state won't take a stand. Depend on civil unrest. PODCAST you're about to listen to includes cursing and talking about who has please be advised. Welcome to another episode of theus nomads. I am destined and joining me as Lauren. Pretty good tonight. WHOA. That's crazy. MAZING. What good panic attack do. You had one today. Oh. Yeah. That whole time I was out in the garage earlier polishing rock. That was because I was like freaking out. Oh No. Okay. I love. You Babe two days in a row. That sucks Yup but they come in they come in pairs. Threes. Pax? Anyway. I'm sure it's over but we went camping again. Yes we did. It was mostly to well one we wanted another. Timeout with the trailer at yeah and also It got really smoky here. So we were trying to escape the smoke and found. That one hundred and fifty miles to the north. The air quality was pretty decent. Yeah. If you look at where all that smoke from California fires going, it's going straight. Well. Northeast. Yeah right to Idaho. We got swamped by some of it. And I was coughing a lot in clearing my throat and having a hard time and so we we we booked it out of here and found a place that also includes lots of rock counting. So I was happy. and. Fishing, which, of course, tip we didn't even get. Yeah, a by we're a terrible at fishing. Fun. No it's mostly the morning's chaos and mornings or when the best fishing is. Yes. But with a two year, old mornings are kind of chaotic. Yeah, yeah. But in the news we have. Idaho special legislative session. Special So as you may recall about six weeks ago or so. A group of far right-wing radical. Members of the state legislature who? Unrelated to. Not directly related to this. Okay. Really completely related to this have more recently been identified to be members or at least affiliated with or at least like on facebook. anti-government militia groups done one quarter of the Idaho House of Representatives. Yeah basically the Idaho panhandle. Contingent. there. Yeah. They're all through percenters. Three percenters. Twenty five percents the legislature. So that's a little skewed. Yeah. Yeah. And of course are listening to governor. So there's there's that. They had that little thing with Ammon Bundy and again group, and they met to call together a special session to impeach the governor. For. Making US wear masks not even making us wear masks for. Stay at home orders and not allowing all bars to be open and having any restrictions whatsoever. The governor did call a special session. Under Idaho State. The Idaho state constitutions special sessions can only be called by the governor and then can only cover the issues of the governor called the special legislation session for right. It's a one topic deal. You don't get to have a whole new. Legislative session. Great. So the topic's available for the session are. To handle this fall's election. And how to handle liability for schools and? Businesses Related Dacoven. Yeah, those are the questions. The governor. Asked the legislature to figure these out. So, the first day of the legislative session. Started off with. A group of. Armed protesters. Armed. Yes on people with guns breaking their way into the. Idaho state capital forcing their way into the auditorium. Smashing a window in the process. This is an armed mob storming the state capital during a legislative session. Pretty much everything that you could include in treason besides actually shooting. A legislator, if there was a scenario where. Cops shooting someone make sense. It's win. It's an armed mob trying to force their way into a legislative meeting. And I get it. If you're brandishing weapons at a second amendment rally, I do not understand why you have your weapons out. During this 'cause, it's an open carry state the up. That's a good way to lose your open carry status right there. Yeah. Well, unless. A quarter of the legislature. Wants to shut want to overthrow the government anyway. No, that's true. So So this this group led by Ammon Bundy actually several groups, one of which was led by Ammon Bundy Were shouting. Throughout the opening of the session. They heckled the rule for attending and the gallery. Is. You must be silent. They were also requiring that everybody. Follow social distancing, and they were not wanting an audience. They had a section setup for the media where everybody was wearing masks. And they wanted to keep the auditorium. Or the the the viewing gallery available for members of the legislature who needed more space. And instead this group crowded in. They. Then broke out into committees. And one of the committees. This group forced their way in. Crowding enough that they had to relocate. To the Lincoln Auditorium I mean, this is just Pure chaos, pure treasonous chaos. They get to the Lincoln Auditorium and they continue to crowd. Particularly the. Legislators who were wearing masks. which should have been all of them. One of whom Felt unsafe and. Left. Yeah if you're not. GonNa get shot you're GONNA get Cova. Yup. So Up to this point there have been no arrests up to this point in the story there had been no arrests. The. Boise state or the city of Boise. Police. Did respond in riot. Gear. Which? That is a case where right here make sense armed mob breaks into the capital send cops in riot gear. I am totally behind that. Yeah. That's what team stuff. Like I am all for. Cutting down police funding and demilitarizing the police. But at the point that you have armed mobs, yeah. There should be some cops that can handle that. Yeah. Until we can get and be armed mobs until we can get to a place in our country where we don't have armed mobs breaking into a legislative session. And threatening people. Yeah. When we can get to that point where that doesn't happen. Yes. Then we can really scale that down. Because you can't get the National Guard there. Fast enough. No. Okay so Eventually. They end for the day. And bundy. Refuses. To. Leave. Lice petulant child asked to leave and he refuses to get out of his chair. Do you remember what do you know what his excuse was for that I haven't seen one? I can. I was wondering about media having access. So you sessions and civilians should have access to these sessions as much as any media. But Like to me that doesn't really make sense because the media is there to report to the citizenry. Yeah. But Anyway, he sat down wouldn't move. To the point where he wouldn't stand up if when the police like tried to move him had to. They started to try and physically carry him out. He's not exactly a small lad nope. So they just. Zip tied to Swivel Chair and. Wheeled out. So this is by the time it's the Idaho state police have taken over. Wearing masks get all wearing masks yep. They're wearing masks and they're. Super Wide Brim State trooper hats. And they wheeled him. All the way. Through the Capitol building. Down the ramps I'd say it's a walk of shame on the sidewalk boring perp walk ever across the street. Don't another sidewalk. And then finally. Four of them had to pick him up out of the chair to carry him into the car. Because he played dead. Yeah. Like a petulant child he went limp. Such a deck. So that was Tuesday. Yeah. So, he gets arrested gets charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. which okay. A lot of times resisting arrest charges are bullshit. This is not one of those times. Yeah. When you try to pull a toddler move, please try and take you to the car. It's that's resisting. Yeah. and. So. They they do bail or he gets released I don't know that part of the story. So. Today, they're meeting the freedom foundation bail them. So they met again. He showed up again. He refused to leave again Oh. Yeah. He was trespassed. State capitol. Again, this time he actually got up and walked. And then. was issued a no trespass order. Barring him from the premises for the next year. It's Ammon Bundy. It should be lifetime. And he's Alvin charged with a misdemeanor. Yeah, there should be multiple misdemeanors, wh- and what people are suspected is going to happen is he bailed out of that or is going to bail out of that and he will be back in order to get the felony in order to rile up since. He's playing a martyr here. And at some point you're like, well, we don't want to give them the power of martyrdom but the other point if he was made a martyr two, three, four years ago, this wouldn't be happening now. Take him off the street make him a martyr I, don't care. People will forget who he is within a year. The bundy. Ranch, standoff. That was. What twenty twelve? Yeah. Longtime ago. Armed standoff between police and the Bundy family and some of their friends Amad Bundy was one of them. Armed standoff with federal agents. There White. So you know they survived. So standoff continued for about a month before. Everybody stood down. He should have been arrested. And taken to prison then. Get. Not just jail prison. Didn't happen. So what he do next he And a group of cronies. Takeover. Of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. occupied a federal installation destroyed. American Indian artifacts. destroyed. Government property. He did get arrested without one. And then a jury in Portland acquitted him. That was such bullshit I cannot believe I still I still get read. Because okay. So just put you know little spin on it. The protests that we were having some kids graffiti the Capitol building that was determined to be over a thousand dollars worth of damage to the building they both got felonies. This guy literally tore apart and refuge building tore up the plumbing. Shit everywhere. And he got nothing right he was acquitted yet. It. Fast forward a couple more years here he is again. Terrorizing the. Governor. Locally to his house. The Head of the Idaho Department of Health. And this is people's homes. Like he's a menace. In. All practicality. He should have been arrested. For Insurrection? Years ago and said because that's what happened with Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was the charges ended up being so watered down. that. They didn't actually fit. Prosecutor really screwed up on that they. I don't know what the hell they were thinking. They were trying to make it not not. Let it become a political thing when. Rebellion, against the government is a political thing. It it just is. There's no way around it. So yeah, he's GonNa keep going. He's going to keep pulling these stunts until he's in prison for life or dead. and. The longer he's allowed to continue the more followers he's going to get. Yeah this is not something you want the obviously this isn't something you WanNa let Fester. He's just GONNA keep getting more bold until someone's dead yeah. which he's, I think he's trying to do himself and he's trying to get shot. It would make so much of a hero. Back when they left the. Malheur Wildlife Refuge. He was engaged in a shootout with the COPS. One of his. Is Call for help. He wants the government overthrown. He wants to be the martyr of a revolution. Yeah. Yeah. That's cute. Not Going to happen. We have enough problems. All right. Well, Texas certainly does and. I'm not trying to make light of the hurricane. Major major hurricane. That as of recording is. About to hit the Texas Louisiana border. So if you are affected by that. You have our sympathies and I hope you say yeah because I mean it as big as this thing's going to be. There's no, you kinda you know you shouldn't live on the beach well, doesn't matter when you're thirty miles inland. Don't expect to get hit by a hurricane. In North Texas though. The North Texas poison centre region in particular. Has dealt with. Forty six cases. In August. As of August, twenty four. Of People. Drinking Bleach. Now is that back again? Yup. Is it the autism thing noses covid? My God. Now. I have to admit I was tempted to Chug some hand sanitizer the other day. When I accidently inhaled a fly in vault toilet. That was disgusting. Yes. It would have made me throw up. BEC- and that's by design because hand sanitizer is denatured to make you gag and throw up so awful so that you won't drink it because we don't want. You to be able to buy alcohol. That, you could drink. I don't get it. Okay. So the children can't swallow it to a point where they poison themselves. They will throw it up. Okay. Yeah. It's not. It's not for the reasonable adult except there have been cases with. Hand sanitizer that have. Methanol in it. That has poisoned children. Yes. Who have drank it because we got some bad hand in hand sanitizer out there. From. China China. It should all be ethanol and then the denaturing crap which again. It's sixty sixty percent alcohol by volume minimum to be effective. Kids. Aren't going to be drinking it. Kids will drink whatever the heck they can. They'll put whatever they can in their mouths right but. denaturing it to make it better if it sixty percent alcohol by volume that is going to burn like Hell Yeah I agree. I bet is probably somebody who owns a denatured plant who? Is Like Oh you know you really need this in their. Kids might chug it. Man. Bay Way Teens, but you would have been doing that in that case to induce vomiting right so gross yes k. this is people drinking bleach to try to prevent the spread of covid nineteen. Gap Now that way. Sorry. Strips your intestines, Yep. Forty six cases in north Texas alone that involved calls to or alerts being sent to the poison centre. I feel so sorry for poison control. They're like really. This is not what we're here for. Ring Ring high pro poison control. I. Fair. My insides hurt. You do drink bleach. I, like that. What did you do? These smack him with the newspaper. Cova nineteen is serious drinking bleach. Won't help you ask I think is the lazy person's way out they they're thinking. Oh this is something easy to do. Because nobody can stand six months of not knowing. So, the FDA warning on. Drinking chlorine? Dioxide. Ak Bleach. Is that it can lead to severe vomiting severe diarrhea life threatening low blood pressure caused by hydration and acute liver failure. So what's worse? If, the prevention can kill you. And I think if you're drinking enough bleach to actually have any kind of. Quote unquote effect. It's probably going to be worse for you than Covid Yeah. That's just sad. These little pocket communities where facebook groups are like, Hey, this is the thing. Okay. Here's what's even more crazy. They've had. Only. They seventy one percent in cases involving bleach. What? Seventy one percent cases the Texas poison center network. As only seen a seventy, one percent increase in cases involving consuming bleach. Okay. It hasn't even double the amount of people who drink bleach. What I would like to see on this one. Is. Is this. Now Dole. TES Drinking Bleach and worthy earlier cases all children. I don't know I'm I'M Confused. As why you surprise that is only seventy one percent increase seems like a lot. Then out of the forty six cases so far that they normally would have had. Twenty. Thirty. Twenty or thirty what cases out of the seventy-one cases they only twenty or thirty note they've had forty six cases this month k they are seeing a seventy one percent increase in cases involving drinking bleach over normal. Okay. which would mean out of that forty, six cases about thirty would be the normal rate of people drinking bleach. Or being Oh yeah. Okay. which happens when little kids get it. Oh So. It sounds like this is adults now drinking bleach. Math is hard. That was not clear. Okay. Got It. Yeah. Yeah, seventy one percent increase in bleach products cases and sixty three percent involving other household cleaners. Don't drink them. We need to bring back the What was the little green sticker with the ICKY face on Mr Eric. Mr. Mr Yuck. Yuck I remember those. To make a effective. Disinfecting solution. You could do that with four teaspoons of bleach in one quart. Of Water. Okay And even that you should not drink. nope. Because, you don't want to kill the good bacteria in your gut. Like I ripped the lining for a pop up camper, we have to use bleach in our water tank and water system to clean it. At the start of each year. And you dilute it about as far as you can still be effective and then you flush the whole system again. And then you fill it up to which point the amount left in there wouldn't be higher than. Common City drinking water. Yeah. Because the amount to get down to be safe is like. Almost. Nothing. Mr Yuck why UK. Mr. Yuck means no. Oh. My Gosh. She can get a Mr Yuck mask. I want is a calendar, a twenty twenty calendar with a Mr. Yuck sticker just stuck on the front of it. Do. Not Open. A. Florida judge. HAS GRANTED A Temporary injunction on behalf of the Florida Education Association. Against the Florida Education Commissioners. Executive Order requiring all schools to reopen. That order. Required, all schools to reopen at full capacity in August? Period. The judge ruled that quote. The order is unconstitutional to the extent. It arbitrarily disregard safety denies. Local school board decisions. Art Denies Local School Board's decision making with respect to reopening brick and mortar schools and conditions funding on an approved reopening plan with start date in August. In other words. You have to have a plan. And get it approved without any time to create a plan and get it approved. which would mean the goal is. Your plan is. Where reopening Yep. Even in places that are online only are still sending are still getting covert cases. I don't even know how that happened how. But it's happened. Teachers I guess. I. Don't know I. Then, the ones that are half open and half. Online. Yeah. No, there's there's lot cova going on with that. It's been a week it's and and again I want to stress that. For. pariser frustrated with this I get. Whichever side of it, you're on I. Get it. There are no good answers here. what this ruling Rule goes to show is that while there are no good answers. What Florida had was really really bad one. Yeah. Florida. Florida Idaho hand-in-hand. Like, this isn't any like calling balls and strikes. This is just they're just calling the ones that are clear. Definite. Absolute strikes hours. Yeah. That was a terrible idea. If it's a full-on swinging amiss, we're going to call that one. Yeah. Because Yeah And yet, there's cases there are going to be cases. Schools are Petri dish is. And incredibly effective vectors for spreading disease. Education is important. Socialization is. Important. Life difficult parents to work is important. Yeah. Sucks. You know if we had had gone with the approach of. Countries that are reopening much better that would have been a complete. Shutdown of everything for one month crossed the entire country. And then creating the infrastructure to do. Tons and tons of testing and contact tracing. How is New Zealand doing these days They're seeing an increase in cases. Yeah. They went I think three months without any. Yeah. And Awesome. They now have cases popping up they're thinking is coming in on frozen food from China that sucks. Yet, that really SOx Yup. It's going to be fascinating to see what? The history books say. Yeah. The world that are child is going to have to grow up in is Get a look dystopia. We. We only know what we know so far. which seems to be we only know what? Doesn't really seem to work. Yeah. But. We do have enough evidence from places like New Zealand and. South Korea. And Singapore. And Thailand and Vietnam. that. Lots of testing. Contact tracing. Targeted quarantines. In making sure that people's basic needs are met. So they don't have financial incentives forcing them. To go to work. Is What helps. Yeah. That's the only thing that seems to be working. But you have to have it under control I for that to start. And that ship sailed here. Maybe before we even knew. Corona virus was. Before we knew it had a name Yep. Yep Pub. Probably. So among the religious groups to have gotten. A. paycheck. Protection Program Funds. Was Jim Baker. televangelism ministry. Course gotta pay those phone. People. One point seven million dollars is what he got. All Shit. He is. In the middle of a lawsuit over one of his guests talking about. A fake covid Nineteen Cure. Yet stroke in May. And I it was six, six, hundred and fifty thousand to one. Point seven, million dollars. We don't know how much exactly it was because those numbers haven't been released just ranges. But. They. Had To. Certify in the application that they weren't engaged in any activity that was illegal under federal state or local law. Including snake oil sales. People looking at. Jim Baker. Know that he's gotten in trouble for fraud. Or been really close to fraud. Or actively involved in fraud. A Lot. This is bread and butter. And Having Someone on his program. Trying to sell fake cures. Is Fraud. Yes. That is illegal. So, he may end up losing that money. Good. Should never gotten in the first place. Unfortunately, they didn't do any vetting beforehand. It was all honor system that. Guess. WHO's not honorable. Televangelists. The criminals. The fraudsters. Drifters. Nice. Though. The term they use to describe Steve Bannon and his co conspirators on opening argument. I. Arguments I like that. A federal judge. Barbara. Of the western district of Washington. As, put an injunction against Betsy Devos's latest rules. How Yep. So the cares act had A. Vision. To allow federal aid to go to private schools based on the number of disadvantaged students they enroll. Okay. This because there notoriously anti disadvantaged children no, no this is a it's actually a common thing apparently for. During Times of economic difficulty. For, PRIVATE SCHOOLS TO GET Some extra money to cover kids whose parents don't have the money to actually support them going to those schools. To keep them from kicking out all the poor kids. Okay. Now. Private. Schools. And religious private schools. Are In generally. especially. Until recently two separate categories. We're used to be private schools were one thing church schools were different thing. Yeah. And Devos is trying to change the rules to. Know it's based on total number of students. More money for the bigger private schools no matter what. Yeah. All coming from the education department budget. That's our money. Yep. To give money to. Religious schools. based. On the number of doctors kids they have. which is a lot these days a lot of people pull their kids out of public school systems. Heck. My the the school I grew up going to had not the boarding school the the local on grants pass had Actually the the boarding school the. I'd say about half of the kids were from. What most people would describe as upper middle class to upper class families half half wow that is. The rest of the to do the rest of US worked in the mill. Yep. and. At the junior academy. Who's covered kindergarten through tenth grade. I went to from third grade through tenth grade had on you know generally there'd be. Maybe ten percent of the student body were non adventists families. Who all had. Almost all had Dr. As a title. Yeah. Those were the ones whose parents would come and pick them up in lexuses. Yeah. Right I mean, every school has those people. So, this this program would. Include those kids in it. The kids whose parents are still paying full tuition. Not The kids who are going on scholarships or with some kind of. Financial aid where the school charges them a small amount of the tuition. Even that I think is bullshit because no federal education money should be going to private schools at all. Personally I don't think private schools should even exist. there. Always exist. Wither legal or not. But in this case yeah definitely. No federal money we that to educate the people who can't afford it. So anyway, the the ruling. Covered the no, this is. A very clear law. And the. Education. Department regulations are also very clear and she is trying to do something different than what is very clearly written. She do that Congress sets funding rules. It's up to the executive department to spend that money as determined by Congress I I'm actually surprised that that hasn't gone through something like that hasn't gone through. They've tried they've been bills introduced I'm sure. Yeah. Still hasn't that one hasn't changed yet. jury follow junior. has now resigned. Okay. Finally. Well. Some more came up in the news. Oh okay. So first off I want up. Provide the extra detail of the woman. who also had her pants open in the picture with him? whose arm he had around was his wife's assistant. Okay. Their pool boy. Went to the media. To talk about the. Decade. Of Him fucking Mrs Falwell. While Mr Falwell watched. Okay Kind of their business. Right before that though. Jerry Falwell. went to the media himself. To talk about. The affair that his wife had. Without any. Involvement of his with the pool boy. Well, that's the thing about cuckolding is you're not involved. Purposely not. involved. Plus. Making you involved and by saying not involved he didn't. He didn't know about it just that. He wasn't involved in it. At least not physically involved in. Yeah. Yeah. If it wasn't for the fact that this guy is you know head of this, liberty? University and Right, and let's get in money for being you know pure richest soul. I say, that's what gets them off. Okay. Oh. Yeah. Don't. Him. Being on a party hooking up with his wife's assistant. Getting drunk she probably knew about it. While his wife is. Bucking the pool boy. That's a classic days of our lives if they were working at say. Harvard University. or UC. Berkeley. I don't think anybody would care. No it wouldn't be newsworthy not raise the fact that he's head of a Christian University. The prohibits alcohol drinking. Any sex outside of marriage. Any homosexual activity and would describe. Him and another man being in the same room while one of them is having sex with his wife probably would say that's kind of gay. That's not getting what that is, but that's probably would be what liberty would call it. Hey, he's not going to liberty. Right, he's not a student of liberty. He's allowed to do whatever the hell. He wants a paralegal all have to agree and administrators. All have to agree to live by that same code of conduct that saw. Yeah. Okay. So he got busted Zaia. and. Initially. It was. Reports were leaked that he had had resigned. Then he came out and said, no, no, no, those were false. Even those reports were crowder corroborated by three independent sources. who had all seen the letter they hadn't told him No I didn't I haven't resigned what? No. You guys are kicking me out. Okay. Yeah. I'll sign the letter then he Went ahead and yes, he was resigning and then the university announced that they had accepted his resignation. Brilliant Yeah if if. If you WANNA know who to look for for WHO's Doing something that they would condemn. Look for the people. Okay. That's an obvious one. If you WANNA see who has a problem Sir who's doing something look for what they're condemning Yeah and if it's a conservative Republican or Conservative Christian which are one in the same. That's WHO's doing it. And condemning it. It's a weird guilt thing. Yeah. Yup. Now to add to it. He. Had that position at university because his dad founded it? Yeah. Oh, God. He's yeah. He's like the stereotypical. Son, who just waste all of his dad's money and all of US dads power on getting off and give him rich. And, hobnobbing with with the president. Yeah. So of course because they probably had the same nanny or something I mean. There's all sorts of stuff that. The trump is old enough to be his dad. So I guess that doesn't quite work but you know what I'm media. And Sorry trumped up charges just that's hilarious. Richard Spencer. Who We talked about in a while on the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. he he came to prominence for being. Punishable. Yeah. That's really what I started with was for being punishable. did he get EG or pie thrown at him at some point? Was that somebody else I think he's the one that got punched. He's started. Okay. Yeah. 'cause we were all making jokes about the you know punchy them. You're all like, no you shouldn't say punching Nazis, Anti Nazis, and. He was the Nazi who got punched so good. So the punishable Nazi. He he was one of the key figureheads, one of the leaders of the movement. He. Was One of the leading organizers of the United Rally. You know that. White supremacist rally that trump said had good people on both sides. That left some protesters against their rally dead. After a white supremacist, drove a car through the protesters. thous bad. Yeah. This is the Richard Spencer we're talking about. He wrote. Quote. The MAGA. Slash outright movement is over I made mistakes. Trump is an obvious disaster but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we are now able to perceive and it needs to end. So, be patient. We'll have another day in the sun we need to recover and return it a new form. He also said that he will never flip his on his principles. Except for. Me and said. And he endorsed Joe Biden for president. Okay. That's one of those endorsements leaves a bad taste in your mouth the Biden campaign has. Declined, the endorsement that's funny 'cause it's a purely in symbolic thing, you look I I I support you and they're like. We don't even want you to say that don't even look at US please. He's that bad and that's the sound of rats trying to get off the ship I believe. He wrote on his Biden for president sticker. I'm on team Joe Richard Spencer quote liberals are clearly more competent. In Quote Really. Really. Even has been insulting tone to it. That's just like. Sarcastic. Almost. I don't like the sky. So one of the things I is and yes, liberals are clearly more competent. One of the things I think it is worth. That's not true. Necessarily remembering as the alright was largely made up of by Bernie Bros... It won't admit that but. A lot of them were. The reason why they're all. And not just right. Is because. that a different view on things a lot of or most of them were white supremacists. Eventually. They were all white supremacists. But they didn't necessarily follow all of the right wing propaganda a lot of people in the outright movement or atheists or otherwise religious. It was very much a movement of. Like this weird secular racist thing. that. Politically they didn't really care about left or right. It's just they weren't welcome on the left an thought trump. was promising. and. They are now seeing. No He's just an. Idiot. He's the worst of the worst. And US helped get him elected. Thanks yeah, and. No I feel for the. Mostly, men mostly guys who got into the outright in the early days thinking that this was before it was really labeled the outright thinking that they were standing up for a really good principle. Down with the DNC for blocking the obvious candidate that kind of thing. But then he got. Got Crazy got racist misogynist and these people were left being associated with the group that they weren't. They didn't feel like they were a part of. But. They had already said some stuff that made them a part of the group. So it's like Oh man. UNDO BUTTON UNDO So, I feel for those ones I feel for those guys. It's it's never too late to apologize and move on. Say I said and did something stupid. How can I help? So. Did something stupid a good place to start is stopped being a racist asshole. Understand. Your racist subconscious racial. And shoes and and then actively try to keep those in check. Yes. And for a Genuinely Happy Story. Africa has now been declared free of wild poliovirus. That's awesome. So that's awesome yeah. That leaves Syria. which only have to end a civil war there. To get rid of that one we think are USA's bad that. God Damn. Now. Four years ago. It was down to just Nigeria. One Country and. The reason why? Continued to be a problem in Nigeria. was. Boko Haram. Yeah it was a active. Islamic. Insurgency. And civil war in the country. That specifically targeted vaccination workers and by specifically targeted I mean murdered. Yeah. If you went to northern Nigeria to give vaccines, you would be killed. But there. Okay now. It has taken a lot of work. But they. Continued. To slowly and quietly work on expanding the program. and. Four years ago. They had the last case of. Last recorded case of wild poliovirus mile. That's awesome and it took four years. Of No Wild Poliovirus To declare eradicated. That's so awesome. Now, the reason why keep using the term wild poliovirus yeah there are several. Current. Vaccine Polio virus outbreaks. In Nigeria, how bad are those? Not. Bad. Okay. because. Four polio in name only kind of thing or is it still like crippling people? It's not crippling people. Okay. Wild Poliovirus Causes Permanent Disability and a large in-depth and quite a lot of people. The numbers from Nineteen ninety-five was killing. Nineteen ninety-six paralyzing seventy five thousand children across Africa that year low. Oh my gosh. Yeah. The. Polio vaccine. In. Countries where it's eradicated. Is Inactive because you only need to vaccinate the children that are getting it. And that's good. Lifelong vaccination. You're fine for where it still endemic the type of vaccine they use is A. is a live. Weakened strain of the virus. That is intended to infect the population. Okay. So you vaccinate. All of the four year olds. and. They will poop and contaminate the city's water supply. And it will spread to everybody else just like wild poliovirus would and it will in the process end up vaccinating everyone in the population with against polio with a much lighter much lighter. Case okay. So kind of like you get a cold instead of. Right. Crazy ANTIBAC- people when when they say you know that. That there that the vaccines caused diseases they're not wrong. In in some of the cases in this, in this case, the cases they. Are Wrong okay. It's the ones who are borderline. Like I heard that kind of thing, the guy heard vaccines can spread the disease that's by design. That's an it's a weakened. Jarring yeah. They to forget to mention that part. Yeah. Because there are there are live virus. Vaccines. There's not a lot. But the virus ones are sometimes necessary to cause sufficient immunity. Yet. He really only want to go through at once staff the smallpox vaccine. would. Make People's arms hurt for weeks. And give people moderately high fevers. And some blisters you only knew it worked if they had those symptoms. If they didn't have to try again. Because the smallpox vaccine. Especially in the Before the sixties was a live cowpox infection. Polio, vaccination in these cases is very similar. It's drops under the tongue of live virus to infect the population so that nobody gets the real thing. But they're not doing that anymore in Africa they're going to be able to stop those programs now and move to standard vaccines sweet. That's awesome. What's crazy is were. So close India has been declared eradicated. That took a lot that was a big one. Syria is what's left once it's declared eradicated from Syria it will have been a radical did from the world and polio vaccination will be able to stop. It is in a radical. program. It was supposed to be done in two thousand. With measles following. So twenty years ago I wasn't joking no, you weren't. There was supposed to be wrapped up twenty years ago we were supposed to be finishing up radicalizing measles now. Not Saying, it pop up again not having new outbreaks and becoming endemic in countries where to previously been eradicated. Yeah. and. The amazing thing is if it doesn't have. Reservoirs in. Animals. We can ARATU Kate it it can be gone and those vaccination programs can end. And then you won't have to vaccinate YEP be great. Autism is still be around but I. Won't have to vaccinate if you don't want the Mr. Great let's finish finish getting it to everybody and eliminate eradicate those those viruses, and then we can stop doing Amar Vaccines. For lucky because once it's done with now once polio is done the official global virus replication target becomes measles. It hasn't become that yet. So that wraps up the news. All right. I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with feedback. Don't think we have anything, but we do have a second submission. For the contest. All right. And for the first submission, we got if the With what we've been seeing from the Republican convention. You might be onto something Yep. It was definitely one of those laugh out loud and then kind of chuckle yourself and then kind of like Oh God. Yeah, anyway. So Keep this open until we have at least enough entries to give out the books. Yeah. We have enough books. Keep, submitting entries, who isn't it to start calling people out? Danielle. Rebecca. The people I know who listen to this show. Do It do it. Do It do it worse? Bomb come on? Who's the worst bum? That is currently revered or worshipped by a An extent world religion. meaning one that is not extinct. Pick. Your favorite and submit it. Includes some justification why? especially if the person doesn't fit the classical definition of a Bum Bum Yeah. Good Times. Yeah. All right. So that wraps it up for this week. If you want to contact us, you can send us an email contact the at atheist, no dot com or you can leave us a voicemail using the speak pipe button on the website. And you can use the contact form. On. The website at atheist is dot com slash contact, and if you want to support the show, you can find out how at easiest number dot com slash donate or go to patriotdepot dot com slash atheist nomads awesome. Support is greatly appreciated and helps keep us doing the show. Yeah. It's great. So that wraps it for this week. Lauren. Thank you very much. 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