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The welcome back to this week in video games and this is a special one off episode looking at the ghost of Sushi so it's Thursday. The Fourteenth of May Twenty Twenty and Sony held their style of play with an in depth. Look at the ghost of Sashimi and this is a fantastic new game from sucker punch so we've had a couple of trailers before but this was our first in-depth look won the last major releases for Sony exclusives this generation. So I knew we began open world. Samurai game otherwise pretty much in the dark on what to expect. The following is a look at ghost of Sashimi from Sony of play Sucker Punch walks through various gameplay styles in the game starting with exploration. The first thing that struck me was the look of Game Beautiful Japanese countryside and the vistas from the top of hills overlooking the scenery below as nice innovation in here using the limits and the wildlife to guide you around your environment rather than using detailed white points or list of side. Quests you can use the wind to guide you to undiscovered locations. You can pick up leaves in the ground or treason throw them in the sense of where to go or birds and other wildlife will help guide you nice example when you're riding on your horse and a bird flies next to you. They help guide you to a villager sitting on the ground ready to give you an objective. There's another nice sane way enter open glade and Fox guide G to a local shrine which can then use later too fast travel if you want to the world. It looks dense and full of secrets. And it's a nice. Touch is an efficient use of animation. We can pick up resources without having to get off your horse or stop while you're running. That keeps things moving along and it won't slow you down next up. We had a look at the combat in the form the Samurai. It's the music dramatic and the bows seem really cinematic to. It's not clear from the game. Pay How combat is going to feel the strictly from a visual point of view. This looks really really good. The combat looks precise allowing to take multiple enemies at once. It definitely gives off some assassin's creed vibes and you can attack with Samurai Sword. And he knows I have a bow for ranged attacks so Riyadh the ability to bat away. The arrows that being fired at you from other enemies and you can so beat them away with your sold so then we get to see more about the dosage of gameplay which is much more stealthy compared to the dark summary and the combat approach. Now it's unclear at the moment if you can choose the mode of play one do when you go into battles although they did compare one to another so. This may be a possibility as a ghost. You can use all kinds of tricks but smoke to hide from enemies and firecrackers constructions. Fear is used as a weapon and you can intimidate enemies as they call back onto the floor. Trying desperately to get away from you again kind of goes back to assassin's creed and secure with sneak. Attacks and one hit kills. This segment showed up her mission. We have to burn down an area with Jin jumping in traversing through an environment with ropes. Climbing stealth taken out enemies as you go and finally getting to the objective and blowing up a stash of firecrackers now as well. It's a different style of Gameplay can also customize your character and the way you interact with the game in a few ways so first of all this different outfits in the game which have attributes and mechanical advantages. So as you progress through the game you can collect charms and that will give you an edge in battle by collecting flowers through the environment. You can change the color of armor also allowing to customize Gameplay as well as the look and the feel of Gin is also a nice photo mode with various wind particle music not only allowing to create photos but also videos too so you can also play the game with an original Japanese soundtrack for that more. Authentic feel and finally. There's a mode called Samurai cinema allowing you to add a black and white filter and cinematic grain to the screen. So I went into this state of play. Not really knowing much about ghosts however now. I'm really really looking forward to the release. You felt like you had elements of breath the wilds exploration assassin's creed comeback the minimum using the wind. Nitra to get around the environment looks like a refinement of the kind of open world genre keeping the UI at the minimum. It's hard to know at the moment. Just by looking at game how the battles they're going to feel and also how full the world is going to be look dense open world but this was a controlled environment walked through. I think there's a lot to look forward to here. And now I July seventeenth in my diary. The GHOST OF SASHIMI EAST. From and don't forget to subscribe on Youtube and podcast Apps if you like it and then share it with a friend and this week in video games patron podcast and Youtube Channel. 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