Ep. 193: Caroline Hirons Stops The Nonsense


Hey guys welcome to fatten. Skara your jess. I'm Jenn what's up. Hi Everyone I'm trying to like a trying to psych myself up because I feel fill a lot of different feelings right now. It is my last recording for. I'm GONNA say sometime. Sometimes it's like TB D. I don't know what it's like a baby. Oh Yeah if you're a new listener because we have a bunch of new listeners Jessica Matlin Co host is about to have a baby girl exactly Do in one week and I feel like she needs to come out now so we have a recording session marathon. And don't you guys worry. We banked up a bunch of really great great interviews and I'm going to have some very cool co-hosts none as great as you just to keep the wave home jealous listening with the joe going to have new episodes every Wednesday just like always Listen to this extra specially and closely. Because it's just as last for a while gems I she brought some snacks. You've got some babies And I I saw the list I saw the roster of some of the CO host. Coming up I think you guys are really gonNA enjoy it. I'll cook even even though I'm gonNA feel left out. Listen we can have hall in. It's what we want to pop around the corner. Come back in the studio. It'll be fine. Bring little baby girl. Tk and I will vote on that when that will be the beauty news headline headline of the week in probably next week if not the week after fingers crossed yes. I'm GonNa want some some advice but for this week we have of course this week in beauty news. And then we're also also gonNA talk about a new hair bonding treatment which is great if you are trying to go really blonde or if you have damaged hair. I have something innovative to tell you guys about and then a little bit of a health and Wellness Topic Topic Me Jessica and I found out we both have neuroma 's assistant so I don't know how we didn't know this before I knew stuff like going on with your feet and I've had like stuff garth my. We've we never compared no now. It's reached a fever pitch. It's Jin justice petty corn and our guest. Our guest is I'm calling her the Internet skin-care Guru Caroline. Hi Ron's and I just found out you say it Heireann clinger hurons for too long so as I was making it French. You guys have been asking for this interview for. I want to the years we deliver. She's here and it's great and the stewed. Let's do it and now it's time for the week and beauty news okay. We have a lot of new lines coming out this week. We have Komo Brown the culture guy from queer eye. He starting a brand for bald guys. I love that it's called. Mantle is cute Caroliina Harare's launching a beauty line in March and that's Carolina Herrera New York. Makeup she has is not done a color cosmetics line yet so that's cool who to Catan just launched. Her skincare line reminded me of another skincare line. 'cause it's just one product It's it's called wishful and she's doing full leader and then it's kind of random I know but it but it's sort of like beauty from the bag snob. Yeah like an exfoliating kind of as show And then Selena Gomez about to break that Sephora store she's doing a Sephora exclusive launching cosmetics brand called rare beauty And a lot of executives on that Brenner from Knicks which I thought was interesting so be curious to see what that is when it comes out this summer is the next fin t under no it's it's fitting that she's GonNa have her own line. I love it Gucci Westman. She did not launch another line charity hotline but she launched a new beauty youtube chat show and the first guest. What is Demi Moore and I have to tell you? She looks freaking gorgeous. I mean that woman yeah I watched it at the two of them together. I was just like okay. Goals for now then Sad note Beauty Industry Birch box to lay off twenty five percent of their team. It's interesting because I feel like that was a new retail model the subscription box. And maybe. That's not the future anymore. No is it a death knell at no last but not least we have a little update on the FDA hearing. I know you've all been chomping at the bit. Good differ jen into interpret this news radio on February fourth The FDA held a hearing on justice testing in talk the first nine thousand nine hundred seventy one which I think is hilarious. Talks colleges from the government testified that tiny mineral particles often found in Talq including but not limited to a specified can trigger the development of cancer and should be part of newstand ZAN testing standards. Because there aren't any right now of course the w right of the. WG Of course was right up there saying yes. Let's test and of course Rep from cosmetic trade groups countered saying testing isn't needed so it's a whole bunch of I don't know who to believe the FDA said guess what we'll keep studying we're working on the paper so they gave themselves guideline as to the timing when we'll hear what comes out of this so your guess is as good as ours choice is yours. I see no testing happening anytime soon. But that's that's what happened this week in beauty news caught his big week doesn't have a new gen science corner. You're listening to music for that going to be. I don't know lab music like Belanger. God knows if Oliver do this again. If you stick with me through this John Raymond the guy who cares your friend. Yeah he's a he's a great guy. He runs spoken wheel salons and with him and he was telling me about a new product. And so what it it is. I don't know if you know this. But there are dice fide bonds in our hair and basically when you get a permit something happens that breaks that bond but also when your hair is damaged with heat with colored Cetera. The Mon- can break and cause damage. So we've heard about Ola plex right. Yes people are crazy about so what that does it sort of builds this little bridge repair between the broken gin bonds so that you can color lighter go further. Prevent the hair from breaking off. But it's really still sort of like a band aid if you will. It's like insurance right. Yeah and they'll use Your colors can use it during your treatment there's products for afterwards as well And they're called bond builders so that works but this one I thought was really interesting. It's called K.. Hairpin okay so a professor working in Portugal discovered a peptide that can actually penetrate through the hairs surface which is hard to do first of all and re and the long chain peptides and it can rebuild the dice oilfield bond in her hair. So it's not like a bandied it's actually sort of reconnecting them So that peptide which is called the K.. Hey eighteen peptide. Of course he trademarked proprietary. Blobby Bosquet for Carrington Yes that's that okay. These are That is in the K.. Hair pep solution so John gave the treatment to me and then I do it three more times at home and basically you spray or cream version of it after you shampoo you put it on. Rub It in wait for minute. Okay no conditioner or a very specific very specific no conditioner and then proceeded usual for this product available for home use or zip because John was your hookup so you you can buy online yourself. But I think most people are going to discover it through their salon in their stylists. The really amazing thing that it does and the color Spokane Wheeler using it as they can lift they can do those platinum processing without any of the breakage which is what people are excited about old plex. Yeah but a color is still doesn't want to push it too much and even if you're using Ola plex if you're going from black hair to bleach blonde you know in your double process. Lightning you're going to get some breakage. This stuff is amazing. I watched a video of a girl. Asian girls black care go to platinum and like her hair you know how sometimes get raggedy at the end when you get platinum. It's like thinner. Yeah it was the exact same thickness. Oh Wow it was fascinating and so who I also learned this. I was obsessed with. They discovered that it worked because they were using it to repair tapestries carpet fibers so it came from another industry industry yet so like wool. That's hair of an animal rights Beiber to natural fiber. So think about if you're trying to repair like an art in the art history museum and they're trying to repair that fancy va This helps re bind the the damage in the in the hairs so clever election out here. Is this. Just another option to Ola plex. Or is your stylist preferring one over the other. I can't speak to if they like it better than old yaks. All I can say is that it works in a very different way and I feel like as they smoke it into America's right now you know it started in Europe. Yeah we're GONNA start seeing more and more colors like get excited about this so me as someone who does not bleach your hair. The benefits that I saw were my here was a lot thicker looking like I don't know why that is because I must have some damage. The other thing is sometimes when I'm detangling. This treatment by the way does not coat your hair so it's actually quite annoying. Join to detangle after he put it in. You have to be real gentle usually after I brush my hair like I still see all little broken pieces do over the TUB. Oh yeah when I brush my hair over the sink. There's a little younger like I'm in there and I did this for the three treatments in a row and truly it's not it's long hairs that are falling out. I'm not seeing any broken hairs over. China brush so I mean it's not cheap at seventy five bucks if you buy it by yourself but if I think of people that will be. Most excited are friends with bleach blond hair. This is like this is big news this peptide so there you heard it here on Fat Moscow probably not I but close to Newark. I'm sure it's worse now. You go the jess. I cannot believe you have a neuroma and we have not talked about that. I've got to talk about both of them. I have two two but I've to you wouldn't want fight. Oh I have one in each very rare very rare one foot. Of course that of course all the I get. Tell me how this happened. Tell tell our listeners. What our NEUROMA? Well I mean this is like the Let's talk about our aitken dogs so I had like Jen. I do know this very each other. That we both had bunion. ECTOMY is really the only people like you know who had them. Like inner twenty. I was twenty. I got reasoning for my doctors to y got that neuroma associated with okay go on so I got up next to me on my left. I can talk about that another time. But you're sexy so but every so often I feel kind of like this. I described as almost an electric fuzzy Tinley feeling in that foot and nerve pain nerve pain. Hey but Lucky with that was It depends on the pair of shoes I wore. Are you land on your foot if you went down a step. Yeah so it wasn't something that was interrupting in my life or liquid like make me like take a cab instead of walk. Actually sometimes I guess if I was wearing like really flat hard shoes and his flats can like foot flexes says the more these guys flare up and like especially if the the bottoms quite player doc martens work for that but go on okay so long story longer I get pregnant as well. Yeah exactly and the one on my left foot has it's been flaring up There's now one on my right foot which is so much more painful. And I'll describe the pain I I was like fuzzy helpful like you might have mine. Came like a pebble feels like you're stepping stepping on pebble again and again which is another shelter. I read on the Internet mine really feels electric sharp lake. This is the voice of the podiatrist Chris. It feels like my toes as I'm walking or going to break off as clear as if they were made of glass sudden and the minute you stop taking that movement it goes away yes Asif. I sat on the couch. It goes away and so I go to the PODIATRIST and I put my little feet up. I'm telling him this and I feel like I'm not being clear because I'm saying oh no crown. We knew ray what's here. He's able to tell I. Have this nerve thing because he pinches my little fat feet. They're very fat and wide right now. They are always were but now they're like any wiggle back and forth legal back and forth. Yes drew only there. I was not there but I remember the same experience like trying to describe the symptoms and she's just nodding Shannon. You sound crazy like you feel like there's a pebble in my shoe but there's not sometimes have little lightening. I didn't know how to describe it. Yeah lightning that's a great now. Sharp APPs get lightning very descriptive. Yes should right so that was ten years ago girl. So what the hell is this what you wear not that you don't have a cool style but like is this way you were. Sneakers ought not a lot worse so basically what this is. It's scar tissue built around the nerves. That are between the metatarsal of your foot. Okay so you have like where every toe is between them so you probably have one between like second or third and fourth. Yeah ourselves really common And sometimes you can even tell by just like wiggling your foot click and you feel it click. I have two in one foot. Lucky me which is you have the between between index and middle and. I only know that because it's been hurting so badly. They left photo at left foot that I went to get an MRI Mariah. They see them in there when you do an MRI sometimes they can see them from ultrasound. And so I got special orthotics made years ago with like this little riser in them. Cover it It it did then and it's right behind where the rumor is so that my foot doesn't flex that same way s and they were really helpful for a couple years. I should for you As we all were like many different shoes at guided only put them in like one pair of sneakers. I never wore. No I wear these all the time and I have two pairs one for my sneakers when I'm running in one for regular shoes I'm not in fact. Check me on the insurance folks feel like I might have spent a couple of hundred bucks on them. Okay because they were worth orthotics very expensive. Let's go doctor sholls first and then Oh doctors going to cut it. 'cause you have to get it in the right spot right where the NEUROMA. So it's very custom. I'm actually flexing my foot now and I feel like the electricity in my left. It's actually bringing feeling yes. Yeah it's really crazy It can come and go and but I found that really flat hard shoes. That don't let you flexes much. You don't have the problems so a doc Martin or frankly when I'm hiking like like my hiking boots I can't feel it at all. You say flat hard shoes. I'm wearing flat. Hard light ballet flats logo like a bet because you can flex and there's no support so you need something that has the sole. Oh yes. Okay said Docs sneakers. You're like air seekers lets you flex too much. Oh the doctor told me that I should get a great pair of sneakers. I mean if you want to get those new balances that it like a real thick on the bottom but like a chuck Taylor the most uncomfortable to wear you know what I wear like my Adidas Stance Mathie. Don't her as much really because you I would think even even more up on the bottom. This chunky like dynasty remember used to make fun of fashion girls and their big ass. Valencia sneaker yes they probably really good for your Neuroma And then I'll just give a little bit more advice. Maybe you down the line and everybody else helped cortisone shots helped me to. Would they would inject those into the into the NEUROMA and I'd get like four four or five months of relief out of that and some people do alcohol shots is like a new treatment for it and then eventually you know if you're wearing the right shoes and doing all that they like get bigger and bigger bigger over time and You need to have them removed with an outpatient surgery without you know what freaks me out I feel like I have no proof of this but I feel like it started when I had a bunny next to me so I'm afraid now yet. So what did Airdrie again now. It is people that are have hyper flexible feet or she said. Did you have bunions when when you were young. And then she's like that's yeah. That's because you're hyper flexible. And you're in your metatarsal move around so much and because your your foot movement is yatch more than a normal person's yes yes that can help irritate the nerve ending and caused the neuroma. One is not that the Bundy meat did the NEUROMA. You just have a flexible foot. It's prone to these so do you ever according to my Dr Prevent he might put nickel surgeon. It makes sense to me. I always feel like my feet when maybe it's the way my shaped. I need to like be wearing shoes more but if I'm like if I'm walking barefoot I feel like my little toes like grip the feet grip the floor at them some kind of A. I can't even walk barefoot because it hurts. I need to. I wear shoes around the house because because really oh yeah because barefoot the most painful I know I agree slippers or slipper like you put on Jones like nothing. We're flip flops. Because my little groupie toes and it's really painful all so I wear like a solid house. Berkinstocks you do. You know that you ask me. You thought it was just my slippers. It's because of the neuroma because a regular house doesn't cut Hud. I have I have the world of Nova Roma guys. If you haven't aroma I wanNA see some where I named mine. What is her name rummy? Oh Me Romey Rome the neuroma please. Dm Me with your neuroma tales. Our guest today Caroline Heireann Tyron. She is a British skincare expert. She's also a mother for she's a trained aestheticians and she's worked in beauty retail and brand consultant for more than three decades. The people also we love that. She's a passionate music. Lovers like us and a supporter of some amazing charities including refuge women's aid and the Appeal Caroline's caroline much anticipated book skin-care the ultimate guide is coming out in April. It's available for preorder. Now check out our website so caroline before before you were the internet skin grew. I've just given you that title. Okay you are an aestheticians or I mean you know took those credentials away from you enough the dishes. So can you just tell us in our listeners. A little bit about your life before Youtube instagram. And all that well I worked in the beauty industry since like ninety seven and and I I just had a passion for skiing. Skincare that was much stronger than makeup. And you know so I went and got my -cations knew that skin was my so the forte. What very fortuitously happened was? I was working in spacing K.. And silvy Sean. Kelly came in one night and basically had offered me a job. Gobert light twenty minutes. What do that pressed her told her that she didn't have any system? And everything needed shutdown stalking. They only test the brand for you. Pop It in a very polite way and I gave my notice. In that day I was going to go and work for CLARITINS. The universe was just lining everything. Could I ask you. You mentioned that you read more passionate about skin care than and makeup and nick that a lot of people who are really into your channels and everything or feel the same. Why are you more passionate about skincare? Yet it was just the you you know the the mental health aspect of having healthy skin. They go hand in hand. You know when you When you fix on skin who's had real problems whether it's on the rotation spectrum or the acne spectrum or even just advise them even if they're not coming to me for treatment which I don't do now but even if if my ticket you need this done and you need this cream but they'll advise you better the May da Da da and then you know a few months later you get great messages saying thank you so much we recommendations I just the you know? The lift of that person gets is the best part of the jolt. You you also a new book coming out on top of everything else you do. It's just called skin-care the ultimate guide. Why did you decide to do a book now? I'd always said that needs to do book. It's on there on the block on to see. Yeah but then it was. Actually my readers would say on the freaks group on facebook who would say but my mom's not on facebook but my mom mom's not on the blog friend doesn't know how to read blogs she just looks at magazines and the advice isn't really up to date so eventually my readers who would say but if you do and then I can i. Can I have this at home and I can buy onto my mom and I thought okay and also you know ultimately that little things aren't doing I end up doing my mom happy so I hope you don't mind. We have questions for you but we also have some listeners and so first off this is a conversation comes up all the time on our show Justin I talk about quote unquote clean beauty and I love. I love your Instagram Pie. Says everything is a chemical stop the nonsense but like I just think that you have merch But lots of our listeners. Do want to know what's going on with the clean beauty movement. I'm sure you're gonNA agree with me. There's no definition from beauty. Where do you you think this whole want for clean? Beauty comes from Mongering but aren't by who who's drones and retailers and so do he owes do you yourself have any he quote no no ingredients not really so. Nothing's off limits for you. I'm not a fan of mineral oil. Okay just because it sort of cheapen. It's we're in a very weird situation now where especially because the the. US tend to shout louder the funny that but the European. I'm a lot by the way in case expense. My Mother's American. I can say whatever I want don't you you can say whatever we like it. We're in this weird situation especially on social media where there is dumped all adjusts getting profiles. There's cosmetic scientists getting high profile. Then you have to clean and green people and then you have institutions and the the differences estimations put their hands on more people than anyone so I stay to. You know there are like over three thousand skin diseases. I'm not diligent but I promise you if you put me in a room and put me head to head about product. I'll take them all on at the same time. I know more about product than any of them so for me me. It's looking at a skinning going. We'll show makeup by Shimmy. Beats by what are you go. Don't use last two drawing. That's going to be to silicone view. You need this. I need a nasty then. You need the so for me me were in this strange space where as I said if an times on videos in the UK the tail is wagging the dog. The dog being the industry in the tail being the customer. Yes and this whole fearmongering thing. That's come has primarily come from the east coast or the West Coast in America. Soaring California has a lot to answer for really. Yeah so I mean that's our interpretation in the UK. Okay because when we see it they're always and what about like the environmental working group and they put out a press release that they are like not happy with this ingredient. Greetings because it needs more testing. Do you ever find there to be truth behind. Johnston them a they make my blood boil because there again part of the fearmongering machine. You'd like the very foundation of it. Do you think people you know pupils people a lot of brands will cite. WGN Like they're idiots idiots. Do you think ah out of Naievety or no jumping on the bandwagon. They WANNA be in then not naive. These people have money they WANNA make money. They know it's marketing. I was in La when the episode of the Kardashians was on because it's the law when you're in La have to put God actions because it's like twenty four seven and it was when Courtney had been approached by the WJ and this woman said to. Her I can tell you now. For definite there's lead in your lipstick and nearly punch the TV. Did you think that they're outright lying with a lot of this stuff you think. They're interpreting being noting that outright lying. They've only recently gone not for profit. They never started that way. I always wanted to try and find out what was behind. They never started as a not for profit they were always and and they do not have a toxicologist on stuff and if they do it's a very recent acquisition because we will been bitching about it so they go on and on about the toxic where they don't hire anyone who actually knows what they all. That's word scares me. The word toxic because when people say Atlanta a lot of brands use nontoxic county. But it's like well. What's the alternative? What is what are the toxic things and isn't everything toxic at some levels? The Toxicity is dose dependent. That's another t-shirt toxicity. Dose dependent one to water as the you know yeah the minor of life. We all need water but if you have too much gene end up in hospital it drives me to destruction and I will actively asked me to review. I WANNA say adverse Yup. Oh can you see what do you think. This isn't target and I opened up the website because I was going look. I'm always like you know. What do you want to see what I'm in the states and the first three sentences I thought I just rage like educate your clients? Educate your customers. Don't fe- among people into buying something. Because I lose all respect. You're not a fan of group. I'm guessing Not particularly no group lab. I have I manage to watch half of one episode and like found myself laughing so much for children must know safely favorite Sitcom come on. I cannot and I was on instagram stories in hysterics and I had to turn it off. Because it's just GONNA bashing and they're an easy target piano so I'd rather give my you know that's out there that's nonsense but like you said every other brand is doing it now. What are some of this is a question for Meghan one of our followers? What are some of the myths that just keep coming up about skin care that every time you see it and you're like how many more times I have to tell you? This isn't a close. Everyone's still obsessed with pause there. The pause pause how report what the fact that we can't close an open them. UBS Yes pauses relentless to be. They're all still so much out there that I it's innumerable but I but I don't mind but when it becomes when it becomes an educational piece. I don't mind how many times I'm asked a question on social media always gonna be someone new Say the same thing with my team at no question is too stupid. No question can be off too many times Because obviously had spent most career training as well so you kind of get that saw right you have to you have to be able to talk to people in a way that they want to be receptive to what you have to to say. How do you know when you think of product is working because when Gen and like we get so many products as editors? I'm sure you get these X.. Amount Beato it's hard to isolate sometimes like okay. Love's Park I loved the texture. I love the smell of packaging. Yada Yada Yada the ingredient lists looks legit but for all testing so many things things. How do you personally vet something as a caroline fave enquist read the look at the formula? Look at where things sit in the formula texture. How will it absorbs? How will it goes on my skin for sort of a week or so and then I can generally tell a lot of the time you go to put your faith and a good brand which is why I don't tend to test a lot out of Like new green brands would be sketched. Try because they weren't used parabens so I'm pretty sure product did say the green things meant to be the movement not the color of your product because you stopped using power but it's I think if you try I tend to trust a brand and then look at the products and runs make missteps. You know you look and oh God I wouldn't have done that but it's not my business or whatever But generally formularies king certified. If I look at a brandon. I know what testing they've done and I know what ingredients they using and what percentages which you can kind of gauge. If you're looking at a ingredients list that's kind of how I do it really and then then it depends on whether it's fun to use texture if or or if it's sticky or anything like that when you say testing done each hug my clinical testing. Yeah yeah kind of crinkled testing okay. How trawls I mean? I don't need that for basics but if someone is going to tell me that it's going to change the structure of my skin and you would you would wanna see some testing going. And where do you see yourself. This is a question from our lovely listener. Laura she was. Where do you see yourself in relation to the wild west of beauty influencers I think I kind of stand very much alone because I'm older. I don't go north east ridiculous uh-huh trips to the invite you know. There's the probably terrified. Well they know I'm going to get into Bikini for them no matter how much they want to throw at me. So I'll get invited to nicer things. I get invited as an individual on my own two labs privately which is much more preferable to me. I don't have to you know I'm not going to sign a piece of paper that says yes. If you fly me in business to Jamaica put ten instagram post up on my grid over the next four days. I've got time for that. I'm a business woman. I'm not influencer but I have influence I I I kind of think are separated myself from the very beginning by being at least at least ten years older than all of the probably fifteen years older than most of them fifty you know. Most of these goals were in their twenty s. I've been in the industry since they were born So I don't and I don't do it dismissively I'd do it with the confidence of age right so I do. Dismiss them in that way. But I'm not dismissive. You know a lot of them. A lot of them are friends of mine. They asked me for advice. They sow we've just product but I'm about what do you think An essay not your skin babe and go lo thanks. I thought it was going to be read in my life if you do have. Yeah that that reputation for being very no no-nonsense being very honest and I think a lot of other people are afraid to be like that and beauty on a shame. It is a shame and I want to ask you about that. Like for example this this is a few years ago old example but like when glossy come came out with their solution you critiqued it fairly. You gave your opinion you. Weren't you know unfair. They surging to it that made it go viral. How funny is that still my most red post really? So why don't you recap it for our our listeners. Who may not know you're talking about I? The solution came out which is obviously the acid I coined the term acid toning. That's me so when when it came out I saw Oh amazing los after nested and I looked at the inky and I saw. That's a lot of acids. The sort of four for a brand that is traditionally aimed their demographic quite young I felt the being list was aggressive before I even started it so then I used used it and it stung my face and I took pictures because I had sort of Well now it's more like a high reaction but it was it. Felt like a burn around my nose and I thought right. We're going to take pictures. I'll see if it calms down. I'll try try it again and I found I could only use it like across the top of my forehead like areas where your skin just goes. Audrey wanted to the soldier defeat and so I I put in the post fully. I put the post up at the bottom of I put these alternatives. Ninety glow tonic police choice and NPR's fifty. which is the original acid? Toner that everyone rips off right well within I mean within twelve hours they had this AESTHETICIANS who since become we follow each other when and the instagram we're cool and one of their young employees and they were crying and they were critiquing the three brands that I compared them to without mentioning my name blog but I knew what it was. It was a direct message to my blog. Post so I just I just did another blog posts next day instead. Oh glossy I think it's still called like what are you doing. They went up to p fifty. which that I'm sorry but private message or Larry's Oh lord okay? There was like fifteen instagram story. slagging being off P fifty Polish choice. I'm sure they could Pick Ziegler twenty right so and I just and I just said my stories. I don't know what in the blog. I don't know what you're doing but I'll tell you one thing you've got a paragon who needs on. You're going to have to pull up going because she does not play mild. Yes you're listening will come for you and income hard and the next day that impulse choice Graham was like still one of my funniest things ever. It was almost like a doctor. The the sort of gifts of the the doctrine the lab coats that have dropping things in in a dust thus trash Chen and saying some people put all of their formulas and one we have twenty. Two individualist is not just oh my God. They're going for it and that's still my most used low. Pay Most scene blog post. I know that you're like okay. I'm just being honest. You're just doing your job but it's never fun to have conflicts. It's not fun to get. Hey get an email or i. Don't get the sense that you arriving so much. More come to talk about the cease and desist sub received about lawyers letters of had but I could be so much more controversial but what I will do if I believe in fair another guy attacked. I think I will you hiding places funny lay. It is a very sensitive sensitive time. The culture right now are a lot of people can't take upon jr but at the same time it's like you know art music. You know celebrity like there is critique of all these things but for for some reason like if I were to get on the mics and be like this brand you know takes Johnson a big brand. I can tell you we wouldn't have a great night sleep. That do you know why Women Daming Gaming lagers make their forecast from the interesting gaming change. Change things were changed yet. Yeah I think the restaurants like they get taken down and then they fix it and they fix fix fix it. And it's because the beauty not industry is still predominantly run by middle-age white men. I'm sorry but it is an eighth thank. You don't know you're talking a woman that's number one. Yeah you're younger than me. That's an I'm not half at the time I'm now I'm older than some of them. I'm like so you you looked and finance great. I'm really excited. I've been putting my hands on People's faces for twenty years Come at me broke So but it's because we're women it's it's an it's a women led industry and it's the only industry on earth where there are middle aged white men at the top but most of the work is a female. Have you ever seen a brand respond on positively to something and fix something because lows retiring yet so I did a video about a nice Jewish about the packaging which was basically. I love this this pot. Whatever it is but like hairstyles the Kerr Stars? Pots of conditioner. Drives me to distraction because you have to open the lid and then put your hand in it in the China. Where do I put the cream and the LID and the pot with water cost me a kidney? Yeah Yeah and then they lord advanced night repair the eye cream. That's what the stake the plastic so I sorta broken drawers plastic stay. I always thought it was it. It was supposed to drop her. And I'd like a lab sample. That was just so I opened and I saw that the ends broken off like how I thought it was going to have a lip gloss no plastic dropper and I said this was obviously made by my man in tech because no woman would comfortably rub this around there I arch he. I mean it's up. Did they did. They changed the but they got the message. Loud and clear I I. I received notice that I had been heard so it does. It's not falling on deaf ears completely. No but it's a very good brands who think we're untouchable and that's fine. I don't care yeah unlike your customer but I'm giving feedback. I do know what I'm talking about so but it's up to them all you'd I'm GonNa shout them just it is what it is. Yeah we have a question from the Monique one of our listeners. She wanted to know. And I WANNA know this too. When Sh- is it good to go to an esthetician versus a dermatologist? If you have had persistent acne since your teenager you should be in front. Abdullah Gist if you have Rosa if you skins burning if you have Russia's Russia go straight to a doctor in the UK. We go to a doctor in the here. You could go to a dumb if you adjust Asto looking at skin and going this could be a bit better my tone and the ST fields. But I feel like I'm going to be saggy. I'll go pigmentation My Skin looks doll anything. That isn't isn't a medical emergency. If you had the same rash on your but would you go to. A doctor is a good way to think of you. Know it's almost like the dumbest hugest is there to sort of diagnose knows a skin skin condition or skin disease God forbid and where more to support the life of your skin throughout your lifetime okay. We've got another question he from Emily. What ordered you? Apply Skin Care Products Enza. Okay It if you're using it don't cast any everyday anymore but you you know at least once a day every other day type thing Than a missed. I like Amiss because I'm older number dehydrated so where you would. Traditions essence may be an an eastern routine not new New York eastern as in forest. And then it's ice cream Sarah and then if you WANNA do moisturizer oil it always depends on where you are with makeup so I do oil underneath moisturizer because then my foundations. It's better if I'm going to bed I'll just put oil. Depends I prefer leaving moisturizer on top personally and we always say okay. We've told our readers or listeners raiders. Oil on top because if they're not a humectant kind of oil it depends on the oil. Obviously but it's just like a sealant an occlusive. Yeah so we thought after all of this though bear in mind this is why when I see these things and there's no definitive can cosmo. You can't say that because you don't know which because you don't what the product is so so it could be that you'll using like a squall oil that's really actually quite light and something this cool to serum like villainous daughter is an oil yes hold a series right you know so it Own Formula is king as keeps trying to get me to stay Queen Formulas Queen Okay. I'm not stress it enough. I prefer moisturizer on top because I want my skin to constantly be attracting acting moisture I will lead US hiring acid at some point in my routine behind him in any moisturizer so oh but and also it's more comfortable for an older woman to have skin that is freshly sort of crept and then going foundation on top afterwards or anything like that. So What drives me to distraction? My only complaint that I do step in and I always get tagged is when people say you. Put Your ice cream unless that drives me about the wall okay. Now uh-huh not to be dramatic brought up either on a gas it because he's got a lot of questions about that There's a lot of talk about. Is it really the holy grail of Moisture Ization. Is it not all all. It's cracked up to be some aestheticians believe you can develop a sensitivity to it. What's your take on H. A.? I don't think you develop a sensitivity to it. I think it depends on the Ph of the formula. So when I'm I'm retinoids as I would say when I'm using. It's benign on flaking. There are certain hiring Kassy's I can't use because they stink my skin because the PH is low is this isn't the quote unquote molecular weight of the the high around a gas. Not Really No. It's it's more about the formula so molecular weight You know all now. They're like we have multiple molecular weight. That you do need you so you need a multi waited one because you want a small one to penetrate You WanNA medium one to kind of help everything else penetrate and then when the canopy the canopy is when people say oh. It's only got one. Ask still going to do a good job because it goes on the skin and acts like a kind of like a circus tent and everything else can then go underneath. Changed your tune on a certain ingredient that you said. That's not good now. I think it is I'm less offended by Monroe loyal than I used to be. Okay I mean is completely anti but again this is because formulas change and now instead of just having like a big the reason is because it is not nice to message with you you get much by the message with a natural plant based oil. So there's there's nothing deep and like if you use mineral not designed to penetrate but mineral you know I've always said that memorial can be very good in an inclusive product for people who have like redness or his Asia and it's a product that a lot of people not sensitive to so you'll always find it like then yes full of manure oil but it's great for people sense skin so i. I'm less arguments about that right. Because in certain skin types and conditions it can be great. You want that Berry. Want that Barria But I'll tell you the reason this comes up. Moore's because in the urine Europe fighting fighting European facials we message in the USA. You like machines not not this one over here now. I should loves Olympia Addict. I'm talking about AESTHETICIANS I so he he mostly they're exceptions like Narrator Joy Jordan Samuel Rene Ruler. They're all hands on and don't do a lot of machinery whereas whereas you know There are other much more high tag on the radio frequency at some of the join of August so I have plenty of time for both but I always want myself John with you. What do you I think when you're talking about how in the US it's going more towards like the high tech stuff? What do you think we're missing by not leaning into the you know delicious massages and lymphatic drainage oh the connection with your client besides that though? Is there anything I mean. I'm not saying that it's not wonderful. Feeling haunt unless you do have a good thorough muscle. You don't get a feeling of where your client skin is at Thus just for me personally so okay. Marcy one of our listeners wants to get kind of deep. She says that one of the reasons reasons people respond to you is because you're not like this twenty year old like you know Lauda influence her But you talk about anti-aging allot but we also are working in unlike a world. That is quite ages especially in beauty yet. Have you felt that at all from your listeners. Or your no not from this news. I've mainly felt it from Well brands that were just never think sending me a certain Puerto which is absolutely fine appropriate. Don't want it you know it's it's more used by the younger influencers who try and dismissed me and and as a woman who's fifty. Do you ever feel offended when people call things. ANTI-AGING I don't eat ANTI-AGING I don't use the time in the book what I use the term too I I used us. I have a paragraph saying. Look you will see this word used. But it's used because this is what the industry calls until we find a better term but I'm pro aging in my very very first the video I was a guest of Salmon. Nick Chapman I said aging is a privilege. Not everyone gets and I've never understood this. I'm not anti-aging at all but I think it's the the aging question is more. I'm more dismissed by people. Don't agree with me. Oh she's old. Actually I would say I'm experienced but you do and I'll say I've got that kind of calm home. Confidence that comes with being a mother four fifty had ever to give a shit if tests. I'm currently jumping rocking Bora Bora Says No. I'm shit. Whatever I just I don't get that much of it because in the UK a more seen as like the mother hen you know so? I've already good relationship with most of the locals in the UK. Okay and then we normally ask doc with what's in your bag but one of our listeners. Ashley she wanted to know your hall of fame products the big category. I mean she could go on your blog but give us a couple of us with like cleanser. What's Bash Emma Haughty Moraga bone cleanser was? I thought God this is amazing. my pixie double cleanse kind of an easy an easy one to say just. Because you know I didn't make that product to be like a Rolls Royce cleansing. It's a good basic and it gets people into the brain of sinking. Oh I take this off with an oil and then I go in with something a bit. creamier acids P fifty obviously There are so many cream kate. Somerville Line Repair is line. Release Sorry reline release is amazing without Mascara always like crony Krista loader they make great Moscow or is it a drastically underestimated but about this year like plain old moisturizer depends on the budget. You know anything that it was a cheap one Hi Ed one Cheap one would be a neutrogena hydro at least is a grand nice moisturizer but it won't work if you're using a primer that's made of silicone A cake some bill tissue repair which is called Peptide. Kate now they had to change name. mm-hmm is like probably one of my whole grow products we've got a low and high and now we have fun at the very end so we do this at the end of with everybody. We've got five live questions. We ask everybody so the first beauty product that you remember falling in love with when you were we little little caroline dolphin purifying bom. WHOA whoa out of the gate? You're using the good stuff and now what do you do to chill out like. What's your relaxation? SCU On okay if National Victims uh-huh unit yet clean my kitchen Favorite ice cream. I ate a lot of haagen-dazs pralines and cream and I was pregnant. song that pumps you up not much Lisa Vandross and then we always raise on Mascaro onto our favorite products at the end of the show. But what are you raising two right now. It does not have to be beauty product. which is something in your obsessed with currently Shits Creek? Who did it just recently? Someone else said Daddy Stan. Levey shows a delight Yeah Creek. I am obsessed with dead like constantly. Yeah Yeah I get obsessive about things and and going to gigs. I'm obsessive about going to gigs. Merger Big Duran Duran Fan. I am the just me. No one oprah cre I'm GONNA. I'm here in New York tomorrow. Are you so excited. I can't think about it. Are you to give her facial. Co- couldn't be able to. This was super refund. I could talk to you for a arena hours. Thank you so much for coming. Thanks so much. Thank you for having me. And now it's time to raise a won- before we raise a wand. Let's have a listener as a wand. Remember guys you can email email US raise a wand at FAT MASCARA DOT com. Leave us a voice memo will in four three gave a short short with your favorite product. Your name why you love it. Maybe where you're from. I'd like to hear here's an example. Hi My name is Mary Fran and yes. Both of those are my first name and I'd like to raise a lawn to educate good behavior spray. Now it is designed for people with curly hair to keep their hair straight when they flat iron and I have hair that is so straight it refuses to curl. I've gotten half a block from blow out where I had big curls in the salon half a block later my hair was straight. My hair doesn't hold a curl and someone in the atmosphere a facebook group posted about this for straight hair needing a hold curl and they were right now. Every time I heat style my hair I use is the educate good behavior. I'm on my third can cause it works both as a heat protectant and it is the only thing that has helped lock curls into my hair. I can now curl my hair and keep the curls slash waves for three days which is unheard of when I used to be lucky to get a couple of hours a curls out of my styling products so yeah I decay good behavior spray. Thank you Mary Fran. She's good very fred in the house. Don't take our job okay. And the FM's dude. I love reading pirate's booty and it's it's like now we're eating too fast because we in between like I know someone caught. It's definitely behest about this. Okay can I talk about I- Gadget. We talk about how we don't always gadgets. But I have the gadget. Are you ready. I'm ready germ Pore Dermot poor yet. Do you WanNa know what does it do. Okay it's an ultrasonic spatula like they used to use aestheticians office and and they've brought it to consumer levels. It's really easy to use you. Wet your face turn little buzzer on and you just sort of glided up over your skin and all mention they. I don't WanNa do it on. My chest is exactly where I use it. So I have these subconscious filaments which are those little Then we'll look like little white hairs but what they are is just like sieben plugs. I have them to get rid that sometimes if you squeeze them then you make a big red mark. Oh yeah and I can't get to the facials to do it this thing. I just like. Where did you find out about this guy? Because the the Dermot Flash ladies the made the Durham. Yes this this is so much fun and then okay. 'CAUSE I had to make it a little different than aestheticians one. You can flip it over and use it. Confuse your serum guys. I'm going to be honest. I'm not infused musk deer. I'm sorry you're just using it as like a manual full leader. That is so gentle Rosa Person. Like me you can get out like I've gone blackhead every now and then even score. It's just little things. Come out and you just feel like yeah can you see it on the S- patches of course of course so this is more satisfying than like poor strip. I think it is because it's also less sense like I don't get read on my on my chin. Do it right now. I know now I'm like I need it. It's like a gadget. I use because you see the problem. Get out the gadget use it. It's not like Oh do it. Regularly to keep listening to twenty eight days coming back it's GonNa could get rid of Steven forever but it works so it's funny. I personally have not tried the report yet but I'm going to in the same vein. Let's go to raise a WAN to the DJERMA. Emma flash same. That's actually the same company and we're not getting paid by this company. Like I know that not fond. Yeah at this isn't a huts baen. It's just I've been using the Dermot Flash lately. Now you reminded me of the flash because Report Dermot flashy spoken about in previous episodes. It is like Durham Planning for at home it has a little buzzer deserve Stick it's shaver. It's okay it's an electric shaver or you don't you don't need to be barest about because it looks just like a chic piece of beauty beauty equipment musical wand and it's very economic. It feels like robbery and good kind of looks like a vibrator it Kinda does look like a vibrator not not put this even near your like child. Oh God no okay because it has a little bleed God now. It's a gun you have to pull your skin taty. Yeah it's not known as did not belong on your no this is this is above the shoulders. So you pull your skin taught you press the button on it. It comes with a blade with four or five blades. ps You really do need to use one blade in the dispose of it. Don't don't be cheap about I'm the cleanser beforehand. You can't have any like it's drying cleanser because you don't want me oils on your face oil or go go on. I follow the directions. I use grounds are so cleanse your skin's totally burner serums or anything then you take the dermot shape the Dermot Flash. It's not a shaver. And you run it across like your where impeach residue at look over my lip I do even like by my browse very careful. Lean hairline and the edge of the brow. Gotten their exactly do this. Where always have a question right right in front of my ear? There's a thing that isn't aside. Burn but it is a peach fuzz sideburn okay. I'm glad you mentioned that. Yeah do you do not go to high. Because 'cause I used to do that as a teen and early twenties. It looked like I was wearing a wig or it yet. You hair in front of era. You don't get I'm glad you brought. I don't get overzealous because if you take too much hair off you're just gonNA look freaky. You WANNA get Velez hair if you start seeing. Head hair's falling off we are Durham flash a year in the wrong spot. Exactly ugly like it should be you know mine is like almost like a pale. Orange like the Velez hair. Look like fluff. Yeah it does look like twenty plus so once you're done with that ad then you put on the Djerma flesh moisturizer. Do not use them like active thing. It's like yeah because this is manual. exfoliating on your skin is a little bit sensitized APP and it comes with the Dermot Flash MOISTURIZER SIR and I have to tell you I could set my watch it every time Dermot Flash. I only do it like every week or two like just do it once a week. I think Max but I push uninsured. They're like you can do it. Twenty Times yeah no I get so many compliments on my skin because it's because it reflects light better. Yes yes. Your skin is glowing slowing. This is about one hundred dollars. It's ninety eight ninety nine and is dry cleaning dry-cleaned garment you have to keep the upkeep like to buy the blades dry cleaned ranger face. I feel like it's so it really works so I duNNo. Just don't hurt yourself because if you pushed you hard you'll hurt yourself or or if you try to reuse those blades. I made them. Yeah Yeah ooh that was a fundraiser instinct for you okay so raise the one to just because because a thank you. We're going to miss her. You might hear her voice because she did do some interviews before laughed so much to you. I cannot wait to find out her. Name uh-huh our listeners. Next time I talk to you guys. I'll be a mom live you know. Not a prerecorded. Next intro thing all right guys is love you love you love union. Thanks for listening. Our show is produced by astral media. Be Sure to follow us on instagram. At Fat Mascara go to fat ATMA SKARA DOT COM to get a link to our private facebook group and hit us up. If you have a beauty question you can send it to us at INFO AT MASCARA DOT com. We'd love if you send US voice memo we we also want to hear your reason ones send those to the same address INFO at Fat Mascara Dot Com. And if you like what you're hearing. Please leave us our view on itunes. Just throw some stars.

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