Sam Stone on the Phoenix response to the riots plus Gov. Ducey placing a curfew for one week and the impact that choice will have.


Governor. ducey put out a curfew last night, saying that after eight o'clock a united basically allowed to be on the streets and given what happened in some of the communities are a lot of people. They kind of agree with that but alas. The protesters did not agree with it because they shirked the. The the curfew they're out and about they bag downtown downtown Phoenix last night. Reading little bit of problems in center ring, other conservative circus. We have SAM stone. He is the chief of staff for City Councilman Sal to Cisco and Sam. Last night we heard that if started out fairly peaceful, and then it kind of turned in the end. Is that true? Absolutely a mess. The history of these things James at least the last few days we've had you know hours very peaceful. Protesting which I certainly had a ton of respect for, and then it's gone to hell and. Thank goodness for the Phoenix Police Department and the effort they did especially last night they stepped up in a big way. We had over two hundred and fifty. I think arrests the last two nights in downtown. They are taking these folks off the streets, and if you were out there. If you were saw any, you here uber driver someone still out last night. What you saw was the entire three thousand persons Phoenix police department on the streets in every single neighborhood, every commercial center and you wake up today to a city. That's still looks normal because of our police department contract. That's what's going on around this country. This is the right way to do. Things Jerry Williams police chief in Phoenix. Deserve a ton ton of credit. You don't stone. Stone I agree with you. She does deserve a ton of credit and she needs to hear from the community. Because strangely, I haven't heard too much for mayor Gago on on this whole issue, and this is a liberal round city, but for some reason we were blessed to have achieved Williams. Who really doesn't play and they're so professional in the pushback it it's it's it is gratifying to see my question is what will these people who are in jail be charged with will be. Will they be held responsible for the chaos? They've caused. That's the big question that still yet to be answered James Because the first night of these protests. We arrested just two people. And on some pretty significant charges, one of those in fact had a bunch of wars, and they got down to the jail, and the administrator just turned around and let him right out. and. A chance that we rearrested those same. People are pretty darn high. so we're waiting to see one of the things about the governor's order and I I have my questions about a week on lockdown, but one of the things about it is that it ups potential penalty you can face a fine of up to twenty five hundred dollars and six months in jail. You know we need to be parents simple if you're out there, looting rioting, if your lighting fires and causing damage and doing the things we've been seeing. We need to throw the book at. You need to go to jail. Can they stay there for a long time might question is how could it be? Why were they just released? Allow to sign out I mean what good does it do? If you go into arrest, two hundred people for looting for for violence, and then they're not going to be punished. You're not going to hold them accountable. That's that's that's crazy. I'm not putting that on. Chief Williams or do I need to WHO's responsible. Who made that call? No chance you definitely don't need to be putting. Matt Chief Williams. Putting out on the politicians at City Hall and the majority, the liberal majority, and it's what we've seen across this entire country for over a decade. Now they look on the. There's a liberal brand that looks on and TEPA, and cheer them on and has been doing it for a decade, and now's the real truth. The real face of MT is out in front of every American. They're trying to deflect the blame. What they have done for years is treat this group, which is a domestic terrorist group like they are legitimate protest group, and it is not. It needs to be treated differently there. There are people out there who are very legitimately protesting George Floyd and issues around policing in minority communities, and Tika is here to commit violence and throw this little boy, revolution of all these little white boys sitting in their basement, dreaming on the radical revolutionary. It really is a frightening thing to see, and you see how they tried to coop the movement and we're GONNA. Talk about that later on today's show, but but stamps. Are we talking to Sam Stone? He is the chief of staff for city councilman. There are at least two members of the city council who have been particularly unhelpful and our egging on as you just said are supporting and cheering the actions of these radicals and our streets. Well I, you know I wanna be clear we do. They are in and what they're not doing is differentiating between legitimate protesters and the troublemakers. The ones who are out there to do mischief and criminal damage destroy property threaten live. They're not defining the difference between those two and until they do that. Their protest is legitimate and the end of the story. It's just amazing to me that we elect people like this who are on the inside of the government now and they're helping. Create the chaos, Samson? What kind of effect is this having on the on police officers and also WANNA. Know what impacted this having on small businesses downtown? who were trying to reopen after the covert? The orders were lifted. Well. This is absolutely destroying all these small businesses James I mean they're struggling for all their work to to find a way to survive this thing. And now they're getting hit with these damages, and they can't have their businesses open it absolutely devastating, but the bigger point here that you just hit on, you know we had a from what I understand I'm hearing report that one of the Tucson City Council. Members was actually. With the the the people damaging property in downtown Tucson was actually out with them and we've. We've had council members here in Phoenix who have set out on their office letterhead statement saying Oh Phoenix police. Really reasonable measures are brutality and violence, and this is racism, but knox not done with this garbage, James we're done with it. It is time to take control of our country back. If there is a real problem and there is with policing in this country. Then let's address it meaningfully. You do not do that by lighting fire and causing damage and burning down at hurting people. That is ridiculous.

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