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Umpires am I the only one who wants to see actual robots computer iphone to earpiece to umpire. We were province robots the people this is the panel we can replace you with background robots they will do that. Let's go out for the producer telling you what to do. Oh they want a robot hosting the show in. What can you guys do in fifty nine minutes? We can barely do the show in fifty nine minutes. It takes pays fifty nine minutes thirty seconds Sirri in fifty nine minutes today six one six two to get to the Wimbledon final with would be Saturday versus Simona Halla National Panel. I turn to you what is this run to the final show you what a win mean gene for Serena Williams Kevin Blackstone wow more accolades Serena Williams. I mean it's just unbelievable that she just continues to dominate her sport. Now at thirty seven years old will be the oldest woman ever to be in a major slam final s remarkable that she's come back from her pregnancy giving birth having a life threatening situation in terms of giving birth and not only that I think really really cool thing is we started out this tournament talking about cocoa golf who by the way talks about her her mentors or her her idols being Serena Williams and Venus Williams and the fact that she looked up to him and said that when she beat Venus that's the only time she's ever cried in a met so you're not gonna see her greatness but you also see early Greg I sold as it would say Wimbledon. Miss Williams is dominant. She's all the way back. She's made it to a vinyl since giving birth but she's she's is in better shape right now in today's match she she won all but three points off of her first serves. She's getting her per serving and if you're not getting yours in it is over because she's going to jump all over that this is dominant as she is looked in about five years. It's going to be very difficult to beat. What's amazing is after all this time? She's the greatest ever she's still the best women's player on the tour. That's what's remarkable. Bob Ryan with all due respect to Martina. I don't think there's much doubt any longer who is the women's Tennis S. and Franken Serena Williams. She is at such as level now going doing what she's doing and commanding attention that she's commanding for all of us that you're going to be. We're not we're getting real close to the following. What was the name sister? They were hers again. You know we're almost there and I mean she's setting yourself apart that that is an incredible statement. I just made but I'm standing on your steady gone so you think she's left Venus so far behind we can just let's not let's be Venus behind. She's hid has had an incredible incredible career but we're talking about Serena here Clinton Yates and specifically coming back after the pregnancy last year the life threatening condition during the pregnancy last year. She didn't get the winds in those finals last year. How important what is it for her to finish the deal this year I think is relatively important but I think what all this shows that she's doing this for one reason now reason that's important which is for her? I think for a black woman in a position she's been in a leadership when she's been in such a spotlight is also very very difficult for people to realize that this on the human individual. Let's not forget what happened in that final. She cried on the court in front of the world. It was something that was a very emotionally riveting moment and it's coming back. See Her doing warm ups in warm now with her child at what's her child. Filed they're showing that she can be happy doing the thing that she does best in better than anybody else that to me is what this comeback has shown. There's something in it for the person the person who's giving so much of the world of tennis that she's taking back for herself. That's what makes me most happy I remember. She sought counseling after that U._S.. Open final what happened with her ASAKA. Here's what's remarkable about tennis so it used to be pleased with burn out in their late twenties. Now you look at Serena dominant at thirty seven then look at Roger Federer Rafael on the Dell. The players saved in a much better job of managing their way through the tour because Serena essentially plays in the majors on the men's side Rafa and Roger will play more tournaments but it's just great that these legendary players are not burning out at the age of Twenty Six and twenty of red brought up hers seeking counseling Frank. It's so huge the things she has done for self care she was again near death after her pregnancy which raises awareness to what that is for women in the world with that is for black women in the world specifically but you talk about she's a mentor and idol tennis players Kevin Black so that's of course true how she is leading off the court now talking about seeking therapy talking about how important it was to apologize to Naomi Asaka after last year's final that is so big that is so magnanimous of Serena to air that L. publicly in addition to what she's doing on the course. That's amazing to me what she's doing. We'll move on now N._F._l.. News the day Melvin Gordon new contract from the chargers or trade me. That is a report from Adam Schefter Gordon's on the last year of his deal. This is a club option year. He's making five point six million this year. That'd be the sixth highest paid running back in the League Winston your in Los Angeles. They let let's make you the the L._A.. chargers jurisdiction. How should the chargers here that I think the charges should hear this as much as business as they do personal any level is it all listen? Gordon is a guy who's at thirty touchdowns over the past three seasons. He's going to have any point in which is going to leverage who he is in this office and who he is in the N._F._l.. This is going to be the case but ultimately I'm not sure that cord is that good when it comes to the rest of the to your talent you when you talk about the other people in the N._F._l.. He fumbled a lot in his rookie. Year didn't even score you had to get over that is injury concerns or another thing that the chargers have to be looking at while. I don't agree that you know he's necessarily the best top tier running back in the league. I do think it makes sense for him at this stage of his career to argue you for the money because when you can get a get it that's the only time to do it. That's how this league unpack there with Yates Blackstone I on Clinton saying he's not in the top tier. You agree with that. Yeah I mean. I think he's up there. You know you talk about the fumbling problems here. There's a rookie he got over those last year. He had he averaged five point. One yards per carry. That's awfully strong. People talk about the fact that a lot of touchdowns came inside the five yard line but guess what he got into the end zone that counts offs at a rate higher than other people did so and the other thing is he's a running back. Running backs get chewed up and spit out in this league left and right. We know they have the shortest shelf life of any position in the league so you're exactly right Clinton. This is the time for him to leverage that. Try and get the right guy. Sola only Todd Gurley has more rushing touchdowns over the last three seasons. You know if you look at Gordon. He's very efficient number one and you have to if you're as agent and you're Gordon you know that as a running back you have to strike while the iron is hot and right now the chargers are a team. That's on the cusp of being a super bowl winning team. You have to get that money now I don't I don't begrudge him at all for holding out because he's got to get paid because like what Kevin said the shelf life running back is so short at any moment it can be over. He's doing a smart mark. Hey Bob Ross effective for Gordon to say this <hes> six weeks before they season. I really don't in the context of these living in one part of that reason is that they do have a backup often Equa. WHO's not too damn bed and that they may say you know what we can live with this other? Guy Is opposed to <hes> Gordon. I'm not sure his leverage is everything he thinks it is. I understand I totally agree with the idea that he should be trying to to do the best job for himself. Given the reality of being running back in the national football league in the way the system works but guess what you've got there comes a point when you have to know how to cut your loss and say okay. I'll take dumb being offered because I'm not going to get what I want and I don't think he's dealing a position of strength. He thinks he's just something to consider. How close do you think the charges are Bob Ryan? They're close close how close to the hand Philip Rivers I mean this window is right. Now is at nine doesn't that put him in the best position possible. Go ahead. Please close but I mean I don't know I can amplify what I said. Okay I'll tell you where he fits into the big picture. They have another option. I remember how Bang W was at the end of last season to them with that did to their audits going into the playoffs. We've been horn. We'll move on N._B._A.. News of the day you Russell Westbrook Market Detroit free press <music> appetite to obtain Westbrook is luke warm. That's been ellis he's talking about the business side of thing but also said he then talked to multiple team scouts and executives once said it's hard to see a natural fit around the league quote quote and quote. Is it possible. There's no natural fit around the League Russell Westbrook Bob Rice well first of all the salary thing is is predominant it you cannot go from it then the fourth year million forty seven million dollars. Everybody wants to swallow that he's thirty years old but here's my biggest point on him. I think that the triple double thing has taken on such a disproportionate meaning in his life and I it obscures his actual work. I think that the idea that people focusing on triple double triple double triple double in general terms let alone Russell Westbrook specifically has gotten out of hand and it's not isn't all that important when it comes to winning and guess what he doesn't get out of the first round. That's been documented so I can see why you're saying Amen triple doubles oversight his worth. He is not yes so positively a number in the N._B._A.. Is You talk to anybody that you're in the N._B._A.. As he's still a top twenty player in the you know sure is oh top fifteen yeah yes I think he is but that but that translates into the W. Guy Soli WanNa join it here. I think he's a top twenty player. Tony Think about it you know last month we had the players. Awards didn't Paul George Finish Third M._V._p.. And his team is Russell Russell Westbrook. If I'm Detroit why would I want Russell Westbrook on my c my hat Blake Griffin have Andre Drummond Eastern Conference. That's why Miami's trying to get him. I do believe there is a bit for him. I didn't think he had a great year last year but I think the criticism is a little over the top. Kevin Durant was an M._v._p.. M._V._p.. Playing with Russell Westbrook Westbrook was an M._v._p.. Paul George Finish third this year yeah third overall. It's pretty good so Russell Westbrook last year. The shooting percentage went down third straight triple doubles season it yes that's a headline as most as you say it could be overstated Bob Kevin Blackstone. There's no natural fit for Russell Westbrook in the N._B._A.. Today well I think the point is that it's difficult fit for Wessel for talking about vote you know can't you fit in with the Lakers who needed a point guard probably not we talked about him the other day fitting with the rockets that doesn't seem to make sense but some place in the east it with a Miami or or certainly someplace else in the east. You know Detroit that makes sense. This is part of the residue from leaving now all of a sudden there is a space in the east for a guy like with Russell residue really opens up the east. That's what you say good. And have I go. I just go with the nickname for this reason brody. It makes things a lot easier but my question is always. What is the reason why you can't have him on your team? Is it a basketball reason because the efficiency of how he plays it was personality reason it always seems that whenever this discussion comes up both of them seem to intersect and there's always what issues for the other when you can't really decide which one it's going to be. I personally think he's worth the risk but I know there's a lot of offices. They're probably believe they just can't deal with what it's like to bring a star that big onto your squad whether it's the players that are there or the people that you're dealing with from the fan so I personally I think he's worth a lot more than willing to call because I was surprised I was throwing it out there big but the top jobs as Tony of only fifteen players. I'd probably say he's number. Fifteen can't be less word you say he's a ball dominant guard. He's not a big guard and that is part of the problem. 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Just this pay five dollars shipping when you use the Promo Code Horn at blue dot com chewable means better cheaper faster than pills order now at Blue Shoe Dot Com Promo Code Horn these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease welcome to around the horn coming to you from the Heineken river decade here Seventeen Major League baseball second get half starts to day and it starts with the suspension Astros outfielder Jake Morass Nick Two Games for this collision with Jonathan Loop Road Sunday veracity also find undisclosed amount luke Roy standard concussion broken nose on the play this this is a play the league has been trying to legislate out the game Clinton two games buyer seller. I'll sell that it's not enough for me. It's not just because of the fact that the catcher got concussed. If you look at the trajectory takes on the way home. There's a step out there. It appears as if he was looking for contact on that play which if you're going to say you're trying to legislate these hits out of the game that cannot be remotely allowable by five Games Blackstone two games ourself boy two games out of one hundred sixty two games schedule doesn't seem like nearly enough to me and I also think you have to take into consideration not only the breaking of the rule but also the severity of that injury. I mean he could have done a lot worse damage there than was done frank I sold in the N._F._l.. They call that targeting. I mean come on. You have to give him at least six games. That's what most teams averaged in about a week and in all these sports we're talking about player safety and you look at a play like that baseball has to remove that from the sport. I know they've tried to do it but look at that play tear tallboy trying to get rid of this thing ever since the buster posey incident and here's a guy that had every opportunity to move to his right to do something whether he wanted the headfirst slide or hook slide the other way if the but at every opportunity and he should be punished at the absolute far worse than he is. He's getting goes to his right because we're the throw was and had a goal he wouldn't say or what have been saying buy or sell to robot UMPIRES. I say again if if you have robot up buyers you have to have robots Atlantic League all star game and now the second half of the season they're going for a computer using doppler radar determining striker ball then relaying calls the Umpires iphone then it through his earpiece. He makes the call Kevin Blackstone by herself. I'm selling it because that's not a robot as you just pointed out. That's a real robust back back. Their second of all I also checked in with some friends I know who played for the blue crabs in that division down in Waldorf and they are for this only because they say a lot of the umpires in that league are homers and this gets to call forty there. Wow the call the UMPIRES. You're not gonNA be any name. Yeah I would love to see Joe West being told by a robot to go along without a lot of ways. We have a robot and every sport. It's it's called replay. Let's just leave it at that robots in baseball not a god right while it's a misnomer. Obviously it's a computer not a robot and the thing is that you do need umpire has the overruling capacity. Did you know that if the ball to bounce and before the plate and then costing the zone properly that the computer would think it was a strike. That's why the empire okay well. That's called the human error in the game. That's called the the the computer error in the game it also you never want a situation in which you force in umpire to be an air pot guy that is just so weird a lot of levels Isaac Asimov standpoint like if you're going to have the robot make the calls but the human have to relay the call. It's such a bizarre czar method of who you are yourself. Essentially this is weird on every level. No have the people there. That's what it's there for. When you're making me wonder here you go to the level any level a lot on any level kid on any level be among the banned words words and their show? It's possible it's possible over buyer fills this quote. We're going to walk the finals in the East. WHO said it says right there? James Dennis you looking at it that in Philadelphia Seventy sixers full quote the East is it's GonNa be wide open. We had a good chance last year quietest guy he went west so we're going to walk to the finals in the east. Keep pompes inquirers who told the two frank buyer sells jeans and is saying that I'm selling. Selling on a number of levels don't say that and let's also remember the east still got some pretty good teams. You know you have Milwaukee is still in there so take these genes and say this to who who what do you now you now right now. No Milwaukee still the favorite but he wherever you are yeah. If he wants to walk to the finals he could walk the eight hundred hundred sixty miles. It is Philadelphia till the Google books are the favorites at this point. Come on Google maps has has a lot of levels when you go map so on any level eight hundred Kevin Blackstone may have been having next level five this the fact that he is confident for whatever reasons that they have a really good chance to really good chance there is a truth there because Hawaii is gone this residue so you should look at this opera and you can say that when you eighteen games you did right we are going to next level when frank is Sola Thanksgiv- Bob Showdown to mocking showdown you're walking all horn is brought to you by kind of enjoy Heineken responsible aids frank guys all shutout. I had planned to be right now. Six six of them are all there and and to virtual Battista Goo is into the Wimbledon semi so here's a timeless showdown will then send me or beat the Bachelor party clean who you got. It's absolutely Wimbledon semi in the way you do. It's in the top fifty and prize money is bring the guys in the Bachelor Party to the Wimbledon semi and stick them in a box fan club coma. I I completely disagree. This is the ultimate not betting on yourself. If you're told you friends to be there you should be there as well and getting knocked down to. Semi's isn't going to be good enough to make it a party. Two more matches good luck against Djokovic Mitch Federal Oranje doubt I don't know how to rain on the parade. That's apart. He's not going anywhere had a rally box and then go from there himself. Gates showed up to Josh Norman running with the Bulls and you've seen this video video jumping over the bulls running with the Bulls anymore. We're jumping over the bulls so if you're Washington. How do you feel about your player jumping over bulls fourteen days before cap break I i? I'm not worried about that at all. We're talking about an elite athlete. I'm more worried about saquon Barkley or Ezekiel Elliott goring my my good Buddy Josh Norman the bull getting them. He had no Ashburton. I gotTa feel relieved because at least he can get his on the field appealed to do his job something that people are walking out of that building wholesale because they don't want to do at least he's still able to complete the task to complete the scoring year. There was a word that is banned elites coming. You stand on a lot of levels point game face times. I would like to take this time to remember the work of Jim Bowden. He was a pitcher for the New York Yankees who passed away this week and he wrote a book in Nineteen Seventy Cold Bowl four what it did is it exposed impose a lot of the carousing a lot of the drug use of baseball players at the time and he was looked at as a snitch and somebody who was not to be considered respected however would it did do. Is it change what we thought we needed to understand about. Athletes in order to best enjoys the product that we had on the field some people.

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