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The Jericho network on Westwood One. Tall. Dog recall. Ricco. All right, welcome to talk. Is Jericho. It is the plot of thunder and rock and roll, and let's go Duff McCague joke of the week. Oh, Chris. Jericho's again, I didn't wanna believe my dad was feeling some this job as a road worker, but when I got home, all the signs were there. Thank you very much. Yes, very, very nice. Wow, Duff is the man of many jokes, some of them good. Most of them like that one, but he's a rocker hall of Famer and he takes the time every single Friday, no matter where in the world he is or what he's doing to phone in the joke of the week. Thanks the Duff and the rest of guns and roses on tour hitting the Philippines, Jakarta, Taiwan Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi in November and Fuzzy's. Judas rising tours rolling on as well get to that in a minute. Because right now I gotta tell you who's coming up on today's show Brian film in the second, the only son of one of the pioneers of high flying and getting his character over reinventing himself. The late great, Brian filming Bryant number two lost his dad when he was just four years old, but he remembers a couple of things. We still share Brazil. A lot of his dad and him as well as you here in the conversation coming up. Brian's also talked about making his own name in the business and how he came back to wrestling in the first place and the advice he got from films close friend stone cold, Steve Austin, he trained with Lance storm in Calgary talks about hooked up with Lance training. There. He's also talking about the recent knee injury suffered that had him sidelined for few months. He just came back, what do you plan to do and his downtime in the ring, Brian's got some goals for both new Japan and WB and a plan on how to get there Bryan film in the second coming up and Fosse come into the orpheum tonight in Tampa, September twenty eighth. It's a hometown show from in Florida, and we finish up the US leg of the Judas rising tour Saturday night Fort Lauderdale to culture room tomorrow. And then we're playing the rock allegiance. So main stage, New Jersey. Next Saturday, October sixth. And then we head to Austria and New Zealand Auckland at the studio, November seventh Melbourne at max watts, November ninth, which is my birthday, the manning in Sydney, November, tenth, thirteenth Adelaide at the governor and member fourteenth Brisbane at the triffid. We will be there or go check that out. If you live in Austria or New Zealand, they were hooking up with three days grace for some dates on their Canadian tour Moncton on November twenty. 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Bryant roaming the second which is very regal, but this is wrestling. So you're probably end up being Brian Tillman junior for awhile? Yeah, that's that's how it's ending up being promoted and people are introducing the in announcing me as that I, I really tried to go with the second for branding purposes. Yeah, I really liked the idea of the Roman numerals remedy to and something that and and just trying to play onto that kind of that wrestling royalty idea, you know, like my father was in such a position of reverence in power in the industry and and it was kind of his lost on me because you know when I was born, you know, he wasn't there or you know he was there, but you know, when I was four years old, I lost him. So I kind of got removed from that that kingdom. So being a wrestling. So I'm just trying to find my place in and just get back into the. So held you twenty four twenty four. So you just had your your watch your leg there. If you spend a few distraction out where you can do so came on the bus like Grizzle. But you just started though though this year, my very first match was December. Thirtieth of two thousand seventeen. Okay. I was like, you know what? We're going end off the year with with one big match and I actually had like a dark match so to speak on December eighteenth, but I did it under under a different name. So I try, Alex King was my name. Tribute to my older sister, Alexis actually passed away and my younger sister Schuyler in her last name king. So I was okay. But you mentioned so. So you're the son of Brian Tillman. The only son direct? Yeah. Brian had five children for children. So my sister. All all the children are half. Okay. My mother had Alexis and in me and Jessie and my dad had Danielle and Brittany and Schuyler is actually of no relation to him. Okay. There's a little misconception online. I think on Wikipedia or something where sky scholars listed as one of his children, but she's completely not biologically related to him. Okay. So what your dad passed away when you were four years old? Yes, it's been twenty years ago. Read, how do you have any memories of your dad at all? Yeah, I, I get that question a lot, and the one thing I can say I do remember is when he was wrestling and address on TV. I was very upset about. I always thought my dad was the coolest. He would never do that. This can't be real, and of course voice, you know, you can never forget that voice. Thank you think he's screaming. Right, but he's not loud. You know what I mean? He has to scream just to be at a normal volume, the other throat injury or something along those lines. They also just growing up. You just a young kid and he had polyps which are like little throat tumors constantly had to be removed. He had, you know, kid little throat, whatever you call jewels, whatever. No, no. No help you breathe. Yeah. So always got made fun of, you know, when he was younger and stuff, and I, I feel like that really hard into him up, but really, what do you mean? Do you have like a little like a tube in there too? Yeah. Oh, wow. So like it would stick out of his throat. That's why he had that that Scarborough. Wow, I came over, they call the ventilator. He actually had the in their interesting, so that kind of gave him that voice for refers scarring the scarring over time that constantly scraping out those little tumors and stuff. So when growing up without him, as you open a Pabst blue ribbon PBR we're in Ohio, man. When did you start realizing that your dad was Brian pill? Man? It was actually non until I got into my twenties. You know, growing up, I knew he was a big deal in wrestling and I and I knew that he was a famous person in that business, but I was more or less thought people would forget about him. I kind of thought, oh, you know, those were different times now. Now, you know, things are changing wrestling so different now, like people would never, you know, they wouldn't remember him. And if they met me, they wouldn't know all Brian Thomann as and I was completely wrong. I was so wrong about that. His followers and his fan base or just. So I wanna say Colt like, but I want to say that in a good way. I want to say a very passionate following and it's almost it's unreal like it wasn't until I was like twenty two or twenty three when I started reaching out, you know, I think I tweeted it lands like, hey, are you? You know, you're accepting students. I'm thinking about getting into into wrestling and it was like somebody just saw that screen, capped, it wrote an article. I had nine hundred new followers like the next day. I remember kind of hearing about this out of nowhere because like you said, you did end up having a little bit of a. The thing with Lance, was that just basically nowhere? Did you just think I want to go to Calgary and train because that's kind of where you dad went to train or. Yes, I thought I thought it would make a lot of sense in in two, I just I did my research, you know? And I was like, who's the best? Like if I want to do this, I'm going to do this all in who's the best trainer. You know, I don't want to go down and get hurt, you know, in some in some rusty old ring, I want to be in the most professional training Byron, and obviously you can't just walk into the w. w. performance centers. Oh, I'm Brian poem. You know what I mean? So I was like, what's the most legitimate way to pay my way and go do this? And and I got in touch with Lance, and he sent me a nice lengthy Email which you know outlined all the pros and cons of this business because I told him I was like, look, I was kind of I was kind of torn away from wrestling. I was I was more or less led to believe by my mother and family that it was bad for me, and it was going to do all this harm to me and it killed my father and all that. And then you meet guys like Landon guys like you that that you know didn't kill you. You're still making a good living op. Two different parallels. You know you guys both started together, right? But you went on different paths, but no, no, no destructive past. And it's just like all these people that say wrestling's terrible are just wrong. And I finally realized that after more or less succeeding at being a normal person, you know, going to college got my degree. You know, sat at a desk job, making great money for a year. I was just like, you know, I was. I got my degree in information systems and business like a minor in business. So I was working on databases for car dealerships all around the western hemisphere. So we worked with Canada, Mexico, and South America, and basically people that worked at car dealerships would have issues with their databases, you know, different things that have to fix with the accounting. I was specifically with the accounting end of this off wear and I would, you know, help them out with that and and solve problems. It was really fun job because I do enjoy technology, but I kept going to the top of the cubicles and coming down on people with lax handles. And they were like, look, you got to. Gotta get outta here and I was like, yeah, you're right. I do so. Yeah. Yeah. Did you ever thought about being a wrestler? But he said when you were kid? No. But when you come in adult, did you start thinking like really should try this? Or were you trying to still ignore those impulses? I want to say I, I wish I would have started sooner because I did have some earlier impulses when I was getting out of high school. You know, eighteen twenty years old, but the the social influence today is to go to college, go to college, all your teachers telling you to go to college. And I saw what happened with my family and in the risks that my father took in how our family ended up in ruins in, you know, in the Pullman name could have more or less died off at that point. So I was like, you know what? I'm not gonna make those, you know, I'm going to at least have a backup plan. I'm going to go to college and I'm going to do all these things that these teachers everybody's telling me and in looking back, I, I don't regret. I don't regret it at all. I think I learned a lot about technology and marketing and business in college, which is ultimately infinitely valuable in the wrestling world as well as far as social. Media and starting up a website starting up a small business. So the every wrestler has just a small business. That's all we are. We're just we're just trying to make our make our make our news and stuff. So I don't regret going to college. I got some debt from it, but hopefully I can use those skills I learned in push forward with that and the wrestling. So when you decided to go to Lance school and he accepted you, but what was it like for you to go to Calgary? For one, the famous rustling city and once again, like we said, the parallels of that's for Brian, your dad went to learn how to wrestle, what was that experience like? And the whole training. The aspect of that it was really cool going up to Calgary as you know, as soon as people heard, got word of it, you know, Bruce Hart was reaching out to me and stuffy. Yeah, he's come by the house. So I got to see where my dad used to live and stuff and where he used to hang out and and actually actually went to a club in Calgary in the city and the bouncer checking my passport and stuff because I actually got robbed my third day in Calgary. I got there early. I got there on like Friday and practice started Monday. So I had the weekend to kinda hang out and get to the city. And it was really beautiful too because it was like the beginning of September and like the terrible winner hadn't hit yet. So it was like perfectly beautiful out. And I went and was going into the gym, and I hadn't picked up a lock yet for like my back and I was like, you know what? I'll just put my wallet in my car. So I go to put my wallet, my glove box. And I guess as I'm walking away unlock instead of lock. 'cause I always kind of point at my caller and lock it, and you know some Hobo or somebody must have seen me do that. And he just when I was in the gym, he just went into my wallet, lost my debit card and my driver's license, all kinds of stuff. So luckily I had my passport at the house because my you know, everybody's like don't ever lose your passports. I wouldn't even bring it out. Because when you when you train with last, he has a house for the guys. Right? So so Lance has a the his house which holds five students. It's pretty nice. Actually. I wouldn't mind staying there. A lot of the guys developed some pretty cool friendships there and stuff, but he also has a network of renters that you ran out and I was staying with woman that he got a pretty nice woman that he had rented out from. But yeah, I had my passport went to the key went to the club and Calgary. Super nice. You know, there's a lot of cool places. Their guy looks my passport. He's like Coon aim, bro. I was like all thinks he's like, you know, like the wrestler, I'm like, yeah, I know. And I'm walking. He's like, you know, you kind of look like you kind of built like him too. I was like, I was like, yeah, I get that a lot. Just walk totally. No sold them. I got, you know, this is long line. On the way out. I kind of smart in them up. I was like, yeah, I'm up here training. You know, my dad and he was actually really upset because he thought my father was a Calgary native. He thought he was born and raised in. It was like, no, he's from Cincinnati, and that's where we're from. And all of that. They thought that they came from Calgary because that's where they started. Oh, yeah, yeah, but that's the first thing I saw today. Like when you came to meet me, we're doing soundcheck here at the venue and no VIP's and stuff, and I'm gonna look around and then I'm like a woman like cannon, which looked like, but not really. This is you walked him like you're built like nine pill, just a wide shoulder those and like the stocky legs. Very interesting to see that right away. People have a mullet. So actually the new, what the Mola we're at practice Atlanta's and he was giving, you know, he gives these lectures about just every aspect of the business, probably the most knowledgeable person in the business because he's just like, you know, just like a computer, you know. And he was like mullets were actually a functional haircut, so you could keep the hair on your eyes and still sell them really well with your with your hair. That's why I had a rat tail because I didn't want all that hair, but I still wanted to be able to sell really well. And that's where to, and then he always, you know, he goes onto something else and data for the mullet. It sounds like you know what it's going to be over his health, so it's functional. Yeah, I, I was. I was flipping my hair back in practice all the time. Yeah, I hate this. I hate doing that and I don't have to do that now. So it's great. But once again to that's a Brian pill, grew it out of the longer bandanna Ramat. Yeah. Would you think of training? How was that for you training? To be honest, I expected a slightly higher level of athletes up there, but he did have he did have about twenty kids. So I think in the past he was a little more selective on on who he allowed to train there, but there was there was about six or seven guys that were really, really keen really smart, really good, but you know, it wasn't as rigorous physically, you know, we did our conditioning and stuff, but it was very mental. You know, we, we had a lot of like a mental homework we had to work on. He wanted us to really think about the psychology and take it back to the roots of wrestling because he's like, when you go out to these India. Shows. He's like, you're not, you're people are going to tell you the wrong stuff. He's like they're gonna steer you the wrong way. I really wanna drill this into your head like how wrestling is supposed to be like how you're supposed to be in the moment and and how a lot of the greater moments in wrestling happened when you when you do things on the fly, and when you really go out there and just believe it's real and just pretend you're in a fight, he's like, what would you do? If this was a fight? Like, what would you actually, how would you naturally react? And he's like, if you just go out there and choreograph everything and he's like, that's not gonna. You know what I mean? It's not gonna, look genuine. It's not gonna look as intense intensity like like, when I see you when I watched like you and you in Ben wall and Japan, and it's just that intensity and just even Japanese wrestling today, it's like it looks like they're beating the hell out of each other and they may or may not be maybe a little bit stiffer than than your average match. But it's just they go out there and they just feel it out, you know. 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And the Westwood One podcast app free from the Westwood One podcast network. Take you play sports in high school at all or in college or so, I played high school football, and I was I was linebacker for the first couple of years, but I was I was only on JV I I wasn't as good at the at the passing game and all that and reading reading the the quarterback and all that. So my coach was like, look, you're, you're one of the one of the meanest hardest, you know, hidden dudes we need. We need you on this defense. Why don't you try defensive line? So I went to the d. line at one hundred eighty five pounds, and I was just manhandling dude. So it ended up in ended up being all star nose. Guard my father played nose guard at Miami of Ohio. So I was just like, this is so cool and they're just only parallels. I'm not. I'm not even trying to be like him, but at some things father-son. Yeah, the truly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and that just comes to show. So a lot of a lot of similarities with him, a lot of things different to ended up playing lacrosse. My dad played hockey. So hockey wasn't as prominent. Lacrosse was growing starting to pick up in northern Kentucky, and it was funny because the referees, because it was a new sport in Kentucky, more or less, it's more of a northeastern Ivy league type of sport. They didn't know all the rules really. So I was taking my heart hitting football style into lacrosse and they were just like, well, whatever, you know, knocked kit out because you don't have all the pads on. I just have a few pads and you got a helmet and I actually knocked myself out one time just hitting somebody as I would in football because I wasn't sure got into college, played college across. We realize it's way more of a finesse sport, it's way more like soccer, basketball, totally not like football and I, I was like, it's not for me. Did you take to the wrestling training pretty naturally, then some things were natural things weren't, you know? Definitely just because I was so separated from growing up and kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. Just watching it. You know what I mean? So the mental aspects not so much. I still have a lot of homework on the to do on that. But I mean, my first drop kick, I ever threw. It was like it was like Lance looked at it and he just didn't say anything that that's when you know you did it right. If he criticizes you, then you did it wrong. But if he just says, okay, then you know you did it pretty good. So it's like some things like that. You know springboard off the top rope, you know, their appealed easy. Yeah, I, I tried to jump to the top. Yeah, I could never do that. Like like springboard cross body from the inside turnbuckle jumped to the top. You know what I mean? Little things like that. Like I could jump really high, you know, I can run pretty fast. Like I just have natural, you know, explosive athleticism. But as Lance would say, he's got, he's got, he's got all this power gotta. This supposedly issues like you just need to control it. You know, you just need to slow down. He's always like slowdown, grab a hold, you know. All right. You know, it's interesting and I'm sure if you told you this or not a big fan of of your dad. Remember literally when we were training back in nineteen ninety, the springboard clothesline a photographer was not something that everybody news called airfield. Remember last going over to the repealment. I bet you could do. And of course I would fall every time never got it right. And every time he would just like, oh, yeah, being, but that was him practicing the air pill, man? Yeah, I think it was Steve Gillespie. He's like, you know, I love Lance, but you know, really pissed me off every time I teach him. One of my moves he'd do better than me as I dry. Let's be didn't have a lot of moves. Did you meet a lot of people that knew your dad? You mentioned Bruce Hart. Did he tell you any stories or was it was cool and you know he would talk about, you know, all the different things. They used to do different stories about the stampede days as funny because like things he would tell me and different people will tell me would end up in that book too. So I'd be reading the book that that loop. Mark. Right. Oh, I heard about that already. Just firsthand from the people that were there just the different rim. You know, the Calgary ribs, and some of these ribs were just vicious that you heard about how so they said they were. They tricked my dad into doing a, he hated like doing little press things and they, they were like, yeah, we, we got you. You're going to go to the senior's home and and do a speech and talk to all the, you know, the senior citizens and all that. And they, they like totally signed him up for this. And he was like, come on guys, you know, I didn't want to do this. And I guess when he got back from it, they like they dressed up a dog and all his wrestling gear, and they put a bucket of water on top of the door. So it's like he goes into the hotel or wherever they're staying bucket of water drops on them. There's a dog running around with all his wrestling gear on. He's like, what the heck's going on. This old, Calgary ribs, and there there's way worse ones, obviously. Those are some of the more. Yeah, exactly. Did you what did you think of? I think it was just called flying. Brian was Liam, Liam or works book be? I think he called crazy like a FOX. FOX's, Tom Sawyer. Pretty cool starting to read that at some point, the forgot that I had it. So no, these stories, there was very honest story about portrayal of your dad, right? Yeah, very accurate. I talked to Steve Austin about it. He said, very accurate. You know, maybe one of the one of the things that wasn't so accurate was when they were forming the Hollywood blonds dusty came and said, look, you guys are gonna tab gather. And I think in the book it mentioned that Steve didn't wanna do it, or he was kind of like politicking out of it, but he's like, no, no, no, I was totally Ford from the get-go. He told me he's like, he's like, when I came in, your dad was already a star. He's like, I looked up to him. He's like, I wanted to be a part of him. He's like, you know, you walk into the gym and you knew he was somebody you know what I mean? Just saw somebody that was a star and stuff. But so if our reading the book, it's it's awesome because you re you read this book about your father's life. You never knew your father. Right? Never knew he was reading about him and you're just like, is that like it's so much like me, you know what I mean? Like just stupid little antics. I've done when I was younger and my progress. In wrestling and stuff, and I'm just like, well, that's just that's something I would do you know what I mean? I never had the chance to like mimic ham or grow up being raised by emissions, all natural genetics still generically right here. But I mean, Dave Meltzer I think rated that that is like the best or his website rather rated as the best wrestling book ever. And I think that's because it was written by somebody that's not a worker. It was written by journalists, so it was more or less. It's as if like Dave wrote a book, you know, to me, it's going to be more or less factual and less about exaggerating and making up, you know, cool stories. And you know, so it's like the real stories and stuff. So. And you said that you spoke to Steve. Did you call him or did you do is show or how did you get to know him? Yeah. So Steve Austin's, really the reason why is just I said, screw it. I'm gonna get into wrestling hell. What happened. I was I was on Twitter and I really just liked to re tweeted something random. And he happened to have caught me on Twitter and just followed me, and I was like, holy crap, followed by stone cold. Steve Austin is pretty cool. You DM me. He's like, hey, buddy. Her brother, you know, I got this belt of your dad's. It wasn't arresting about it was a weightlifting Bill, do your squats or you're dead lifts with and it says flying on the back of it. It's out my house. I want you to have it. I'm gonna mail it to you. I was like, wow, I was like, super cool. You know. So I get the belt and it's got a, it's got one of the the, the ranch, broken school ranch hats in it. So you know, hooked me up a little merch too, and I'm like, wow, this is so cool. But on of course it fits perfectly and all that. And I'm just like, well, if that's if that's any sign to start looking into getting into wrestling, I don't know what is you know what I mean? You get your first ballot. It's almost like getting your first championship, you know, it's like, but it's a weightlifting belt, so I kind of relate that to that. I still use it everyday. It's really thick, durable other, you know, it'll go a long way. So I, I was like. That's so cool. And then after after I just recently injured my knee, it was the weirdest thing ever I was. I was, you know, rock bottom super, super upset. Three, four months of bookings, just have to cancel them sitting at the end of my bed. This is like, you know, last Thursday, whatever. I get a call from Steve, just out of the blue. You know what I mean? Like, and I'm just like, perfect timing. I needed that. So he kind of gave me some advice on the business and and how he had his problems with his knee and stuff. And he's just like he said, if there's one thing I can tell you about wrestling, he's like, just just remember this. This ACDC song, it's a long way to the top. If you wanna rock and roll. Did you hurt? Is this the new that you today? Yeah, so my my left knee. Yeah, I I was I was just doing something simple. You know, good old kicks in the corner, and I thought I'd be a little innovative and do the little pop up off the bottom rope and and make it look a little more devastating. But I just came to practice at cross fit from four to five, and it's an hour drive to date in practices at six thirty. So literally just showered cross fit came straight here and you need to get that runner's high when you do when you do a high intensity workout. So I was just really ready to go. I actually crazy practice. I actually worked on one of the Northern Lights to my repertoire with with the roll the roll over that Ricky does, but I was thinking maybe do that. But transition is something else. You know, just trying to add some moves because you know it's two thousand eighteen. You gotta have fifty move training. Lance was like, have three moves. All right, drop kick power, slam German. That's that's only and that got me. By for awhile, but I'm like work at all these Indies. They want me to start slapping my leg. Shit. I gotta gotta step it up so you know, adding some different stuff and then the last ten minutes of practice, we're like, hey, let's do a six man tag because there's just six of us in the ring and and the older guys like the coaches had left or whatever. And some guys are doing promos and the other room and other guy gets go, go have some open ring time. All right. Well, we'll six man tag and we were the heels working on some of the newer guys. Don't even think they've had any matches yet. We're just, you know, beating them up and some boots on them. And yeah, just just have just having too much fun in the ring and not thinking and I, it's, it's funny because we try to tell ourselves, you don't think too hard. Go out there and live in the moment and have fun, but sometimes that's when you when you get injured. Yeah, every movie. Do you have to be paying attention to fundamental? So what did you do to it? It was a hyperextension. So you know how your knee bends at just bent the other way and came down on it. Like I said, I was popping off the bottom rope. When I landed, my leg was fully extended and it went backwards the other way and it pulled out my PCL which fortunately is not as crucial as ACL. Oh, they don't even repair it. So they said they're gonna let that he'll up, but he wants to go in surgically and just check on the meniscus. He said the, they couldn't tell from the MRI whether the meniscus was torn. Inaba said there might be a root tear there, so they just wanna make sure. 'cause they're like, look, you're young if we can fix this meniscus, repair it surgically, we're going to do that because if you don't, you might think you're fine. But over time you're gonna get arthritis. And by the time you're forty need a knee replacement. So they're like, look, let's just take care of the meniscus if it needs it, if it doesn't need it, they're going to pull out, close it up. And so how long you have to be out for two three months. If the meniscus is fine if they want to repair them. In this case, it's going to be six months total. The first six weeks I'd be off of it had crutches and stuff. It's frustrating when you're young. Oh yes, she, but because you just basically started. How many matches have you had? So I've had about, I wanna say twenty-six. Okay. But I had like one night. I had like four matches in one night, but you know, it was kind of like, you know, it was done story. I kind of structured it as one big match. So I don't really count that his four home matches. But yeah, I've had about twenty six, twenty seven zero. A lot of work in this area, believe it or not just being in Cincinnati. I'm so so central that there's just within like a four to five hour circle. There's a lot of lot of Indies to work. A lot of places to go. A lot of people are curious to see what I can do in the ring and stuff, and and you know, it was really nervous to inlands warned me about that. Just being having that name. He's like, people, people are gonna. They're gonna tear you down man. He's like, if you're if you're bad, if you go out there and just and shit the bed, he's like, they're gonna. They're gonna crucify. And that really scared me. And I thought about wearing a mask. I thought about changing my name. Like I said, my very first match. I used a different name and then when I went out there for the first time with my with my real legal shoot name, I was like, you know what? These people don't hate me. Love me. You know, I'm not the best. Obviously, you know my my second or third match. I used Bryant home in the second everywhere I've gone. People have wanted me to come back. So that's all I can ask for. I know there's a lot of rough edges clean up, but if the fans are going home happy and they wanna see me again and the bookers and promoters are happy, then I'm happy and everybody's. What could be not a detriment being the second generation you obviously you're gonna get compared, but but if you're good, that's going to help you being appeal man? Yeah. If you're the shit's, it's gonna probably hurt you to be just getting a chance, but is if you can take that name value in in harvest that it's going to help your career. Oh, yeah, you know. And that's the good thing about it. And I, I got the pleasure of meeting Cody Rhodes when I was in Canada booked on a show in Calgary him and his him and his girlfriend or wife rather, sorry were booked on a show up there and he was like, hey, man, look, look, you know, I, I know all about it. You know, the guys like us, we're, we're held to a higher expectation and he's like, it doesn't hurt you that your father passed away. He's like people, they miss him and stuff. He's like, he's like, don't take advantage of it, but he's like, it's not gonna hurt you. He's like, yeah, he's like he's like the fact that that you're somebody that's trying to start, you know, and you're trying to pay your dues and. He can go to the right training and stuff. He's like, you're doing all the right things, you know. So he was really nice to meet and talk talk to. We sat down on the floor and you know how nice little talk about that. So many second generation wrestlers them. You look at Orton and you look at, you know, all the Samoan guys, Roman reigns. Everybody like that. Once in a while, you'll get a guy like David flair that just doesn't connect. But I found that most second generation wrestlers are pretty good. And even though you didn't grow up in the business per se, he mentioned before it's just in your genes genetically cut out for it. You know, where did you? What was your first match? My very, very first matches. Alex King was in the CW AI warehouse against Cody hawk who was actually the trainer of dean Umbro's so that that's his credibility goes there, and it was really cool, you know, call it all on the fly. That's how those older older guys are. And to me, that's that's a really intense fun way to wrestle. And then my second match our was December thirtieth. I was like, look, I'm coming out in the second. Wrestled a kid. I was eighteen years old. Had already been wrestling three years, super knowledgeable. You know, we, we spotted out a bunch of cool stuff. I actually did a springboard sunset flip, which Lance told me to do. He was like, look, do this. Nobody does this. He's like, nobody actually goes up to the top into the sunset. They're gonna think you're going to go for like a move, but you're right, you know, catch him in a penalty. Alright, so did that actually did your move? Which people, I guess, call it the triangle drop kick or the springboard Roskam Twitter. Now. I always love when you when they it's called the triangle drop you like really. At that vented, it man that so actually I didn't invent Ultimo. Dragon was the first guy do that from the second row, but I used to do it right from the top. Oh, and then as I got older and I would fell a couple times, you would actually run and jump straight without a post, and then I realized it's the same this when you do on from the second, it's funny you bring that up that you quit doing it from the top. I was. I was looking at some of your old Japan stuff and you did the lion soul to the outside of the ring. And I know did you stop doing that? Because triangle position like running, like you're gonna do drop because the second, but then flipping over the top. And I don't remember who gave me the idea that I did it for years, but the last time I did, it was a pay per view. I had against Ben one ninety six. I think it was my first WW pay per view, and I tried it and I misjudged they came down kind of on the apron, and it was like, that's enough of that. Looks it looks risky. Did it quit all throat ninety? Four and ninety five? Okay, so but you know. When you're younger shit, you know. Do you do that? That is obviously your dad was one of the pioneers of high flying. You look back now and it's very archaic. No, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But is that your style you? Are you flying like he was or I, I really enjoy looking at guys that are current wrestlers today that are my my size, my height, you know what they're doing. Kind of that hybrid style guys, like Kenya, mega guys like yourself that can kind of do it. All and land kind of broke down means like, look, you're not huge. You're not small, you're right down the middle. He's like, you're gonna have to do whatever people want you to do, whatever it calls for big man matches little matches. He's just try to learn everything. I was very curious about more of the technical side. You know, like I wanted to learn different legholds and stuff like that, but I do. I do like I do have a pretty nice drop kick. I like to utilize that. I like to utilize a good snap power slam kind of taking a page out of Randy Ordonez book and I wanted to land. I wanted to learn German, like mid, he told me he's like, don't do German if you're just gonna laugh. In on your back and then bridge up. He's like, it's not a German. He's like a real German is when you land in the bridge on your head, and it looks really pretty, and I'm like, look, I'm gonna do that. I promise you. So he wouldn't let us do it at his training because he wanted to be breaking her neck, but I started utilizing it in my matches and it went over pretty well. You just I'm very flexible. I got a nice bridge. So working on, you know, at indifferent, different suplexes and stuff. Just utilizing my flexibility. I think I've done like over two hundred classes of hot yoga. Super. I, it's a crazy freak accident that I got injured because I'm just like always keeping my body. Finally two, whether it's cross fit or yoga and stuff. But but yeah, I think I have a very hybrid mic style. Is my fourth or fifth match? I don't know if you've heard of the wrestler, Joey. Genoa. Independent. Yeah. He was like, look, he's like, I know you know, you don't wanna get hurt or anything, but I want you to just jump to the top cross body to the outside. I'm gonna push in the barricade dive over the barricade. I'm like, all right, let's do it. So it's like Lance is teaching us. All right, don't do all these dogs and everything. Just keep it. Basically, fourth match, third match. I've already done to dives outside. Here's the difference though. You learned properly. You understand the foundation, the foundation, the initial stages of psychology. So you know that it's too, but you're doing it because like you mentioned, you have to make a name do, but that's going to end up in the long run, helping you become a much better performance because you're going to figure that out very quickly would sometimes days guys years to figure out. Yeah, you know, I had joy on the show and he's, he's another just kind of whether it's just these making all this stuff happened just by making it happen, he just gets it. Yeah, exactly. So is there you're gonna try. And go like worldwide to talk to the UK sort of an idea you strong to stick to the states for now. So I'm really interested in just the Japanese the route I, I really enjoy their wrestling. I always end up watching Okada or or Kenny or Shibata. You know what I mean? So I really like that style. I almost it my my suspension of disbelief is almost instant when they watch those matches and I, I just get lost in it. So I've had the opportunity through through somebody to perhaps censored film over to to Guito and maybe get get on with their with their program over there, but, but that's obviously going to be on hold right now with my injury and I, I do want to. I do want to generate some some really high quality matches and footage before I start sending stuff over there. So which is smart. You know, it's interesting to think about something you did you tied with David Smith junior, or are you going to or. So you know everybody in their brother claims to be a promoter Booker nowadays. So I was contacted by a gentleman in London, and he said, hey, we're going to bring in contacted Harry Smith. We're gonna tag is together and all that, but but that fell through. So it was, it was cool. I got to meet Harry up in Calgary, so we hung out a couple of times. One time was at a show. He was book on Jeff Jarrett were on the show are CW wasted it. Actually, there's a couple of headlines I was I was present for up there. It was the one where Jarrett was was drunk or whatever, but God bless them. You know, he's, he's got help and everything hall of fame so proud of him. But the other one was in Harry, save that woman's life on the bridge. Tell us so so Harry, you know, he's, he's dressed in this blue fool. Komono suit, looks like a superhero when he shows up to the shows. That's, you know, he dresses when he shows his wrestling shows, he's in full white mink for just the whole, the. Whole twenty yards of how how luxuriance can. And he's like, yeah, he's like you wanna meet up and watch the pay per view tonight. I can't remember which one it was, but I was going to hang out with Bruce Hart and Harry and Diana. Yup. No, his mother and there were that someone one of the old TV dot TV, but cameraman that worked for stampede. So just a mold friends getting together. And I was like, all right, so I'll meet you there. I get there and he's like meet there at six thirty. We'll take seven o'clock. He's not there yet. You know, pay per view about to start and maybe start something like where's the at? And finally, they pull up and he comes in the house and him in him and his mother, and he's just shaking. And we're just like everything. Alright, he's like, hey, man. He's like, you got one other one of those beers. I just need to chill out. So I give him a beer and you just sit down and it's just like he's on his phone. He's like, you know, like this dudes like shake and I'm like, what's going on? And then finally break it down and he's like, yeah, I just saved this woman's life off this bridge who's going to commit suicide. We were driving by and you can just imagine like he looks like a superhero. He gets out of the car. He's six foot five. Dives honor, you know, probably puts her in some jujitsu move and just like, you know, you can't escape. So don't even try just expert. I couldn't escape if that man, he's, he's an absolute monster and just what are the nicest people. And he told me all the cool restaurants to go to the Persian food. And there's a little bit of a connection between you guys because his dad passed away, obviously, Davey and team together for years, you know, I, it's almost like you could start a club with with Ben was son and with. Own son, his son. I don't know if he's even knows anything, but what's going on with restaurant remember. But this whole crew guys that have all passed away and have these these sons that are around, you know, there's so much potential with the hearts. Like you said, there's so many hearts in Calgary, like John Hart, Matt heart. You know, all these, you know, they had twelve kids and then those twelve kids each had twelve case. So it's like. So it's like five hundred arts and. Yeah, you never. You're never done meeting them all and and stuff. But yeah, a lot of a lot of potential with people, and I think some people, some people don't want to do the same thing that their parents did or maybe they're, you know, they're tired of being compared to their to their through their parents and so they want to, they want to branch out into different things, and I understand that and all that. And you know, maybe maybe if I grew up with my father, I might have been the same way like all know. You know, my dad's trying to show wrestling down my throat, push it, push it away, but but since I was taken away from it for so long, it's like maybe he's like, I'm a starving forever for my whole life. I was starving. And now it's like all these fans or connecting with me. And it is your mother still alive? Yes. Oh mother, you know, it's quite a long story with her. Haven't had the best relationship with her, you know, without getting into too many details, just a lot of neglect in abuse from my stepfather ended up moving out of the house when I was thirteen live with my best friend, Paul for a couple of years. Yep. And live with him and his single mother who took care of me more than anyone had at that point. And that's when my my grandmother passed away. So then my aunt which is my dad's sister, her name is Linda Filmon. She's basically my guardian angel. The closest thing I've ever had to other and she came down and took care of me. She bought a whole house with her, you know, with her whole retirement, you know, just bought a house right off the front cash. You know, here you go. Who was like? I want you to be able to go to this high school. You know, really nice highschool at Dixie heights and keep your friends and keep playing football and lacrosse and stuff. So I've really got to thank her for just having that foundation for me in the same sense, like her mother, my grandmother did that for my dad, you know, like have a base for him or he could stay while he was pursuing wrestling and stuff like that. What did what is your at, Linda think of what you're getting into the business? Oh, she loves it. And it's funny because growing up, I would've never thought that how much she knows like she knows a lot about wrestling and stuff like she even knows all the lingo, but she would never. Say that around me, but now that I'm in the business, she liked gets it all, you know. So it's cool and she's, she told me all your dad. He, he tore his shoulder. He was out for three months and he was studying. It's like, you know, it's like literally the same story. You know, like tear out my neom. We offered three to six months, so, and it's it's so different. Alec you guys used to have to like mail each other tapes and stuff like you guys have to. You have to send mail and I, I've never sent mail on my whole life so I have the luxury of just looking up online. Oh, I wanna watch AJ. I wanna watch. I want watch these guys. I just do it at the click it a finger, and I think a lot of us younger guys. We take that for granted. You know, we, we think all know. I'll just look it up later something we don't actually realize how much work you guys put in to to build this industry to really just create it. You know, you guys did so much. Gee, whatever watch your dad's stuff. Yeah, I, I watch a lot of it. It's funny because I always ask people, what is your? What are your top ten favourite best wrestling matches of all time. And they always include my dad's mashed with lighter on there, and I've probably watched that match five hundred times because I'm just like what was the most innovative thing in high flying at that period of time? And you watch it and it's like, okay, and then you washed up today and it's like, oh my gosh, you know, just interesting match have versus ligers. Yeah, no, it's always funny when you see guys that you knew and their kids are growing up, and I'm not quite that generation with and own those guys, but it's still pretty cool to me. I remember going to pay per view in late nineteen ninety at the silver dollar action centre in Calgary summer, slam it see this little kid running around dirt over his face just causing shit is probably three or four years old and it was airy, no. You know what I mean? But the best film and match for me was the five on five, Calgary, stampede match the papers for w. eight. Okay. The Hart foundation? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Crowd reaction was insane. Brian was such a good character. Yeah, I think that's why there's been this resurgence in interest it Brian pill Mun a when he was younger. He was a great rest, but his older and if you got hurt, he relied more on his personality and character very important. I think that speaks to the longevity of people's careers. You know, just like, you know, it's not all about the moves and stuff like people at home is your dad's finisher. I'm like, have finished us back. Then the air Pullman was just a signature move. You know, he did a lot of head scissor stuff and he, he dove on people and job kicks, but but back then it was more about getting the crowd in the palm your hands. And I feel like his greatest talent was he owned the crowd. You know what I mean? He just had them in his grasp, very believable character. You know? And of course, the famous story where. Did you hear the podcast, Dave Meltzer boat? Oh yeah, I loved it. Just the fact he was able to work the whole industry into getting w w Bischoff to fire him because he was trying to work everyone. They got fired, and then taking those fire papers and going to get hired by Vince. I mean, it's one. It's one of the most genius double crosses of. He will work in the worker. Can never happen again. You know? No, no, not with all the all the bells and whistles incorporate red tape and day. But, gee, I wonder how he would have tackled social media because I've actually, I've read an article that he was on AOL and had like a fan base on AOL group chat. So it's like he was social media before social media recession, media, you know? So it was doing all this before Facebook and he kind of had them and he would feed them stuff. Whether it was a worker, you know, stuff in my mom would you know, kind of mandate the groups while he was on the road and stuff like, oh, you know, he's coming in a couple of days and stuff. So I was wondering, I mean, he would have just owned social media so he would have found a way because like so many people tell me all your dad was ten, twenty years ahead of his time. And I'm like, well, what would that be like today? What would he have been today? So a lot of ways I think you're right ahead of his time, which is why he was able to pull it off. You know, like you said to me, I remember. Actually devote my fourth book. She's just came out of Skuld knows a four letter word and it's principles of things that I've learned over the years on how I made it in, did others different things. And they're all bits of advice that either I got from person a fictional character, famine, irreverent, one of them is the Brian Tillman principle, which is he always wanted if you wanted to vacate, do something out to citizens have been done before down before. And that's what he told me in only very minimal interactions. I only met maybe one day his last day and he CW was my first basically, and that's the only time we ever interacted, and that was the advice that he gave me and I just never forgot it, but very, very smart piece of piece of intelligence there for sure. Yeah. I remember hearing on the podcast and me and my buddy kinda speculated, but now ask you what, what was that one thing that you think you did in your career that that nobody else had done? It's just one thing. I think it's always just playing against against. Type, you know, always reinventing myself always, you know, different costumes. If our different log every week or whatever it may be just trying to be different different else. And if you look through my body of work, there is differences different move here. They're different. Look, different personality, completely ditching, you know, all this, why? Tuesday character and coming on a suit and tie me very quiet, be very angry and you know, very, very pill. And like even this year wanna do the thing with Kenya. Mega Meltzer said it was a very pill thing. Everybody show up. Yeah, you know, but that wants to influence guy that's been gone for so many years. But here you are coming in. The thing that I like, I like you've just met today is obviously smart. You got a college degree. You're not just some guy that's like just trying to make a couple of bucks brother like you have making this decision, but you also did it very smart with this pressure of being a pill, man. Yeah, it's funny. I just talked about having. And having a backup plan. When I when I met Christian at create a pro, one of the one of the matches I create a pro is Pat buck in curt Hawkins. They have a school in in the northeast. Yeah, Zork tristen came into being a trainer gets they actually did a. They did a show. They did like a charity show. And Christian was like a guest like meet and greet title. I met him and it was funny. He was like, I did the opposite. He's like, I like I took out my student loans and didn't go to college. He's like, I, I didn't want to back up plan. He's like, I wanted to even fail or just, you know, he, he, he's like my only option was to succeed in wrestling. So I kind of like that and I was like, you know what? I wish. But in a way everything you know though, because I meant Jesse the body Ventura on the street in Winnipeg one day, just walking on the street, like holy shit is just to the vendor, and he was really cool. He hung out with me way longer than I would ever hang out with some kid that came up to me on trying to get rid of the kid. But he said, you know, you gotta have something to fall back on and I went into journalism school, but the skills I learned in journalism paid off even what we're doing right now. So everything that you've done, we'll help you in the business, like you mentioned, knowing social media and technology and all the stuff too smart move. Who were some of your favorites when you when you started really watching wrestling? So when I was younger, I was, I loved, I loved the hardy boys, obviously just loved him to death. I eat. I try not to be a super Mark when I go to these shows and meet people because like all them in the business. Now, you know, trying to ask him for a picture, but but I couldn't help, but get picture with Matt and Jeff, and you've met them before in the coolest thing was at the at the memorial shows when. A young kid. I know you, you repair one of them. One of the early ones and I, I went in out them out with them in their entrance with the heart of San leader and everything. Yeah. So there is, I think these early on, so I was probably five or sales. These are one of the very first ones because they, they went on a hiatus for a while and then ten years later they did another one and I was thirteen and ninety nine. So tiny, nine. So I would have been, yeah, been six or seven. Yeah. And so I've always had a soft spot for for Matt and Jeff and just meeting them. It was cool because they had just got dead just went to wrestlemainia and got those belts, but they did Abebe was like, look, you can finish your indie days. And I think it's cool that there's so much crossover now like this would have never happened. You know, years ago would never let you go somewhere else and you know they're, they're starting to realize that the competition is benefiting everyone, you know. So they let them finish out there any dates. I'm like, holy crap. All tag team titles hanging out with them. And you know, just just in this is before I even started training, you know. So just kind of just enjoying that. But b, I really enjoy them. Obviously, like watching my dad and stuff. I really like I'm very inspired by Kenny omega. I don't. I don't know what what it is. Maybe he reminds me a little bit of my father, you know, obviously, you do. Yeah, I do want your moves in the ring. So clearly I'm inspired by by your you and just your hybrid that hybrid style of just being able to do it all and and just also the the larger than life personality. I think I, I really relate to that kind of that rockstar lifestyle, or, you know, just going out there and being so confident that people just hate how confident you are. You know what I mean? You're right. Leading confidence that it's just like they, they wish they had it. So it's like you're almost like you're, you're almost a he'll, but you're really like, people want to be used. So you're really not a, he'll you know, you're just like, I love you, but I hate that. I love you. You know. Do you now that you're, you have the injury for three months? What are you? Gonna? Do you're going to study something or it seems like you're not just going to sit there. Yeah, yeah. So actually my I have this idea that was going to do, and I was watching some demon like, oh, and Crispin wall stuff. And I was like, you know what? I'm going to actually take a like a PowerPoint or something, and I'm going to find every hold I can and it'll probably just be a bunch of slides at dean, but like I'm gonna you know, I saw TJ Perkins doing some cool stuff, and I just really want to step up my technical game because I think I could do that injured. I could find a buddy and just put holds on them and you know, not not not be running around, so I'm gonna do that. I'm going to do a slide show. I'm gonna take a picture and put different holds. I'm going to name them all because so many of them don't have names. You know, we just do them and we don't even think about it, but commented on Jay's picture. I was like, oh, what do you call that? A curve crab because it was like a single web crab, but he hadn't cravat hold on it and he was like, oh, I didn't even think about that. We'll we'll call it that. So I'm gonna just name all these holds. I'm gonna try to get a foul. Thousand of them. By the time I'm back thousand hold sound and one thousand four holes, but forgot about seven hundred. You're going to be the literal thousand nine of those. Good exercise and just just taking notes on matches. You know, different ways to get into stuff like like I, you know, watch mash unit j AJ he's just phenomenal. Right? And that's the word is striving stuff. Yeah. And it would, you know, wouldn't matter what he will or what he did. It's just it's just he's just good as good. Yeah, he's one of those special talents different ways to get into those setups with that with with different drop kicks and stuff. You know, I try to keep it simple. You know, I, I don't. I'm not the the flippy est person ever. I do want to be. I aspire to do the things you know to have all the moves that Ricky has. I know that that kids wrestled for twenty, you know, fifteen years and he's, you know, we still really young. So I mean, it takes time, you know, it takes time to add to your repertoire safely add to your repertoire. I, I got injured doing a kick in the corner, you know? So it always. So I just got a slowdown. I think I was. I think I was going to fast. Everybody goes too fast, but there's not. You just can't help. Not not just in the ring just just with getting booked and travel. You know what I mean? Just not even second guessing where I'm working. I went to a show, you know, not not trying to dog on any promoters or anything, but I get there in. You get paid right off the bat, but they had to cancel the show, four hundred something fans or in this building shows suppose start seven thirty, but the doctor didn't show up. So it's like I need a vet any vet where I'm going more. I need to slow everything down. And I think that this was my wakeup call. This was my putting the brakes on it so to speak. I would have rather have like slowly put the brakes on it and said of rear ending somebody. But I just went right at somebody. And now I gotta you know, pay the insurance and pay the medical bills. And what's your, what's your overall plan? What's your end game? I think I think I wanna make this into make this into a career obviously, but where the whoa, yeah. Yeah. We all wanna make it to to the WWE. And I, I think I think that would be a great place for me just so many guys would would be willing to to help. Navigate that that political structure, you know, guys, like regal guys, like, I think it's funny. I actually go ahead and say this now I believe that triple h change my diapers when I was a kid. So. So, yeah. So I think the the one year that they were in WCW together, I tried to add up the cause. My mother told me this, right? So sometimes she says, things they may or may not be true, but but I when I met Shad Gaspard he's like, you better. Tell him that when you meet him, that'll be cool. So I think I think just as far as coming back to the wrestling family, I think going to the WB is his where a lot of my father's friends and family members, Brian is almost everybody liked him. You know, you mentioned regal the talked to regal. Yeah, so I got in touch with regal and he, he actually before I started training with Lance, he offered for me to tour the performance center. So I went down there and checked it out was like, wow, it's amazing, you know, and I'm not. I'm not someone that's just going to be like, hey, you know, give me a job, you know. So I was like, you know, I talked to one of their producers, Ryan cats, and he was like, he was like lances a great place to go get your nation. And he was like, when you're ready, you know, just send us some stuff when you're ready and I've yet to send them anything. I want my first impression. With them to be to be just top notch and you gotta look up to, like I said, if you show some potential, you'll get a shot. Yeah, because a you deserve it and you've earned it and be there's a lot of goodwill towards towards Brian Tillman. Yeah, sometimes at p. word potential you can be. It can be harmful and yeah, and everybody's blowing that you know blowing that smoke up of me and and they got all this potential, this pedigree, but but I think I think it really started to show when I when I stepped through the curtain for the first couple of times and I was like, okay, I've really do have somewhat of an factor. It's not just a bunch of people that loan smoke them. Yeah, you know, do you think that I would say to some of the guys, there's no rush, you know, WBZ not going anywhere. Yeah. Would you rather to around, do AJ did do it's KENNY'S doing or would you rather go quicker to the WB? What's what's kinda curious, your thoughts? I think I would benefit from a just like, you know, having gone to college in had had a corporate job before. I think I would benefit from the structure the WWE. I think it would ground me. I think I'm somebody that without without those limitations and without that added discipline, I might not progress as quickly, but I also do enjoy the freedom of independence in the traveling and then going different places and and really experiencing that and not everybody has the name and stuff the ability to market themselves worldwide. But you know, like fat people in in France in Europe, contact me in Germany to go over there. So it's like, why not? You know what I mean? Why not travel? Why not send some tapes over to new Japan and just see what I. Can do maybe get get involved with their program because like you said, WBZ not going anywhere. Got some some ties and some connections there and and that to me like you look at, you know, you look at guys that like AJ you know, ricochet they wrestled for fifteen twenty years before they ever made it there, but they were the best wrestlers ever before they went there, but that's like, yes, Joe, you guys like that. So it's like there's any look at my dad. It didn't matter what acronym he was working for. He was always on top, you know, top of his game and always trying to be the best, whether it was easy WWW you know, NWEA whatever WWF it was. You're always trying to be the best you can be. And I think if you try to live a life where you're, oh, I'm gonna make it to this destination, and then I'm, I've made it. Then you're gonna. You're gonna fall by the wayside. It should just be a constant always always trying to be on top and and the different places you go. There's no final destination. You know, like you are now a singer in Iraq star. Like you might not have thought that when you arresting and stuff. If you're like, oh, I'm just going to try and make to WB, but but now you're just like keeping going and going doing new things, different avenues. And with technology, we have the ability to to branch out into those things more easily. And I think that's what it's going to be last few things. What's the? What did you learn the most from the legacy of your dad reading these books, watching videos interviews that you've seen like the most about my dad. What? What did you learn from him from this business? As characters and left lettuces them of mindset. I mean, is there something that by Brian pill and your dad, I guess you from? Yeah, on the grave. So, yeah. Yeah, I, I guess the the biggest thing I've learned and it's kind of helped me grow growing up without a father is probably the one of the most detrimental things too young man just because sure. And I hate to say this, but a single mother cannot raise a boy to be a man that she can raise a boy and feel like you see that in our gener- in our generation today, see a lot of soft soft guys, you know, growing up and I think what I've learned. From his story is just how tough he was and how how hard and how much of it was truly an alpha. He was an alpha male and I, it's because he sought out mentors. He sought out guys, like Kim would, yes, he sought out all these older men who who really live that, you know tough lifestyle and really grew up with that. So I think that's the biggest lesson without him. I need to find a older guys in the business guys that that express their masculinity and don't don't hold back in early, like you said, like say, no, you know, no one to say no. Like so many people. They wanna be the nice guy. They wanted to favors for everybody, but you gotta know when to say, no, you gotta know into stick up for yourself and and he was a fighter too. He was a tough son of a gun. I mean, you read that book. It's like he was a streetfighter. He, you know, he break people's arm at the bar. They talk and he was, you know, it wasn't huge guy back then. You know, it's crazy to think that I go to shows in wrestling and people consider me huge and I'm to fifty to fifteen. Yeah, shape too. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like, I just I, you know, I just need to keep that. Keep that mental mindset of being on top and being a strong and knowing when to tell people know and people want me to come out and work for free. Just be like, you know, like, you know, this is a business like my father didn't die for wrestling. So I could go work your Indy for zero dollars. 'cause you think, oh, I'm going to get some exposure. You know, it's like in a lot of guys, they're working for free now and Lance hates that. He's like, he's like, if you leave here, don't go work freeze. I, you know, killed our business and stuff. And and I just think it just it's place to the social, the social culture of today and and we need to, we need to bring back our roots and and go back and talk to Lance at all. Yeah, I miss his all the time and and he's busy with students, but he always gets back to and it's funny because he's really Hobie short with you and messages. But when he talked him in person, he could just talk for hours and they can't get him to shut up. But it's like he, I guess he doesn't like typing. But as soon as you talk to them in person, it's like, you know, he can go on forever. He loves. He loves talking, but just so much and he's willing to impart it to, you know, you got some of these old school guys that. They want you to figure it out. You know, they wanna speak in riddles and stuff, but the Lance isn't like that. He really, really this breaks it down and you know, he's a great teacher. I think he was definitely made to do that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he trying w he trained. He brought up a lot of the women on the women draws through it and the WGN stuff. He just any any of these very good at teaching specifically the women on how to be how it'd be better workers, better athletes and stuff. So I think he's benefiting this industry as a whole. Last question. What's your favorite match that you've ever had? My favorite match I've ever had is probably my twenty six. My most recent one where I won my first champion. So yeah, so it's funny. I had my technically my first match on December eighteenth which is stone colds birthday, and then I won my first belt on March sixteenth, which is Austin three sixteen day. So I won this bell and it's funny because they didn't even tell me I was going to win it. They're just like, yeah, we're going to Jonathan's going to defend his title, Jonathan. And wolf, and it was actually the first time I wrestled somebody for the second time. So you know the first time it's like, okay, we, we're timing was off on a few things, but then you get that person's timing. So then this one was even better. So this is the first time I've had the chance to improve upon working with somebody and you know, we, we got it was a no d. q. match. We got all our shit in had so much fun. DDT him onto the floor. You know it was. It was cool and his goes the WCW. Oh, championship w. w w w. Oh yeah. World world class wrestling outlaws and Indianapolis promotions has been around for thirty years or something. Yeah. So his father wrestled and his father father wrestled, and they've kind of it's the kid arrested, wolf had John so his, his grandfather was Indiana kid, I believe. And he, I k three, the third generation and he's only eighteen but kicking work. You got all you go to these matches long time. Getting work, doesn't kid. He's my vet and he's, he's calling all the speech calling all the stuff on the fly, but he's letting me call. Stuff and, and that's that's why I think it was my best match because we had a bunch of spots. But if we just did our spots, it would have been a ten minute match. We want it's twenty four minutes. I've only had one other Twenty-three minute match, but always enjoy going as long as I can. Maybe one day I can go our. Get blown up good stuff, man, you're the WCW champion Brian film. In the second dude, you got to go. You got a lot of a lot of good things coming for you in the future, and I appreciate your brother. I've had. It's been quite a uplifting time here. You know, like I said, it was kind of devastated with my injury, but if I can kind of keep marketing myself in stay on the social media and work on my my whole book and stuff. Yeah, few learn thousand holes. Do. List them. Man, I fo- Bryant Bilman the second on Twitter, he's at fly in Bryant, junior, so you can check him out in the ring, wants his knees, flea rehab, which it is. 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