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Scene one apple take one scene one apple take to sf t. Indy is my independent. John refill. I'd cast besides featuring those independent films also has independent documentaries including calling all earth links with jonathan berman. The writer and direct calling all earthlings is an interesting documentary. Inbound george van tassell who worked for howard hughes and then left his job to go out and live in the mojave desert there. He was supposedly contact by an alien to build. The integra tron is at a time machine regeneration machine or a portal. Perhaps or maybe. It just doesn't do anything. I chatted with the film's producer and director about this project. Jonathan berman jonathan. I have to tell you that. I mean even for my show. This one is kind of stepping off the deep end just a little bit on this great But it's an amazing story and it's definitely worth you know doping into a little bit What brought you to be involved in this project. Well i've always been a seeker. Of the virtual the unexplained the mysterious and always felt a connection to potentially something. Beyond what it you know. Like all the major religions we wonder who are we where we come from. And then i this crazy picture of the dome In a book called the virtual landscape california and I was just tramps life extension alien and it was two hours away from angeles so i kept in my car and went to go. Check out the integrity kind of got run into the story. They my day. What strikes you when you see the structure for the first time. What strikes me is A number of things one. Is you know how it looks like a server. Truly how echoing kind of mid-century beyond that actually go back to the late nineteenth century california the site of all these original stories. The it has that look combined with kind of the archetype of circle. You know it's just a piece of heart it's beautiful and Circles another kind of tation meaning for people vanity Yeah absolutely so. The story goes at george mantar slow. I mean this guy was no dumb. He worked for howard hughes so he can't he kind of is a pretty fairly intelligent guy. You know probably was you know one of the aviation pioneers. And this was in forty seven and he literally quit his job and everything and moved out to the mojave desert and and then he gets visited has he says by ambient and it tells them to build the structure. What's your feeling on this. And i guess you copy with it into documentary but i i guess you had to take a little bit of a leap of faith in this to to go ahead and do this document scheepers to do a documentary about a murderer murder. That's true so. I wouldn't sam jump reporter out. I'm not a reported that i Know that through history people have been called. The church grew up in intensely a christian background midwest revivals singing and that kind of stuff i would contact with being named so gonda In the early fifties it was one of many that was occurring time among a number of people. The wisdom of the time was that we messed it up with the atom bomb. We don't know what we're doing. And we're gonna fill up the whole universe. Your show is about sci-fi so. I'm i'm sure you've heard this refrain before so i don't see it as any crazier than anyone from the bible. Yeah i guess you could certainly make that case so I mean he was a character about that. Oh we have no information on the personality of. that's true we don't maybe your documentary. I guess part of the reason is there. Any of the van tassell still living or or they. Oh that's a good question. There's one sort or that. I know you know i guess understandably having grown up with your dad being face contact. He just wanted with ours. I now so yeah. There was one. Interestingly enough Two daughters. Mary disciples of yoga. Nada interesting daniel. Boone is in the film. The military came back and became a young yoga nausea. They were both to go to find the man in the desert a yogi audience self. When he was the first to come from the east to a modern twentieth century america over they went to the desert and their car broke down and they found yours tasso and married his daughters and help them build the dome and then we'll show. The dome is kind of a modern day. You know arc so he had a word play with arc of you know the bible and arkansas white. Arkansas yeah yeah because it actually uses some of the technology that That nickel nikola tesla was working. He was praying with and inspired by tesla and kofsky. who's a lot lesser known than tesla. and tesla obviously we know was genius. How does not this as well But competency was interested in Vibrating ourselves you know using a wide spectrum of frequencies to vibrate ourselves to rejuvenate ourselves so the dome was a machine that was going to spin around. You're going to walk through it. It was gonna ritu. Which is a time machine. Was you know gonna fly you in other places like you might see a lot of five of us but reverse or a place of of moving time in a way Interesting so just talk about some of the people you've interviewed for your documen. We we really you know. I kind of always tried to go for the story. I and i'm empathetic everybody's perspective What interests me about dome is that it's like this place where people put their own meaning onto it. It never was turned on Because fantastic seriously. Is there any other way to die when you're about to turn on the machine. Eventually at the time she So some of the people we met our burden the famous rockstar from the animals. Right and eric has its own story of the dome and kind of escaping in a way you know one of the interesting things is that it goes from the fifties to the to the late seventies of tremendous upheaval. This country and People like a man's running around california. Yeah that's so far burden. It was a way to escape. Los angeles and i think possibly for georgia and south. He was a union guy. You know Supporting a family in the city. Light pollution other pollution's city problems. He wanted out or there's another version of the story. Which is that. He was called used go to the dry harper harper. Try up lake that you'd worked for howard you yeah So yeah we met a lot of people and we met charlotte lynch channel or channels voice of georgia. Tassell himself so Who else we matilde clinton he's local. Is this a dj supportive. I think one of the cla- secrets you could say of of building that how the someone's meaning for so many people is that a forms community and i think that's important so with today's technology could we possibly turn this thing on now and and see what happens so to speak I don't know the answer to that. I think i gotta be honest with you. i'm so maker and storyteller I would hope that the people who john was purchased by this wonderful Set of sisters anna and they run it now and they do these sound outlets are all the rage in california right now and it's using the sound healing found ways to relax people. I'm hoping the ladies have something up their sleeve. You know the last time They were surprised to get ready. Was when you houser came and visited. You'll house the california. Pbs legend don't became really popular after that and now they have another way for the film which is coming out of the way on i tunes and health on the twenty eighth of august. We're really excited about that. So that new york city and then onto screens everywhere on the twentieth of august. And i am hoping that the ladies ladies and maybe they're gonna turn it on again. Maybe they have something up their sleeve or turn on for the first time. You know there's some issue And i'm sure your documentary goes into detail on what they are. you know. There's great risk in doing this kind of you know well. Direct current versus alternate current. Yeah there was going to be a sparked out whatever tremendous energy force there. There was a fear that are cap could more out entire power structure of the west. So new that you you wonder. Why the authority might have been interested in old georgians work. Yeah course tuned for more of the sci-fi talk indie film. Podcasts back with more on john refill making on the scifi. Talk indie podcast. Say one apple take to what kind of filming schedule you have. How long did you actually film there. And i would think you had access to film in the structure itself. yeah owners. Are the students very very good about that. So you know you've heard of this expression in bed. Yeah came about one of our more. Recent horse So i pretty much embedded myself in joshua tree. Yeah pretty cool place. Because he's too embarrassed and just took up living there and we wake up and have our coffee and he goes you find people. I was driving my camera crew crazy by the way and they were they were obeys our cameras house and Because i didn't necessarily have a schedule of times it was just you know Have you ever lived in a small town america. I have actually yes new mexico. I lived in a small town and Yeah there was some actually some ufo activity going out there going on there. Will it roswell not roswell no. I've been to roswell aright and nothing nothing occurred. We were there but If there's just there's just stretches and stretches where there's nothing and if you are another planet when i go undetected that's a good place to go so sure but i mean a few people will say you but it's kinda hard it's a hard sell to to prove the existence of it so there's a few things that were out of the ordinary and I you know i. i don't know it's i. I saw things. I couldn't identify so technically. That's a ufo whether it's another planet who knows. I'm with you actually. it's so funny. 'cause i don't even think i've seen anything until like last month. I went through a festival in downtown los angeles cult exposure. So sweet outsource after all these people were pointing this guy right and I was like oh no you know what do you call it like crowds beliefs like The fuck me into this and look what are you looking at. She points. And i saw something and i do with you. I doubt what it was but it was odd. Who who knows you know. I i think you gotta ask the question Like many questions as possible in this bill when i think of small town verka I think a of things. One of the things i think is community and the word of mouth yes so we talked to one person say shoreline. And she's like. Oh you gotta go talk about fencing. You know You know yeah. We talked about pets. george buddy. Printing element is kind of American rural of religion. Yeah there's more of the sf t marathon so stay tuned. would you say because of Because of this you know of the dome that It might have turned into a little bit of an urban legends. A little bit. I mean Are rule regine. I mean it goes beyond the country's because obviously there's there's help relievers hands seekers are of a kind of activity of the city. The country everywhere. What was your pushing. So would you say that. It's kind of more into an urban legend. You know kind of kind of thing. I mean i. The filmmaker a storyteller. I really just want to work with communities tell their stories. So that's one of the things i love about. This story is that you could ask five. People the same question to get five different answered. There's this russian out fact and the reggie growth and there's also the cumulative cumulative effect right one person's story talking stick to the next person you know yeah absolutely i mean if people rupp to graft on whatever they got people also take out of this film. I'm going do whatever they want. A bit of a rohrschack Do you think he'll spur. Maybe more investigations out there. I hope so. Yeah you know. I feel like this is george was Personal i hope i would encourage the tinkerers gas now that we have access to kind of endless plain civic material and all that maybe america can become a great tinkerer society. Maybe not georgia's part of that movement. And i think he was. Awesome court stuff you know pulling together some alleged alien direction with the work away coffee as looking at wave. Sound like that found hewitt because we know that sound can be powerful. I can you know rebel. Ems do all kinds of good and bad thing. Yeah sure sure can. I mean we've seen recently in a few countries what they can do it sam so thing. Yeah absolutely so yeah. I don't live with their disproven when we're in other. Yeah i i mean it was definitely sound related. They did determine that but what exactly caused it. They don't so. Yeah it's really weird but you know sound is can be used as a weapon and And has been so. I heal and to you. I mean yeah absolutely. There's some sun no not that not that not that off the deep end. So there's some there's some I mean that's the thing about every any kind of thing like this. There's some basis in fact. The separator is being a total fan in know. And that's the problem too. Yeah sure sure. We're you know the general public. I don't just cheer sure. Yeah neither my so. I you know i know profess to be so i've always had an interest but it's just not my thing but But i'm always curious about anything and my podcast. Ask the question what it so. That's great that really. I think if anyone wanted to the message you know. I'm a believer that if you want to send messages to the telegram but I think you know empowering people's ask what s is a great question. I guess what. I was alluding to before this you know. Unprecedented access to real science on the internet and not to out take take take whatever direction. The challenges that waiting out your source. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean it'd be cool if you some scientists got involved into looking at what's going on out there and you know just kind of go into it with an open mind and You know use the scientific method to see what it is. And that would be great and that will be the sequel Will you know one of the things is we are assume you and i are maybe not grew up at you know in the post cold war baby boom era. Yep i'm a. I'm a boomer. Yeah me too out. Boom here and We're influence you know. Our whole country radically influenced by soviet empire. Oh absolutely sylvia. Were headed kind of forward thinking science. Yes experiment. Let's say Substantive that could make people smarter faster that fell in love god is on the net flicks now about about the soviet program. You know understanding that. Some of these programs That they have been quasi related to funding or guidance. Whatever military or the government were up against the rush like an operation paper clip. You know Yeah what are we do with these genius. Scientists that came from germany. Are they going to go to the to the soviet empire they can go to. Yeah yeah so. There's only been interested in stuff that might seem a little fringy in an effort to get that edge. Sure have yeah be it in a in a olympic score or in Here science based oration as well yeah base race was very real. Remember living through the unfortunately. It took something like that for us to do it but now without a race. It's kind of like. What are you thinking of well. The whole apollo missions and getting to the moon. I write that was really the race. I mean they did not want a russian flag the be the first one on the rue And maybe right me so but talking about when kubrick filmed it or well. Yeah he Yeah his his trip to something else. And not only that but jupiter to that movie was out there but but yeah it had interest which you're talking about two thousand one okay. Yeah i'm done about the rumors of kubeck having shot the fake. This is real. You know really moon landing for that right. Yeah i've heard that but Yeah i don't believe that. At all. I don't believe it either but it's a good story and it's a good story and even made a movie about that is on. I think it was actually mars. Capricorn about fake landing. There that i remember snap local theater. When i was a child it was an interesting idea but but yeah it's Yeah i think we went there. And i'm sure the flag is still there and the common wisdom Suppose revealed to be common foolish Oh yes that's lutely couldn't agree more easy to be scoff. Oh absolutely absolutely call randy amazing randi you go and you might have been right the case we really don't know You know people were scoffing a few months ago. Now see that there's a lake on mark that's right that's right and they were saying there's no order on their wrong. There is always. I think that's how maybe didn't have technical skills. Maybe we didn't have I think that it's only now that the wireless transmission of energy that's helpful is talking about is becoming more realized. Yeah you know so sometimes the ideas for that. You're running of the dick. Tracy watch conferencing system. Yeah that was years ago and now we have. Yeah and even even the bill telephone call on two thousand one. we have skype. Now it's it's a lot cheaper than what they what they showed in the movie. But but yeah it's still it's still you know. There's a lot of things that we thought would never happen have happened and certainly the internet caught everybody but nobody ever time member of being on the early something. Yeah was open. Yeah i think it was open again more the artists side and so yeah tougher how to touch an artist. Yeah sounds like visiting the future. So the movie I it's you said it's gonna be it's available later in the month on i tunes and Is it coming to netflix amazon. As well that would be later. And i assume that one of your good services will will pick up the film It's actually available right now on a pre by just yesterday the i two there you go if you cannot wait these Get on your free by calling earthling. Yeah a trip. I mean it is true. So a chip. I remember put words to work up so you you feel pretty good about the film to finish you use. Did you accomplish what you set out to do do it. And it's always shocking as a documentary. Filmmaker you right out these proposals. You're like oh my god is just a right something to get grants or whatever it is and then you rouge into the writing like two years later. The writing 'cause number of years really thinking through You pull out the writing. You're like yeah. Yeah we did that. That's good you know. And i would feel like we've been getting You know wide range of reaction. Sure i would have wanted it any other way. Mostly very positive. I can't wait for people to have new york city. Tonight's our last screening the detail. And if you're gonna go out to the desert you should Please call them events or make a reservation. If you're gonna go to around the dome either for magical place. Yeah but as you know because he lives in wearing a i lived in a small town cope Which is about two hours from lubbock texas. Okay so i lived right near the border so the only good thing about that is you could celebrate. New year's twice can go into You can celebrate a new mexico cross the border into texas and you just gained an hour. 'cause you're on central and and then you can celebrate it again. So that was any the high desert the high mojave. We're we're the integral is that it's magical there. Yeah yeah so what do that. Think crates or died under the giant rock knew that howard robot us himself risked. Yeah no no doubt about it. There's something something to that area. That's no question. Well thanks again. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. You know it's a fascinating idea and And certainly one that people should approach with an open mind and just see it and then kind of make their own conclusion order right. Thank you so much. Thank you all right. Never there's more of the sst podcast network special marathon. Some stay tuned.

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